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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Butch had Flora on his shoulders in Ravencroft.

"Darlin' are you sure you want to see him again? You don't have too. To be honest I don't really know why I do it." Butch said

Flora nodded. Something intrigued her when it came to Cletus. Maybe it was because he was Papa but not. Maybe she just wanted to understand more about herself. Whatever it was she wasn't satisfied with their last visit.

They walked down to Cletus's cell and Flora waved hello.

"I'm honestly shocked you brought the brat back after I tried to crush her hand." Cletus said with a laugh.

"She wanted to see ya for some reason. I guess she takes after her ol' man." Butch said.

"You or me?" Cletus smirked.

"Both!" Flora said.

Cletus cackled. Butch sat down and put Flora on his lap. "How goes it?"

"You let her kill anyone yet?" Cletus said

"Straight to the point I see." Butch laughed

"I killed a pedophile!" Flora said with a smile. Butch sighed at how blunt she was.

Cletus stared for a moment. "She serious?"

"Yup, she ran out one night, the guy found her and she stabbed him to death." Butch said.

Cletus was shocked and then for the first time in years he gave a genuine smile.

"Holy shit she is our kid..." Cletus said pressing up to the glass to look at Flora.

Flora smiled back. He looked like Papa for just a moment and then it was gone. Back to the twisted smile.

"So are you training her to kill or did she just do it on her own?" Cletus said.

"I'm trainin' her but she did that all by herself." Butch said.

Cletus cackled and sat down in his cell. "Seriously? And they don't lock you up?"

"I have now saved this planet I think three times. They are pretty convinced I'm here to help. 'sides I only kill scum. Much easier to turn a blind eye to." Butch said.

Flora was drawing pictures with her finger on the glass of Cletus's cell. Butch was just shocked how much Cletus was willing to actually talk with her around.

"So when are you going to take her to kill again?" Cletus said.

"People? I don't know she is like fuckin' five! So far the biggest thing she has killed since the pedo was a deer." Butch said

"I want to eat bad guys." Flora purred.

Cletus leaned down to look at Flora. He stared at her intensely. Flora stared back unyielding.

"Would you eat me I got out of here?" He grinned.

"Yes! In one bite!" Flora clicked her teeth.

Butch covered his mouth to laugh. Cletus laughed.

"You would kill your old man? You really are my kid!" Cletus laughed

"Not yours. I'm Papa's" Flora said.

"Your Papa's the same man as me." Cletus said.

"Kinda. You are meaner than him." Flora said.

"Damn right I am. Your daddy is just watered down me." Cletus said.

Flora giggled. "You're silly."

"Silly? I ain't silly you little shit." Cletus said.

"Ya you are!" Flora chirped

Cletus growled at her. "I take it back I still want to kill you."

"You can never make up your mind." Flora said teasingly.

"Seriously why are you so sassy? Do you have any idea who I am!?" Cletus growled.

"You're Carnage!" Flora giggled.

"Damn right I am." Red started to cover him slowly.

Butch stood up and switched to Sundance. Cletus was supposed to be drugged so he couldn't suit up. He was moving sluggishly so Butch imagine he was still drugged and it was either wearing off or he was pushing through it.

Carnage let out a scream and slammed a claw through the glass. Flora switched to symbiote form too. He slashed at the girl and she dodged him.

Guards started to file into the room. Carbage ripped through them and ran out into the hall. Red peeled away and it was just Cletus making a mad dash out of the building. Sundance and Flora ran after him but where slowed down by the bottleneck of dead and unconscious guards.

Ravencroft started to go into lock down. Iron gates slammed down to close off hallways. Cletus dunked and dodged under each of them. Sundance was stopped but Flora managed to squeeze under the gate and run after Cletus.

"Flora! Flora no!" Sundance ripped and clawed at the gate. They were extremely thick and he was lock in. He pulled out his cellphone and called Eddie.

Flora meanwhile chased Cletus into the forest.