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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Flora was playing in the back yard with some toys. Butch was laying in a lawnchair asleep. Sunny sat on his stomach to watch her.

Flora hummed happily when suddenly a black object slammed to the ground infront of her. She flinched and looked. It was a badly injured crow. A hawk dived out of the sky to kill it and Flora turned symbiotic, biting the hawk out of the air. She sat next to the crow and put a hand on it, healing it.

The crow popped up and examined itself. Perfect health. All thanks to the strange demon that was now eating his attacker. Flora ripped the hawks breast and offered some to the crow.

The crow happy nipped at some. Flora pet it gently while it ate. She chirped happily and shared her meal.

Butch felt a tug on his sleeve. He opened his eyes and groaned. He rubbed his neck and looked down. Flora was holding her new crow friend up to show her Papa.

"Flora... where'd ja get the bird?" He said with a yawn.

She put the bird down and signed. "He fell from the sky."

"Ah I see. He is pretty tame." Butch said.

The crow cawed at him and flew up to sit on Flora's head. Flora smiled marched around the yard happily with her new friend.

"Papa can we keep him?" She signed.

"Darlin' that is a wild animal. So no. But I've heard of people becomin' friends with crows so lets look up what he might like to eat." Butch said pulling out his phone.

They did some research and Butch found that popcorn and hard boiled eggs were a good idea. So he cooked them up and gave a little dish of each.

Flora grabbed an egg too and chopped through it shell and all. Thr crow pecked away at the eggs and popcorn. Flora hummed happily.

Soon more crows showed up to retrieve their fallen friend and also enjoy the food. Flora giggled at the bunch, cawing and flying around.

"I hope daddy doesn't mind yer new friends." Butch chuckled.

He didn't luckily. The birds eventually all flew off and Flora waved goodbye.

The next day though they were back. Flora ran outside with some popcorn and shared it with the crows. They continued this for weeks. Every day Flora would go outside and feed the crows. They became extremely friendly with her. Soon shiny objects were left for her and she made a little box out of popsicle sticks to store them in.

One time an engagement ring was brought to them and Eddie set up a page online to get it back to its rightful owner. Luckily they found the woman it belonged to. She was so relieved and happy that she bought Flora a box of gourmet chocolates. Flora wanted to share them with the crows but Butch said they couldn't eat them.

"Of course the 'Princess of the Symbiotes' made friends with crows." Evan said one day. He was having lunch with the group on the back porch while Flora fed her friends.

"I actually went and bought a 50 lb bag of popcorn just so she could keep at it." Butch chuckled. The birds had grown fond of him too. Especially since he sometimes left his own gifts of 'leftovers' at night.

"Seriously. What else is she going to do to add to this 'lady of darkness' thing she has going on? Befriending a vampire?" Evan said.

"You say that like her father isn't friends with Morbius the livin' vampire." Butch said raising an eyebrow.

"Wait seriously?" Evan said.

"They write letters to eachother. They both have a passion for flowery language... 'ctually I'm a bit jealous I want Eddie to write me a love letter." Butch said playing with a bottle of lemonade.

Eddie suddenly hugged him from behind and Butch let out a squeak. "All you had to do was ask love."

Evan laughed as Eddie brushed his lips against Butch's neck causing him to swoon.

Flora ran up to Eddie with three crows on her. He laughed.

"How goes the bird feeding dear?" He asked her.

"Good" Flora signed

"Seriously Flora how many more edgy things are you planning on doing?" Evan said.

"All of them!" Flora signed back.

Evan laughed at at.