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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Evan had tried out for the football team and made the cut. He was made a running back and was having a lot of fun with it. His parents were very proud of him and he really liked being on Coach Thompsons team.

Josh met up with him after practice. Taylor, Pedro and Josh had all stopped being friends after the drug dealer incident but Josh had stuck around with Evan. He had toned down his party going life style. Almost getting yourself and a friend killed only to wake up in your car covered in blood changes a person.

"You did great out there Evan!" Josh said.

"I did my best. I'm really nervous for tomorrow's game."

"You'll do great. Especially since it is going to rain and you seem to do best in wet terrain." Flash said wheeling up to them.

"It's all those camping trips with Butch. He would drill me in the woods."

"Butch is that guy I always see you with right? The one with the red hair in a braid? Who is he?" Josh asked.

"He is my neighbor but we are really close."

"I'm actually friends with him too." Flash said. "Are your parents coming to the game tomorrow?"

"Ya and so are the Brocks. I just don't want to disappoint anyone." Evan scratched the back of his head.

"Kid there is no way you are disappointing anyone. You could fall flat on your face out there and they would since be so proud. Just... don't actually do that please. I'm still your coach and I want us to win." Flash said.

Evan and Josh both laughed.


Before the game everyone met up with Evan. He was extremely nervous. Karen hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek.

"Mom! You're embarrassing me!"

"Oh hush. This is my right as a mother." Karen said.

Butch came over and picked up both of them and kissed Evan's other cheek. "Murder Dad rights."

"Dude shut up!" Evan laughed and pushed his face.

"Knock 'em dead kid." Eddie said.

"I find hits to the neck and eyes are very effective in combat Evan." Sleeper said.

"Sleeper this is a game not a death match." Evan laughed.

Bill went up to his son and gave him a hug and a pat on the back. "You thing you'll be ok?"

"Ya I think so Dad. Thanks." Evan said and put his helmet on, running to the locker room.

Everyone started heading to their seats when Butch felt a tug on his jacket.

"Hk?" He turned. Bill was staring up at him looking very scared.

"I um, I want to talk to you, please... sir?" Bill said.

Butch cocked his head. "Um ya sure." He waved at everyone. "We'll be with y'all in a moment."

They waved and left and Butch looked back at Bill. "What cha need Billy?"

"It's just Bill and... umm you, you are really close, like really close to my son." Bill stuttered. Butch looked very intense under florescent lights. He looked intense in any lights.

"Ya we are pretty close. There a problem with that Bill?" Butch ask. He tried to sound soft but whenever he spoke he found his words always came out harsh sounding.

"No no nononono I just um, I want to be a good Dad and well sometimes I feel left out. W-w-what if. What if you are teaching him things?"


"You know... things? And stuff?" Bill scratched his neck "he um he is bigger than last year."

Butch chuckled "Kid are known to do that. Get bigger."

"No I me he has muscles now. He can bench a lot and he does football and did you teach him that?"

"No Flash taught him foorball, I just taught him how to work out and survive."

"Survive what?"

Butch shrugged "Life?"

"See what does that mean?! Like he now knows all this shit. He suddenly knew how to cook one day and light fires and he sharpened all my wife's knives in the kitchen with a wet stone!"

"Oh seriously? Thats so nice of him." Butch smiled.

"No its not nice! What else have you taught him what else can he do now!?" Bill looked frustrated.

"...Ooohhhh" Butch slunk forward. "You want to know if I taught him how to kill." Butch's voice went cold.

"I, I-I-I um I j-just want w-whats best!" Bill was sweating.

Butch sighed. "I taught him huntin', how to set traps, how to fish, how to clean a kill, how to navigate with the stars, how to cook, sew, and first aid. I taught him how to use a map, how to sterilize water, how to set up a tent, how to identify mushrooms, how to defend himself, how to take a hit, how to move silently, how to use a knife, how to use a gun and how to be a man. I taught him so many things but I never taught him how to kill people. He has only ever caught rabits and deer. Ya remember the night he brought home that venison? He did that all by himself. Smart kid. Good one too. He will never become like me."

"I um oh... oh..." Bill looked at the floor.

"If ya don't believe me ask the boy."

"Oh no I believe you s-sir."

Butch's mouth curled and he cackled. Bill flinched. "Hey Billy how 'bout you come campin' with us next time! Evan would love spendin' time with us. Ya know maybe for the last good weekend of the season we will all go as a group."

"I'm not really the outdoorsman type." Bill wilted.

"Aw come on. Yer boy will love it and we'll bring the wives. It will be a fun trip not an intense one." Butch cackled and slapped Bill on the back.

Bill coughed. "I-I'll talk to Karen about it."

"That's the spirit! Now come on yer boys gonna hit the field soon!" Butch dragged him to the stands.


The score was tied and they were in the forth quarter. The other team had the ball.

The rain was steady and cold. Everyone in the stands had umbrellas.

There was the snap. The other teams quarterback threw the ball. Evan ran and jumped infront of his reciever and intercepted. For a moment he was shocked but then he kicked off of the ground and was off. He weaved and bobbed around the other players all the way to the endzone.

The crowd went wild and Evan just stood there shocked. The clock ran out. He had just won the game. His team mates all tackled him to the ground.

After the game his mom ran up and hugged him so tight, she didn't care that she was getting covered in mud.

"I'm so proud of you!" Karen

Bill smiled and pat his son's shoulder. Evan smiled back at him.

"Son you did good." Bill said.

"Thanks dad." Evan gave him a hug.

The rest of the group tackled him and hugged him. Eddie lifted him up onto his shoulders. They took him out to pizza to celebrate.