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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Frostbite held up the falling building with a layer of clouds as Anti-Venom and Venom pulled people out if the building. Sundance was fighting the terrorist group that had caused the explosion in the first place. Soon they were able to safely set the building down. The crowd cheered as every single person was able to make it out safely.

After getting interviewed by the news a bit and some clean up Frostbite flew everyone home and opened their front door.

"Mom, Dad I'm home!" Evan said as Fate pulled away.

Karen and Bill were sitting on the couch with his grandmother sitting across from them.

"Hello Evan, we need to talk." His grandma said.

Evan sat down. "So um what's up grandma?"

"So I want to know when are you planning on getting your life in order?" She said

"Mom!" Karen hissed.

"Excuse me?" Evan was confused.

"Your life son. Your mother told me over the phone that you have no plans on going to college yet."

"Ya I'm trying to get a job at a bakery and see if I like it first. Besides I currently work for the government."

"Yes I've seen this... hero thing you do. Evan do you really think this is going to last? It looks like an extremely demanding job. You are going to get old and the work will only get harder."

Evan glared. "Actually no grandma I won't get old. I'm immortal now."

She laughed. "Immortal? Honey that is ridiculous."

"Fate makes me immortal. She slowly my aging down to basically a crawl."

"And do you really want that? To keep fighting for all eternity."

"I can take breaks. S.H.I.E.L.D. pays pretty good to secret agents." Evan said.

"And what about if you find a girlfriend? You'll outlive her."

Evan growled a little under his breath. "Grandma. I'm in a relationship. With. Fate."

"Evan it isn't human."

Karen stood up. "Mom I've heard enough. You always do this. You wanted me to fit into your perfect mold of a house wife and luckily thats what I wanted too. You wanted me to marry someone with a good stable job and luckily I fell in love with Bill. But Evan doesn't fit into your idea of a 'perfect modern man' so you criticize him. He makes a good salary with S.H.I.E.L.D. right now and thats as a part time employee. He would pull in six figures if he went full time. Its a good job and yet he still wants to better himself! And don't you dare criticize his romantic partner. People marry asgardians all the time now since they came to the planet! Fate looks different but they love Evan with everything they have and he loves them."

Evan's grandmother stared at Karen. "And you are just ok with never getting grandkids because Evan's life partner is a worm?"

Karen's face turned red. "They aren't a worm mother. Fate reproduces asexually. If they want a human kid they can always adopt just as if Evan had a male partner."

Evan's grandmother scoffed. "Evan would never have a male partner he isn't the type."

"Grandma I'm bisexual. I could if I wanted to."

"Oh please that's just a phase you kids go through now days."

Evan stood up. "I'm done talking about this." He went up to his room.

"You can't run from your problems Evan!" His grandmother shouted up.

Evan could his mom and grandma shouting at eachother as he went into his room. He covered his face with a pillow and flopped on his bed. Fate pooled out next to him.

"My beloved... do I cause you problems?" They murmured.

"No never. Grandma is never going to be happy with me." He kissed them.

Fate smiled meekly at him. He pet their head.

"We make more than enough money. And you know what I want? I want to live with you and have 100 symbiote babies we adore and cherish. And I want to be a super hero like I am now. Oh and maybe own a bakery."

"Evan I can't give you 100 babies that is way too many." Fate looked nervous.

Evan laughed. "Sorry I exaggerated."

Fate purred. "I can give you quite a few at least."

Evan massaged and rubbed them. "A few is more than enough. Fate never think that you aren't worth the trouble ok? You're wonderful and I adore you. You're my wife."

Fate wrapped Evan up in a hug. "I'll do my best. I never want to cause you unhappiness. When things like this happen I feel terrible. Like I'm a burden."

Evan loved how warm Fate felt on his skin amd let out a sigh. "Fate when stuff like this happens I turn to you because I know you are worth it. I adore you. I want to spend everyday with you till the world ends."

Fate sent his wave after wave of love. "Evan I love you."

"Love you too. Want to get out of here and go on a date? I think we should by my mom flowers while we are out."

"Yes both ideas sound lovely." Fate said their voice quivering slightly.

They climbed out their bedroom window and flew off.