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Of Symbiotes and Men

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It was before school and Eddie and Flash were in the teacher's lounge together. Butch had made them a special 'back to school' breakfast and lunch so they were eating together.

"You do realize Butch has basically become your weird wife?" Flash said.

"I already have a weird wife. I don't know what Butch is to me, our relationship is complicated. He says back in his dimension we were just friends with benefits but I'm starting to doubt that. I can tell he loves me in a romantic fashion." Eddie took a bite of breakfast burrito.

"Do you?" Flash said raising an eyebrow.

"I honestly don't know. I know I love the man but when I look at him I feel so many different things. I don't think I can ever label our relationship. He's my Butch. I'll love him in my own way."

Flash smiled. "Have you slept together?"

"Not yet. I'm not ready for that."

"I would if he cooked for me like this everyday, holy shit."

Eddie laughed. "You would do gay for Butch's cooking?"

"Yes. Besides he is gender fluid and looks pretty great in a dress." Flash stole some of Eddie's food.

Eddie laughed. "Oh ya you are going to have Evan in your class today."

"How is he anyway? Anything I should worry about? I've only met him a few times"

"He is a good kid. Little head strong but good. I think you'll like him."

"Good he seemed nice when I saw him. You know it doesn't matter how many times I do this I always get a little nervous."

"Really now? You fight crime yet teenagers scare you?"

"Which would you rather face? A robber or a pack of teenagers?"

Eddie took a bite of food and thought. "The robber."

"See!? Teenager scare the living shit out of me."

"That's a My Chemical Romance song you know."

"You listen to My Chemical Romance?"

"I listen to a little of everything. I'm a music man baby."

Flash laughed.


Summer ended too quickly and it was a new school year. Evan was a junior this year and was slowly getting back into the swing of things. He was on his way to P.E. he had Flash as a teacher. He got changed and headed to the gym.

"Hey guys my name is Coach Thompson and I'm going to be your P.E. teacher for the semester."

Flash continued speaking and one of Evans friends elbowed him up in the bleachers.

"Evan this is so stupid. How can he teach P.E. without legs?" They said.

"Hey shut up, Flash is awesome."

"Dude he is just some old fart why do you care."

"He is a cool guy. He used to play football and he is really nice."

"If you like him so much why don't you marry him Evan? They probably gave him his job out of pity."

Evan stood up and punched the other kid hard in the nose.

"Woah woah! Miller, Greyson, get down here now!" Flash said.

Evan and the other kid, who had a bloody nose, came down.

"Miller you want to explain why you punched him?" Flash said

Greyson flashed Evan a look and Evan frowned at him.

"He was making fun of you and I got sick of hearing it."

Flash's face softened for only a second. "Thank you Evan but I can't have you punching other students. Greyson go to the nurse, Evan head to the dean's office."

Evan nodded and started walking there.

"You are so dead Evan." Greyson said.

"You take punches like a bitch." Evan said.

Greyson swung at Evan but he dodged. Over the summer Butch had taken him on more camping trips and one of the things he taught him was self defense. Evan grabbed Grayson's extended arm and flipped him onto his back.

"Boys! What did I just say!" Flash rolled over.

"This time was self defense sir, he tried to punch me!"

"He called me a bitch!"

"Nurse! Dean! Now!" Flash said.

The boys finally got to their destinations.

Eddie visited Flash after classes after he talked to the dean.

"I heard Evan got detention on the first day."

"Ya apparently his friend was making fun of me for being disabled so he gave him a bloody nose. You were right about him being headstrong."

Eddie sighed. "Oh god, he us turning into one of us."

"Ya he is." Flash chuckled