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Of Symbiotes and Men

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It was the day of the bake off. Evan was a nervous wreak and Butch was massaging his shoulders.

"Relax kiddo you got this." Butch said.

Karen and Eddie both were taking photos. Karen ran up and hugged Evan. "My baby I'm so proud of you. You are talented in so many things."

Eddie went up to Butch, grabbed him and leaned him back in a movie style kiss. When the kiss broke Butch gasped and stared up at Eddie, blushing and speechless.

"A good luck kiss." Eddie winked.

Butch stared up at him dumbfounded and then cracked a dorky looking smile.

"Dude when do we get to eat your food?" Josh asked.

Sleeper pointed at Josh "I like this kid."

"You sadly don't this is for judging." Evan said

Josh and Sleeper both pouted.

"Ladies and gentlemen the judges have startes making their rounds." An announcer said

Suddenly Evan felt Fate panic intensely through there bond.

"Excuse me" Evan ran to the bathroom.

Evan closed himself in a stall and Fate pooled into his arms.

"Hey love, its ok. Its ok." Evan held them to his chest and stroked them gently. Fate wrapped tendrils gently around him and whimpered.

"My beloved I'm so nervous. I've never had my creations judged like this before. What if they hate them? What if I'm not good enough?" Fate quivered

"You are good enough, people love your cupcakes. It doesn't matter if we aren't good enough for these judges, we are good enough for our friends." Evan cupped their face.

"But don't you want to win?" Fate said

"Ya I do but if I don't thats ok I'll just try harder next year." Evan said

Fate teared up "Oh darling."

Evan pulled their face to his and pressed tjeir lips together. He sucked gently on their tongue and they moaned into him. Through their bond Fate begged for him. Evan press a hand into their form and rubbed them.

"Evan!" Fate blushed and shuttered with their tongue hanging out of their mouth.

Evan chuckled. "Ok I should ease up otherwise you are going melt."

Fate rested against his chest. "Oh darling. Don't stop. I want to forget my troubles. Take me."

"Fate we have to go back they are judging us soon." Evan said blowing a raspberry into them.

Fate squealed and flailed. "Then you shouldn't tease me so!"

Evan laughed. "I just wanted you to relax."

Fate pouted and he squeezed them.

"Lets head back Fate it will be our turn soon." Evan gave them one more kissed and went back to their table.

The judges were just finishing up. They nodded to Evan as they moved on.

"Evan you miss your judging!" Karen said.

"Sorry Mom, Fate needed me." Evan said.

Karen cupped his face. "You are a very supportive partner honey."

"Well I should be right?" Evan smiled.

Karen smiled and kissed his forehead.

They judges soon after made their rounds, handing out ribbons. Their bread got an honorable mention in its category, but the cupcakes came in second place and the pie came in first in both of their's. Butch and Evan hugged each other when the two ribbons where placed on their creations.

They all went back to the Brock's house to celebrate. They ordered pizza and Butch had made a second batch of everything as a surprise.

"Yes! So I do get to eat your food!" Josh said.

"You better hurry though before everyone takes a slice." Butch said.

Eddie picked up Butch and span him around before bringing him into for a kiss. Butch smiled through the whole kiss.

"Congratulations love." Eddie said and their others laced them together. Butch pressed his forehead to Eddie's and stared into his eyes.

"Thank you Eddie." Butch said. Their others purrs and squeezed them together.

Evan sat on the couch with one of everything and was so proud of their creations. Fate sat on his shoulder and kissed his ear.

"Darling thank you for being so supportive of me." Fate said.

"Of course Fate. We are a team." Evan turned to kiss their tiny form.

Fate squeaked. "Do you think my cupcakes will come in first place next year?"

Evan laughed. "I know they will Fate. Just you wait."