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Of Symbiotes and Men

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They all have driven out to New York. Eddie, Butch, Sleeper and Flash were invited to the Parker's wedding.

Eddie and Butch were adjusting eachother's tuxedos. Butch gave Eddie a small kiss and Eddie smirked.

"You look lovely dear." Eddie said brushing his cheek.

"I bet you prefer me in a dress though." Butch smirked.

Eddie pulled Butch close and growled softly.

"Will you two horn dogs stop it for ten minutes. We gotta go!" Sleeper said forming a tux around his symbiote body.

"You're really goin' as yourself huh?" Butch said

"If I use Serum's form everyone might mistake me as Peter from behind. Besides the X-Men are going to be there. People will most likely think I'm a mutant. Now come on Flash is already there!" Sleeper said.

"Well I mean he is best man Sleeps." Eddie said taking Butch's and walking to the car.

They arrived at the church and it was already very lively. Many different heroes where there out of costume. They saw Flash and Peter and went over to them.

"Congratulations again Peter." Eddie smiled.

"Man this is nuts. I get to go to the same weddin' twice." Butch laughed.

"Wait in your dimension MJ and I were married?" Peter said. "Why didn't you say anything eariler!? How did it go? I'm so nervous I just want some reassurance!"

Butch cackled. "Ya never asked Parker! But ya you twos were married for a few years when Serum got me. You were rather happy though MJ often was pullin' her hair out from worryin' 'bout you."

"D-did we have kids?" Peter asked.

Butch's eyes went soft. "Ya MJ was pregnant with yer first when I was ripped from my dimension. I visited you guys right before I went to see my mom. Little girl on the way. MJ had to have been at least 8 months pregnant. You were both so excited. You were gonna name her May after yer aunt. I wish I had gotten to see her."

"Wow... that's crazy. It seems like in a lot of dimension things go ok with us." Peter smiled.

Butch pointed at his face. "Make sure you keep it that way Parker."

Peter swallowed hard and nodded.

"Hey Pete we have to get you to the alter its starting." Flash said wheeling inside.

The ceremonial was soon underway. MJ looked beautiful in her dress. As the minister was talking a loud crash came from outside. Eddie and Butch stood up and signaled everyone to continue without them.

The two swung through the city till they found a large carnotaurus dinosaur attacking a bank.

"Are you seein' this?" Sundance asked.

"We are guessing this is Stegron's work." Venom said.

They landed next to the dinosaur and it roared before snapping at Sundance.

"Gah why me!?" Sundance held its jaws open and Venom punched it in its side.

The carnotaurus fell over and Sundance was freed from its jaws. They webbed up the beast as the police arrived.

They rushed back to the wedding and ran into a bathroom to straighten eachother up.

"My hair is a nightmare." Butch whimpered as Eddie brushed it.

"You will be fine in a moment." Eddie braided his hair into irs normal style.

"I had it all fancy now its just normal." Butch said.

Eddie grabbed his chin and lifted his face up into a kiss. "You are beautiful darling. Everyone can see that."

Butch smiled and looked away from Eddie blushing. "Oh you are just too charmin'."

Their others purred and both popped out to nuzzle them. Both men laughed and kissed them. They got back to the wedding right as Peter and MJ kissed. They stood in the back as they walked out if the church.

Butch sighed and leaned against Eddie. "How romantic."

"Hey Butch, you want to get married?" Eddie said.

Butch looked up at him shocked. "Did you just propose?"

"Kinda? We are doing all of this very informally to begin with. When I went on the trip to Maine I realized how much you mean to me and how important you are in my life. I feel like you and me are two kindred souls in a way. So I was going to get you a ring and ask you to marry me but this just felt right." Eddie said.

Butch leaned up and kissed Eddie deeply. "I'm already your's but I would love a ring and a dress. Let's get married."

Eddie held his waist and chuckled into a kiss. Their others purred and murmured happily. Sleeper came over to them.

"You missed the whole wedding. Why are you both so happy?" They said

"We are getting married." Eddie said.

Sleeper laughed. "So making it official finally?"

Butch nodded. "I'm your new step daddy."

"No, too weird. You're still Butch and will stay that way." Sleeper pushed his face.

Butch brushed him off and cackled. A few people in the church winced and stared at him.

"Butch you might not want to laugh like that. Some of these people have fought Carnage a few times." Eddie said.

"Oh right. Sorry! I'm from another dimension!" Butch hide behind Eddie.

Sleeper laughed. "Come on you loons lets go to the reception."