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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Butch was sitting in Karen's living room with Evan, eating a food tray she put out. Evan was laying on the couch, petting his Sunny fragment. After the incident in the woods they have been working on the relationship and understanding each other. He never wanted her to try to force him to do something he didn't want to ever again. Butch still feel terrible about the whole thing.

"Hey squishy lady did you get bigger?" Evan gently poked her

"You're takin' good care of her Evan. Means she's healthy." Butch smiled

Sunny bubbled happily and Evan smiled at her. "I hope so. I'm trying really hard."

"Alright thanks for coming over! Now you have Eddie's and Sleeper's measurements correct?"

Butch handed her a piece of paper. "So what are you up to Ms. Karen?"

Karen giggled. "Well I've always liked sewing and knitting so this year for Christmas I'm making everyone sweaters!"

"Karen do you ever get tried of bein' so adorable?"

"Oh stop!" Karen blushed "Anyway I'm also making something for the wives." Karen held up a tiny blobby pink sweater with little white hearts on it. "Sunny would you try it on please?"

Sunny came out of Butch's chest and squeezed into the sweater. She looks like a white balloon wearing a cozy. Sunny purred.

"Oh my stars that is too cute." Butch swooned.

"I tried to have Evan let me put it on his fragment of her but he refused." Karen said with a glare at her son.

"Mom it is really really girly. I'm not a girl." Evan said.

"Sunny is a girl." Karen said

"Ya but her butt is attached to me and I don't want to look girly. Maybe a blue or black or red sweater but not pink with hearts on it."

Butch was nuzzling his wife in the sweater."What a cute lil girl you are!" Sunny bit his face.

"Butch, Sunny bites you a lot. She never bites me. Is everything ok?" Evan said.

"She bites me because she loves me. She doesn't want to hurt you but she knows I can take it. Like, she kinda gets off on pain." Butch blushed. "She loves the rush that pain gives."

Sunny thrilled and kiss his cheek and then bit him again.

"Can you help me with design suggestions for the boys Butch? I want them to be something they will like."

"Well Eddie always likes Black and white for obvious reasons. But I think he looks nice in lavender."

"Oh I could do black, white and lavender!" Karen said.

"That would be cute. As fer Sleeper I think maybe somethin' that matches his greens and reds. Maybe have yellows and oranges in there fer adjacent colors." Butch said

"Aw I think that would be cute." Karen said. "Butch what would you like?"

Butch scratched his chin "Teal. Maybe white and teal."

"Oh that would look really pretty with your hair!" Karen said. She wrote all of it down. "Oh and Mrs. Brock what would they like?"

"Eddie's other would want a sweater that matched Eddie's. Nothin' would make them happier." Butch laughed.

Evan smiled at him and looked down at his Sun fragment. She smiled up at him and wiggled in his lap. Evan laughed. "Sunny do you like the sweater?"

"Yes. Cute." She whispered. Through their bond Sunny was very vocal but speaking outloud still bothered her.

Evan sighed. "Mom... can you make a second sweater?"

Karen clapped her hands together happily. "Oh of course of course!" She giggled.

"Karen" Little Sunny said.

"Yes Sunny?"

"Want. Yellow." She smiled.

"I can make it yellow." Karen pet Little Sunny gently.

Butch watched in amazement. "Honestly I can't believe she lets you touch her. She hates people."

"You keep saying that but besides the whole blood lust thing she is very sweet." Evan smiled. "Butch, maybe you two just weren't ready to let people close to you yet but you are now."

Butch stared at Sunny in her little sweater. "Darling..." he pet her gently. Sunny nuzzled into his hand gently. "We have gotten a lot better haven't we?"

Sunny hummed.

Butch laughed and kissed her. "You know recently I'd been real worried 'bout us. There are parts of me now I hate but... they are still me and they are still you. But we're real lucky cus we have all these people now makin' sure we're ok. Sunshine I think you and I are going to be just fine."

Sunny purred and kissed him.

"Baby!" She sang.

"I love you too baby."

"No! Baby!" She hissed.

"Wait, what?"

"Butch is she?" Evan said.

"Having a baby!" Sunny giggled

Butch passed out and fell to the floor.