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Of Symbiotes and Men

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It was decided that Butch's basement collection needed a good cleaning so Evan, Sleeper, Eddie, Butch and Flora were going to spend the day cleaning it out as much as they could.

"I can't wait to see what kind of stuff you have down here." Evan said stepping down into the basement.

"Ya well I'm honestly tryin' to remember if there is anythin' down here children shouldn't see." Butch said.

"Hey I'm an adult." Evan said.

"I meant Flora." Butch said pointing to Flora jumping down the steps.

"Dude she eats people. I'm sure if we find remains it will be ok." Evan smiled.

"No I meam I might have things of a more naughty nature." Butch blushed.

"Like this?" Sleeper held up a red and black corset lingerie with matching lace garter belt stockings.

"Why have you never worn that for me?" Eddie said.

"Because the crotch is very unforgivin' and I've never gotten up the nerve." Butch said.

Eddie went over to Butch and whispered "Wear it for me tonight if we have the energy."

Butch bit his lip and hugged Eddie.

"Do you two need to use the corset now or can we get back to work?" Sleeper said swinging the outfit at them.

Butch snatched it and headed back upstairs with it. "Please Sleeps don't tempt me. I'm goin' to put this in our room."

"Kay!" Evan called looking through a box.

Flora ran around the basement and Evan pulled a photo album out of box. He flipped through it and it had a ton of photos of Butch's years here.

"Aw this is so sweet." Fate said.

"Look Fate! Baby you!" It was a picture from the day Fate was born. Butch was holding her in his arms smiling with tears running down his face.

The others all gathered around. Butch apparently took more photos than any of them realized. All the way from when he got his first cell phone in their universe. Page after page of memories. When they got the house, bake offs, camping trips, hanging out with Evan, Sleeper with Coco, dates with Eddie, parties with the Millers, the Parker's wedding, his own wedding, Fate's birth, Evan's graduation, and so many pictures of Flora. Butch had printed them all out and organized them with little captions about each event.

When they got to the last page there was one slightly burnt photo that none of them recognized. It was of Butch, Eddie, and Sleeper. They were in an unfamiliar dirty room. Sleeper also was white and blue instead of black and green. Eddie had his arms around both of them and was laughing. Butch was smiling up at Eddie, blushing slightly. Written in sharpie was just 'never again'.

"Oh Butch." Eddie said taking a heavy breath.

"Can you tell I had a crush on you even back then?" Butch said coming back downstairs.

Eddie smiled at him. "Ya you can't take your eyes off me."

"Do you have any other pictures left Butch?" Sleeper said.

Butch shook his head "This is all I have left from my dimension. There might be some left back there but I have no way back home."

"You know, maybe we should talk to Dr. Richards? I'm sure he could figure something out." Evan said.

"What? No, no don't bother the Fantastic Four over me. I'm, I'm not worth botherin' about. Dimensional travel is difficult and time consumin'. It would be selfish to ask him to spend time on somethin' so, unimportant." Butch crossed his arms.

"It's important to you. Its your past Butch." Sleeper said.

"Please. Its important to me but, lets be honest, I'm a man the Avengers barely are able to put up with and I'm only tolerated because I am a threat to this dimension. Reed Richards isn't going to waste his time so that I can collect my belongin's and show my mom her granddaughters. Besides I have so many new happy memories here." Butch said hugging Eddie's arm. "I-I don't need to go back."

Eddie brushed Butch's cheek gently. "It wouldn't hurt to ask."

"It would hurt me to bother him. Please lets just drop it ok?" Butch said getting back to the boxes.

Everyone silently agreed to let it be. They got back to searching. They only got a tiny bit done though.

Later that night while Butch was cooking dinner Eddie went to the back porch and called Peter.

"Hey Peter. I have a huge favor to ask. If we can pull this off I'll owe you big time." Eddie said.

"You already owe me big time. You tried to kill me, remember?" Peter said.

"I know listen this isn't for me. Its for Butch." Eddie said.