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Of Symbiotes and Men

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"You sure its ok to travel?" Evan said as Butch loaded his bag into the truck.

"Kiddo. This is a symbiote, not a human woman. They're tough creatures. A lil two hour drive to Hersey isn't gonna do Sunny any harm. By the way she thinks yer concern is 'dorable and she wants me to tell you she misses her flesh and bone child." Butch said.

"I know she is tough I just worry." Evan touched Butch's stomach.

"Baby isn't in there kid yer just bein' weird." Butch chuckled.

"Oh!" Evan pulled his hand away. "Where is the baby?"

Butch cackled. "Symbiotes don't have wombs. Baby's current movin' around my lymphatic system."

"Oh. I can't really pat that huh?" Evan said.

Butch hugged him tightly. "We'll be back Sunday kid."

"Butch hurry up!" Sleeper said from the back seat.

"Hot chocolate is gonna get cold!" Flash said from shotgun

Butch got into the car and they all waved goodbye to Evan. For the first time in months, Evan felt alone.


Butch leaned against Sleeper and fell asleep. Sleeper smiled down at him and chuckled.

"Always nice to get away." Eddie sighed happily. "I think I've just grown to love traveling."

"Maybe when you retire you can go on a road trip with your other again." Flash said.

"You're always welcome to come with Flash." Eddie chuckled.

"Nah you got someone else you need to take with." Flash looked back at Butch.

"It's amazing he is asleep, he never sleeps." Sleeper said

"Maybe Sunny is forcing him too." Eddie said.

"Either way I'm excited! We are going to stock up on so much chocolate!" Sleeper said.

"Thanks for coming with Flash." Eddie said.

"Hey I know its super close by but a vacation is a vacation. I'm looking forward to my sugar rush of a getaway." Flash said leaning back with his arms behind his head. "You guys are doing this for Butch though aren't you?"

"We want to make sure the baby gets all the phenethylamine it needs without him hunting a ton after the birth. I had the benifit of a scientist creating more for me whenever I wanted. Baby, not so much." Sleeper said

"You guys are really sweet with how much you care about eachother." Flash said.

"We are a family. Small, broken and messed up, but a family." Eddie said

They arrived at their hotel and unpacked. They let Butch continue to sleep. Eddie carried him in and rested him gently on the bed.

"Sunny has to be forcing him to sleep. That normally would have made him wake up." Eddie said

"Well how about we order some thing and just have delivered. Chocolate can wait." Sleeper said

With that Butch shot awake. "Woah ok that was weird."

Flash laughed. "You said the magic word and it broke the spell."


They did all of the usual activities that they did in Hershey. They went to their favorite Cafe, they went to the Hershey store, bought an absorbent amount of chocolate that almost didn't fit in the back seat. They were having a fantastic time. The whole group is absolutely exhausted by the time I got back to the hotel.

Butch curled up in Eddie's arms and almost instantly fell asleep. Eddie chuckled to himself.

"Well at least this is causing him to get a lot of decent sleep for once."

Butched dreamed.

He was in a large forest with bare trees, covered in snow. He walked for what seemed like forever. The air was entirely silent except for the distant sound of wind chimes.

He tried to call out but he couldn't speak. The wind was starting to pick up and snow was falling heavy. Soon it was so thick that he couldn't even see in front of him, everything was white.

And from the blinding white two pale blue symbiote eyes opened.

"You need to go home now!"

Butch shot awake in a cold sweat. He was out of breath. He grabbed Eddie's shoulder and shook him awake.

"Mhhhnn Butch this better be good."

"We need to go home now Evan's in danger." Butch said sweating.


Evan was feeding Coco. Whenever the Brocks had to leave town or go on a mission he would watch her. He per her while she ate in the new look up the stairs at the baby's bedroom door.

He went upstairs and lay down the twin bed that have been set up for him he stared up at the stars painted on the ceiling. He honestly couldn't stand the waiting he just wanted his new friend to be here already.

He wanted to know everything about them. They were going to be like, what powers were they going to have? He had a fear that they wouldn't like him. What if they rejected him? What if they resented him because he was an arranged host?

He turned his head to look at the tank. He thought about how wonderful they might be. What if they loved him as much as Sunny loved Butch? What if they ended up so close it was like they were married? Oh my god he was getting married at 17. He laughed.

He looks into the tank, even now he could imagine a little white blob moving around inside. Suddenly Coco started barking and there was a knock at the door.

Evan ran downstairs and his mom was outside.

"Hey what's up?" Evan said.

"Evan Mrs. Hernandez's little girl Maria is missing." Karen said.

Mrs. Hernandez was a very nice woman who lived two blocks over. She was actually Pedro's mom and Maria was his 7 year old little sister.

"We need to find her now there is a freak blizzard coming. The neighbors all formed the search party, get your coat." Karen said.

Evan ran for his coat and called Coco over to put her on a leash. He also grabbed a spare blanket just in case.

Evan and his mom met up with the rest of the search group. Mrs. Hernandez crying and Pedro was comforting her.

"Where did you last see her?" Evan said.

"In our kitchen she got into an argument with me and I told her to go away." Pedro said. He grimaced.

Evan pat his shoulder. "Hey it's not your fault. Do you have anything that belonged to her?"

Pedro held up Maria's coat. "She ran out without it so I was hoping when we found her I could give it to her and she could warm up."

Evan grabbed the coat and held it up to Coco. Coco sniffed it an perked up.

"Good girl track her down!" Evan said as Coco pulled him. Butch was right, for what Coco lacked in smarts, she made up for by being a very good hunting dog.

Evan ran behind Coco all the way to the backwoods. There he saw faintly in the snow a pair of footprints. Small enough for a young girl. They started following them.

They went deeper and deeper into the woods. It was dark out now and the wind was picking up. Evan knew these woods so well now. They move deeper and deeper. Finally he saw a little dot on the horizon.

"Hey! Maria!" Evan shouted as he booked it.

"Leave me alone!" Maria sobbed.

"Hey now that's no way to talk to your rescue team."

"I don't want to be rescued, you're just a big dumb boy like my brother!"

"Hey hey. Pedro is really worried about you you know?" Evan knelt next to her in the snow.

"...He is?" She said softly.

Evan held her coat up. "He gave this to me because he was worried you would be cold. He was crying when I left him."

Maria grabbed her coat snd hugged it. "He was crying?"

"Ya kiddo he loves you. You know your brother he can just be a dumb hot head sometimes."

Maria hugged her coat and then Coco came up and headbutted her. She giggled and pet her. "I... I wanna go home." She said putting on her coat.

"Good. I'll get you there." Evan turned around and offered his back. "Hope on I'll carry you piggy back."

Maria climbed on and Evan started the march home. The snow was really falling now. The wind cut at his face. He pulled out the blanket and pulled it over Maria to protect her. The snow was up to his knees. It was getting harder to track where they were.

His steps were so heavy. Coco huddled next to him. It suddenly dawned on him that he might not get any of them back. He felt like an idiot, he should have been more prepared.

He couldn't move anymore. He pulled Maria off his back and wrapped himself around her to protect her from the storm. If he was going to die he was at least going to give her a fighting chance.

Suddenly he heard wind chimes. He looked up confused. The world was white. He couldn't see a thing. Then for just a moment he thought he saw two pale blue symbiote eyes.

"Hold on, my beloved"

"What?" Evan said confused.

He blinked the snow from his eyes and the blue eyes were gone and replaced by two black figures and two white ones.

"Evan!" Venom barked out, leaping to him. The others caught up with him and they all huddled around him.

"Hi guys. I'm still not so good at the hero part of the job." He shivered.

"You dumbass." Sleeper laughed.

They picked up Maria, Coco and Evan and carried them home. They got inside the Hernandez's house and Maria's mom hugged her so tignt. Paramedics were called and luckily Maria was fine. Evan had frostbite on his hands but not too terribly.

Butch sat next to Evan and held him close.

"Thanks for saving me. How did you guys know to come back?" Evan said.

"You are goin' to think I'm crazy." Butch said

"Butch you are crazy."

"Crazier. Anyway, I had a dream about being lost in the forest and a pair of eyes told me something was wrong and I knew they ment you were in trouble.

"Were they blue? Like robin's egg blue!?" Evan said shocked.

"Ya they were!"

"When I was dying in the snow I saw a pair of blue symbiote eyes just before you showed up! They told me to hold on."

"...Holy shit." Butch said with a cough.

Evan stared at Butch chest and touched it gently. "Thanks partner."