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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Evan's Grandma was back at the house again. Evan sat across from her as she stared him down.

"Grandma do I need to like show you my salary for you to understand I'm ok?" Evan said.

"Evan this job will not last. You will get tried." She said.

"I'm literally neighbors with two guys who have been heroes for over 20 years."

"But they aren't you, they are freaks. Don't you want a normal life?" She said.

"You know what Grandma. I don't want a normal life. I am a freak. I'm bisexual, I'm mixed race, and you know what I'm in love with an alien that lives in my stomach. I am a freak, I love it and you are way in over your head in trying to tell me how to live."

His grandmother was taken aback. "Evan can't you see that your life is chaotic enough? Why add all these crazy things to it like liking men and dating an alien."

"Grandma I didn't ask or choose to like men. It just happens. I look at a guy I think he is hot! And as for Fate I love them and you can just deal with it." Evan said.

His grandmother sighed. "Child you are impossible to talk to. You don't listen to reason. Dating this thing is... its wrong. This isn't you."

Evan glared and then had Fate pooled out of his arm. He grabbed them gently and started to make out with Fate on the couch.

His grandmother scoffed. "Evan! Stop that this instant."

Evan broke their kiss. "No I'm in the privacy of my house. I can make out with my wife if I want too."

Evan slide Fate's tongue back into his mouth and gave them the grossest most passionate kiss. Glitter drool dripping from Fate's mouth and down Evan's chin. He moaned loudly and rubbed them. Fate lifted his shirt a bit and was rubbing his chest. Evan dug his fingers into Fate and they thrilled. Evan grinded his hips against Fate as they made out.

His grandmother was red in the face and stood up, storming into the kitchen. Karen had been watching from in there and was trying not to laugh.

"Your son is out of control! Call me when he is descent to speak to!" She said gathering her things.

"I'm guessing I won't call for a while then." Karen said with a hint of smugness

"He is a degenerate!" His grandmother gave one final huff before slamming the front door.

Karen turned to her son. "You have my permission to make out shirtless on the couch if she ever does this to you again."

"Good because if she didn't leave soon I was going to ask Fate to start groping me." Evan chuckled.

"Hey Evan can we talk though?" She said

"Sure mom." Evan said adjusting his shirt.

Karen sat next to him. "I just wanted to tell you I'm proud of you. I know my mom is giving a very hard time but don't ever think she reflects how the rest of us feel."

"I know mom." Evan smiled.

"You are happy though right? I don't want you getting into something you're not ready for. You and Fate have always had a very 'Romeo and Juliet' relationship. You kinda just dove head first into it and it has been extremely passionate the whole time. I'm just worried for when the butterflies stop." Karen said.

"They... kinda have? I mean I'm still deeply in love with Fate but I'm comfortable with them now. They always call me darling and beloved but its just their name for me. I think both of us are just passionate people. Actually when I first started with Fate I felt unworthy of them. Like they were some untouchable angel. Now though they still feel like an angel but like one I can touch? Does that make any sense?"

"I think it does." Karen smiled.

"My beloved and I awhile back achieved something together that is very difficult and only a few hosts and symbiotes have ever achieved. We become one mind as well as one body. For a brief moment we thought the same and felt like one person. That is a deep love and no mer affection could sustain that." Fate said.

"Really now? That sounds intense. I don't even think I could do that with your father." Karen chuckled.

"It was and I realized I then that I really am comfortable with Fate. They feel right to me in every way." Evan said.

"I could not ask for a better host." Fate said.

Karen smiled and watched the two of them smiling at eachother. "You two have something very special."

"We do. Something more sacred than marriage Eddie once said." Fate said.

Karen chuckled. "Well how about you two and I go out for icecream and maybe some shopping? I think we deserve it."

"I'd like that mom." Evan stood up and Fate wrapped around him to form a fall jacket.

Karen watched Evan as he got into the car. She truely was proud of him. He grew up way too fast but was handling it well.