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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Josh and Evan where at the mall.

"How is Fate holding up?" Josh said.

Evan laughed. "They are doing good. Its only really loud noises that freak them out. A crowd is fine, they say thank you for caring though."

"So where do you want to go first?" Josh said.

"There is a bakery supply store that just opened. I want to get some new attachments for my mom's mixer, like a dough hook. We want to try making breads."

"That sounds pretty boring for you guys you usually make everything so cute."

"Fate um, found a recipe for bear shaped breads and turtle shaped melon bread."

Josh laughed. "That's more like it!"

Evan smiled meekly and then suddenly was hit from behind with a milkshake. A group of teenagers yelled something at him that Fate didn't understand and ran away.

"Hey! What's the deal! Lets go get those guys!" Fate said angrily.

Evan was silent. Josh was upset and pulled him into the bathroom. Evan started cleaning himself off and Fate as Frostbite filled the mirror's reflect to talk to him.

"Evan what is happening? Why didn't we beat up those guys?" Fate asked

"Fate, sometimes punching people won't do any good." Evan said.

"But why? They attacked you and said something strange." Fate whimpered.

"Dude are you ok? I can't believe there are people who are still like that." Josh said.

"Ya I'm fine. Assholes happen." Josh cleaned himself off and Fate shifted their clothes clean.

"Please tell me what is going on." Fste begged.

"Those people attacked me because I'm black Fate." Evan said.

"But why?"

"Well, some people think they are better than others even though they are not." Evan said

"What? Thats dumb! And they think they can attack you for that?!" Fate was furious. "We should go back and find them and eat them!"

"I don't think that will do any good. It will just confirm their thinking." Evan said.

"So we are jusy supposed to do nothing? Evan we shouldn't give up we should fight them!" Fate growled. "No one should ever be aloud to hurt my beloved!"

"Listen how about we head home. I think I need to sit down and explain this." Evan said.

"You sure buddy? What about your dough hook?" Josh said.

"This is important. Fate has some understanding of discrimination due to how symbiotes are treated but knows nothing about human discrimination. I have to talk to them. The dough hook can wait." Evan said.

They split up and at home Evan went into detail about racism in the living room.

"I don't understand how can some people be so cruel." Fate whimpered in Evan's lap.

Evan massaged them gently. "Humans can be... very mean creatures Fate. Even to eachother."

"But everyone has been so nice to us!" Fate pleaded.

"Ya we are very lucky that we know nice people." Evan laid a kiss on their form and blew a raspberry. Fate cracked a small smile.

"Darling its so hard to understand why someone would be mean to you. You are so wonderful." Fate purred in his lap.

"Well why do you think people are mean to symbiotes?" Evan said rubbing them more.

Fate let out a small gasp when he rubbed just the right spots. "I think its because they are different and they don't understand us. They think we are scary."

"It's the same thing with people a lot of the time." Evan dug his fingers into them deeper. Fate squeaked and tensed around his fingers. He smiled softly. "No matter want other people think though we have eachother. And with you I can do anything."

Evan sat with Fate for the rest of the evening rubbing them gently till they were nothing but a quivering puddle in his lap.

They went back to the mall the next day with Josh.

"You guys sure you want to be here? What if they come back?" Josh said.

"I'm not gonna let some assholes dictate how I live my life. I'm a free man to do as I please." Evan said.

Apparently the teens did come back but as they came up behind Evan and Josh they suddenly couldn't breath and all fell over. Fate had learned nonviolence was important. But protecting their host was more so. Besides, they only paralyzed their lungs with Frostbite clouds for a tiny bit.

The breads all turned out great too.