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Of Symbiotes and Men

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"Winter camp?" Eddie asked

They were all at the kitchen table eating breakfast Butch nodded and held up the flier.

"Flora has never once interacted with someone her own age. I think its a good idea. Its only a day camp and they have a free trial." Butch said.

"Are you sure she is ready?" Eddie's other asked.

"No but I think this is important and if it doesn't go well its just one day." Butch said

Eddie looked are Flora. She was growling at her chocolate chip pancakes happily while she pretended to attack and eat them. Eddie smiled.

"Hey Flora would you like to try a day camp?"

She nodded with her cheek full of pancakes.

It was a small cute building. They had an outdoor play area that was currently closed for winter. Inside there was about 20 kids. This camp was for ages 3-6 so Flora fit into the age group well enough. There were all sorts of toys and things to play on including a swing and a slide. Flora was a ball of excitement.

"Mr. And Mr. Brock so nice to meet you! I'm Ms. Carol we spoke on the phone!" Say a woman with frizzy blonde hair.

"Nice to meet you." Eddie shook her hand and so did Butch.

"Now you mentioned that Flora is mute and speaks via sign language but she can hear perfectly fine. Does she have any other special needs?"

"No but she has a bit of an interestin' personality. Do you mind if we stick around and watch for a bit?" Butch said.

"Not at all! Go ahead and take a seat and Flora can start playing with the other kids. There is actually someone I think she might want to meet."

Ms. Carol took Flora's hand and lead her over to a young boy. Flora waved hi and sighed "Hello I'm Flora."

The boys jumped back shocked and then he signed "Hello my name is Lance!" He was so excited. "Do you want to play?"

Flora nodded and they shared blocks together. Ms. Carol went back over to Eddie and Butch. "I really hope they get along. Lance deaf and has had a lot of trouble making friends. When you told me your daughter used sign language I was thrilled."

Butch chuckled. "Here's hopin' it goes well." Butch rung his hands.

Ms. Carol frowned. "You seem tense is everything ok?"

"Flora is a... victim of abuse. Before she came to us she was neglected badly so she is still recovering." Eddie said.

"Oh the poor dear." Ms. Carol said

"She is very sweet but has never known 'nyone her own age. This is a big step for her." Butch said.

Flora and Lance were having a ball. Lance loved building forts so they spent a good amount of time building a massive one. Lance asked Flora all sorts of questions and she learned a lot about him.

"She seems to be doing great." Ms. Carol said.

Eddie, Butch and Ms. Carol talked a bit and while they were distracted another kid ran up and kicked over Flora and Lance's fort.

Flora stood up. "Hey!" She said

"This fort is dumb." The kid said.

Flora growled and looked at Lance. Lance just hugged his legs and looked small. Flora knew this must have happened to him a lot. Flora looked back at the kid who kicked down another wall. Flora suddenly roar and tackled the kid. The kid screamed and the adults were now alerted to what was going on. By the time they ran over Flora had the kid pinned to the ground.

"Apologize to Lance!" She shouted.

"Get off me you freak!" The kid struggled but couldn't move Flora with her inhuman strength.

"I hate talking so you better listen! If you ever bully him again I'll eat your stupid face!" Flora screamed.

Lance watched in amazement as Butch pulled Flora off of the kid.

"Flora what the heck!?" Butch said

"This kid has been bullying Lance!" Flora signed.

"Ya but you can't attack a 4 year old dear." Butch said.

"I'm so sorry." Eddie said apologize for Flora. Flora pouted and glared at the bully.

Flora and the bully were both given a talking too. The bully confessed to being mean to Lance and Lance being to meek to stand up for himself. The bully got time out and Flora was aloud to keep playing. Flora went right back to helping Lance like nothing happened.

"Thank you for standing up for me." Lance signed.

Flora smiled and gave Lance a hug. Lance blushed.

They huddled in their new fort together and read books. Lance couldn't read yet but Flora could so she would sign the story to him.

"She is very advanced for her age. That book is for our older kids." Ms. Carol said.

Eddie and Butch smiled.

The kids read books together a little longer before switching games. They both liked dinosaurs so they pretended to be some.

"Flora you have teeth like a T-rex!" Lance signed

"Thank you" Flora signed back. She was very proud of her teeth.

At nap time Flora snuggled up to Lance and purred the whole time. Lance was starting to think Flora was part cat because when he pet her she purred louder. He liked the vibrations though.

At the end of the day Flora would not let go of Lance.

He smiled weakly and signed. "Flora I have to go home."

"No no no no please!" Flora signed to her dads.

They laughed and Lance's mom came up to them. She looked shocked. She signed to her son. "Lance did you make a friend?"

He nodded happily and signed "Her name is Flora! She is super nice!"

"Thank you Flora." His mom signed back.

Lance's mom gave Eddie and Butch her phone number so that Flora and Lance could hang out more.

They didn't bring Flora back to camp but they did set up many play dates with Lance.