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Of Symbiotes and Men

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It was Evan's birthday, he was turning 18. His family always had a barbecue on his birthday to celebrate. The Brocks, Flash, Josh, James and Dove all had come too.

"You're old enough to vote, smoke and get married how does it feel?" Josh asked.

"Dude I'm already married." Evan said.

"Ya but now its legal." James said. Evan had told James their secret a little bit after Josh. He thought it was only fair since they had become close friends as well.

"Beloved you told me that laws didn't apply to us." Fate said.

"No no I meant that one law. We still have to obey the law for the most part." Evan said

"Kid yer an antihero. Laws are a suggestion at best." Butch chimed in. Eddie grabbed him and covered his mouth.

"Please don't tell the kids to break the law." Eddie said.

"Evan isn't a kid he is 18! He is a man." Josh laughed.

Evan sunk into his chair. When did life become so complicated. Fate sat on his head like a crown and kissed his forehead.

"I'll just follow your lead." Fate said.

Dove sat next to Evan and reached out to pet Fate. Fate purred and oozed between her fingers.

"Alright who wants a burger and who wants a hotdog?" Karen asked. Bill was grilling but she had a little notepad out to get everyone's order.

"Burger for Butch and me. Rare is fine." Eddie said still holding Butch.

"Same." Sleeper said playing with Coco.

"I'll have a dog." Flash said.

"Hot dog for me." James and Josh said.

"I don't eat meat so I'll just have more pasta and salad." Dove said.

"Burger, rare like Eddie's and Butch's." Evan said.

"Two burgers!" Fate said.

Karen laughed and gave Bill the little sheet.

"So Evan did you put your two weeks in or are you going to work during the school year?" Butch asked.

"Ma put me on leave actually and said next summer I should work there again." Evan said. "She is a lot nicer than she looks."

Butch cackled. "You got that right!"

"Aw I'm going to miss going to your restaurant to get sweets." Dove said.

"He brings in sweets a lot during the school year so now you can get them for free." James said.

"Aw Evan that's so sweet." Dove said

Evan blushed.

"This is our last year all together since Evan and I are graduating." Josh said.

"I wish I was a senior instead of a junior." Dove pouted.

"Josh and I are both going to community college so we will be close by." Evan said.

"Evan did you ever decided what you wanted to go in for?" Bill asked.

"I was going to do engineering but now I'm thinking either business so I can open my own bakery or I'm going to contact S.H.I.E.L.D. and see what they would want in a potential employee." Evan said.

Butch spat out his drink.

"Evan you are still considering working for S.H.I.E.L.D.?" Flash said.

"They are going out of their way to learn about symbiotes without a single symbiote and host on staff. I will make it extremely clear that I will never allow them to drug Fate and I will sue if they try. The only way I'm going to change them is from within." Evan said.

"Wow you have given this a lot of thought." Eddie said.

"They are already showing signs of changing their view on symbiotes and I still have Dr. Sanchez's number. I might try to work with her." Evan smiled.

Butch coughed and recovered. "Kid I'm so proud of you." He smiled.

"Both of those paths sound like a good idea son." Bill smiled.

They all ate and laughed together and Karen brought out a giant three layer chocolate cake.

"Mom this is enormous!" Evan laughed.

"Well we have a lot of people here today that like chocolate." She smiled.

"Darling why is the cake on fire!" Fate said, hiding behind his head and staring at the candles.

Evan chuckled. "This is a birthday cake. You blow out the candles and make a wish."

"Oh ok!" Fate said still hiding.

Evan laughed and blew out the cakes.

"What did you wish for dear?" Fate said.

"If I tell you it won't come true."

"Aw but I want to know." Fate said.

She peaked into his mind and he had wished for them to have a bright and happy future together. Fate giggled and purred. They gave him a kiss and the cake was cut and served.