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Of Symbiotes and Men

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"Alright you guys your blood work came back good and it looks like the supliments are helping!" Dr. Sanchez said.

"That's wonderful." Eddie said.

"Now I do have a few adjustments. Evan you just keep needing more nutrients it seems. But it makes sense. The Frostbite symbiote should sexuality mature any day now and their body is most likely preparing for that." Dr. Sanchez said.

"So Fate is an adult?" Evan said.

"Pretty much. When we tested them we even were able to locate some fully developed seeds." Dr. Vex said.

"They're pregnant now!?" Evan went white.

Dr. Sanchez laughed. "No no they just have then ready to fertilize when needed. Just like a human woman, symbiotes carry their unfertilized eggs in their body. The only difference is they grow theirs over time while humans start with them."

"O-oh" Evan was blushing hard.

Fate giggled. "No babies yet Evan. I'm not ready for that."

"Neither am I." He whimpered.

Butch smiled softly at Evan. "Damn my baby is all grown up."

Eddie hugged Butch from behind. Suddenly there was a loud banging noise from the back of the lab.

"Oh no..." Dr. Vex was pale and horrified at the noise.

Suddenly the rear metal wall of the lab busted open. Venom shielded the doctors from the blast as the other three symbiote hosts suited up.

When the dust settled a child sized symbiotic person was standing in the rumble. They have a black body with white and red veins almost like an inverted Sundance. They also had hair similar to Scream or Agony.

The tiny symbiote let out a scream and rushed at Dr. Vex, claws ready. Sundance jumped infront to block and the small figure bit deep into his arm. They trashed and ripped at his forearm. He held steady and slowly the child calmed down. They stared up at him with big white eyes and then let go of his arm slowly.

The child started licking the wound and whimpered. Sundance lifted his good arm. With a quivering hand his gently pet their head as tears ran down his face.

"What the fuck is going on!?" Frostbite said.

"Sundance are you ok?" Venom said concerned.

Sundance lifted his head to look at Venom. "This... this is our baby."


They had detained Dr. Vex when Sundance explained what the child had told him. Though only a few weeks old they had the body of a four year old human. They didn't speak any sound based language but were able to communicate much like how a symbiote would with a host. When they touched Sundance they recognized them as one of their progenitors through genetic memory. They explained to Sunny that Dr. Vex had created them and they were escaping captivity.

A few death threats later they got Dr. Vex to spill the beans on her crazy experiments too. Apparently she went behind S.H.I.E.L.D.s back to try and create a symbiote/human hybrid in order to fight diseases. The symbiote child was her only success and was the genetically created through Eddie's, Butch's, Sunny's, and the Venom symbiote's DNA.

Sundance stared down at Dr. Vex and released the child. The child slashed the woman a few times before S.H.I.E.L.D. guards came in. Butch quickly scooped them back up. Dr. Vex was bleeding and shaking.

"You are so lucky we are in a S.H.I.E.L.D. base. You better beg for a life sentence or the moment you are out I will find you." Venom said.

"Same here." Sundance said.

"You're a complete monster." Sleeper said.

Dr. Vex backed away from the symbiotic group whimpering with fear. The guards surrounded and detained her easily.

"I am so sorry! I can't believe this happened." Dr. Sanchez said as Dr. Vex was taken away.

"See you in your dreams!" Fate hissed after Dr. Vex.

She was completely pale and in shock as they left the lab.

Butch had not stopped holding the child the whole time. They had turned into a human form. A little girl with long red hair like Butch's. Her eyes where pale blue, almost white. She had Eddie's pouty lips too. When she opened her mouth they could see pointy shark like teeth.

"So um what do we do with the kid?" Sleeper said.

"Raise them. This is literally everything I ever wanted." Butch said nuzzling the girl. They growled happily and bit his hair with a giggle.

"Butch are you sure? This seems like a big challenge." Eddie said

Butch nodded. "I love her. I love her so much. Eddie please look at her. Touch her. You'll feel it too."

The girl started up at Eddie with fierce eyes. He gently patted her head. She closed her eyes and he felt a torrent of emotion.

She was afraid. She was afraid of this lab, afraid of medicine and most of all afraid he would reject her. She so desperately wanted his approval. She knew everything about her was wrong. But she could feel their connection. His blood pumped through her veins. She wanted his symbiote's approval too. She knew their ways. Hating their children. But she also knew of their more recent love and compassion. How they grew to love their children. Would she be so lucky? Could she? All she had ever known was a small dark room and cold hands. Jars and sedatives. She had memories of space and far off places. She had seen her parents ordeals through their symbiotic link. She was so desperate. Desperate to earn their approval. To earn their love.

Eddie teared up and picked up the girl hugging her tightly. He knew these feelings too well, the desperate need to earn love. He would never let her feel it again. His love would be unconditional. His other wrapped around the child and purred. They purred back, clinging to Eddie as if they might change their mind any moment.

"She's my daughter. She really is." Eddie said with tears running down his face.

Butch was crying too. He joined the hug and for the first time in her short life, Test Subject 42 finally knew what love was.


There was a lot of debate over the child. S.H.I.E.L.D. thought she was dangerous but the staff was split on what to do. Some thought she should stay in the lab to be studied. Some thought she should be given to Dr. Xavier to be trained by mutants. A majority though thought living as the Brock's child was the best decision. And Nick Fury agreed. A grant was set up to help pay for the childs living expenses. A small compensation for such a grevious error.

Eddie and Butch never let go of their little girl's hands during the whole ordeal. Nick Fury walked over to them with a birth certificate and social security card. Her name was listed as " _________ Brock".

"Well. Do you proud papa's have a name or do you need time?" Fury asked.

Eddie and Butch nodded. "Her name is Flora Anne Brock."

Fury chuckled and signed off on her documents.

Flora hummed happily and swung inbetween her dad's, held up by their hands. Eddie and Butch smiled down at her. Not the most conventional way to have a child but they couldn't love her anymore than they did now.