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Of Symbiotes and Men

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The boys were having Karen's family for a Barbeque. Eddie was manning the grill while Butch and Karen worked in side dishes together in the kitchen.

"Thanks for having us over boys." Karen smiled.

"Of course Karen. Always happy to see you." Butch hummed to himself as he sliced veggies. He was is a very good mood today because he finally found a sundress design he liked as well as a straw hat.

"Karen is Bill going to be ok? He always seems uncomfortable around us?" Sleeper came into the kitchen to grab a soda for themself and Evan.

"He is such a worry wart. He'll be fine." Karen waved her hand.

Bill was outside with Eddie, anxiously watching Evan play with Coco in the yard.

"Bill, catch." Eddie tossed a beer. "For your nerves."

Bill meekly smiled and drank his beer.

"Alright boys we have potato salad, regular salad, corn on the cob, cake and icecream." Said Karen as she came out with Butch and Sleeper helping her.

Suddenly the yard became dark.

"They hell?" Eddie looked up. There was a helicarrier over the house as troops dropped from it.

The boys all suited up and the soldiers immediately targeted Sundance with sonic riffles. He slash one of them pretty badly but was overwhelmed by the sheer number of men. They injected him with an unknown liquid and Sunny receded back into his body. They pushed Butch to the ground and held him there.

"Sunny? Sunny! What did you do to her!" Butch thrashed violently against the men.

Venom and Sleeper went to pull the men off but where hit by sonics as well. They fell to the ground in pain as Nick Fury walk over to them.

"When I was told we we had to pick up Cletus Kasady I did not expect to find him in drag." Fury said

"I'm not your Cletus you one eyed dumbass! Tell me what you did to my wife before I waste every single one of you!" Butch thrashed so violently the men were having trouble staying on him.

"Easy Red. Its simply an improved dopamine blocker formula, just makes it so you and your little friend can't talk for a while."

Butch growled at him and settled slightly. His eyes never left Fury and he didn't blink. "What do you want from me?" He growled his words, he barly sounded human.

"I'm here to ask you a few questions. Mostly concerning the increased amount of bodies found in Philadelphia, none of them criminals and their murders match Carnage's M.O."

"You think I've gone rogue." Butch snarled.

"Butch wouldn't do that Fury he has been behaving himself since your people register him." Venom said.

"I'll be the one to determine that. Lock him up." Fury turned back to the carrier. The soldiers muzzled Butch and wrapped him in a straight jacket. Butch didn't struggle but his eyes still never left Fury's back.

"Wait! Butch wouldn't do that please he is crazy but he helps people!" Evan ran up to Fury.

Fury turned to him and raised an eyebrow. "And who might you be?"

"I'm... I'm his neighbor sir. Please he is really nice. He has been our friend for a long time. He has a code he sticks too unlike Carnage. He works really hard everyday to control himself. He wouldn't do this."

"I want to vouch for him too!" Karen stood up. Bill was hiding behind her.

Butch looked back at both of them. His expression unreadable under the mask but his eyes softened.

"I see. Well I will take that into consideration during the investigation." Fury said.

"We are coming with. We want to prove Butch is innocent in any way we can." Venom said.

"Very well I need to interrogate you two anyway." Fury waved the troops and they lifted Butch, carrying him onto the ship. Venom and Sleeper followed onto the ship.

Within minutes the Miller's where left alone in their neighbor's backyard with Coco being the only resident of the house left.


Butch was put into the same cell as Cletus Kasady but a divider had been built with bullet proof glass to separate the two of them. It was set up that if the glass broke the cells sonics would fire on them. They cut off Butch's hair to around Cletus's length because they didn't want him to strangle himself with it.

Butch sat up against the glass as Fury was currently interviewing Venom and Sleeper. He sighed and looked over at Cletus. Cletus was uncharacteristically calm. He was just laying on his bed with his eyes closed.

"Hey! You awake in there?" Butch shouted.

Cletus didn't move.

"Hey! Wake up! I wanna talk to you!" Butch shouted louder.


"Stop ignorin' me you jackass!" Butch punched the glass.

Cletus still refused to move.

"What are ya dead! Wake up you piece of shit!" Butch jumped up and kicked the glass.

The intercom started up with a crackle. "Mr. Kasady we ask you to refrain from kicking the glass otherwise we will have to use the sonics that line your cell to detain you."

"He always like this?" Butch asked.

"Recently yes, we think it is depression causing fatigue."

"Depression?" Butch looked back at Cletus and raised an eyebrow.

Butch felt Sunny spread inside him.

"Sunshine! You're finally back!" Butch sat on his bed and she pooled out of his skin. He kissed her deeply and fell onto his back. She curled around him in ribbons and then looked up at his hair with a sad whimper.

"I know Sunny it sucks. I really liked my hair." He pulled her close and hugged her. "Last things we still had from home was that hair and eachother. I'm just glad I still have you sweetheart."

Sunny kissed his cheek and pooled over him like a blanket. He tried to get comfy on the bed and stared through the glass at his twin self still laying motionless on the bed.

"I hope Pops and Sleeps can figure out what's goin' on." He pulled her tighter and tried to sleep. He always had insomnia even as a little kid which just added to the weird behavior of his dark reflection. He ended up laying there, staring at Cletus for what felt like eternity.


Venom, Sleeper and Fury were watching Butch from a monitor.

"Well the rage is still there but he is a lot more affectionate than Cletus." Fury said.

"We know both men pretty well Fury. Butch has self restraint and sticks to a vigilante code. That's what makes him different. He wouldn't go on a killing spree, he values his freedom too much." Venom said.

"How do you explain the murders then that fit Carnage's style killing when he has been locked up here the whole time? No normal man could do that much distruction." Fury said

Venom and Sleeper paused and then Sleeper's eyes widened.

"Butch's killing style is diffirent from Cletus!" Sleeper said.

"Excuse me?" Fury said.

"They are different they don't match! Cletus kills randomly, Butch picks targets. Cletus marks his kills and writes on walls often leaving bodies behind. Butch never marks his kills and never leaves a body! He eats them entirely because he hates waste!" Sleeper said.

Fury thought for a moment. "That's a good point towards your friend. But if he isn't committing the murders then who is?"

Suddenly a woman with a headset ran into the observation room out of breath.

"Can I help you?" Fury said.

"Mr. Fury there has been another murder! There was a message written in blood on the wall."

"What did it say?" Venom asked.

"It said 'Thanks for being the fall guy brother'."