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The Bane of my Existence

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Alec went home and brought Magnus with him. They were going to order some food and have a real date indoors. Hopefully, Alec's family will come late to their house so he can have alone time with Magnus.

Magnus knew how to move around his house already, apparently, he and Alec's sister had been talking behind his back and she even told Magnus where the spare keys were so he could take care of an injured Alec.

They arrived and Alec noticed that his mother left a note in the kitchen table saying she was out having some drinks with her friends. That good, she needed to love her life, there's still much to appreciate after a divorce. Izzy was probably at her boyfriend's so they had the house all for themselves.

Magnus was in charge of choosing something for them to watch, and Alec was calling the Korean restaurant he liked. They stayed in front of the TV while waiting for the delivery to arrive, sitting closer to each other, their knees touching. Alec felt like a teenager on his first date, it was somehow the first date of his life in a way. He never went out with any boy during high school and when he finally accepted he liked boys, he was in his last year of college. So some sloppy kisses happened when he was at parties, and some very awkward moments with a boy he thought he liked but it was over before it could turn into more. He felt nervous, relaxed but with his emotions on the brick of exposing.


"Hum?" Alec went back to the present, noticing that Magnus was leaning over him a little worried.

"You spaced out a little when I started to talk about my TV choice…"

"Sorry! You said something about a witch?"

Alec smiled apologetically and reached for Magnus's hands, who were ready to hold on to.

The food arrived shortly after, and they both sat on the table near the balcony door. It had a great night view of the Manhattan skyline. Alec was trying to be romantic, he often hears he is heartless when it's about relationships.

"I have to say...this is the best Bibimbap I ever tasted, and I went to Seoul two times!"

Magnus laughed while putting another spoon of rice and vegetables in his mouth. He looked adorable for the first time since they met. Alec smiled back at the man in front of him, happy to be there and getting to know more about his former enemy.

"Next time I'm going to take you to my favorite Italian restaurant. Your mind will be blown away by the carbonara of that place...why are you looking at me like that?"

Magnus asked after placing his spoon down.

"You are handsome." It was out of his mouth before he could stop it. Magnus coughed a little by how surprising Alec's words were.

"You are not so bad yourself, Alexander." He stood up a little and leaned over the table to reach Alec's face. He grasped his head and kissed him deeply, later pushing Alec's hair backward. "Definitely, beautiful."

Magnus kissed Alec's forehead and went back to his plate. Alec was almost hyperventilating at that moment, but after regaining his body movements he went back to his food too.

Alec left the plates in the sink to deal with them later on, choosing to go to the couch where Magnus was sitting and setting up the series they apparently were going to watch. It was very teenage of him, and Alec suspected he was a man with a love for romances that are not that usual, like forbidden love or love between a vampire and a witch. That made Alec like him even more, yes, he was in the stage of accepting his feelings inside his own head.

They both sat comfortably on the couch, Magnus leaning to the side to touch his body to Alec’s, and Alec decided he had enough and kissed Magnus’s cheek before placing his head on the crook of the taller man’s neck. He felt Magnus tense a little, not understanding why, and then relaxing two seconds later.

“Alexander, I’m trying to show you the best tv series of the year...I know I am a perfect pillow but try to watch it.”

Alec hummed, he was tired and sore still. His bruisings were fading, and there next to Magnus was way more comfortable than his bed. He got until the middle of the first episode, but then he slept peacefully feeling Magnus's hands caressing his arm.

Waking up some hours later to the sound of the front door closing and Isabelle had come back to the apartment. Magnus was still by his side, softly snoring with his head resting above Alec’s. Izzy send him a thumbs up and walked tiptoeing to her room, with a gigantic smile plastered on her face.

There’s a chance he is more infatuated by the man currently sleeping next to him, and it scared him. And at the same time, he remembered the words Magnus said at the park that evening, and somehow he knew if he took a step towards Magnus, they would be fine.

“Should I go home?” Magnus whispered in the dark of the living room.

“You can stay, but no funny business,” Alec said already extracting himself from the couch and limping a little, their position wasn’t the best for his current state. “Although I will let you sleep with me, you have to behave.”

“Sure, dear.” He sing-song the words, standing up and turning the TV off before following Alec to his room.

The room wasn’t big, the bed was pushed to the corner of the room next to the balcony doors to the little space he had outside of his window that was only used to put his plants there. The wood table was on the opposite wall of the bed and had many books on the surface, some open halfway, and others forming a pile. Alec had to consult most of the time often because of work so he always left them that way, it would be a pain in the ass to organize every time he needed one of them.

He noticed that Magnus was staring at his wardrobe, which doesn't have doors and the tall man laughed before throwing his arms around Alec's shoulders. 

"You are indeed adorable, Alexander. With your mostly black clothes and that camouflage outfit that Lord knows where you got it."

"Hum, Goodwill," Alec said before receiving a kiss on the cheek.

"Alright, where is a spare pajama you can lend to me. I refuse to sleep with the clothes I'm wearing."

"I think I have something for you and a new brush that you can use."

Alec went to fetch a new brush at the corridor bathroom and when he returned he almost had a heart attack seeing Magnus in the middle of his room without a shirt on.

"Like what you see?"

Alec had to roll his eyes to that, Magnus was annoyingly hot and he hated the fact that Magnus knew that.

"Just get ready to bed…" Alec handed him the brush, going to his drawers to find a shirt and pants to give to him.

When they were finally dressed after Alec tried not to freak out with the fact that this was way too domestic and dangerous. Magnus laid back on Alec’s bed, patting the place next to him as a way of saying that he is waiting and is harmless.

Alec laid down, turning away from Magnus because he felt strange to watch the other man sleeping, even if they were dating and partially allowed to do whatever they wanted to each other. Still, Alec felt strangely stuck, he felt like everything would dissolve to nothingness if he touched and held it closely.

Without anticipating, Alec felt Magnus’s warmth coming closer to him.

“Can I hug you?” Magnus’s voice sounded awfully vulnerable, so Alec moved his arm and then he felt Magnus arm going around his waist. And when the taller man’s hand rested above Alec’s belly, he felt relieved that the touch felt heavenly and not suffocating.

“There’s a protest we want to go in a week because an old theatre in Queen is being put down, do you want to come? You can meet my best friend and his fiance.”

“Oh, do I have to wear over the top clothes that make no sense at all as your camouflage suit? Because I’m totally down to that then.”

Alec smiled and closed his eyes after feeling Magnus’s lips pressing a soft kiss on the back of his neck. Nuzzling there afterward, humming while sleep got the best of him.