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Of Symbiotes and Men

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"Butch she is a little girl!" Eddie yelled

"Yes but she is also a symbiote! If she was a full body symbiote she would be more than ready." Butch said

"Yes but she is not! She is like four!"

"She is developin' so fast Eddie! She is smart and strong!"

"She isn't a killer Butch she is an innocent!"

"She is the offsprin' of the four of us! Thats four killers shoved into one body! She is a quadruple threat!"

Eddie growled and pinned Butch to the bed. Butch stared up at him unamused.

"Babe you can deny it all you want but this is what she needs. She is goin' to keep tryin' to do this if we don't. At least if we train her she will know how to do it right. She needs guidance." Butch said softly.

Eddie flopped ontop of Butch. "She just... she is so young."

"She isn't human Eddie. We don't know what is young for her. For all we know she will be an adult a year from now."

Eddie stared at him horrified.

"I don't think she will but she could love." Butch chuckled. He ran a hand over Eddie's shoulder. "We have to let her grow at her pace because she is the only one who can set it."

Eddie sighed and hugged Butch. "Fine... we will train her."

Butch cheered. Eddie pressed him into the bed and pulled his dress up.

"I need some stress relief. Mind helping?"

"Not at all dear. Want me to go all out?" Butch said and Sunny oozed put of him, already covering the whole bed and turning him into Sundance.

"Ya I need it." Eddie nuzzle a tendril that caressed his face. He relaxed as the symbiotic flesh filled the bedroom, surrounding him and lifting him into a reclined position. Sundance stood over Eddie and licked his teeth, running a clawed almost hand over his chest. Eddie gasped a little when his other also joined in covering him in tendrils.

"You better not eat me." Eddie smirked

"Not all of you." Sundance mused biting his shoulder.

Eddie winced in pain while Sundance tended to his needs.


Flora screamed when her dads told her.

"You're still grounded for 2 more weeks for sneaking out at night!" Eddie said.

Flora stopped cheering and moaned.

"I just can't believe she took down a pedophile all by herself." Evan said. He and Flash had come over after hearing the news.

"Ya we have a tough daughter." Butch said smiling fondly at Flora.

Flora smiled back and signed. "Of course I'm tough, you and daddy and mommy and mama made me."

"You sure you're ok though?" Evan said

Flora nodded and signed. "Im fine"

Evan pet her head and Fate snuggled into her.

"I called Dr. Sanchez she wants to give Flora a physical. She thinks its about time we messured her if she is able to kill no problem." Flash said.

"We can go today." Eddie said.

At the lab Flora was found to be able to lift 20 tons. Dr. Sanchez checked her blood and did other measurements. Flora had great stamina and her metabolism was amazing.

"She has an IQ of 145." Dr. Sanchez said.

"Is... that good?" Butch said.

"Its amazing for an adult and she is a 4 year old which by the way I think we can now say 5 year old. She is still slowly down from her initial growth spurt but still aging fast. It looks like though she is starting to reach a human growth rate though. Her mental capacity is amazing. We should put her in kindergarten this fall." Dr. Sanchez said. "That is if you want to. Honestly I think she either needs to be homeschooled or sent to a mutant school."

"Flora what do you want to do?" Eddie asked.

"I want to go to school with Lance." Flora signed.

Eddie smiled. "Alright then."

"Lance is goin' to a school for the deaf. It would be much easier for her to comunicate." Butch said.

"We should contact them." Eddie said. "God this is happening so fast."

"Eddie we have till the fall its ok." Butch laughed.

Flora chirped happily at her parents. Eddie pet her head. "You know... no matter how fast you grow up you will always be my little girl."

"I love you." She said out loud.

Eddie picked her up and hugged her.

After they went to bed Butch went into Flora's room and snuggled her for a bit.

"I never got to really talk to you about what happened alone." Butch said holding her tight.

"I'm ok Papa." Flora said though the bond.

"I... I'm so damn proud of you. I had been dreamin' one day you would take down a man but I thought you would do it when you were much much older." Butch squeezed her and hide his face.

Flora wiggled around so she could see his eyes. "Papa. Are you afraid?"

"A lil. It is scary. We are creature of amazing power Flora. We are dangerous. People will be afraid of you. And they have every right to be." Butch took a deep breath. "But you should never be ashamed of that. You are amazing lil miss. We are goin' to be here for you the whole way. I love you Flora."

Flora kissed his cheek. "I love you too Papa."

Butch held her a bit longer and then tucked her in. Flora smiled at him and closed her eyes. Butch brushed her hair face.

"Goodnight sweetheart." Butch left her to sleep.