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The Bane of my Existence

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Alec woke up to the smell of fresh coffee being made, and he knew that Izzy must have invited Simon for breakfast, he was the only person he knew that enjoyed waking up early to go to his girlfriend’s house to make coffee for her. And what a great coffee, because if it depended on Izzy they would all die of famishing, she was a horrible cook.

Suddenly, Alec froze up when he felt the warm body tangled with his. For a second he forgot about Magnus having spent the night, and then how much more closer they appeared to be.

Magnus had his upper body almost over Alec’s and was constantly snuggling his face on the crook of Alec’s neck, while the owner of the bed couldn’t help the humming sound exiting his mouth every time he did that. His hands went to the mess of black hair in front of him, and he played with some strands of it, finally grasping how soft they were even if Magnus constantly put gel in it.

“ ‘on’t wanna wake up…” Magnus sighed, finally awake and judging from his statement, not so happy about it.

“Did you sleep well?” Alec asked feeling strangely happy, more than he thought he would be.

Magnus kisses Alec’s neck while humming something, a strange sound that is familiar to Ale’s mind. Something that goes back for many years.

“Are you humming the ‘itsy bitsy spider’ song?” He was amused, and Magnus sighed in defeat while sitting up on the bed. He passed his hands through his hair, trying to sort the mess that Alec thought it was adorable and then yawned.

Alec sat up too and went to kiss Magnus, that received the kiss with enthusiasm and surprise. Even if they had morning breaths the kiss was exceptional, Magnus finally woke up and didn’t lose time before throwing his arms around Alec and bringing him closer. Alec’s hands were lost, caressing the back of the other man and then trailing kisses through Magnus’s jaw and neck.

“This is the best alarm to wake up to…” Magnus said while Alec’s lips reached the taller man’s chest. He was only wearing pants so Alec thanked the Gods for that because a sudden urge to kiss him all over appeared and he would be extremely frustrated if a shirt had been there. “Alexander, you are very...surprising today.”

Alec stopped the kisses, throwing a shy glance to Magnus but then returning to give his full attention to Magnus’s body.

They were obviously interrupted by Izzy’s rapid knocking on Alec’s door saying the breakfast was ready and that they should come soon before it gets cold.

How Izzy knew that Magnus stayed, Alec wouldn’t know. But what was fearing him was the presence of his mother at the breakfast table, because he wasn’t sure how to explain Magnus’s presence.

Maryse didn’t have a problem with Alec liking men, she was actually supportive most of the time and she sometimes said she hoped he would find a fine man to settle down and be happy in the future, far away from protests and police precincts. But Alec never had a real boyfriend, he never brought any man home so his family could meet, so he was freaking out slightly. 

He watched Magnus dressing in the clothes from the day before and wanted to tell him to be prepared for whatever his mother would do, but then Magnus smiled at him and all the bad thoughts vanished from his mind. He kissed Magnus once more before they unlocked the door, welcoming the smell of fresh coffee with more intensity.

Simon was there, hugging Izzy from behind as she pours coffee on her mug. Alec sees her batting Simon’s hand away from the cake she must have bought because she knows no one would eat something she cooked.

Maryse sat at the end of the table, with a newspaper open in front of her and ignoring a call she was receiving on her cellphone. Izzy poured some coffee on her mug too and smile towards Alec and Magnus who were both paused next to the refrigerator. Magnus leaned a little to Alec’s ear.

“Should I be here?” He whispered.

Alec nods.

“Just sit and I will get you…”

“Do you have juice? Any fruit is alright.” Magnus said already pushing back the chair opposite Maryse’s who was still engrossed in her reading material.

Alec smiled, going to where Izzy was and seeing Simon sitting next to Magnus and started a conversation, about what? He had no clue.

Alec took the cake to the table, while also bringing an orange juice they had on their fridge, seeing that his mother was putting down the newspaper and going back to reality.

She drank a little of her coffee only then noticing the two men in front of her while Izzy sat beside her and Alec sat next to Magnus. They were trying to balance the places so no one was so near their mother and the boyfriends were further away. Even if Maryse knew Simon for a long time,  she looked surprised not only with Magnus but with Simon too.

“We have guests?” Maryse smiled, her automatic polite smile, made for business. “Good morning, Simon, it’s been some time you haven’t been here so I thought something happened.”

“These past few moments I didn’t have much time apart from work...Izzy understands.” Just so Maryse can see that Izzy actually is an understanding person, even if Alec knew about their fights because of Simon’s lack of time to see her, she grabbed his hand.

“Alright, good.” Alec’s mother now turns to Magnus who watched everything with a bemused smile, almost as if he didn’t understand the situation. “And you are...Alec’s friend?”

She was testing Magnus, and Alec knew that this just turns it out to be an awful morning because he didn’t know what to do or how Magnus would respond to the many questions Maryse was surely going to ask to further make things awkward.

“I’m the boyfriend. It’s a new development, Mrs. Lightwood, so I’m sorry for not coming before to introduce myself…”

“Oh, you don’t need to do that, my son is old enough to take care of himself and knows what’s best for him…” She looked like she thought better. “Most of the time…”

Alec knew that was a jab towards his constant presence at police precincts and protests that were mostly safe but his mother didn’t understand that.

Magnus had the nerve to laugh, which Alec got a little annoyed by that because it was as if his boyfriend agreed with his mother.

“He has a good head on his shoulders, and I won’t let him get crazy. So rest assured.”

“How old are you…?”

“Oh, Magnus Bane. I work in my family’s business that judging from your expression you know exactly who my family is…”

Alec surely heard his sister whisper to Simon 'drama is on’ but went back to pay attention to the talk between his mother and Magnus.

“Alexander knows and we talked about it, it’s not an issue. And I’m 32 years old.”

Maryse observed Magnus for long seconds before cutting a piece of cake for herself, slicing a smaller one, and putting on her mouth. The whole ordeal seemed to take hours but Magnus only stared at Maryse with amusement, of what Alec had no idea.

“Mom, he is the one that took Alec to the hospital. I talked about him with you.” Izzy said, breaking the silence, and Maryse’s eyebrows shot up.

“Oh!” She put the fork back on the table. “If you break my son’s heart I’m going to put you in the hospital, that’s clear? And I don’t care about lawsuits, my son is an amazing lawyer so I would be rid of that in no time. Are we clear, Mr. Bane?” Alec never heard her tone going so harshly, not even when she divorced - even if she was angry with his father she never yelled or threw a fit or broke anything. There was something like a promise underneath her words, and Alec smiled a little seeing how fearless she was when protecting him.

“Don’t you worry, Mrs. Lightwood. And please, call me Magnus. Mr. Bane is my father.”

And with that Simon laughed to break the tension, and Alec grabbed Magnus’s hands under the table, giving a little tuck and receiving a wink from his - apparently - official boyfriend.

The rest of the breakfast was oddly domestic, even with Magnus - his first time in the presence of his family - and it all ended alright. Maryse was even laughing at the fact that Magnus had also paid bail for Alec, and that everyone in his life seemed to get him out of jail when he was the one supposed to make people go there or stay out of there.

Simon and Izzy went to her bedroom after breakfast, and Maryse said she needed to go out and have a yoga class down at the park near their house. Magnus decided it was time for him to go to his home, maybe change clothes and they could go out for lunch later and date out in the open.

“Actually, I need to read some reports…” Alec said when they were back in his bedroom. Magnus grabbing his wallet and cell phone while Alec debated if it was too soon to just randomly hug his boyfriend.

“Come to my house then...I have a big table where you can work and we can go out to dinner then. So you have plenty of time to work and we can still go out a little.” Magnus positioned himself between Alec’s legs and kissed the top of Alec’s head in an affectionate way that made Alec’s heart tremble a little.

  They got all of Alec’s files and two books, walking down to the first floor when Magnus sent a text for his driver to come and get them. The ride to Magnus’s apartment was full of Magnus trying to cuddle with Alec on the back seat, but Alec wasn’t ok with being affectionate while his driver was right there, and sometimes he could see him smiling through the rear-view mirror.

The car stopped in front of a wide complex of short buildings, each one having five to six floors and being deep in the Chelsea district. Apparent bricks and large balconies on each apartment could be seen from where Alec was standing, he didn’t want to gape but the place felt so inviting and amazing. Magnus called his name and Alec jogged a little until he reached the little fountain connecting four buildings, and saw Magnus observing his reaction to where he lived.

“Come on, Alexander, you have to work and I have to do the same.”

They passed through the entrance doors where Magnus had to press a password to be let in and then Alec caught his hand, welcoming the warmth of the elevator that was going up, to the last floor.

The door opened and there was a hall with shoes in it, apparently, the elevator went straight to the apartment door with no other doors. 

Alec placed his things on the surface of a table made of glass and feared for his own life by standing too close to that. The rest of Magnus’ apartment was very clean but still had a ‘home’ feeling, even without many things on the walls or shelves. Magnus had an eclectic taste for books, going from memoirs and fashion catalogs of numerous brands Alec never heard of to even mystery thrillers novels.

Magnus disappeared and came back to the living room where Alec was still fascinated by his boyfriend’s shelf, and then startled when Magnus tickled his side, making Alec jump.

“Later you can have all my books, but now…” Magnus took Alec’s face between his hands, kissing the taller man’s lips softly and slowly.

Alec was caught by surprise but let it all go, hugging Magnus and bringing the man closer. They stayed like that for some minutes, Alec just staring at the hooded eyes of the man that was now his boyfriend. Alec was smitten with the fact that he was finally feeling those types of things at this moment, in this life. He thought that no one would make his heart flutter being almost thirty, but there he was...with his heart skipping a beat every time Magnus looked at him. 

“Go work so you can save the world…” Magnus gave him one more peck, and both of them sat on the table to work. 

The time passed quickly when Alec decided that if he worked well, he would be done fast and have a great lunch and dinner with Magnus, so he paid attention to all the reports of his pro bonus cases and the ones that we're paying, through some sort of foundation most of the times.  Diana Taylor’s case was finally over, she was free from her husband for good now that he was facing assault charges with a witness to prove, apart from the rest that Alec organized for the police...the man was going down for some time in prison.

After taking notes to some things he should ask Raphael when he’s back to work, he remembers something.

Looking up from his papers, he saw that Magnus had his laptop opened and wore glasses with a thin frame made of metal, giving him a different aura than before but still so himself.

“How do you know Raphael?” He asked suddenly.

“He would laugh even with the thought of being known by me…” Magnus mumbled but not trying to hide something from Alec. “I helped him many years ago and he hates me for that.” Magnus huffed a laugh because not even him believed that Raphael hated him, and Alec thought about that day Raphael said about someone wanting Alec’s number. “Why do you ask?”

“Just wanted to know…You two have a surprising relationship.” Alec said in the end.

“He is like a son to me which is strange to say when he is only one year under you…”

“I don’t think it’s strange, I would say sweet.” His cheeks flushed.

Alec didn’t know many things about Raphael Santiago, but Catarina once let it slip out that Raphael had a tough childhood and became an orphan very young. Maybe Magnus was a brother figure to Raphael, and Alec would try to remind that when Raphael bugs him at work and when the man makes certain that no coffee is left for Alec after the first general meeting each Monday.

“Are you hungry? We can go to the corner and eat in this Vietnamese place I love and…”

Alec got lost in whatever Magnus was saying, mesmerized by the fact that spending the day with his boyfriend seemed something natural and so good. There’s something that was bugging Alec though, the fact that it all seemed to go on too well, the fact that it felt like the calm before the storm.