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Of Symbiotes and Men

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"Test number 4. I have determined that the DNA sample from the Sleeper symbiote's host is too unstable. Any subject using its DNA has the fastest necrosis on adverage as well as the inability to formulate a stable genome."

"Test number 6. The Sleeper symbiote's DNA is also unusable. I believe its bonded with its host is to blame."

"Test number 9. I am at an impasse. The Venom symbiotes DNA is useful because it has the longest genetic memory and also is the original source of all symbiote's on the planet. But due to damage over the years it is hard to get a good sample. I am going to attempt splicing it with the Sundance symbiote's sample. This hopefully will repair the Venom symbiote DNA. I believe focusing on the DNA of these two and their hosts is the optimal idea."

"Test 23. Success! The Venom/Sundance DNA genome is stable. I will now attempt to splice it with a host."

"Test 31. After many failures I am going to attempt splicing together Eddie Brock's and Butch Kasady's DNA. I believe that because Butch and his symbiote are from another dimension it is interfering with my tests. I requested access to Cletus Kasady and the Carnage symbiote but was denied. I'm hoping Eddie's DNA will stabilize Butch's."

"Test 42. Cellular growth seems stable. Subject has lasted 3 days."

"Test subject 42 is a week old. The subject has developed rapidly. Much faster than a human embryo would. Subject has a heartbeat and has developed limbs."

"Test subject 42 can manipulate its cells much as a symbiote can! I was disheartened today when I came in and the subject seemed to have melted overnight into a black goo but it quickly reformed into a fetus."

"Test subject 42 is now 12 days old. Test subject's sex appears to be female but due to their symbiotic DNA I will hold judgment on that."

"Test subject seems to be able to change form and sex at will now. Subject spends about half its development as a symbiote body and the other half as a human fetus. Subject seems to still be healthy and stable."

"Test subject 42 is as developed as a human fetus during its 9th trimester. If all goes well we will have the first human/symbiote hybrid."

"October 31st! Test subject 42 is awake! Test subjects 42 is breathing! Test subject 42 is alive!"

"Test subject 42 ages rapidly but has started to slow down in growth considerably. They're about as developed as a 4 year old child now. Test subject also mostly stays sexually female now. I believe as a form of mimicry."

"The hosts and symbiotes are visiting today. I constantly have to sedate Test Subject 42. They have grown very strong. I hope I will be able to keep them concealed until I can properly present my findings. Test Subject 42 very well might be the furture of humanity. A human who does not fear disease nor bodily harm. A perfect life form."