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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Evan was in love. So far he loved being a symbiote host. He would stay up late talking to Sunny and he never felt lonely. He would often go for long swings with her. He loved being with her and the way she felt.

Today they were hunting. Snow had already fallen even though it was early November. They sniffed the air. Hunting with Sunny was incredible. He could track animals from pretty far away. They followed the scent till they saw a deer in a clearing. Evan felt Sunny rippled with excitement. He adjusted their muscle and got ready. They bursted, rushing the deer and slicing straight through its neck. Sunny keened inside Evan at the kill.

"Easy Sunny its just a deer." Evan chuckled going over to the deers head.

He was still getting used to this part but it wasn't so bad. He licked his teeth and opened his jaw. They crunched through the skull of the deer and instantly were flooded with the taste. Hot blood warmed his throat as he pulled at the carcass. He imagined raw flesh and brains wouldn't taste this good if he was just human but in Sunny's mouth they were amazing. He let out a soft moan as he ate more. Sunny swirled through their bond, singing in delight.

He swallowed more of their kill and ate as much as he could. He was glad the deer was small, he couldn't put away as much food as Butch could. He panted after eating most of the deer and sat in the blood covered snow, rubbing his stomach. Sunny was singing him praises, whispering to him about how beautiful he was. He laughed as he started licking blood off.

"You always get so excited when we do this. Thanks for the compliments even though you did most of the work."

He fell back into the snow. It felt good on their skin. He yawned.

"Eating this much always makes me sleepy. But we should go home. Sleeping in snow seems like a bad idea."

They stood up and he brushed off the snow. They started walking home when he heard a distance noise. It sounded like a scream.

Evan bolted in the direction of the scream. They wove through trees til they came across a man attacking a woman. Evan leaped at him and kicked him square in the back. He launched into a tree. Evan looked back at the woman.

"Go! Run!" He yelled.

She got up shocked and ran away. Evan turned back to the man who moaned in pain holding his head.

"Kill him Evan" Sunny whispered

"What?" Evan said shocked

"Kill him. He is scum. An evil creature. No one will miss him. You would be doing the world a favor."

"I... No we are going to get the police."

"Why? You have power now Evan. You have me. We can do it. Don't be afraid. Kill him."

Their mouth was watering, dripping with drool. Evan took a step forward.

"That's it Evan. Remember the deer? It was so easy. This will be easy too. It will feel really good. You are doing a good thing Evan." Sunny whispered clicking their teeth.

"I... I don't want to kill him." He stepped back.

"Why not honey? You are so strong with me. You don't have to be afraid. Kill him Evan. Kill him."

"No this is wrong." Evan shook his head.

"Is it? Your friends all kill people who are bad. This man is evil. He was attacking thay girl. Kill him. Kill him. Kill him!"


Suddenly a shot rang out. The man had pulled a gun and taken a shot at Evan. It missed grazing Evan's head.

"See! Evil! An evil worthless man! Kill him Evan! Killhimkillhimkillhim!" Sunny shrieked.

Evan held his head. He didn't know what to do. There was a slashing noise and Evan looked up.

The man was dead.

Sundance was standing over him with a bloody claw. He went over to Evan and hugged him.

"The missus and I need to have a talk. You ok Evan?" Sundance said.

Evan teared up and clung to Sundance, crying into his arm. Sundance rubbed his back gently. "You did the right thing Evan. I'm sorry she pressured you. I felt the whole thing through our bond and came as fast as I could."

They huddled together for a while until Evan calmed down.

"Butch... a long time ago you told me you and Sunny were the same. That her thoughts were the same as yours. Butch... did you want me to kill him?" Evan said softly.

Sundance stared at him for a while and then turned away. "Fuck... fuck I totally wanted you to kill him." Sundance covered his face with a hand. "I did and I do! I want you to kill! I want you to feel want I feel! I want to eat people with you! I want you to taste flesh!"

Evan was shocked but then Sundance turned back to him.

"But I don't want you too. You aren't supposed to do those things. You are still part of human society. It wouldn't be right." Sundance smiled weakly. "Don't become a killer unless you think it is right Evan. I'm sorry I did this to you today."

"Its ok Sundance." Evan hugged him. "Can we go get hot chocolate? Im really cold."

"Sure kid. Anything you want." Sundance nuzzled him gently.