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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Evan straighten his tie. He had an interview today at 'Ma's Place'. He had applied to be their new pasty chef. Butch had put in a good word for him and in his resume he had written about his awards in the bake off.

"Darling it tickles when you adjust me. We look great stop fidgeting." Fate said through their bond.

"Sorry dear." He shifted in his seat as an older woman came through the backroom door. She sat down infront of them and glared into his eyes with a sneer. Evan stared back uncomfortable.

"Well wouldja look at that. You got the same twinkle as ol' Red does." She smirked.

"Um excuse me?" Evan said nervously.

"Red, my best chef. Guy who recommended you Jr. You two have the same look in yer eyes. Like animals." She said.

"Oh you mean Butch!" Evan said.

"That's the one. Red tells me yer lookin' fer a job as mah new pasties chef. So I'm gonna quiz ya right now." She stood up. "I'm Ma by the way."

"Pleasure to meet you ma'am." Evan said.

"Well at least ya got some manner in ya. Now get up, I don't got no time fer stupid yes er no questions. If yer gonna work fer me I need to see how good you really are." She said.

Evan got up and followed her to the kitchen where she had a bowl of what looked to be a mix already prepared and a large amount of ingredients.

"Red mixed this up this mornin' and I want you to copy it and then bake it. I'm goin' judge how yer muffins compare to his." She said.

Evan raised his hand.

"Jr. this isn't a classroom just ask me what cha need." She spat.

"Oh um I was wondering can I taste his?" Evan said

"Go ahead Jr." She sat on a stool in the back.

Evan poured into a little dish a taste and tried it. It was double chocolate muffin mix. Butch made them often but Evan never had asked for the recipe. He licked his lips and thought.

"Well look at you. Red teach ya not to taste directly from the bowl?" She said

"Yes ma'am" Evan washing his hands.

She smiled and nodded. Evan got to work grabbing ingredients. He mixed them together and poured both mixes into paper lined pans she had provided and baked them.

After a while he checked on them and tested them with a toothpick. He had made a chocolate glaze for both. He offered one of each to her.

She took a bite of one and then the other. She thought and crossed her arms and stared at him.

"Yer hired." She said.

Evan cheered and she chuckled.

"Ya start Friday and will work Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 5am to 9am. I'm payin' ya 25 an hour. Good luck Jr." She said and left.

Evan ran home and told his mom first and then ran to Butch.

"I hope I wasn't too hard on you kid." Butch smirked.

"I was panicking!" Evan laughed and hugged him. "Also she calls me Jr. Is she always going to do that?"

"Yes! Do you have any idea how awkward it is fer me? She calls me Red of all things!" Butch said

Evan laughed. "Do you think I will like it there?"

Butch clapped his shoulder. "I'm sure you will."