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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Sleeper was out of town and Butch had decided to go camping so Eddie and his other once again had the house to themselves. They were getting some much needed cleaning done.

Eddie had set up his laptop to play his favorite songs and was singing along. His other joined in when they knew the words. They mopped and cleaned the windows and would stop to dance with each other. When the living room was clean his other pushed him back onto the couch and dissolved his clothes.

"Eddie lets make the room dirty again."

Eddie laughed and pulled them into a deep kiss. They layed together and took it slow. His other was just enjoying cuddling more than anything but the soft fluxs of chemicals whenever they touched Eddie just in the right spots was euphoric. Eddie let himself relax and had his other rub his muscles and insides. He gently massaged their form and spent waves of love through their bond.

"This is nice. Maybe we should have slow sex more often." He brush his fingers along their form.

His other giggled and rubbed him gently. He rolled his head back and sighed. They spent most of the day together like that. His other slowly picked up the pace little by little until Eddie was on the edge and begging his other for release. His love purred and pulled him into their shower where they finally let Eddie have it.

They ordered take out sandwiches and Eddie melted into his bed exhausted.

"Eddie you look adorable right now." His out wrapped around him.

"I don't think I could handle doing that twice." Eddie panted.

The symbiote chuckled and pulled the laptop over. They picked their song and started singing to Eddie. Eddie smiled as his love's echoey voice tried to match Sinatra's. He brushed his fingers along their jaw and twirled it through their tongue. He leaned up and kissed it. The symbiote gazed into his eyes, their milky eyespots half closed. Eddie pulled them into a deep kiss and fell back on the bed.

Eddie drifted to sleep that night feeling nothing but the warm comfort of his other.


Butch was deep in the woods with Evan. He had offered to take him camping and Karen had said yes.

"I wonder if my mom ever thinks about the fact that she just said yes to letting her only son go on a camping trip, alone, with a known serial killer." Evan said putting his pack down.

"What Evan are you scared?" Butch let Sunny cover his face so his voice shifted to her more echoey one and he clicked his teeth.

"No you dork!" Evan pushed Sundance's face. "I'm not scared of you. I know you would never hurt me."

Butch stopped and stared at Evan and then cackled. "You know its crazy to think about. In this dimension I'm even scarier in a way. Cletus has done so much more than I ever have."

"Ya that guy is a creep."

"That guy is me."

"No he isn't you're different."

Butch scooped Evan up into a hug. Evan hugged back.

"You ok Butch?"

"Just... thank you for seeing me as myself."

Evan laughed and ruffled his hair. "Ok put me down ya weirdo."

Butch put him down and they got started on their tent.

"Hey Butch... can I try using Sunny?"

"Kiddo why would you want to do that?"

"I want to know what its like to have a symbiote!"

Butch paused and nodded to himself. "Ok she said she'll do it. Come here."

"Woah seriously?" Evan ran over and Butch pulled him into a hug. Sunny pooled into Evan and Butch gasped shaking.

"Fuck... I... I'm so empty."

"Woah should I give her back!?" Evan was scared. Sunny inside him was also concerned and begging Evan to help her love.

"I'm ok. I'm ok. I want to give you two some time." Butch fell back to sit on the ground and smiled.

"Well ok if you're sure. Hey um Sunny? Can we do the thing?"

Sunny laughed inside him at his awkwardness and covered his body.

"Woah! Wow I feel, I don't even know how to describe this." Evan flexed his fingers.

"Try running or climbing son." Butch said

Evan ran around and swung and climbed. He was thrilled and having a ball. Butch smiled watching him and coughed. He didn't want to tell Evan that Sunny acted as his blood and without her he was slowly dying. He could last pretty long without her but it was painful. The boy looked so happy and he knew he could trust him with Sunny. He felt his body starting to shut down. Eventually Evan came back and Sunny went back to Butch. It was like coming back from the dead.

"Hey Butch you ok you look really pale?" Evan said

"Ya I'm fine kiddo just give me a little bit. Could you get dinner started for me? I need a minute." Butch said as Sunny repaired his insides.

"Ya sure!" Evan ran over to their packs.

Butch smiled. He really did like that kid.


Sleeper was so excited to be back with Peter. It had been so long since he had been in New York. It was a little weird being in Peter's apartment but not his body though. Peter and Sleeper where waiting for MJ to finish her make up so they could go to pizza and a movie.

"Thanks for having me over Peter. I miss seeing you."

"Anytime Sleeper. I miss you too." Peter smiled and adjusted his tie.

"How have things been while I was gone?"

"Pretty good. MJ and I have been getting pretty serious. My Aunt thinks I should just marry her already since we already live together."

"Does she want you to have kids?" Sleeper asked

"Ya she thinks I would be a good dad. I'm not so sure though. What if I die on duty? Then I leave the kid without a father and MJ alone. I know what that is like and... its a scary thought. Also with me being Spider-man I will always be away."

Sleeper thought for a moment. "Hey Peter. If you ever do get married and have a kid, retire being Spider-man."

"What no I have a responsibility!"

"No you have a responsibility to your kid. And beside, you won't be going away anyway. Because if you have a kid-" Sleeper stood up and morphed into Peter's classic suit. "I will become Spider-man in your place."

"What!? Sleeper that's a huge commitment. Thats not just a year or two thats a life time commitment."

"What is a human life span to an immortal creature? Besides, I've been saving up from doing my bounty hunter work and my parent's house is already almost paid off. They have eachother and Butch for company. I wouldn't mind coming up here and sticking near you. I worked with you as Spider-man before. I know the deal. Live your life Peter. You already paid your debt. Your uncle would want you to do this."

Peter paused and sighed. "Ok... if somehow someway in the future I have a kid, you can be the next Spider-man."

Sleeper cheered and hugged him. MJ came into the room. "What I miss?"

"If you two have a baby I get to be Spider-man!"


"I missed a lot apparently." MJ laughed.