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Of Symbiotes and Men

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Eddie, Butch and Sleeper had pooled their money together and bought a house. It was a fairly average building, small yard, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, white picket fence. They all had actually agreed on the building because it was painted lavender with a dark grey roof. They hadn't introduced themselves to the neighbor's yet but they already felt at home.

Eddie brought in the last few boxes and colapsed on the couch in the living room. Butch and Sleeper had already melted into chairs themselves. "Alright thats the latest of our stuff boys. Not to bad a move since it was mostly adding new furniture."

"Helps I didn't come to this dimension with any belongin's either." Butch sighed and wiggled deeper into his chair. They had each picked out and bought lazy boy chairs for themselves and Butch especially loved his. They also had finally settled on a look for him. He was actually very comfortable wearing make up so he would wear nude shades and contor his face every day. It was subtle but enough.

"Ya welcome home Butch you finally have a new home instead of the floor of my ship." Sleeper laughed.

"Tis nice Sleeps tis nice." Butch stared off into the distance and was quiet. "...Is this real?"

"Ya its real Butch, we have a house." Eddie said raising an eybrow.

Butch stared off and gripped his chair. "I feel like I'm in someone elses body. That none of this is real and I'll be forced back into my body on that ship somewhere. I think I'm always going to be trapped on that ship." He shuttered and suddenly bit his hand so hard he drew blood.

"Woah woah ok no biting!" Eddie jumped up and pulled Butch off of himself. "The hell is wrong with you?"

"Sorry just... needed to make sure this is real." Butch turned away from Eddie to hide his face.

Eddie sighed and ruffled his hair. "Its ok Butch. We really should look into therapy for you."

Butch laughed. "Fuck sake Pops do you know how many damn therapists I have had over the years!"

"Actually no I don't." Eddie smiled weakly.

Butch looked up at Eddie suddenly and then looked at the floor. "Damn it. I forgot fer a moment you aren't you."

"You mean Eddie back in your original dimension right?"

"Ya... you and me were thick as theives. Its always been hard goin' to dimension to dimension learnin' that was a oddity in our relationship. Most other dimensions you and I, we hate each other." Butch hugged his knees and licked his bleeding hand.

"Butch how about you tell us more about your past. You bring it up a lot so I'd like to learn more about it." Said Sleeper, fetting comfortable in their chair.

"You really wanna hear 'bout that?"

"Yes. You are going to be living with us for an long time. Possibly forever. I want to know my sibling and her host."

Butch laughed. "Ok ok that makes sense. I'll start from the top. Lemme grab a beer."

Butch sat back down with his beer and took a sip. "Much like yer Cletus I was born into an abusive house. Father was out to kill me, mother just took it. Nobody loved me or wanted me. Eventually though a neighbor saw him beatin' me and called Child Protective Services. Turns out I had an aunt that wazza willin' to froster me. So I got moved down to South Carolina at 'round age 8."

"My aunt, bless her, angel among men she was. Tiny lil thing, I quickly grew taller than her. Loved me like her own. Uncle was a brick shit house of a man. He wazza man of few words but he cared for me too. Tried to make me a man. He had a sensitive side too though, hide it from everyone but his wife. But he sometimes showed it to me too. I think he knew I was broken, knew he needed to handle me gently."

"So the major difference between you and our Cletus is you actually got help as a kid." Said Eddie.

"Sometimes thats all it takes Pops. You should know. With yur situation and how raisin' Sleeps made a world of difference. Anyway continuin' where in I left off. So, no one in South Carolina is going to think a boy who was a lil' too enthusiastic to go huntin' with his uncle would have somethin' wrong withem. But my uncle loved to hunt, took me every time. He taught me to only kill what I needed to kill and to use as much of what I killed as I could. I think thats where I got the idea to become a vigilante, and a cannibal."

"What happened to your aunt and uncle?" Sleeper asked curled up in a blanket.

"I lived withem fer 'bout 8 years and then my aunt got real sick and died. Uncle took his life a week later. So I was alone. I started livin' in the woods and campin' to survive. I also got into prostitution a bit to make myself enough money to get by."

"Jesus, thats rough." Eddie said, his other was now curled up in his lap to listen as Eddie absent-mindedly pet them.

"You know for a 16 year old livin' in the woods by himself I was doing pretty good. Then it happened, my first murder."

"He was a fat ugly son bitch and I'll never forget him. I was hanging out with a few other girls who also sold themselves on the street and I saw one of them get forced into a car. I followed them and when I caught up he was trying to force himself on her. So I got out my huntin' knife and slit his throat before he knew I was behind him. I told the girl I would take care of the body and made her promise not to tell anyone. I took him back to my camp site and just stared at him for a while. I had killed someone and it had felt amazing. My hands had moved so fluidly. I was really hungry, and I was so curious. I cut off a piece of him and cooked it. He tasted so fatty and sweet. I cut off more and cooked him. For the next week I had parts of him cut up and in a big cooler I had bought and I slowly ate him. It was almost spiritual or sexual. Nothin' had ever felt so right as killin' that bastard and eating him." Butch licked his lips.

"Butch we will hose you down if you don't calm down." Said Eddie.

"Tsk spoil sport. Anyway it was after that that I finally had direction in my life. I had a reason to live. I became a vigilante serial killer. I ran up and down the East Coast, killin' and eatin' anyone I thought deserved it. But all good things come to an end and while I was in New York they caught me and sent me to Riker's. And then I met you."

"Now we are at the part where we can compare and contrast more." Said Eddie.

"Well that'll be helpful. So you and I were stuck in prison together and the thing I remember most about you back then was you would not stop exercisin'. It got to the point where you were driving me crazy! All I knew was you were mad man who is obsessed with killin' Spider-Man and had some sorta alien wife. Lil' did I know that you would change my life so much. One day your other appeared out of the blue broke you out of prison and left me behind."

"Except we left Sunny didn't we?"

Butch pointed at him "Bingo. At first I thought I was goin' fully crazy and was startin' to hear voices in my head and she manifested in her full symbiote form took over me and I broke out of prison."

"At that point we were living on that island."

"You did for like years. I went back to being a vigilante but I eventually drew too much attention to myself and I went into hiding. On the same island you did."

"So you met backup with us." Said the Symbiote from Eddie's lap.

"Ya it was crazy! Imagine me tryin' to hide from the law and there is your ugly mug! You two were so happy that you were producing enough phenethylamine to stay healthy. I started living with you guys and we all learned more about how to be better spouses to our alien lovers. We spent years on that island. You gave birth to more spawn, all the way down to Sleeper and I had Toxin and Scorn eventually. We had this happy little family, gave them animals to bond to. Eddie and I grew very close. It was the first time except for prison that I took a break from killin'. I just enjoyed livin' with my brothers and sisters and you. Eventually I told you about Spider-man's trick but you were so happy at that point it didn't matter."

"Wow. Things went amazingly well in your dimension." Eddie said.

"Like this story Eddie" his other purred softly in his lap.

"Ya things were going great until the Life foundation captured us. They gave all your children to bad people that they stuck to and my kids ended up on elite troops. Sleeper lobotomized his host though and joined up with us. After dealing with them the three of us decided to go back to being vigilantes."

"And thats when we all teamed up!" Sleeper said.

"That's right. You know what happens next and I don't wanna talk 'bout it." Butch took a large swing of his beer.

"I can see why you said we were so close. We spent a lot of time together." Eddie said massaging his other.

Butch shrugged. "Well ya I guess. We laughed, we cried, we tried to kill each other because we are both broken men with anger issues. There were a few times we had sex for fun."

Eddie spat out his beer. "What?" He coughed.

Butch laughed and slapped his knee. "You alright there Pops? Somethin' in the beer?"

"No are you serious?" Eddie hissed.

"Yes I'm serious. We were so comfortable with eachother and neither one of really had any shame. Two dudes, stuck on an island, with aliens that liked the taste of sex chemicals. We just pleasured eachother as friends, nothin' romantic. Just felt nice havin' you ontop of me."

"I no longer want to hear anything about your universe or this depraved version of myself." Eddie stood up to go to the bathroom.

Butch snickered to himself and sipped his beer. "It's so funny bein' here. You two are just left of center from my guys. Its like someone made a new world for me but got all the details wrong."

"Well I hope you at least feel at home." Sleeper said.

"As home as I'll ever be Sleeps." Butch leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. "Just don't let me wake up from this dream. I like this one too much."

Sleeper went over and hugged him. "I promise its not a dream... we really should clean your hand, holy shit how is it not broken!" Sleeper grabbed his wrist.

"I did break it, Sunny healed it for me."


Butch laughed and they headed into the kitchen together. It wasn't his world but he would soon make it his.

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Karen liked her neighborhood. It was quiet and safe. Her husband and her son had lived there for almost ten years and she had made it her pride and joy. She saw it as her personal duty to keep the neighborhood in order. If she didn't then who would? It was her way of giving back, keeping everything in order and taking care of everyone. And she always greeted new neighbors with a basket of her famous gluten free brownie bars.

Today she had a fresh batch for the family that moved in across the street from her. She knew from rumors, that it was three men. A strange family set up but the nuclear family seemed to be slowly becoming a thing of the past in these days. She rang the door bell and waited.

A man opened the door. He was so tall she only came up to his chest and was extremely muscular. His hair was a bright blonde and cut short in almost a military style. He had on tight jeans and a form fitting black t-shirt. Karen approved of the first man, he was intimidating because if his size but seemed clean cut. He looked down at her and cocked his head. "Hello madame, may I help you?"

"Hello I'm Karen Miller! I live across from you and thought I should welcome you to the neighborhood Mr...?"

"Just call me Eddie. Its a pleasure to meet you Ms. Miller, would you like to come in?"

"Of course. I always like meeting new friendly face. Is it just you here? A little birdy told me you had roomates."

"Actually yes, I have a roommate and then my son. I'll bring them down, make yourself comfortable."

Eddie went upstairs and Karen gingerly sat on the couch to look around. While in the way of decor and furniture the house was sparse but everywhere there where photos. It looked like Eddie had many friends and traveled. Some photos where amazing because it seemed Eddie have met a few superheroes. He had pictures of Spider-man and different Avengers. Karen also noted a few articles framed next to photos. On the mantle was even a cute Spider-man plush. So far they seemed pleasant. Then she heard a crash from upstairs.

"Butch come on!" She heard Eddie's muffled voice.

"No! If I can't get this eye liner right then there is no point in me going down! I can't look unpresentable!" Said an unknown voice with a thick southern accent.

"Butch you look fine! And don't throw things at us!" Eddie said coming back downstairs. "Sorry they'll be down in a moment."

"That's alright. Is your roommate a woman?"

"What? Or no he is a man, he wears make up to cover up some scars he has."

Scars? Well Karen wasn't going to judge maybe he had been in an accident.

A second man came down the stairs. He was shorter than Eddie by a head and had short scruffy brown hair. He was lean and muscular but looked almost out of shape compared to Eddie. He had a large facial scar that ran up the side of his face and was wearing an eye patch. Karen shuttered to think of what he might look like without makeup if this was him with it.

"You must be Butch! Hello I'm Karen Miller from across the street." Karen stood up to shake his hand.

The man looked confused. "What? No I'm Steven. Nice to meet you." He smiled and shook her hand.

"This is my son Steven, he also has some scars but doesn't feel like he needs to cover them." Eddie put his hands on Steven's shoulders.

Two men with face scars? What kind of work must they do? And Eddie didn't look that much older than him. Maybe he just looked young for his age.

"Well its a pleasure too meet you Steven I look forward to being neighbors with you! Would you like a brownie bar?"

"Brownies?" Steven perked up and grabbed a bar. He took a bite and looked like he was in heaven. "Ms. Miller these are amazing. Thank you."

"Well I am known for my baking. So is there a Mrs. Eddie or is Steven's mom not on the picture?"

"Oh umm yes I'm married but my spouse is rather shy. That's why I didn't announce her to you. Butch, who you haven't met yet, also is married to my spouse's daughter who also suffers from severe social anxiety."

"Oh wow well I'll hope you will say hi for me then and I hope they will enjoy the brownies."

"Trust me they will they both love chocolate." Eddie smiled.

Karen was concerned by this family's structure. We have two married men living together in the same house. Eddie married to a woman with a daughter from a separate marriage who was married to the yet to be seen Butch. Both with anxiety so severe they couldn't meet her. Not to mention both Butch and Steven having horrible facial scars. She wondered if maybe they had all been in a tragic accident and it traumatized the women more than the men.

Suddenly a door opened upstairs and a man came down. His appearance was almost as shocking as Steven's. He wasn't simply just wearing concealer he had a full face contour with eyeshadow eyeliner and even lipstick. They were all nude shades but this was a man who knew how to put on makeup. His hair was very long, bright red and tied in a fishtail braid that went to his shoulder blades. His frame was thin but cut. What hit her most was his eyes. They were wild and looked like there was danger behind them.

To be honest the more time she spent with the group the more animalistic they all felt. Eddie was a great beast of a man, his son's movments all were slightly rigid and jerky. And now this Butch looked like he could pounce on her at any moment. She wondered if they were dangerous. Butch had thrown something at Eddie when they were upstairs.

"Well hello lil lady. Names Butch. Pleasure to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too! I'm Karen Miller from across the street."

"Well how nice it is to have a nice lady like you nearby." Butch smiled. Something about him just felt wrong to her, like he was insincere. Maybe she was being too judgmental of his metrosexual life style.

They sat and chatted while enjoying the bars. Karen learned that Eddie was a freelance reporter as well as a janitor at her son's school. Butch worked as a chef at a local restaurant. Eddie's son Steven was in law enforcement but he couldn't talk about his work too much just that it required him to travel around. Karen had a sneaking suspicion he worked for the FBI. His father must be so proud of him. She's guessing that's where he might have gotten his facial scar from. She had a whirlwind of ideas about the strange family that now live across the street from her. Maybe a criminal had gotten revenge on Stephen's family for making them upset. That would explain why all of them are a little bit off maybe they're all on edge because of Steven's work. She couldn't wait to get to know them more. There was rumors and intrigue about. Could you blame a house wife for being curious?

They thanked her again for the bars, Butch asked for the recipe which she gladly gave. She told them she would start sending a news letter about the the neighborhood and any events coming up.

It was nice to have new neighbors. While strange and interesting they would fit perfectly into her peacefully neighborhood.


Or she had hoped.

As the weeks went on she knowticed more and more strange behavior from her new neighbors.

Both Eddie and Burch seemed to talk to themselves. It was like they would hold conversations in their heads.

Karen also thought they must be lying about what they did for a living because they had another friend who was missing his legs. He would visit occasionally on weekends for football parties. Whatever they did though was dangerous. Karen saw them come home covered in blood or injured more than once. She was afraid she would have to try to explain to her son.

She still had never seen their spouses. Not once. She was wondering if they were even real. She had a sneaking suspicion that Eddie and Butch might actually both be gay and hiding their relationship.

Butch was the strangest out of the three. He would sneak off at night and she swore she saw him crossdressing a few times. He loved to cook and bake and sometimes would bring plates to her family of things he made. One time though he had a pork roast he almost gave them before Eddie ran out and violently grabbed him saying that there was something wrong with the pork. Karen heard them arguing with eachother for a hour after that. After that instance Eddie had apparently told Butch he was only aloud to give out baked goods and never meat.

It was honestly staring to bother her just how strange the neighbors were. But they weren't bad. But the lack of control was eating at her. She knew everything about her neighbors but this family was a mystery.

She was out late one night. An emergency milk run. She felt so stupid. She should have taken the car but no she just had to walk. Now she was handing over her purse to a gunman. She was so scared. Then suddenly a tall black figure jumped behind the man and picked him up. She had never seen so many teeth! He shook the man violent and berated him for attacking an innocent. Karen didn't stay to hear the rest. She left her purse and ran for her life.

She never had been happier to be home. He sobbed into her husband's chest and told him what happened. Her son apparently knew the creature. Its name was Venom and apparently it was the hero identity of a man named Eddie Brock.

The next day she got a knock on the front door from Eddie.

"Hi Mrs. Miller. Listen I was talking a walk last night and I found your purse on the side of the road. Doesn't look like anyone took anything thankfully."

"Oh thank you Eddie. I was attacked last night and saved by a big monster man named Venom apparently."

"God thats terrible are you alright?"

"I am thank you... Eddie." Karen looked at her purse and then back to Eddie.

"Something wrong Mrs. Miller?"

"No Im just going to rest. Im very tried after all of that."

"That's a good idea. Take it easy Karen if you need anything the guys and I are always willing to help."

"Have a nice day Eddie." Karen closed the door and ran to her computer.



Her neighbors were aliens.

She was staring at an article showing her neighbor Eddie's face. It described him as a vigilante that fused with an alien to become Venom.

Thats why he and Butch talked to themselves. They were talking to their aliens. The constant injuries were from crime fighting. Their strange behavior. Aliens!

Karen shuttered and curled up on her love seat. She didn't know what to do with this information. She had closure on why her neighbors were strange but now she was living next to crime fighting aliens. Oh god she just realized they were married to the aliens! Thats why she never saw their spouses its because they were aliens. Was Steven half alien? She moaned and held her head. She got up, grabbed a basket, filled it with cookies and marched across thr street. She knocked rapidly on the door.

"Hello Karen. Are you feeling better? Did you need anything?" Eddie asked opening the door.

"ALIENS!" Karen jabbed her finger into his chest.

"...Excuse me?"

"You think you can just move in here with aliens and not tell me!? I need to know if you're family is well suited for the neighborhood to make sure our streets stay safe and you didn't even introduce your alien wives! I demand to meet them now!"

"Ummm" Eddie looked dumb struck.

"Come on now! I meet all my neighbors and you have been hiding two, possibly three from me! I didn't even have time to bake more brownies so I just brought cookies!" She held up her basket.

"I'm so confused." Eddie said

"Listen Mr. 'Brock'. I am very proud of my neighborhood and how I keep it. I meet all my neighbors, I know everything that goes on and I try to keep it safe and now for the past month I learn I haven't even met them all!? This is unacceptable!"

"Wait so you are upset... because we didn't introduce our others?"

"Oh course that's why I'm upset! How do I know what they are like? What if at a neighborhood barbaque I put something in the food they are allergic too? What if I do something that offends them? These things can not just be ignored Mr. Brock! Its impolite!"

Eddie stared at the small house wife dumbfounded and then his shirt rippled. A large snake like body came forth from his shoulder blades and wrapped around him to form a large toothy head.

"Hello Mrs. Miller. I am Eddie's other. Would you like to come inside?"


Eddie, Butch, and Steven who she had now learned was named Sleeper, sat on the couch. On the two older mens laps sat their spouses and Sleeper was in their true form.

"I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to introduce myself to the two of you sooner" Karen smiled.

"Well it was supposed to be a secret Mrs. Miller." Said Sleeper.

"Oh nonsense! We are neighbors and I am so happy to get to meet you." Karen said smiling. "To be honest you all were starting to worry me. I had no idea what was going on and you would come home hurt and leave at strange hours of the night. Its just a huge relief for me. So now I can formally say, thank you Mr. And Mrs. Brock for saving me."

"You are welcome Mrs. Miller." Eddie chuckled.

"Mrs?" The symbiote said.

"Oh my sorry I thought you where a girl since you gave birth to Sleeper."

The symbiote giggled and smiled at her. "I have no gender but Mrs. Brock is fine.

"Now you all seem to be part of that new queer movement thing I've been hearing about. Can you explain it to me?"

"I wouldn't say thats exactly what this is but sure. I'm bisexual and my other is is a genderless creature."

"My other is genderless but identifies as a girl. I don't really give a shit about labels but lets go with 'exploring my options'."

"I'm also genderless. I'm not really attracted to anything." Sleeper said.

"Well I will do my best to remember that" Karen beamed.

"So Mrs. Miller... I hope you realize you can't tell anyone about us." Eddie said.

"Oh of course of course! I would never betray your trust. I just wanted to know for myself, you should understand. You protect the neighborhood your way and I protect it my why."

Eddie chuckled

"Karen, the Lethal Protector." Butch laughed.

"Well I better get home. I still have to put my roast in the crockpot for dinner. Take care everyone!"

"Bye Mrs. Miller! Thanks for the cookies." The guys said.

Karen was feeling much better now that her neighborhood was back in order.

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It was the week of Thanksgiving. Eddie, Flash, Peter, MJ, Miles, Andi and Sleeper all had somehow been convinced by Butch to go camping. They drove out to the woods and picked a beautiful grounds that was still open. Though fall had come early this year it had also stuck around a lot longer than usual so it wasn't dipping into freezing temperatures yet. Sleeper and Butch had worked together to buy the right supplies for everyone including thermal sleeping bags.

"This looks like a good spot!" Sleeper said pointing to the ground.

"Actually no that downhill. If it rains our tents will get wet." Butch said. He scanned the ground, stomping in a few places and then pointed to a spot. "Here, right here is perfect."

"You weren't kidding when you said he knew a lot about camping." MJ said to Sleeper.

"Ma'am I've lived outside longer than I have inside. To be honest this is second nature ta me." Butch said fanning out some tarps.

Flash, Miles and Eddie pulled more equipment from the car and Butch set everything up. Peter got out a huge cooler Butch insisted they bring.

"Do we really need six tarps?" Miles said dropping them next to Butch.

"Well Mini-webs there is a 40% chance of rain tonight. Do you want to wake up in a puddle?" Butch smirked at him.

"Ya I don't want a soggy butt in the morning." Said Andi

"Ok fine tarps are important."

"Hey Lil bro can you go and grab some firewood? Doesn't matter the size just so long as its dry. Oh and pinecones. If you see pinecones grab 'em"

"I'll come with you Sleeper." Said MJ and they left.

"I've never gone winter camping before this is crazy." Eddie said.

"Excited Eddie, going to go hunting with Sundance." His other bubbled around his neck as a scarf."

"Ya I'm sure you will have fun." Eddie kissed their form.

"I'll start inflating the air mattress." Peter said getting a pump out.

"This is all so fancy compared ta what I'm used ta." Butch laughed.

They got the site set up and Sleeper and MJ came back. Butch started cutting the wood up into manageable pieces. He lit a pinecone with a match and used a pile of them as kindling to start the fire.

"So thats what the pinecones were for." Said Peter, curling up by the fire with MJ.

"Eddie. Camp fire cake?" Flash said.

"Yes!" Eddie grabbed the tin foil. He and Flash worked hard on the camping treat.

Butch stood up and cracked his back. "I'm gonna get dinner."

"What is dinner?" MJ asked a little concerned.

"Venison" Butch smiled.

"Oh ya we packed veggies and potatos to go with it!" Sleeper opened the cooler with the already prepared veggies for roasting.

"I can't believe we are letting the serial killer cook." Said Andi

"Andi you really should try his food. Its good." Said Flash

"Like I have a choice you've trapped me in the woods."

"Pops! You comin'?" Butch already was suited up at Sundance.

"Nope we want to make more cakes." Eddie said kneading dough. "We will go tomorrow morning with you."

"What are you guys hunting for in the morning?" Asked Miles

"We want to get a wild turkey for Thanksgiving." Said Sleeper.

"Wow that's crazy. Did you guys tell May you where doing this since she is cooking?" Asked Flash.

"Ya Eddie called a few nights ago to tell her." Said Peter.

Sundance climbed up into a tree and crouched on a branch, barely moving. Suddenly he bolted and flew off into the distance.

Flash and Eddie put the camp fire cakes on and everyone watched them cook. They turned out much better than the first time they made them together. They saved some for Butch and munched away.

"When did you guys learn to make this, its great." Said MJ

"When we were traveling around the US. It didn't turn out nearly as well then." Said Flash.

"We almost burnt the camper down. But they did taste good once you got past the outer layer of charcoal." Said Eddie

"Dude the Venoms got to go on a road trip, Pete when are we going on a Spidey road trip?" Miles said

"Last time I went on vacation I blew up and almost died. I'm not going on vacation long term again."

"You got beter." Said Sleeper a little annoyed.

"Ya and you lost a body in the process!"

"Well I like my current one much better anyway even if the missing eye is annoying sometimes."

"Try having no legs." Flash said

"He is right. Very annoying to constantly make Flash's legs. Takes a lot of biomass." The symbiote gurgled around a piece of cake.

They heard rustling and turned around. Butch had over his shoulders a huge buck.

"Just thought I would show y'all it before I cut 'em up. I know some people were 'fraid I was going to feed them people." Butch stared at Peter suddenly and he quickly turned, blushing. "Ha! I knew it" he said smugly.

"To be honest I was afraid too" said Eddie

"Same" said Andi

"Well I expectin' it from y'all" Butch kicked Eddie's butt gently.

"I secretly was hoping you would." Said Sleeper.

"Sleeper no!" Eddie said slapping his arm.

"I'm sorry but you all taste good!"

Butch laughed "Well if ya need me I'll be cleanin' 'em out."

"I feel bad for that poor dear." Said MJ

"You won't once we start eating it. I've had his roasted venison before. Its amazing." Said Eddie

"Oh ya he made it for me once when I came over and I took a giant plate home. Who knew Cletus could cook!" Said Flash

"Butch can cook. I don't think Cletus can." Said Eddie.

"But they are the same person?" Said MJ

"The more time I've spent with him the more different I realize they are. Butch, while still crazy, is more cold and calculating. He plans and is patient. Cletus is all impulse and energy. He doesn't care if he gets caught he just wants to feel. Cletus never has a plan and Butch always has a plan even if it doesn't make the most amount of sense." Said Eddie.

"Look out we have an expert on serial killers." Said Peter

"Hey I live with the guy. I know him better than you."

"Can I just say how crazy that is. He is a known serial killer and you just, live with him." Said Miles.

"He only kills bad people, so there is at least that." Said Flash

"I can hear y'all talkin' 'bout me I hope you know!" Butch shouted from the bushes.

"Good!" Shouted Andi back.

The group roared with laughter.

After a bit Butch came back with a few cuts of meat and gave a sharp whistle. "Sleeps help me prep this! Pops can you get the veggies in the foil and the potatoes wrapped?"

"Sure." Eddie got up.

"Oh I want to help." MJ went over to Eddie.

"You sure?" Eddie looked at her meekly and made himself smaller.

MJ gently reached and pet his other, they rolled into her hand. "I... I'm trying to get used to you. I loved having Sleeper with us. He helped Peter take care of himself and I loved talking to him. It would be nice to get to know his parents as something other than Venom." She smiled softly as the symbiote wrapped tendrils gently around her fingers.

"Thank you Mary Jane. That's extraordinarily noble of you. I don't deserve your kindness." He smiled back.

They prepared the food and wrapped it up to put on the fire. Butch finally ate his share of cake after wrapping up the rest of the meat, the pelt, and horns.

"Oh right!" Butch unwrapped a blob of grey flesh. "Pops, Sunny, Sleeps dig in."

Thr symbiotes sniffed the food and then all took bites with a symphony of happy squeaks and gurgles.

"Is that what I think it is?" Said Peter.

"I don't know Pete. What is it?" Butch smirked at him.

Peter scrunched his face and decided not to ask. When the food was ready they all eagerly dug in.

"Dude why don't more places serve venison?" Miles was in love.

"Eh they'd get it wrong anyway." Sleeper said.

"There is no way you cooked this. There is no way you cooked this!" Said Peter.

"Eat my entire ass Pete. You watched me do it." Butch growled

Eddie and his other sighed happily in unison. "I didn't believe it at first either but he is a good cook."

"Next time you guys are in Philly we should go to his restaurant he works at." Sleeper said.

MJ leaned onto Peter and yawned. Peter blushed slightly as she wrapped around his arm. "Rich food makes me sleepy."

Flash stretched. "I think I'm gonna head to my tent for the night im tried too."

"Same here. Night everybody." Miles got up and headed to the tents.

One by one the group settled down till it was just Eddie and Butch left. Sleeper went on a late night hike and the two men sat by the fire.

Eddie nuzzled into his others scarf like body and planted kisses. They murmured and purred. Butch was holding part of Sunny in his hand and was rolling her between his fingers gently. He glanced up at Eddie and stared into him. Suddenly he grabbed his head and snarled, thrashing a bit.

"Damn it make it stop!" Butch kicked his feet out and fell onto his back, writhing in the grass.

"Woah you ok?" Eddie went over to him.

"No! No I'm not! This is to much! Im feelin' so many emotions its disgustin'! I should be happy I'm outside. I should be happy I'm with you. I should be happy I'm free. Simple emotions! I can handle that but I feel all muddy and its agonizin'!" Butch nashed his teeth.

"You've been through a lot Butch. Of course you have multiple emotions about what is going on. Anyone would."

"I don't want to! I hate it! Make it stop!" Butch was rolling back and forth pulling at his hair.

Eddie put a hand on his head and Butch locked up.

"Shhh... Its ok. I know this is a lot for you. You have every right to feel the way you do."

Butch stared up at Eddie, completely still. Eddie thought he might have stopped breathing.

"Eddie... could you pet my head?"


"Just do it asshole!"

Eddie sighed and gently pet Butch's head. He was stiff as a board while he did it but eventually closed his eyes and let his body relax. He dug his fingers into the dirt and shuttered.

"Doing better?"

"Ya... don't stop."

Eddie continued to pet Butch for a while, his other snaked out and linked with Sunny. They coiled around eachother in a braid and murmured in alien tongues. Butch let his eyes fall half closed and he took long slow breathes.

"If you tell anyone I did this I'll kill ya."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Butch sighed and covered his face. "Damn it that was so stupid!"

"It wasn't stupid. You have emotions Butch and you're a deeply traumatized man. Its going to happen."

Butch groaned. "Sometimes I think your Cletus has it easy. No emotional center, no deeper meanin', no thought control. He just moves. He moves and keeps goin'. Never stoppin' long enough ta think about it. And when that doesn't work he lets Red drive."

"Easy isn't always better. I don't know if you knowticed but the man is missing the lower half of his body and is alone in jail."

"...Ya I think I would miss my dick."

They laughed.

"It will get easier with time. Remember your aunt's? I don't think it started out easily there did it?"

"I didn't speak fer the first three months I lived there and I would lock up anytime I did anythin' wrong. I always was 'fraid my uncle would beat me."

"See? It takes time."

Butch sat up and looked at Eddie before lunging at him and biting into his shoulder.

"Damn it what the hell!" Eddie pulled at him as he sucked on his shoulder like a vampire. Butch released and smiled, Eddie's blood running down his face.

"You taste just as good as I remember." He licked his lips. "I wanted to have a part of you. Sorry I shoulda asked."

"Ya think!?" Eddie held his shoulder as his other healed it.

"Damn." Butch shuttered and licked more blood off. "Fuck! That was so good. I missed your taste so much."

Eddie glared at him and was about to punch him when he saw Butch had tears running down his face. Butch's breath hitched and more tears came. He stared up at the night sky and just cried for a while. Eddie sat by him.

Eventually he calmed down and they went back to their tent together for the night.


Bright and early the two where up. Sundance and Venom crawled through the forest. Venom tasted the air, crisp and wet with dew. Sundance led them along, until they found a clearing with at least 20 turkeys in it.

"You pick Pops." Sundance whispered.

Venom scanned the birds and lunged at one, landing on it. They snapped its neck in their jaws. The rest of the birds fled but they had their prize.

Flash spent the morning with Miles, Andi, and Sleeper. He was teaching them how to fish. He tied their hooks and put out their lines. Andi had stolen Flash's jacket and was sinking into it.

"I never thought I would enjoy camping in November. This seems crazy." Miles said casting his line.

"We got lucky in terms of weather." Flash said finishing setting up Sleeper's rod. "There ya go buddy."

Sleeper gently cast his line and stared into the water.

"I feel like we need beer and trucker hats to complete this look." Said Andi from within her Flash cocoon.

Flash ruffled her hair. She stuck her tongue out at him. "You would look cute in a trucker hat Andi."

"Thanks coach but no."

"What would our hats say?" Sleeper asked.

"You're would say 'worlds deadliest avocado.'."

"I lost 15lbs, here's how." Said Flash

"Coach thats so morid!" Andi laughed

"I thought you would like that one. But seriously I think I'd just have one of those Vet hats. I've been meaning to get a new one."

"I don't know what mine would say." Miles said.

"World's softest cinnamon roll." Said Andi

"Hey I'm not soft! I'm tough!"

Everyone laughed and Miles pouted.

After collecting a few good fish they went back to the group to show off. Butch was finishing cleaning the bird when he saw the fish. "Those would be so good smoked!"

"We could look up a butcher that smokes meat." Said Peter pulling out his phone.

"Eddie we need to buy a smoker in summer! A really big one."

"I would but I'm honestly afraid of what you might use it for."

Butch opened his mouth to protest and then closed it. "Ok you got me I was goin' to try and smoke a person. But otherwise fish. All the smoked fish I could ever want."

Sleeper picked out a few fish and gave one to the symbiote and Sunny. They sat together and ate them raw, humming happily.

"We got you guys a lot of good food this trip huh?"

"Dad we have to go camping more." Sleeper bubbled.

"Sure. I think Butch would like it too."

Eddie's other purred and snatched up another fish. Sunny glided over and bit into the fish. The two tugged and fought over the fish playfully.

Peter was taking a few pictures of nature. He had gotten a lot of great shots on the trip. MJ came over to him and hugged him from behind. "Having fun Tiger?"

"Ya I am, this is relaxing."

"Im glad. Its hard to get you to relax." She kissed his neck. Peter turned and kissed her deeply, running a hand through her hair.

"Get a room!" Andi shouted

Peter blushed and MJ made a face at her.

Everyone finished packing up. The turkey, venison and fish safely in their cooler. Butch was standing where the tent had been and sighed. Eddie came up behind him and picked him up.

"Woah hey! Where we goin' Pops!" Butch flailed in his arms.

"I thought if I didn't drag you out you would never leave."

Butch stopped flailing and let himself be held. "...How's yer shoulder?"

"Its fine. How are you doing?"

"I still a small man shaped ball of rage and conflictin' emotions. But better." Butch smiled and hugged Eddie's head. "Thanks fer doin' this with me."

Eddie laughed and set him down. "Come on lets get this bird to Aunt May's. Thanksgivings in two days."

They all piled into the cars and drove home.

Chapter Text

Peter was helping Aunt May in the kitchen the day of Thanksgiving. Everyone had pretty much arrived already and were warchung the game on tv.

"Are you sure you don't want to invite Mr. Jameson? You usually do."

"He is out of town this year and I'm kind of happy about that. Venom and Carnage have both tried to kill him in the past and I don't have the energy to explain how I somehow became friends with a man from an alternate dimension."

Aunt May laughed. "Well I'm glad they all came. You've made a lot of new friends these past few years haven't you?"

"Ya I guess I have. I mean I already knew most of them we just got closer."

"That's good. I worry about you Peter, you work so hard and do so many dangerous things. I liked when you had Sleeper with you. From what MJ told me they tried to keep you in line."

"Everyone keeps saying that" Peter scowled.

"Peter can you take the bird out? Its much to heavy for me."

"Sure thing Aunt May." The bird was perfect as he rested it on its plater.

"I'm surprised you were able to find a turkey this big in the wild. Its a beautiful bird."

"I was impressed when they brought it back too."

An eruption of cheers and boos came from the next room.

"Well they are having fun. You sure you don't want to join them?"

"Nah sports have never been my thing and the only ones who get it are Flash, Eddie and Butch."

"Are you fuckin' me!" Butch shrieked.

"Butch language." Eddie said.

Flash was doing a victory dance in his chair.

"No, fuck you and fuck him and fuck this game!" Butch reached in his pocket and paid Flash 20 bucks.

"Thank you Mr. Kasady pleasure doing business with you." Flash pocketed his winnings.

"I would eat your legs but you don't have any." Hissed Butch.

"Well aren't you a fiery redhead." Said Flash

Butch flopped onto Sleeper's and sighed. "Sleeps gimme 20 dollars."

"No why would I do that?" Sleeper pet Butch's head.

"Cuz you love me"

"Nice try"

"Coach since we are out of town are we still going to watch Home Alone together after dinner?" Said Andi

"Of course wouldn't be Thanksgiving if we didn't."

"Can I watch?" Miles said.

"How about you all watch it here?" Said Aunt May coming out with Peter. "Foods ready everyone."

Dinner was lively but uneventful. Everyone got back to the living room to watch TV. Eddie stepped outside into May's backyard and took a breath of fresh air.

"Eddie?" His other asked.

"I got a bit overwhelmed in there. Give me a bit."

His other laced his insides and squeezed gently to sooth him. He chuckled softly and leaned against the house. Suddenly the back door opened and Butch came out too looking panicked. They stared at eachother for a moment.

"Is this porch taken?" Said Butch.

"No bud, you doing ok?"

"I just, suddenly had to get away from everyone. Everythin' was too loud, too tight, too bright. I felt like I needed to stab someone and I kinda like all y'all so I ran outside."

"Too much social interaction. You got sensory overload." Eddie smiled.

Butch went over to Eddie and buried his face in his chest. Eddie rubbed his back gently. Butch relaxed and smiled.

"I missed this. It isn't the same but I used to do this to you a lot. You're scent is comfortin'." Butch said and Sunny wrapped around Butch's neck, humming softly.

"It must be hard for you Butch."

"I lost my best friend and never really got to grieve for him. Now I have him back but only sorta. Now he hates me."

"I hate Cletus Kasady. Butch Kasady gets on my nerves but is a good friend." Eddie clapped a hand onto his shoulder. "I like you."

Butch stared at him for a bit and then laughed hugging Eddie. "Eddie you're too kind." Sunny and Eddie's other laced around the two men and purred.

"This used to be the part were I would offer to give you some head but I'm pretty sure we are never gettin' back to that part of the relationship."

"Like I ever would let your mouth get anywhere near my dick."

Chapter Text

"Do we really need to dress up with fancy?" Said Sleeper looking annoyed. Sleeper was in human form and in a nice suit.

"Yes we do. Karen told me that Mrs. Davidson was very well off and every year she throws a formal ball for the neighborhood."

"We could just, not go?" Said Sleeper.

"No we are going. We should be neighborly. Its polite."

"Karen is rubbing off on you."

"Hush, you look sharp" Eddie boxed Sleeper's arm.

"How do I look?" Butch came down in a long red strapless formal dress with arm length black gloves and a white feather boa. His hair up in soft curls. He had gone all out with the makenup as well.

Both Eddie and Sleeper started at him.

"...Well!? Come on I'm being very vulnerable right now!"

Eddie went over and gently touched his face."Are you really Butch in there? Like our Butch? 'I once ate the neighbor's leftovers out of their trash can' Butch?"

"They threw out perfectly good vindaloo because they are white bread trash with no culture and yes its me!"

"God you don't look like the same person" Sleeper said. "You look like a movie star from the 30s."

"Go on." Butch blushed.

"You do look fantastic but are you sure you want to go in a dress? They might not be as accepting as Karen is." Eddie said holding Butch's chin.

"I tried a few different suits designs and nothin' felt right. I did this for fun and well I think I look amazin'. Also if we are goin' to some stuffy hoity-toity little get-together hosted by a stuck-up rich woman in an middle-class neighborhood I have to find someway to make it enjoyable fer myself."

"Well if you're comfortable then why not." Eddie said.


They drove over and parked. Karen was outside the house waiting for them.

"Well don't you all look so handsome. Butch I had no idea you could pull off a dress so well I didn't recognize you!"

Butch blushed "Thanks Karen that means a lot to me."

"Thank you Karen you look lovely as ever." Eddie said.

"Oh stop." Karen blushed. "Now you have to meet my husband Bill and son Evan." She pushed them forward and they greeted each other.

"So... you're really Venom?" Evan said to Eddie.

Eddie flashed their teeth and tongue quickly.

"Woah! That's sick." Evan smiled. Eddie chuckled. Bill pulled uncomfortable at his collar.

"So you guys really are all aliens. Just like mom said!"

"We 'host' aliens kiddo. Only one who just straight up is an alien is lil 'Steven' over here." Butch said.

Evan's face lit up and he looked at Sleeper. Sleeper giggled awkwardly.

"H-hi I don't know what to do." Sleeper said.

"You don't have to do anything kid he just thinks you are cool." Butch punched his arm.

"Anyway we should get inside and I'll introduce you to Susan Davidson." Karen said ushering the group inside.

The house was enormous and had a white and black modern theme. The building was so rich it stood out like a sore thumb to the rest of the neighborhood. Eddie was convinced the only reason this family lived here was so they could show off to people less fortunate than themselves.

In the middle of the building was a living room that lead into a dining room with a vaulted ceilings. There were long tables lined with candles and a buffet. Classical music was playing from an unseen sound system.

Butch laughed and shot the others a look. "Are they fer real?"

Sleeper shrugged "If you got, it flaunt it I guess."

"Says the kid who paid off most of the house themself." Said Eddie

Sleeper blushed. Karen pulled the group over to a tall woman in a tight black dress. She had her hair styled in elaborate curls that had at least 16 layers of hair spray in order to keep shape.

"Susan! Its so good to see you thanks for having us again." Karen said

Susan turned and upon seeing Eddie's group flinched. She quickly recomposed herself and spread her arms to hug Karen.

"Karen darling so glad you made it. And who are these new guests?" Susan said.

"This is the Brock clan! They moved across from me? I told you about them last Tuesday during tennis practice. This is Eddie, the head of the house. This is his son Steven and this is his son-in-law Butch." Karen presented each of them like they were at showcase.

"Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Davidson." Eddie offered a hand.

Susan gingerly took it and shook it. "I'm charmed. Well make yourselves at home. Their is an open bar and buffet."

Butch headed straight to the buffet. He was getting sick of being near people and the food needed to be judged.

"So Eddie what do you do for a living?" Susan asked.

"I'm a journalist but also a janitor."

"Janitor? I didn't think they made enough money to live in this neighborhood."

"Well normally no. Thats why Butch, my son and I all live together."

"Butch is an interesting name for someone who is transgender." Said Susan.

"What? Oh no he isn't trans, at least I don't think he is. He just enjoys cross dressing. He is experimenting with his identity currently." Said Eddie.

"I see." Susan turned Sleeper with a smile. "And what do you do Steven?"

"Law enforcement." Said Sleeper.

"You're a cop?"

"Higher up." Said Sleeper, he stood close to Eddie and sent a tendril to his parent to hold. Eddie's other linked with it.

"Higher up? In what way?"

"Steven's work is classified. Very hush hush" Said Karen with a happy wink.

"I see. Karen can I speak with you in private for a moment?"

"Hm? Oh sure." Karen followed Susan to another room. Butch cocked an eyebrow and followed them silently. He cloaked himself once out of site of the crowd.

"Karen... I like you. You do for me a great service." Susan said.

"I do?" Karen said.

"Yes you do. You police this neighborhood like a little watch dog and normally do an fantastic job of making this place the most pleasant in all of Philadelphia."

"Oh well thank you!" Karen blushed a little confused.

"But! Today I'm seriously questioning your judgment."

"Excuse me?"

"Karen. Who the hell are these people? They all seem retarded or insane. You brought into my house a oversized janitor, a shell shocked 'law enforcement' agent, and a loon in a dress. Seriously normally you have such good taste. How could you let this happen?" Said Susan

Karen shuttered in utter shock. "M-Mrs. Davidson! They are a little rough around the edges but Eddie and his family as good people! Eddie even saved my life from a mugger once! From what I can tell each one of them in a splendid person and I won't have you talk that way about them! You may think you own this neighborhood but you don't Susan! They are aloud to live here just like everyone else and if they don't fit the perfect little hamlet you can stuff it! Good night!"

Karen turned with a huff stormed out of the room. As Susan was exiting back into the dining room after her, Butch picked up a candle and subtlety held it up to her hair.

"Oops." Butch said coldly.

Instantly Susan's head was engulfed in flames. She screamed and ran through the hall, running into people and tabled. The guests all panicked and Sleeper ushered Karen's family out. Eddie ran over to Karen and picked her up, carrying her out of the building as the silk table clothes lit on fire. Butch still cloaked lit a few other things himself. Susan screamed and was finally able to run into her backyard and straight into her inground pool. Butch followed her outside and she floundered in the water.

She was having trouble staying afloat and Butch decloaked next to the pool.

"Help! Someone help!" Susan screamed.

Butch reached out a hand and gently put it on her head. He slowly pushed her under the water. She panicked and thrashed in the water but Butch wouldn't let her come up. Butch suddenly remembered his Uncle's words and gasped. He pulled her out of the water and though unconscious she was alive.

"S-shit Sun. She made me so fuckin' mad I almost k-killed her. S-stupid bitch." Butch laughed and fell to his knees. "F-fuckin' stupid b-bitch I have a code. I have a c-code." Sunny wrapped around him gently like a blanket as the flames rose higher. He pulled her tight and shivered.


The fire department arrived quickly after and everyone was accounted for. Susan was taken to the hospital for her burns but the paramedics suspected she would make a full recovery.

Butch started walking home and Eddie ran after him.

"Butch where are you going? Its cold out and we have a car."

Butch didn't move.

"Butch? You okay? You were trapped in the fire longer than us. Did Sunny get hurt?"

"I started the fire."


"I started the fire and tried to drown Susan."

"What!?" Eddie ran over and grabbed Butch, turning him around.

"Eddie you should have heard her stupid fat mouth! She insulted every single one of us! She even insulted Karen, her friend! She made me so mad I just snapped! I almost broke my code Eddie! I almost broke myself! For a stupid whore! She wasn't worth that but she made me so angry! No one should ever insult Karen or Sleeps or you!" Butch screamed into Eddie's chest and shivered.

Eddie sighed and held Butch close as he let out a few muffled growls. He gently pet his head like he had on the camping trip.

"I'm flattered you felt so strongly about us and proud that you were able to stop yourself."

Butch looked up at Eddie, his mascara was running.

"There is no point in me berating you for doing something wrong. You already know you did. Focus on what you did right, do that again and make sure you don't burn anyone else's house down."

"Eddie..." Butch bit his lip and cried into his chest.

Karen later met up that week with the group and told them Susan would be moving to a different neighborhood after she got out of the hospital. She had no idea who started the fire or that Butch had almost drowned her. Karen admitted to them what happened between her and Susan so she was happy Susan was leaving.

"Karen... I made somethin' for you." Butch said and he went to the kitchen

He came back with a giant box of homemade macarons.

"Oh my goodness Butch you must have spent all day making these!" Karen's eyes lit up.

"Well... us neighbors have ta stick together. And also thank you... I had overhead what was said at the party so, I wanted to thank you."

"Oh Butch, this is so sweet. " Karen patted his hand and took the box. "Well its like you said, us neighbors have to stick together!"

Chapter Text

After the dinner party incident Butch did what Eddie could only discribe as pouting. He stayed in his room more and only really came out for work or late at night. He was extremely quiet and withdrawn. Eddie was getting sick of it so he gathered a crack team of himself and Sleeper to cheer him up.

"What does he like to eat?" Eddie was mapping out a meal plan.


"Besides people Sleeps."

"He likes ribs! Especially ones with a wet rub."

"Ok little late in the year to grill but I'm not complaining. What else?"

"Well we could always make chocolate cake."

"Cake is good! Alright lets try this and see how it goes."

Eddie and Sleeper went to the grocery store. Eddie always liked taking Sleeper shopping because even though they were an adult they still acted like a kid at time. They would get excited over certain foods and bounce on their feet asking if it was a good idea to buy them. Sleeper was extra excited today since it was an important trip.

The more Eddie thought about it he realized he basically was stuck with two man children. Sleeper was capable but full of innocence and energy. Butch was emotionally stuck in the past and needed a lot of help moving forward. He didn't really mind taking care if them. They were his family after all. His other purred with agreement from inside.

"Finally enjoying having a family." His other sent threw their bond.

"Ya we are." Eddie thought back.

"Dad! Ribs!" Sleeper held up two huge racks.

"Good job Sleeper. We should get stuff to go with it."

"We should get potatoes." Sleeper grabbed a bag of tatter tots as well as a few actual potatoes.

"Sleeper, grab another bag." Eddie's other said, forming a tiny mouth on their scarf body.

Sleeper giggled and grabbed another. They went to the baking isle and looked up a cake recipe, grabbing the ingredients listed.

"We should top it with meringues! Butch likes those."

"If you think we can then sure."

Sleeper went to grab eggs and Eddie picked out some sprinkles and icecream. They carried their treasure home and got to work cooking.

Eddie realized quickly he should have checked the weather because as soon as they were done marinating the ribs it started to snow. He wasn't going to let that stop them though. Normally he would just use the oven but these where Butch's "please feel beter" ribs, they had to be right. Eddie stood out in the pouring snow and cooked the ribs.

Sleeper got to work on the cake and made enough for three layers. While they baked he started on the meringues. Sleeper lost track of time though and the cakes were a little over cooked. Next he baked the meringues and when they came out they were as hard as rocks. Sleeper felt disheartened but decorated the cake anyway. He decided the best thing to do is to over compensate with loads of frosting. In the end the cake is more a frosting ball with meringues and sprinkles on top than a cake.

Eddie plated the ribs and realized he forgot the potatoes. He quickly prepared them and then saw he had left the ribs out too long so they were cold. He put them back on the grill and hoped he didn't burn them.

He burned them. Not too terrible though. He knew Butch liked his meats rare but hopefully he wouldn't mind.

"This is bad" said the symbiote at their two plates of food.

"You don't have to be so blunt dearest."

"I hope Butch will at least appreciate the effort." Said Sleeper

They carried the trays up to Butch's room and knocked.

"...What?" Butch said through the door.

"We have a surprise for you." Sleeper said.

"Just let yourselves in then."

They opened the door and the first thing that hit them was a wave of smell. Butch room smelled like rot and decay. Eddie peaked in and Butch was in symbiote form curled up in a nest made of human spines looking miserable.

"Hey bud you doing ok?" Eddie said sitting down next to him.

Sundance looked at him with half closed milky eyes. "What's the surprise?"

"We made you food!" Sleeper said resting the plates down.

Sundance sat up and bit into the ribs. He leaned against Eddie and purred softly while he ate. The ribs were tough and the meat most definitely did not fall off the bone. Eventually Sundance got tried of trying to pull the meat off and started just biting straight through the bone to eat the whole thing.

Next was the 'cake'. Sundance grabbed a meringue and bit into it. It was so hard he had to snap his jaws to break it. He cut a slice and tried the cake. He sat there for a moment and put the plate down, his symbiote going back inside his body.

Butch pointed at all the food. "This is shit."

Eddie and Sleeper looked down heart broken and then Butch tackled both of them, giving them a fluffier of kisses. "I love it!"

For the next half hour Butch snuggled Eddie and Sleeper, refusing to let either one go.

Chapter Text

Eddie dragged Butch through the hallway like an angry cat. Butch was biting his arm and kicking his legs.

"We can smell your room through the door Butch! Enough is enough." Said Eddie dragging him into the bathroom.

"I can clean it myself you muscle headed freak!" Butch said inbetween bites.

"No you need a bath! You used to be so much better about hygiene and now I can't tell if the blood caked on you is yours or someone else's. Sleeper your in charge of cleaning his room since you can actually stand the smell." Eddie lifted Butch into the already filled tub.

Butch yanked at Eddie cloths and tried to pull him into the tub. "Sleeps you better not throw out any of my good stuff!" He hissed.

Sleeper nodded and went into Butch's room.

Eddie got Sunny to dissolve Butch's cloths and started scrubbing him. Butch finally stopped biting and licked some of the wounds the left on Eddie as the symbiote healed them.

"Listen I know you are still mad at what happened at Susan's but you have to forgive yourself. You were able to stop yourself and that is good. Beating yourself up isn't helping anyone."

Butch looked away from Eddie and pouted. Eddie started scrubbing his hair which was difficult do to the dried blood in it.

"Eddie... what if I became like him?"


"Lettin' my anger get to me, killin' out of spite. We are the same person it wouldn't be hard to just... fall off the wagon." Butch said unable to look at Eddie.

"Never going to happen."

"What?" Butch looked up at Eddie confused.

"The fact that we are even having this conversation is enough to prove it won't happen. You actually care Butch and you have people who care about you. We are all working hard to make you better."

"Eddie do you ever get sick of makin' me cry? You're really good at it." Butch wrapped his arms around Eddie and kissed his shoulder.


Sleeper was having a ball in Butch's room. He had tons if tasty snacks littering the floor and as they cleaned Sleeper was eating left over cookies, and ears off the floor. The spine nest sadly had to go so they ate that too. Sleeper found a small pile rings and put them in a box. Somehow Butch had acquired a taxidermied group of frogs, set up to look like a ragtime band. There was a hand painted wardrobe that Sleeper scrubbed clean. A lamp that had been carved to look like a man and his dog fishing. A box of chew toys for dogs. A massive pile of men and women's fashion magazines and sewing patterns that Sleeper put in a box. The largest piece of pink Himalayan salt Sleeper had ever seen.

"I should go thift shopping with him some time..."

One of the only clean things in the room was a collection of hunting knifes and a rifle that Butch appeared kept clean. Sleeper put those away neatly.

"What does he need a gun for? He has Sunny."

They found a box of root beer and stole one. It was the kind they had bought at a flea market from an old man that made his own sodas. Sleeper gathered more object up and sorted them. They were touched when they found a diary with a ton of photos and scraps from his time living with them. They put that on his nightstand. In his bed was a collection of Eddie's and Sleeper's belongings that had gone missing. Sleeper decided to leave them there, they knew Butch was sensitive to smells and most likely had them there so it was easier for him to sleep.

"Maybe I should cuddle with him one night."

In the end Sleeper had three trash bags, a recycling bag and a full stomach from Butch's room.


Eddie eventually was so wet from bathing Butch he just gave up and joined him in the tub. Butch curled up next to him in the warm water and sighed.

"You're such a trouble maker."

"Ya I know." Butch said. He started to soap Eddie up.

The two men cleaned each other and Eddie had to change out the water at one point because it was just too filthy. They relaxed together in the second bath, now both clean. Their symbiotes linked them together as they spread out over both men. Eddie started to snore as exhaustion set in. Butch smiled and pet the two others.

"Thanks Pops I'm feelin' much better." Butch chuckled to himself. He messaged the symbiotes and gave the sleeping Eddie a quick kiss.

Sleeper peaked into the bathroom. "I'm I interrupting anything?"

"What? No 'course not lil bro." Butch went over and pulled Sleeper in. "Ya stink lil bro lets clean you up."

"I wonder who's fault that is." Sleeper said as Butch pulled him into the tub. Eddie was awoken by the splashing with a start.

After the third bath all the men where finally clean. Butch took the time to clean the bathroom afterwards.

They all where impressed with Sleeper's cleaning skills. Butch mourned the loss of some of his favorite body parts and Eddie put a ban on hoarding gore. The symbiote spat up a collar bone they had been apparently storkng in Eddie's body. He scolded his other for that. Sleeper then went to their room and threw out some pieces they were holding onto as well. Butch knowticed Sleeper had left his bed alone and hugged his sibling.

"Thank you for leavin' those."

"I know you have certain needs in order to be comfortable." Sleeper said hugging back.

After that day Butch pretty much returned to his normal self. He did leave for a whole weekend without a word at one point but it turned out he had gone fishing so he could make a special thank you meal.

One evening they were all curled up on the couch and watching a show together. They laughed and cheered along with the show. Butch looked at Sleeper and Eddie and then just stopped moving.

"I'm home..."

"Ya Butch you're home. Doing ok?" Eddie said.

"No I mean, this is how it was when I left. This is home. Before I lost everything to Serum. It was like this. This is home!" Butch laughed and dove into Eddie and Sleeper to snuggle them.

"I'm home!"

Chapter Text

It was Valentine's day and the boys each had a plan on how they where going to spend it.

Eddie had planned a whole day for his other. He honestly had felt a little guilty lately because he hadn't been paying as much attention to them, for he had everyone else in the family to think about. It just seemed that in the rest of the family needed so much more management at the moment and his others needs had to be put on the sidelines. They kept telling him that they didn't mind and knew that family had to come first at the moment and that their time would come. He felt that wasn't enough though so today he made it all about them.

They first got up early and did morning stretching with a solid work out. His other originally didn't under why Eddie did this but over the years together they had grown to love it. They rush of chemicals Eddie produced and the way it made his muscles loosen was intoxicating. After the work out his other ran over each area and massaged Eddie from the inside. Eddie spread himself out on the couch and sighed happily.

"I thought I was going to pamper you today?"

"You already have. You're body is my body. Feels good."

"Well lets go to our next event."

Eddie loved taking his other to movies, especially bad movies. They went to a matinee together with a giant thing of popcorn and a soda. The theater was completely empty. His other spread out over his body like a oil spill blanket and weaved through his finger. They didn't watch the movie so much time they just enjoyed eachother. Eddie covered his mouth just in case the projectionist was still in the booth. His other moved his hand, and filled his mouth with their tongue as they continued to invade Eddie's most sensitive areas. They left the theater a sweaty mess.

"L-lets go take a shower before the next stop."

They took a quick shower and went to the next stop. Its only a two hour drive to Hersey and since moving to Philadelphia they visited often. No matter how many times they went though his other always was excited. They went to their favorite spots and then of course the chocolate store. Eddie let his other completely take over his body and they ran up and down the aisles excitedly picking out treat after treat. They picked out a bunch for themselves as well are gifts for Butch and Sleeper. They got chocolate icecream last and sat near the window. It was starting to snow. Eddie and his other felt warm and dreamy with eachother. They loved days like this, beautiful days with eachother. Where two truely did become one.

They drove home in the evening, stopping for burgers. They ran upstairs and flopped onto their bed. His other snaked out and kissed Eddie deeply. They meshed between eachother and laughed. They pressed against eachother gently. Their touch was magnetic. Eddie stared deep into his other's eyes and smiled.

"Hey beautiful."

"Eddie, love you."

"Love you too. Happy Valentine's day."

"Cheap candy day tomorrow." His other wagged their tongue.

Eddie threw his head back and laughed. He grabbed their tongue and laid kisses on it.

"Do you know what I want you to do with this?"

"Have a few guesses. Want to see if I'm right?"

"Please do darling."


Butch had taken off of work and the day before Valentine's was on a bus to South Carolina. He arrived at his location with his camping gear and ran out into an empty feild. There was supposed to be a farm house. There was supposed to be a barn. There was supposed to be a shallow grave where he had buried his uncle.

But there was just a field.

"God they really never existed here huh Sunny? I was hopin' I'd at least find some hint they were real."

Through his bond Sunny pushed to him her thoughts. She hated speaking out loud so their bond was how they spoke. She questioned him, asked if he would actually be happy finding them here. Knowing that this universe's Cletus had an aunt and uncle but they didn't even care enough to save him.

"That's a good point Sunshine. Maybe its fer the best." Butch rolled out his tarp.

He set up his campsite and went to the nearby river to gather water. They were going fishing there for the next few days and he was happy to see fish swimming about. He leaned down and drank, it tasted just as it had when he was a child.

"Land here is good Sunshine. Water's clear. If I didn't have the boys back home I would want to say here."

Sunny expressed a similar opinion. She loved Eddie, her parent and her baby brother. Almost as much as she loved him. She sent wave after wave of love to him.

Butch blushed. "Hey now, are you flirtin' with me lil miss?"

Sunny expressed a desire for sex. They hadn't done it in a while and she was growing impatient with him. She wanted to taste his flesh, she wanted to make his heart race. She wanted to control him.

Butch ran a hand through his hair to undo his braid. "It has been a while hasn't it?"

Sunny manifested around him with a hiss. She stripped him and forced him to the ground. She worked him and pushed him to his limits. Their love was violent and passionate. She wanted to break him and remake him. Butch was a play thing to be broken. No one this far out could hear him scream so she made him vocal till his voice went horse.

When she was finally satisfied she licked his overly sensitive body to make him writhe. Butch was bleeding and out of breath. He stared up into the stars until his soul finally returned to his body. Sunny started licking his wounds gently and purring against him. She tended to him lovingly. Butch finally caught his breath and propped himself up on his elbows, wincing in pain. Sunny kissed him gently and asked if he was ok.

"Y-ya I'll be ok. Thanks Sunny." He kissed her again and flopped back down into the dirt, exhausted. Sunny wrapped around him tightly, warming and comforting him. They never made it to the tent.

Butch woke up the next morning and was so sore he could barely move. He moaned and rolled onto his side.

"Babe I know you love the feelin' of the damage you've inflicted but I gotta take a leak."

Sunny rubbed against his prostate inside his body, turning him on but also making his need to pee worse.

"Babe please don't make me piss myself." Butch whined.

Sunny giggled and healed him enough to let him relieve himself.

"You're a sadistic lil lady Sunny." He got his fishing rod from his pack.

She laced his insides and lovingly massaged him, she put pressure back on his prostate.

"Hrk, are you going for round two? We have to get breakfast."

Breakfast could wait and she couldn't. She constricted his body and made him hers.

They eventually got to fishing. Sunny wrapped around him and purred loadly. She sent every ounce of love in her body through him. Butch hummed an old song as they fished. His whole body felt warm.

"Happy Valentine's day Sunny. I'm so lucky to have you."

Sunny sent back a wave of love. She loved having him too.


Sleeper had always been told Valentine's day was a day for couples. That singles could not enjoy the love festival. Well fuck that they thought. Today was going to be a day to love themself.

Butch had already left town and their parents left eariler in the day so Sleeper had the house to themself. They had gone out the night before and bought themself a grocery store worth of treats and one very special item. A fondue pot.

Sleeper had ready: three different gourmet chocolates, rice crispys, strawberries, mangos, pineapple, marshmallows, cookies, brownies, pretzels, raw sushi grade fish, raw beef, and (with Butch's help behind Eddie's back) a human brain. Sleeper took the brain out to thaw the night before in the fridge. They were so pleased that Eddie had not discovered their forbidden treat. They loved their parents more than anything but the delightful taste of human grey matter was to die for. Sleeper mixed their chocolates together in the pot and waited for them to melt. They tapped their feet in anticipation.

Once the chocolate was nice and sooth they dunked in a strawberry first. They ate the whole thing, leaves and all. Sleeper enjoyed the juiciness of the fruit and purred to themself. They enjoyed every single flavor. The tart pineapple, the crunchy rice treats, the rich brownie, the salty pretzels. Each flavor danced on their tongue. They even tried the fish and beef in chocolate. While a human companion would have turned up their nose Sleeper was giddy with delight at the strange flavors.

After going through each treat they came to the grand finale, the brain. Sleeper took the rest if the chocolate and slowly drizzled it over the brain. They put it in the fridge to harden on a wire rack. The next hour was painfully slow, so to distract themself they took a nice long bath. Sleeper took the time to clean their host's body throughly. They had been very rough on Tel-kar when they used his body but since Serum was identical to Peter they instinctively took much better care of him. They remembered to eat enough nutrients to keep him healthy and cleaned him often. It actually helped Sleeper more in the long run and made them feel better. They relaxed in the tub and sighed.

After the bath they got into a soft robe and pulled their treat from the fridge. Anyone else would have just thought it was a giant easter egg. Sleeper lifted the beautiful snack and bit right in. Their entire pleasure center fired off at once. Sleeper moaned loudly and ate more. It coated their mouth. They imagined this is what sex felt like. They finished off the brain and flopped back onto the couch with a shutter. Sleeper rubbed their stomach and purred loudly.

"Happy Valentine's day to me"

Chapter Text

Peter and MJ had come to Philly to visit Flash and the boys. It so far had been a lovely visit and they had been staying at the house. Eddie gave up his bedroom for the weekend and he had been sleeping on the couch. Today they were going to Butch's restaurant for lunch.

"I'm so curious about what this place is going to be like." Said Peter.

"Its nice. Nothing fancy but nice." Said Sleeper.

They pulled up to a very cute little building called "Ma's Place". It was a family own restaurant. When they went inside the whole thing was decorated like a 50s diner.

"I can see why he likes it here." Said MJ.

"Hello! I'm Jennifer I'll be your server would you like a booth or a table?" Said a plucky teenager to the group.

"Actually we want bar seats so we can watch them cook our food. We're friends with one of the chefs." Said Eddie.

"Oh Harold?"

"No Butch."

"B-Butch?" Jennifer was shocked.

"Ya Butch. He still works here right." Eddie looked concerned.

"Ya he, he does I'm just surprised. Anyway I'll take you to your seats!" Jennifer regained her composure and took them to the bar. Butch was working in the kitchen with one other man.

"Hey guys glad you could make it." Butch said flipping a few burgers.

Harold did a double take at the group.

"Hey Butch we had to see if your cooking here was as good as at home." Said Pete.

"Well ask fer anythin' ya want. I'm up fer a challenge." He smirked at them.

They all browsed the menu as Butch continued to cook, whistling softly to himself. Harold let Butch handle all their orders himself and Butch chatted with them while they ate. Towards the end of their meal Harold looked at the rest of the wait staff and nodded.

"Hey Butch? We are out of strawberries can you run out and grab some since lunch rush is over."

"What? I'm sure I had." Butch checked under the counter in a small fridge. "Huh well shit we are out."

Butch got his coat on. "Hey guys I'm sorry I gotta run I'll meet cha back up at the house after my shift."

"See ya Butch" the gang all waved to him as he left through a back door.

The second he was gone the entire wait staff swarmed the bar.

"So you guys are really friends with him!?" Jennifer said.

"Well ummm yes?" Flash shrugged.

"Seriously? What is he like outside of work? We all thought he was some crazy weirdo loner."

"He is some crazy weirdo loner but he is our crazy weirdo loner." Said Sleeper.

"Saying he's been through a lot is an understatement. But he isn't a bad man just a little off." Said Eddie.

"Is he dangerous?" Ask a girl who's name tag read 'Alice'.

"Alice is convinced he is a serial killer." Harold said.

Alice looked shocked that Harold outed her and hit his arm.

Sleeper bit their tongue and tried their best not to laugh, putting their head on the table. Everyone stared uncomfortably for just a second and then Peter quickly said. "I promise he will never hurt you."

"Thank goodness. I hate working late shifts with him. He gives me the creeps." Alice said.

"Alice if ya like I can talk ta the shift manager and I'll try to get it so we don't work together at night." Butch was leaning against the doorframe to the kitchen tossing a strawberry in his hand.

All the color left Alice's face. Everyone on the wait staff internally panicked.

"Butch how long have you been there?" Eddie asked.

"Never left the buildin' Pops." Butch handed Harold the strawberry. "Really? The freezer? Try a better hidin' spot next time."

Harold swallowed hard and tried to speak but couldn't.

"Oh my God I'm so sorry." Said Jennifer.

"Y'all seriously didn't think I couldn't hear you talkin' 'bout me behind my back the whole time I've been workin' here?" Butch raised an eyebrow.

The staff looked at eachother. None of them knew what to do.

"Just relax 'kay? I'm not mad. I'm as y'all said a 'crazy weirdo loner'. I'm used to makin' people uncomfortable so I kinda just expect people to talk 'bout me." Butch said smiling softly.

"You guys probably should apologize though. Not too polite." Said Eddie sipping his drink.

Everyone on the staff apologizes and Butch asked if it was alright if he left with the group a little early. No one could say no to him and after they paided they left together.

"You sure you're ok? I don't want you burning down the restaurant." Eddie said giving Butch a one armed hug.

Butch leaned against him and sighed. "Ya I'm kinda glad I caught me talkin' to ya. Maybe they'll shut up now."

Eddie chuckled and pet his head. "Proud of you today kid."

Butch smirked and whistled a bit. "Did you see the looks on their faces though? Priceless!"

They drove home and joke about it all the way there.

Chapter Text

Night time that was usually a lonely thing for Sleeper. Both Eddie and Butch had to sleep so they were left alone in the evenings. They made a habit on going on long walks in the middle of the night and visiting convenience stores. Sometimes they would even do vigilante work. Mostly though they just enjoyed the nice quiet evenings alone.

It was a nice cool evening in late March. Sleeper was feeling particularly lonely that night because they were reminiscing on their time with Peter. In a few months it would have been the anniversary of when he became their host. Sleeper loved their independence, their freedom to do whatever they wanted but they would be lying if they didn't admit to enjoying their time with Peter. Sleeper bought a cheese steak from a 24 hour joint and sat outside to eat. Suddenly they felt something wet press up against their leg.

Sleeper looked down and there was a large, fluffy German Shepherd with matted fur. The dog looked at him with big brown eyes wagging its tail.

"Well hello. Did you come to keep me company?"

The dog barked at him and wagged its tail harder.

"Do you want some cheese steak?" Sleeper picked off some cheese covered meat and offered it. The dog ran over and licked it right out of his hand, slobbering everywhere.

"Heh heh, you remind me of my parent with how you eat." Sleeper fed the dog more cheese steak and checked for a collar.


"Well now looks like you don't have a home buddy. Want to come with me?"

The dog ran in a circle and then jumped up on Sleeper to lick their face. Sleeper laughed and pet the dog.

"Come on buddy lets go!" Sleeper lead the dog back home just as the sun was rising. Eddie always was up early and was in the living room exercising. Sleeper let the dog inside and its barked, running over to Eddie to headbutt his leg.

"What in the world?" Eddie knelt down and scratched the dog behind the ears. "What have you dragged home tonight Sleeps?"

"A dog. He is really friendly can we keep him!" Sleeper said excitedly.

Butch came downstairs with a yawn, Sunny wrapped around his neck. "The fuck is goin' on?"

"Sleeper brought home a dog." Eddie said as the dog ran over to Butch licking his hands.

"Well now aren't you an ugly mutt." Butch sat on the stairs and pet the dog throughly. "God I haven't had a dog since I was a kid. Uncle had two hounds fer huntin'.

"Parents can we keep him please please please! He doesn't have a collar and look he even likes Butch!" Sleeper said giddily.

Butch was currently getting covered in wet kisses as he scratched the dog all over. "Who's a flea bitten mutt! Who's a stinky man! You are!" The dog rolled onto its back and Butch checked its crotch. "Hmm not boy. She a girl. So yer a stinky lady." Butch pat her stomach and pet her more.

"Well at least they get along. Honestly I always worried about us getting a pet because I seem to be the only one in the building that doesn't eat anything that moves." Eddie said.

"Would not eat dog Eddie. She is cute." His other said snaking out of his chest to go over to the dog.

"Keep the Dog." Sunny said.

"Shit girl you got Sunny to talk." Butch said to the dog ruffling her ears. "She ain't an easy lady to impress."

"Daaaadddddd." Sleeper said hugging Eddie. Eddie's other was petting the dog with a tendril and purring.

"Ok fine. But first we have to make sure she isn't chipped and take her to the vet."

The room erupted with cheers and flailing tentacles. The dog ran circles around the room. Eddie chuckled.

"Ok now how about you two get her a bath. She is filthy. I'm going to the corner store to buy some dog food. Who knows the last time she ate." Eddie said as his other formed a coat.


They boys laughed as they scrubbed down their new friend. The dog luckily was extremely easygoing and they had her clean in no time. Butch trimmed her nails, brushed and cut her fur down to a less matted state. They gave her a bowl of water and she lapped it up.

"I'm so excited to have a dog." Sleeper said hugging their knees.

Butch looked her over. "She is still young, 'bout a year old. I might still be able to train her. I'd love to have a huntin' buddy." Sunny bit his ear. "Sunshine you don't count, yer the better half of me not my buddy." Sunny kissed his cheek.

Sleeper hugged the dog and purred. "I just want to snuggle her she is so soft now." The dog licked their face.

Eddie got back with the food and the dog ate ravenously. He called a vet a who luckily had an opening. They went over and Sleeper held the dog for the who ride, praying that the dog wasn't chipped.

Their prays were answered as the dog was not chipped. They got her the shots she needed and Eddie set up a surgery date to get her spayed.

"Do we hav'ta spay her? What if she is a good huntin' dog and I want pups?" Butch said petting the dog through her licks.

"Then we will get another dog later. This is the responsible thing to do." Eddie said signing forms.

Butch pouted for a moment but then the dog jumped up and started licking his face. All his aggression melted.

They went to a pet store next and bought all the necessary supplies. Food and water bowls, a bed, collar, leash, brush, food, etc. Sleeper filled a whole cart with toys.

They were exhausted by the time they got home. The men flopped into their chairs and the dog curled up on the rug in the middle of the room, fast asleep.

"Welcome come new family member." Sleeper smiled.

"...Shit she needs a name." Butch said.

The men all looked at the dog who snored happily. They knew they had to think of a good one.

Chapter Text

"Ok before we name her we need to lay down some doggie rules." Eddie said standing in the middle of the living room. Sleeper and Butch were sitting next to each other on the couch with the dog spread across both their laps.

"Number one. Dogs cannot eat chocolate so everyone is going to have to be careful with their chocolate from now on."

Butch and Sleeper nodded and the dog beat her tail against the couch as she wagged it happily.

"Number two. I will walk the dog in the morning when I get up but you two have to figure out the rest of her walk schedules. Also you have to clean up her poop otherwise the neighborhood will fine us and we will disappoint Karen."

"Ok the fine I could handle but I think I would die if I disappointed Karen." Sleeper said.

"Ya lady's a saint." Butch said scratching the dog under the chin.

"Number three. No feeding the dog human flesh."

"Oh come on!" Butch said sitting up. The dog flailed in his lap and looked at him confused.

"Butch the last thing I need is a dog with the taste for human meat."

"You are zero fun Eddie." Butch hugged the dog's butt and growled.

"That's all the rules I can think of for now but if I think of any others I'll tell you. Now. What are we naming her?"

"Carnage!" Butch said.

"What no why?" Eddie said.

"I thought it was funny" he snickered. "How about Kelly?"

"I thought Butter would be nice." Sleeper said.

"Da' fuck why Butter?" Butch said petting the dog.

"It sounded cute." Sleeper scratched the dog's ears.

The dog laided between the too looking happier than ever.

Eddie thought for a moment and the. His other peaked out.

"How about Coco?" The symbiote said.

The dog barked and wagged her tail so hard she hit Butch in the face a few times.

"Well I guess she approves of Coco." Butch said grabbing the tail.

"Coco! That's perfect." Sleeper hugged Coco and nuzzle into her. "I love you Coco."


The next few weeks flew by. They had tags made for Coco and everyone got used to having her around.

Butch took over taking care of her pretty quickly. He trained her to follow commands and orders. He had her obeying both verbal commands and hand signals.

"I love this dog but she is an dumb as a sack of bricks." Butch said rubbing Coco's stomach.

"Don't call her dumb!" Sleeper said covering her ears. Coco looked up at him confused with her tongue hanging out.

"Sleeps she ran into the screen door seven times. She gets lost if you put a blanket on her head. She can't even remember which cup I put treats under when I do it infront of her face. She is dumb. I'm just glad she's good at takin' orders. Honestly I think she is so ok with us having symbiotes because she is too dumb to realize they are a threat."

"She is just laid back that's all" Sleeper said with an unsure quiver in their voice.

Butch stood up and Sunny covered him. His bared his talons and roared at Coco.

Coco stared at him and then got up to lick his face wagging her tail.

"See? Dumb animal." Sundance sat down and pet Coco.

"She is just used to you that's all. Isn't that right girl? You aren't afraid of the big bad Sundance cus he loves you." Sleeper booped Coco on the nose.

"Just keep tellin' yerself that Sleeps." Sundance rested his head in a hand.


The day finally came for Coco's surgery. Sleeper was almost in tears as they took her in.

"I just don't want anything bad to happen to her!" They said wiping an eye.

Eddie pat Sleeper's back. "She is going to be fine kid."

The surgery went well and they got Coco home with a cone on her head. She was really out of it due to the pain meds.

"Look at her! She hates us now! She is like 'I trusted you because you had cheese steak and now I'm half a woman!'." Sleeper said crying into Coco's fur.

"Sleeps she is high on paid meds! Dog's too dumb to even know she's a girl let alone the hell is goin' on." Butch said.

Sleeper's parent glided over to them and gently pet them with a tendril. "It is cute how much you care for the dog."

"She is my friend and I love her." Sleeper nuzzled into her fur.

"Well lets take her to her bed then. She needs to rest." Eddie said

Coco made a full recovery and was back to herself. She acted like nothing had happened. Sleeper started spoiling her more though and would often give her globs of peanutbutter.

"Yer gonna make her fat!" Butch said flicking Sleeper's head.

"I just want her to like me and she is so cute."

"Sleeps, look at this dog." Butch held Coco's face for him to stare at, her tongue hanging out her mouth."This dog couldn't love you any more if she tried. You spoil her."

"You think so?"

"Bro yer her favorite. She sees me as the Alpha, Eddie as a friend and you are her damn god."

Coco licked Sleeper's face and sat on his feet.

Sleeper smiled. "I'm so glad we got her."

Chapter Text

"Karen I still don't think this is a good idea." Said Eddie scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh hush there are five adults in this house and he is only one 16 year old. You can handle this just fine." Karen said patting his hand.

"Karen three of those adults are aliens and the other two are men with serious psychological trauma."

"Eddie you and Butch might have your disabilities but I am confident you can handle this." She handed Eddie Evan's bag and turned to her son. "Now sweety your dad and I are only going to be gone for a weekend. Behave yourself for Mr. Brock and his family." She kissed his cheek.

"Mom. Im 16! I can handle myself." Evan pouted. Eddie chuckled softly.

"I just don't want you throwing any wild parties while we are gone and you like the neighbors anyway." Karen pinched his cheek.

"The only reason I'm putting up with is is because the neighbors are superheroes." Evan grumbled.

Karen kissed his cheek again. "Behave yourself. I love you. Thank you again Eddie. Bye-bye!" She walked to her car with a wave.

Eddie and Evan both waved goodbye. Eddie looked down at Evan. "...Do you like dogs?"


Everyone was hanging out in the living room and Evan was playing with Coco on the floor.

"So I know you guys have aliens but I've never really met them?" Said Evan.

Eddie other unfurled from his back and leaned down to Evan. "Hello Evan, I am Eddie's other."

"Woah so you're Venom?" Evan gently touched the symbiote's face.

"Venom is we. Eddie and I together. My kind do not normally have names though my children are an exception."

"What should I call you then?" Evan tilled his head.

"If you must you may call me Venom. Or Eddie's other. You're mother calls me 'Mrs. Brock.'." The symbiote purred its words.

"Oh wait so you're a girl? Your voice is kinda masculine."

The symbiote chuckled. "Human's always are obsessed with gender. I am neither man nor woman. My kind are asexual."

"Oh okay. So what about the other two?"

Butch held out his hand and Sunny pooled around his fingers. "This is Sunny. She don't talk as much as her parent, she only speaks to me."

"She? I thought you just said you guys don't have genders?"

"Sunny sees herself as my wife and as a girl. She still technically is an it." Butch gently pet his other.

Evan went to touch Sunny and she snapped at his fingers. Evan recoiled shocked. "Sunny isn't too friendly neither." Butch chuckled.

"How do you put up with her?" Evan said annoyed.

"I am her. She is me. We're one person. She is my blood and my wife." Butch admired his partner in his hand. He chuckled "If anything she puts up with me."

Sunny coiled up Butch's arm like a snake and kissed him.

"Wow so you guys really are married to these things."

"Kinda? I don't know. Its more than marriage. I don't feel alive without her." Butch massaged Sunny gently.

"We use the term married but he is right its so much more. Its a bond. We are bound to one another in a much deeper fashion. We can see each others thoughts and feelings and even control eachother's bodies at times." Eddie said.

"That's intense. I can barly handle the idea that I might spend my whole life with one person but you guys literally fused into one person." Evan said holding Coco.

"There are different levels to it. Spider-man had my other for a while and he only bonded to them on a surface level. We are kind of the middle ground. We are so very tight together but still two people who can act as one. Butch is the deepest level I think. I don't even know how to describe you or Cletus." Eddie said.

"Sunny's voice is just my own voice echoed and I'm just her voice echoed. We don't think separately anymore. I don't think there is a we, just an I. I am Sundance. I can still see her a somethin' separate but its like lookin' at my hand and sayin' its separate. She is a part of me. When she thinks differently from me its like I'm arguin' with myself not another person." Butch said rolling Sunny inbetween his fingers.

"That's... confusing" Evan said.

Butch laughed. "Don't worry about it. You are never gettin' a symbiote" he fell back onto the couch and kissed Sunny all over.

Evan looked at Sleeper. "My mom said you are a hybrid?"

"Actually no I'm not. I'm just like Sunny or my parent. My host is just... not mentally there?" Sleeper shrugged.

"What do you mean?" Evan said

"He drill out his host's brain because he was a multiverse terrorist. Now he pilots him like a meat suit." Butch said

"W-what?" Said Evan.

"Butch!" Eddie threw a pillow at his face.

Direct hit.

"What! I'm just tellin' the truth! Boy saved millions of lives and got his independence!" Snapped Butch

"Wait independence? Your aliens are slaves?"

"No no no!" Sleeper shook their head. "They choose their hosts and have free will. Its just a partnership. You have to work together. I don't like that as much. I like just being me."

"Oh... ok i guess that makes sense." Evan said.

"Well this has been a deep talk. Anyone want to go out for burgers?" Said Eddie


They we sitting outside the small burger place at a table. Its was a really warm day.

"How can you guys eat your burgers so rare? I have to have mine well done."

"Kid we are basically feral killin' mechines barely holding onto humanity. Raw meat just tastes right." Butch said taking another bite.

"That is just you Butch..." Eddie said nibbling some fries.

"Exactly. I'm the calmest one out of the three of us and I have zero humanity."

"Y'all are just denying what you really are. Everyone is. The universe is meaningless and humans go out of their way to put rules in it because they can't comprehend the reality thay they have no purpose. When you realize that morality and rules have no meanin', we are free. We can do whatever we want but limit ourselves for the convenience of others." Butch said through bites. "That's the difference between me and Cletus at the end of the day. Willingness to deny instant gratification for the benefit of others. I like you guys so I behave myself."

"And thank god you do." Eddie pet Butch's head.

"Butch did you go to college for philosophy?" Evan said.

"What? No I'm a high school drop out kid. I went and got my GED years later though."

"Also you guys keep mentioning Cletus who is he?"

"Cletus Kasady aka Carnage. I'm an alternate reality version of him." Butch said matter-of-factly.

"Butch!" Eddie shouted.

"What!? The kid already knows we are symbiote hosts why the hell can't I tell him that!?"

"Wait. So you're Carnage!?" Evan scooted back a bit.

"Ya startin' to see why Pops thought it was a bad idea to leave you with us." Butch smirked. "I'm messin' though. We are the same person but not. I kill fer vigilantism not 'just cuz' like he does."

Evan just stared at Butch for a bit.

"I promise he isn't dangerous. Or if he ever is we will kick his ass." Said Sleeper.

"You guys are crazy." Evan laughed. "Does my mom know about this?"

"Fer the most part. You're mom's a heckuva a lady." Said Butch.

Evan chuckled and they suddenly saw a wave if police cars past behind him.

Butch whistled. "Now what do you suppose they are goin' to?"

"Dude are you guys going to go do hero work?" Evan lit up.

"No we have to make sure you are saf-" Eddie was interupted by Sundance and Sleeper swinging after the cars with Evan in tow. "... Seriously!"


It was a bank robbery but the men all had high tec suits. Sleeper and Sundance set Evan down safely on a roof to watch.

"Don't try this at home kid!" Sundance cackled as he jumped into the fray.

Venom caught up with them and landed next to Evan who was recording the fight on his phone. "So they left you on a roof?"

"Ya I'm find though. Look at them go!" Evan pointed down to the chaos below.

"I'm going down with them, are you going to be ok here?" Venom asked.

"I'm fine go!" Evan was having a ball.

Venom swung down and landed on one of the men. Sundance was already slicing through two of them. Sleeper blocked a few stray shots from hitting the crowd.

They were able to wrap up the fight pretty quickly and they swung back up to Evan.

"That was awesome!" Evan said with a laugh.

Venom hit both Sundance and Sleeper on the back of the heads.

"Ow why?" Sleeper said and Sundance turned to snap his jaws at Venom.

"You two brought Karen's son to a crime scene thats why!" Venom barked

"Look the kids fine and he got a good show. All's well that ends well Pops!"

"Seriously that was awesome I got a recording of whole thing." Evan said

"Please tell me none of us were in human form." Eddie said.

"No you all where suited up. Can I post this?" Evan said.

"I guess so." Eddie sighed.

"Eddie hungry." Said the symbiote.

"We just ate!" Eddie replied.

"I'm hungry too. I didn't get to eat any of those guys." Butch said.

"Pizza?" Sleeper said.

Eddie sighed and laughed. "Sure why not."


It was late Saturday night and Evan came downstairs to get a midnight snack. When he got to the kitchen though Butch was at the kitchen table with Sleeper. He was covered in blood.

"Oh shi- dude you ok!?" Evan ran over

"Ya he is fine this is mostly other people's." Said Sleeper

Butch was resting his head in his arms on the table and was making inhumans purring noises.

"Woah... just bad guys right?" Evan said.

Butch chuckled. "Ya just bad guys." He sat up and licked his hands and tried to hide a moan. "I'm... gonna head to my room, night fellas."

"Make sure to shower and change your sheets when you are done!" Sleeper shouted up at him.

"Does that happen a lot?" Evan asked.

"Ya it does. He has urges and he uses crime fighting to control them." Sleeper said starting to clean up.

"Damn... that's crazy." Evan went into the freezer to grab something to eat but quickly recoiled.

"What? You ok?" Sleeper asked.

"There is a hand... in the freezer." Evan was pale.

"Tsk damn it Butch! Parents told us no body parts in the house! If it weren't for the fact that I'm pretty sure he and Sunny are being intimate right now I'd go up and throw it at him." Sleeper took the hand out of the fridge.

"What are you going to do with it?" Evan said.

Sleeper stared at the hand and then at Evan and then back at the hand. "I kinda want to eat it myself but I don't want to offend you."

Evan swallowed hard "You know what I'm going to bed you can do whatever you want man. I've lost my appetite."

Sleeper wished him goodnight and licked their lips.


As the weekend went on Evan had more crazy events happen with the Brock clan.

He learned quickly that body horror is just a thing that happens there. Both Eddie and Butch would store things inside themselves and just produce them when needed. Their symbiotes also where their clothing a lot of times so they would shift and form as needed. Apparently everyone was very comfortable with their bodies and had to remind eachother not to be nude near him.

Murder and cannibalism were casual discussions as was sex. Evan was so used to his parents who were extremely prudish on the subject so he took the chance to ask a lot of questions. He also had never talked to anyone in a non-straight relationship so he was fascinated.

Eddie taught him proper weight lifting form, he played with Sleeper and Coco in the backyard and he even helped Butch with dinner Sunday night.

His parents came home Sunday evening. Evan had just finished baking cookies together with everyone.

"Hi we are back! Did he behave himself."

"Boy's as much an angel as you are Karen." Butch said.

"Oh stop!" Karen went up to Evan and hugged him. "Did you have fun?"

"Our neighbors are absolutely insane. I like them though." Evan said.

Eddie laughed "Ya this was kind of a reminder for us that we are very far from normal."

"We baked cookies for you guys." Sleeper said.

"Aw well thank you boys! I will have to send over some more brownie bars when I get the chance." Said Karen.

"Yes please!" Sleeper shivered.

"Evan if you ever need anything feel free to come over." Eddie said.

The symbiote and Sunny floated tendrils over to Evan and wrapped around his hands as a goodbye hug. He gave them both a gentle squeeze.

They all waved goodbye and Evan was never happier to sleep in his own bed. His neighbors were amazing but exhausting. He would have to go over more often.

Chapter Text

It was late at night in Philly. All was quiet in the Brock house as Butch and Eddie had long gone to bed and Sleeper was on a week long mission. Coco was asleep in her bed when she heard a noise. She lifted her head as the lock on one of the windows broke and two men came into the living room. Coco jumped up and pranced other to her visitors. She sat infront of them wagging her tail.

"Shit they have a dog." Whispered one of the men.

"Just keep it distracted." Said the other looking over things in the house.

Coco headbutted the first man demanding attention.

"Dude I hate dogs how do I distract it?" He hissed.

Coco barked at the man, she wanted to be pet and wanted it now.

"Dude shut it up! I don't care how" The second man whispered while grabbing some valuables.

The man in charge of distracting Coco had had enough and pulled out a knife. Coco stared up at him with her tongue hanging out confused. He grabbed her and went to cut the dogs throat when suddenly he felt something warm and wet on his chest before white hot pain started. He looked down and saw he had been implained by a white spear. Blood ran out his mouth and he fell to his knees.

"Did you handle the dog?" The other man turned around to check on his friend but instead saw Sundance had stabbed the man though with an arm.

"Wrong house pal." Sundance let out a low rumble.

The robber dropped his flashlight and turned to run. He made it as far as the kitchen when black rendrils grabbed him, pulling him towards Venom.

"What kind of man breaks into another's home and tries to kill his dog?" Venom asked the quivering man.

Venom grabbed the man's neck and squeezed till it snapped. "A dead one."

Two dead robbers laid on the living room. Eddie went over to Coco and checked to make sure she was ok. "Did the bad men hurt you?" He pet her gently. Coco licked his face completely ok with the face she had just witnessed a double homicide.

Sundance kicked one of them and snarled. "Pops what you want me to do with the bodies?"

Eddie sighed "You know what? Eat em." .

Sundance let out an alien sounding squeal. "Can I freeze some? There is a lot."

"Only if you share with Sleeper when he gets back in a few days... its going to be a nightmare to get the blood out of this rug."

"Oh shit! I know what I'm gonna do!" Butch said jumping up and down with glee.

"Do I even want to know?" Eddie sighed

"I'm gonna make cubanos! Except I'll make two batches, one ham fer the ladies" he side-eyed Eddie, "and one human so I can have hubanos!"

"Oh god" Eddie shook his head and put his face in his palm.


The next day Eddie told Karen there was a break in but everyone was fine and she didn't need to contact the authorities. Eddie rented a steam cleaner and did he best to fix the hallway rug.

Butch bought a huge pork shoulder and finished slicing and storing the two robbers in the extra freezer he had bought. After that he bought an enormous amount of ham, orange juice, oranges and garlic as well as his other seasonings.

The whole process took days as Butch throughly marinated the meat. Sleeper came home during day two of cooking and when Butch told him what he was up to he got super excited.

Butch roasted both batches of meat and was staring at that on the kitchen counter deep in thought.

"Whats up Butch?" Eddie asked.

"...I can't remember which one is human and which one is pork."

"Butch please tell me you are joking." Eddie said.

"Gimme a minute!" Butch sliced off a piece of each and nibbled them. "Oh my stars."


"They are both so damn good" Butch moaned over the meat. "This one is the human though" Butch pointed to one.

"Please don't loss track again." Eddie sighed and sliced off a piece of pork and ate it.

"Wait no, that was the human."

Eddie's face went pale. Butch broke down laughing.

"I'm just messin' Pops it was pork!"

Eddie punched Butch in the face.


After that Butch made his own bread and got started on making the actual sandwiches. He grilled them each carefully and gave everyone a sandwich, making a few extra pork ones for the neighbors. He even gave Coco a slice of ham to eat.

"Dear lord these are good." Eddie said feeding his other a few slices. The symbiote hummed and licked Eddie's fingers.

Sleeper kissed Butch's cheek "You are a beautiful man. Make these again."

"Sleeps do you have any idea how much prep work went into this? I had to wait fer two dumbass to be stupid enough to break into our house!" Butch said as Sunny ate his sandwhich out of his hand. "At least I made a shit ton of the stuff so we are going to be havin' cubanos for a while."

"You could always... just use pork?" Eddie said.

"Its not the same. But it is delicious so maybe." Butch said making himself another sandwhich.

They ate cubanos for the next five days.

Chapter Text

The boys were having Karen's family for a Barbeque. Eddie was manning the grill while Butch and Karen worked in side dishes together in the kitchen.

"Thanks for having us over boys." Karen smiled.

"Of course Karen. Always happy to see you." Butch hummed to himself as he sliced veggies. He was is a very good mood today because he finally found a sundress design he liked as well as a straw hat.

"Karen is Bill going to be ok? He always seems uncomfortable around us?" Sleeper came into the kitchen to grab a soda for themself and Evan.

"He is such a worry wart. He'll be fine." Karen waved her hand.

Bill was outside with Eddie, anxiously watching Evan play with Coco in the yard.

"Bill, catch." Eddie tossed a beer. "For your nerves."

Bill meekly smiled and drank his beer.

"Alright boys we have potato salad, regular salad, corn on the cob, cake and icecream." Said Karen as she came out with Butch and Sleeper helping her.

Suddenly the yard became dark.

"They hell?" Eddie looked up. There was a helicarrier over the house as troops dropped from it.

The boys all suited up and the soldiers immediately targeted Sundance with sonic riffles. He slash one of them pretty badly but was overwhelmed by the sheer number of men. They injected him with an unknown liquid and Sunny receded back into his body. They pushed Butch to the ground and held him there.

"Sunny? Sunny! What did you do to her!" Butch thrashed violently against the men.

Venom and Sleeper went to pull the men off but where hit by sonics as well. They fell to the ground in pain as Nick Fury walk over to them.

"When I was told we we had to pick up Cletus Kasady I did not expect to find him in drag." Fury said

"I'm not your Cletus you one eyed dumbass! Tell me what you did to my wife before I waste every single one of you!" Butch thrashed so violently the men were having trouble staying on him.

"Easy Red. Its simply an improved dopamine blocker formula, just makes it so you and your little friend can't talk for a while."

Butch growled at him and settled slightly. His eyes never left Fury and he didn't blink. "What do you want from me?" He growled his words, he barly sounded human.

"I'm here to ask you a few questions. Mostly concerning the increased amount of bodies found in Philadelphia, none of them criminals and their murders match Carnage's M.O."

"You think I've gone rogue." Butch snarled.

"Butch wouldn't do that Fury he has been behaving himself since your people register him." Venom said.

"I'll be the one to determine that. Lock him up." Fury turned back to the carrier. The soldiers muzzled Butch and wrapped him in a straight jacket. Butch didn't struggle but his eyes still never left Fury's back.

"Wait! Butch wouldn't do that please he is crazy but he helps people!" Evan ran up to Fury.

Fury turned to him and raised an eyebrow. "And who might you be?"

"I'm... I'm his neighbor sir. Please he is really nice. He has been our friend for a long time. He has a code he sticks too unlike Carnage. He works really hard everyday to control himself. He wouldn't do this."

"I want to vouch for him too!" Karen stood up. Bill was hiding behind her.

Butch looked back at both of them. His expression unreadable under the mask but his eyes softened.

"I see. Well I will take that into consideration during the investigation." Fury said.

"We are coming with. We want to prove Butch is innocent in any way we can." Venom said.

"Very well I need to interrogate you two anyway." Fury waved the troops and they lifted Butch, carrying him onto the ship. Venom and Sleeper followed onto the ship.

Within minutes the Miller's where left alone in their neighbor's backyard with Coco being the only resident of the house left.


Butch was put into the same cell as Cletus Kasady but a divider had been built with bullet proof glass to separate the two of them. It was set up that if the glass broke the cells sonics would fire on them. They cut off Butch's hair to around Cletus's length because they didn't want him to strangle himself with it.

Butch sat up against the glass as Fury was currently interviewing Venom and Sleeper. He sighed and looked over at Cletus. Cletus was uncharacteristically calm. He was just laying on his bed with his eyes closed.

"Hey! You awake in there?" Butch shouted.

Cletus didn't move.

"Hey! Wake up! I wanna talk to you!" Butch shouted louder.


"Stop ignorin' me you jackass!" Butch punched the glass.

Cletus still refused to move.

"What are ya dead! Wake up you piece of shit!" Butch jumped up and kicked the glass.

The intercom started up with a crackle. "Mr. Kasady we ask you to refrain from kicking the glass otherwise we will have to use the sonics that line your cell to detain you."

"He always like this?" Butch asked.

"Recently yes, we think it is depression causing fatigue."

"Depression?" Butch looked back at Cletus and raised an eyebrow.

Butch felt Sunny spread inside him.

"Sunshine! You're finally back!" Butch sat on his bed and she pooled out of his skin. He kissed her deeply and fell onto his back. She curled around him in ribbons and then looked up at his hair with a sad whimper.

"I know Sunny it sucks. I really liked my hair." He pulled her close and hugged her. "Last things we still had from home was that hair and eachother. I'm just glad I still have you sweetheart."

Sunny kissed his cheek and pooled over him like a blanket. He tried to get comfy on the bed and stared through the glass at his twin self still laying motionless on the bed.

"I hope Pops and Sleeps can figure out what's goin' on." He pulled her tighter and tried to sleep. He always had insomnia even as a little kid which just added to the weird behavior of his dark reflection. He ended up laying there, staring at Cletus for what felt like eternity.


Venom, Sleeper and Fury were watching Butch from a monitor.

"Well the rage is still there but he is a lot more affectionate than Cletus." Fury said.

"We know both men pretty well Fury. Butch has self restraint and sticks to a vigilante code. That's what makes him different. He wouldn't go on a killing spree, he values his freedom too much." Venom said.

"How do you explain the murders then that fit Carnage's style killing when he has been locked up here the whole time? No normal man could do that much distruction." Fury said

Venom and Sleeper paused and then Sleeper's eyes widened.

"Butch's killing style is diffirent from Cletus!" Sleeper said.

"Excuse me?" Fury said.

"They are different they don't match! Cletus kills randomly, Butch picks targets. Cletus marks his kills and writes on walls often leaving bodies behind. Butch never marks his kills and never leaves a body! He eats them entirely because he hates waste!" Sleeper said.

Fury thought for a moment. "That's a good point towards your friend. But if he isn't committing the murders then who is?"

Suddenly a woman with a headset ran into the observation room out of breath.

"Can I help you?" Fury said.

"Mr. Fury there has been another murder! There was a message written in blood on the wall."

"What did it say?" Venom asked.

"It said 'Thanks for being the fall guy brother'."

Chapter Text

Fury, Venom and Sleeper rushed down to the Kasadys' cell. Butch heard people coming in and sat up in his bed. Venom saw him and did a double take.

"Butch? They mutilated you!" Venom said

Butch laughed. "Ya they didn't want me trying to kill myself via stangling so..." Butch looked down somewhat ashamed and running a hand through his hair.

"Focus Brock. I need guards on breakpoint and dopamine blockers on stand by." Nick Fury directed the staff as they got ready to confront Cletus.

They entered the cell and slowly approached Cletus. Suddenly the guards move and grabbed him, injecting him with the dopamine blockers. The Carnage symbiote screamed and melted away and instead of Cletus Kasady sitting there a very panicked guard want in his place.

"Oh thank God get it out of me! Get it out!" He screamed.

Fury touched his ear piece. "Avengers move out. Carnage has escaped Ravencroft."

"How did he do this!?" Sleeper said

"He must of at some point left a piece of Red on the guard and forced him to stay disguised as Cletus." Butch said. "I remember Red had a lot of biomass, it would be simple enough to do."

Fury turned to Butch. "Where is he heading?"

"How the fuck should I know!" Butch snarled.

"Because you are him."

"I'm not! Didn't we just prove that!?" Butch turned away from the group and leaned against his cells wall.

"No you are him. You knew instantly how he pulled this off. You have the same mind as him its just wired slightly different." Fury opened up Butch's cell. "Now... where did he go?"

Butch sighed and tilled his head back in thought. He paused and then crinckled his face.

"Damn it... I know where he went." Butch stomped a foot.

Fury smiled and touched his ear piece. "Ready my jet we have a lead."


They were standing outside a large concert hall.

"Seriously?" Sleeper said to Butch.

"My favorite band is playing here tonight and I really wanted to go but I didn't want to risk hurtin' Sunny. Cletus has no sonic weakness so he should have no problem going." Butch sighed.

Venom patted Butch's shoulder gently.

They went inside. The band was just getting started on their next set when Carnage lept onto the stage grabbing the mic. He was about to talk into it when Sundance lept at him and punched his straight the jaw.

"That's for my hair you son of a bitch!"

Carnage recoiled and then stabbed at Sundance with bladed arms. "Hey dipshit we have the same mom!" He cut Sundance across the face.

Sundance grabbed his arm and ripped him forward into an uncut. "I know! She was a bitch and so are you!"

Carnage shook off the blow and went to attack again when Venom and Sleeper cross chopped him. Carnage blocked the hit and grabbed Sleeper, throwing them into Venom. "What's the matter bro? Have to have Daddy come and save you?"

Sundance broke down laughing. "Did you just call him 'Daddy'? I only ever did that when he was fuckin' me!"

Carnage stopped mid movement. "You slept with Dad? And they say I'm the sick one!"

Carnage shot a line of spears at Sundance. Sundance dodged and tackled him. They scratched and bit eachother as Fury's troops filed in and shot both of them when dopamine blockers darts. Their symbiotes fell back but the two kept fighting. When they finally separated they were bloody and bruised.

"Grab Cletus!" Fury said.

"Which one is Cletus they look the same now." Sleeper said.

"I'm Butch grab him!"

"What no! I'm Butch you asshole."

Cletus was mimicking Butch's accent. The two snarled at eachother.

Venom paused and then said "Butch, what's our dog's name?"

The Cletus on the right lite up and laughed. "Her name is Coco Pops!"

The troops stormed the left Cletus and restrained him. Venom went over to Butch to make sure he was ok. Butch fell into Venom's arms and moaned, he was beaten up pretty bad and Sunny couldn't help him. Sleeper joined them and gently pet Butch.

"You did good Butch. I'm proud of you." Venom smiled at him.

"Thanks Pops." He curled up against Venom and passed out.

Chapter Text

Things did not go back to peaceful for the Brock clan. Butch had to take an "extended medical leave" from work since he was identical to Cletus Kasady now. There also was the added problem that every time Eddie saw him now he flitched. Butch had never hated his appearance until now. Sleeper was also on a long mission so it was just him and Eddie. Butch tried to avoid Eddie as much as possible.

He was in the bathroom desperately trying to style it different. He stared into his eyes in the mirror. They looked so much colder than usual and he had been getting even less sleep than usual. He punched mirror and sighed.

He suddenly remembered something from a long time ago.


"Flora, we have to get the boy a hair cut." Said his uncle gruffly.

"Oh hush! Look at how pretty his hair is? You want me to cut that off Ab?" His aunt said "Prettier than any bird in paradise he is."

He was 8 years old again. He has just moved to his aunt and uncles, too afraid to speak and his aunt came over to him with a brush.

"Sit with me Cletus let me brush you." His aunt said.

He obeyed. He knew she was going to hurt him. No one touched him with anything but hatred. He braced himself. But the pain never came. There was such kindness in her hands as she brushed his hair. It felt so nice he started to cry. His aunt stopped and pet his head gently.

"There there Cletus its ok. No one is going to hurt you anymore." She said softly to him.

They made it a regular thing. She would brush his hair and often braid it and then pet him after. He loved whenever she would do it. It made him finally able to relax. It told him that not every feeling people could give each other had to be pain. Kindness was real.

"Flora he looks like a girl he is going to get made fun of." His uncle said patting Butch on the head.

"Cletus do you want to cut your hair?", she asked him.

He shook his head no with all his might. Please uncle don't take his hair away. Don't take from him the only thing that soothed his pain.

"See Ab he loves his hair. Don't take that from the boy." His aunt said. She gently turned Butch to look at her.

"Cletus society has a lot of silly rules sometimes. People will say you have to behave certain way because it makes them more comfortable. But you don't have to bend to them. You can be anything you want to be Cletus." She gently cupped his face and kissed his forehead. "You are beautiful just the way you are."

The kids at school did make fun of his hair. They said he looked like a girl and that his red locks looked dumb. He was used to cruelty though. He didn't care what they said. His hair was wonderful.

As he grew older he still kept his hair long. His uncle often asked if he was still ok with it and he always said yes. His aunt taught him how to braid it himself when her hands became to weak to do it herself.

When he was alone after they died, brushing his hair often comforted him at night.

He kept his hair clean after every murder.

His Eddie often said his hair was one of his prettiest features when they were on the island together. Eddie used to run his fingers through his hair and pet him.

His hair had made living here, in a new dimension, so easy. He loved how pretty it made him feel.

And now it was gone.

Butch sighed staring into the mirror. Sunny twirled around his arm and hummed softly.

Eddie knocked on the bathroom door frame. "Hey bud you doing ok?"

"Ya just mournin' the loss of my hair." Butch chuckled.

Eddie went up to his and ran a hand through his hair. Butch shivered and Eddie raised an eyebrow. "Well at least you still have some left. It will grow back soon."

Butch looked into his eyes and then slowly hugged him. Eddie held him and pet his head.

"Eddie... am I still pretty?"

Eddie laughed. "Yes Butch you still are pretty."

Butch kissed Eddie's shoulder gently and sighed. Eddie suddenly picked him up bridal style "Woah hey Pops what cha doin'?"

"Comforting you." Eddie brought him downstairs to the couch and sat down with Butch in his lap. He gently massaged Butch head and ran his fingers through his hair.

Butch gasped and pressed himself against Eddie. It felt so nice. Sunny and her parent ran up his back and rubbed it. Butch tried not to moan but this was the best he had felt in so long. Eddie smiled at him. "Its ok Butch. Relax."

Butch nodded and let out soft moans into Eddie's chest as he and the symbiotes continued. He clung to Eddie and shivered. He blushed hard when he realized how he sounded and pulled back a bit.

"It's fine Butch." Eddie chuckled.

Butch continued blushing and laid back on the couch. "I'm still me right?"

"Ya you are still Butch."

"Nothin' can change that right?"

"Nope nothing can."

Butch took a deep breath and sat up. "Alright. I think I'm better now. And you're right it will grow back."

"Good to have you back Butch." Eddie said with a chuckle.

Butch started to braid the sides of his head as his hair grew back.

Chapter Text

Eventually Butch and Sunny came up with a solution to let him go back to work. She would let a tentacle hang down everyday from his head and mimic a white braid. Butch told his coworkers it was a stylistic choice. He was just happy to be out of the house again.

It was the weekend though and a rainy one at that. It was storming so badly it was dark out and they felt bad anytime they took out Coco. Eddie and Butch were curled up on the couch together. Butch had a habit of cuddling both Eddie and Sleeper and since Sleeper was still out of town he was laying on Eddie with his arms wrapped around his waist. Eddie was absentmindedly petting Butch while reading. He and his other really enjoyed going to the library and had started picking up a few books a week.

Suddenly all the lights in the house went out.

"Shit power outtage." Eddie said sitting up. Butch groaned, he had gotten very comfortable on Eddie's stomach.

Eddie went into the basement and saw all the fuses were fine so it must have been the storms fault. When he got back Butch was holding a bery scared Coco due to thunder starting up. Eddie sat back down on the couch.

"Well I guess we will have to wait it out." He pulled Butch up to his chest and laid back while Coco sat on his feet. The symbiotes swirled around the group and purred. Butch got comfy again.

"Did you know... there was a dimension we were married in?" Butch said coyly.

"Get out of here? Really?" Eddie reach over and ran his fingers through Butch's hair. He quickly had learned this was the best way to keep the man calm and happy.

Butch hummed softly "Yup. Neither one of us had the symbiote. We were just two gay men. Apparently I wasn't a serial killer either. You still worked as a reporter and we adopted a lil girl named Jessica."

"That's insane and I can't imagine it."

"I barely could myself." Butch said petting a tendril from the Venom symbiote. "There were a ton of crazy dimensions though."

"Well we got time. How about you tell me about them?" Eddie played with Butch's hair more.

Sunny let out a small yawn and curled around Butch's neck to get comfy. Eddie's other made a scarf around Eddie's neck and purred. "Would like to hear about these dimensions as well." They said nuzzling up to Eddie.

"Alright one of my favorites was everyone was the opposite gender. You were a woman, I was a woman, Peter was a woman. Everyone exactly like this universe we are in now but just opposite."

Eddie laughed. "What did I look like as a woman?"

"You know Jennifer Walters?"

"You mean She-Hulk?"

"You looked like her but less green and with blonde hair."

"Damn... I looked amazing."

Butch laughed. "I went out of my way to try and sleep with myself because, heck, when are you going to ever get the chance to do that!? She gave me this" Butch pulled up his shirt to show off a large scar.

"Ouch. Guessing you didn't get laid."

"Oh no I did. She loved the idea. It was insane. I nearly died and then Serum ordered me to kill her. So... bad end sadly. Kind of hard stay in a quasi-incestuous relationship with your alternate dimension self anyway."

"Damn it Butch you really are a hick." Eddie laughed.

"One dimension you were a scientist and invented the symbiotes."

"Really now?"

"Yup you made your other to kill Peter for winnin' an award you thought you deserved. Things went badly from there."

"Why badly?"

"Because the symbiote's in that reality reproduced real quick and the planet became over run."


"Oh that reminds me! There was a dimension where everyone had a symbiote."

"Like the idea of that dimension." Eddie's other said.

"Ya me too bad Serum blew it up." Butch said.

The symbiote growled. "If Sleeper didn't already turn him into a puppet I would want to kill him."

"Same here buddy" Butch booped the symbiote inbetween its eyes.

"Got any more worlds to share?" Eddie scratched Butch's scalp.

Butch wrapped his arms around Eddie's neck and sighed happily. "Ya I got a few. There was one where you were a werewolf and I was a vampire."

"How very spooky." Eddie pet the Sunny braid a bit and she purred at his touch.

"Oh there was one where you were a crazy serial killer and I was the one tryin' to kill Spider-man. There was 'nother where we went to high school together."

"That one sounds like a nightmare." Eddie said as his other and Sunny envolped both their bodies like blankets.

"There was one where I was a woman again but you were the same. I think I had a crush on you in that dimension but because I was so messed up in the head I thought the best way to express this love was to eat you."

"Of course" Eddie scoffed.

Butch leaned up and gently bit Eddie's cheek with a playful growl.

"You're an idiot sometimes." Eddie flicked his forehead. "You love me, don't you?"

"Yes I do." Butch said giving Eddie a kiss on the cheek.

"Love you too ya freak." The lights came on. Everyone cheered and Coco ran around the couch.

They both decided though they were too comfy to move and napped on eachother.

Chapter Text

Sleeper was back in town and was exhausted. They normally went around the house in their symbiote form but they needed to rest inside their host's body. Eddie and Butch were in his bedroom with him and Eddie was rubbing his back. Sleeper let out sad little moans as he did so. Coco was also on the bed licking Sleeper's face.

"Pops I'm worried 'bout the lil guy. Bro can you let your host sleep while I try and find you somethin' brainy to eat?"

"I destroyed the part of Serum's brain that lets him sleep. He is pretty much just a meat suit on life support."

"His back is so messed up we're not making a dent." Eddie sighed sitting next to his kid.

"Dad... remember the spa we went to on the cruise? I want to do that again." Sleeper bubbled.

"Spa? Dude I want to go to a spa! I've never gone to one before!" Butch bounced on Sleeper's bed.

"I'll see whats in the area." Eddie pet both their heads and went to his computer.

"Yay!" Butch and Sleeper cheered in an over dramatic way together.


They were able to find a spa with an opening the next day. They were getting massages first.

Sleeper was feeling brave enough to get the massage this time and he fully relaxed.

"Your skin is really cold. Are you warm enough? I can turn up the heat." Said his massage therapists.

"Oh ya I'm fine. Thank you." Sleeper blushed.

Butch suddenly realized he was not comfortable having someone he didn't know touch his back so much but did his best to sit still. He twitched every time his therapist touched his back. Eventually he calmed down.

Eddie's other loved getting massages. They could feel their muscles lossen. The slight pressure was incredibly relaxing. They even massaged the underside of his muscles while the therapist did the top. Eddie's therapist could not make heads or tails of what what going on with his muscles.

They had a hot tub at the place and they all got in to relax. Butch was just so happy he wasn't being touched anymore and sank into the water. Sleeper dunked his whole body under the water and then came up for air. Eddie's other was enjoying the increased circulation of his blood and was practically swimming underneath his skin.

"Thanks for the spa trip Dad." Sleeper sighed.

"You feeling better now?" Eddie asked. His other swam over to Sleeper and curled around him.

"Much" he sighed and stretched.

The last thing they got was a skin treatment. Sleeper's and Butch's were specially formulated for scar tissue.

"I feel like a baby" Sleeper rubbed his skin.

"You are a baby." Butch said

After the spa they went to dinner at a soup and sandwich place.

"I never realized now much I hate strangers touchin' me till today..." Butch said staring into his soup.

"Thats because you are gross and no one wants to touch you." Sleeper said. Butch kicked him under the table.

"That surprised me. You are extremely affectionate at home but the second those women touched you, you locked up." Eddie said taking a buy of bread.

"With you two I feel comfortable by you. Your skin, your smell, your sounds. All of 'em tell me I'm safe." Butch said dunking his bread into his soup.

"I mean, it makes sense that touch is so important to you and something you are sensitive to. You're an abusive victim." Eddie said.

Butch chuckled. "Me? A victim?"

"Just because you're also an asshole doesn't change that you were hurt, really badly, as a kid by other people." Sleeper said taking a huge bite.

Butch thought about it for a moment and then shook his head. "I don't want to think about it."

They finished there meal and Sleeper stretched once they were outside. "I feel so much better. I need to do this more often!"

"As long as you are paying. Spas are expensive." Eddie said.

"Want more spa time Eddie. Our body sings during spa time." His other purred.

"If you can get the money then sure, more spa time." Said Eddie.

When they got home Coco was so happy to see Sleeper was better that she tripped and flopped on her face before getting back up and running to him. Sleeper laughed pet her. "I love this dog."

Chapter Text

It was another late night for Sleeper. They were sitting on the couch watching an old B movie with Coco laying next to them asleep. They heard footsteps and Butch sat next to them on the couch looking pale and sweaty and in the buff. He was out of breath.

"Butch? I thought you went to bed its 2am."

"I went to bed and couldn't sleep at all and when I finally did I had a night terror." Butch said inbetween breathes.

This happened to him often. Butch had terrible insomnia and even if he did fall asleep there was a chance he would have a night terror. Sleeper was convinced Sunny was one of the only things keeping him healthy.

Sleeper reached over and rubbed his back gently. Butch leaned into his sibling and sighed.

"Wanna go for a night walk?" Sleeper said.

Butch smiled and Sunny formed him a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. "Ya lets go."


Sleeper liked having company for his walks. Butch was always entertaining so Sleeper honestly looked forward to his night terrors.

"Hey Sleeps how 'bout we grab something from the corner shop? Its hot tonight." Butch fanned himself. "Sunshine of my life could we maybe wear something lighter?"

Sunny reshaped his cloths into a light flowing floral dress.

"This works. I already feel better."

"You sure do like dresses."

"They are extremely comfy Sleeps. Honestly Sunny was the one to kept puttin' me in them at first but I've grown to love 'em."

"I remember that. When you first got here and we needed a disguise for you and she put you in a dress."

Butch nodded. "She apparently thinks I look my best in 'em and I hav'ta agree with her. And besides, who am I to deny the missus what she wants."

They walked into the convenience store and started looking around. Sleeper picked out sodas they knew Butch would like.

"Hey sweet thang wanna go for a ride." Sleeper heard a man say from the next aisle. They peaked around the corner and saw a large hairy man doing his best to smooth talk Butch.

Butch looked him up and down and smirked. "I'm not sure I'm the kind of lady yer lookin' fer."

"Aw come on a sweet lil southern bell like you is just my type even if your a bit on the flat side." Sleeper could smell booze coming off of him.

Butch chuckled softly and took the man's hand gently and then slowly lead it to his crotch. The mans face went through every single emotion on the journey down to Butch's groin. Excitement, joy, confusion and finally terror. He recoiled back away from Butch.

"Holy shit your a guy!"

Butch laughed. "I'm still up for that ride big boy if you want a good time!" Butch winked and blew a kiss.

The man was completely red in the face as he turned and ran out of the store. "You're a sick fuck!"

"I know, you're missin' out!" Butch shouted after cackling. Sleeper was dying at this point.

Butch picked out some chips and went outside together and laughs.

"I can't believe you did that." Sleeper said through a mouthful of chips.

"His hands were surprisingly soft for a convenient store drunk." Butch took a swig of soda.

"What would you have done if he was into it?"

Butch tapped his soda bottle to his lips in thought. "...Buy condoms and tell you to meet me up later."

"Seriously Butch!? He was a fat ugly drunk!"

"Ya but, free meal for Sunny and I haven't had a man that big ontop of me in a long time. Might be fun. I just want a good time."

"Butch we need to have a talk about this thing called 'standards'."

"Sleeps you know damn well I am the kind of person who can't afford standards. I'm offputtin' at best and literally a serial killer at worst. People don't like me and I don't like people."

Sleeper stared at Butch and then hugged him. "You are wonderful, don't put yourself down so much."

Butch smiled and kissed Sleeper's forhead.

"But seriously don't just sleep with anyone who offers. That's gross." Sleeper glared up at him.

"Fine fine!" Butch chuckled. "Thanks for carin' lil bro."


They kept walking and eventually made it to a park. Butch ran out into the feild and fell onto his back in the grass. Sleeper sat down next to him.

"Maybe the problem is bein' inside the house. I feel so much more relaxed here."

"Prehaps backyard camping?"

"That sounds nice" Butch sighed and the inhaled deeply.

His eyes widened and he sat up sharply. "Sleepers do you smell that?"

Sleeper sniffed the air and smelled blood. They both got up and ran towards the source.

The park had a thick wooden area towards the back of it and inside they found a man standing over a body with a shovel. The man saw them and pulled out a gun. Sundance rushed him and sliced his neck and torso with one large claw. The man sputtered and fell to his knees. Sundance unhinged his jaw and bit the top of his head off. Sleeper was shocked at how fast it had all happened.

"Bro come here have some brains." Sundance offered from the now dead man's body.

Sleeper laughed and did just that. Sundance and Sleeper ate more together. They licked the blood from eachother's faces as they ate.

"We might want to leave some evidence and call the police. That way they can ID who this asshole was and give the victim's family closure in know he was eaten by some big animal."

"I usually hate leaving a meal unfinished but your right." Sundance said licking his lips.

They went home and showered off first and then went back to call in the discovered bodies.

They were questioned and the police roped off the area. The sun was starting to rise when they were done.

"Man we stayed out all night." Butch laughed.

"Ya we did. I like spending the nights together with you."

Butch smiled at them and grabbed their hand as they walked.

When they did make it home Sleeper sat on their bed with a book and had Butch nap next to them as they read. They gently pet Butch as he slept. No night terrors this time.

Chapter Text

It was such a stupid idea.

Evan's friends had dared him to spent a night in the backwoods. Everyone at school said the woods where haunted and a cackling ghost with razor sharp teeth and blood all over its body lived in them. Kids would dare each other to go into the woods and see how long they lasted. Evan's friends dared him and he accepted no problem. I mean, he already knew the ghost was most likely one of his neighbors so he was totally safe.

Except then he got lost.

His phone told him it was 3 am and he wanted to at least make sure he got home before his mom got up. His gps wasn't working. Something about these woods blocked cell and internet signals. Probably made them spookier but now was just annoyed.

He wanted to go home. He was so hungry and tried. Why did he agree to go into these stupid woods.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure.

Tall, thin, white and covered in blood.

"...Sundance!" Evan shouted, praying to god it was him.

The figure perked up and turned around. It lunged towards him and landed directly infront of him. Evan never thought there would be a point in his life where he would be happy to see a serial killer but here he was facing his crazy neighbor.

"Thank god its you! I'm so lost." Evan sighed happily.

"Boy the fuck you doin' out here! It's an hour hike to town!" Sundance said licking some blood off his arm.

"My... friends dared me to go into the woods and I got lost." Evan looked too the floor, embarrassed to say it outloud.


"Hey shut up! There is a rumor about these woods being haunted and they thought it was cool I was so willing to do it."

"Ya thats cuz you know there are things in this world much scarier than ghosts." Sundance finished cleaning the blood off his body and licked his lips.

"Can you help me get home?"



Sundance laughed. "I'm gonna help you help yerself get home."

Evan looked at him confused.

Sundance laughed. "Now where are ya boy?"

"I have no clue"

"Yes ya do. Where are ya standin' right now?"

"I'm... in the backwoods?"

"Correct! Now where are the backwoods relative to yer house?"


"West boy! The woods are west of yer house."

"Ok ok so?" Evan said a little frustrated

"Soooo which way do you need to go to get home then?"

"I don't know."

"Oh my stars do they not teach y'all anythin' in school? Ya need to go east boy!"

"Ok but how do I figure out which way is east?"

Sundance extended one clawed finger upward and pointed to the sky. Evan looked up.

"The sky?" Evan said.

"We're gonna use the stars ta navigate." Sundance knelt down next to him and turned back into Butch. He grabbed his shoulder and pointed with his other arm. "Ya see that formation of stars. I'm hopin' ya at least know what one."

"Thats the big dipper!"

"Good good now see the tip of it? Draw an imaginary line from it about 5 times the length and you should see a big bright star" Butch guided him with his arm.

"I see it! Is that the north star?"

"Yup it is kiddo. So now you know that's north."

"But I need to know east."

"...Oh my stars school is useless. They are settin' you kids up to die. How the fuck do you not know cardinal directions?"

Evan blushed. Butch knelt on the ground and drew a cross in the dirt. He labeled it with the directions of a compass. "See this way is north. That means opposite is south. West to the left. And east is to the right."

"Oh! So now we just need to walk east!"

"There ya go" Butch ruffled his hair. They started their trek home.

"Can't you like, carry me home?"

"What am I, public transit? No yer gonna walk your ass back home. Its obvious that you need a man in yer life to toughen you up."

"You wear dresses and make up. I don't think you count."

"Boy attire has nothin' to do with manhood. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn't know how to be a man. Yer momma is more of a man than most men. And I'm teachin' ya today what it means."

Evan raised an eyebrow and the his stomach rumbled.


"Not for whatever you were eating."

Butch laughed. "Ok how about a snack? You like mushrooms?"

"They are ok"

Butch searched around on the ground and picked a few. "Here eat these."

"How do you know they aren't poisonous?"

"Trainin' I'll teach you how to do that a later night."

Evan ate his mushrooms as they walked and Butch handed him a large tree branch. "Here use this. Ground's uneven and you don't want to twist an ankle."

"Thanks Butch. You know a lot about this stuff."

"I lived in the woods for years. You kinda hav'ta."

"Why did you live in the woods?"

"Family died, I was the same age as you actually when they did."

Evan stared at Butch while they walked. "I... can't image doing that myself. Did you still have Sunny back then?"

"No I was entirely alone. I didn't meet Sunny till I was in my late twenties."

"You lived alone in the woods that long?"

Butch nodded. "Didn't have a choice."

They were silent for a while.

"Is that why you kill people? Because you were alone?"

Butch chuckled. "Maybe part of it. I think it started more with the fact that for the first 8 years of my life my father beat me mercilessly."

Evan was shocked. "That sucks, I'm sorry Butch."

"I got him back in the end. I hunted him down and killed him just as he was about to kill my mom."

"Wow you saved her life."

"Wish she saw it that way. She hated me till the day I left my dimension."

"Why did she hate you? You saved her."

"Because apparently I look just like my dad. I hate that. I'm always carryin' the baggage of other men because I look like them."

"Butch your life... kinda sucks."

Butch turned back to look at Evan a little shocked and then he cackled. "Ya it does don't it? Its gotten a lot better the last year though. This is the happiest I've ever been... I... I feel like I don't deserve it."

Evan frowned. "If anyone deserves it you do Butch. You finally have some peace."

"Evan I'm a monster. Monsters don't deserve peace."

"You're not a monster!"

Butch suddenly turned around as Sundance "Oh really!?" He snarled "I look pretty monstrous!"

Evan jumped back a bit on surprise but steeled himself. "Y-you have had a rough life, you do bad things but for good reasons. You're saving me right now. I know you! You work hard everyday just to function in a society you were never a part of. You're not a monster and you deserve better!"

Sundance stared into Evan's eyes and clicked his teeth. Evan refused to look away and frowned. Sundance smiled and pulled away.

"Leason one of bein' a man. Hold your ground when yer right, back down when you are wrong." Butch hugged Evan. "I don't believe in god but if I was a prayin' man I would pray for you to be right."

Evan slowly hugged Butch back. Evan never realized how much muscle he had, and how many deep scars. He pulled back and nodded at Butch.

"I... I know I am. Butch you are messed up but you are good. Also... I take back what I said earlier. You are a man."

Butch chuckled softly and ruffled Evan's hair. "You're a good kid Evan. Thank you."


They eventually made it home. Karen was worried sick and squeezed the life out of Evan.

"Where were you!" She demanded.

Evan shuttered and looked back at Butch.

"Lesson two of bein' a man. Don't lie to your mom boy."

Evan swallowed and nodded. "Mom... my friends dared me to spend a night in the woods and I got lost. Butch found me and saved me."

Karen sighed. "First thing thank god you are ok. Two you are grounded for a week and three thank you Butch you're my hero."

Butch smiled meekly. "I'm just doin' my best ma'am. That's all..."

"No you did great Butch. You taught me how to not get lost again and you made sure I got home safe. Don't belittle that! You did good." Evan said going up to him.

Butch blushed and looked away. "Damn it kid... if I ever have another kid I hope they are like you." Butch pat his head.

"Wait you're a dad!" Evan said.

"Was... I was a dad."

"... God your life sucks Butch." Evan gave him another hug. Butch hugged him back.

"Thanks for makin' it a lil better kid."

Chapter Text

Karen's sister Beth was getting married and Karen was holding the reception in her house. The boys weren't invited to the ceremony but they were to the reception. They had picked out a nice gift together and all worn suits.

"Karen thanks for having us." Eddie said.

"Oh of course! If it were my wedding I would have invited you to the ceremony too but I didn't want to overstep."

"Hey Evan lookin' sharp!" Butch said. Evan blushed, he was in a suit himself with a badly tied tie.

"Thanks I'm surprised you aren't in a dress." Evan said.

"I don't know yer aunt very well and this is her special day. Can't distract people from the bride." Butch winked.

Sleeper was already sitting waiting for the dinner to start, tapping their fingers on the table excitedly. Beth thanked everyone for coming while the food was being served. The boys stopped paying attention to the festivities and talked quietly at their table towards the back.

"This is good!" Sleeper said with a mouth full.

"Sleeper I taught you better than that." Eddie said.

"No. No you didn't." Sleeper said stealing some food from Eddie's plate.

"Wish I could have given you a wedding Eddie." The symbiote sighed inside him

Eddie chuckled. "Well we got to say our vows and have a honeymoon. But I would have liked to cut the cake with you, seen you all dressed up and have our first dance."

"Want to dance with you Eddie." The symbiote did a flip around his heart.

"Do you remember our first kiss?"

"Yes. You were very grumpy back then. Needed to lighten up."

"I'm still grumpy. I'm made of anger and grumpiness." Eddie said with a smirk.

"Eddie is made of love. Eddie is made of everything beautiful in this world."

Eddie blushed hard and stuffed his mouth full.

"Sleeps look. Mommy and Daddy are flirtin'." Butch said elbowing Sleeper. Sleeper giggled.

"Oh shut up you two." Eddie said with a frown.

Beth and her husband cut the cake.

"Eddie Eddie Eddie we need a real wedding!" The symbiote chirped.

"You just want a giant cake."


Eddie laughed into his hand as to not interupt.

The boys all enjoyed their cake as Beth had her dance with her father and then her first dance with her husband. Eddie watched with with misty eyes. Sleeper got the group beers from the bar and Eddie sipped as he watched. His other hummed softly to the music inside him.

The DJ started playing music for everyone to dance too and Butch pulled Sleeper to the floor. They danced together and Eddie watched. Evan even joined them and at one point Karen even slow danced with Butch.

The night rolled on and soon almost everyone had left. The boys stayed to help clean up. Eddie's other snaked over to Butch and whispered into his ear.

"What?... Oh! Ya sure." Butch said running over to the DJ booth. "Evan when I give the signal hit play."

Evan nodded and went over.

"What are you two up too?"

"Mommy wants a dance with her hubby." Butch said and extended his arm to Eddie.

His other left him and bonded with Butch, surrounding him entirely. He looked like Venom but with Sundance's frame and hips. Sunny, still bonded to Butch as well, turned into an elaborate flowing wedding gown. Evan hit play and Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night" started to play.

"Eddie. Will you dance with me?" Venom said.

"Oh... oh love you look enchanting." Eddie grabbed Venom's hips and began to sway.

Venom rested their head against Eddie's chest and wrapped their arm's around Eddie's neck.

"You are too beautiful love." Eddie whispered.

"Stay with me forever Eddie."

"Always dearest. Always."

Sleeper sighed happily and watched their parents dance. Karen and Evan smiled to eachother and even Bill thought it was kind of cute.

The song slowly came to an end and Eddie looked deep into his other's eyes.

"I love you darling."

"I love you too Eddie."

Eddie gave them a deep passionate kiss. His chest felt so full it might burst. He kissed them with more passion and love than he ever had before. His other moaned softly into Eddie, quivering slightly. Eddie pulled them closer, pressing them closer to him.

He wanted them to know, to feel his love for them. He was their's forevermore and he wanted them to feel it. Even though they weren't currently bonded he swear he felt a wave of love push back into him. No matter how far apart, no matter how separate, they were one, they were truely married. The symbiote transferred back to him mid kiss and Eddie pulled away from Butch.

"...Wow." Butch was red in the face and out of breath. ""

Eddie chuckled and pated Butch's shoulder. "Thanks for the dance Butch."

Butch sputtered and for once had nothing to say he just smiled.

Eddie walked home that night singing "Strangers in the Night" to his other.

Chapter Text

Flash rang the door bell and waited. He heard a dog barking and when Eddie opened the door Coco jumped out and licked Flash all over his face.

"Hey girl! Good to see you too!" Flash scratched her and patted her side" Flash said as the dog almost knocked over his chair.

"Hey Flash! Coco down!" Eddie said. Coco rolled off of Flash and ran around his chair in circles.

"Hey Eddie. The guys all here?" Flash said wheeling in.

"Yup, I ordered Chinese too." Eddie pulled Coco back inside and closed the door.

Butch and Sleeper were waiting on the couch.

"Hey Flash. So what is this bullshit 'bout again?" Butch said.

"It isn't bullshit its basically a S.H.I.E.L.D. evaluation of how you guys are doing." Flash said pulling out a tablet.

"Why? We haven't done anything." Sleeper said.

"I don't know if you guys are aware but you both are symbiotes/symbiote users that have the same power level/literally are Carnage." Flash said

"...So?" Butch said.

"The guy is listed in S.H.I.E.L.D.s data base as a 'possible apocalyptic threat'. And you two are just, living, in a suburban neighborhood in Philadelphia. That would be like if Thanos got a condo in Queens and we all just ignored him so he could run a book club and grow tomatos on his fire escape in peace." Flash said

Sleeper and Butch laughed.

"So why are they having you do this Flash? This sounds like just standard book keeping." Eddie said sitting down.

"Two reasons actually. One I'm your friend so they think it would be easier for you three to open up to me. And two because... well if things go south they think I could handle myself enough to get away." Flash said

Butch growled. "The fuck do I have to do to get the assholes to stop treatin' me like the anti-christ!? I'm not Carnage! I haven't done any of the shit he has! Fuck I didn't even kill my mom or grandma when I had the chance!"

"Didn't you kill your dad?" Sleeper said.

"Shut up Sleeps that's not the point!"

"Woah woah Butch I agree. You have more than proven yourself to me. Sadly though S.H.I.E.L.D.s whole thing is being overly cautious so they are most likely going to treat you like him forever. I think the only reason they haven't just locked you away if they are afraid you'll team up with Carnage as revenge." Flash said.

Butch let out an angry screech and flopped back on the couch. "They are lucky I don't 'Unleashed the Carnage' on their asses right now for never leavin' me alone!"

Sleeper pet his very angry brother. "There there."

"Butch you don't really help your case when you threaten the very people saying you're a threat." Eddie said.

Butch sighed. "Alright... lets start lets shit show."

Flash hit record on his tablet. "Alright so basically they jusy want me to hang out with you guys and chat. They think it would be better to just have you act normally."

"Alright that's easy! Pass me the fried rice!" Sleeper said.

"Hows life been treatin' you Flash?" Eddie asked

"Its been pretty good! Glad it's summer's here. "

"I can agree to that. Andi still doing good in her studies?" Eddie said.

"She complains a lot but she is doing great."

"Thats good." Said Sleeper.

"Hey do they teach cardinal directions in school?" Butch asked.

"I'm pretty sure they do." Flash said.

"Fuckin' Evan. Boy needs to pay attention more that shit is important." Butch stuffed his mouth in anger.

"Who's Evan?" Flash said.

"He's our neighbor's son. He actually goes to our school. You'll most likely have him in your class next year since you teach the juniors and seniors." Eddie said.

"Oh cool you guys get along with your neighbors." Flash smiled.

"Ya the family across the street is great. I trust them almost as much as I trust Pops and Sleeps." Butch said.

"There's the mom Karen and her husband Bill and their son Evan." Sleeper said.

"Wow that's fantastic."

"Hey Flash we were thinking of having a 4th of July barbecue and inventing you, Andi, Pete, Mary Jane, and Miles. You interested?" Eddie said.

"Oh ya that would be great!"

"Just please tell S.H.I.E.L.D. not to attack this one... my hair still hasn't made a full recovery since the last barbeque we tried to have." Butch no longer needed Sunny to work as a braid but his hair only went to his shoulders now.

"Sorry again about that. All that happened when I was out of town and I feel like an asshole. I can't believe they cut your hair they could have just put you in a straight jacket." Flash sighed.

"I can believe it. To cut another person hair is to cut off part of who they are. Change them and say 'I have power over who you get to be'. It was a power play. They wanted to demoralize me so I wouldn't fight back." Butch growled.

"I'm going to ask the same thing Evan did, are you sure you didn't take some sort of philosophy class?" Sleeper asked.

Butch laughed. "No! I just had a lot of time to think when I was younger. Lot of lonely nights."

"I spent my lonely nights watching bad movies and visiting convenient stores..." Sleeper said.

The guys all laughed. They finished eating and Butch snuggled up to Sleeper and rested against him with a sigh.

"Butch made dessert we'll go get it." Eddie said.

"I'm going to stop the recording I think thats more than enough." Flash said.

"I hope our test results are good Flash." Butch said hugging Sleeper.

"I'm sure you did great. Honestly you guys seem to have settled perfectly into domestic life."

"I hope so. I love my domestic life. This is the first time in 20 years I have been at peace. I... I deserve peace." Butch choked out into Sleeper's arm.

Sleeper grabbed Butch and held him close, knowing how hard that was for him to say.

Flash rolled over and rubbed his back. "Hey there buddy. Oh course you deserve it. We all know how hard you work. You're doing good Butch."

Butch smiled at him and Eddie brought out a plate of cake and icecream for everyone.

"Everything alright in here?" Eddie said as his other stole the entire cake slice off their plate.

"Ya. You might want to get yourself another slice though Dad." Sleeper giggled.

"Darling can you at least wait till I sit down?"

"No! Get two slices this time."

Everyone laughed and they enjoyed their desserts.

Flash suddenly got a phone call and he picked up. "Hello? Ya... ok I'll tell him. Butch, S.H.I.E.L.D. is offering to get you therapy. They will cover all expenses and charges including medication."

Butch chuckled. "Of course they fuckin' are."

"Butch you should consider it. It might really help you." Eddie's other said.

"I. Don't. Trust. S.H.I.E.L.D." Butch said stabbing his cake.

"What if I came with? Made sure nothing happened?" Flash said.

Butch stood up and walked over to Flash and sniffed him. Flash looked concerned but let him do what he needed. He slowly hugged him and sighed. "Ok... I'll go if you go."

Flash smiled and rubbed his head. Eddie had told him about the hair thing.

They wrapped things up for the night and Butch had an appointment with a therapist in a few days. They all wished Flash a good night and he wheeled out. Flash really enjoyed his meeting with his friends and just hoped he could keep his promise.

Chapter Text

Butch was fidgeting constantly in the office as he and Flash waited.

"I'm goin' to make a request for our next meetin' IF there is a next meetin' to have it outside." Butch said.

Flash chuckled. "That might be a good idea."

A woman with long straight blonde hair and thick framed glasses opened the door. "Oh hello you must be Butch. I'm Dr. Walters." She smiled and extended a hand slowly.

"...I fuckin' knew it." Butch snarled and cackled.

Dr. Walters looked confused.

"Yer Cletus's psychologist! I saw his chart when they locked me up with him!" Butch was laughed on the couch. "I fuckin' knew there was a catch! S.H.I.E.L.D. is just using me to get to Cletus!"

Dr. Walters bite her lip and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Well don't just stand there sit down! Lets get started sweetheart." Butch sat back up. "If yer gonna use me I'm gonna use you. Oh right pro tip number one. Don't try pettin' him like people pet me to calm him down. That only works on me cuz of my aunt. Anyone tries that with him is gonna loss a limb."

Dr. Walters smiled and sat down. "I have to admit it's strange talking to you after spending so much time with Cletus. You're movements are similar but different. You even both called me 'sweetheart' upon first meeting me. Its like your identical twins, two different people who just look the same."

"Ya know what do that. Call me his twin. Thay is so much better than just bein' treated the same as him." Butch smiled.

"Alright I'll make a note of that." She wrote on a little pink clipboard. "So Butch is there anything you'd like to talk about first?"

"Yes, you actually. Are you comfortable around me?" Butch asked.

"Yes I'm fine thank you. Now this is your therapy session lets talk about you."

Butch paused and sat up. "Alright. So should we start with my childhood or when I was held captive by Serum? I have a lot of baggage."

"What is hurting you right now Butch. What pain do you need to talk about most?"

Butch paused and then sighed laying back against thd couch. "My biggest pain right now. When I... was held captive, I got pregnant. I gave birth to 'nother kid and... he... he made me kill them before I even knew their name."

Flash was shocked and slowly pat Butch's leg. "Their name was Raze. They died in this dimension too. Butch, I'm sorry for your loss."

Butch covered his face with a hand. "Shit." They all stayed quiet for a bit while Butch regained his composure.

"I haven't even told the guys that... I feel guilty."

"No don't feel guilty Butch. Sometimes you just need the right environment to talk about trauma. Especially something so tragic." Dr. Walters said.

Flash rubbed his shoulder gently.

"I do feel a bit better finally talkin' 'bout it. I'll have to talk to Pops and Sleeper when I get home. Thanks Flash I'm ok." Butch said.

Flash smiled at him.

"This is a very good breakthrough for you Butch. Now is their anything else you want to talk about?"

"Hmm well I should tell you some of my symptoms. I have insomnia and when I do sleep I get night terrors. I disassociate at times. I have traumatic flash backs. I self harm, usually through bitin'. I can't stand people who I don't know touchin' me but I'm overly affectionate with people I'm comfortable with. I get sensory overload easily. I hate bein' inside fer too long. And of course, I have an urge to hurt and kill people."

Dr. Walters was scribbling madly on her clip board. "Alright good good you have a lot of the same symptoms as Cletus but a few different ones. One thing I've knowticed is you have the ability to feel empathy while he does not."

"Different traumas and amount of exposure I'm guessin' though I think some of this is genetic. You know my father tried to kill me and my mother correct?"

"Yes I'm aware."

"I got to kill the bastard and Cletus didn't, he died before he could in this dimension. I know me endin' him brought me a lot of closure in my life. I imagine it causes him a lot of stress that he never got to."

Dr. Walters went back to scribbling.

Butch chuckled. "You are an extraordinarily cute woman."

Dr. Walters looked up at him as if she was waiting for more. "Thank you Butch."

"Butch don't flirt with your therapist." Flash elbowed him.

"I'm not, she is just a good lookin' woman and I want to compliment her!"

Dr. Walters straighten up a little surprised. "You know Cletus actually asked me to 'come in the cell and have a good time' with him so I was waiting for you to do the same."

Butch turned red. "Damn it Cletus."

Dr. Walters giggled "It's fine. Its just another example of how you turned into different people. Honestly I was going to ask you if it would be alright if I wrote a paper on you after a few more sessions."

"I would love that actually. Show these S.H.I.E.L.D dip shits I'm not the same as him."

"Also I'm prescribing you a sleep aid, an antidepressant and an anti-anxiety medication." She signed her hand and handed him the paper work.

"Thank you doctor. These won't hurt Sunny right?" Butch pocketed the prescription.

"I use the same ones on Cletus and his symbiote seems fine."

Butch leaned forward. "If yer lyin' to me you already know I'm a dangerous man. S.H.I.E.L.D won't save anyone from my wrath if anythin' happens to my Sunshine."

Dr. Walters didn't move and inch and stared him down. "I promise you, your symbiote will be fine."

Butch sat perfectly still and stared into her eyes. Flash was sweating bullets. Finally Butch pulled back with a laugh. "I like you Dr. Walters yer a mighty fine lady."

"Thank you Butch its been a pleasure to meet you. If you like I can pencil you in for another appointment in a month?"

"Sure sure this went pretty well. Anyway we can do it outside?"

Flash sighed in relief.

Dr. Walters laughed. "I'll see about that."

Butch and Flash left her office together.

"That went so much better than I thought it would." Butch said

"How did it go in your head?"

"Well with a lot more screaming and me breakin' at least one table."

Flash laughed and clapped his back.

Chapter Text

Butch was in the bathroom looking at his new prescriptions.

"Ok... lets see how this goes. We will do the sleepin' pill later. First lets try the anti-depressants." Butch picked up the pill and swallowed. He stood there in silence.

"Hows it going Sunshine?"

She thrilled inside him. He was released new and different chemicals. She gave him the all clear to try the next pill.

Butch took his anti-anxiety meds. He waited.

"Oh... woah... Sunny? You ok?" He felt a bit dizzy.

Sunny giggled inside him. Her waves were bubbly and disjointed. They both suddenly felt loose and wobbly.

"Hmm this doesn't seem right." Butch flopped onto the sink. "...Pops!"

Eddie came in. "Butch?"

"Daddy my legs feel funny." Butch said barely standing.

"Oh shit um lets get you to bed." Eddie picked him up gently.

"Daddy. I love you." Butch gave him a kiss. "Can I sleep on your bed? You smell so nice." Butch giggled.

"Oh god I'm going to call your therapist." Eddie did take him to his bedroom though.

He found Butch's therapists numbers saved on his phone and called. Butch curled up next to Eddie and passed out.

"Hello Dr. Walters speaking."

"Oh wow you gave him a direct line to you." Eddie said

"Mr. Kasady? Yes I wanted to make sure in an emergency he could contact me quickly. Who is this?"

"This is Eddie Brock. I'm his roommate. I don't think he is reacting well to his medication."

"Oh dear that's odd. Cletus said they really helped him. Can you tell me what he is experiencing?"

"Well that explains it. Ma'am Butch is currently high as hell. I think Cletus likes the medicines you prescribed because of that."

"What!? Oh damn it. I'm sorry for my language Mr. Brock. I'll have to prescribe Butch something different. His medication should wear off in a few hours. If you could please monitor him?"

"Ya he is on my bed drooling on my leg currently. I can watch him."

"Thank you Mr. Brock. If his condition worsens take him to Urgent Care."

"Will do have a nice day Dr. Walters."

"Thank you. You too Mr. Brock." She hung up.

"Eddddie. Did you like my doctor?" Butch said peaking over Eddie's thigh.

"Yes she was very nice." Eddie pet Butch's head. "She said you are going to be pretty high for a while and this is all Cletus's fault."

"Woo hoo! That asshole did somethin' fun for once! Butch giggled.

Eddie sighed and his other snaked out.

"Must be powerful medicine if Sunny can't fight it off." Said his other.

"Sunny says she feels good and doesn't wanna stop!" Butch said.

"Great the symbiote is high too." Eddie said

Butch rested his head in Eddie's lap. "Daddy do you hate me?"

"What no, I already told you I don't." Eddie pet his head.

"Ok... I was afraid you you were lyin' to save my feelin'." Butch hugged Eddie's thigh. "I love you so much. It would suck of you hated me."

Eddie smiled. "No I love you too buddy. I hope you'll feel better soon." Eddie pet his head gently.

"Does Sleeper love me too? I love them."

"Yes Sleeper loves you too."

"Pops. That's three people who love me." Butch started crying. "I've never had that many people love me. I only had two when I was with my aunt and uncle and then when I just had Sunny only one person did. Three is so many. I'm so happy." Butch buried his face into Eddie's leg.

"Hey more people love you than three. Coco loves you and I think the neighbors love you too. And so do our friends"

Butch looked up at Eddie shocked. "That's so many. That's too many! What if I can't love them enough back? What if I don't have enough love in me to give back."

Eddie laughed. "Well Butch do you love them?"


"Then that's enough."

Butch smiled and snuggled Eddie more.


"I want to die!"

"Relax Butch, you were high. You didn't have any control over what you said."

"Correction. I want to eat Cletus and then die!"

Eddie laughed.

"This isn't funny!"

"I think it is. You were so cute being all concerned about if people loved you."

"Shut up shut up shut up shut up!" Butch tackled Eddie and bit his neck.

"Ow ow ow Butch calm down!" Eddie pulled at him but he clung to him. Butch growled into Eddie's throat. "Ugh you dramatic piece of shit. It was cute! I was touched you cared so much you little asshole!"

Eddie kicked Butch in the stomach and Butch coughed enough to let go. Eddie scowled. Butch panted and stared at Eddie. He turned red in the face.

"I think about that stuff a lot. That so many people care about me. I came into this world worthless and hated. I've never had so many people that tolerated me let alone liked me. I can't handle it." Butch said looking down. He crawled over and flopped into Eddie's lap. "Remember how upset I got on the campin' trip because I had too many emotions? Its like that 'gain but different. I'm not overwelmed by happy and sad. I'm overwhelmed by joy and fear. I'm overwhelmed by love."

Eddie smiled down and ran a hand through Butch's hair. "Its ok Butch. Love is a big emotion. It takes a lot out of us. Go ahead and rest."

Butch sighed and let Eddie pet him.

"Hey Eddie. Thank you for keepin' me safe."

"You called me Eddie, you must still be high."

"No I'm serious. I want you to know I mean it."

"I know you mean it Butch."

Butch closed his eyes and drifted slowly to sleep. Eddie let him stay there for a few hours while he relaxed with his other.

Chapter Text

"Happy Forth of July!" Peter said in the doorway holding a watermelon. MJ giggled next to him holding a box of cookies.

"Hey guys! Glad you can make it you're the last ones here." Eddie let them in.

Everyone was gathered in the backyard. Flash was sitting with Karen and Butch at a table. Andi, Miles, Evan and Sleeper were playing with Coco. Bill was at the grill.

"Hey Pete! Glad you could make it!" Flash said.

Karen and Butch where both wearing patriotic dressed. Karen jumped up and ran over when she saw Eddie come back with Peter and MJ.

"Hello it's so nice to finally meet you! I'm Karen Miller the boy's neighbor, this is my husband Bill and over there is my son Evan. The boys have told me so much about both of you!"

"Its a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Miller. I'm sure you already know but I'm Peter and this is MJ."

"It's so nice to meet you." MJ said shaking her hand.

"Well I'll let you both get settled in, here let me help you with those!" Karen took the watermelon and cookies.

"Karen you're a guest let us handle it." Eddie chuckled.

"Oh hush let me help!" Karen smiled.

"Hey nice to see you guys." Butch said as they sat down.

"Hows it going. I heard S.H.I.E.L.D was giving you some trouble." Peter said concerned.

"Ya they are assholes. It doesn't matter that I have helped defeat Carnage TWICE now, I'm still just as evil." Butch twitched his fingers and play growled.

"You should sue them. They had no right to cut your hair and mask you." MJ said.

"Well you see I would but that would bring to light the fact that I still kinda kill people, a lot. Doesn't matter if its vigilante work it's still murder. I'm in their pocket sadly."

"I'm still fighting for you behind the scenes Butch." Flash said.

"Ya I'll tell Spider-man what's going on and try to get him to help as well." Peter said.

"Woah woah woah wait!" Evan ran over. "You guys know Spider-man!?"

"Evan. We tried to kill the guy for years of course we know Spider-man." Eddie said.

"Well ya I mean as friends. You guys like know him as a friend?"

Peter smiled and held in a laugh. "Ya I work with him on a regular basis. I help design his tec and he lets me take up close pictures of him for the Daily Buggle."

"That's so cool."

"Evan. You are literally friends with three superhero aliens why does this impress you?" Butch said.

"Well I mean I think you guys are awesome but its Spider-man. THE Spider-man! That's amazing!"

Butch and Eddie scoffed and Peter snickered.

Sleeper ran over suddenly and hugged Peter. "Peter! I missed you!"

"Hey Sleeper how are you? You do know you can come visit me whenever right?" Peter hugged back.

"Sorry. I've been busy." Sleeper squeezed Peter tighter and purred loudly.

"Sleeper don't I get a hug?" MJ said.

Sleeper huged her and picked her up. "I missed you too MJ."

MJ laughed and pet Sleeper as they purred.


They sat around and chatted. Evan had brought snakes and sparklers and was lighting them with Miles and Sleeper.

"Geez these are hot!" Sleeper dropped his sparkler into the water bucket then had nearby.

"Ya they might not be so fun for symbiotes." Miles laughed.

"Any holiday that celebrates copious amounts of fire is too hot for symbiotes." Sleeper said.

"You guys want to see some real fireworks?" Andi said lighting her fists.

Sleeper ran behind Evan and Miles. Butch scooted his chair back.

"Andi put the hell fire away." Flash said.

"Pussys" Andi extinguished her fists.

Evan smiled and pat Sleeper. "Hey there its ok."

"You are all so impressive." Karen said.

"Well thank you Karen." Andi said with a smirk.

"It is pretty crazy that I've suddenly become friends with a ton of superheroes. Do you think its a sign that I'll get powers?" Evan said

"Well you live next to three adult symbiotes who are currently pretty healthy and two of them are in child bearing years." Peter said.

"No we are not giving symbiotes to Evan." Sleeper said.

Butch tensed up and gripped the table. Eddie noticed and went over to him.

"Butch you ok?" He whispered in his ear.

"I don't want to lose another child. I've lost so many." Butch said with panic in his voice.

Eddie gave Butch a hug and comforted him. Peter quickly changed the subject.

"So Sleeper guess what a week from today is?" Peter said.

"Our anniversary!" Sleeper ran over and hugged him.

Peter laughed. "That's right do you want to do anything special?"

"Can you, me and MJ go to pizza and a movie together? I'll fly up to New York for the day."

"This is why I love you Sleeper thats perfect." Peter laughed

"What does he mean by anniversary?" Evan asked.

"Peter and Sleeper bonded for a few months. This is the anniversary of the day they did." Miles said.

"Oh cool... wait... You're Spider-man!" Evan jumped up.

Peter stared at him pale.

"A year ago Spider-man got a black and green suit for a few months! That was Sleeper! And you look identical to Sleeper's current host who I know is from another dimension! Its just like Butch! Another dimension Peter Parker aka Spider-man!" Evan said.

"...Smart kid." Andi said.

"I guess the cats out of the bag" Peter laughed nervously.

"Oh my god you're Spider-man!" Evan was overjoyed and didn't know what to do. "C-can I shake your hand?"

"Sure sure" Peter said nervously. He shook Evan's hand. Evan squealed a little.

"Don't worry Peter, the Miller's are very good about keeping secrets. They have covered for the symbiote group a few times." Flash said.

"Wait wait... Miles you are totally the second Spider-man aren't you?" Evan said.

"Kid you ever think of becoming a detective?" Miles laughed.

"Ahhhhh!" Evan was so excited. "Can I get your guy's autographs?"

"Sure" Peter was laughing.

Eddie snorted with a huff and brought out some cardboard and a marker for Peter and Miles.

"MJ are you a hero too?" Evan asked.

"No I'm just along for the ride as much as you are." She smiled.

Suddenly a firework went off.

"Ah! Damn it those are the Smiths! I told them fireworks must be held off till 8 o'clock! We have veterans in the neighborhood!" Karen was so angry.

Flash was ok after everyone checked on him. Butch was not ok and was panicking.

"I-I didn't know I had this trigger." He panted.

Eddie covered him again in a hug. "Do you want to go back to my room with me?" Butch nodded and Eddie picked him up gently.

"Poor Butch. I was more worried about Flash I forgot he could possibly have problems with the fireworks." Karen said

"Honestly all of us have had traumatizing incidents in combat situations, so anyone of us could be triggered by fireworks." Peter said.

Eddie laid on the bed next to Butch and held him close. Butch slowly calmed down but was angry.

"I just want to enjoy the party." He said into Eddie's chest.

"I know Butch. Lets calm you down so you can go back." Eddie said already getting started massaging his scalp.

His other snaked out and so did Sunny. They both gently curled around Butch and hummed. Butch sighed happily at the comfort.

"Thank you guys." Butch gave Eddie a kiss on the chest. "I think I'm good now."

They went back to the party. Karen was on her cellphone ranting to the Smiths about breaking firework time.

"Karen it's ok now. I'm fine." Butch said to her.

"Oh wonderful!" He hung up and hugged Butch. "I felt so terrible and I was worried about you."

"I going to prepare something for Butch. Everyone please enjoy the party." Eddie said going back into the house.

"How about we break into the desserts?" MJ said.

They all enjoyed talking and eating together and 8 o'clock soon approached. Eddie came over to Butch and picked him back up.

"Pops, I have legs." Butch smirked at him.

"I know. But I also know you love it when I carry you." Eddie smirked.

Eddie took Butch into the basement where he had set up a pile of pillows and blankets along with smoothing candles, relaxing music and a bottle of sparkling grape juice since Butch's meds did not mix well with alcohol.

"Pops are you trying to seduce me? Because it's workin'."

"No you idiot I'm going to distract you from the fireworks." Eddie gently set him down in the blankets and poured him a glass.

Butch took a sip and smiled at Eddie. "Thanks Pops this is very sweet of you."

Eddie pet his head. "I'm going to get us some dessert plates all be right back."

Outside everyone was starting to enjoy the fireworks. Eddie grabbed two giant plates of desserts and went back to Butch. They sat together in the blanets and fed their symbiotes chocolates and cookies.

"You know Pops you don't have to miss the fireworks because of me. I'm find down here." Butch said into a cookie.

"To be honest Butch they set me off as well. I needed a breather."

Butch leaned over to Eddie and gave him a kiss. "Still. Your my hero."

Eddie blushed and then grabbed Butch and pulled him into an aggressive hug. "What are you doing kissing me? You cheeky ass."

Butch laughed and hugged back. The symbiotes thrilled and swirled around the two.

Chapter Text

The guys were all relaxing in the living room with Coco when they heard a loud bang.

"What now?" Eddie looked outside and the AC was smoking. "Shit... I'll call a repair guy."

"Dad its 102 F today. We are going to die." Sleeper said.

"I have an idea" Butch said "And I'll need your's and Evan's help."

They went over to their neighbors house and knocked. Evan answered and Butch grabbed him and dragged him over to his garage.

"Gah! Hello to you too! Geez could you at least tell me why I'm getting kidnapped?" Evan flailed trying to get free. "...Butch how are you so strong jesus your arms haven't even twitched."

"Kid I can bench 80 tons but that isn't the point. The point is we need your wagon."

"80 tons!" Evan said shocked.

"Focus Evan. Wagon. Now." Butch put him down.

"Why do you need a wagon?" Evan said opening his garage and pulling it out.

"We are goin' to walk to the grocery store and buy 20 bags of ice and a kiddy pool." Butch smiled.

"Your AC out or something?" Evam said

"The boy detective gets it again." Sleeper said.

"You know my mom would let you guys just stay over at our place till its fixed." Evan smiled as they started walking to the store.

"Ya but this is more fun." Butch laughed.

Sleeper sat in the wagon as Butch pulled it along. "Hows summer break goin' Evan?" Butch said.

"Its summer break, its always good." Evan said. "Can we get sodas at the store? I'm sweating like crazy."

"Sure think of it as your wagon rental fee." Butch chuckled.

"Butch can we get icecream bars?" Sleeper said.

"Sleeper you literally make 10 times my salary you can buy yerself whatever you want." Butch said.

Sleeper giggled.

They went in the store and started shopping.

"Lets get snacks!" Sleeper said.

Evan chuckled. "You guys act like half you age"

"I hope not I'm going to be four soon." Sleeper said.

"You're four!?" Evan said.

"Almost four." Butch said. "Sunny is about 5-10 years old."

"I thought you loved her how do you not know her age?" Evan said with a smirk.

Butch pulled Evan into a head lock and gave him a noggie. "Because ass hat, I was trapped on the ship of a genocidal psychopath for years travelin' from dimension to dimension. I have no idea how long I was trapped there or how old I am now!"

"Wow... Sorry Butch I forgot." Evan said looking away from Butch. "God I'm an ass. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."

Butch hugged him in his headlock and the let him go. "It's ok kiddo. I'm not askin' you to keep up with the bullshit that is my life."

Evan meekly smiled. "So how long do symbiotes live anyway?"

"We are effectively immortal." Sleeper said. "Our parent is over 6 million years old."

"What!? Seriously. That has to suck that means you outlive all your friends. Wait that means you outlive your hosts!" Evan said.

"We don't outlive our hosts. We repair them so much we stop their aging process. Its not as noticable yet but both Eddie and Butch look pretty good for 40." Sleeper said.

"For all I know I was trapped 20 years and I'm actually in my late 50s or somethin'." Butch laughed.

"Wow... that's crazy." Evan said. "Does time just not matter to you?"

"It matters it just doesn't effect us the same way." Sleeper said.

"I'm balls deep in the symbiosis thing, I feel as Sunny feels. The fact that I'm now immortal doesn't bug me at all." Butch said

"Will you guys miss me when I'm gone?" Evan said.

"What? Of course we will! You're great Evan!" Butch hugged him and so did Sleeper.

"Who knows maybe we will be watching over your grandkids for you." Sleeper said.

Evan smiled and hugged them "I never thought I would become friends with immortal aliens."

"Welcome to the madness kid." Butch laughed.


They started heading back with icecream in hand. They had their sodas sitting in the ice and Sleeper was carrying the pool.

"We should do this more often." Evan said inbetween bites.

"Ya so you can get more free icecream." Butch cackled

"Evan we you get older you should go on night walks with us!" Sleeper said.

"Night walks?"

"Sleeper can't sleep so he spends all night out. I join him sometimes." Butch said.

"That sounds fun. I'm planning on going to community college in the area so then I should be able to." Evan reached into the ice and pulled out his soda to drink.

They arrived back home to a naked Eddie fanning himself on the floor. His other was noodled around him groaning.

"Dad melted, we are too late." Sleeper said.

Butch picked up a bottle of iced cold rootbeer and ran over to Eddie pressing it into one of his nipples. Eddie yelped and punched Butch. Butch cackled.

Eddie growled and his other scooped up a bundle of ice. Eddie grabbed it and ran after Butch with two handfuls.

"Ah! No!" Butch was laughing as Eddie tackled him to the ground and rubbed the ice all over him. Butch yelped, moaned and whimpered at the attack, kicking his feet. Evan and Sleeper picked up too bags of ice and dumped them on both of them. Butch and Eddie screamed.

"Ok ok lets clean this up and set up the kiddy pool." Eddie said finally forming swim trunks.


They had the kiddy pool out back under the deck umbrella. Coco flopped next to them and they made her another water bowl so she could drink.

"This is much better." Sleeper said wiggling their toes in the pool.

Evan had stuck around and Butch came out of the kitchen with root beer floats for everyone.

"Thanks Butch these are nice." Eddie took a sip. Butch sat down next to him and sighed happily.

"So when is the AC repair guy getting here?" Sleeper asked.

"Tomorrow." Eddie said

"Screw that I'm so glad I'm flying to Peter's tonight." Sleeper laughed.

"Evan, think you're mom will let us stay the night?" Eddie asked.

Evan laughed. "I'll call her."

Karen is a gift of a woman and had already set out air mattresses for the boys when they got there.

Chapter Text

Sleeper was out of town and Butch had decided to go camping so Eddie and his other once again had the house to themselves. They were getting some much needed cleaning done.

Eddie had set up his laptop to play his favorite songs and was singing along. His other joined in when they knew the words. They mopped and cleaned the windows and would stop to dance with each other. When the living room was clean his other pushed him back onto the couch and dissolved his clothes.

"Eddie lets make the room dirty again."

Eddie laughed and pulled them into a deep kiss. They layed together and took it slow. His other was just enjoying cuddling more than anything but the soft fluxs of chemicals whenever they touched Eddie just in the right spots was euphoric. Eddie let himself relax and had his other rub his muscles and insides. He gently massaged their form and spent waves of love through their bond.

"This is nice. Maybe we should have slow sex more often." He brush his fingers along their form.

His other giggled and rubbed him gently. He rolled his head back and sighed. They spent most of the day together like that. His other slowly picked up the pace little by little until Eddie was on the edge and begging his other for release. His love purred and pulled him into their shower where they finally let Eddie have it.

They ordered take out sandwiches and Eddie melted into his bed exhausted.

"Eddie you look adorable right now." His out wrapped around him.

"I don't think I could handle doing that twice." Eddie panted.

The symbiote chuckled and pulled the laptop over. They picked their song and started singing to Eddie. Eddie smiled as his love's echoey voice tried to match Sinatra's. He brushed his fingers along their jaw and twirled it through their tongue. He leaned up and kissed it. The symbiote gazed into his eyes, their milky eyespots half closed. Eddie pulled them into a deep kiss and fell back on the bed.

Eddie drifted to sleep that night feeling nothing but the warm comfort of his other.


Butch was deep in the woods with Evan. He had offered to take him camping and Karen had said yes.

"I wonder if my mom ever thinks about the fact that she just said yes to letting her only son go on a camping trip, alone, with a known serial killer." Evan said putting his pack down.

"What Evan are you scared?" Butch let Sunny cover his face so his voice shifted to her more echoey one and he clicked his teeth.

"No you dork!" Evan pushed Sundance's face. "I'm not scared of you. I know you would never hurt me."

Butch stopped and stared at Evan and then cackled. "You know its crazy to think about. In this dimension I'm even scarier in a way. Cletus has done so much more than I ever have."

"Ya that guy is a creep."

"That guy is me."

"No he isn't you're different."

Butch scooped Evan up into a hug. Evan hugged back.

"You ok Butch?"

"Just... thank you for seeing me as myself."

Evan laughed and ruffled his hair. "Ok put me down ya weirdo."

Butch put him down and they got started on their tent.

"Hey Butch... can I try using Sunny?"

"Kiddo why would you want to do that?"

"I want to know what its like to have a symbiote!"

Butch paused and nodded to himself. "Ok she said she'll do it. Come here."

"Woah seriously?" Evan ran over and Butch pulled him into a hug. Sunny pooled into Evan and Butch gasped shaking.

"Fuck... I... I'm so empty."

"Woah should I give her back!?" Evan was scared. Sunny inside him was also concerned and begging Evan to help her love.

"I'm ok. I'm ok. I want to give you two some time." Butch fell back to sit on the ground and smiled.

"Well ok if you're sure. Hey um Sunny? Can we do the thing?"

Sunny laughed inside him at his awkwardness and covered his body.

"Woah! Wow I feel, I don't even know how to describe this." Evan flexed his fingers.

"Try running or climbing son." Butch said

Evan ran around and swung and climbed. He was thrilled and having a ball. Butch smiled watching him and coughed. He didn't want to tell Evan that Sunny acted as his blood and without her he was slowly dying. He could last pretty long without her but it was painful. The boy looked so happy and he knew he could trust him with Sunny. He felt his body starting to shut down. Eventually Evan came back and Sunny went back to Butch. It was like coming back from the dead.

"Hey Butch you ok you look really pale?" Evan said

"Ya I'm fine kiddo just give me a little bit. Could you get dinner started for me? I need a minute." Butch said as Sunny repaired his insides.

"Ya sure!" Evan ran over to their packs.

Butch smiled. He really did like that kid.


Sleeper was so excited to be back with Peter. It had been so long since he had been in New York. It was a little weird being in Peter's apartment but not his body though. Peter and Sleeper where waiting for MJ to finish her make up so they could go to pizza and a movie.

"Thanks for having me over Peter. I miss seeing you."

"Anytime Sleeper. I miss you too." Peter smiled and adjusted his tie.

"How have things been while I was gone?"

"Pretty good. MJ and I have been getting pretty serious. My Aunt thinks I should just marry her already since we already live together."

"Does she want you to have kids?" Sleeper asked

"Ya she thinks I would be a good dad. I'm not so sure though. What if I die on duty? Then I leave the kid without a father and MJ alone. I know what that is like and... its a scary thought. Also with me being Spider-man I will always be away."

Sleeper thought for a moment. "Hey Peter. If you ever do get married and have a kid, retire being Spider-man."

"What no I have a responsibility!"

"No you have a responsibility to your kid. And beside, you won't be going away anyway. Because if you have a kid-" Sleeper stood up and morphed into Peter's classic suit. "I will become Spider-man in your place."

"What!? Sleeper that's a huge commitment. Thats not just a year or two thats a life time commitment."

"What is a human life span to an immortal creature? Besides, I've been saving up from doing my bounty hunter work and my parent's house is already almost paid off. They have eachother and Butch for company. I wouldn't mind coming up here and sticking near you. I worked with you as Spider-man before. I know the deal. Live your life Peter. You already paid your debt. Your uncle would want you to do this."

Peter paused and sighed. "Ok... if somehow someway in the future I have a kid, you can be the next Spider-man."

Sleeper cheered and hugged him. MJ came into the room. "What I miss?"

"If you two have a baby I get to be Spider-man!"


"I missed a lot apparently." MJ laughed.

Chapter Text

It was before school and Eddie and Flash were in the teacher's lounge together. Butch had made them a special 'back to school' breakfast and lunch so they were eating together.

"You do realize Butch has basically become your weird wife?" Flash said.

"I already have a weird wife. I don't know what Butch is to me, our relationship is complicated. He says back in his dimension we were just friends with benefits but I'm starting to doubt that. I can tell he loves me in a romantic fashion." Eddie took a bite of breakfast burrito.

"Do you?" Flash said raising an eyebrow.

"I honestly don't know. I know I love the man but when I look at him I feel so many different things. I don't think I can ever label our relationship. He's my Butch. I'll love him in my own way."

Flash smiled. "Have you slept together?"

"Not yet. I'm not ready for that."

"I would if he cooked for me like this everyday, holy shit."

Eddie laughed. "You would do gay for Butch's cooking?"

"Yes. Besides he is gender fluid and looks pretty great in a dress." Flash stole some of Eddie's food.

Eddie laughed. "Oh ya you are going to have Evan in your class today."

"How is he anyway? Anything I should worry about? I've only met him a few times"

"He is a good kid. Little head strong but good. I think you'll like him."

"Good he seemed nice when I saw him. You know it doesn't matter how many times I do this I always get a little nervous."

"Really now? You fight crime yet teenagers scare you?"

"Which would you rather face? A robber or a pack of teenagers?"

Eddie took a bite of food and thought. "The robber."

"See!? Teenager scare the living shit out of me."

"That's a My Chemical Romance song you know."

"You listen to My Chemical Romance?"

"I listen to a little of everything. I'm a music man baby."

Flash laughed.


Summer ended too quickly and it was a new school year. Evan was a junior this year and was slowly getting back into the swing of things. He was on his way to P.E. he had Flash as a teacher. He got changed and headed to the gym.

"Hey guys my name is Coach Thompson and I'm going to be your P.E. teacher for the semester."

Flash continued speaking and one of Evans friends elbowed him up in the bleachers.

"Evan this is so stupid. How can he teach P.E. without legs?" They said.

"Hey shut up, Flash is awesome."

"Dude he is just some old fart why do you care."

"He is a cool guy. He used to play football and he is really nice."

"If you like him so much why don't you marry him Evan? They probably gave him his job out of pity."

Evan stood up and punched the other kid hard in the nose.

"Woah woah! Miller, Greyson, get down here now!" Flash said.

Evan and the other kid, who had a bloody nose, came down.

"Miller you want to explain why you punched him?" Flash said

Greyson flashed Evan a look and Evan frowned at him.

"He was making fun of you and I got sick of hearing it."

Flash's face softened for only a second. "Thank you Evan but I can't have you punching other students. Greyson go to the nurse, Evan head to the dean's office."

Evan nodded and started walking there.

"You are so dead Evan." Greyson said.

"You take punches like a bitch." Evan said.

Greyson swung at Evan but he dodged. Over the summer Butch had taken him on more camping trips and one of the things he taught him was self defense. Evan grabbed Grayson's extended arm and flipped him onto his back.

"Boys! What did I just say!" Flash rolled over.

"This time was self defense sir, he tried to punch me!"

"He called me a bitch!"

"Nurse! Dean! Now!" Flash said.

The boys finally got to their destinations.

Eddie visited Flash after classes after he talked to the dean.

"I heard Evan got detention on the first day."

"Ya apparently his friend was making fun of me for being disabled so he gave him a bloody nose. You were right about him being headstrong."

Eddie sighed. "Oh god, he us turning into one of us."

"Ya he is." Flash chuckled

Chapter Text

"I can't believe you lost Coco" Eddie said to Sleeper.

"I thought she would stay. Butch trained her to stay." Sleeper sobbed.

"Ya I trained her to stay when you say 'stay' not 'sit tight Coco I'm gonna get a cheese steak'." Butch said.

They boys were walking the neighborhood looking for Coco. The sun was starting to set and they had informed all the neighbors. Butch put two fingers in his mouth and gave a sharp whistle. Sunny popped out and bit his ear.

"I know you hate that noise Sunshine but I'm tryin' to get her attention."

"I'm surprised how much she bites you." Eddie said.

"Its love bites." Butch whistled again and Sunny bit him again. "Ow. The more I bleed the more I know she loves me."

"Squeeee!" Sunny shrieked at him.

Eddie chuckled and shouted out for Coco.

Sleeper whimpered. They felt so terrible.

"Don't worry we will find her." Eddie patted Sleeper's back.

"What if she returned to the wild where we found her! What if she doesn't want to come home." Sleeper sobbed.

"Sleeper she is too dumb to live in the wild. Most likely she is just lost and confused. Honestly you should start fill the air with yer pheromones. She will smell it and find us."

"Ok I'll try." Sleeper said.

Butch whistled again and this time Sunny started choking him. He coughed and struggled against her. "Ok ok I'll stop!" He choked out.

Sunny released him and he coughed. "You fuckin' bitch I could have died!"

Sunny growled and bit Butch's face.

"What is your problem tonight! We never act like this! Why are you freakin' out!" Butch screamed.

"She is worried about Coco isn't she? You are too." Eddie said.

Butch and Sunny both looked shocked and stared at eachother. Butch cackled and grabbed his wife giving her a kiss. "Babe we are idiots. I promise we will find the dog."

Sunny whimpered in his hands and kissed him a few more times.

"Ya ya I forgive you." Butch said softly inbetween kisses.

Sleeper smiled softly and then perked up. They heard a noise and bolted in the direction of it. They got closer and closer to the barking and when they turned the corner there she was.

"Coco!" Sleeper scooped her up and snuggled her. She licked their face all over and beat her tail.

"I was so worried I'd never see you again!" Sleeper buried their face in her fur.

"Ah good you found her." Eddie smiled and pet Coco.

"See? Stupid dog was just lost." Butch smiled.

Sleeper laughed and squeezed Coco tighter. Coco slept in their room that night on their bed while they snuggled her.

Chapter Text

Evan had gotten rather friendly with some of the popular kids after punching Greyson. He felt bad about it but was always willing to make more friends. It was a Friday and his new friends had invited him to go to a club. He told his mom he was going out and would be home before curfew and got in his friend's car. The one driving's name was Josh and shotgun was Taylor and next to him was Pedro. He fist bumped Pedro when he got in.

"So Evan you ever been clubbing before?" Josh said

"No why?"

"Well you at least dressed the part but now you gonna play the part. Luckily you got some muscle during summer apparently and you're tall so you should get in fine." Josh continued while Taylor handed him a fake ID.

"Woah we are going to a real club! I thought it was a teens club. Also this ID is really good who made it?"

Taylor hummed with pride. "I have mad Photoshop skills."

They arrived. They all had no problem getting in. Josh ordered them drinks and Evan sniffed his. "Dude these have booze in them?"

"Ya man we are gonna have fun!" Josh said taking a sip.

Evan sighed and sipped as well. Butch had let him have a few beers when they went camping so he didn't think it would be a big deal. He choked a little though. "What is this 40 proof!?"

"Wow Evan you know proofs?" Pedro sipped his drink a little made a face at the taste.

"Ya man. What are you guys pussys? We are gonna party!" Josh said

Evan pushed his drink away. One sip was more than enough. Honestly he was regretting coming and was hoping if he explained himself to the Brocks they would let him use their shower. His friends downed more and more drinks. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up. Butch was standing over him in a red dress.

"Hey sug come here often?"

Josh, Taylor and Pedro all watched with wide eyes.

Butch grabbed him and dragged him over to the bathrooms "The hell are you doin' here son!"

"I was going to ask you the same thing!"

"I go clubbin' sometimes! Do your friends know this is a gay club on the last Friday of the month?"

"No. No they do not. Honestly they just want booze. I just wanna go home. I thought we were going to a teen club." Evan sighed.

Butch smiled at him. "Listen. Dont drink anythin' else, I'll keep an eye on you guys. Try to convince them to go home or just say you are leavin'. If you just want to stay till they are done I'll make sure you all get home safe. I won't tell yer mom I can tell when yer lyin' to me boy and I know yer not right now."

Evan hugged him "Thanks Murder Dad."

Butch laughed. "That my new nickname?"

"If you want it to be." Evan went back to his friends.

When he got there though a group of men were grabbing his friends. They grabbed him too.

"Hey where we going?" Evan asked

"Josh says he got us into the VIP section!" Taylor said.

They got lead to the back and up some stairs but when they were let into a room it was a dirty office, not a VIP room. The men shoved them inside and infront of the desk. A very large fat man sat at the desk and stood up.

"Josh. Where's my money?" He said

"I-I don't have it!" Josh was pale.

The man grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and lifted him. Evan noticed that the other men thay had brought them in had guns.

"You think I'll go easy on you just cus your some punk kid? You owe me Josh and your gonna pay me now." The man said.

"Josh whats going on?" Pedro asked scared. They three of them were very drunk and not sure what was happening.

"Shut up!" One of the guard hit him.

"This little bitch owe me big for dust money and he hasn't paid up." The large man said throwing Josh to the ground.

"Dust...? Like Angel Dust? Josh you do cocaine!?" Evan said, he was pissed now.

Josh backed into a corner on his hands and knees.

"Yes he does and the little junkie is gonna pay me back." The large man pulled out a knife.

Evan got infront of Josh before he come think about what he was doing. "W-wait!"

The large man grabbed Evan's neck and lifted him off the floor. "Oh do you want to take his place kid?"

Suddenly the office door was kicked in and there was Butch covered in someone's blood. "Put the kid down."

"Who the hell is this asshole?" The large man said.

"Put. The kid. Down!" Butch barked.

The large man stabbed Evan in the ribs and dropped him to the floor. Evan grabbed the spot and curled up into a little ball. His ears rang from pain.

He winced and closed his eyes for a moment but when he opened them he thought he was in a different room. Everything was red. He looked up and every adult in the room was dead, their bodies cut into ribbons and scattered across the floor. Evan just realized he was drenched in blood. Josh, Taylor, and Pedro were passed out in the corner but breathing. Evan turned his head to look behind him and Butch had the large man pinned to the wall with four of Sunny's tendrils.

"Bu-Butc-" Evan looked at Butch's face.

Butch's eyes were shot open and souless looking. His face was twisted up into a grin that looked almost painful. He didn't look like Butch.

"P-please man don't kill me." The large man begged.

Butch cackled loudly. Evan winced, that wasn't Butch's normal laugh.

"Kill you? Why would I kill you? I just wanna play a game!" Butch went over to one of the mans hand and pulled his thumb back till it snapped. The man screamed.

"This little piggy went to market!" Butch snapped another finger. "This little piggy stayed home!" Snap snap. Butch continued stabbing each finger.

"And this little piggy cried wee wee wee." Butch slowly ripped the entire finger off the man's hand. "All the way home!" The man screamed in agony.

Butch opened his jaw and swallowed the finger whole. The large man started to pass out from shock when Butch stabbed him through the shoulder with a tendril.

"Hey Piggies don't go to sleep now! I'm not done playing yet!" Butch cackled again. He stabbed the man in the shoulder over and over.

Evan was terrified. This was not his Butch, something was horribly wrong.

"B-Butch!" Evan finally managed to shout.

Butch stopped moving and turned to look at Evan. He looked confused.

"Butch! You have to stop this isn't you!" Evan said wincing again.

Butch blinked a few times and then "Where... where am I? Shit Evan!"

Butch ran over and knelt next to Evan, he quickly sent Sunny inside him to heal his wound. Evan took a breath of air and sat up when she was done.

"Evan what happened?" Butch looked panicked.

"You don't remember any of that?" Evan said shocked.

"No I just remembered you getting stabbed and then... everything is static."

"You went crazy and you weren't yourself. Do you always do that when you murder people?"

"No normally not. Oh god Evan I'm so sorry." Butch hugged him tight. Evan hugged back. They both were shaking and crying.

Evan waited in his friend's car with the three of them passed out. He was waiting for Butch to finish 'cleaning up' and for his friends to wake up. Josh was the first.

"Hmmgghh what happened?" Josh said.

"Ow my head." Taylor said.

"Dude why are we covered in blood!" Pedro said.

"Do you three remember anything?" Evan said calmly.

"All I remember is Josh is a dumbass who almost got us killed!" Taylor said angrily.

"I remember a woman in a red dress when you were about to get stabbed and then nothing." Pedro said.

"Y-ya that's all I remember."

"Red dress woman killed your drug dealer. That's who's blood we are covered in." Evan said coldly.

"Oh god." Josh leaned out of his car and threw up.

"Woah seriously?" Pedro said.

"You're lying!" Taylor said.

"Oh ya because I totally was able to kill 7 guys, one who had me in the air with a knife in my gut!" Evan growled.

The group went silent.

"I... I remember one other thing. Evan you tried to save me." Josh said. "Thank you."

"I kinda jumped in without thinking." Evan said.

"Still dude you tried to save me after it was all my fault." Josh teared up and tried his best not to cry.

"Josh. If you want to thank me give me your keys." Evan said.

Evan drove all of them home. When he dropped off Josh with his car Butch was there waiting with his.

"Hey... kiddo." Butch said unable to look at him.

Evan took and deep breath and then ran into Butch hugging him tightly and sobbing. Butch held him close and rubbed his back. Evan pulled back and punched Butch's forehead.

"Don't ever do something like that again! You scared the shit out of me! I thought I lost you!" Evan sobbed.

Butch had tears running down his face. "Evan I'm so so sorry. Listen I'll leave you alone from now on-"

"No! You are such a dumbass! I don't want you to go away I want you around! I love you! You are like a second dad to me and I was just scared you became something you weren't!" Evan sniffled. "Don't you dare leave me after this!"

Evan buried himself into Butch's chest. "You saved my life Butch. You went crazy because you thought I was hurt. You mean so much to me. I'm just freaking out ok?"

Butch was speechless. He just held onto Evan and Sunny wrapped around both of them.

Evan called his mom and said he was staying at the Brock's for the night and she ok'ed it. Evan showered off the blood and changed into a Slipknot shirt and some jeans Butch had.

He sat on Butch's bed and Butch sat next to him quietly.

"You should take your night meds." Evan said.

"Evan... how are you handling this so well?" Butch said unable to look at him.

Evan grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. "Cus you're my Murder Dad. Don't forget that ok? I don't want you to go away. This was scary and I don't want to loss you just because I don't know how to fight off guys that big yet."

Butch finally looked at Evan and smiled weakly. "When did you become a man?"

"You taught me how. Remember?"

Butch chuckled and fell back on the bed exhausted. Evan curled up next to him. They both slept in late that Saterday.

Chapter Text

Evan woke up next to Butch who was thrashing in his sleep. He was sweating. Evan leaned over and scratched Butch's head. Butch eventually calmed down. Evan smiled and thought about yesterday.

He still remembered the look on Butch's face. Evan reached for his phone and typed in the search bar "Cletus Kasady". He found a picture of the man laughing for a news article about Spider-man capturing him. Evan held his phone up next to Butch's sleeping face.

It was the same laugh he saw yesterday.

Evan deleted his search history and sighed going back to petting Butch. Sunny leaked out and wrapped around Evan's forearm. He heard her in his head.

"He broke yesterday." Sunny said to him in whispers.

"Ya he did. Do you remember what happened?"

"Yes. I do. It was marvelous. My sweet Butch stuck that man like a pig for hurting you. I have never loved him more. But... it hurt him. I did not like that." Sunny mused. She pulsed into Evan waves of happiness and calm, it made him feel better. Evan was amazed she was talking to him so much.

"He didn't do it as himself, he did it as Cletus. That made him upset."

"My Butch is Cletus though."

"No he is different. Didn't he feel different yesterday?" Evan said worried.

Sunny thought. "He was, pained. He hated everything he did. But he moved like water. Didn't think about what he did. He just moved. It was beautiful if not tragic."

Evan sighed and hugged Butch's sleeping form. "That's good. So that was him at his breaking point. He is still Butch."

"He can always go back there Evan. He can always fall."

"We will all catch him then. I won't give up on him."

Sunny thrilled and kissed Evan's cheek. "Sweet child. If I did not love you so I would swallow you whole. Child of sugar. Barely even ripe!" Sunny clicked her teeth.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Evan chuckled.

"My husband awakens. Be gentle with him. He is fragile today. He hates that he might have hurt you. He sees you as his child. I have lost so many children. Would be a shame to lose you." Evan felt Sunny pulse with love for Butch. It made his chest hurt with how much she loved him. He also felt her love for himself. Warm and soft, like a mother loves her child.

"You won't lose me. I promise."

She sunk back into Butch as he stirred.

"Hnk? Shit my head is poundin'." Butch held his temples.

"Morning sleepy head."

"Evan" Butch looked distraught.

"No!" Evan poked his forehead.

"N-no?" Butch was confused.

"You saved my life. I'm not letting you beat yourself up over that. Now. Take your morning meds and we will talk."

Butch was a little shocked but did as Evan said. "You ever realize how similar to your mom you are? You both take the strangest things we such stride." Butch swallowed his meds.

"I'm starting ro realize that. Now you did really bad yesterday."

"I almost became just like Carnage..."

"Y-ya. Ya you did but not entirely. You did it because he hurt me. Also Sunny says you hated every minute of it."

"You talked to Sunny?"

"Ya I did. She says you are beautiful."

Butch blushed. "Nah she's the beautiful one."

A tendril came out of his back and slapped his ass.

"Oof!" Butch was beet red.

Evan laughed. "So anway I think we are ok. You are good Butch. You didn't go crazy because you just wanted to. You did it to save me. Just keep focusing on being Butch."

Butch grabbed Evan and squeezed him. "Ok kiddo I'll keep workin' on that. I can't believe Sunny talked to you she must really like ya."

"She said she thinks I'm so sweet she would eat me. But she loves me too much so she won't."

"Ya she says the same thing 'bout me." Butch chuckled.

Evan smiled. That was the laugh he was used to. Happy and soft with just a hint of crazy. He hugged Butch tightly.

"Can you make us pancakes?"

"Sure kid. Chocolate chocolate chip okay?"

"Yes. Yes that's perfect."

Chapter Text

Butch was doing better. His hair was almost full length again. He was brushing it carefully, Sunny swirled up his bare chest and hummed.

"You are my Sunshine~ My only Sunshine~" he sung to her softly.

Sunny loved feeling her hosts vibrations when he sang. Butch often sang her this song and she loved it every time. It was his special love letter to her. Butch laid back on his bed and she kissed his chest with playful hiss.

"Darling if you are going to do anything to me today please be gentle I have something special planned."

Sunny purred and did her best to not mark him.

After that he cooked breakfast for guys he did his morning exercise with Eddie. He had gotten in the habit of trying to keep up with him in order to gain some more muscle. It was going half ok. Eddie was a beast of a man and Butch was a twink for life. Sunny often had to help him just so he could compete.

"Butch you don't have to keep up with me. Go your own pace." Eddie smiled while jogging with him

"But I. Want to. Stay near. You!" Butch panted out.

Eddie laughed and slowed them down to a stop. He gave Butch some water and Butch flopped over. Eddie ruffled Butch hair as he gasped for air in the grass.

"So Sleeper told me you are getting a tattoo today?" Eddie said.

Butch took a big gulp of air. "Ya I wanted to get somethin' on my left shoulder."

"What you getting?"

"Its a surprise. But I want it to just be one more thing to keep me seperate from Cletus."

"Definatly would help if we ever got in a 'but which one is the real Butch' situation again."

"You know whats funny?" Butch sat up. "Sometimes I forget my real name is Cletus."

"Well you've been living as Butch for almost a year."

"Can I throw a party for my one year Pops?"

Eddie chuckled "Sure Butch you can do that"

"Its crazy to think that I've been here only a year. It feels like a lifetime."

"I have to agree with you. I've really enjoyed our domestic getaway."

"Hey Eddie thanks for letting me live with you."

"Hey you helped pay for the house."

"No I mean before that. You let me stay with you guys after the Serum thing."

"Where else could you go?"

"Well ya but still. Back then all you knew about me was I was a hick version of Cletus Kasady and I hadn't tried to kill you yet."

Eddie smiled and ruffled Butch's hair. "Well you turned out to be quite the catch. You cook, you clean, you give great hugs. I love having you around."

"You make it sound like you are dating me."

"Flash says you're my weird wife."

"I wish but that seat is taken."

"You really do love me don't you?"

"You already asked me that once."

"No I mean Butch, you love me. You want me. Romantically."

Butch looked away. "I would never push you to do that. I know there is so much baggage surrounding me. Dating me would not be a good idea."

"But you love me?"

Butch turned bright red and jumped up, throwing his arms around Eddie's neck. He kissed him deeply and passionately. Eddie kissed him back.

"Damn it Eddie just stop it." Butch teared up. "You're hurtin' me. This will never happen. I know when you look at me you see Cletus before me. You're eyes always have to adjust."

Eddie kissed him again gently. "Don't say never. You're working on not being him. I'm working on not seeing you as him. It takes time."

Butch clung to Eddie and Eddie cupped his face gently.

"What am I to you?"

"You're my Butch. I'll always love you as my Butch."

"What does that mean?"

"I'll love you however I want."

Butch laughed. "So you actually want this to happen? I'm not dreaming?"

"No you're not. I love you Butch, you're my weird wife."

Butch smiled up at him and laughed.

Eddie continued kissing Butch in the grass. He ran his fingers through his hair gently. Butch laughed softly into each kiss as tears ran down his face.

"Do you ever get sick of makin' me cry?"


Butch laughed. "I should just call you Eddie now. It would be odd to keep calling you Pops."

"Nothing about us is normal Butch. We are two men married to aliens that just agreed to become life partners."

Butch kissed his neck. "I know you Eddie. Normal ain't your thing."

"No. No it isn't." Eddie pulled him close and pressed there forehands together. Their symbiotes both purred loudly from inside them. Eddie laughed.

"We have their approval."

"Oh course we do. Sunny has been asking me to throw myself at you for months."

Eddie laughed. "And you darling?"

"You two already love eachother and now you are going to stop acting like idiots and just acknowledge that? Yes I approve." The symbiote said.

"Oh we will still be idiots. Nothing is stoppin' us from bein' idiots."

"Your damn right!" Eddie said lifting Butch into his arms.


He waited at in the chair at the tattoo parlor as his artist worked. Sleeper came with to watch.

"Does it hurt?" Sleeper asked

"Ya but pain is kinda my kink so its whatever"

The artist raised an eyebrow at Butch and then kept working.

It took a while but when it was finally done Butch had a large red sun on his left shoulder.

"For my Sunshine." Butch smiled.

"It turned out nice Butch!" Sleeper smiled.

"One more step towards becoming me." Butch laughed as they left.

Chapter Text

Butch was sitting upside down on Dr. Walter's couch with his feet up in the air. Flash had stopped coming with a while ago so he was alone.

"Hey Sunshine what do you want to eat after this...? I mean could try to find a criminal but it might take a while its like noon? They aren't ususlly out this early."

Dr. Walters came into the room looking tried and smile. "Having fun hanging out?"

Butch smiled at her. "How are you today doctor?"

"I just got back from an appointment with Cletus so its going to be nice to talk to you instead."

"What did he do? Should I kick his ass? I won't let him push you around." Butch snarled.

Dr. Walters laughed. "That's confidential Butch but thank you. Besides I don't think the staff would like you breaking into his cell. So tell me how have things been going?"

"I have good news and bad news!"

"Oh dear. Lets start with the bad. I always think its best to end on a happy note."

"I went into a disassociative state and killed a large group of drug dealers for stabbing Evan, you remember Evan, my neighbor's kid. Anyway I have no memory of it happening but Evan witnesses the whole thing."

"Goodness. Is he alright?"

"I love that kid. I healed him up and he acts like nothin' happened. No trauma. No fear. He is just like 'hey ya don't do that again it was creepy'."

"I still recommend he seek some sort of therapy. Witnessing a murder can be very traumatic."

"I'll tell him you said that."

"As for you. You don't remember anything that happened?"

"I think... I think it triggered me actually. Seeing him get stabbed. Remember I told you all my babies are dead? Well I... I see him like a son. Seeing him get hurt it just..."

"I understand Butch. And you are right you most likely couldn't process another child of your's getting hurt."

"I want to make sure that never happens again."

"I'll think you should try exploring your feelings on children more. Spend more time with Evan if you are able."

"Alright... I might try to write down what I remember about them, my first kids."

"Journaling can be very effective in easing trauma. If you think it would help you you should try."

"You want to hear the good news?"

"Yes I would love to Butch."

"Eddie told me he loves me."

"Oh Butch that's very sweet."

"We aren't really datin' so much as we both agreed we love eachother. I've been sleepin' in his room with him. Havin' him there does wonders for me. My Sunny likes it too cus she can talk to his other at night."

"Are you two sexually active with one another?"

"No we aren't. We might one day but not now. I'm still only doin' Sunshine."

"That's another thing I could write a paper about, sexual intercourse between symbiote and host."

Butch cackled. "Focus on one paper at a time Doc!"

Dr. Walters smiled. "Yes of course. Thank you again for your help on that. I was surprized Cletus agreed to help me as well."

"As the man who shares a brain with him, I can tell you why he did it."

"Why is that?"

"He loves gettin' attention." Butch smirked.

"Is that why you are doing it?"

"I'm doing it because I want to shove it up S.H.I.E.L.D.s fat asshole that I'm not the same man as him even if I'm the same man as him. But I do also love the a

Dr. Walters giggled. "Anything else you want to talk about today?"

"I want to keep changin' myself for the better. Seperate myself from Cletus."

"Self improvement is very noble Butch just make sure you aren't trying to become something you are not."

"I'll make sure. Thank you again Dr. Walters."

"Of course Butch. Here is a renewal slip for your prescriptions. You still aren't having any side effects correct?"

"Nope they are workin' good." Butch took the slip.

"Alright I'll see you in a month then." Dr. Walters shook his hand, even if it was a little hard to do with him upside down.

Chapter Text

Evan had tried out for the football team and made the cut. He was made a running back and was having a lot of fun with it. His parents were very proud of him and he really liked being on Coach Thompsons team.

Josh met up with him after practice. Taylor, Pedro and Josh had all stopped being friends after the drug dealer incident but Josh had stuck around with Evan. He had toned down his party going life style. Almost getting yourself and a friend killed only to wake up in your car covered in blood changes a person.

"You did great out there Evan!" Josh said.

"I did my best. I'm really nervous for tomorrow's game."

"You'll do great. Especially since it is going to rain and you seem to do best in wet terrain." Flash said wheeling up to them.

"It's all those camping trips with Butch. He would drill me in the woods."

"Butch is that guy I always see you with right? The one with the red hair in a braid? Who is he?" Josh asked.

"He is my neighbor but we are really close."

"I'm actually friends with him too." Flash said. "Are your parents coming to the game tomorrow?"

"Ya and so are the Brocks. I just don't want to disappoint anyone." Evan scratched the back of his head.

"Kid there is no way you are disappointing anyone. You could fall flat on your face out there and they would since be so proud. Just... don't actually do that please. I'm still your coach and I want us to win." Flash said.

Evan and Josh both laughed.


Before the game everyone met up with Evan. He was extremely nervous. Karen hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek.

"Mom! You're embarrassing me!"

"Oh hush. This is my right as a mother." Karen said.

Butch came over and picked up both of them and kissed Evan's other cheek. "Murder Dad rights."

"Dude shut up!" Evan laughed and pushed his face.

"Knock 'em dead kid." Eddie said.

"I find hits to the neck and eyes are very effective in combat Evan." Sleeper said.

"Sleeper this is a game not a death match." Evan laughed.

Bill went up to his son and gave him a hug and a pat on the back. "You thing you'll be ok?"

"Ya I think so Dad. Thanks." Evan said and put his helmet on, running to the locker room.

Everyone started heading to their seats when Butch felt a tug on his jacket.

"Hk?" He turned. Bill was staring up at him looking very scared.

"I um, I want to talk to you, please... sir?" Bill said.

Butch cocked his head. "Um ya sure." He waved at everyone. "We'll be with y'all in a moment."

They waved and left and Butch looked back at Bill. "What cha need Billy?"

"It's just Bill and... umm you, you are really close, like really close to my son." Bill stuttered. Butch looked very intense under florescent lights. He looked intense in any lights.

"Ya we are pretty close. There a problem with that Bill?" Butch ask. He tried to sound soft but whenever he spoke he found his words always came out harsh sounding.

"No no nononono I just um, I want to be a good Dad and well sometimes I feel left out. W-w-what if. What if you are teaching him things?"


"You know... things? And stuff?" Bill scratched his neck "he um he is bigger than last year."

Butch chuckled "Kid are known to do that. Get bigger."

"No I me he has muscles now. He can bench a lot and he does football and did you teach him that?"

"No Flash taught him foorball, I just taught him how to work out and survive."

"Survive what?"

Butch shrugged "Life?"

"See what does that mean?! Like he now knows all this shit. He suddenly knew how to cook one day and light fires and he sharpened all my wife's knives in the kitchen with a wet stone!"

"Oh seriously? Thats so nice of him." Butch smiled.

"No its not nice! What else have you taught him what else can he do now!?" Bill looked frustrated.

"...Ooohhhh" Butch slunk forward. "You want to know if I taught him how to kill." Butch's voice went cold.

"I, I-I-I um I j-just want w-whats best!" Bill was sweating.

Butch sighed. "I taught him huntin', how to set traps, how to fish, how to clean a kill, how to navigate with the stars, how to cook, sew, and first aid. I taught him how to use a map, how to sterilize water, how to set up a tent, how to identify mushrooms, how to defend himself, how to take a hit, how to move silently, how to use a knife, how to use a gun and how to be a man. I taught him so many things but I never taught him how to kill people. He has only ever caught rabits and deer. Ya remember the night he brought home that venison? He did that all by himself. Smart kid. Good one too. He will never become like me."

"I um oh... oh..." Bill looked at the floor.

"If ya don't believe me ask the boy."

"Oh no I believe you s-sir."

Butch's mouth curled and he cackled. Bill flinched. "Hey Billy how 'bout you come campin' with us next time! Evan would love spendin' time with us. Ya know maybe for the last good weekend of the season we will all go as a group."

"I'm not really the outdoorsman type." Bill wilted.

"Aw come on. Yer boy will love it and we'll bring the wives. It will be a fun trip not an intense one." Butch cackled and slapped Bill on the back.

Bill coughed. "I-I'll talk to Karen about it."

"That's the spirit! Now come on yer boys gonna hit the field soon!" Butch dragged him to the stands.


The score was tied and they were in the forth quarter. The other team had the ball.

The rain was steady and cold. Everyone in the stands had umbrellas.

There was the snap. The other teams quarterback threw the ball. Evan ran and jumped infront of his reciever and intercepted. For a moment he was shocked but then he kicked off of the ground and was off. He weaved and bobbed around the other players all the way to the endzone.

The crowd went wild and Evan just stood there shocked. The clock ran out. He had just won the game. His team mates all tackled him to the ground.

After the game his mom ran up and hugged him so tight, she didn't care that she was getting covered in mud.

"I'm so proud of you!" Karen

Bill smiled and pat his son's shoulder. Evan smiled back at him.

"Son you did good." Bill said.

"Thanks dad." Evan gave him a hug.

The rest of the group tackled him and hugged him. Eddie lifted him up onto his shoulders. They took him out to pizza to celebrate.

Chapter Text

Out in the woods again. The Brocks and the Millers plus Flash had four tents out in the woods.

Eddie was relaxing on a blanket with Butch curled up next to him, Coco sat at their feet. Evan was getting his hunting equipment ready. Bill was watching carefully. Karen, Sleeper and Flash we at a picnic table talking.

Evan took Butch's rifle out of its case.

"Woah! Son be careful!" Bill said.

"Dad the safty is on and its not loaded..." Evan said.

"Well are you sure you can handle that?"

"Yes I can. How else do you think I hunt? I don't have a symbiote like Butch does."

"Maybe he should come over here and help you." Bill tugged his collar.

"Butch is asleep." Eddie said. Butch was breathing peacefully against his chest.

"C-could you wake him up?" Bill stuttered.

"Dad no. Butch has enough trouble sleeping somtimes. I can handle this let him rest." Evan took out an amo box.

"Well do you have to go hunting? Can't you do something else? Without a gun?"

Evan sighed and put the gun away. "Dad you said you wanted to see what Butch had taught me."

"Well um he said he taught you how to fish right? Could we see you fish?"

"Dad there is no river or lake near here"

"Well how about you set traps?" Bill nodded.

Evan sighed "Fine Dad." Evan started to hike out.

Butch cracked an eye and looked up at Eddie.

"Your plan failed dear." Eddie played with his hair.

"Ya looks like it." Butch sighed. "He needs to let the boy handle himself." Butch flopped his head to Eddie's chest.

Evan set up a few snares and had some bait Sleeper made. He set it up and wait. Luckily Sleeper's pheromones were extremely strong and Evan soon came back with a bunch of rabbits.

"I guess we are having stew tonight." Evan smiled

"Wow honey you caught so many!" Karen ran over. "Well boys how about you help me with some veggies and potatoes?" She turned to Sleeper and Flash.

"Sure I'll help." Flash said getting started on pealing potatoes.

Sleeper sliced up some carrots and garlic while Karen washed herbs and got the water boiling.

"Look at us living off the land." Karen giggled. "I feel so outdoorsy!"

Evan got a clean tarp set and his dad came over to watch.

"Dad you sure you want to watch? This part is kinda gross."

"No no I'll be fine."

Bill lasted half a rabbit before he had to stop watching. Evan smiled and Butch came over to him.

"You caught a lot lemme help ya." Butch got out a clean knife. He was much faster than Evan and did a better job but he made sure Evan did most of them.

"Butch you do it so quickly you sure you don't want to do it?"

"You won't learn if I do 'em all, now snap the leg joint like how I showed ya."

Evan soon had all the rabbit part cleaned and ready. He was very proud of himself and he added them to the stew. Butch cleaned his hands. "Good job kiddo. Those will be tasty."

"Eddie!" Flash said.

Eddie already had the tin foil held up above his head like a trophy.

"Yes!" Flash pumped his fist and got the other ingredients ready for campfire cake.

Sleeper picked up some rabbit organs and was secretly eating them.

"Woah hey hey Sleeps share you pig, yer eatin' all the good stuff!" Butch said.

Eddie's other and Sunny flew out and nipped at Sleeper playfully before eating themselves. Bill watched in horror at first and then covered his eyes. Evan went over and pet Sunny while she ate.

"Do you like those? I worked hard for them."

Sunny swallowed a lung and then turned to Evan giving him a bloody kiss on the cheek. Eddie's other also kissed Evan. He laughed as the symbiotes nuzzled him. Sleeper stole more gore while they were distracted.

"He is covered in blood... and just ok with it." Bill said looking pale.

"Bill you worry too much" Karen kissed her husband's cheek.

"You don't worry enough." Bill said with a sigh hugging his wife.

"Evan is a strong boy. He can handle this." Eddie said.

Bill looked over at his son. He was currently playing with the three symbiotes by picking up pieces of gore and throwing them at each of them to catch.

"When did he get like this?" Bill asked "I feel like he grew up while I was away."

"And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon. Little boy blue and the man on the moon." Eddie sang

"When you comin' home dad? I don't know when, but we'll get together then son. You know we'll have a good time then" Flash and Bill joined in.

"What the heck are you guys singing?" Evan asked as the Venom symbiote licked the blood off of him.

"The anthem of all dads." Said Eddie

Evan raised an eyebrow and then was licked across the face by Sunny. "Ew guys I'm covered in slobber!"

"These grounds luckily have a shower." Butch said.

Evan headed to them and Eddie picked up Butch. He carried him back to the blanket and sat back down, putting Butch in his lap.

"Ah much better." Eddie said relaxing. Butch let out a cackle and kissed Eddie jaw. Sunny and Eddie's other covered their laps.

Karen and Flash sat next to the fire and stirred the stew and working on the cakes. Coco watched hopeful that someone would give her something to eat for all her begging.

"Ed you were supposed to help me!" Flash said.

"Oh hush Flash. Look at them." Karen smiled as Eddie rest his head on Butch's, playing gently with his hair. Butch was gazing up at Eddie and petting the symbiotes. "They are so cute. When they first moved in I thought they were in a relationship and now they are."

"Ok fine I'll leave him be. But I'm getting some of his cake!" Flash snickered to himself and he put another cake on the fire.

"Can I get some of his cake if I help?" Sleeper said

"I better still have some cake when you assholes are done!" Eddie yelled.

"You can have Butch's cake!" Sleeper said helping wrap cones with dough.

Butch growled playfully and bit Eddie's neck. "Baby you can have all my cake."

"Butch there are children on this trip." Eddie said.

"Evan is a man. He will understand that Murder Daddy needs sugar." Butch and Sunny both growled.

Eddie pushed Butch off his lap. "Never say that again. Ever."

Butch cackled and turned into Sundance to tackle Eddie. Venom in turn grappled them and did a reversal, pinning them to the blanket.

"Oof! You're so forceful I love it!" Sundance growled.

Venom licked the side of Sundance's face and laughed. "Maybe we will eat you instead of cake."

"Boys either take it into the woods or cool down." Karen said laughing.

Venom hissed and looked back down at Sundance pinned under him. Venom chuckled. They let Sundance up and he chirped happily while wrapping a few tendrils around his hand. Sundance sat back down and turned back into Butch, holding Venom's hand. Venom lifted a claw to Butch's chin and pulled his head up gently.

"Perhaps later tonight we will slip away with you." They said with a low rumble.

"You sure? First time with me in the woods?"

Venom pulled Butch to their chest. Butch shuttered at how powerful they were. "You are most comfortable outside."

Butch clung to Venom and blushed. Karen splashes a water bottle at them. Venom laughed while Butch sputtered.

"Cool off enough yet?" Karen laughed

Flash and Sleeper were dying.

"Ha ha ha... I'm gonna hit the showers." Butch got up and rung out his braid.

Eddie formed back into normal clothes. "Guess I'll help with those cakes now."

Evan pasted Butch on his way to the showers.

"What happened to you?"

"Yer mother did." Butch said.


Butch chuckled. "Venom and I got... heated and she dumped water on me."

Evan laughed. "Butch wow infront of other people?"

"We are gonna have sex later! We were just flirtin'."

"Didn't need to know that Murder Dad." Evan said as he headed back ."You better hurry food will be done soon."

"Ya ya I got it." Butch said waving nonchalantly.

When Butch got back and everyone was already eating. They handed him a bowl and he sat back down next to Eddie.

"This turned out great kiddo good job." Butch ruffled Evan's hair.

"Hey we helped!" Flash said.

Butch got up and ruffled his hair too.

"I just wanted a thank you I didn't mean this." Flash swatted him away.

Butch kiss his cheek. "Thank you~!"

Flash pushed Butch over and Butch let out a cackle.

They all sat around the fire and ate campfire cake.

Sleeper got a large stick and a bag of marshmallows. He put one of the end, held it at arms length and ever so gingerly put it near the fire.

"Sleeper you have to put it closer or it won't cook." Flash said.

Sleeper inched closer just barly.

"Sleeper are you afraid of the fire?" Karen said.

"All my kind hate fire. But I really want to try a toasted marshmallow." Sleeper said.

Karen took the stick and held it for him. "I got you dear you just relax."

"Thank you Karen." Sleeper smiled. He took the marshmallow off the stick and ate it, letting out a purr.

Sunny peaked out of Butch and squeaked at him.

"You want to try one too?" Butch got a stick and a marshmallow ready. He offered it to her when he was done and she pulled it off the stick with her tongue. She made happy little smacking noises as she ate and hummed.

"You guys know you are supposed to eat those with gram crackers and chocolate right?" Eddie said.

"Eddie Eddie Eddie." His other popped out looking eager.

"I know love I know." He already was starting to make one.

Evan got out the gram crackers and chocolate and everyone got started cooking. The symbiotes all screamed when one marshmallow lit on fire but Flash quickly put it out.

The sun quickly set and everyone went to bed but the symbiotes and hosts.

"I'm gonna go on a hike for the night. You guys are really going to go off and have sex in the woods huh?" Sleeper said.

Venom wrapped their arms around Sundance, they purred together. "We have never been intimate with eachother yet but it seems like the right time."

"Ok be safe. And ummm I never really said it yet but I'm really happy for you. I can tell you both really like one another." Sleeper smiled and cloaked themselves, going off into the night.

Sundance craned his neck and kissed Venom jaw. "I know you said you wanted too but I just want to ask you again. Is this ok? You don't have to push yerself fer me."

Venom kiss Sundance deep, pressing they tongue down his throat. Sundance sucked on it with a moan and then Venom gently broke the kiss, sliding their tongue out.

"We want you. We want this." They picked him up and kissed him again. They found a nice quiet secluded place for the evening.


Flash thought he was the first one up but he heard people talking. He got his legs on and headed out of his tent. Sleeper and Butch had grittle out and where making pancakes.

"Hey you guys are up early."

"Neither one of us slept." Sleeper said.

"Woah I know Sleeper doesn't sleep but you ok Butch."

Butch nodded with a dumb grin on his face, blushing hard.

"He was so riled up after his night with Eddie that he couldn't sleep. Look at him. Like a maiden in spring." Sleeper laughed.

Butch elbowed him and blushed harder.

"Butch maybe try to sleep now. You need your rest." Flash smiled

"I'll be fine. I've been kept awake by worse things. Besides I'm just too happy." Butch mixed more pancake mix together.

Slowly everyone else got up and enjoyed pancakes except for Eddie who was sleeping in. Butch crawled into their tent and curled up next to him as he slept. He reached out and held his hand. He gave Eddie a few small kisses till he woke up.

"Mornin' stud." Butch said.

Eddie laughed and kissed both him and his other. "Goodmorning wives."

They joined the rest of the group and Eddie ate the last of the pancakes.

Evan started to clean up. Bill helped him.

"Dad its ok I got this."

"No I want to help. Honestly you have grown up so much in the past few months I'm afraid you won't need me soon."

"Dad I'll always need you your my dad."

Bill smiled and gave Evan a hug.

Flash watched the father and son talk and sighed looking away. Karen noticed and sat next to him rubbing his back.

"I'm ok Karen." Flash said

"I'm all ears if you want to talk you look so sad."

"... My relationship with my dad was not so great. He was was pretty abusive. Seeing them it hurts. I wish I had something like that."

"Oh Flash I'm so sorry." She held his hand.

"Sorry I'm fine."

"No I'm glad you shared that with me. You can always talk to me about anything."

Flash chuckled and patted her hand. "Thanks."

Butch and Eddie also stood back a little cold.

"You ever noticed our little group has daddy issues?" Eddie said.

"Yours hated you, Flash's beat him and mine tried to fuckin' kill me. How did we all end up with such shitty dad's. Evan's a lucky boy to have someone like Bill." Butch said.

Bill heard that and peaked over at Butch.

"I always told myself if I ever became a dad I would try not to be like my own." Eddie said.

"You didn't." Sleeper hugged Eddie from behind.

Eddie smirked and patted Sleeper's arm. Butch stood there and the wind wiped his hair a bit. He shivered and looked up at the sky. Eddie rubbed his back and Butch took a deep breath.

"I... was so scared when Toxin was born. I'm lucky I had been helpin' you a bit with yer kids at the time. I was so afraid that I would try to kill him or he was end up messed up. He bonded to a hawk and would sit on my shoulder. I wanted him to be an animal that could get out of my reach quickly. I had Scorn bond to a hawk too. I always told you it was because I thought they looked so pretty with wings."

Eddie gave Butch a squeeze.

"I was never meant to live let alone reproduce. I felt like I had to protect them at all cost because somethin' would try to destory them fer bein' 'bominations. And then somethin' did."

Butch leaned into Eddie and he held him close. "Sometimes I feel like I need to get far far away from everyone. Especially Evan because me existin' will corrupt anyone I'm 'round. Then I remember everythin' he said to me that night. He wants me around. He likes me."

"You don't corrupt anyone Butch. We all love having you."

Butch smiled up at him. "You remember that too ok? People love you Eddie. I know you still beat yerself up for what you did. You deserve love."

Eddie was a little baffled at the and then he pulled Butch into a kiss. "We are just two old broken men aren't we?"

Butch laughed. "A matchin' set."

On the drive home Evan fell asleep in his parent's car. Karen smiled back at him.

Eddie drove Flash to his appartment. "See you on Monday buddy."

"I don't even want to think about work." Flash stretched and headed inside waving back to Eddie.

The Brock's all got home and Sleeper carried Coco inside. "Home! Glorious home!"

Eddie laughed. Butch crawled into his chair and relaxed.

"Bein' 'round that many people fer that long... it still exhausts me even if I enjoy it." Butch said.

"Same here." Eddie flopped into his own chair.

Before they knew it they both fell asleep. Sleeper chuckled and let them nap.

Chapter Text

It was a quiet Saterday. Sleeper was playing with Coco on the living room floor. Eddie was reading on the coucg and Butch was in the kitchen trying to decide what to make for dinner. There was a knock at the door and Eddie answered. Karen and Evan waved on the other side. They had a baby carrier with them.

"Hello Eddie! How are you?" Karen said.

"Good good come on in. What's with the baby seat?"

Karen and Evan came in, Butch peaked in from the kitchen.

"You remember my sister Beth? She had a baby! I'm giving her a day break from motherhood. I thought you might like to see them. Not to mention as a new aunt I have to show off."

"Aw how adorable." Eddie squatted down to look at the baby. "Hello there little one. Welcome to the world. What's their name?" His other slide out and smiled down at the baby who flailed their little arms in excitement.

"Her name is Amy." Evan said.

"Hi Amy." Sleeper went over and gave her a tendril to hold. Amy gummed the tendril and cooed.

"She is lovely. Butch come in here and see the baby." Eddie said.

"I'm good thanks." Butch ducked back into the kitchen.

Eddie stood up and went into the kitchen. Butch was leaning against the counter covering his mouth. Eddie went behind him and hugged him.

"You ok dear?"

"Don't make me go in there."

"It would do you good."

Butch sighed and looked at him. "Eddie, what if I hurt the baby?"

"Are you going to throw her?"

"What!? No why would a do that?"

"Because Cletus threw a baby once and I was wondering if that was why you thought you would hurt her."

Butch stared at Eddie. "Fuck you."

"So would you hurt her if you were in there?"

"No I don't want to hurt her!"

"Then why would you think you would?"

"Because... because " Butch bit his lip and clenched his fists.

Eddie pulled Butch in for a hug and pet his head. "Darling you aren't going to hurt her just by being near her. Come see the baby with me."

Butch clung to Eddie. "Ok but you can't leave me alone with her ok?"

"I promise I won't."

Butch peaked in at Karen and Evan. Sleeper was holding Amy.

"She is like a loaf if bread!" Sleeper said.

Eddie laughed and pulled Butch in by the hand.

"Hey Murder Dad you're not afraid of a baby, right?" Evan said.

Butch growled softly at him.

"Can I hold her?" Eddie asked

"Sure." Sleeper gently passed Amy to him.

Eddie smiled and rocked Amy gently. "God she is so beautiful."

Butch peaked around Eddie's arm. Amy looked up at him and squealed happily. Butch ducked back behind Eddie.

"Come on Butch look at her, she likes you." Eddie chuckled softly.

Butch peaked back out and got closer. Amy grabbed his bang and yanked it. He winced but let her continue.

"Hey now love don't pull his hair out." Eddie gently replaced his finger with Butch's hair.

Butch's eyes never left the baby. Watching her carefully as Eddie gently rocked her.

"Butch how about you try holding her?"

"No!" Butch backed up.

"Butch... you ok?" Evan said.

"I can't touch her. I can't." Butch turned and ran out of the room.

"I'll go after him." Sleeper said.

They ran outside out fast enough to see Sundance cloak and swing away.

"Sundance! You can't hide from me I can see you still." Sleeper said.

"Then fuck off!" Sundance threw a bio axe at them as a warning shot.

"No I won't you need to talk about this!" Sleeper swung after them.

"Get the hell away from me!" Sundance launched a few needles at them.

Sleeper dodge and went to grab Sundance but he kicked them in the face.

"Why can't you just leave me alone! I'm attackin' you for cryin' out loud!"

"Because you're my family!" Sleeper jumped and tackled him to the ground.

"Nrrrgaaahhh!!" Sundance thrash and stabbed Sleeper with a few bladed tendrils. Sleeper bite his neck and started emitting pheromones to calm him.

"You are the world's largest asshole!" Sundance screamed.

"Sorry that title is claimed by you! Now what is your problem?"

"EVERY CHILD I TOUCH DIES!" Sundance screeched.

Sleeper stared at him and tears started running down his face.

"Do you have any idea how many times I was forced to kill my own children? Because it wasn't just the ones I gave birth to, no. Every dimension I traveled too Serum loved havin' me hunt down Toxin and Scorn. And any other symbiote children. Even you! I've killed you more times than I can count! I was his favorite weapon. Because even though he couldn't kill me he knew how to make me want to die! The only reason Sunny and I didn't give up was we wanted to end him."

"Sundance... I'm sorry I didn't realize."

"I have been to thousands of worlds and helped destroy each one. I was born to kill but I hated killin' those I loved. The only people that ever cared that I was alive! I can't touch that baby Sleeps. I just can't."

Sleeper hugged Sundance tightly. "Its ok Sundance. No one is going to force you to."

They made it back to the house. Sleeper went in first.

"His trauma surrounding kids is worse than I thought so just let him relax."

Butch slowly came in. Karen was holding Amy again and sitting on the couch. Eddie went over and hugged Butch, stroking his hair.

"Want to go upstairs with me?" Eddie asked. "We can just relax."

"No I... I want to hold her." Butch whispered.

"You sure?"

Butch nodded and sat next to Karen. She gently handed him Amy.

At first he was completely still. Then Amy reached up and yanked his hair again. "Ow. Kid has a thing for red heads apparently." Butch said nervously.

He sat with her for a while and just watched her. She cooed and giggled while she played with his bang.

"She's going to be ok." Butch whispered.

Eddie patted Butch's should. "Ya she will be."

Butch let out a strangled laugh and did his best not to cry. After a few more minutes he handed Amy back to Karen.

They said goodbye and took her home. Butch curled up on the couch and Sunny hummed softly to him in his lap. Eddie sat next to him. Butch looked at him and leaned against him.

"I did it. I touched her." Butch cracked a smile.

"Ya you did. I'm proud of you." Eddie pet him gently. His other curled around Butch and weighed him down a bit.

"I need to sleep for 'bout a million years now to recover."

Eddie laughed. "How about we just give you a nice hot bath instead?"

"Ok that'll work." Butch chuckled softly.

Eddie gently carried him upstairs.

Chapter Text

"Alright listen up!" Butch jumped off the second floor railing down into the living room.

"Butch don't do that." Eddie said plainly.

"Its spooky season bitches! Its officially October 1st! We have so much to do!" Butch cackled.

"I thought Halloween was the only spooky day?" Sleeper said wiggling their fingers.

"Only for thr closed minded and the cowardly! October is an extremely important month! Its time for pumpkin spice, apples, ghosts and ghouls! Not to mention free chocolate! And as a bonus its the month I came to this dimension and finally ended my live as a livin' genocide machine!"

"Ya you only kill who you want to kill now." Eddie chuckled.

"You have no room to judge me Mr. Lethal Protector." Butch said.

Eddie grabbed Butch by the hips and pulled him onto the couch so that he was sitting ontop of him.

"So then whats first on the spooky agenda love?" Eddie said stroking his hair.

"H-hot damn." Butch shivered on Eddie's chest and bit his lip. "Ah! Stop bein' so distractin'. Anyway the first thing is apple pickin' at an orchard. I want to invite the Millers, Flash and Andi. They have other things there too. It will be fun."

"That is surprisingly innocent sounding." Sleeper said.

"Fall activities are important and I like them." Burch wrapped his arms around Eddie's neck.

Eddie chuckled and gave Butch's ass a squeeze. "Alright I'm game that sounds fun."

Butch was bright red. "Eddie, please have mercy on me."

"Sorry you are just so cute when you get all excited." Eddie picked him up and took him to their bedroom.


It was a sun clear sky day when they arrived at the orchard. The group was the Brocks, Flash, Andi, Evan and Karen. Bill had decided he had had enough of the Brocks for one life time and would stay home. Everyone was bundled up because it was rather cool out. The moment they got to the picking area Butch, Sleeper and Evan were racing eachother to the trees.

"You guys are twelve!" Andi shouted after them.

Butch picked an apple off the ground and threw it at her. She caught it. "Again I'll say it, twelve!"

"I wish I still had that much energy." Karen said

"So a year next week huh?" Flash said.

"Ya its weird to think he just didn't exist until a year ago. He always talking about what we used to do together and sometimes it feels like an old forgotten memory." Eddie said.

"Do you think he misses his universe?" Andi asked.

"I know he does. He still gets night terrors a lot. Most of them cause him to beg in his sleep for Sleeper and me to not be dead. That or for forgiveness when killing someone he loved."

"Oh poor Butch. I felt so terible the day I brought Amy over I had no clue he was so traumatized." Karen said.

"Honestly he hasn't told Sleeper and I everything either. Its so hard for him to talk about. The therapy seems to be helping at least." Eddie said watching Butch off in the distance climbing a tree.

"I just realized something. Butch's kill count is infinitely higher than Cletus's." Flash said.

"Why would you think about that?" Andi said.

"I don't know it just popped into my head!"

"He has a good point. Also I'm totally using that info against Cletus next time I have to fight him. It will really piss him off." Eddie smirked.

Butch ran up to Eddie and pressed himself against Eddie's chest. "Try this and then have yer other try it." He pushed an apple to Eddie's lips.

"Ok ok." He chuckled and took a bite and the Butch fed the rest to his other. "Holy crap these are good."

"Right? Do I know how to pick an orchard or what?" Butch laughed and picked up a basket. "I'm gonna make so many pies after this!"

The symbiotes all ate as many apples as they picked. Butch was extremely picky about apples but eventually filled a whole basket. Karen picked one tree she thought was cute and picked every apple off of it for her basket. Andi and Flash both only picked a small bag full.

They paid for the apples and put them in their cars. The orchard had other activities and feature though.

"Oh my god there is a petting zoo with baby goats!" Andi said getting a ticket to go in. She fed the goats and pet them. "Coach they are so cute I'm taking one home."

"Andi is really cute." Evan said blushing slightly.

"Don't even try kid she is way out of your league." Flash said.

"What? She is only four years older than me that isn't too bad."

"Age has nothing to do with it kid." Flash chuckled. Evan pouted a little.

Next up was a tiny bakery. They mostly made one thing which was apple doughnuts. They got two dozen along with hot ciders and sat at a picnic table outside.

"Can I just live here?" Flash said

"Same" Sleeper said eating another doughnut.

Butch leaned up against Eddie and watched the trees.

"How are you holding up?" Eddie asked

"You know I'm not still fully convinced this isn't a dream. That one day I'll wake up I'll still be on that ship, waiting for the next round the people I have to kill."

Eddie pulled him closer and held him.

"If I ever wake up from this one I think I'm killing myself on the spot."

"Good thing it's not a dream then." Eddie kissed him deeply.

Andi leaned over to Flash and whispered to him " I was going to joke around and tell them to get a room but now I feel like an asshole."

"It's kind of hard to make fun of a guy who was a P.O.W. and forced to kill his family." Flash said

"Get a room!" Sleeper said

Andi laughed and Butch glared at Sleeper.

The last thing on the to-do list was the pumpkin patch.

"You guys do know if you carve these they're not going to last till Halloween right?" Evan said

" I am aware of the half life of pumpkins Evan that's why I'm doing two waves." Butch said inspecting gourds

"I need to find the ugliness stupidest looking pumpkin." Said Sleeper.

"Why?" Evan asked.

"Because its more loveable that way"

"Oh Butch look they have cooking pumpkins too!" Karen said

Butch ran over and threw a bunch of them too Eddie.

"We are going to eat nothing but apples and pumpkins for the next month aren't we?" Eddie said.

" I'm going to freeze a lot of this so that I can space it out." Butch said

They loaded the pumpkins into the car.

"Alright step one complete!" Butch said

"What's step two?" Evan asked

"I have no idea plans aren't really my thing." Butch smiled

Chapter Text

It was late in the evening, Eddie and Butch were tangled together fast asleep. Their others spread out on top of them and linked two tendrils together so they could talk in silence.

"As beautiful as my Butch is in violence I also find his more peaceful times mesmerizing as well" Sunny said

"Used to hate it when Eddies slept now not so much."

Sunny giggled "Is that because of me?"

Eddie's other slide up next to Sunny. They wrapped many tendrils around her in a protective hug and licked her.

"Love is a learned behavior I have come to enjoy greatly." They said humming softly around her.

Sunny purred back and swirling inside them. " I was so happy my Butch was able to re-establish his relationship with you and your host."

"I'm just happy there is a you that exists that is not evil."

Sunny cackled. "Sweet parent what makes you think we are not evil? I have killed you so many times I can't remember them all. I have eaten so many innocents, so many out kind. My form is bloated and expansive. Butch hides me deep inside his form so none are aware of our sins. I colapse inward on myself to keep me hidden but if unleashed I could swallow this city whole. I am a horror of endless beautiful and an abomination of decadent sin."

"You had no control of your actions though. It wasn't your choice. The you I birthed would gladly eat our kind and expand over all to consume any in their way. You don't though. You are not evil just hurt."

Sunny hummed out a laugh of amusement. "This dimension holds so many wonderous creatures. How lucky I am to live here. To forgive one such as me, your kindness is endless."

"You share a guilt with your host that is undeserving."

"You would be lying if you said you did not do the same with yours."

"We have done many terrible thing together but we are doing our best to improve it as are you."

Sunny kiss the Venom symbiote's cheek and looked at Eddie. " I wish to gobble him up. He brings me such joy."

"Please don't eat Eddie."

"I won't. For the longest time consuming was the only way I could show my love. Having to kill my loved ones over and over again I decided it was best if I ate their forms and added them to myself so they could keep me them with me forever. Now I am full of them. Their flesh plumps me. It has grown to become a strange fixation for myself. But it is nice to not have to eat you."

The old symbiote tightened around Sunny. "You have so much pain."

"As do you. I have turned my pain into my pleasure though." Sunny hummed.

"I will keep you forever if I can."

Sunny laughed. "I love you too." She twisted her form to lace between Venom's. "I wish these two to be bound to eachother as we are to them."

"They are getting there." They chuckled

"I have only one great sadness their coupling. Neither one can carry the other's child."

"You want them to have a baby?"

"Yes! Imagine the creature made from these two! I would wish for them to have Eddie's muscles and my husband's mane. A beast of beauty they would be." Sunny purred happily at the thought.

The Venom symbiote laughed. "You have put thought into this?"

"It is one of the things I like to imagine." Sunny happily closed her eyes. "I imagine a great many things."

"Like what?"

"Fun ways to kill, places I wish to go, beautiful trappings for my husband. I love putting him in dresses. He is so cute." Sunny kissed Butch's cheek.

"Enjoy thinking of clothes for Eddie as well. Especially fond of underwear and putting little hearts on them."

Sunny laughed "That is cute!"

"He thinks so too"

"I often wish my husband was female. I would be delighted to watch him grow swollen with his own spawn. Though I would miss the muscles and organs that come with being male. The greatest sin of humans is that they do not reproduce asexually as we do."

Eddie's other chuckled. "You really adore children don't you?"

"I did not at first I was disgusted when I became pregnant with Toxin. But after their birth I adored them. Our latest treasure is the neighbor boy Evan. Sweeter than honey that child is"

"Evan is a very good kid." They hummed in agreement

"I bonded with him once. I wish I had to been able to use his young muscles to rend flesh but alas all we did was run around for a bit."

"Evan is no killer."

"I could make him one. His arms are strong his wit is sharp. How beautiful he would be with his fang around the throat of another. The heat of a kill coursing through his young veins!" Sunny moaned

"No happiness would come from you doing that."

Sunny sighed. "My husband said the same thing when I begged him to teach him how to kill."

"You should listen to him."

Sunny hissed "I do I do. I curse these morals that humans cling to. I take back my earlier statement, their greatest sin is there's precious society. They chain themselves like dogs, afraid to act on their nature. Fangs and talons clipped."

"They are not so bad, they keep things peaceful"

"Too much peace is maddening. I need the chaos."

"You are enjoying sitting here with me and living with us though right?"

"...Ok a little peace is fine."

The Venom symbiote laughed and cuddled Sunny for the rest of the night.

Chapter Text

It was the anniversary of Butch's arrival to their dimension. So he was throwing a costume party to celebrate. Butch slide down the railing of the stairs, dressed as a vampire.

"Do you think I would do ol' Morbius proud?" Butch cackled.

Eddie was dressed up a devil while his other floated next to him with little paper wings and a halo. "Morbie? He isn't a real vampire I don't know why he dresses like that."

"Its his aesthetic." Sleeper said dressing Coco. Sleeper was dressed as a classic astronaut and they had gotten a doggy alien costume for Coco. Luckily she was laid back enough to keep it on.

Butch chuckled and went into the kitchen to check on the food. Everything he made today was Halloween themed. The doorbell rang and Coco ran over. Sleeper opened the door and there was Karen and Evan. Evan was in his football Jersey but had done some makeup to make him look like a zombie. Karen was a black cat.

"Aw you guys look cute!" Sleeper said.

"Not as cute are you! Sleeper you and Coco are adorable." Karen stooped down and pet Coco.

"I'm supposed to look cool not cute." Evan said.

"You can be both." Sleeper said and let them in.

"Velcome!" Butch said hiding behind his cape.

"Oh no its a Southern Transylvanian vampire." Evan said.

"Watch it boy I bite." Butch hissed

Flash and Andi came next. Andi was a classic witch and Flash came as a cowboy. He had even made a little cardboard horse that went around his wheelchair.

"Aw Eddie that's a cute idea." Andi said looking at his costume.

"Butch you should have done something like that with Sunny." Karen said.

"Here's the thing. Sunny doesn't like hangin' outside my body too much. She's a homebody."

"Aw but I wanted to say hi." Evan said.

Sunny came out of Butch and wrapped a tendril around his arm so he could feel her speak.

"Hello sweet child. You're corpse costume is amusing." She poored into him

"Its a zombie Sunny. The living dead?"

Sunny chuckled and kissed his cheek. "You are a silly child." She sunk back into Butch.

The final group was Peter, MJ, and Miles. Peter and MJ had a couples costume of Morticia and Gomez Addams while Miles was in Peter's Spider-man costume.

"Miles that's cheating." Sleeper said.

"No it ain't." He high fived them.

"Oh Peter, Mj you are so cute!" Karen took out her phone and took pictures. Peter blushed.

Butch came out with the last of the food and have the entire buffet table set up. He then went over to his chair and flopped into it.

"Tried Butch?" Flash asked.

"I put too much effort into the food and now I'm tried."

Sleeper grabbed one of everything and tasted them all. Their eyes sparkled and they went over to Butch and kissed his forhead. "You are a beautiful man."

Butch smiled up at Sleeper. Eddie picked up Butch sat down in his chair so that Butch could rest in his arms.

The buffet was really something else. Butch had made mini meatloafs in the shape of skulls, there was brooms made out of cheese and pretzels, witch hat cookies, and taco dip in a tray with homemade chips that looked like tomestones. Butch had made a triple layer chocolate cake and decorated it with chocolate spiders and webs. He also had homemade pizza that had cheese on it in the shape of ghosts. He had punch that was billowing smoke in a cauldron. There were also other dishes that weren't Halloween themed just so the standard party food what all present.

"He wasn't kidding when he said he went all out." Miles said making a plate

"Eddie I should make you a plate." Butch tried to get up but Eddie wrapped his arms around him and held him tight.

"Nah its fine. I just want you to relax and get your energy back. This is your party after all."

Butch sunk into him. "Hey Eddie... thank you again. For everythin'."

"Oh course Butch. Happy one year anniversary." Eddie kissed his temple. Eddie's other kissed Butch and teased his throat with their tongue. Butch kissed back deeply.

Suddenly confetti filled the room, Butch flailed and clung to Eddie. Sleeper had given everyone confetti poppers.

"Happy one year Butch!" Sleeper said.

Butch was clinging to Eddie like his life depended on it.

"...Crap I forgot sudden loud noises freak you out." Sleeper said.

"I-I'm ok." Butch laughed. "That was sweet of you."

Flash wheeled over to him with a large box. "We all got you a present"

"Guys this is too nice you didn't have too." Butch was bright red.

"We wanted too. Butch you saved my life back then not once but a few times. We wouldn't have been able to stop Serum or Carnage wirhout you." Peter said.

"You saved me too!" Sleeper said.

"We love having you as a friend Butch. Its definitely been a better year because you have been here." Flash said.

"Come on Murder Dad open it." Evan said.

Butch smiled and opened it. I side was a brand new red tent, a high end one at that. Butch laughed. "This is fantastic thank you all so much."

"I have something else for you." Eddie pulled a box out of his pocket.

Butch cocked his head. It wasn't a ring box but longer. Butch took it and opened it gently. He let out a laugh. "A knife!"

It was made of damascus steel with a hand craved wooden handle.

"I hope you like it."

"Its beautiful." Butch spun the knife around his fingers. "Is this handman? Its perfectly balanced!"

"Ya I found a guy who makes them in the city."

Butch gave Eddie a deep kiss. "I love it. Thank you everyone this is fantastic."

Butch watched his friends as the party went on. He relaxed in the couch as everyone chatted and had fun. Sunny pooled out infront of him in his lap and he pet her gently.

"Can you believe it Sunshine? All these people care about us. Their our family."

Sunny nipped at his fingers and purred. Butch chuckled to himself. "Ya I don't believe it either."

She grabbed a finger and bit hard, smiling as he bled. "Ow. Ya we are lucky Sunshine. Luckier than I've ever been. Now you better heal that."

Butch leaned back into the sofa and closed his eyes. For the first time in a long time he quickly fell asleep feeling completely safe.

Chapter Text

"This is Halloween this is Halloween!" Sundance and Sleeper where linked arm in arm marching down the street.

"You guys are dorks." Evan called.

Venom, Sundance and Sleeper were all in full symbiote form enjoying the night. It was the one night a year where walking around in public was acceptable. Evan had decided to come with.

"Now now Evan. That is not the spirit. Lucky fer you though I have a fun surprise tonight." Sundance said.

"What's the surprise." Evan raised an eyebrow, they were near the backwoods now and could hear people screaming inside. People loved coming to the backwoods during Halloween.

"Sunny and I have been talkin' and we wanted to try something after readin' a bit on the Doverton case." Sundance said.

Sundance leaned forward and put a hand on Evan's shoulder. Part of Sunny broke off and surrounded him. He was hosting part of her completely separate from Butch.

"Woah! Holy crap you can do this?" Evan said

"Apparently if I have enough biomass I can and Sunny is a big girl so yes yes I can." Sundance chuckled.

"You doing ok in there Evan?" Venom asked.

Evan flexed and did a backflip. "Ya I've done this before with Sunny I'm ok."

"Evan is now Mini Sun." Sleeper said

"That's a terrible name. How about Sol?" Evan said

"That works" Sundance picked him up and hugged him. "My baby~!"

"Sundance don't make this weird." Evan said.

"Sorry but you are officially my baby. Don't take this away from Sunny, she is overjoyed." Sundance chuckled.

"If I do this well then how about you let me host the next baby you have?" Evan said.

Sundance went silent and thought. He set Evan down a took a deep breath. "I... love you like a son. I can't think of anyone else I would want to be their host."

"Yes!" Evan cheered

Sundance smiled and hugged Evan again. "You terrify me kiddo."

"Good. Your spawn should be scary." Evan said with a big grin.

"Well this was touching but we have a Halloween to celebrate!" Sleeper said

They swung up into the trees and jumped through the tops. They stared down at scared visitors below. People pointed up at them and screamed saying it was the ghosts of the woods.

Evan was having a ball. He did his best to become one with Sunny. He could feel her working with both him and Butch. Evan started moving with the same tempo as him.

They went deep into the woods and took a breather. Evan laughed and ran around enjoying himself when suddenly he felt dizzy. "Woah, Sunny you ok?"

"We're just hungry kid. Come over here." Venom said

They had brought with a large bag of chocolate and they sat around and ate them.

"What kind of chocolate is this! Its so good!" Evan said

"Its just plain dark chocolate kid." Sleeper chuckled

"Seriously? Its amazing!"

"You are tasting through Sunny's mouth so that's why it tastes so good." Butch said.

"...So how long does it take for a symbiote to get pregnant?"

Sundance scoffed and grabbed him, giving him a few love bites.

"Really though Sundance you and Sleeper are both healthy. Who knows when." Venom said.

"It would be my first so I'm entirely unsure when it might happen."

Sundance sighed. "Its scary. I don't think I'm ready yet. That might actually by why I haven't in so long. Stress."

Evan stood up and rubbed Sundance's shoulders. "Relax. Relax."

Sundance turned around and tackled him. Sundance pinned him to the ground with a roar. "Don't rush me boy!"

Venom chuckled. "You are very eager for a symbiote Evan."

He struggled under Sundance. "Well I just really like you guys. I love your other and Sunny and Sleeper. Having a symbiote of my own sounds exciting and I think I can handle the responsibility. I have felt how much Sunny loves Butch and I want that too."

Sundance softened and pulled him into a hug. "I'll do my best to relax. You take your time growin' up though there is no need to rush."

"Sure thing Murder Dad." Evan laughed.

They ate more chocolate and then ran around the forest together, scarying anyone foolish enough to come in.

Venom perked up when they heard crying and swung down to fins a little girl that was separated from her group. They all stopped scaring people and helped her find her friends.

She gave Venom a hug and thanked them before the group went back into the trees and out of site.

Evan was having the time of his life. He had never felt so free before. "Is this what you guys feel every day!?"

"Pretty much." Sleeper laughed.

He did a flip mid air and laughed at the top of his lungs. He landed next to Sundance and gave him a huge hug.

"Thank you this has been so much fun."

Sundance smiled weakly and held Evan close.

After the romp in the woods they all went to Butch's restaurant to get burgers. The staff were all amazed at how good their costumes were.

"So how long can Sunny stay like this anyway?" Evan said

"S'far as I can tell indefinitely." Sundance took another bite. "I um... I'm actually much larger that I appear. Symbiotes can change their mass by kinda foldin' in on themselves and Sunny is actually massive. This isn't hard at all."

"Can I keep her on me then? Please please please?" Evan begged.

"It would be good training for when he gets his own later." Sleeper said.

"We just realized you should ask your parents if this is ok." Venom said

"No! My mom will ok with it but my dad will freak out let me keep it a secret from him."

"Fine, make sure you ask yer mom when you get her alone. First though I need you to try somethin'. Let Sunny to go back inside yer body." Sundance said.

Evan took a deep breath and did his best to push the request through their bond. Sunny pulled inside him with a purr.

"I did it!" Evan said.

"Ask her to cover you again and turn ya invisible."

Evan did just that.

"Alright you are pretty good at this. Now... this next part might weird you out but we have to talk 'bout how to keep Sunny healthy."

"Why would it weird me out? No fire, no loud noises, eat lots of chocolate? It's pretty easy."

"Cuz there is a part we haven't told you about. Evan... you are going to need to eat raw brains from creatures you hunt. That or you are going to have to either have sex with Sunny or masturbate to keep her healthy." Sundance said


"You can't just eat people and symbiotes need a lot of phenethylamine. The kind found in food is ok but sometimes it isn't enough. This means either eating the brain of a living creature or getting your rocks off." Venom said.

"You guys are messing with me." Evan laughed.

Everyone at the table stared at him.

"Oh my god you're serious? I knew you guys had healthy sex lives, I didn't realize there was a reason for that!"

"I mean its also because we love them but it serves another purpose." Venom said

Evan leaned back on his chair. "This is crazy. Butch can you just, I don't know, send phe- pheneth- the chemical to me?"

"No you are separate from me right now. Basically a satellite Sunny."

Evan sighed. "Well if I want a symbiote later I guess I'm going to have to do this" he laughed.

"Also keep in mind we are entering winter. Huntin' can sustain you fer now but soon animals will be harder to find. So you might want to get comfy with Sunny quickly. Sorry for the awkward talk." Sundance chuckled.

"So wait. Sleeper how do you get phenethy- ugh the chemical then?"

"I force Serum's brain to produce the chemical. Sunny could do the same to you but it would be painful and might mess up your brain chemistry. Not a good idea."

Evan swallowed hard. "Ya lets not."

"So after that conversation, we just also wanted to say make sure you don't use her when playing football. Its cheating and you could hurt someone." Venom said

"I wouldn't do that." Evan laughed

"Good kid." Sundance pat his back.

The menu had a special Halloween cheese cake for dessert so they ordered that and finished it off together.

When they went back outside people where turning their lights off and kids where starting to go home.

"Man I don't want today to be over. This has been the most fun I've ever had on Halloween." Evan said.

"Glad you had a good time." Sundance said and then paused looking thoughtfully at Evan. "Are... are you sure you want to do this? This is a huge plunge Evan and I know you have the safety net of me bein' nearby and able to control Sunny from a distance but... this is big."

"I've been thinking about it for a long time. You remember in the woods went I asked to try having her for a bit? Even before then I was think about it. And then I got closer to you and her. She loves you so much and I want to love somebody like that and to love them back. To have them that close to me."

"My relationship with Sunny is kind of the extreme version of symbiosis so it might actually be good to see how you handle this first."

Sleeper picked up Evan and put him on his shoulders. "Symbiote squad move out!"

They all went home for the evening. Evan layed in his bed and the Sunny fragment pooled in his hand. He gave her a squeeze. "I promise I'll do a good job. I'm so excited to have you."

Chapter Text

Eddie slowly woke up to two symbiotes staring intensely at him and Butch.

"Goodmorning darlings. What's up?"

"Eddie we require you and Butch to do a fashion show." His other said.

"...Excuse me?"

"Last night Sunny and I got into an argument on who made the cutest clothes so we require you and Butch to show off our designs to a group of judges consisting of Evan, Karen and Sleeper." They explained

"You already called them didn't you?"

Sunny and his other held up his cellphone. Eddie let out a sigh and chuckled. He leaned over to Butch and kissed him gently. Butch let out a small whimper and kissed back.

"Mornin' stud." Butch said wrapping his arms around his neck.

"Morning dear. So listen the wives want us to do a fashion show with judges to decide who makes the better clothes." Eddie said.

Butch blinked at him a few times and then started to make out with him passionately, running a hand up his thigh and grinding into him. Eddie kissed back and moaned. "Woah Butch what you doing?"

"Oh wait this is real? I thought I was dreamin' so I was going to turn this into a sex dream if I could."

Eddie laughed and got ontop of Butch. "No this real, they actually want us to throw a fashion show."

"Well damn. That sounds cute I'm game. Can we continue where my not dream left off?"

Eddie laughed and claimed his lover.


Sleeper, Evan and Karen were all sitting on the couch together. Karen was very excited.

"Oh I'm just thrilled! I love fashion. Evan you should ask little Sunny make you something nice sometime. Its always so difficult to shop for you."

"Mom I'm not going to use her like a closet she is-" the Sunny fragment suddenly ripped his shirt in half, threw it on the floor and then formed a new navy blue polo t-shirt with white trim on the collar. "... ok that just happened."

Sleeper laughed. "She hated your shirt."

"She does have good taste you look charming."

"Sunny please don't put me in a dress. I'm not comfortable with that like he is."

Little Sunny huffed at him.

"You guys ready to start in there?" Butch shouted from the kitchen.

"Ya come on out." Sleeper said

Eddie was the first one out. He was in a classic outfit of their. A leather jacket with their emblem across the chest as well as fitted black jeans and leather gloves. The collar was popped and lined with a soft fur. Eddie strutted out and did a turn. He was doing his best to not laugh as he posed.

"Very nice, you look so tough Eddie!" Karen said.

"Wow that looks so cool!" Evan said.

Sleeper gave two thumbs up.

Next Butch who was in a full length A-line floral dress. It had a layer of sheer fabric covered in red and orange flowers. When he got to where Eddie was he twirled and pressed himself against Eddie's chest.

"Come here often?" Butch said running a hand through Eddies hair. Eddie playfully growled at him.

"Oh how adorable you two are! That dress is brilliant! My vote this round goes to Sunny!" Karen said.

"I'm giving it to team Venom that outfit is awesome." Evan said

"Parents win. I like the jacket a lot." Sleeper said.

Butch scoffed and Eddie smiled. "Alright next round." Eddie said.

Eddie came out in a tight blue dress shirt and khakis. He had a black tie with the symbiotes eye spots at the end.

"Looking sharp!" Karen said.

Butch came out and had on a pink dress shirt as well as grey pants and a suit jacket.

"Oh lovely. I think I'll give it to Butch though. He looks charming in a suit jacket."

"I like Eddie's tie so I'll give it to him." Evan said.

"To many neutral tones. Butch wins, the pink is a nice statement color." Sleeper said

"Finally round." Butch skipped away.

Eddie was wrapped a black and grey sports jacket. The arm had their emblem on the shoulder and the back had "Venom" embroidered on it as well as the symbiotes eyes. He had on tight blue jeans and hwavy boots.

"You other likes being present in your clothing." Evan said

"I like keeping them close." Eddie smirked

Butch came out in a fulk length gown. It was a white dress that slowly faded into a red gradient. It was layered and full. Butch also had his hair down and styled so it draped over his shoulder in soft curls. He looked like a princess. Eddie stared in awe at him.

"Oh wow. Butch wins." Karen said

Evan and Sleeper both nodded.

Eddie went over to Butch and gently pulled him in for a kiss. "You look amazing."

"So do you, handsome." Butch winked.

Eddie held Butch close and kissed him again. Butch laced his fingers between Eddie's and let out a chuckle. "So are you two satisfied?"

Eddie's other slide out and nodded. Sunny formed a small head on Butch's shoulder and kissed his cheek. "Victory lap" she said.

Eddie and Butch soon were both standing in swimsuits. Eddie's was a tight black speedo while Butch was in trunks that were white with a fire pattern.

"You guys are silly" Eddie said.

"Eddie wins." Karen said blushing slightly.

Everyone laughed together at that.

Chapter Text

Evan was in love. So far he loved being a symbiote host. He would stay up late talking to Sunny and he never felt lonely. He would often go for long swings with her. He loved being with her and the way she felt.

Today they were hunting. Snow had already fallen even though it was early November. They sniffed the air. Hunting with Sunny was incredible. He could track animals from pretty far away. They followed the scent till they saw a deer in a clearing. Evan felt Sunny rippled with excitement. He adjusted their muscle and got ready. They bursted, rushing the deer and slicing straight through its neck. Sunny keened inside Evan at the kill.

"Easy Sunny its just a deer." Evan chuckled going over to the deers head.

He was still getting used to this part but it wasn't so bad. He licked his teeth and opened his jaw. They crunched through the skull of the deer and instantly were flooded with the taste. Hot blood warmed his throat as he pulled at the carcass. He imagined raw flesh and brains wouldn't taste this good if he was just human but in Sunny's mouth they were amazing. He let out a soft moan as he ate more. Sunny swirled through their bond, singing in delight.

He swallowed more of their kill and ate as much as he could. He was glad the deer was small, he couldn't put away as much food as Butch could. He panted after eating most of the deer and sat in the blood covered snow, rubbing his stomach. Sunny was singing him praises, whispering to him about how beautiful he was. He laughed as he started licking blood off.

"You always get so excited when we do this. Thanks for the compliments even though you did most of the work."

He fell back into the snow. It felt good on their skin. He yawned.

"Eating this much always makes me sleepy. But we should go home. Sleeping in snow seems like a bad idea."

They stood up and he brushed off the snow. They started walking home when he heard a distance noise. It sounded like a scream.

Evan bolted in the direction of the scream. They wove through trees til they came across a man attacking a woman. Evan leaped at him and kicked him square in the back. He launched into a tree. Evan looked back at the woman.

"Go! Run!" He yelled.

She got up shocked and ran away. Evan turned back to the man who moaned in pain holding his head.

"Kill him Evan" Sunny whispered

"What?" Evan said shocked

"Kill him. He is scum. An evil creature. No one will miss him. You would be doing the world a favor."

"I... No we are going to get the police."

"Why? You have power now Evan. You have me. We can do it. Don't be afraid. Kill him."

Their mouth was watering, dripping with drool. Evan took a step forward.

"That's it Evan. Remember the deer? It was so easy. This will be easy too. It will feel really good. You are doing a good thing Evan." Sunny whispered clicking their teeth.

"I... I don't want to kill him." He stepped back.

"Why not honey? You are so strong with me. You don't have to be afraid. Kill him Evan. Kill him."

"No this is wrong." Evan shook his head.

"Is it? Your friends all kill people who are bad. This man is evil. He was attacking thay girl. Kill him. Kill him. Kill him!"


Suddenly a shot rang out. The man had pulled a gun and taken a shot at Evan. It missed grazing Evan's head.

"See! Evil! An evil worthless man! Kill him Evan! Killhimkillhimkillhim!" Sunny shrieked.

Evan held his head. He didn't know what to do. There was a slashing noise and Evan looked up.

The man was dead.

Sundance was standing over him with a bloody claw. He went over to Evan and hugged him.

"The missus and I need to have a talk. You ok Evan?" Sundance said.

Evan teared up and clung to Sundance, crying into his arm. Sundance rubbed his back gently. "You did the right thing Evan. I'm sorry she pressured you. I felt the whole thing through our bond and came as fast as I could."

They huddled together for a while until Evan calmed down.

"Butch... a long time ago you told me you and Sunny were the same. That her thoughts were the same as yours. Butch... did you want me to kill him?" Evan said softly.

Sundance stared at him for a while and then turned away. "Fuck... fuck I totally wanted you to kill him." Sundance covered his face with a hand. "I did and I do! I want you to kill! I want you to feel want I feel! I want to eat people with you! I want you to taste flesh!"

Evan was shocked but then Sundance turned back to him.

"But I don't want you too. You aren't supposed to do those things. You are still part of human society. It wouldn't be right." Sundance smiled weakly. "Don't become a killer unless you think it is right Evan. I'm sorry I did this to you today."

"Its ok Sundance." Evan hugged him. "Can we go get hot chocolate? Im really cold."

"Sure kid. Anything you want." Sundance nuzzled him gently.

Chapter Text

Butch had taken a bus downtown to listen to his favorite band. They were having a concert but he couldn't see if due to how loud they played. So he did the next best thing, standing outside the stadium to listen and buying a t-shirt. He was rocking back and forth when suddenly he was hugged from behind.

"Miss me Honey-bun?" Said a woman's voice.

Butch turned and saw it was a woman with pale white skin and a diamond painted over one eye. She had large black hair and was in a skin tight cat suit.

"Ma'am I think you have me mistaken for someone else." Butch said

"Oh pumpkin I could never forget that hair. Even if your voice sounds different." She pushed his bang out of his face. "Besides you have a killers eyes. Don't you remember me Carny?" She leaned up and kissed him.

Butch stared at her and sweated bullets. She knew Cletus and was kissing him? Who is this lady?

"Oh pardon me miss. I recently got a very bad head injury and I'm sufferin' from amnesia. I can't remember a thing."

It was a really dumb lie but he hoped it would work.

"Oh no baby!" She felt his forehead. "No wonder you are looking and acting so strange. Lets get you home and rested."

She took his hand and dragged him along. Why was it every time he went near this band bad things happened?

She took him to an abandoned warehouse. She had him laying on a mattress on the floor. Butch put his hands behind his head and sighed. What a pickle. Could Cletus really have had a relationship with this woman?

"Now you just sit tight love. I'm going to get you some nice hot soup for that head. We will have you back to you normal mass murdering self in no time." She kissed his forehead, turned and left.

Once he was sure she was gone he whipped his cell phone out and called Eddie.

"Eddie help their is a strange woman dressed up like a member of Kiss claimin' to be Cletus's wife? Girlfriend? I don't know. She has me in bed and is takin' care of me."

"That's Shriek. She must have escaped from Ravencroft. Shit. Ok don't panic I'm coming to get you with Flash. Don't upset her if you can, she uses sonics."

"Wait sonics!?" Butch moaned. Because of course Cletus would date someone who could have once killed him.

"Alright honey-bun I made you some soup." Shriek was coming back in the room.

Butch quickly hung up and hide his phone. Shriek sat down next to him with a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

"I made it with love." She smiled at him.

"Thank you." Butch took a bite. It was fine, he honestly was expecting something worse. Shriek moved his hair out of his face and brush a hand across his cheek.

"Lets get you back into tip top shape love. There are so many people to kill and so little time." She giggled.

"Thank you Shriek I'll do my best." Butch smiled weakly.

"Ah! You remembered my name! Oh sweety I knew you wouldn't forget me!" She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight.

Butch hugged her back and sighed. This was nice.

"Hey babe how about you tell me 'bout how we met. Might trigger memories."

"Oh it was a wonderful night. You were outside my cell making the most beautiful screams happened. I couldn't help but cheer you on. Then you noticed me and ripped the door off my cell. I told you how I wanted to help you on your hellish campaign. You were sceptical at first but I won you over. We've been a killer couple ever since."

Butch laid back with Shriek against his chest and chuckled. "That's very sweet babe. Want to tell me more about us?"

Shriek rested against his chest and glided fingers across it, tracing imaginary shapes. "We have a few lovely children. I'm hoping we can track down Doppy. He is always such a trouble maker. I'm worried what he is up to without his mommy around."

Butch stared at her. Cletus had children with this woman!? Why did no one tell him. He was starting to feel he should have done more research on himself when he can to this dimension. And what kind of name was Doppy?

"Wow... we have kids? Holy shit."

"What can I say you are quite the family man honey-bun." Shriek wrapped her arms around his neck. "Baby I'm so glad I found you again. I love you so much. When we paint the town red my heart sings. I can't wait till you are feeling better so we can tear this place a new one."

Butch sighed and held her close. "I'll do my best to recover."

Venom and Anti-Venom suddenly dropped through a sky light and attacked Shriek. She screamed at them and shot a sonic blast.

"How dare you ruin my reunion with my sweet Carny!" She fires directly into Venom.

While she was distracted Butch switched into Sundance and wrapped a tentacle around her neck tightly. She struggled but Sundance made sure she couldn't turn and see that he had betrayed her. She soon passed out and Butch released his grip.

"Sorry sweetheart." He brushed her hair out of her face.

The police came and talked with Flash while Venom and Sundance sat on a roof together.

"Ok Eddie we are in an honest relationship right?"

"I would hope"

"Then I have to tell you I caught feels for that woman."

"...Are you serious?"

"She is adorable! I like her. Not enough to leave you of course. Not to mention she is a villain. But... damn it I can see why Cletus likes her."

Eddie punched his arm and laughed. "Butch you are a messed up guy."

"Ya I am... No matter how hard I try I'm not escapin' the fact that I'm Cletus Kasady aren't I? I mean we are different enough but at our core... we are the same." Butch sighed and held his head. "Damn it."

Eddie frowned and held Butch close.

"Eddie... Sunny almost made Evan kill someone. I stopped him but it made me realize, I really want him to kill people. I want him to share in the bloodshed. And now this? I meet a woman for a half hour and listen to her ramble on about how we used to kill people together and I'm smitten!? I just..." he let out a loud scream and fell back on the roof.

Eddie sighed and pat his leg. "Butch you are so different from Cletus though. You actually care about people. You did stop Evan even though you wanted him to kill. And trust me you care more about Shriek's wellbeing than Cletus ever did. I wouldn't be with you if you were the same as him. You are you Butch."

Butch took a deep breath and sat back up. He looked Eddie deep in the eyes. "What do you see when you look at me now? I can't read yer eyes anymore."

Eddie pulled Butch into a kiss. "I see someone I love."

Butch teared up and kissed back. "I hope I can keep it that way."

Eddie brushed away his tears. "You will. Don't doubt yourself. You are still doing so good. Everyone is here for you Butch. We love you."

Butch pressed his forehead to Eddie's. "I hope fer everyone sake yer right." He kissed Eddie softly. "Also Cletus has kids!? What kind of name is fuckin' Doppy?"

Eddie couldn't stop laughing for a few minites afrer that.

Chapter Text

Butch was sitting in Karen's living room with Evan, eating a food tray she put out. Evan was laying on the couch, petting his Sunny fragment. After the incident in the woods they have been working on the relationship and understanding each other. He never wanted her to try to force him to do something he didn't want to ever again. Butch still feel terrible about the whole thing.

"Hey squishy lady did you get bigger?" Evan gently poked her

"You're takin' good care of her Evan. Means she's healthy." Butch smiled

Sunny bubbled happily and Evan smiled at her. "I hope so. I'm trying really hard."

"Alright thanks for coming over! Now you have Eddie's and Sleeper's measurements correct?"

Butch handed her a piece of paper. "So what are you up to Ms. Karen?"

Karen giggled. "Well I've always liked sewing and knitting so this year for Christmas I'm making everyone sweaters!"

"Karen do you ever get tried of bein' so adorable?"

"Oh stop!" Karen blushed "Anyway I'm also making something for the wives." Karen held up a tiny blobby pink sweater with little white hearts on it. "Sunny would you try it on please?"

Sunny came out of Butch's chest and squeezed into the sweater. She looks like a white balloon wearing a cozy. Sunny purred.

"Oh my stars that is too cute." Butch swooned.

"I tried to have Evan let me put it on his fragment of her but he refused." Karen said with a glare at her son.

"Mom it is really really girly. I'm not a girl." Evan said.

"Sunny is a girl." Karen said

"Ya but her butt is attached to me and I don't want to look girly. Maybe a blue or black or red sweater but not pink with hearts on it."

Butch was nuzzling his wife in the sweater."What a cute lil girl you are!" Sunny bit his face.

"Butch, Sunny bites you a lot. She never bites me. Is everything ok?" Evan said.

"She bites me because she loves me. She doesn't want to hurt you but she knows I can take it. Like, she kinda gets off on pain." Butch blushed. "She loves the rush that pain gives."

Sunny thrilled and kiss his cheek and then bit him again.

"Can you help me with design suggestions for the boys Butch? I want them to be something they will like."

"Well Eddie always likes Black and white for obvious reasons. But I think he looks nice in lavender."

"Oh I could do black, white and lavender!" Karen said.

"That would be cute. As fer Sleeper I think maybe somethin' that matches his greens and reds. Maybe have yellows and oranges in there fer adjacent colors." Butch said

"Aw I think that would be cute." Karen said. "Butch what would you like?"

Butch scratched his chin "Teal. Maybe white and teal."

"Oh that would look really pretty with your hair!" Karen said. She wrote all of it down. "Oh and Mrs. Brock what would they like?"

"Eddie's other would want a sweater that matched Eddie's. Nothin' would make them happier." Butch laughed.

Evan smiled at him and looked down at his Sun fragment. She smiled up at him and wiggled in his lap. Evan laughed. "Sunny do you like the sweater?"

"Yes. Cute." She whispered. Through their bond Sunny was very vocal but speaking outloud still bothered her.

Evan sighed. "Mom... can you make a second sweater?"

Karen clapped her hands together happily. "Oh of course of course!" She giggled.

"Karen" Little Sunny said.

"Yes Sunny?"

"Want. Yellow." She smiled.

"I can make it yellow." Karen pet Little Sunny gently.

Butch watched in amazement. "Honestly I can't believe she lets you touch her. She hates people."

"You keep saying that but besides the whole blood lust thing she is very sweet." Evan smiled. "Butch, maybe you two just weren't ready to let people close to you yet but you are now."

Butch stared at Sunny in her little sweater. "Darling..." he pet her gently. Sunny nuzzled into his hand gently. "We have gotten a lot better haven't we?"

Sunny hummed.

Butch laughed and kissed her. "You know recently I'd been real worried 'bout us. There are parts of me now I hate but... they are still me and they are still you. But we're real lucky cus we have all these people now makin' sure we're ok. Sunshine I think you and I are going to be just fine."

Sunny purred and kissed him.

"Baby!" She sang.

"I love you too baby."

"No! Baby!" She hissed.

"Wait, what?"

"Butch is she?" Evan said.

"Having a baby!" Sunny giggled

Butch passed out and fell to the floor.

Chapter Text

Butch had gotten so worked up over the pregnancy news he got himself sick. Evan had given back his Sunny fragment since the baby was on the way and Sunny wanted to pool all of her efforts into the babies health as well as her husband's. Sleeper was so floored that they were getting a nephew/niece that they had already started preparing for the baby and redecorating Butch's old room.

Butch was curled up in bed under the covers. His hair was down and everywhere. Eddie was gently petting his head. Next door Sleeper was banging away at the walls.

"Sleeps! Keep it down!" Eddie said.

Sleeper peaked in. "Sorry. He ok? He still looks pretty bad."

Eddie pet Butch gently. "Butch you are going to be ok? We are all here for you."

"My chest feels like it had somethin' stuck in it." Butch mumbled

Eddie pet his cheek gently and smiled. There was a knock at the front door and Coco started to bark and paw at it.

"Coco down! I'm coming!" Sleeper morphed into his human form and ran downstairs.

He came back up with Evan in tow. "Look who came to visit!" Sleeper let Evan into the room amd went back to work

Evan looked down at his feet, he was carrying a three things of tupperware.

"Hey Butch..." he said softly.

"Evan you ok buddy?" Butch asked

"Well, you know I-... My mom made you some stuff!" Evan came over to the bed and spread the tupperware out.

"She remembered you guys really like raw fish so we made sushi together for the first time." He open the first tupperware and there were some badly mangled pirces of sushi. Butch crackled a small smile.

"And I found some rabbits and cleaned them for you." Butch opener the next one and there was some raw meat and organs.

Butch laughed and Sunny pooled out to eat some.

"And the last thing was a chocolate cak-" when Evan opened the tupperware the cake had lettering in pink icing said 'congratulations'. Evan quickly covered it back up.

"Oh Evan its ok." Eddie said look at Butch who was dumbfounded.

"Damn it I told her not to do that." Evan said under his breath. He stared down at the bed unable to look at Butch.

Butch sat there for a moment and then put a hand on Evan's shoulder. "I'm a ripe asshole I am." Butch chuckled. He turned to Sunny who was covered in blood and kissed her deeply.

"Babe I'm sorry I'm being such a jerk. Congratulations truely. You are such a beautiful creature and I'm so happy we are having a baby." He licked some of the rabbit blood from her teeth.

"Wait so, you're ok?" Evan asked.

"Ya I'm fine. I was being a little bitch 'bout this. I have all of you. I'm going to be fine. Evan you must be so excited. Go 'head and let it out."

"Are you sure?"

"Ya go 'head." Butch cackled.

"You're having a baby! I'm getting a symbiote of my own! I'm so excited! I wonder what they are going to be like! I hope they like me! What color do you think they will be!? Are they going to have a gender like Sunny!?" Evan bounced on the bed with enough energy to fuel the city.

"Woah woah slow down." Eddie laughed.

Butch smiled softly at Evan. "In my dimension all symbiotes are white with color accents. So you're partner will be white with a secondary color. This is my fourth child and I've never been able to guess what they will be like."

"Butch do I get to name them or do they name themself?" Evan said.

"It depends. Eddie named Toxin but Scorn named herself. I would recommend when they first bond with you that you ask them. They might want a special name you have thought of or they might want to name themself."

"Butch I'm so excited I can't stand it how long till they are born?" Evan vibrated with excitement.

Butch chuckled. "Sunshine thinks it will be a month so right 'round Christmas or a little before."

"Aw they are going to be a Christmas baby!" Evan said.

Butch chuckled and pulled Evan and Eddie into a hug. "Come here. Y'all are makin' me emotional."

Eddie kissed his cheek, avoiding blood. Evan laughed.

"Hey guys wanna see something cool?" Sleeper peaked back inside.

"Sure lets see Sleeper." Eddie said

They all went into the next room. Sleeper had completely redone the room so that it had a galaxy painted on the ceiling. There was a twin bed and an enormous tank with bedding inside.

"Wow this is amazing looking. Sleeper you can paint?" Evan said.

"I watched a youtube tutorial which helped but that's not the best part!" Sleeper turned out the lights and closed the curtains. The ceiling had a layer of glow in the dark paint so it sparkled with stars.

"This is such a cool room." Evan laughed.

"We put the twin in here so thay once they are born if you want to spend extra time with them you are welcome to come over and stay as long as you like." Eddie said.

Butch stood in the middle of the room. Sunny twisted around him in a spiral. "Sleeper this is beautiful. Thank you."

"It was nothing bro." Sleeper chuckled.

Sunny wrapped around Butch neck and hummed.

"I love you too darlin'. No I'm not scared anymore. Its nice, its been so long since we had a child we got to keep." Butch said to his other.

"How about we go back to the bedroom and eat some of that food? I bet you are hungry." Eddie said.

"I am. Eatin' for three now after all!" Butch said as they walked back together.

Chapter Text

"You sure its ok to travel?" Evan said as Butch loaded his bag into the truck.

"Kiddo. This is a symbiote, not a human woman. They're tough creatures. A lil two hour drive to Hersey isn't gonna do Sunny any harm. By the way she thinks yer concern is 'dorable and she wants me to tell you she misses her flesh and bone child." Butch said.

"I know she is tough I just worry." Evan touched Butch's stomach.

"Baby isn't in there kid yer just bein' weird." Butch chuckled.

"Oh!" Evan pulled his hand away. "Where is the baby?"

Butch cackled. "Symbiotes don't have wombs. Baby's current movin' around my lymphatic system."

"Oh. I can't really pat that huh?" Evan said.

Butch hugged him tightly. "We'll be back Sunday kid."

"Butch hurry up!" Sleeper said from the back seat.

"Hot chocolate is gonna get cold!" Flash said from shotgun

Butch got into the car and they all waved goodbye to Evan. For the first time in months, Evan felt alone.


Butch leaned against Sleeper and fell asleep. Sleeper smiled down at him and chuckled.

"Always nice to get away." Eddie sighed happily. "I think I've just grown to love traveling."

"Maybe when you retire you can go on a road trip with your other again." Flash said.

"You're always welcome to come with Flash." Eddie chuckled.

"Nah you got someone else you need to take with." Flash looked back at Butch.

"It's amazing he is asleep, he never sleeps." Sleeper said

"Maybe Sunny is forcing him too." Eddie said.

"Either way I'm excited! We are going to stock up on so much chocolate!" Sleeper said.

"Thanks for coming with Flash." Eddie said.

"Hey I know its super close by but a vacation is a vacation. I'm looking forward to my sugar rush of a getaway." Flash said leaning back with his arms behind his head. "You guys are doing this for Butch though aren't you?"

"We want to make sure the baby gets all the phenethylamine it needs without him hunting a ton after the birth. I had the benifit of a scientist creating more for me whenever I wanted. Baby, not so much." Sleeper said

"You guys are really sweet with how much you care about eachother." Flash said.

"We are a family. Small, broken and messed up, but a family." Eddie said

They arrived at their hotel and unpacked. They let Butch continue to sleep. Eddie carried him in and rested him gently on the bed.

"Sunny has to be forcing him to sleep. That normally would have made him wake up." Eddie said

"Well how about we order some thing and just have delivered. Chocolate can wait." Sleeper said

With that Butch shot awake. "Woah ok that was weird."

Flash laughed. "You said the magic word and it broke the spell."


They did all of the usual activities that they did in Hershey. They went to their favorite Cafe, they went to the Hershey store, bought an absorbent amount of chocolate that almost didn't fit in the back seat. They were having a fantastic time. The whole group is absolutely exhausted by the time I got back to the hotel.

Butch curled up in Eddie's arms and almost instantly fell asleep. Eddie chuckled to himself.

"Well at least this is causing him to get a lot of decent sleep for once."

Butched dreamed.

He was in a large forest with bare trees, covered in snow. He walked for what seemed like forever. The air was entirely silent except for the distant sound of wind chimes.

He tried to call out but he couldn't speak. The wind was starting to pick up and snow was falling heavy. Soon it was so thick that he couldn't even see in front of him, everything was white.

And from the blinding white two pale blue symbiote eyes opened.

"You need to go home now!"

Butch shot awake in a cold sweat. He was out of breath. He grabbed Eddie's shoulder and shook him awake.

"Mhhhnn Butch this better be good."

"We need to go home now Evan's in danger." Butch said sweating.


Evan was feeding Coco. Whenever the Brocks had to leave town or go on a mission he would watch her. He per her while she ate in the new look up the stairs at the baby's bedroom door.

He went upstairs and lay down the twin bed that have been set up for him he stared up at the stars painted on the ceiling. He honestly couldn't stand the waiting he just wanted his new friend to be here already.

He wanted to know everything about them. They were going to be like, what powers were they going to have? He had a fear that they wouldn't like him. What if they rejected him? What if they resented him because he was an arranged host?

He turned his head to look at the tank. He thought about how wonderful they might be. What if they loved him as much as Sunny loved Butch? What if they ended up so close it was like they were married? Oh my god he was getting married at 17. He laughed.

He looks into the tank, even now he could imagine a little white blob moving around inside. Suddenly Coco started barking and there was a knock at the door.

Evan ran downstairs and his mom was outside.

"Hey what's up?" Evan said.

"Evan Mrs. Hernandez's little girl Maria is missing." Karen said.

Mrs. Hernandez was a very nice woman who lived two blocks over. She was actually Pedro's mom and Maria was his 7 year old little sister.

"We need to find her now there is a freak blizzard coming. The neighbors all formed the search party, get your coat." Karen said.

Evan ran for his coat and called Coco over to put her on a leash. He also grabbed a spare blanket just in case.

Evan and his mom met up with the rest of the search group. Mrs. Hernandez crying and Pedro was comforting her.

"Where did you last see her?" Evan said.

"In our kitchen she got into an argument with me and I told her to go away." Pedro said. He grimaced.

Evan pat his shoulder. "Hey it's not your fault. Do you have anything that belonged to her?"

Pedro held up Maria's coat. "She ran out without it so I was hoping when we found her I could give it to her and she could warm up."

Evan grabbed the coat and held it up to Coco. Coco sniffed it an perked up.

"Good girl track her down!" Evan said as Coco pulled him. Butch was right, for what Coco lacked in smarts, she made up for by being a very good hunting dog.

Evan ran behind Coco all the way to the backwoods. There he saw faintly in the snow a pair of footprints. Small enough for a young girl. They started following them.

They went deeper and deeper into the woods. It was dark out now and the wind was picking up. Evan knew these woods so well now. They move deeper and deeper. Finally he saw a little dot on the horizon.

"Hey! Maria!" Evan shouted as he booked it.

"Leave me alone!" Maria sobbed.

"Hey now that's no way to talk to your rescue team."

"I don't want to be rescued, you're just a big dumb boy like my brother!"

"Hey hey. Pedro is really worried about you you know?" Evan knelt next to her in the snow.

"...He is?" She said softly.

Evan held her coat up. "He gave this to me because he was worried you would be cold. He was crying when I left him."

Maria grabbed her coat snd hugged it. "He was crying?"

"Ya kiddo he loves you. You know your brother he can just be a dumb hot head sometimes."

Maria hugged her coat and then Coco came up and headbutted her. She giggled and pet her. "I... I wanna go home." She said putting on her coat.

"Good. I'll get you there." Evan turned around and offered his back. "Hope on I'll carry you piggy back."

Maria climbed on and Evan started the march home. The snow was really falling now. The wind cut at his face. He pulled out the blanket and pulled it over Maria to protect her. The snow was up to his knees. It was getting harder to track where they were.

His steps were so heavy. Coco huddled next to him. It suddenly dawned on him that he might not get any of them back. He felt like an idiot, he should have been more prepared.

He couldn't move anymore. He pulled Maria off his back and wrapped himself around her to protect her from the storm. If he was going to die he was at least going to give her a fighting chance.

Suddenly he heard wind chimes. He looked up confused. The world was white. He couldn't see a thing. Then for just a moment he thought he saw two pale blue symbiote eyes.

"Hold on, my beloved"

"What?" Evan said confused.

He blinked the snow from his eyes and the blue eyes were gone and replaced by two black figures and two white ones.

"Evan!" Venom barked out, leaping to him. The others caught up with him and they all huddled around him.

"Hi guys. I'm still not so good at the hero part of the job." He shivered.

"You dumbass." Sleeper laughed.

They picked up Maria, Coco and Evan and carried them home. They got inside the Hernandez's house and Maria's mom hugged her so tignt. Paramedics were called and luckily Maria was fine. Evan had frostbite on his hands but not too terribly.

Butch sat next to Evan and held him close.

"Thanks for saving me. How did you guys know to come back?" Evan said.

"You are goin' to think I'm crazy." Butch said

"Butch you are crazy."

"Crazier. Anyway, I had a dream about being lost in the forest and a pair of eyes told me something was wrong and I knew they ment you were in trouble.

"Were they blue? Like robin's egg blue!?" Evan said shocked.

"Ya they were!"

"When I was dying in the snow I saw a pair of blue symbiote eyes just before you showed up! They told me to hold on."

"...Holy shit." Butch said with a cough.

Evan stared at Butch chest and touched it gently. "Thanks partner."

Chapter Text

The blizzard was a massive one. Evan was now starting to realize that frost bite scars sucked because every time he went outside his hands hurt. At least school was canceled.

Eddie had brought Flash to their house for the day because his appartment had lost it heating.

"We have a twin bed upstairs Flash you can sleep there tonight."

"I hate sleeping in beds to be honest. Its hard to get in and out of them. Couch is fine." Flash said.

"That had to be killer on your neck." Sleeper said.

"I have a pretty good pillow." Flash held up a memory foam support pillow he had brought with.

"They should make beds for amputees." Eddie said.

"I'm sure they do and I'm also sure they cost a fortune." Flash said.

"I hate that about this country. We make it impossible for people who need help to get it." Eddie said crossing his arms.

"I can agree to that. I've been a victim of the system for years. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get a single job that wasn't prostitution as a homeless teen?" Butch came in with hot coco.

Eddie took one sip of coco and then his other appeared and stole his whole cup. "Not to mention your therapy. You couldn't avoid it or your medication on your salary if S.H.I.E.L.D wasn't floating the bill."

"So someone who desperately needs help once again wouldn't get it." Flash sipped his coco.

"Its fucked up I tell ya." Sleeper poured more marshmallows into his cup.

Evan came into through the front door. "Its too cold!"

"Evan! Here to save us from our depressin' adult conversation!" Butch said.

"Hey Evan! Enjoying the snow day?" Flash said

"Ya except for my hands. Frostbite sucks."

"I know that feeling. Cold weather makes my legs hurt." Flash patted the end of his legs. "Scar tissue and what not."

"You got your first hero work scar." Eddie chuckled

"I guess so." Evan blushed and scratched his neck. He when over to Butch and hugged him. "Hi partner, how you today?"

Butch cackled. "Do you have any idea how silly you sound?"

"Its not silly, I'm talking to them! They obviously are aware of what is happening around them. They called me 'beloved', I want to show them I care." Evan pouted. Butch pet Evan's head and smiled.

"He comes everyday now to visit the baby." Sleeper said to Flash.

"Thats so cute. Is your family really ok with you becoming a host Evan?" Flash asked.

"My mom is, she loves the idea. My dad freaked out at first but he was ok with it after I had Sunny. We haven't been telling him much of what is happening. He kinda can't handle it." Evan said shuffling his feet.

"Well you will always have our support." Eddie said.

"Hey kiddo how 'bout I make you a hot coco? You're really cold." Butch said hugging Evan.

"I'll help!" Evan said.

Butch chuckled as they went into the kitchen and Evan poured some milk into a pot to heat.

"You are really tryin' to impress them huh?" Butch said leaning on the counter.

"I just want to show them I'm dependable and I care." Evan said with a blush.

"You are head over heals and you haven't even met." Butch laughed.

"I mean its just, they saved my life and they aren't even born yet. They called me beloved. I was really afraid that they might end up not liking me but, to call me something so endearing. I just..." Evan fidgeted a bit while stirring the milk.

Butch ruffled his hair. "Do you have any idea how cute you are?"

Evan was bright red and spilled some milk onto thr stove with a sizzle.

"Easy tiger. Why are you freakin' out?" Butch smiled at him.

"...Can you fall in love with someone you haven't even met? What if my expectations are too high? What if I'm pressuring them? What if I'm a disspointing host?" Evan was still burning red.

Butch put a hand on his shoulder. "Kiddo has anyone ever told you that yer a worry wart?"

"Come on I'm baring my soul here!" Evan pushed his hand off.

"Tell you what. Come up to the bedroom with me and take a nap. We will both try to sleep and see if they talk to you again."

"You think its because we were dreaming they could talk?" Evan said.

"Its worth a shot." Butch smirked.


Evan did his best to get comfy next to Butch. He was so nervous.

"Sunny says if you down stop twitchin' she is goin' to bite you." Butch said with his eyes closed.

"Sorry I'm just nervous." Evan closed his eyes and focused on the sound outside. The rush of the wind. Soon he heard them again. The wind chimes.

"Hello darling."

"Its you! You're here!" Evan said. He was surrounded by white except for two blue eyes.

The voice giggled. It was soft and musical just like the chimes. "You are impatient my love."

"Sorry I'm just nervous." Evan blushed

He felt warm soft tendrils touch his face. "Don't be my betrothed. We were made for eachother. There is no need for nerves."

Evan sighed. They were very comforting. "So... now that I'm talking to you I suddenly can't remember anything I wanted to say. I'm overwhelmed." He laughed nervously.

The voice laughed softly. "I will do my best to visit you more. I grow stronger by the day."

"Is that your power? To go into peoples dreams?" Evan asked

"One of them darling, I have a few." They murmured.

"Oh wow you are amazing."

"Thank you my beloved. Now you should go. I grow tried. I love talking to you but I am still so small.

"That's ok. Do whatever you can to grow big and healthy. Oh wait I just realized I don't know your name."

He felt lips press to his and the eyes stared deep into his. "I am your destiny. I am your inevitable. I am your Fate."

Evan gasped and sat up in bed. Butch opened an eye.

"Did it work?" Butch blinked a few times.

"Fate... their name is Fate!" Evan bounced up and down.

Chapter Text

"And then they kissed me and told me they were my Fate!" Evan said bouncing up and down on the couch with a fresh cup of coco.

"Smooth moves for literally a baby." Sleeper said.

"Wow I can't believe how connected you are. Do you think you are going too fast?" Flash said.

"I don't know! Everything felt so right! They felt so warm and when I heard their voice it was like I knew a peace I had never felt before! Like when people say 'my other half' its usually just to be cute. Fate literally feels like my other half! Like I had been missing a huge part of me until today and now I just want to go back to sleep and see them again but I know they need to rest." Evan took a big gulp of chocolate.

Eddie chuckled. "Ya he is a symbiote host, that's for sure."

"Congratulations buddy." Butch smiles and leaned back into his chair.

"Hey Butch, thanks for letting me be Fate's host. It means a lot to me."

"Of course son." He closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

"I'm guessing it's Fate who is making him so sleepy." Sleeper said.

Eddie wrapped a blanket around Butch and carried him upstairs. "I'll be back soon alright?"

Evan fidgeted in his seat and smiled to himself. "Fate..." he whispered softly.

Sleeper threw a marshmallow at his head.


"It was such a cute moment I just had to ruin it." Sleeper said

Flash was trying hard not to laugh.


The next few weeks went both slowly and quickly for Evan. Everyday felt like it crawled, he couldn't wait till night where he could sleep and talk to Fate.

They learned a lot about each other. Fate loved listening to Evan talk about his day.

"Why does math have to be so boring? I really like English and history and science but math is just ugh! What subjects do you like?"

"I'm not sure yet love." They giggled "My perception of your world is very limited darling. I see you and mother and father very easily but that is about it."

"How did you know I was in danger that one time then?"

"I felt it. I don't know how to discribe it. It was like I saw it in a dream. I still don't know myself very well." Fate yawned.

"Aw I know what sound. I'll let you rest."

"Goodnight darling. I hope tomorrow is a good day for you."

He had trouble focusing in school and he got in trouble a bit for having his grades slip. He ended up having to study harder. It was just so hard waiting. At least winter break was coming.

"I really hope you are here before Christmas. I really want to spent Christmas with you."

"What is Christmas?"

"Its a holiday. Its a special day people spend together, especially with the people they love."

"I want to spend Christmas with you too."

He pulled his grades up but the wait was killing him. He spent a lot of time with the Brocks. At least he got to talk to them at night.

Except tonight he didn't dream.

He woke up confused and worried. Why didn't Fate talk to him? It was a Saterday so he got dressed early and ran across the street.

"Guys! Fate didn't talk to me last night is everything ok?"

Sleeper leaned out of Fate's room and shushed him. "Get up here!" They hissed in a whisper.

Evan ran upstairs and everyone was surrounding the tank. Inside was a little white blob, no larger than an orange, it had gentle blue tendrils swaying in the air.

"Hey kiddo, come over and meet Fate."

Evan ran over so quickly he almost tripped. He stared into the tank. Fate swirled gently.

"Y-you're finally here!" Evan teared up.

"Congratulations darling." Eddie held Butch and gave him a kiss.

Butch smiled and Sunny pooled around his neck. "Ah Sunshine did all the work." He kissed her cheek.

Sunny hummed and reached a tendril down to Fate, swirling it around them. Fate swirled back and made a soft clinking noise, just like wind chimes.

Evan was crying. He was so happy his Fate was finally here.

"Butch can I touch them?" Evan sniffed.

Butch reached into the tank gently and picked up his child. He held them close to his face. "Alright listen, no bondin' with him yet. You literally were born last night we want you to have some time on yer own first."

Butch gently handed Fate over to Evan. He craddled them gently. They wrapped around his fingers.

"Hello Fate. I'm so happy you are here. I promise one day I'm going to be the best partner for you." Evan wiped the tears from his eyes.

He held them for a while before Butch took them back. Evan spent all day and slept overnight at the Brock's that evening.

Chapter Text

Butch and Evan were on the couch downstairs. Karen had come over to show off her latest knitting creations. It was a little yellow sack thay was ment to be a baby symbiote sweater. Fate sat happily between the two of them in their little yellow sweater and clinked. Evan was petting them gently.

"Soooo when will it be ok for us to bond?" Evan asked.

"I don't know. Sleeper how long did you wait?" Butch asked.

"It was about 2 months before I bonded."

"2 months!" Evan moans and fell back on the couch. Fate crawled up onto his lap.

Butch let out a cackled. "I don't think we will wait that long. I feel if I keep you two separated much longer this is gonna turn Shakespearean."

Evan looked down at Fate who was on his chest now.

"Spib!" They squeaked.

Butch picked up Fate and puppeted them infront of his face and he talked in a high pitch voice. "Oh Evan. You are willing to wait for me right? I'm a patient little goo ball."

Evan laughed. "Yes darling I'll always wait for you."

"Oh Evan kiss me!" Butch continued to puppet Fate.

Evan leaned over and gave Fate a small kiss. They flailed and bubbled with a storm of chimes. He giggled and kissed them again and they flailed harder.

"God you two are so cute I think I might get sick." Sleeper said

Evan stuck his tongue out at Sleeper and took Fate so he could hold them. Eddie came over and his other slide out of his back to nuzzle Fate.

"They are so small Eddie. Just like Sleeper was." They purred and Fate wrapped a few tendrils around them.

"Hey Butch would it be okay if we took them for a drive I mean all they really knows is this house right now." Evan said.

"Sure" Butch stood up and Sunny formed a winter coat.

"I'm driving!" Eddie said heading to the car.


Evan held Fate up to the window so that they could watch outside. Fate would flail, squeal, and chime whatever they saw something new.

Evan loved their enthusiasm. He wanted to show them the whole world. They went downtown and drove to the largest buildings that could.

"Was I this cute as a baby?" Sleeper asked.

"Even cuter." Eddie said. Butch elbowed him with a smirk.

There suddenly was an explosion on a building a few blocks ahead. Eddie pulled over and they all got out. They saw Anti-Venom shooting at a swarm of flying robots that looked like little devils.

"Jack-o-lantern!" Eddie formed Venom as Sundance and Sleeper joined them. Evan covered Fate with his coat and started telling people where to move for safety while the rest if the gang joined Flash.

"Hey guys! Mind giving me a hand with these?" Anti-Venom said shooting a devil in the head.

"Sure thing." Sundance lept into the air and slashed two of them.

"Where is Jack?" Venom said punching through a giggling devil.

"He is flying around here somewhere. He is just causing as much trouble as possible with these stupid robots to distract me from what he is doing." Anti-Venom said.

Sleeper shot a webline at one devil and slammed it into another. "Any ideas?"

Another explosion went off and a chuckle of building started to fall. It was going to land on civilians. Evan rushed towards them without thinking when he felt Fate slip inside him.

It was so much fuller feeling than when the fragment of Sunny bonded with him. He gasped as Fate covered them. Their skin turned white, pale blue eyes formed over their face, the areas where Evan had gotten frostbite during their first meeting turned a deep wispy blue and smoke like tendrils came off of them. Their whole body had little flecks of blue that shimmered like fresh snow.

They held their hands up and suddenly the chucks of building floated in mid air, surrounded by a glittering fog.

"Holy shit do we have telekinesis?!" They screamed.

They slowly lowered the debris. They jumped up and down with excitement. "Oh wait. City under attack, right!" They ran over to the others.

"Welcome to the team kid! What should we call you?" Anti-Venom asked.

They formed a fog cloud and jumped on it. "Call us Frostbite!" They flew high up into the air and looked around.

They saw in the distance Jack flying toward another building. "Guys we see him!" They lead the others straight to Jack.

"Hey no fair! This was between you and me Agent!" Jack screamed.

"Sorry but the rest of us have a beef with you as well!" Venom said.

Venom shot a webline and pulled Jack from his broom. Sundance jumped up slashed him right in the gut. More devil bots came to his aid but Frostbite made a wall of fog to block them. Sleeper looked at the broom and saw there was explosives attached to it and it was heading straight for a bank.

Anti-Venom and Sleeper both shot weblines at the broom and yanked it from the sky.

"Hey assholes you're took late. Check the timer!" Jack cackled as Sundance pinned him to the ground.

The timer had four seconds left.

Frostbite came over and made a large cloud around it and hoped for the best. The broom exploded and they all got sent flying back a bit but the damage was minimal.

The authorities took Jack into custody and Sundance hugged and picked up Frostbite. "Look at you! A chip off the ol' block!"

They giggled. "Thanks for not being mad we bonded early."

"You saved a lot of people today. We think it was more than worth it." Venom clapped his back.

"So, communication through dreams and weird telekinetic clouds?" Sleeper said

Frostbite made a little cloud inbetween their hands. "Yup! Pretty neat huh?"

"Good job kid. I'd highfive you but you know, Anti-Venom." Flash said wiggling his fingers

Sundance purred and hugged Frostbite more. "I'm so proud to have you as my child." Butch and Sunny's voices both whispered. Frostbite smiled at them.


They all went out to dinner that night at a nice Italian restaurant. Karen and Bill also came with. Karen kiss Evan's cheek.

"My baby is all grown up and saving the city. When I had you I knew you would grow up to be a wonderful young man but I never thought you would grown up to become such an amazing person. I'm so proud of you son." She kissed his forehead.

Evan hugged his mom and laughed. Bill patted him on the shoulder. "I still think all of this is insane but it seems like you have it under control." Bill looked at Eddie and Sundance. "Please take care of him. Make sure he doesn't do anything too crazy."

"We were planning on keeping him away from crime fighting as long as possible." Butch said.

Bill sighed with relief. "Thank you."

Eddie pet Evan's head. "You two should just focus on growing up and building your relationship for now."

Evan smilled and Fate peaked out of his shirt with a chime. "We will. I have a whole world to show them first."

They all enjoyed the evening together. Evan was so happy. That night when they were in bed together Fate pooled out next to him.

"Evan I love you." Fate said

"I love you too." Evan smiled as he drifted to sleep.

Chapter Text

Evan bit the cap of a marker off and started writing on a large piece of cardboard. He wrote in big block letters 'Things I Want to do with Fate Over Winter Break'.

"Fate is there anything you want to do with me first? I want to make sure you get everything you want." Evan said

Fate giggled "You spoil me my beloved. But right now, no. I don't know anything about life right now so I will trust your judgment. Just so long as I am with you I will be happy."

Evan blushed. "You are too sweet Fate."

He started to write down a few things. Sledding, hunting, camping, visit Hersey after Christmas (so I have money), hang out with the Brocks, go to a football game with Coach, go shopping with mom (she has been begging to shop for Fate), go down town to look at Christmas lights.

"Alright this seems like a pretty good list!" Evan said.

"Lets start now Evan! I want to do so many things with you!"

"Well um, its kinda late." It was currently 10 pm. "How about I read to you?"

Evan crawled onto his bed and pulled out a copy of the Hobbit.

"This is my favorite book. I want to share it with you."

"Oh please do darling!" Fate curled up on his lap.

For the whole break Evan would read a little more of the Hobbit every night.


Evan had his sled over his shoulder as he ran behind Sleeper and Butch. They had walked across town to the biggest hill in the neighborhood.

"How are your hands holding up Evan?" Sleeper asked.

"They are ok. Fate like to sit in them when I'm outside to keep them warm." Evan asked

"She okay as well?" Butch asked

"They are doing okay. They really like cold weather. Hey Butch why do you call them a she?"

"They seem like a girl. Their eyes curl is cute lil swirls and their voice is really feminine. Not to mention they way the wiggle."

"They way they wiggle?" Evan lifted a brow

"Ya they wiggle like a girl. You ever see Sleeps wiggle his tendrils? He's more masculine but I still try to stick to they pronouns for 'em. But Fate is super super girly. Might just be my neurosis though." Butch said

"What do you think Fate, are you a girl?" Evan asked.

"I don't know. I know you find girls attractive Evan and you find me very attractive. Does that mean I'm a girl?"

"You are whatever you feel comfortable with Fate." Evan said.

"Then... yes I can be a girl if that is ok. I think I can be a boy too. You have dreams about me with both a female body and a male body and both feel right."

Evan turned red again. Sleeper and Butch both laughed.

"I'm... still explaining what counts as private information to them."

"And here I thought you were straight." Butch smirked.

Evan groaned. "I'm still learning what I'm attracted too ok? I never thought I would be turned on by the sound of wind chimes!"

Sleeper had been laughing so hard that they had to stop and compose themself.

They got to the top of the hill and Evan readied his sled. He was very very careful. "Ok Fate we are going to go really fast in a moment so hold o-"

Butch pushed Evan as hard as he could and they blasted down the hill. Both Evan and Fate screamed. Evan in terror and Fate in delight. The sled hit a ditch and they flipped out into the snow. Evan's ass was up in the air while the rest of him was buried.

Butch and Sleeper were laughing so hard they couldn't breath and both fell into the snow. Fate was screaming inside Evan to do it again. Evan just wanted the world to stop spinning.

Butch and Sleeper sledded down the hill and plucked Evan out of the snow.


Eddie and Butch were at the mall together Christmas shopping.

"How have you been holding up after the kid, love?" Eddie said giving his hand a little squeeze.

"I'm amazed I'm doin' as well as I am. Maybe its cus Evan helped me ease into it." Butch said squeezing back.

"I'm very proud of you, I want you to know that."

Butch blushed. "Eddie yer a gift. Truely a gift."

"If I'm a gift then I guess I don't have to buy you anything for Christmas."

"Only if you gift wrapped yerself. I've love to see a bow tied 'round yer-"

Eddie quickly kissed him to shut him up. Butch reached behind him and squeezed his butt.

"Butch we are in public." Eddie hissed

"I know. Its fun seein' you all flustered."

Eddie chuckled and whispered in his ear "I'm going to break you when we get home."

"Oh yes please Daddy." Butch bit his lip and wiggled his eyebrows.

They both laughed and went back to shopping.

"You know... this is the biggest Christmas I'll have ever been too." Butch said

"Same here."

"Our odd little family keeps growin'."

"Lets hope it stays that way."

Butch took a deep breath. "My chest feels like it is goin' to burst. Am I dying?"

Eddie laughed. "No. You are just not used to this much love."


It turns out Karen did go shopping for Fate but not with them. She came home one day with giant bag as well as Butch and Eddie in tow.

"Evan remember how you said you wanted to do something nice with me for Christmas?" Karen beamed

"Fate I don't like that tone or that bag she has." Evan tensed up.

"But she sounds so happy Evan!" Fate was curled around his shoulders.

Karen dumped the bag and inside was dozens of outfits. "We are going to take pictures! Eddie showed me these adorable photos of Mrs. Brock on their vacation and I wanted to do some with you and Fate!"

"Oh no..." Evan went pale.

"Evan Evan my love! We are going to have cute photos together! My darling I'm so happy!"

"See Evan? Fate wants to dress up and be cute. Don't cha wanna make her happy?" Butch said teasingly.

Eddie stiffled a laugh.

His other slide out of his shoulders "It is fun Evan."

"I have one rule! None of this can go on social media!" Evan said.

"I mean it can't really anyway. Fate is supposed to be a secret." Eddie said.

"No I mean my mom might photoshop the pictures so its just me in a dumb outfit!"

Karen looked away feigning innocence.

Evan sighed. "Ok mom this is my Christmas gift to you."

Karen and Fate squealed together happily.

The first outfit was sailor suits. Evan had the full get up on while he held Fate who just had the little hat.

"Where the hell did you even find these!?" Evan said as they snapped photos.

"Butch apparently visits antique stores often." Eddie said with a shrug.

"I have a small hoardin' problem. I like keepin' strange things. I got that a few months ago and swore I would get someone to wear it." Butch said.

Next up was a summery outfit of cargo shorts and a short sleeve hoodie for Evan. Both of them had flower crowns made of fake pastel colored daisies.

"I actually kinda like this one. Fate looks cute in pastels."

Fate kissed Evan's cheek over and over. "He called me cute!"

"You are cute." Evan laughed.

"These shots are turning out way better." Eddie said, snapping a few photos.

"Its cus they are actually havin' fun now." Butch said

Next outfit required Fate to form a torso coming out of Evan's hips. Evan was in a suit and they had gotten Fate a beautiful navy blue prom dress. Fate made their form more feminine and even gave themselves breasts. Evan was blow away.

"Am I still cute like this my love?" Fate smiled. They had millions of tiny needle like teeth and a dark blue tongue.

Evan tried to form words but just kept fumbling.

Fate giggled and whispered in his ear. "I'll take that as a yes."

Evan turned away embarrassed and Fate hugged him purring.

The next outfit was the Christmas sweaters Karen had made for them. Fate had a new yellow sweater that was a tube so she could snaked through it. Karen had made Evan a pale blue and white sweater that matched Fate.

"If our relatives knew what was going on I'd send this as a Christmas card!" Karen said

"You could send it to us, Flash, Miles, and Parker's group." Eddie said.

"Nooooooo!" Evan wailed.

"But my love. We look so cute. Pretty please?" Fate said, giving him the biggest puppy dog eyes.

Evan looked at them and sighed. "Send the photos mom."

"Fate you are always a welcome addition to my family." Karen smiled.

Fate did a little dance around Evan.

The last outfit was just for Evan. It was a navy blue button up and dress pants. Karen just wanted nice photos of the two together. Evan posed with Fate and smiled.

"Ok this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." Evan said.

"Evan I have discovered something about myself!" Fate said.

"You have? What is it?" Evam said eagerly.

"I love cute things! I want to do more cute things with you!"

Evan frowned. "Oh no."

Karen cheered. "Evan I love your girlfriend!"

Fate nuzzled him "My beloved is the cutest thing though."

He sighed and pet them gently. "I love you too Fate."


The Brocks had taken Evan camping. He had shown them his cardboard list and Butch had been itching to try his new tent.

Everyone stayed in symbiote form because it was so cold. Frostbite stood out in the snow and watched it fall. They were surprised how warm they felt. They giggled softly and formed a cloud to ride.

"We will be back later ok?" They said climbing on.

"Be safe!" Venom said throwing them a flare gun.

They caught it and flew off. They floated gently through the air. Evan recalled a Christmas special he used to watch as a kid with a snowman flying through the air.

They laid down on their stomach and watched the snow together, resting their head in the arms.

"Its a really pretty night." They said to themselves. They relaxed together and then they saw below them a moose. They licked their lips.

"We have never hunted together before. Shall we? Yes!" They said dissolving their cloud. They fell toward the beast and landed on it with a crack. Not a very fair kill but they had fun.

The meat was warm and juicy. They pulled and snapped bone. They purred while they ate. Evan thought it was kind of funny. He saw Fate as so graceful and even now as they ripped and tore flesh they seemed elegant. There was so much power in their muscles but also so much control.

Frostbite filled their belly and layed down in the snow. It felt good against their skin. Evan drifted to sleep, but he knew this time he was safe to sleep in the snow. Fate seemed to love the cold.

Evan dreamed of dancing with Fate. They took their female form infront of him and he gently grabbed their hand and waist. They twisted and turned to soft music. Toward the end of the song Fate kissed Evan. Their tongue played inside his mouth. He moaned into them. He gently ran his hands along their body. Fate pressed themself up against Evan.

"Is this... what you want darling?" Fate cut their dress so that it elegantly fell to the floor and they stood before him bare. Evan even in his dreams couldn't find words. Fate jumped ontop of him and pinned him to the floor with a giggle.

"You really like seeing me like this?"

"W-well ya you look amazing."

They licked the side of his face. Fate took his hands and guided them up their body, across their stomach, over their breasts and to their face.


"You're beautiful Fate."

Fate giggled. "We have to wake up now sadly."

"Wait what?"

When he woke up Sundance was standing over them, having eaten the rest of their kill.

"Weird spot to sleep kiddo." Sundance said.

"We ate too much" They smiled.

Sundance helped them up. "Wanna fly us back to camp?"

Frostbite formed and cloud and they flew into the sky. Sundance leaned back and watched the world below.

"You kids are amazin' do you know that?" Butch said

Frostbite giggled.

"I'm really glad you two are gettin' along.

"We still feel like the other half to eachother. Are we going too fast? It just all seems so right." Frostbite closed their eyes.

"Nah you are goin' at just the right pace. Sunny and I joined together and became whole minutes after her birth. You guys are very fast compared to Sleeper but he is an exception to the rule. You have to set your own pace. Do what feels right. You will know when yer ready."

"But ready for what?"

Sundance laughed. "Well anythin' really. You two are growin' up together and will reach adulthood 'round the same time. You are goin' to get to know eachother very well between then and now. Your bond is strong. Trust yerselves."

They nodded and saw the camp. "Thanks Dad. We love you."

"Love you too"


Peter was running late but that was nothing new. MJ tapped her fingers on the restaurant table and sighed. She hated when this happened. Sometimes he wouldn't show up at all and everyone would take pity on her thinking she had been stood up. Sometimes it came with free dessert.

Luckily this time Peter came running in.

"Sorry I'm late! You know the drill." He said with a nervous laugh.

"Its fine Tiger just glad you made it."

They talked about their day but something was off. MJ couldn't put her finger on it but Peter was acting strange.

"You feeling alright Peter?"

"What? Ya I'm fine." He dabbed his forehead with his napkin.

"You sure? We can ask for the check and go home now."

"No no!" Peter gestured as he spoke, hitting a glass and getting water all over her. "Oh shhhhii!" Peter tried to dry her off.

MJ used her own napkin as well and pressed it too her chest.

"MJ I'm so sorry!"

"Its ok Peter lets just go home."

"No wait we still have to dance and see the show and head to central park!"

"Peter I'm soaked. I want to go home."

"This is really really important."

"As important as me catching a cold? I'm going home now!"

Peter grabbed her hand. "Wait MJ! Wait."

"What!?" She was getting frustrated at this point.

Peter sighed and got to one knee.

MJ gasped and watched as Peter pulled a ring box from his pocket and sighed.

"Mary Jane Watson... will you marry me?"

MJ grabbed him and pulled him up into a kiss. The whole dining hall clapped.

"Face it Tiger. You just hit the jackpot."


Flash, Andi, Eddie, Butch and Evan all were going to a football game together. Evan was in the backseat explaining the rule to Fate.

"Evan you play this game right?" Fate said

"Ya I'm a running back. I'm on Coach Thompson team too. Though I think I'm going to quit after this year. Its not really fair for me to play anymore."

Fate got sad. "Its all my fault..."

"Hey hey! I can always play football with friends. Never think for a moment I don't want you Fate. I love you will all my heart."

Fate smiled a little and kissed him. "Thank you my beloved. I'm so blessed to have you."

They arrived and found their seats. Eddie and Butch went to the bar together to chat. Evan sat next to Flash and Andi as they watched the game. Evan and Flash would whisper to Fate when she had questions.

It was a great game and as they got back in the car Fate asked a question.

"Why doesn't Coach Thompson have legs?"

Evan bit his tongue in surprise. Flash turned to look at Fate floating in the back seat.

"I lost them."


"I was a soldier a long time ago. I fought in a war and in order to save my buddies I took a lot of bullets to the legs. The doctors couldn't save them."

"And they didn't grow back?"

Flash chuckled "Humans can't grow limbs back. So make sure you take care of Evan. You only get one of him."

Fate suddenly filled their bond with dread.

"It's ok Fate. I'm fine."

"I will destroy anyone who tries to hurt my beloved!"

"Easy easy." Evan held them close. Fate shook in his arms.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare them." Flash looked devastated.

"It's ok. She is still learning." Evan blew a raspberry into Fate. He had discovered they found it hilarious and it usually calmed them down.

Fate let out a small giggle and smiled at Evan.


"Mixin' bowl?" Butch said

"Check!" Sleeper replied



"Brown Sugar?"



"Why do we have 30 bags of chocolate we are only making 4 dozen cookies." Sleeper asked.

"Sleeps do you honestly think we are goin' to get all these done without eatin' at least half those bags?"

Sleeper was already eating out of one of them "Good point."

Butch went over the rest if the ingredients, grabbed a beer from the fridge and opened the bottle with his teeth.

"Lets bake some fuckin' cookies."

It was going pretty well. They were making double chocolate cracked cookies. They did get eachother covered in powdered sugar.

"We look like the world's worst cocaine addicts." Sleeper said

"Wait wait wait wait this is important!" Butch ran over and drew hearts on Sleeper's chest where his nipples should have been.

"...I hate you."

Butch fell onto the kitchen floor laughing.

"Sunny hasn't been filtering your beer intake has she." Sleeper said looking at the pile of bottles.

"Nope! Sleeps we should have put bourbon in the cookies!"

"Some of these are going to Flash you flaming headed idiot." Sleeper kicked him.

Eddie came in the room and just stared at them.

"Hi parents. Your Butch is drunk."

"We can tell" Eddie sighed and picked up Butch. "Lets go give you a bath."

"Yay~!" Butch sang

"You know you aren't supposed to drink on your medication right?"

"Eddie it's Christmas and it's not Christmas unless one relative, usually the creepiest aka me, is drunk as a skunk. I'm fulfillin' my Christmas duty!"

Eddie laughed "I love you, you dumbass."

Despite Butch's drunken state the cookies turned out great.


"Fate what do you want for Christmas?"

"To be with you my love!"

"No I mean like a gift."

"You are my gift. You were hand picked for me before I was even born. My parents hand selected the best host for me!" They sang

Evan ears burned. "I mean I want to give you something but thank you I love you too."

Fate paused and thought. "I want... you to kiss me more. When you kiss me you make these really tasty chemicals. The kind in chocolate but even tastier!"

"Oh right phenethylamine. Eddie said when you are in love you produce a lot."

"Yes! You already have a steady flow of it but when you kiss me or when you blush you make so much more! I want to taste more of it with you." Fate chimed and giggled.

Evan's face burned and he thought for a moment. "T-there, " He swallowed "there is something else I can do as well to make more."

"Really!? What is it!? Oh please show me darling!" Fate came out of his chest staring at him.

Evan touched their face. Their eyes were so pretty, their voice so soft. He really was in love with them. He wanted to make more phenethylamine for them because he knew he had to feed them but also because he loved them. He leaned in and kissed them deeply. Fate thrilled and wrapped around him. He sat on his bed, getting comfy.

"So ummm I'm going to try something and its a very uh sensitive thing to do. Especially with another person. Especially especially if that person is someone you love. But it will make a lot of phenethylamine. I know you have to be hungry." Evan gently undid his pants and prepared himself.

Fate watched with wide eyes. It was a tender moment between them. Gentle. Evan pushed as many feelings as he could to Fate. He wanted to tell them how much he loved them, how special they where to him, how much they meant to him. He pushed everything and more to Fate. And they were overwhelmed. Fate chimed and clung to Evan, his emotions poured over them and filled them. When he finished he laid in his bed slightly out of breath. His chest was tight.

Fate looked him in the eyes and was crying.

"Woah are you ok? I'm sorry was that too much?"

"You are too beautiful for word." Fate kiss him passionately and flooded him back with their own emotions.

They showed him their excitement of being near him, the longing they felt while they waited to be by his side, the joy everytime he spoke their name. They poored in their happiness when they became one, how much they loved hearing him talk and tell them things, how fun this winter break had been so far, how amazing they thought he was. And their love, their love was endless.

Evan slowly broke the kiss and looked at Fate. "You are incredible."

Fate chuckled. "We are. I'm so happy to have someone who loves me so much."

Evan laid his head back and took a deep breath. "That was my first time doing anything... sexual, with another person."

"What does sexual mean, love?" Fate said curling up on his chest.

Evan's whole body lite up. He had not thought about the fact that we was now going to have to explain sex and masturbation to them.

"It... umm... huh." Evan's mouth was so dry right now.

"Darling how about you take a nap? You seem tried after what we just did, and I can read your dreams to get the answers, since you seem to be having trouble." Fate smiled at him.

"You know what, sure lets do that." Evan rested a hand on Fate and closed his eyes.

When he woke up Fate had scribbled in wobbly hand writing 'masturbate more' on the card board list with little hearts surrounding it. Evan quickly crossed it out in a panic and explained why no one could see that.


Christmas eve. It was late now. Frostbite sailed through the air on a cloud. They shifted to invisible as they went through the city.

The entire city was painted in Christmas lights. Reds, yellows, greens, blues and every color under the sun glittered across the buildings. They woven themselves through. They couldn't help but laugh as they went. It was so beautiful. They stopped at a large outdoor Christmas tree to admire it when the next show started.

Dreams. Dreams of every child in the city suddenly flooded them. They felt their joy and wonder as they waited for the next day. Evan felt like he was 7 years old again, staying up late waiting for Santa Claus. They flew by as the lights, sounds and dreams swirled around them.

Finally they were too overwhelmed and they flew high above the city into the clouds. They stared down at the glittering lights.

"Hey Fate. I just want you to know that the past month with you has been the best of my life."

"Same here!" Fate giggled.

"I mean it though. I love you. I truely love you."

"I love you too my beloved. Thank you for showing me your world"

"Hey it's your world too now."

They sat together, a couple admiring the lights.

Chapter Text

Evan's alarm went off and he moaned. It was the first day back to school and he really didn't want to get up.

Fate had made sleeping amazing. The dreams they wove were either fun adventures or sweeping romances. Recently they had been recreating Middle Earth for them to explore. Evan was going to read Harry Potter to Fate next.

Fate slapped his alarm clock and nuzzled him. "Rise and shine my prince! Today you take me to school!"

"Trust me Fate school is not fun." Evan flipped onto his back.

Fate formed a male torso for themselves and pressed into Evan. "I'm so excited its maddening. Darling can we have some fun before school? I'm hungry."

Evan blushed and looked at the clock. They had time. "Ya lets. I don't want you saying something pervy and turning me on at weird times." His clothes dissolved

"Me? Never darling." Fate giggled. Fate quickly learned that Evan found their voice extremely attractive, and Evan in turn learned that Fate had inherited just a little bit of their mother's sadistic side.

Fate would say things to Evan to turn him on at inappropriate times. They would describe in low sultry tones how they would pleasure him or they would just keep talking softly to him. They loved seeing him flustered and aroused.

Evan grabbed Fate's tongue and yanked it gently. "Don't play dumb with me. I know you would totally make me pop a boner in front of everyone."

Fate chimed and moaned. "My beloved~!"

Evan flipped Fate onto their back with him ontop of them. "This ok?"

Fate nodded with a squeak.

At least it was a fun morning.


Evan walked into the building and smiled. Eddie was already working and he ran over to him.

"Hey welcome back. How's Philly's cutest couple doing?"

Evan laughed. "We are doing good. Fate is excited for school. I want to go back to bed."

Eddie ruffled his hair. "Education is important. Besides I think you will have more fun now that you can talk to Fate."

"Tell Grandpa we said hi." Evan smiled and headed toward his locker.

Josh ran over to him. "Dude were where you all break!"

"It has been a crazy month for me" Evan laughed.

"Did you do anything for Christmas?"

"I went to my neighbor's and I also went camping."

"Dude its freezing why did you go camping?"

"I like to hunt." Evan shrugged.

"Dude girls are gonna thing you are some crazy serial killer."

"Good thing I don't care what girls think. I'm spoken for." Evan said almost smugly.

"Woah hold the phone you got a girlfriend? Who is she!?"

"She doesn't go here, she is homeschooled. Her name is Fate and she is the prettiest girl I've ever seen."

Fate screamed inside him and hugged every part of his body.

"Pics or it didn't happen." Josh squinted at him

Evan rolled his eyes. "Guess it didn't happen then." He started heading to class.

"...Wait what she like!? Does she have a sister!" Josh ran after him.


Turns out Fate loved math and Evan fell in love with her all over again because now she was doing his work for him.

"How are you picking this up so fast!" Evan said through their bond.

Fate giggled. "I read you memories to get a better idea of how to do it but it honestly is pretty simple."

"Fate this is AP Calculus!"

Fate chimed happily. "So I'm pretty AND smart?"

"You cheeky thing and yes, yes you are."

Fate was is a good mood for the rest of the class. She even gave Evan a neck massage under the skin.

Fate loved science and history. She had trouble in Spainish and English class. They were heading to lunch when they saw a kid smash a freshman into a locker.

"Hey guys step off." Evan walked over.

"Get out of here Miller! I don't care how tough you think you are for beating up Greyson. This little shit was annoying the piss out of me so he is gonna get it." Said Nick.

Nick was nothing but a temperamental asshole. He pretended he was from the hood when everyone knew his family as actually pretty well off.

Evan looked at the freshman against the locker. "He bugging you?" Evan pointed at Nick.

"Miller fuck off!" Nick went to punch him and Evan side stepped and elbowed him in the back. Nick roared and swung at Evan. Evan danced around him laughing. He was having a ball. It was like playing with his food. Fate asked if it was ok to eat him and Evan said no.

Eventually Nick landed a hit straight in Evan's face and he smirked, only to have it replaced with fear when Evan didn't even move. Evan leaned down and uppercut Nick right in the stomach. Nick lost all the air in his lungs and fell to the ground in a little clump. Evan turned to the others and giggled.

"Well? Anyone else? I'm all worked up now."

Nick's friends abandoned him. Evan turned back to the freshman and helped him up.

"Great now he is going to be extra mad at me." The kid said.

"No he isn't." Evan reach down and grabbed Nick by the hair. "Because if you ever try this again I'll hear about it. And when I do I'll eat what little fucking brains you have." Evan threw Nick back on the floor.

The kid stared at Evan a little shocked.

"...You wanna grab lunch?" Evan smiled.


The kids name was James and he had just moved here. Apparently Nick had been attacking James because James at called him out on being a fake thug.

"It was such a dumb idea. But he looked like an asshole. I have brothers who were in the gangs back in Chicago. Its not something you should joke about." James sighed and ate his sandwhich.

"Nah its fine. Nick's a dumbass." Evan laughed and pulled a chocolate bar out of his pocket. Fate thrilled inside him.

"Thanks for helping me back there by the way."

Evan waved a hand. "I will always take a good excuse to kick in the heads of assholes."

Josh came over. "Evan did you beat up another guy!? Everyone is talking about it."


"Dude! What has gotten into you? You never were this violent before." Josh said

Evan shrugged and gestured to James. "Meet James, he is from Englewood in Chicago. He's the guy I punched Nick for."

"Sup" James said with a nod.

"Nice to meet you." Josh laughed. "Seriously though Evan you are going to have a reputation around the school as that psycho who beats guys up."

"Well at least you won't have to worry about anyone bothering you." Evan laughed.


Evan was about to head home when Flash grabbed him.

"So I heard you punched a kid." He sounded mad.

Evan shrunk a little "Ya but it was cus he was bullying another kid."

Flash sighed. "Well at least there is that. I was afraid you where bullying other kids."

"What? No! I'm not like that! I don't understand people who bully orher people."

"I... was a bully actually." Flash looked down.


"Ya I was an ass as a kid."

"But you are so nice!"

"Well I wasn't back then. Anyway the point is don't punch people Evan."

"But I was saving a kid! And he punched first."

"Use nonviolence or get an adult!"

"Did either of those work for the kids you bullied?"

Flash opened his mouth and then laughed. "Alright fine, I was mostly only telling you this because I'm supposed to be a good role model and a teacher."

Evan smiled.

"To be honest I thought it was the little goo ball manipulating you..." Flash said

"Nope, I was punching assholes before I got Fate."

Flash punched his arm. "Don't get to used to doing that."


Evan finally finished his homework and flopped back on his bed. Fate was wrapped around his neck.

"Finally! God I hate homework."

"My beloved is there anything I can do to cheer you up?"

Evan grabbed their body and blew a raspberry into it. Fate wiggled violently and chimed. Evan laughed and pulled Fate in for a kiss. Fate twirled a tendril between Evan's fingers as they kissed. They made out for a while and Evan massaged them.

"Eddie was right it was a lot better with you around." Evan said when he finally pulled away.

Fate was melting on his chest murmuring happily. Evan laughed. "You doing ok love?"

"Im so happy Evan. I love doing things in this world with you." Fate bubbled.

Evan smiled. He couldn't help but find Fate's enthusiasm for everything adorable.

"I wanted to start a new book series with you tonight." Evan pulled the first Harry Potter book off the shelf.

They got comfy on the bed together and read till Evan drifted to sleeep. Fate, of course, joined him in his dreams.

Chapter Text

Evan, being a teenager, needed a lot of sleep. He often fell asleep around the house. Today he was on the livingroom couch and Fate curled up on his stomach.

Bill came in and saw the small white alien on his son.

Fate had been living with them for almost a month and he still had not spoken to them.

He saw what they did to their son. He was more agreeable, more active, he was happier and in a better mood in general. He didn't really understand it but his boy was in love with this strange creature.

He should be happy for them right?

It wasn't like their relationship was unique either. Two of their neighbors where doing the same thing.

He had always hoped his son would find a nice plain girl. Someone stable and supportive.

This, he didn't know what to do with this.

Bill sat down and sighed, glancing at the alien. Fate, he thinks, was singing. They let out soft chiming noises in a pleasant pattern. They bobbed up and down happily.

"Ummm what are you singing k-kiddo?" Bill asked.

Fate flailed and stared at him, stopping immediately.

"Oh I um I'm sorry you didn't have to-"

"Are you talking to me sir? You've never talked to me before!" Fate squeaked.

"Oh! I, Yes yes I am."

"Hello sir! My name is Fate! Evan said when you are ready I should introduce myself to you!" Their eyes changed to happy crescents and they chimed joyfully.

"H-hello my name is Bill Miller I'm Evan's father." Bill was stunned.

"I'm so happy you are talking to me! I want to ask you a lot of questions!"

"Um sure go ahead."

"Why is your hair so curly? Karen and Evan and everyone else I know has straighter hair. Even my father has hair that isn't as curly as yours. Humans seem to come in a lot of different shapes and colors."

Bill was surprised at how innocent the question was. This thing really was a child.

"Well you see I'm a black. Black people tend to have curly hair. Evan is half black and half white but he inherited his mother's hair."

"I see! Thank you for telling me." Fate chimed.

Bill chuckled. It sure was a happy little thing.

"Mr. Miller sir what do you do for a living? At school today they asked Evan what he wants to do when he grows up."

"Well I'm a lawyer."

"What's a lawyer?"

"Lawyers are people who defend people who are accused of doing crimes or help people seek justice. I actually have my own firm that I worked really hard to build so I have a team of lawyers that work with me." Bill smiled.

"So you are like a hero!"

Bill laughed. "Not really. Hey Fate, can you tell me what Evan said he wanted to be when he grew up?"

"He doesn't know but he thinks he wants to be an engineer! I am helping him understand advanced mathematics so he thinks he can do it now."

"An engineer! That's fantastic!"

Bill always had a hard time getting Evan to talk about what he wanted to do for his future. Only once Evan had mentioned that he wanted to be an engineer and so he took AP calculus. He soon discover that the class was a lot harder than he thought. He refused to talk about it after that. Bill was overjoyed that he hadn't given up.

"I'm so proud of him. D-did you say that you helped him?"

"Yes! He hates math but I love it. So I help him understand it."

"Well thank you Fate." Bill smiled at them.

Slowly, he reached out, and touched them. Fate purred in his hand and let out soft chimes.

"Yo-your a lot less scary than your relatives." Bill had gotten used to Sunny but she still terrified him. The others where horrifying.

"Well I'm a baby still technically, but I would be the equivalent of a teenager in your species."

"You age rather quickly."

"My kind reach sexual maturation after a year but we are immortal so after that we just keep going."


Fate nodded. "My grandfather is over 6 million years old!"

Bill coughed. "Wow. Which one is your grandfather by the way?"

"Eddie is their host! Though technically they are my adoptive grandfather. My real grandfather died a long time ago."

"Oh I'm sorry Fate."

"It's ok. I love my current family!" She nuzzled his hand.

Bill smiled and chuckled. "I can see why you make Evan happy. You are so cheerful."

"I'm just to happy to have him! It is very hard for my kind to find people who care about them. My siblings, aunts and uncles are all dead because people mistreated them. A lot if my other family members were killed too by a man who wanted to destroy us. People don't like us and think we are evil. But Evan, Evan loves me! He cares about me and would never hurt me! He is so sweet. I want to make him the happiest human that ever lived!"

Bill's eyes softened as he pet Fate's head. He hadn't heard about the trials that the aliens had been through. Their plight was familiar. He knew discrimination. He just realized there was something he had to correct.

"Fate, you will always be welcome here." Bill said

"Really? Oh thank you! I was afraid you hated me sir."

"No I don't hate you kid. I think I was being too judgmental. Thank you for talking to me."

"Thank you for talking to me too." Fate giggled.

Karen came up behind Bill and hugged him.

"Honey, how much of that did you hear?"

"Most of it." Karen kissed him.

Chapter Text

It was late at night, Evan and Fate were on the second Harry Potter book.

"Darling! What if we looked at the basilisk as Frostbite? Would we both die?"

"Ummmmm I think based on the books logic you would and I would be paralyzed."

"Basilisks aren't real right?"

Evan laughed. "No they are myths. Things people made up a long time ago."

Butch crawled into his room from his window.

"Hey Butch, kinda late for a visit." Evan smiled

"Parents!" Fate flailed with joy.

"Couldn't sleep, thought I'd come over and chat." Butch said.

"Sure. Want to join us for some reading?" Evan waved the book.

"No I actually wanna talk to you 'bout somethin'." Butch said sitting in Evan's desk chair.

"Sure Murder Dad." Evan said getting comfortable. He knew the 'son we need to talk' look. It was weird seeing Butch do it though.

"So Flash told me you have gotten into two fist fights this year alone at school. Everythin' okay?" Butch said raising an eyebrow.

"What? Ya its all fine. I mean the first time some ass I used to be friends with was insulting Coach Thompson and the second time a kid was beating up another kid so I kicked his ass." Evan said

"Evan fights to protect and defend!" Fate wiggled.

Butch smiled. "You got that hero bug in you bad boy."

"I just... if I have the power to do something I should right? No one got seriously hurt either time. I mean I hurt Greyson way more than I did Nick, and that was before I had super powers too, so I'm getting better at this. Its like what Peter says. 'Great power great responsibility' you know."

Butch laughed. "I forgot, you are just a year older than he was when he started this madness."

"He was 16?" Evan was shocked

"Ya he was. Crazy right?" Butch ruffled his hair. "I'm just glad you don't itch for action like he does."

"I guess I just... I know how important we both are to everyone. Especially you."

"Especially me?"

"We are your first kid in forever after having to kill so many of them. If anything happened to us I know..."

"That it might break me." Butch said.

"Well, yes. And I've seen you when you break. I never want that to happen again. So I'm more than happy to take it slow with being a hero."

Butch chucked. "Come here you!" Butch tackled him onto his bed.

"Gah!" Evan laughed.

"How did you turn out so good? How?" Butch squeezed him.

"I think it was the people who raised me." Evan struggled.

Butch smiled. "Well even though I've only been in yer life for 'bout a year I'm so glad I have been 'part of that."

Fate chimed and wrapped around borh of them. Sunny pooled out as well and wrapped around her child. They murmured to each other softly.

"I just realized I've been so wrapped up in getting to know Fate I haven't given her much time with you. I'm sorry." Evan said

"Symbiotes are not naturally nurturin' of their young. This is a learned behavior. But I would love to hang out more kid." Butch said

"Really? They are all so loving though." Evan said looking at Fate and Sunny hum together.

"Nope. When Sunny was born Eddie's other just dumped them in my cell. Didn't even tell anyone they gave birth. It wasn't until later that they started to learn to care. I think its cus us humans infected them with love."

Evan pet both Sunny and Fate. They purred softly. He smiled. "Well I think infecting them with love isn't so bad."

"How have you and Fate been holdin' up by the way? Everythin' good?"

"I think we are doing good. Fate are you good?"

"I'm so happy to have Evan. Thank you parents for giving him to me." Fate squeaked.

"I didn't give him to you, he asked to be your host." Butch chuckled.

Fate's eyes went wide and they looked at Evan. "You asked to be my host?"

"Ya I asked Butch if I could be the host for his next child and he said yes. I wanted to be a host really bad and I couldn't be happier with the symbiote I got."

Fate stared at him strutting for a moment and then launched it into his arms. "Oh my darling!" They formed a female torso and hugged Evan very tightly, kissing him with a feverish passion. They ran a clawed hand up through his hair and chimed loudly.

"I think that is my cue to leave." Butch stood up. "Don't hurt yerselves."

"Goodnight Butch." Evan held onto Fate.

"Goodnight parents!" Fate stared pressing Evan onto his bed.

Butch chuckled and jumped outside. The kids were alright.

Chapter Text

Everyone was over at the Brock's, they even had Peter and MJ on video chat. MJ was showing off her ring.

"Aw congratulations you two!" Eddie said.

"Cheers!" Butch said taking a sip of rootbeer.

"Cheers!" Fate said holding a bottle up, Evan grabbed it luckily went she dropped it.

"Congratulations to you too Butch. Little guy is adorable." Peter said.

"Thank you Peter." Butch smiled.

"Well we better get going. Happy New Year everyone!" Peter hung up.

Sleeper handed out confetti poppers and handed Butch ear muff.

"You just can't resist can you?" Butch said putting then on his neck.

"Fate has never seen fireworks or confetti. This is important." Sleeper said.

"You really took to the whole big brother thing didn't you Sleeps?" Eddie said.

"It is because they are no longer the baby." His other smirked. "But they will always be my baby."

Sleeper hissed softly and Fate giggled.

Karen clapped. "I always love New Years. Its a great time to reflect on the previous year."

"Its been a good year for me. Very quiet." Flash said.

"You're an Avengers, when is that ever quiet?" Evan said.

Flash chuckled. "You take what you can get. Besides I'm like Avengers B-team, I get sent on the sneakier missions more than the 'stop the apocalypse' missions."

"I started going steady with you this year." Eddie smiled at Butch.

Butch leaned over and kissed him. "This has been the best year of my life."

Eddie blushed slightly and Butch let out a cackle. Eddie other chuckled and kissed his cheek. Butch grabbed their face and gave them a long kiss. Eddie other looked surprised and then nuzzled him.

"Don't think I don't love you too." Butch smirked.

Sunny pooled out and nipped at Butch.

"And of course light of my life! My darling Sunshine." Butch pulled her into a kiss and swirled around with her.

Sleeper laughed. "The man of 1 million kisses."

Karen giggled. "Its been a very interesting year for us. We got a new addition to our family."

Evan smiled and Fate chimed.

"Thank you for having me!" Fate squeaked.

Evan giggled and stared up at his partner. He thought about his life before them and how he never would have thought he was lonely back then. But now he never wanted to be apart from them. He pulled Fate into a kiss.

"Everyone is so lovey dovey right now." Sleeper said. "I guess I should show appreciation to my one true love." They picked up Coco and kissed her nose. "I love you, you over grown fur ball."

Coco barked and licked Sleeper's face.

"Hey guys count down is starting!" Karen said.

Everyone gathered around the tv. They had the New York feed playing. Butch readied his ear muffs and they all count down.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Happy New Year!"

Confetti poppers when off. Eddie and Butch kissed their others, Karen kissed Bill. Flash started to sing with Sleeper.

Fate was in full wonderment. Evan let then enjoy the moment before tapping them gently. "Hey Fate. Its good luck for couples to kiss when midnight strikes for New Years."

"Oh! Evan would you kiss me please?"

Evan chuckled and gave them a kiss.

"Yay!" They swirled around him in ribbons.

They watched the fireworks together and welcomed the new year.

Chapter Text

Football season was over and Evan talked to Flash about quitting. Flash was going to miss him but admired that he was being so responsible with his new found power.

Evan was over at the Brock lifting weights with Eddie. He was benching with Eddie spotted.

"Watch your form and your breathing. Try to not have Fate help you. You need to build this on your own." Eddie said.

Evan did a few sets and then racked the weights.

"You're doing pretty good kid you are up to half my plates." Eddie said

"Half!?" Evan gasped

Eddie laughed.

"Honey you should have seen him in prison. Man never stops movin'." Butch said coming in from the kitchen with drinks for them.

Evan inhaled his drink and Fate pooled out to dap his forehead with a towel.

"Evan you are so hot inside right now. Should I remove your clothes?" Fate said.

"No no please no." Evan laughed.

"How about you hit the showers for now and then, Fate wanted to do something with me today." Butch said

"Wait, when did she talk to you?" Evan said

"Kid she can literally enter the dreams of people miles away. She talks to me all the time at night." Burch said

"You are always in my dreams though. Does that mean you can talk in more than one place?" Evan said.

"Yup! A lot of times in your dreams you actually imagine I'm there. I just monitor them to make sure everything is ok. Its kinda like I'm managing a play." Fate smiled

"That's crazy." Evan laughed and went into the bathroom.

When Evan came back dowmstairs Butch threw him a black apron.

"So what exactly are we doing?" Evan said putting it on.

"Bakin' cupcakes." Butch said

"Ugh Fate why do you like everything that is girly?" Evan said

"Cupcakes are cute Evan! And they taste so good! I wanted to make some to give to my parents and your mom since she made cupcakes once. And I saw on the internet a recipe I liked!" Fate said.

Butch had printed out the recipe and held it up to Evan. They were rainbow cupcakes with pastel pink glitter buttercream frosting and little rainbow candies on top.

"You just had to pick the most girly cupcakes ever too" Evan said staring at the recipe.

"Please make them with me Evan! They are so cute!" Fate whimpered

"Kid you are goin' to have to accept that Fate loves cutesy things and she will be havin' you do girly stuff. No one is goin' to think of you as less of a man fer makin' darlin' lil cupcakes. You just were in the other room liftin' enough to make most men cry. The older you get the more you will realize that what is feminine and what is masculine, it don't mean shit. Do what makes you and the lil lady happy." Butch said getting ingredients out.

Evan looked at the recipe and then at Fate. They where still staring at him with huge eyes begging.

"They are really cute." Evan sighed. "Fuck it. Lets make some adorable cupcakes."

Fate sang and kissed Evan on both cheeks and on the lips with three mouths they formed. He laughed and washed his hands.

Evan quickly found he liked baking. Butch taught him all the tricks and tips to make the cupcakes great. He separated the eggs perfectly even though he did smash the first egg he tried to open. There was something relaxing to it.

They made the frosting while the cupcakes baked. Evan put a little on Fate's head and giggled. Their tongue was just long enough to reach. They had inherited their grandparents tongue just not nearly as long, not to mention it was blue.

Evan smiled at Fate and grabbed their tongue to kiss it. "You really do enjoy this stuff huh?"

"I just find it so fun. I also like all the manly things you like Evan like football and working out and hunting. But these cute girly things make me so happy." Fate giggled

Evan thought about it. He didn't honestly mind them and he really had fun baking. And he did find all these things cute too. Maybe he was over thinking it.

"I'm going to give these things more chances. I want to make you happy and have fun with you." Evan said

"Oh Evan! You are the nicest husband ever!" Fate kissed him all over and he laughed.

"Somebodies gettin' laid tonight" Butch said sipping a beer.

"Butch gross don't talk about my sex life." Evan said hugging Fate.

Butch hand waved him off.

"Actually Butch, could you teach us how to bake more? I really liked this." Evan said.

"Sure kiddo. I'd love to." Butch said.

"Yay! I have so many ideas and treats saved on my blog!" Fate said

"You have a blog?" Evan said.

"I update it when you sleep. Its... really girly so I never showed you." Fate said looking away.

"I want to see it." Evan said.

Fate lit up and bounced happily.

After that Evan learned more and more how to bake. They made every cute and adorable receipe Fate found and posted them on their blog. Evan started bringing treats to school when his mom said she couldn't handle that much sugar. Evan became very popular with the girls in his class because his creations were so adorable.

"Man I don't get you. You get in fights, work out like crazy, go hunting and skin and clean your own kills. Then you come in with the girliest fucking baked goods in the world. What are you man?" Josh said during lunch one day. He was digging into a pastel pink cupcake with heart sprinkles.

"I'm whatever I want to be." Evan said.

Chapter Text

Evan sat in class doodling in a notebook. He sucked at drawing but he was coming up with new baked good ideas with Fate. The thought they might make some dark chocolate cupcakes that looked like the symbiotes and Evan came up with the idea to make grandpa's teeth out of meringues since he found he hated the way fondant tasted.

Josh was sitting next to him and peeked over.

"Dude you sure do like Venom." Josh said.

"What?" Evan said looking surprised.

"You like Venom. You talk about him and his buddies a lot. And now you are making Venom cupcakes. You like him."

"Ya I guess I do." Evan blushed.

The intercom crackled above them.

"Attention students. Today we are going to have a fire drill. Please exit the building in an orderly fashion." The intercom said.

Suddenly the fire alarm started blasting. Fate screamed and flailed out of Evan's body. Evan gasped and pulled her back in. Everyone got up and left the room. Everyone but Evan and Josh.

"Dude... what the fuck was that." Josh said looking pale.

"Wh-what was what?" Evan said faking a smile.

"Don't play dumb with me! A fucking ghost just popped out of your chest!"

"Evan! I can't take it anymore! This noise is horrible!" Fate took over their body with a wail. Frostbite held their head in pain.

Josh stared in total shock as Frostbite picked him up and leapt through a window. They sailed off on a cloud to a field and then turned back into Evan. Josh sat in the grass shocked.

"YOU'RE A VENOM!?" Josh screamed.

"Um kinda? They are called symbiotes. We are Venom's grandson." Evan said

"We?" Josh said.

Fate pooled out of Evan and Josh yelped.

"Josh, get comfy I have a lot to explain to you."


"And you're dating it?" Josh said. He was actually taking all of this pretty well.

"Yes and either call them a she or they. It just makes them sound like an object." Evan said.

"Do you guys fuck?" Josh said.

"Yes." Fate said.

"Fate! You didn't have to answer that he was just being a dumbass!" Evan moaned.

"Dude you are having sex with an alien! You're like Captain Kirk!" Josh said amazed.

"Yes ok? They are basically my wife. Like I know it might seem weird by I love them." Evan said.

"She turns you into a superhero. I'd love her too." Josh laughed. "Seriously dude you have been hiding all of this?"

"Ya I mean if I want any kind of normal life I have to. At least for now I'm hiding who I am and I'm not doing hero work till im older." Evan said.

"That's crazy!" Josh ran his hands through his hair.

"You can't tell anyone ok? This is huge." Evan said.

"I swear I won't. I can't believe this my best friend is married to an alien and is a superhero in training." Josh laughed. "Am I dreaming?"

"No you aren't. I can control dreams." Fate said.

"What superpowers don't you have?" Josh laughed.

Fate giggled. "Do you want me to tell you my powers?"

"Yes please this is too cool." Josh said staring at them.

"I provide Evan super strength, camouflage, shapeshifting, communication through dreams, telekinetic clouds and love" Fate said kissing Evan's cheek.

"Wow she really does love you a lot."

Evan smiled up at Evan with a blush. "Ya I love them too."

"Man this is so cool. What are the other Venom's like?" Josh said.

"Symbiotes" Evan said.

"What are the other symbiotes like?" Josh said.

"The Venom symbiote is Fate's grandpa. They are very nice but sometimes aren't very confident. They care a lot about us and really love their host. Sunny is Fate's mom. She is shy but very possessive of people she cares about. She also is very feral and violent. Sleeper is Fate's uncle. They are fun and funny and basically acts like my big brother." Evan said.

"Their genders are weird. Some are theys and some are shes?"

"They technically all are genderless they reproduce asexually. Sunny just sees herself as female. Fate doesn't mind being called female but sees themself as agendered." Evan said.

Josh laughed. "How did you get caught up in all of this?"

"Well they are my neighbors and my mom made friends with them."

"Your mom is friends with Venom!?"

"Umm ya?" Evan said holding Fate in his lap.

"Your mom is a badass."

Evan laughed "Where do you think I get it?"

"So um... should we head back to class?"

"We've been missing for like a half hour. How about we go to ger some burgers or something?" Fate covered Evan's arm and he made a cloud.

"Hell yes!" Josh climbed on.

Josh was very good at keeping their secret and extremely supportive. He and Evan started to hang out more after that. Though they did both get questioned about the broken window.

Chapter Text

Karen kissed Evan on both his cheeks. "You better behave yourself!"

"Mom I promise I will" Evan laughed.

"Be safe. If anything is too dangerous turn into Frostbite and hide." Bill said.

"We are just going fishing and visiting S.H.I.E.L.D.!" Evan said.

"Yes in the middle of the ocean!" Karen said.

"Mom I'll be fine. We love you." Evan said getting into the car with the Brocks.

They were flying down to a S.H.I.E.L.D. base in the gulf of Mexico. S.H.I.E.L.D. had contacted Flash and asked to see the symbiotes. A scientist down there was starting to research them. The Brocks decided it was the perfect tine for a vacation. They were going to go deep sea diving while there

Butch fidgeted next to Evan in the car. Eddie reached back from the drives seat and pet his leg.

"You're going to be ok baby." He said.

"I just, we're gonna be on a giant floatin' metal death trap and we are bringin' my babies." Butch hugged Evan.

Evan laughed. "Butch it will be ok. We have Flash and my dad will sue them if anything bad happens to me."

"Son, this is a secret government agency, I don't trust 'em fer shit." Butch said.

"They have been pretty good about your therapy haven't they?" Flash said.

"Ya because they think they are preventin' me from turnin' into 'nother Carnage." Butch said clinging to Evan.

Fate curled around Butch. "Mother and I will protect you Father. You are safe with us."

Butch smiled and kissed Fate ontop of their head. "Sweeter than sugar you are kiddo."

"Butch you are going to be fine." Sleeper said hugging him too.


The flight was nice and fast. S.H.I.E.L.D had a private jet for them. Evan stared out at the ocean on the base.

"This is so beautiful." He said in awe.

Butch was refusing to leave the kid's side. No one was taking his babies away.

A small latino woman with large thick rimmed glasses in a lab coat came up to the group.

"Hello everyone! My name is Dr. Eva Sanchez. Its nice to meet you. I'm the one who asked all of you to come for the week. Now I have all your names and data. I was told that Mr. Kasady had some trauma surrounding child lose and was apprehensive about Mr. Miller and the Frostbite symbiote's safety. I have given you two connected rooms so if needed you can check up on Mr. Miller. The Sleeper symbiote I was told doesn't need to let its host sleep but I had a room prepared so it could have some privacy. I was also told Mr. Brock and Mr. Kasady would prefer a room together. Is that correct?"

"Wow you came perpared." Eddie said

"Dr. Walters is a good friend of mine. She sent me Mr. Kasady's file and told me a bit about all of you." Dr. Sanchez smile.

Butch relaxed only slightly at hearing that.

"Now these are you key cards." She handed then each a little green card. "You guys only have level 1 clearance so any door with a green label you can go through. Everything else is restricted. Mr. Thompson you have level 4 clearance of the base." She handed Flash an orange key card.

"Tomorrow we will start testing so for now I'll show you your rooms and you can relax." Dr. Sanchez started stuffing down the hall and lead the group.

Their rooms were all in a row. Evan was thrilled that he had a giant bedroom all to himself. He called his mom and told her they got there ok. They he met back up with the group. They were going to explore the base.

Evan and Sleeper ran ahead, laughing with eachother. Eddie gently took Butch's hand.

"I'm sorry I'm like this." Butch said staring at his feet.

Eddie chuckled and squeezed his hand. "I knew what I was getting into with you Butch. I didn't know the full extent but I had a few guesses."

"I wouldn't be so comfy letting my kids out of site either if that happened to me." Flash said.

Butch smiled at both of them sheepishly.

"Come on you slow pokes!" Sleeper yelled.

Evan ran back to Flash and started pushing his chair. "We want to get to the cafeteria!"

They had a whole tour of everything S.H.I.E.L.D. was willing to so them. Tons of tec and agents running around. A lot of people saluted Flash as they went by. The cafeteria food was actually really good as well.

"I changed my mind. When I grow up I want to work here." Evan said

"Don't think that is a good idea kiddo. The government has a bad track record with symbiote. They might hurt Fate." Flash said.

"Oh..." Evan swallowed hard.

"Anyway lets hit the sack." Eddie said.

The next day was testing. Frostbite did some stretching before they had them stand under a large pneumatic press.

"Alright Frostbite we can going to see how strong you are. Ready?"

"We are ready." They braced themselves.

"Alright we are starting at 10 tons of pressure.

Frostbite was amazed that this is what ten tons felt like. It was easy.

"Ok we are going to slowly increase to your parent's max strength which is 80 tons."

The pressure slowly became more and more. It was an effort once they got to 80 but they could manage.

"Remember to say stop when you are done. We are going to push you now ok?"

"Ok!" They said.

The pressure became stronger and stronger. They could feel their muscles start to strain. Soon it became too much.

"Stop!" Frostbite yelled.

Instantly the pressure stopped and the machine pulled back. Frostbite fell over.

"120 tons of pressure! Very nice Frostbite. Take a breather and get your strength back. I want to test your clouds next." Said Dr. Sanchez.

"120 tons! We can lift 120 tons! Holy shit!" They yelled.

Sundance cackled and came down next to them.

"You doin' ok? Not pushin' too hard?" Sundance said helping them up.

"Ya we are ok. Thanks parents."

After a rest and a chocolate bar they formed a cloud under the press.

The cloud lasted way longer until it finally was crushed. Frostbite was out of breath.

"300 tons! Amazing." Dr. Sanchez said.

"We feel sick." Frostbite went to their knees. Sundance and Venom ran over to them. Frostbite shivered and held their stomach. They had never pushed themselves thay hard and it now became apparent that abusing their clouds had consequences. What hurt the most was their hands. Fate pulled away and Evans scars where bleeding.

"Medic!" Dr. Sanchez called and the medical staff on standby came down.

The damage wasn't bad but the decided that was enough testing for one day and that Evan could rest and play for the rest if the day after they healed.

Chapter Text

They let Evan take a nap and then Fate had enough energy to fully repair his hands.

"Can we go fishing now? I really want to want fish." Evan said.

Butch laughed. "Sure kid."

They went to the landing bay and all suited back up jumping into the water.

The symbiotes made breathing underwater possible so they dove deep into the waves. The symbiotes formed webbing and fins to make fighting the water easier.

Sleeper swam ahead to scout out the area. Venom and Sundance swam on either side of Frostbite. They knew the older men were going to be a bit over protective now because of what happened in the lab.

Sleeper swam back to the group and signaled that he had found fish. They swam together silently till they saw the swarm of fish.

They attacked together. Venom held back since Eddie had never really gotten into their more animalistic hobby that the rest had. Sundance did bring Venom a large fish as a small gift and he did eat that.

Frostbite filled their belly. They curled up under the water and sighed happily. They had eaten just a little too much and their stomach felt tight.

Sleeper ate so many fish they felt like a balloon. Frostbite floated next to them in the water. They stared up are the surface, sunlight trickling in.

"Evan, its like we are in a different world." Fate whispered to him softly.

"Ya Fate it is." Evan felt so comfortable and Fate's soft whispers only added to that. "Hey Fate can you talk to me more?"

"Sure Evan." Fate said with a giggle. "This past two months have been magical. I'm so happy I'm alive. Do you know something? When I first became conscious of my surroundings you were one of the first things I saw. First was my mother, but then I felt a connection going out to you. I could feel your heartbeat from so far away. I asked my mother what you were and she said 'That is your beloved, he was made for you my child. When you are separated from me he will become you support, he will love you and cherish you. He will comfort you and keep you safe. Protect him and cherish him. He is your other half.' I was in awe. Someone made just for me? I was so happy. I couldn't wait to be with you. Everyday I asked mother if I was ready to be born. It got to the point where she got upset with me and bit the part of me on her mass and told me to shut up." Fate laughed

"So I did my best to be patient. They one day had a vision that you were in trouble. I begged and screamed for you to be ok. You were supposed to be mine you couldn't die. Then I felt it. When I touch dreams I feel something like a current. A wave that lets me into the minds of people. I first felt father's while he slept. I begged for him to save you. And he heard me and flew to you as fast as he could. I remember seeing you in the snow. You were drifting away and I reached out to you. And you heard me. For the first time you heard me. After that you were more aware of me and I watched you. It made me so happy to see that my mother was right. You loved me so much already. I wanted to burst."

Evan floated with his eyes half closed. Fish started to swim around them. It was like he was halfway between a dream and reality. He continued to listen to his lover's soft soothing voice.

"When I was finally strong enough to talk to you more it was blissful. I loved hearing about you and your world. I fell so deeply in love with you Evan. And I could feel how much you loved me. Mother said she was so proud of me because I worked so hard to talk to you. She knew I would be a strong spawn because I fought so hard and pushed myself. I made myself grow stronger. And then that one night finally happened. I pulled away from mother and saw the world. The first thing I saw was father. He was crying and holding me to his chest. I want to tell him he didn't need to cry but I couldn't speak. He told me he loved me and he was so happy I was ok. I just hugged him and then realized I felt exhausted. For the rest of the night I rested with my father, Eddie and Sleeper. They broke off tiny pieces of chocolate and fed them to me. I remember sucking on them and wondering when you would arrive."

"I heard shouting in the morning. It was you! I was so happy. You ran upstairs and for the first time I saw your face. Even in dreams I couldn't see you, my eyes hadn't turned on yet I guess. You were and still are so handsome. Your skin is the color of hot coco and your hair is so soft. Your brown eyes are so deep, I could stare into them for hours. I swooned when I saw you. Then you asked to hold me and I was so excited. Father of course said not to bond yet but I was very tempted to go against his wishes. Your hands, your warm loving hands. I never wanted you to put me down."

"Evan being your partner has been amazing. I love being with you. You take me to do so many things and go so many places. You love me as I am even though I'm so different from you. I am so grateful everyday that I have you. You do everything my mother said you would and more. I feel so one with you. Oh Evan my sweet beloved. Never leave my side. I want to go more places with you, I want to eat more food with you, I want to make love with you, I want to dream with you! I love you Evan!" Fate squeezed his whole body.

Evan gasped and was flooded by waves of love from Fate. It was more love than he had ever felt before. He pushed love back to them as hard as he could and them chimed like wedding bells.

Evan felt a hand and it was Sundance.

"You ok kid? You looked like you were in a trance."

"We kinda were. Fate was telling me about how we met." Frostbite said.

Sundance smiled and chuckled. "Lets head back to the base. We have been out here a while."

That night Evan and Fate made love gently to eachother for hours. They never had been so one.

Chapter Text

The testing went well and they had a good trip back home. Evan told his parents all about meeting with S.H.I.E.L.D. They were glad he was home safe and it was the middle of the day so he thought he would go to the second half of his classes. He had missed only a few days of school and thought he would use today to gather the work he missed.

When he came in though he was brought into the deans office.

"Umm why am I here?" Evan asked.

"Evan we found prohibited items in your locker." The dean said.

"What!? I haven't been here for a week! What the heck was in my locker?" Evan said.

"We had an officer come in with a canine unit this morning and they found marijuana in your locker."

"I've never smoked anything in my life! I wasn't even here this morning!" Evan was pissed

"Then why was it in your locker? Evan we have called your parents. This is a offense that could lead to your expulsion."

"What!?" Evan clenched his fists. Fate was worried inside of him. They didn't understand why the dean wasn't listening to him. Their Evan would never lie unless he needed to.

Karen and Bill arrived soon after and the dean talked to them.

"I don't understand he has been out if the country for a week. Why would he have drugs in his locker?" Karen said.

"He could have out them in there before he left." Said the dean

"Can he take a drug test to prove he is innocent?" Karen said

"It doesn't matrer if he took them or not they are in his possession." The dean said

Bill thought for a moment. "Has anyone checked the security footage of that hallway today?"

The dean raised and eyebrow and asked for the police to review the footage.

They watched on the monitor as Nick broke into Evan's locker and planted the weed.

"Get Nicolas Fur in my office now." The dean said to his secretary.

Nick came into the office and his parents were called.

"Nicolas did you put weed in Evan's locker." The dean said

"No!" Nick said looking away.

"Mr. Fur we have video evidence that you tried to frame Mr. Miller." The dean said.

"He is a punk ass bitch and deserves it!" Nick shouted.

"That's enough Mr. Fur!" The dean said.

The dean had Nick's parents wait in the office while he talked to Evan and his family.

"Im so sorry about all of this. I don't know how Nicolas found out about the officers visiting today but we will make sure he receives the proper punishment." The dean said

"I knew my baby was innocent." Karen hugged Evan and kiss his cheek.

"Mom!" Evan whined and then sighed. "Hey dad thanks for saving me back there."

"Of course kiddo. I know you wouldn't do anything to jeopardize your school work." Bill leaned down and whispered to him. "Besides we don't know how weed would effect Fate. Not a good idea to put her through that."

Evan smiled and Fate quickly flashed out of his shoulder to give Bill a quick kiss on the cheek.

Bill was shocked and smiled touching his cheek. "You're welcome."

Nick ended up getting expelled. A few day later someone egged the Miller's house.

"Fate I think we might have just made our first arch nemesis." Evan said hosing off the house. Eddie and Butch had come over to help.

"How did you get an arch nemesis?" Eddie asked.

"He is some jerk who did something wrong but it came back to bite him in the ass but now he blames me for his life being fucked up." Evan said.

Butch swiveled to stare at Eddie. Eddie was biting his lip looking incredibly guilty. Butch cackled and kissed him.

"Mr. Venom you already changed yer ways you aren't like this dumbass no more." Butch kissed him again.

Eddie grabbed Butch's hips and held him. "Maybe I should talk to the kid? I mean I have experience."

"Would you have listened to anyone back then?" Butch asked

"...Shit Evan I don't know what to tell you." Eddie said.

"Lets just make sure he doesn't get a symbiote and everything will fine. I can always eat him." Evan said.

In unison Eddie shouted no and Butch shouted yes. They stared at eachother. Butch smirked while Eddie glared.

"I was joking." Evan laughed.

"Oh good." Eddie said relieved

"Aw yer no fun Evan. I was already thinkin' of good eats we could make together." Butch said.

"I don't think I'm ready to join the cannibal club today." Evan said.

"People sound tasty my beloved. Especially nasty people who deserve it." Fate hummed from inside.

Butch cackled. "That's my girl!"

"Fate no we do not eat people." Evan said.

"Aw but they look so juicy! And Nick is a big idiot. Though he most likely would be like junk food. No nutritional value but tasty!" Fate sang.

"We will stick to rabbits, deer and sex thank you." Evan said blasting more egg off the house.

"If you ever are in the mood to do somethin' deviously delicious I'm yer man Evan." Butch said spraying the last of the egg off.

Evan punched Butch's shoulder gently and smiled.

Karen made brownies for them as a thank you and they sat out together eating them.

Chapter Text

Butch sat on a roof downtown looking down at the city. This was the first time he had been alone in a while. Sunny pulsed violently in his veins. She was begging for a kill. He had been a good little family member. Been polite with everyone, been soft and nurturing with his spawn. But he had a need. The biting hunger in his stomach.

He took a deep breath and scanned the area. He found a target, a sleazy club he had been to many times. He dropped down to blend into the pack of humans below. A wolf among the lambs.

Butch snuck inside and went to the back. There was a gang of men there. He knew the type. Up to no good but they didn't care. He recognized them too. Men of no merit all of them. He had been watching them for months and had labeled each and everyone as a meal for later. Sunny rumbled inside him. His body became taught.

Most of the men started leaving for the evening. They left one behind to count their money for the day. An offering had be put on the sacrificial alter. Sunny coated him and he dove in.

The man let out only the smallest yelp before the teeth closed around his neck. Sundance pulled, flesh ripped. The spray of blood coated him. He let out a cackle. It was time to feast.

As he ate he couldn't help but think about Frostbite. How they would look hunting down a man. Their claws deep in flesh, sparkling white flesh covered in blood. It filled him with pride. When he saw that moose on their camping trip he felt such joy.

Fate seemed tame and gentle but he saw in her a violence. She was composed but the beast was in there. Butch wanted to see his daughter unleashed.

He shook his head and took another bite. He was selfish. He knew he couldn't push the boy there.

But part of him was hopeful. Evan had come to him a few nights ago and they had talked. Evan said he was starting to feel less human. But the thing that concerned him wasn't the lack of humanity, it was that it felt so right. He was doing so many things he felt like he should be ashamed of but wasn't. Apparently his sex life with Fate was very healthy, he enjoyed hunting and had started to really enjoy eating raw flesh. He felt like this should bother him but they didn't. It felt right.

When he told Butch this Butch wanted to sing. His child was so close. So close to that line he had crossed so many years ago. The line of fear.

He laughed as he ate more. Someday. Maybe someday they would cross it. They would stop being afraid and do what other couldn't. They would let out the beasts.

Butch's stomach was finally full and Sunny sang inside him. He traveled home and took a shower. In the spray Sunny came out and slammed him to the wall. She also had been behaving herself and now wanted release.

Butch limped out of the shower and collapsed on the floor, mangled. Eddie came into the bathroom and picked him up gently.

"Jesus Christ Butch you're a wreck." Eddie said softly, wrapping him in a blanket.

Butch let out a small happy whine. He leaned against Eddie. Eddie sighed and held him close.

"Welcome home you nut." Eddie kissed him gently.

It was nice having somewhere to lay his head when the madness stopped.

Chapter Text

The Brocks had invited Evan to a special event downtown. It was Valentine's day and there was a hotel having a special chocolate banquet. They had rented a private dining room and were treating the symbiotes. Fate was vibrating with so much excitement inside Evan they had given him motion sickness.

"Fate, calm the fuck down." Butch said "We can hear you from inside the kids body."

"Sorry Father." Fate slunk into Evan's lap.

"Don't sorry me. Tell that to Evan, he is the one you are making sick." Butch said.

"I'm sorry Evan, I'm just so excited." They hugged him tightly.

"Its ok" Evan laughed and pet her gently.

"I'm going to eat till I'm in a chocolate coma!" Sleeper said salivating.

"Easy Sleeps!" Eddie laughed

"Eddie can we take some of the chocolate home? Want to eat chocolates off your body later." Said his other.

Eddie coughed. "Not sure darling."

"Mrs. Brock yer a genius. We are doin' that no matter what." Said Butch

"Darling I want to eat chocolates off of you too!" Fate said

"Look what you've done Butch, you've corrupted you child." Eddie said.

"We all already know those two go at it like rabbits. They're horny teenagers." Butch said.

"Butch!" Evan was burning with embarrassment.

Butch let out a cackle and they found a parking spot.

The hotel was very fancy. They were taken to their private room. There was a large table set up for them and a private buffet. It have a section of hot tea and a abundant selection of chocolate treats. They closed the doors and their others came out.

The symbiotes all rushed the table. Sleeper had a huge advantage because of their size. Sunny was very agressive and snuck around. Eddie other hung over all of them and ate from the top. Fate whimpered because they couldn't get past their family members. Evan eventually braved squeezing between the rabid aliens and made a plate for his lover.

"Jesus Christ you guys we can call them to bring more." Eddie said.

Evan sat down at the table and Fate gave him a thank you kiss. Eddie's other started biting into pieces and sharing with Eddie the ones they thought were the best. Sleeper ate quickly, doing their best to keep their promise of a chocolate coma. Butch watch Sunny eat and bit his lip. Something about how ravenous she was turned him on.

"Fer my birthday I want somethin' like this at home but I want you and me naked and jerkin' eachother off while we watch the women eat." Butch said biting a finger.

Eddie hit the back of his head. "Butch we have minors in the room!"

"Boy when is your birthday?" Butch asked Evan.

"August." Evan said

"Second he turns 18 I'm going to talk dirty 'bout everythin'." Butch said glaring at Eddie.

"You are such a strange individual dear." Eddie said.

"You know it wouldn't turn you on if I wasn't." Butch said undoing the top two buttons of his shirt to show off some chest.

Eddie pulled his shirt closed. "Do I need to take you somewhere or something? You are acting obscene."

"Daddy I think its the chocolate. I just want you to plow me like a field right now."

Eddie sighed and pet his head. "Just wait you horny bastard."

Sleeper was staring at Eddie and Butch silently shaming them while stuffing their face.

"Darling can we get more please?" Fate said

"Sure Fate its a buffet we can eat as much as we want." Evan said

"Beloved I have a question. What does minor mean?" Fate said

"Oh! It means a person who is too young to legally have sex. Its technically 16 here but there are a lot of ways you can get in trouble having sex with someone under 18." Evan said.

"Does that mean you and I are criminals!?" Fate squeaked

Evan nearly choked on chocolate. "No we are fine Fate. I don't think the law applies to you."

"Oh good." Fate sighed.

Evan laughed and started picking out more chocolate for them to share. They also pour a cup of tea.

"Darling this is just like a high tea only with chocolates!" Fate sang.

"Well I'm glad you are enjoying it." Evan placed a chocolate on their tongue.

Butch sat on Eddie lap and fed chocolates to him and their symbiotes. He was adoring watching all of them eat.

Sleeper never sat done. They just stood by the food and kept eating.

They all filled up and they did infact get take out dishes. Eddie and Butch stayed up into the morning with eachother. Evan and Fate just spent the whole night gently cuddling one another.

Chapter Text

Josh and Evan where at the mall.

"How is Fate holding up?" Josh said.

Evan laughed. "They are doing good. Its only really loud noises that freak them out. A crowd is fine, they say thank you for caring though."

"So where do you want to go first?" Josh said.

"There is a bakery supply store that just opened. I want to get some new attachments for my mom's mixer, like a dough hook. We want to try making breads."

"That sounds pretty boring for you guys you usually make everything so cute."

"Fate um, found a recipe for bear shaped breads and turtle shaped melon bread."

Josh laughed. "That's more like it!"

Evan smiled meekly and then suddenly was hit from behind with a milkshake. A group of teenagers yelled something at him that Fate didn't understand and ran away.

"Hey! What's the deal! Lets go get those guys!" Fate said angrily.

Evan was silent. Josh was upset and pulled him into the bathroom. Evan started cleaning himself off and Fate as Frostbite filled the mirror's reflect to talk to him.

"Evan what is happening? Why didn't we beat up those guys?" Fate asked

"Fate, sometimes punching people won't do any good." Evan said.

"But why? They attacked you and said something strange." Fate whimpered.

"Dude are you ok? I can't believe there are people who are still like that." Josh said.

"Ya I'm fine. Assholes happen." Josh cleaned himself off and Fate shifted their clothes clean.

"Please tell me what is going on." Fste begged.

"Those people attacked me because I'm black Fate." Evan said.

"But why?"

"Well, some people think they are better than others even though they are not." Evan said

"What? Thats dumb! And they think they can attack you for that?!" Fate was furious. "We should go back and find them and eat them!"

"I don't think that will do any good. It will just confirm their thinking." Evan said.

"So we are jusy supposed to do nothing? Evan we shouldn't give up we should fight them!" Fate growled. "No one should ever be aloud to hurt my beloved!"

"Listen how about we head home. I think I need to sit down and explain this." Evan said.

"You sure buddy? What about your dough hook?" Josh said.

"This is important. Fate has some understanding of discrimination due to how symbiotes are treated but knows nothing about human discrimination. I have to talk to them. The dough hook can wait." Evan said.

They split up and at home Evan went into detail about racism in the living room.

"I don't understand how can some people be so cruel." Fate whimpered in Evan's lap.

Evan massaged them gently. "Humans can be... very mean creatures Fate. Even to eachother."

"But everyone has been so nice to us!" Fate pleaded.

"Ya we are very lucky that we know nice people." Evan laid a kiss on their form and blew a raspberry. Fate cracked a small smile.

"Darling its so hard to understand why someone would be mean to you. You are so wonderful." Fate purred in his lap.

"Well why do you think people are mean to symbiotes?" Evan said rubbing them more.

Fate let out a small gasp when he rubbed just the right spots. "I think its because they are different and they don't understand us. They think we are scary."

"It's the same thing with people a lot of the time." Evan dug his fingers into them deeper. Fate squeaked and tensed around his fingers. He smiled softly. "No matter want other people think though we have eachother. And with you I can do anything."

Evan sat with Fate for the rest of the evening rubbing them gently till they were nothing but a quivering puddle in his lap.

They went back to the mall the next day with Josh.

"You guys sure you want to be here? What if they come back?" Josh said.

"I'm not gonna let some assholes dictate how I live my life. I'm a free man to do as I please." Evan said.

Apparently the teens did come back but as they came up behind Evan and Josh they suddenly couldn't breath and all fell over. Fate had learned nonviolence was important. But protecting their host was more so. Besides, they only paralyzed their lungs with Frostbite clouds for a tiny bit.

The breads all turned out great too.

Chapter Text

Evan was staying the night at the Brock's. Butch and him were entering a bake off together as a team and were planning.

"So there are three categories I was thinking of submittin' us to, pies, breads, and cupcakes." Butch said. He was curled up in his chair with Coco thumping her tail at his feet.

"Did you have anything in mind for what we should submit?" Evan said. He had Fate in his lap and a notebook out.

"The cupcakes I was gonna leave to Fate. They judge both on taste and design. For the bread was thinkin' of either makin' a sour dough round or a cinnamon loaf. And fer the pie I was thinkin' we do somethin' different and do a brie ham and cheese pie with chives." Butch said.

"I want that pie now!" Evan said.

"You better not replace the ham with people love." Eddie said passing by in a robe.

"Tsk" Butch snarled at him.

"Butch no." Evan laughed "Also sour dough seems really hard, how about we do the cinnamon bread?"

"Sure kid we can try somethin' harder next year." Butch smiled.

"I'm so excited! I want to make something really special." Fate bubbled.

Evan looked down at his love and couldn't help but chuckle. They were so adorable when excited.

"Shall we get some practice done?" Butch patted Coco's butt so she would roll off his feet.

"Yeah!" Evan ran into the kitchen.

Butch already had everything ready for the two dishes he suggested. Evan got on his apron and Fate started singing a little song. They started working on the bread first since that needed time to rise twice. They set up the dough for the cinnamon bread and then shifted to pie crust since that needed to chill.

"Hey kiddo where you thinkin' of gettin' a summer job?" Butch said.

"Yes I was actually why?" Evan said.

"My restaurant is doing a remodelin' right now and is goin' to add a dessert station where they are goin' to have a little booth to show off cakes and pies. They will be finished early summer. I was thinkin' of puttin' a good word fer you in. Would you be interested?" Butch said.

"Really? That would be awesome!" Evan beamed.

Butch smiled and chucked. "Well good! If you do well in this competition as well as my word it should be a guarentee fer you."

Evan worked harder than ever to get these recipes right. Working not only as a baker but along with Butch sounded amazing.

They finished baking as Sleeper and Eddie joined them in the kitchen. They were going to be the offical tsste testers. Evan cut a slice of pie and bread for both of then.

They started with the bread.

"Its so moist!" Sleeper said gobbling it up.

"I love cinnamon. This is delicious guys." Eddie said.

When they tried the pie they both hummed are how delicious it was. Sleeper stole the rest of the pie. Eddie laughed.

"Guys if that one doesn't win I'm investigating the judges because someone would have to jave been paided off not to love that." Eddie said.

Sleeper was licking the pie tin.

Butch leaned over the counter to kiss Eddie gently and smiled. "Thanks babe."

Evan yawned. It was late now so they took a quick shower and curled up in the galaxy door.

"Darling I think I have an idea for the cupcakes." Fate said curled up to his chest.

"Sure babe what is it?" Evan said getting comfy and squeezing them.

"I want to do an chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow frosting. I'm thinking of decorating them with little bits of blue buttercream and edible glitter."

"That sounds like it would look like Frostbite." Evan smiled.

"You figured me out!" Fate chimed.

Evan laughed and pulled them up for a goodnight kiss. Evan dreamed that night of owning his own bakery.

Chapter Text

It was May now and Karen had gotten in contact with the city council. She and a group of women had been fighting for a while to allow food gardens instead of lawns for their neighborhood. Today the city was voting on the bill and Karen waited with baited breath.

They just barely won. Karen was so excited and rushed home. She grabbed Evan and Butch and rushed with both of them to hardware store.

"Oh boys I'm so excited! I'm going to grow so many fruits and veggies!" Karen said with a giddy glee.

Butch chuckled and adjusted his sunhat. "I'm thinkin' of having a little garden in the front as well."

Karen highfived him. Butch let out a cackle.

They gathered up two whole charts of supplies. The first was garden soil. Next they had selected all sorts of fruits and veggies. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sweet peas, zucchini, lettuce, herbs, garlic, carrots, potatoes, onions and a blueberry bush. They got multiple varieties of each. Karen was just overjoyed and laughing the whole time as they picked out an army of plants. Evan went up to her with a bleeding heart.

"Fate really likes this is it ok if we get it?" He asked.

"Oh a bleeding heart how cute! Sure honey we can get that."

Butch had his own cart that he filled with different veggies, herbs and flowers. They headed to checkout together.

By the time they got home Bill, and Eddie had ripped up all the grass in Karen's yard so that her new gardrn area was available. Butch had a little patched cleared for him too.

"Oh look at you wonderful men!" Karen clapped.

"Butch called us and told us the plan so we thought we would help." Eddie said.

"Well you all are so thoughtful!" Karen said.

They spent a good part if the day gardening. Evan pulled a lot of weeds and Butch and Karen drug holes for the plants. Eddie got lemonades and icecream bars for everyone.

Karen planted enough tomatoes and cucumbers to make a huge amount of tomato sauce and pickles. She had gotten into canning things a few years back and often bragged about her pickles. Evan picked some basil and ate it.

"Don't eat those Evan I need them for sauce!" Karen said

"You won't miss a leaf or two." Evan smirked.

"Yes I will! Go eat some icecream!" Karen hit him with a garden glove and he laughed.

"Eddie I think I'm goin' to plant some tomatoes as well. Havin' fresh pasta sauce sounds wonderful." Butch said.

"Good. We love spaghetti so we hope you'll make a lot." Eddie said planting more tomatoes. Butch laughed kissed his cheek.

They finished planting in the late afternoon. Karen ordered a few pizzas for them to all share. Karen's entire front yard was now a food garden and she couldn't be happier. Evan finished it off by planting the bleeding heart.

"We are making a communal garden in the park two blocks down if you boys want to help." Said Karen

"I would love to help with that. I'm a big advocate for community gardens." Eddie said.

"No thanks! I'm tried enough afrer today!" Evan said feeding Fate icecream.

"Well, if Eddie is doin' it I think it might be fun." Butch smiled softly at Eddie.

Karen clapped her hands. "Oh wonderful thank you boys."

Eddie sat next to Butch. "You don't have to force yourself for me love."

Butch place his hand ontop of Eddie's. "I love spendin' time with you. I want to go with."

Eddie chuckled and kissed Butch softly. "How did I end up with two sweet spouses?"

"Yer a lucky guy." Butch kissed him again.

Evan ate 7 slices a pizza while everyone was distracted.

"My beloved I'm still hungry." Fate said.

Evan laughed and looked at his mom. "Hey mom we are going to head to the backwoods we are straving."

"I can order you another pizza honey." Karen said.

"We both are hungry. We need meat and brains." He kissed her cheek.

Karen smiled at him and ruffled his hair. "Be safe ok?"

"We will mom." They formed Frostbite. "Besides, we are the most dangerous thing in the woods tonight." They chuckled and flew off.

Karen sat in her garden for the rest of the evening and looked out at her plants. It was a very satisfying day.

Chapter Text

It was the day of the bake off. Evan was a nervous wreak and Butch was massaging his shoulders.

"Relax kiddo you got this." Butch said.

Karen and Eddie both were taking photos. Karen ran up and hugged Evan. "My baby I'm so proud of you. You are talented in so many things."

Eddie went up to Butch, grabbed him and leaned him back in a movie style kiss. When the kiss broke Butch gasped and stared up at Eddie, blushing and speechless.

"A good luck kiss." Eddie winked.

Butch stared up at him dumbfounded and then cracked a dorky looking smile.

"Dude when do we get to eat your food?" Josh asked.

Sleeper pointed at Josh "I like this kid."

"You sadly don't this is for judging." Evan said

Josh and Sleeper both pouted.

"Ladies and gentlemen the judges have startes making their rounds." An announcer said

Suddenly Evan felt Fate panic intensely through there bond.

"Excuse me" Evan ran to the bathroom.

Evan closed himself in a stall and Fate pooled into his arms.

"Hey love, its ok. Its ok." Evan held them to his chest and stroked them gently. Fate wrapped tendrils gently around him and whimpered.

"My beloved I'm so nervous. I've never had my creations judged like this before. What if they hate them? What if I'm not good enough?" Fate quivered

"You are good enough, people love your cupcakes. It doesn't matter if we aren't good enough for these judges, we are good enough for our friends." Evan cupped their face.

"But don't you want to win?" Fate said

"Ya I do but if I don't thats ok I'll just try harder next year." Evan said

Fate teared up "Oh darling."

Evan pulled their face to his and pressed tjeir lips together. He sucked gently on their tongue and they moaned into him. Through their bond Fate begged for him. Evan press a hand into their form and rubbed them.

"Evan!" Fate blushed and shuttered with their tongue hanging out of their mouth.

Evan chuckled. "Ok I should ease up otherwise you are going melt."

Fate rested against his chest. "Oh darling. Don't stop. I want to forget my troubles. Take me."

"Fate we have to go back they are judging us soon." Evan said blowing a raspberry into them.

Fate squealed and flailed. "Then you shouldn't tease me so!"

Evan laughed. "I just wanted you to relax."

Fate pouted and he squeezed them.

"Lets head back Fate it will be our turn soon." Evan gave them one more kissed and went back to their table.

The judges were just finishing up. They nodded to Evan as they moved on.

"Evan you miss your judging!" Karen said.

"Sorry Mom, Fate needed me." Evan said.

Karen cupped his face. "You are a very supportive partner honey."

"Well I should be right?" Evan smiled.

Karen smiled and kissed his forehead.

They judges soon after made their rounds, handing out ribbons. Their bread got an honorable mention in its category, but the cupcakes came in second place and the pie came in first in both of their's. Butch and Evan hugged each other when the two ribbons where placed on their creations.

They all went back to the Brock's house to celebrate. They ordered pizza and Butch had made a second batch of everything as a surprise.

"Yes! So I do get to eat your food!" Josh said.

"You better hurry though before everyone takes a slice." Butch said.

Eddie picked up Butch and span him around before bringing him into for a kiss. Butch smiled through the whole kiss.

"Congratulations love." Eddie said and their others laced them together. Butch pressed his forehead to Eddie's and stared into his eyes.

"Thank you Eddie." Butch said. Their others purrs and squeezed them together.

Evan sat on the couch with one of everything and was so proud of their creations. Fate sat on his shoulder and kissed his ear.

"Darling thank you for being so supportive of me." Fate said.

"Of course Fate. We are a team." Evan turned to kiss their tiny form.

Fate squeaked. "Do you think my cupcakes will come in first place next year?"

Evan laughed. "I know they will Fate. Just you wait."

Chapter Text

Butch was fussing with his hair in the mirror. No matter what he did he couldn't get it right. Sunny pressed through their bond thay he looked fine and was just over thinking it but damn it he wanted to look good. He sighed and surrendered to his locks. He got them looking as good as he could and went downstairs.

Eddie was already waiting for him and he smiled. Eddie reached out a hand and he took it. He pulled Butch into a kiss and leaned him back. Butch ran his fingers over Eddie's neck and the Venom symbiote laced them together.

"You look lovely tonight." Eddie said with a growl.

"Oh stop you I did my best by my hair didn't agree." Butch kissed him again.

Eddie laughed and put Butch back upright."Where do you three want to go first?"

"Eddie, want to see a movie together." His other said.

"I agree with the missus I think a movie would be splendid." Butch said holding Eddie arm.

Eddie chuckled and gave them both a kiss. "Movie it is my darlings."

They sat in the theater together and held hands in the movie. They sat way in the back so their others were out and enjoying popcorn. Butch rested his head on Eddie's shoulder and sighed.

When he thought about it his life had turned out amazing. He had lied eariler to Eddie, back in his home dimension he had very strong feelings for Eddie but never told him. He hadn't wanted to ruin their friendship even if they were close enough to be intimate. He guesses they were just too stubborn to talk about their feelings. And then to have Eddie die so suddenly, it broke his heart. Those years with Serum were cold. Killing had been turned into a form of torture. What few moments of happiness he had were quickly taken from him. He dragged himself through hell just to get the chance to kill Serum. Kill him and then go home to a dimension with nothing left for him. He was pretty sure the more he thought of it, he would have become just like Cletus if he had gone back home. Except instead of killing for joy he would be killing just to take the pain away.

How lucky he had been. He was now in a dimension where he could live freely and his love was alive again and loved him too. How had he gotten so lucky? He hadn't been lucky since the day he was born. Maybe even before that.

"Butch you ok?" Eddie whispered, wipping a tear from his cheek.

Butch was a little shocked he hadn't realized he was crying. He chuckled "Ya I'm fine. Sorry 'bout that dear I was gettin' reminiscent."

"Do you need a minute?" Eddie said. Their others snuggled up to Butch to comfort him.

"No, no I'm fine really guys. Thank you though." Butch squeezed Eddie's hand and rested his head back down.

Eddie held him very tightly after that. He felt so loved.

Butch wouldn't let go of Eddie's hand for a while after that.

"You ok love? You've been acting strange all night." Eddie said.

"...I really should tell you my feelin's more shouldn't I? I have a bad habit of hidin' myself or lyin'." Burch said taking a deep breath. "I just was thinkin' about how I grew to love you so much on that island and regreted never tellin' you. And how I somehow got lucky enough to meet you again in a different life."

Butch stared into Eddie's eyes and Eddie ran a hand through his hair.

"I'm so lucky I found you too." Eddie kissed him. Butch pressed against him and chuckled.

"How about I take you home and cook you dinner?" Butch said nipping at his neck.

"Well aren't you sweet?" Eddie said.

They headed home and Butch started to cooking. Eddie came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Eddie pressed his face into Butch neck and Butch's breath hitched.

"I want you to know, you can always talk to me Butch. I'm always here for you." Eddie whispered into the crook of his neck.

Butch smiled. "Eddie... I think dinner needs to wait." Sunny wrapped around Eddie's hand and squeezed.

Eddie chuckled and picked Butch up. Butch laughed as Eddie carried him upstairs.


They laid next to eachother in a tangled of symbiote ribbions and human limbs. Eddie ran his finger through Butch's hair. Butch was pleasently sore and had his eyes closed, just enjoying Eddie's touch.

"Hey love." Eddie brushed his cheek.

"Ya Ed?" Butch said.

"I can't see you two as the same anymore." Eddie smirked.

Butch stared at him wide eyed. "D-do you mean that?"

"Ya I do. You are much too different. You are my Butch love. My wonderful weird wife." Eddie pulled Butch to his chest.

Butch laughed and clung to Eddie. "I don't deserve to be this happy."

"Neither do I. How about we just accept our fate of being happy together?" Eddie said.

Butch cackled and climbed ontop of him to make out with him. Their other twisted them together and purred.

"They've tied us together." Butch said.

"Love is this a sutle way of saying you want round two?" Eddie said to his other.

His other kissed his cheek and rumbled. "Yes. This is a happy occasion so why not?"

Eddie laughed and pulled them into a kiss. "What do you think Butch can you handle another round?"

Butch blushed "Ya I can."

He kissed Eddie deeply and Eddie flipped him onto his back. Eddie took a moment to stare down at Butch. He was glistening with sweat with his hair everywhere.

He really couldn't see them as the same, it wasn't a lie. They both had the same bone structure but Butch was much healthier, he had a little more weight and muscle. His eyes were different too. Butch's were sadder but also had more joy in them. Sure he and Cletus were both still serial killers and had a lot of the same mannerisms but Butch had grown into something else. He was a much better person in everyway. He managed himself better, he took care of everyone, he loved his family. When Eddie looked at him he was a different man. A man from a far that had blessed him with his company.

Eddie gave Butch another kiss. "I love you so much."

"I love you too."

Eddie pressed into him and Butch gasped arcing his back.

They ended up just ordering take out later since Butch ended up too sore to move.

Chapter Text

Evan straighten his tie. He had an interview today at 'Ma's Place'. He had applied to be their new pasty chef. Butch had put in a good word for him and in his resume he had written about his awards in the bake off.

"Darling it tickles when you adjust me. We look great stop fidgeting." Fate said through their bond.

"Sorry dear." He shifted in his seat as an older woman came through the backroom door. She sat down infront of them and glared into his eyes with a sneer. Evan stared back uncomfortable.

"Well wouldja look at that. You got the same twinkle as ol' Red does." She smirked.

"Um excuse me?" Evan said nervously.

"Red, my best chef. Guy who recommended you Jr. You two have the same look in yer eyes. Like animals." She said.

"Oh you mean Butch!" Evan said.

"That's the one. Red tells me yer lookin' fer a job as mah new pasties chef. So I'm gonna quiz ya right now." She stood up. "I'm Ma by the way."

"Pleasure to meet you ma'am." Evan said.

"Well at least ya got some manner in ya. Now get up, I don't got no time fer stupid yes er no questions. If yer gonna work fer me I need to see how good you really are." She said.

Evan got up and followed her to the kitchen where she had a bowl of what looked to be a mix already prepared and a large amount of ingredients.

"Red mixed this up this mornin' and I want you to copy it and then bake it. I'm goin' judge how yer muffins compare to his." She said.

Evan raised his hand.

"Jr. this isn't a classroom just ask me what cha need." She spat.

"Oh um I was wondering can I taste his?" Evan said

"Go ahead Jr." She sat on a stool in the back.

Evan poured into a little dish a taste and tried it. It was double chocolate muffin mix. Butch made them often but Evan never had asked for the recipe. He licked his lips and thought.

"Well look at you. Red teach ya not to taste directly from the bowl?" She said

"Yes ma'am" Evan washing his hands.

She smiled and nodded. Evan got to work grabbing ingredients. He mixed them together and poured both mixes into paper lined pans she had provided and baked them.

After a while he checked on them and tested them with a toothpick. He had made a chocolate glaze for both. He offered one of each to her.

She took a bite of one and then the other. She thought and crossed her arms and stared at him.

"Yer hired." She said.

Evan cheered and she chuckled.

"Ya start Friday and will work Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 5am to 9am. I'm payin' ya 25 an hour. Good luck Jr." She said and left.

Evan ran home and told his mom first and then ran to Butch.

"I hope I wasn't too hard on you kid." Butch smirked.

"I was panicking!" Evan laughed and hugged him. "Also she calls me Jr. Is she always going to do that?"

"Yes! Do you have any idea how awkward it is fer me? She calls me Red of all things!" Butch said

Evan laughed. "Do you think I will like it there?"

Butch clapped his shoulder. "I'm sure you will."

Chapter Text

For the first time in years Eddie was alone with no one but his other. He was doing some research for an article. Most of the stuff he wrote about now he could research from home, but this job required him to travel to a small town to talk to a reclusive author in Maine.

The interview had gone pretty well and now Eddie was just walking the cost line thinking.

"Can't wait till we go home. Miss Butch's cooking." His other rumbled from deep in his chest.

Eddie chuckled. "Ya I miss him too."

Eddie's relationship with Butch still shocked him a little to this day. Even though he was bisexual he never had seen himself dating a man let alone a criminal. But then again Butch basically was doing the same thing he did as Venom, Eddie had no room to judge him. Butch had become a huge part of his life. Eddie knew their relationship was a keeper when he started to dream about Butch. It happened just a little before he had ask Butch to be in a relationship with him.

"Thinking about him a lot?" His other chuckled.

"Ya I am. I think I'm really in love with him." Eddie said.

"Same here. Enjoy his company." They purred.

"Should we get him a ring? Make this final? I already call him my wife." Eddie asked.

"Sure he would appreciate it. Maybe we could have a small ceremony. Get a marriage license." His other said.

"Marriage huh?" Eddie thought about it. He had been married twice now. Once to Anne and now to his other. His marriage with his other was great but was he ready to share his life with another human.

Eddie sat down on a bench by the sea and watched the tide roll in.

Whem he thought about it though, Butch understood him about as well as his other did. They both where symbiote hosts that were married to their others. They fought crime the same way. They loved all their kids. Butch got Eddie and supported him. They understood eachother, something Eddie thought he could never find in another human being.

"I think you might be right dear. I think I should finally tie this knot." Eddie chuckled.

"Good! Was hoping you would before too long. Have to go to Peter's wedding soon!" His other said.

Eddie laughed. "Can you believe that we are close enough to the guy now to be invited to his wedding? Us!?"

"Never thought it would happen myself. To go from trying to kill him to celebrating his marriage. Never thought our spawn would be in line to become the next Spider-man." They purred

"I still can't believe Pete agreed to that. I can't believe Sleeper wanted that either. They are both nuts." Eddie laughed.

"Do you think Peter will actually go through with it?"

"I think he will. Or he will at least try. He might help Sleeper every now and then but once he holds his baby im his arms he is going to realize what a responsibility they are." Eddie said.

His other purred and squeezed Eddie's insides. Eddie smiled and a got back up.

"We have quite the large family of our own now don't we?"

"So many family members! They make us so happy." They purred.

"Its been crazy. Having Sleeper this close and now little Fate and Evan."

"So proud of Fate and Evan. They are everything I ever wanted to see in a symbiote and host relationship. He is so kind to them and they to him. They are my ideal." His other said.

"Ya the kids are alright." Eddie chuckled

They walked together. His other formed a hand from his wrist and laced their fingers together.

"You know when we were back in San Francisco three years ago I never would have thought this is where we would end up." Eddie said.

"Hard to believe we went from alone and homeless to a three bedroom house in Philadelphia, with our favorite spawn, a mate and a dog."

"Life is strange isn't it dear?" Eddie said.

They walked a bit longer, got a pretty good lobster bisque to eat and headed home.

Chapter Text

They all have driven out to New York. Eddie, Butch, Sleeper and Flash were invited to the Parker's wedding.

Eddie and Butch were adjusting eachother's tuxedos. Butch gave Eddie a small kiss and Eddie smirked.

"You look lovely dear." Eddie said brushing his cheek.

"I bet you prefer me in a dress though." Butch smirked.

Eddie pulled Butch close and growled softly.

"Will you two horn dogs stop it for ten minutes. We gotta go!" Sleeper said forming a tux around his symbiote body.

"You're really goin' as yourself huh?" Butch said

"If I use Serum's form everyone might mistake me as Peter from behind. Besides the X-Men are going to be there. People will most likely think I'm a mutant. Now come on Flash is already there!" Sleeper said.

"Well I mean he is best man Sleeps." Eddie said taking Butch's and walking to the car.

They arrived at the church and it was already very lively. Many different heroes where there out of costume. They saw Flash and Peter and went over to them.

"Congratulations again Peter." Eddie smiled.

"Man this is nuts. I get to go to the same weddin' twice." Butch laughed.

"Wait in your dimension MJ and I were married?" Peter said. "Why didn't you say anything eariler!? How did it go? I'm so nervous I just want some reassurance!"

Butch cackled. "Ya never asked Parker! But ya you twos were married for a few years when Serum got me. You were rather happy though MJ often was pullin' her hair out from worryin' 'bout you."

"D-did we have kids?" Peter asked.

Butch's eyes went soft. "Ya MJ was pregnant with yer first when I was ripped from my dimension. I visited you guys right before I went to see my mom. Little girl on the way. MJ had to have been at least 8 months pregnant. You were both so excited. You were gonna name her May after yer aunt. I wish I had gotten to see her."

"Wow... that's crazy. It seems like in a lot of dimension things go ok with us." Peter smiled.

Butch pointed at his face. "Make sure you keep it that way Parker."

Peter swallowed hard and nodded.

"Hey Pete we have to get you to the alter its starting." Flash said wheeling inside.

The ceremonial was soon underway. MJ looked beautiful in her dress. As the minister was talking a loud crash came from outside. Eddie and Butch stood up and signaled everyone to continue without them.

The two swung through the city till they found a large carnotaurus dinosaur attacking a bank.

"Are you seein' this?" Sundance asked.

"We are guessing this is Stegron's work." Venom said.

They landed next to the dinosaur and it roared before snapping at Sundance.

"Gah why me!?" Sundance held its jaws open and Venom punched it in its side.

The carnotaurus fell over and Sundance was freed from its jaws. They webbed up the beast as the police arrived.

They rushed back to the wedding and ran into a bathroom to straighten eachother up.

"My hair is a nightmare." Butch whimpered as Eddie brushed it.

"You will be fine in a moment." Eddie braided his hair into irs normal style.

"I had it all fancy now its just normal." Butch said.

Eddie grabbed his chin and lifted his face up into a kiss. "You are beautiful darling. Everyone can see that."

Butch smiled and looked away from Eddie blushing. "Oh you are just too charmin'."

Their others purred and both popped out to nuzzle them. Both men laughed and kissed them. They got back to the wedding right as Peter and MJ kissed. They stood in the back as they walked out if the church.

Butch sighed and leaned against Eddie. "How romantic."

"Hey Butch, you want to get married?" Eddie said.

Butch looked up at him shocked. "Did you just propose?"

"Kinda? We are doing all of this very informally to begin with. When I went on the trip to Maine I realized how much you mean to me and how important you are in my life. I feel like you and me are two kindred souls in a way. So I was going to get you a ring and ask you to marry me but this just felt right." Eddie said.

Butch leaned up and kissed Eddie deeply. "I'm already your's but I would love a ring and a dress. Let's get married."

Eddie held his waist and chuckled into a kiss. Their others purred and murmured happily. Sleeper came over to them.

"You missed the whole wedding. Why are you both so happy?" They said

"We are getting married." Eddie said.

Sleeper laughed. "So making it official finally?"

Butch nodded. "I'm your new step daddy."

"No, too weird. You're still Butch and will stay that way." Sleeper pushed his face.

Butch brushed him off and cackled. A few people in the church winced and stared at him.

"Butch you might not want to laugh like that. Some of these people have fought Carnage a few times." Eddie said.

"Oh right. Sorry! I'm from another dimension!" Butch hide behind Eddie.

Sleeper laughed. "Come on you loons lets go to the reception."

Chapter Text

Evan was onto of a mountain staring out at the scenery. He had saved up some money from his job and bought camping equipment. It was his first time far from home and alone. Well as alone as a symbiote host gets.

"This view is amazing darling!" Fate said sitting on his shoulder.

"Ya it is. You know what the best part is? I'm finally on my own!" He held flung his arms up and whooped.

Fate giggled. "What would you like to do first?"

"I want to hunt." He let Fate cover him and he started flying over the mountain.

They scanned the area and they found a target. A large buck. They dive bombed it and its dodged last minute. They leaped to the ground and ran on all fours after it. They sprung and snapped their jaws down on its side. They clawed its throat and ended the deer quickly after that.

Frostbite laid down over their kill as they ate. They sang softly to themselves letting their belly fill with delicious venison.

They heard a loud bang and then a pain in the back of their head. They turned a saw a man with a gun.

"You are gonna get me a fortune!" He shot them in the chest.

Frostbite stood up. "Sir if you think we are a yeti or big foot or something you are going to be disappointed."

"I don't care what you are but you have to be worth something!" The man shot them a few more times. Frostbite made a cloud around the gun and crushed it.

The man pulled out a knife and charged him. Frostbite grabbed his arm and twisted it forcing him to drop the knife.

"Dude what is your problem!" Frostbite yelled.

Then they heard it. A yell for help. They followed the sound, dragging the man behind them. They found a group of girls handcuffed and bound inside a truck. One of them had gotten their gag off and was screaming. Frostbite's eyes went wide and they looked back down at the man.

They felt a rage they had never felt before. Frostbite punched a hole in the door and pulled it off.

"We will save you in a moment but first there is something we must do." They said and dragged the man back deep into the forest.

Once they were sure they were out of site of the girls they threw the man to the ground hard. His head was bleeding.

"Should we? A waste of a man! This is a huge line to cross. He deserves it! He should die!"

They sun was setting. It was just a bright line on the horizon. As the last light faded from the sky, Frostbite crossed the line.

The line of fear.

They bit down on the man's throat hard and he choked on a scream, mouth filling with blood. Evan paused only for a moment to question how he got here to this point. He was a bit concerned that this wasn't freaking him out. He felt fine. Maybe witnessing a murder and bonding with a symbiote in his teens had changed him. But it didn't matter, he was ok with this. He rebonded fully with Fate and sunk their teeth in deeper.

They released their jaw and the man fell to the ground, lifeless. Frostbite laided down and looked up at the stars. They killed a man.

They washed the blood off with a water bottle, called the police anonymously and freed the girls. They left before they they could be questioned.

Evan sat back at their campsite with a fire in front of him and Fate in his lap. He was deep in thought.

"Should... I be worried that I don't feel bad about this? Because I don't feel bad about this! I mean he was a human trafficker. He was a bad person." Evan fidgeted.

"I mean... We saved people. We did good!" Fate said.

Evan sighed. "We probably shouldn't do that again unless we need too. Right?"

Fate pooled out and formed a torso to hug him from behind. They rubbed his chest and his breathing hitched.

"We can do whatever we want." She whispered.

Evan shuttered and looked up at his lover. Their body glitter in the fire light. They had formed a body that was rather androgynous today but their muscles were cut and tight. Fate opened their mouth and their tongue slowly hung out. They twirled it down to Evan and slowly licked his face. Something about how beastial they were struck him deep to his core. He realized that as much as he loved how cute and adorable Fate could be he loved this side too. The raw powerful beast.

"God you are hot." Evan whispered.

Fate giggled and swirled infront of him. "Thank you my beloved. You are very handsome yourself." They rumbled with a purr.

Evan wrapped his arms around Fate and carried them to their tent. He laided them down on the sleeping bag and got ontop of them. Fate stared up at him and giggled.

"Fate what are we? What am I? I feel like I've changed so much recently." He said looking into their eyes.

Fate reached up one clawed hand and stroked his face. "Darling you are whatever you want to be. You and I, we are coming of age. Soon my love we will both be adults. We are forming into what we want to be. Together." Fate pulled Evan down to their chest and held him.

Evan sighed and then chuckled. "Being an adult is crazy. I'm glad I have you."

Fate dissolved his clothes and released him. "We will make choices both good and bad but we will do them together." They leaned up to him and pressed their forehead to his. "Darling please fill me. Take me. Claim me as yours."

Evan chuckled. "Ok ok calm yourself my love." Evan gave Fate what they wanted and they mewled.


It was morning. Everything was covered in dew. Evan had opened up the tent but was still laying inside his sleeping bag with Fate pressed to his chest, full and content.

"So I think we just became antiheroes." He stroked them gently. Fate purred in his arms.

"But many heroes kill people darling." They said running a few claws up his back.

"Ya but they don't bite their throats out." Evan chuckled.

Fate slide their tongue out. "You're my hero Evan."

Evan grabbed their tongue and kissed it. "You're mine too."

They spent most of the trip in the tent cuddling after that.

Chapter Text

Butch was walking Coco in the morning since Eddie had a big article coming up and needed all the time he could to write it. He whistled softly to himself as they went, when out of the corner of his eye he saw Evan running towards him.

"Hey kiddo how was campin' by yerself?" He asked smiling.

"Um good great ya um Butch I need to talk to you." Evan was a bit frazzled.

"Sure kid sure what is it?" Butch asked.

"I need to do this in private with you..." Evan said.

"Sure kid." They turned down an alley and Butch double checked that one was around.

"Alright kid what's up?" Butch said.

"We killed a man." Evan said.

Butch stared at him for a moment and the corner of his mouth twitched.

"P-pardon?" Butch said holding back a smile.

"We killed a man on our camping trip. He was a human trafficker and he attacked me and I killed him." Evan said.

Butch rushed up to Evan and hugged him tightly. Evan hugged back and they stood there a moment.

"I...I'm sure you must be scared son." Butch said

"That's the weird thing I'm not. I feel fine! And that's what scares me." Evan said.

Butch clung to Evan and squeezed him. He was doing everything he could to hold back. "Its ok son. You did good. You saved people didn't you? Slayed a monster. Don't beat yerself up."

Evan rested his head against Butch's chest and sighed. "Fate and I agreed we wouldn't do it again unless we had to."

"That's a good idea. No one is forcin' you to kill." Butch pet his back to comfort him.

Evan smiled up at Butch. "Thanks for listening."

Butch smiled down at him. He couldn't be prouded of the boy. "You are a good kid don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You only did it because you had too. Hey how 'bout I take you somewhere nice to eat?"

"You sure?"

"Yes my treat. Anywhere you want to go son. We will bring Coco home first."

"Can we get sushi?"

"Of course we can! Lets head back." Butch said. He had a bounce in his step.

"You are really happy about this aren't you?" Evan said.

"Hm? What I um... ok yes yes I am I'm not gonna lie to you kid you know me. I'm just so proud of you!" Butch pulled him into another hug. "Both of you! You are my beloved children. And you did somethin' great. I have to ask, did you eat him?"

"No but we thought about it." Evan admitted.

Butch kissed their forehead. "My beautiful children."

Evan chuckled. "Maybe admitting this to you was a bad idea."

"No no please I want you to be able to tell me anythin' kiddo. I'm here for you. There just a reason we all call me Murder Dad." Butch smiled.

Evan laughed. "Ok I'll keep telling you stuff."

"I just, kid as long as I'm being honest I still always wanted you to cross that line with me. Symbiote are fearsome creatures. They are born killers and when I look at you and Fate I see that. You have so much muscle and power and grace. I want to see you unleashed." Butch said.

"If we are going to keep talking about it... it felt right. We killed him by biting his throat out and it just, it clicked. Like this I was I was built to do. To destroy evil like this." Evan said.

"Woah you bit his throat out? Holy shit kiddo." Butch clapped his back. "But um back to what you were saying. You are a hero. You have a strong sense of justice already. You knew who was the real monster in that fight."

"Do you think we will be ok? Like is this a slippery slop and now we are going to become serial killers?" Evan asked.

Butch cackled. "Well that depends on you. Both Eddie and I are killers. But ya don't have too. Its not mandatory. Sleeper is known for his nonlethal take downs. Kid you do what makes you comfortable."

"You know if this was like about any other subject this would be touching but you are literally telling me it's ok to kill people." Evan said.

"Well what do you expect from a serial killer." Butch smirked

"You're a bad influence Pops." Evan said.

"Did you just call me Pops!?" Butch was dying laughing.

Butch took them to a nice sushi place and they got a booth in the back. Butch spent 100 dollars on sushi but money ment nothing to him right now. He just wanted to spoil Evan and Fate.


The next person Evan talked to was Flash. Honestly he didn't think he could talk to his parents yet about this. He had walked to Flash's apartment and sat across from him on his couch.

"Geez kid I'm sorry that happened to you. You ok?" Flash said.

"Ya I'm ok I just am kind of confused. Like I saved people, Butch thinks the world of me now and I feel like I should be freaking out but I'm not." Evan said

"Well you seem to be coping well. Taking a life is usually not an easy thing but I'm guessing being surrounded by people who do it so often and having a symbiote has made this easier for you." Flash said

"Should I be worried?" Evan said

"No but you should monitor yourself. Symbiotes can be extremely dangerous and they have a habit of showing people's true colors if you know what I mean."

"No I don't."

"With that much power you start to feel and see things different from other people."

"Oh I get it... what does this say about me then?"

"Well... that you don't tolerate human trafficking for one. And if you think it is necessary you are willing to kill." Flash said.

Evan though for a moment. "You know I think yoy are right. I think I've always thought if I ever needed to I could kill. And those poor girls. They were all hurt and scared. I had to do something!"

"You did what I would have done honestly." Flash said.


Flash nodded. "That man was a monster."

Evan took a deep breath. "I think I understand a bit more. Should I tell my mom?"

"I never told my mom what I do. If you have a strong enough relationship though you should."


Karen sat with Evan on his bed as he explained what happened. She started crying and held him.

"My poor baby. Oh you must have been so scared. Darling do you... do you ever feel like you rushed into all of this? Should I have stopped you from becoming a symbiote host? Answer me honestly please." Karen said holding him.

"No mom. Fate feels like my other half. I feel amazing with them and I love them. Honestly I think... I think I did what I had to do. He was going to hurt more people. He already hurt so many. I did the right thing. I just... I wanted to tell you." Evan said.

Karen took a deep breath.

"You are going to be 18 in a month. I honestly can't believe it. And already you are doing so many grown up things. I feel like I'm not the most conventional parent and I just hope I'm doing right by you." She said.

Evan hugged his mom again. "I think you have. I saved people. I helped them. I don't think I'll kill again unless I have too. Mom you have done a good job raising me."

"I'm just so glad you talked to me about this. Honey if this ever becomes to much please tell me I'll be here for you and help you."

"I will. Right now though I feel ok."

Karen held him and rocked with him for a while. Fate came out and sat on both of their laps. Karen gently pet them.

"Are you ok too Fate?" Karen asked

"Yes, my kind were made to kill. This is natural to me. I feel bad though that my actions might have hurt my beloved." She whispered.

"I'm ok Fate." Evan smiled

Karen pet Fate gently. "Thank you for caring about my son. Please continue to be careful with him."

"I promise I will." Faye said.

Karen ended up making them all hot chocolate. Evan held Fate close and thought. He pretty much had sorted his feelings. They were going to be ok.

Chapter Text

Eddie and Butch where having another night together alone. Sleeper was out of town so the two of them where having fun.

They had gone on a date to an amusement park for the weekend and now were back home with eachother naked on the couch.

"Hey I was thinkin'. There has been somethin' I've always wanted to try with you." Butch said under Eddie.

"What's that?"

"I want you to fuck me as Venom." Butch said.

Eddie laughed and picked him up. "Alright I think we can do that."

As they carried him upstairs Eddie's other slowly coated his body. Wrapping around him in thick ribbons and gooey tendrils. They laid Butch on the bed and straddled him. Butch looked up at them and licked his lips. Venom had instead of forming their normal smooth crotch and instead covered Eddie's member in a thick layer of symbiote slime. Butch bit his lip in anticipation.

Venom first grabbed his chin and forced him to look up at them. They opened their fang lined jaw slowly and teased Butch's lips with their tongue. Butch opened his mouth for them and the throbbing muscle slide in. Butch gagged a little as their tongue slide down his throat. Sunny covered his chest and started to filter oxygen for him so the intruding tongue could stay in as long as they liked.

Venom pushed deeper into Butch throat and he moaned into them. Venom chuckled at the vibrations his pleadings sent through them. They put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him into the bed. Butch wrapped his arms around their neck and sucked on their tongue. He loved the metallic taste of their slobber.

Sunny sent some tendrils out of Butch's chest and grabbed a bottle of lube. She opened it and rubbed a coat of it lovingly all over Venom dick. Venom grunted as she did since Sunny stroked them with just enough pressure to make them fully hard. She didn't stop either once their dick was covered. She squeezed the base of his shaft hard and started to coil around their entire shaft.

She squeezed hard and moved up and down their dick. Venom growled with want and trusted into her tentacles, their tongue still deep in Butch's throat. Butch watched as his lovers pleasured eachother and whimpered. He looked into Venom's eyes as if to beg, sucking more on their tongue.

Venom chuckled and Sunny pulled away, giving Venom's ass a whip on the cheek with a tentacle. They chuckled and grabbed Butch's thighs gently. They slowly spread his legs and pressed the head of their cock to his entrance. Butch's eyes widened and he now was feeling just how massive the symbiote cock was. They slowly pushed inside of him and Butch bit down on their tongue slightly. It stung as they pushed in, he was used to Eddie's girth but this was so much larger.

Venom slowly slide their tongue out of Butch's mouth, the head of their penis still the only part inside of him. Butch gasped for air and coughed when they fully removed their tongue.

"How are you holding up dear?" Venom said tilting their head to the side.

"You are so thick! I think I can handle it though." Butch panted.

"Good. Have Sunny tell us to stop if it gets to be too much." Venom slide their tongue back into his throat. Butch's eyes rolled back at the sudden reintroduction.

Venom grabbed Butch's hips and adjusted him. They slowly started to push in. Butch moaned loudly and was suddenly very happy Sleeper was out of town. Venom pushed deeper into him all the way to their base. They were pressed tightly against Butch's prostate and the sensation was already driving him mad. He went to grab his cock and Sunny restrained him. He whimpered and looked up at Venom pleading.

Venom chuckled. "No touching."

Slowly and rhythmically Venom moved their hips in opposition of their tongue. Butch whined and arched his back. Every time Venom moved their dick back in they went all the way to the base.

Butch tears ran down Butch's face as his untouched dick leaked precum onto his stomach. He was so hard it hurt. Sunny produced a tendril and wrapped it tightly around his base, making sure he wouldn't climax too soon.

Venom plunged their tongue as deep as they could into Butch and held it there for a moment. The stretching hurt his jaw and he struggled under them a little.

Venom pulled their tongue out and Butch coughed. They chuckled and licked his cheek gently. Butch smiled up at them. They pulled out of his lower half too and he grunted at the sudden emptiness. He could feel the cold air entering his abused hole. They licked their teeth and grined down at Butch before gently turning him over onto all fours. Butch widened his stance and braced himself.

Venom pushed back into Butch and he gasped arcing his back. They reached a clawed hand down to his stomach and could feel a small bulge when they pressed fully into him.

"You can handle quite a bit darling." They smirked. They rocked their hips gently so they could feel they head of their penis move against their hand through his body. Butch moaned loud and his arms gave out.

Venom leaned down to his ear and whispered. "Lets hope you can handle this."

Venom grabbed Butch's hips and pounded into him. They bottomed out with each thrust. Butch gripped the bed and drooled at the pleasure. Each and every thrust his cock begged for release. Venom picked up their pace, growling with the strength of their thrusts.

They gave one final hard thrust and came into Butch. Sunny released her restraint and Butch joined them in a shared orgasm. Butch moaned into the pillow and Venom filled him. His throat was raw from both shouting and the tongue fucking. Venom gave a few small thrusts into Butch, releasing the last of their cum inside him.

They slowly pulled out and Butch whined. They picked him up gently and cradled him in their arms.

"You ok love?" They asked.

Butch nodded and closed his eyes to rest against them. Venom chuckled and took him into their bathroom. They made a nice hot bath for him and gently lowered him in to clean him. The warm water felt good on his sore abused body.

After that they wrapped him in a towel and got back on the bed to hold him gently. Eddie had shifted back to normal and both Sunny and Eddie's other were resting in Butch lap. Butch hummed softly and nuzzled Eddie.

"Can you talk at all love?" Eddie asked.

Butch shook his head no. It hurt too much to try.

"Shit you ok?" Eddie was concerned.

Butch gave him a thumbs up and smirked.

Eddie laughed and cuddled him gently until bed.

Chapter Text

Frostbite was running through the backwoods. Evan and Fate loved running together and this was the best place to do it. They glided around the forest. It was more like they were leaping than running since their strides were so big.

They heard a strange noise as they ran and did a sharp turn to find the source. They came upon a girl about their age crying. They tilted their head and she saw them before Evan could turn back to normal. She looked at them with wide eyes.

"Y-you're real!" She jumped up.

Frostbite chuckled. "We are one of the 'ghosts' of these woods if that's what you mean."

She hurried other to them and slowly touched them.

"You have a physical form?" She asked.

"We are not exactly a ghost people just call us that."

"Then what are you?"

"The easiest answer is an alien."

Her eyes went wide. "An alien" she murmured. Frostbite took in her appearance. Her hair was frazzled and everywhere. She was in a large baggy earth tone shirt and a green fluffy boho skirt. She looked like a new age hippie. Fate thought she was very cute and looked like a fairy.

She touched their face gently and they purred. She smiled.

"Finally something good happened here." She teared up again.

"Something good?" Frostbite tilted their head the other way. This girl as very interesting.

"Well see I moved here last April and it has sucked. I have no friends, everyone at school thinks I'm weird and I hate it. I feel so alone. I can't even visit my favorite graveyard or occult store anymore." She said.

Frostbite rumbled."It sounds like it has been rough for you."

"It has been. I'm so lonely and I have no one to talk too." She sat in the dirt and Frostbite nowticed they horizontal scars on her arms. Before Evan could stop them Fate asked.

"What are these markings on your arm?"

"Oh!" She quickly covered her arms and looked away. "I... cut myself sometimes."

Fate was shocked and took complete over. They curled around the girl and sat next to her.

"Why would you do that?"

"It feels good. And I feel like I deserve to be punished."

"Why would you deserve that?"

"Because I'm no good." She said hugging her legs. "I'm not smart, I'm not pretty and god is punishing me but forcing me to live here alone."

"We think you are pretty and we haven't known you long enough to know how smart you are but you seem very intelligent." Frostbite used a claw to push the hair from her face. "If you like we can be friends. Then maybe you wouldn't be so lonely."

"You want to be friends with me?" She was blushing profusely.

Frostbite nodded. "We are Frostbite. What is your name?"

"I'm Dove."

For the rest of summer Frostbite would go to the woods at noon and meet up with Dove. They learned she loved all things mythical, occult and otherworldly. She often would cry with them and they would sit and comfort her. Somedays she wouldn't show up and she told them it was because her depression made it too hard for her to get out of bed. Her parents thought depression wasn't a real disease and refused to get her help, often berating her for feeling the way she did.

Frostbite eventually learned where she lived and would visit her in her room if she couldn't meet them in the woods. They would sit on her bed with her and she would read to them or watch shows with them. She was still depressed but was much more manageable now. Having someone to listen to her and be there for her did wonders.

"Tomorrow is the first day of August and I really don't want summer to end." She said hugging a pillow.

"Why not?" Frostbite asked

"Because I have to go back to school and that sucks. I won't be able to see you as much."

"...Hey Dove. Remember how I told you that we are two people, and alien and a human?"

"Yes I remember. You said you visited me like this to keep it a secret."

Frostbite pulled away and Evan was now sitting on her bed. She was shocked. She knew there was a human inside them but it still took a while to adjust.

"H-hi. I'm Evan." He said nervously.

Dove smiled and laughed. "Hi I'm Dove."

"We um we go to the same school so if you want we can be friends there." He smiled.

She laughed. "I would like that."

Chapter Text

It was Evan's birthday, he was turning 18. His family always had a barbecue on his birthday to celebrate. The Brocks, Flash, Josh, James and Dove all had come too.

"You're old enough to vote, smoke and get married how does it feel?" Josh asked.

"Dude I'm already married." Evan said.

"Ya but now its legal." James said. Evan had told James their secret a little bit after Josh. He thought it was only fair since they had become close friends as well.

"Beloved you told me that laws didn't apply to us." Fate said.

"No no I meant that one law. We still have to obey the law for the most part." Evan said

"Kid yer an antihero. Laws are a suggestion at best." Butch chimed in. Eddie grabbed him and covered his mouth.

"Please don't tell the kids to break the law." Eddie said.

"Evan isn't a kid he is 18! He is a man." Josh laughed.

Evan sunk into his chair. When did life become so complicated. Fate sat on his head like a crown and kissed his forehead.

"I'll just follow your lead." Fate said.

Dove sat next to Evan and reached out to pet Fate. Fate purred and oozed between her fingers.

"Alright who wants a burger and who wants a hotdog?" Karen asked. Bill was grilling but she had a little notepad out to get everyone's order.

"Burger for Butch and me. Rare is fine." Eddie said still holding Butch.

"Same." Sleeper said playing with Coco.

"I'll have a dog." Flash said.

"Hot dog for me." James and Josh said.

"I don't eat meat so I'll just have more pasta and salad." Dove said.

"Burger, rare like Eddie's and Butch's." Evan said.

"Two burgers!" Fate said.

Karen laughed and gave Bill the little sheet.

"So Evan did you put your two weeks in or are you going to work during the school year?" Butch asked.

"Ma put me on leave actually and said next summer I should work there again." Evan said. "She is a lot nicer than she looks."

Butch cackled. "You got that right!"

"Aw I'm going to miss going to your restaurant to get sweets." Dove said.

"He brings in sweets a lot during the school year so now you can get them for free." James said.

"Aw Evan that's so sweet." Dove said

Evan blushed.

"This is our last year all together since Evan and I are graduating." Josh said.

"I wish I was a senior instead of a junior." Dove pouted.

"Josh and I are both going to community college so we will be close by." Evan said.

"Evan did you ever decided what you wanted to go in for?" Bill asked.

"I was going to do engineering but now I'm thinking either business so I can open my own bakery or I'm going to contact S.H.I.E.L.D. and see what they would want in a potential employee." Evan said.

Butch spat out his drink.

"Evan you are still considering working for S.H.I.E.L.D.?" Flash said.

"They are going out of their way to learn about symbiotes without a single symbiote and host on staff. I will make it extremely clear that I will never allow them to drug Fate and I will sue if they try. The only way I'm going to change them is from within." Evan said.

"Wow you have given this a lot of thought." Eddie said.

"They are already showing signs of changing their view on symbiotes and I still have Dr. Sanchez's number. I might try to work with her." Evan smiled.

Butch coughed and recovered. "Kid I'm so proud of you." He smiled.

"Both of those paths sound like a good idea son." Bill smiled.

They all ate and laughed together and Karen brought out a giant three layer chocolate cake.

"Mom this is enormous!" Evan laughed.

"Well we have a lot of people here today that like chocolate." She smiled.

"Darling why is the cake on fire!" Fate said, hiding behind his head and staring at the candles.

Evan chuckled. "This is a birthday cake. You blow out the candles and make a wish."

"Oh ok!" Fate said still hiding.

Evan laughed and blew out the cakes.

"What did you wish for dear?" Fate said.

"If I tell you it won't come true."

"Aw but I want to know." Fate said.

She peaked into his mind and he had wished for them to have a bright and happy future together. Fate giggled and purred. They gave him a kiss and the cake was cut and served.

Chapter Text

Evan yawned and curled up in bed. Fate curled up next to him and got comfortable in his arms. Their favorite form to take was a little ball that he he could hold.

"Good night Fate. Sweet dreams." Evan gave them a kiss and settled down for the night.

"Good night my beloved." Fate rested and got ready to do their favorite activity, dream hopping.

They started with Evan's dream. Today he was back in Middle Earth with his own vision of them. They were riding horseback together.

"Aw darling you are always so romantic." Fate sighed moving on.

Karen was dreaming of being on a tropical vacation. Fate made sure she had great weather for the whole dream. Bill was a pilot in his dream. Bill often had dreams of flying, they thought it was his secret wish to fly.

Next they moved across the street. It was very important that they visit their father every night. His dreams often were sad and violent so they would quickly change them.

Tonight he was a small child again, running from his father. His father threw a beer bottle and it smashed on his face giving him the scar on his lip that he still had to this day. Fate quickly slashed a clawed hand through the man and he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Butch looked up at them with tear filled eyes. Fate offered him a hand.

"You are safe now Father. Everything is ok." Fate whispered.

Butch took their hand and quickly assumed his adult form, smiling at them.

"Thank you sweetheart. What would I do without you." He chuckled.

Fate giggled. "Where would you like to go tonight father?"

"Well I'm planning a fall weddin' so could you maybe show me the backwoods in fall colors? I'm gonna visualize it." He said.

"Sure thing Father!" They swirled their claws and pulled from his memories the backwoods in fall. The woods were full of reds and golds. "Oh Father its so pretty!"

"That's right this is your first fall comin' up huh?" Butch said

"I'm almost a year old." They smiled.

"Well shit, you are. How the time flies. Your pretty much an adult symbiote now " Butch hugged them.

They hugged back. "I love you Father. I'm going to head to Eddie's dream now. Call for me if you need anything."

"Love you too baby girl. Don't over do it." Butch said as they faded from sight.

They swam over to Eddie's dream. Eddie's dream were always chaotic and didn't make much sense. Eldritch creatures contorted around eachother in twisted shapes. All of them with symbiotic eyes that matched his other's. Eddie was sitting on a flesh covered chair as limbs and tentacles wrapped around him. His other as Venom sat with him holding his hand. Fate decided it was time to leave when they began to get intimate.

They twisted around and found Coco who was also asleep. Coco's dreams where always simple. Mostly flashes of faces she knew and things she liked. Tonight she was just running through fields of grass. Fate giggled and moved on.

They jumped from dream to dream. Peaking into the neighbors. They were almost an adult and their reach was far. First stop of note after leaving the main neighborhood was Dove. Dove often had sad dreams so just like their father Fate would visit every night. Today her dream was fun and exciting though. She was hunting ghosts in a haunted mansion and was having a blast. Fate let her continue. Josh also lived nearby and his dream was him in a sports car with a bunch of attractive women. Fate had a little fun and took over the women turning them into overly sexualized versions of their symbiote form. Josh stared at the symbiotic women in awe as they pulled him out of the drivers seat and started to lick him with their tongues. They growled playfully. Josh laughed uncomfortably as the woman started to rub his chest and lick at his stomach. One of the women went to lick his crotch under the wasitband of his shorts and the dream suddenly end. Fate had pushed it too far and had woken Josh up. They giggled to themself and wondered if he had enjoyed it.

They stretched til they were at Flash's apartment. Flash was another one they liked to check up on. Today his dream was of space. He was floating gently through the stars. Fate liked this dream and sighed watching the planets go by. They were an alien but had never been to space. They wondered what rheir home planet was like. If they even had a home planet. They liked Earth a lot. They hoped their parent and grandparent did too. They let Flash go back to his peacefully space flight and moved on.

Now after the warm up it was time to see how far they could go. Fate bridged themself from dream to dream to dream. They stretched across the entire city of Philadelphia. They kept going, feeling the strain of sending their reach so far from their host body. They saw all sorts of dreams both good and bad. Finally they hit a wall. Not because they couldn't reach farther but because the distance to the next sleeping person was too far. Fate let out a little huff and slowly came back. They wanted to try to get to New York but jumping became harder the further they were from Evan.

They went back into Evan's dream. They saw he had shifted from Middle Earth to a beach. Apparently both he and his mother liked the tropics. He was laying on a beach towel with a female bodied Fate in a cute navy blue bikini. They took over the Dream Fate.

"My beloved is this what you like?" They snapped the shoulder strap of the bikini.

"Oh! You're back aren't you." Evan said.

Fate giggled. "Yes. Philadelphia is sleeping soundly tonight. Now how about I lose this?" They cut the bikini bottom and tops with their claws and stood before him nude. They looked down at their glistening form.

"Oh? You made me anatomically correct as well." Fate blushed blue.

Evan swallowed and nodded. Fate giggled and got ontop of him, freeing him from his swim trunks.

"I hope you don't mind a sex dream tonight darling. I'll clean up any mess you make." Fate said as their tongue their tongue rolled out.

Evan woke up the next morning with Fate in his arms purring loudly.

"Did you have a pleasant dream?" They giggled.

Chapter Text

Butch kissed Eddie and handed him his lunch and breakfast. Eddie picked Butch up and kissed him deeper, his other joined and took over his mouth with their tongue and teeth. Butch kissed their tongue and giggled.

"Have a nice day at work love." Butch said smiling at them.

"Thanks dear, you have a good day too." Eddie gave him a squeeze and headed out.

The school year was starting again. Eddie met with Flash in the teacher's lounge.

"The wife has a gift for you." Eddie chuckled handing Flash a bag.

"Oh man Butch made me another first day of school breakfast. He is so sweet." Flash said taking a bite.

Evan peaked into the lounge.

"Miller you aren't supposed to be back here." Flash said.

"I know I wanted to offer you guys cupcakes before they are all gone." Evan said. He and Fate has made mermaid cupcakes the night before.

"Thanks kid." Eddie said grabbing two for Flash and himself.

"Happy firsy day of school." Evan waved exiting.

"He's a good kid." Flash said taking a bite. "And a great baker."

Eddie laughed. "Ya I'm happy to have him be a part of my weird symbiote family."

Evan walked down the hall and people swarmed him for cupcakes. He made sure to save some for Josh, James and Dove.

He met Dove at her locker and presented her a cake. "For you!"

Dove laughed and took it. "Thanks Evan these are cute."

Evan moved on and a few girls swarmed Dove.

"Oh my god are you dating Evan?" One asked.

"Josh said he was dating a homeschooled girl are you her?" Another said.

"What? No we are just friends." Dove said uncomfortably.

The girls pouted. "I hope he brings her to a dance. We all want to know what she looks like." The first girl said.

"That most likely won't happen." Dove said

"Why not!?" All the girls were so disappointed.

"She um isn't really that able bodied. That's why she is homeschooled. Not to mention she is very shy and doesn't like to many visitors." Dove said.

"Oh my God Evan is so sweet." One of them said.

"He has to be the most sensitive cinnamon roll." Another said

"Good for him. I couldn't date someone like that." Said another.

"Not many people could." Dove said chuckling to herself.

Evan and Josh walked to their first class together.

"Hey Fate." Josh said and then punched Evan's arm hard. "Never do that to my dreams again!"

"Ow! The fuck Josh." Evan glared at him.

Fate giggled inside him.

"Fate what did you do?" Evan asked.

"She turned the hot babes in my dreams into monster chicks that almost ate my dick!" Josh said.

"Fate, the hell?" Evan said blushing.

"Well I thought you two might enjoy the same fantasies." Fate giggled through there bond.

"Not everyone is into symbiosis dear." Evan said.

"I have never had such a confused boner in my life." Josh said.

"I do kinda want to try in your next dream a harem of myself. Male, female and androgynous me's all over you~!" Fate sang through the bond and flashed Evan some ideas.

Evan coughed and stopped walked. "Fate. I'm begging you. Don't do this to me in school. Especially on the first day."

"You know darling~" Fate said slowly and in her lowest tones. "Senior year isn't as important as the rest of your years. And together you and I should be able to make up today no problem. How about I steal you away and give you a much more valuable use of your time."

Evan leaned against a wall. "Fate I'm not missing the first day of school no matter how hard you try to seduce me."

"Hmpf. Fine. I will just wreck you tonight then my delicious prince." Fate formed a tongue in his pants and licked him across his dick.

Evan yelped and covered his mouth, blushing hard.

Josh was just staring, watching this, having only heard Evan's side of the conversation. "Dude nevermind... I need a symbiote girlfriend."


Evan took a cold shower in the locker room and just barely made it back to his first class on time. He flopped into his seat and sighed. Fate was giggling madly.

"I'm glad you find this funny." Evan said through their bond.

"You are just too cute my beloved. Its why I crave you so." She murmured.

Evan was starting to wish he had just skipped class but he decided to get comfy and pay attention.

Or he would have but then a man and a women in black trench coats with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on them came into his classroom.

"We are looking for Evan Miller." The woman said.

Evan wanted to die as he stood up and went over. He followed them outside the classroom.

"Guys! You can't just show up to my classroom! I'm trying to have a normal life." Evan said.

"Mr. Miller your 18th birthday was a week ago so you are no longer an minor correct?" The man said.

"Yes but I'm still a high school student with a secret identity that I'm pretty sure you just blew!" Evan growled.

"We will just say you were receiving a briefing about your intership with S.H.I.E.L.D. since that's technically what is happening now." The woman said.

"My what?" Evan said.

The woman handed him a few things. A S.H.I.E.L.D. ID badge that gave him level 2 clearance, a cellphone with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the back of the case and a business card that said the woman's name was Agent Natasha Romanoff. Evan looked over everything.

"Starting today you are a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. out of all the symbiote hosts we tested you were the most compliant and Agent Thompson said you were interested in becoming an Agent." She said.

"...Does Coach Thompson know you guys are here?" Evan said.

The guy laughed. "No, want us to get him? He told us you might be a bit weary of us."

"No I think I'm ok so long as no one tries to drug Fate or me. I don't want to wake up with a bomb in my chest..." Evan said.

"After seeing that fail twice I don't think we are planning on doing it again." Natasha said

"So what happens from here?" Evan asked

"We will get in contact with you if we need you. Dr. Sanchez is extremely interested in your symbiote because it can enter and manipulate the subconscious. After you graduate, S.H.I.E.L.D. was planning on offering you training to become a full fledged Agent." Natasha said.

"Wow just like that?" Evan said.

"You are the son of Carnage. Its kinda a big deal." The man said.

"Sundance. I'm the son of Sundance, not Carnage." Evan said sternly.

"Got it." The man said.

"I'll go over your gear." Natasha said. "This phone is for S.H.I.E.L.D. comunication only. We already have Dr. Sanchez in your contacts so you can reach her whenever you need. She is planning on moving here to Philadelphia soon so reaching her will be easier. You badge gives you level 2 clearence to an S.H.I.E.L.D. facility and is recognized by the United States Government. If you ever get in trouble with law enforcement show them that and use the contacts in your phone to contact your case manager they will sort out the details. Are you available this weekend?"

"Um yes?" Evan said.

"Good we are planning on giving you an orientation." He got a text on his new phone with an address. "Meet us there at 9am. Welcome to the Avengers kid."

"Wait I'm an Avenger!?" Evan whisper shouted.

The guy laughed. "More like Avenger in training. We're Avengers."

"Wait you're Avengers!?"

"We are Black Widow and Hawkeye kid." Hawkeye said.

"Holy shit!" Evan said.

He laughed. "We might not be at your orientation so see you later."

Evan watched them leave and stood there for a moment just taking in everything that happened. Then he called his mom. She was very proud of him. After that he ran to the gym.

"Coach! Coach!" Evan ran over to him.

"What is it Miller?" Flash asked.

Evan held up the S.H.I.E.L.D. badge.

"They came here to do that? I told them to go home addresses, the hell." Flash laughed.

"You knew this was happening!? Holy shit! So like am I going to get missions now!?" Evan said.

"What? No no you are just an intern for the Avengers they have done it with a few of the younger heroes. For now they are just going to monitor you and probably offer you like training to become a full fledged Avenger." Flash said

"Should I change my career plans?" Evan said.

"No usually everyone also has a normal job they do as well. Like I'm a coach, Daredevil is a lawyer, Spider-man works for a newspaper." Flash said.

"I am so excited and confused! Why did they pick me?" Evan said.

"Well they have been watching you guys. They probably know a lot of the stuff you do. I have to give them reports on you guys as well." Flash said. "Most likely they saw all the stuff you have done and how well behaved you are compared to most symbiotes users and thought it was a good idea."

"Wow I... I need a minute can you call Mrs. Harper and tell her I'm going to miss her class?" Evan said.

"Sure thing buddy take all the time you need." Flash laughed.

Evan went into a stall in the bathroom and Fate pooled into his hands.

"I can't believe we are going to be Avengers darling." Fate said.

"Me either. You still ok with this?" Evan said.

"I have almost reached adulthood myself. I will soon be at my strongest. With you at my side I can handle anything." Fate purred.

Evan chuckled and gave them a kiss.

Chapter Text

Butch was clinging to Evan on his couch and pouting.

"You said it was fine at my birthday!" Evan said.

"Ya because I thought it was gonna be another few years before you joined not a week from the day!" Butch snarled. He pulled Evan closer and cuddled him. "They are corrupting my baby."

"Dear put Evan down he is fine. Flash said he is making sure S.H.I.E.L.D. gives him proper treatment." Eddie said handing Butch a beer.

Butch bit the cap off and took a swing. He looked at Evan. Evan stared back at him begging him to let go.

"Nope!" Butch squeezed him harder and Sunny wrapped around Evan too.

Evan sighed and Fate pooled out. "Father we will be ok. I can always torture anyone who hurts my Evan by giving them night terrors and never letting them sleep peacefully again." They smiled.

"Fate that's dark." Evan said.

"I like it." Said Butch releasing Evan.

Evan stood up and Fate straightened his clothes.

"Congratulations Evan. Make sure they treat you right." Eddie said.

Evan sighed and flopped back on a chair. "I will. Its just a lot to take in."

Evan pulled out his S.H.I.E.L.D. phone when suddenly it rang.

"Oh shit!" Evan fumbled and dropped it. Butch picked it up and answered.

"This is Frostbite's daddy what cha want?" Butch said.

"Butch nooooooo!" Evan was mortified that his first official S.H.I.E.L.D. phone call was not only answered by someone else but answered by the biggest hater of S.H.I.E.L.D. he knew. "For the love of god Butch give me the phone."

"No god here boy only me." Butch listened to the voice on the other end. "Ya huh... yup... ok see you there." Butch hung up.

"Why didn't you give me the phone!" Evan yelled.

"Cus yer breakin' my heart and deserved it." Butch hugged Evan. "Eddie, Sleeps! Get yer things! Dr. Sanchez wants us to see her new lab."


The Brock clan stood outside a small concert building with no windows.

"God I hope it has skylights or something. It looks like a tiny prison." Sleeper said.

"Most likely not for security reasons." Eddie said.

Evan scaned his badge and they all went inside. After a few security checks they came into a white lab with huge machinery. Dr. Sanchez ran up to them.

"Oh good! You guys all made it!" She clapped

"Sorry I didn't answer my phone Butch answered before I could." Evan sighed.

Butch snickered and looked over the lab with a whistle. "Fancy 'rrangements you got here Doc."

"Its nice to have you move up here." Eddie smiled.

"Thank you! I'm very happy to be closer to my patients. Now I have something for most of you after studying you last time." She said.

She shuffled over to a case and opened it. Inside was three prescription bottles.

"Now we studied each of you and did some testing and I believe I have found dietary vitamins that would help keep your symbiotes and your hosts happier." She said picking up the first bottle.

"Sleeper we had to make a lot of adjustments for you. You host body is in terrible shape because its not processing nutrients properly so I have a supplement for you that should make both you and your host healthier." She handed him the bottle.

"Next up Eddie. Eddie from your testing we discovered something rather personal would you like us to talk in a different room?" She said.

"I'm fine here." Eddie said.

"Alright then. Eddie you appear to have ADHD. This would explain why you produce less phenethylamine than the others. This supplement is just to help you're body naturally produce more."

"Huh" Eddie took the bottle and looked it over.

"Butch you also have a problem producing neurotransmitters but you make up for that with your intake of um 'brain matter'. You will continue to take what Dr. Walters prescribes you."

"Ok good." Butch said.

"As for you Evan you seem to have a vitamin deficiency. You're growing body and growing symbiote have taxed you a little which is why you body get hungry often, and why you both have higher libidos than most symbiotes and humans your age. The Frostbite symbiotes though is incredibly healthy compared to most. Both they and the Sleeper symbiote had healthy amounts of phenethylamine during adolescents, but the Frostbite symbiote was able to receive a huge amount of natural phenethylamine from their host. We think that just like human children having a healthy diet during adolescents caused them to develop better and into strong symbiotes." She said

"So I did a good job?" Evan smiled taking his bottle.

"Yes you did. Actually we want to test the Frostbite symbiote again. We knowticed that all of Philadelphia has been having REM cycles that have a different wave length than the adverage human at least once during the night in a wave like pattern. We are guessing this is your symbiote's doing?" She said

"Fate you can reach all of Philadelphia?" Butch said shocked.

"Yes I can. My goal is to reach New York." They said curling around Evans neck.

"Thats incredible sweetheart!" Butch cackled.

"Evan I know you are busy with school work but would you be willing to come here tomorrow?" She said.

"Sure." Evan smiled.

"Alright that's all I have for you today."

"Wait." Butch said.

"Yes Mr. Kasady?" Dr. Sanchez said.

Butch walked over to a camera on the ceiling and directed it toward himself.

"Now, I know you S.H.I.E.L.D. shitheads have mics in here too so I just hopin' I'm talkin' to the right camera. Y'all just indoctrinated Evan into your lil program so I just wanted to say a few words. If y'all hurt him or my daughter in any way, I will fuckin' destroy this dimension. Carnage will look like toddler wieldin' a plastic knife compared to what I can do. I know you have done more research on me. You know I can do it. Touch him and I will kill you all."

Everyone in the room was dead silent. Butch tilted the camera back up.

"Ok we can go home now." He smiled.

"You are down right terrifying when you want to be Butch." Eddie said.

Butch chuckled and linked arms with him. Evan would have been embarrassed if he hadn't found Butch so threatening at the moment.

Chapter Text

Frostbite huddled next to Sundance in the woods. They had just taken down a few deer together and were eating. Sundance licked some blood off of Frostbite's cheek and they flailed.

"Dad we are fine." They whined

Sundance chuckled. "What? Am I not 'loud to take care of you?"

"We are adults, we can handle ourselves." Frostbite huffed taking another bite.

Sundance cackled and snapped a rip to drink the marrow. "One of you is barly an adult and the other still has over 3 months till they reach adulthood. Yer babies."

"Not babies! We can handle ourselves." Frostbite growled.

"Then fight me." Sundance stood up.

"W-what?" Frostbite stuttered.

"You heard me. A sparrin' match if you will." Sundance smirked.

Frostbite stood up and flexed their claws. "Bring it on old man."

"Oh yer gettin' it fer that one." Sundance roared and rushed them.

They blocked but the hit was so powerful they flew back breaking a few trees. Before they could even recover Sundance stabbed them through the abdomen. They screeched in pain. Sundance wasn't pulling punches for them.

Sundance pulled his bladed arm our of their stomach. "Come on kid you would be dead if you were human. Get up, heal yerself, do you need more meat?"

Frostbite shook their head no and this time took the offense. They slamed Sundance between two clouds and punched him. He stumbled back and when they went for a second punch he grabbed their arm. Sunny ripped through the arm with bladed tendrils and they screamed jumping away.

"Are you trying to kill us!?" Frostbite yelled healed their arm.

"Yes! Villains aren't gonna take it easy on you and S.H.I.E.L.D. already has their eyes on you kid! We have done a shit job preparin' you because we wanted to baby you!" Sundance growled

Sundance rushed them and Frostbite used a cloud to stop him. They ran and Sundance climbed to cloud to lunge at them. He hit them square in the back and bit their shoulder hard. They yelped but Sundance quickly let got and licked their wound.

"You are better at fightin' than this." Sundance picked them up. Frostbite quickly punched him in the jaw and he cackled. "Better! Much better!"

They used a cloud to try and kick out his feet but he was able to roll out of it and slash them. They didn't wince this time and instead turned quickly and stabbed him with a bladed tentacle. He coughed up blood and laughed.

"Good good much better!" He said smiling through the pain.

Out of breath Frostbite released him and he fell to the ground to heal. They curled up next to him. They were heavily wounded and needed time.

"You're such an asshole." They said.

"Hate me. Call me an asshole. We are doin' this again. I can't lose you. I've been so soft and now..." Sundance covered his face. Frostbite could see the tears though. He was worried about them.

They hugged him and purred softly. "We will do this more. I'll get even better at fighting. You won't lose us."

They laid there together for a while healing. They both ate more of there kills and fought a few more rounds. By the end of the day they were exhausted. They were curled up next to eachother and Sundance had passed out.

"Butch has had new dreams lately." Fate said to Evan.


"He dreams of us dying. It has haunted him ever since we told him we got into S.H.I.E.L.D."

Frostbite looks at Sundance and kissed his forehead. "We will live dad I promise."

Chapter Text

It was the night before their wedding. Eddie and Butch were doing their best to relax. They were in bed together and Butch had his head pressed to Eddie. Eddie ran his fingers through Butch's hair. Their others were already tangled around them and murmuring to eachother like they did every night.

"You nervous?" Butch said smiling up ar Eddie.

"Not really. I've gotten married once before and I remember being nervous then. I had to impress people back then. Anne's family, my father, the whole thing was a show for them that I had to dance in. This time its not a show. Its you and me celebrating eachother because we love eachother." Eddie smiled at him and brushed his cheek.

Butch kissed his finger. "I... just want to make sure this is ok with you. That you don't regret askin' me."

"Why would I regret it? I'm the one that asked you."

"Because I'm... me." Butch buried his face into Eddie's chest.

Eddie lifted his chin and kissed him deeply. "Darling you deserve love. You are an absolutely wonderful husband."

Butch was tearing up a little. "I'm always 'fraid one day you will realize you don't love me because of who I am and what I've done."

Eddie held him tightly. "Never. I love you for who you are and I know why you did the things you did. Honestly I'm afraid of the same thing."

Butch was shocked. "W-what?"

"Darling I have done horrible things. I've hurt people I cared about. You were forced to kill your children but I did it willingly. I used Toxin like a weapon. I hurt my other badly. I'm always afraid you will become disgusted with me and leave me."

Butch gave him a sad smile. "Two broken old men we are. Broken bad men."

Eddie squeezed Butch like he was afraid he would disappear. "That we are dear. Do you forgive me?"

"I do. Do you forgive me?"


They smiled at eachother and chuckled together.

"Well I guess that settles that." Eddie said

Eddie brushed his fingers down Butch back and he shivered.

"Do you think we will get sick of eachother?" Eddie smiled.

"Hun I was stuck with you on a desert island for years. No TV, no internet, no books even. Just you and me and a bunch of symbiote babies. We didn't even have sex together until like the last year there! All we did was hang out and talk together while survivin'. Do you think I'm going to get sick of you?" Butch said.

Eddie laughed. "Ya I forget you have spent way more time with me than I with you."

"See that's why I was worried! I had a wonderful tropical life with you and then worked with you as a vigilante. We spent years together. What are your memories with me? Tryin' to kill eachother!"

"I already said you aren't Cletus. You're Butch. You don't even look the same now."

"How? I'm literally him." Butch said doubtfully.

"You are healthier." Eddie pinched his ass and he squeeked. "You actually have some fat and muscle. You're hair has more shine. And your eyes have soul in them."

Butch blushed. "Well thanks big fella."

Eddie smiled. "Besides I don't think Cletus could pull off dresses like you do."

"I'm pretty convinced Cletus is straight or as straight as a man in a relationship with a symbiote can be called." Butch said

"So that's another difference between you two." Eddie started running his fingers through Butch's hair again.

Butch sighed happily. "So yer not gonna leave me?"

"Wasn't planning on it darling." Eddie chuckled.

Butch sighed and rested his head against Eddie. Eddie felt the tension leaving his body.

"Do you remember when we first met?" Eddie said.

"When you tackled me to the ground and called me a hick?" Butch said.

Eddie laughed. "Ya that time. Did you ever thing we would be getting married then?"

"Hell no! I thought I was goin' to lose a few teeth!"

Eddie laughed. "I'm glad I didn't punch you."

"Same here." Butch laughed.

They stared into eachother's eyes and suddenly Butch yelped. Eddie's other had nipped Butch playfully.

"Well hello to you too darlin'. You feelin' ignored?" Butch pulled the two symbiotes into his arms.

Eddie laughed and kissed his other. "Our last night together as bachelors."

"Not too wild a night huh?" Butch said peppering the symbiotes with kisses.

"That was never necessary. I'm happy just being with all of you." Eddie pulled his lovers in for a bear hug. They fell asleep tangled together.

Chapter Text

"I can't believe I have been a best man twice in one year!" Flash said to Eddie.

"What can I say Flash, people love you and you are a popular guy." Eddie said combing his hair. "Not to mention I said I would if I ever got married. I'm a man of my word."

Flash laughed. "Well anyway thank you for having me as your best man."

"Oh course Flash."

Butch was at Karen's house adjusting his hair. He had told everyone there was no way a pure white wedding dress fit him so he was in a white with reds and golds in a swirling gradient. He matched the trees outside. He adjusted his veil and smiled.

"I never thought anythin' like this would ever happen to me." He picked up his bouquet. It was roses and sunflowers.

Karen was so excited. "Oh Butch you look so beautiful! I can't believe how lovely you look."

Butch chuckled. "Thank you Karen. And thank you fer bein' my bridesmaid."

"Oh of course of course! Evan are you ready yet?"

Evan came downstairs in a white suit with a pale blue tie. "Is this ok? Fate made it."

"Oh you two looks dashin'." Butch said.

"Alright Bill has the car warmed up lets head to the wedding!" Karen was giddy with glee as she headed out.

"I love yer mom Evan. She is too cute." Butch chuckled as they left.

They had set up an outdoor wedding near the backwoods. The entire forest was in fall colors. Eddie waited at the end of the aisle they had made, as Butch walked towards him. He took a deep breath and Butch stopped next to him.

"You are positively radiant my love." Eddie said.

All their friends where there, even the Parkers and Miles had driven down. The priest started and Eddie took Butch's hand. Evan carried the rings up and Coco was sitting next to Andi with a basket of flowers. Eddie and Butch had written their own vows.

"Butch, you have been a guiding light for me these past two years. With you my heart is at ease. We love and cherish you. My home is a sanctuary because I know you will be there. Your energy is contagious and you make me feel invincible. We wish to keep your company for all eternity. You are pure joy Butch. We love you with everything we have."

"Eddie I... never thought I could be happy again. Life has been a battle for me my entire life. It still is. With you though I can keep fightin'. Life feels like somethin' worth fightin' for when I'm with you. I love you, I adore you. You put up with me." He laughed. "Thank you Eddie, for everythin'. I couldn't be happier than right now because of you."

They kissed and everyone cheered. Eddie picked up Butch and carried him back to the car. Butch let out a cackle as Eddie did a twirl before putting him in.

The reception was at their house. The night before Sleeper had decorated the whole downstairs. Eddie and Butch cut the cake together.

"Should we smash it into eachother's faces or just feed eachother?" Butch said

"You look too pretty to ruin." Eddie fed him a bite and Butch did the same.

Butch threw the bouquet and Fate flew into the air to catch it. Evan blushed all over and people clapped.

"My beloved! We are going to get married next!" Fate swooped and kissed Evan so hard he fell over. Karen clapped and Bill helped Evan up.

They did their first dance together. Butch rested his head on Eddie's chest and their others swirled around them in black and white ribbons. Eddie dipped Butch with a deep kiss and they laughed together. One by one their guests all left. Evan was one of the last people dancing with Fate.

Butch had Sunny dissolve his heels and he flopped into the grass of their backyard. Eddie joined him.

"Hey stud, come here often?" Butch said.

Eddie chuckled. "No I was just looking for my husband."

"What a lucky man he must be to have a good lookin' man like you."

"No no I'm the lucky one. You should see him. Prettiest red hair you have ever seen."

They laughed and held eachother's hands. The rested out there for a while just relaxing in eachother's company.

Chapter Text

Fate's saliva is like glitter glue. It also leaves glitter behind after it dries. Evan is covered in glitter pretty much 24/7.

Karen has a medical degree in nursing. She gave up work to raise Evan. She secretly always wanted to be a house wife and loves that Bill makes enough to support them. She still sometimes volunteers at hospitals and clinics.

Karen and Bill met in college and Bill was the one that asked Karen out.

Butch has a favorite outfit besides dresses. He liked wearing a puffy earthy green hoodie with a honey colored fleece lining, skinny jeans, fingerless gloves and a comfy t-shirt. Its his go to outfit.

Evan doesn't realize how popular at school he really is. He is just doing his best but he has a reputation as "that bi guy who bakes cupcakes for everyone but could suplex you if he wanted to".

Sleeper goes to New York often not just to visit Peter but also to visit Dr. Steven. They often go see musicals together and Sleeper takes him out to dinner.

Butch visits Cletus often since he has to drive once a month to Ravencroft anyway. He often just sits and listens to Cletus threaten him. Once Cletus tires himself out Butch usually just rambles to him about how his life is going. He does it because it reminds him of what not to be and because he knows Cletus deep down somewhere is most likely lonely. Dr. Walters thinks it is rather cute and often monitors them.

On the topic if these two, I have had characters talk about it a lot but they are very much a nature vs nurture situation. They both started with a genetic disorder already that made them mentally unstable and Cletus didn't develop any ability to emphasize due to his abusive upbringing. Butch's escape to his aunts really did change him but he still has those base level problems. Not mention the trauma he suffered later in life. Also it was mentioned but another difference is that Cletus is a straight cis man while Butch is pansexual and gender fluid. I'm start to think everything in Butch's home dimension was just really really gay, and I love it.

Butch only uses male pronouns despite being gender fluid. It makes the most sense to him.

Fate uses they/them and she/her pronouns. They are genderless like all symbiotes but like the idea of being called girl because they think it is cute.

Eddie has a shirt in his closet that says "I fuck monsters." But would never actually wear it in public.

Butch has worn the shirt in public for him.

Butch went back to the field where his Aunt and Uncles farm was and put up a grave for not just them but everyone he killed while under the control of Serum. Its a little field of unmarked tomestones now. He couldn't make one for each person but there is at least 200 and he thinks its the thought that counts.

Josh is Italian and his mom is an immigrant who mostly speaks Italian.

Dove is a vegetarian because it cuts down on transportation costs of meat and because she doesn't like the taste of beef to begin with. She eats a lot of eggs and wants to own her own chickens.

Butch uses the knife Eddie gave him for cooking not stabbing.

Eddie has a picture of both his other and Butch in his wallet.

James has 3 older brothers, all of them joined a gang to get money to support their family when they couldn't find jobs. His oldest brother is in jail and told James where his secret pot of money was. James is currently sitting on $50,000 in gang money that his brother gave him. He hasn't told anyone and plans on using it for going to a trade school.

Eddie has started calling Butch his husband since his other is his wife. He does still jokingly call Butch his weird wife sometimes.

Fate sometimes has Evan sleep eat. It freaked Bill out when he found out one night.

Bill is the most comfortable with Fate but next in that order is Sleeper then Sunny then Venom. Mostly because he hasn't spent much time with them.

If Butch ever meets Toxin or Scorn he is going to freak out and hug the shit out of them.

Even though I'm not using Cates lore, if I was Butch would also be marked by Knull.

On that topic Knull in Butch's dimension is alive, a woman, and her goal is to not destroy all light but corrupt all light. That's why all symbiotes in that dimension are white, to mimic the light. She goes around the universe giving creatures of light symbiotes so her influence grows. She basically adopted a "if you can't beat, them join them and force them to see you as their god" attitude.

Sunny works as Butch's Id while he is the Ego. So she is all his base impulses while he filters them.

Fate's dream powers basically work by having them able to enter people's minds when they hit REM sleep. From there they can control their thoughts. They can try to fight back and if they have a stronger will or if they wake up Fate loses control.

Fate loves Disney movies. They watch them often and Evan sings their favorite songs to them.

Coco is my self insert character. Not because I'm a furry but because we are both lovable but stupid.

The entire basement of the Brock house is just stuff Butch has squirreled away. He does organize it at least.

Butch is the only symbiote user that will still sometimes wear normal clothing. He likes collecting different pieces. About 90% of the time though Sunny is his clothing.

I always liked the idea that the reason symbiote hosts don't where clothes under the symbiotes is because they are incredibly soft creatures and wearing anything else is uncomfortable. Also it makes life easier for them because they can more more freely.

I'm still struggling with whether or not there should be M-preg in this fic ever since it was requested. I am planning for later Butch and Eddie possibly getting a child but I don't know if it should be through M-preg or adoption and I keep flip flopping. Both have pros and cons. If you have an opinion please tell me because I'm lost. That and I want to know ahead of time incase M-preg is a big turn off for anyone out there. I also don't know if the child should be a boy or a girl.

Also would you guys be interested in Q and A chapter? Like if you sent in enough questions for the characters to answer, I totally would write it. Ask any character you want. I love hearing from you guys and being able to interact with you.

Chapter Text

Eddie laid back on his beach towel with his other next to him. They were honeymooning with Butch on the island together.

"This is the life dear." Eddie reached over and pet them. His other purred and nuzzled him.

"Missed being here with you Eddie." They licked his cheek.

Butch walked over to them in a sarong that was tied at his hip so it drapped at an angle. His hair was down and had a flower behind his ear. He had four tropical drinks that Sunny was helping him carry. Eddie pulled his sunglasses down to look at him.

"Darling look, a tropical angel." Eddie said.

Butch chuckled and sat next to him. "I make you a chocolate martini." He handed the symbiote a drink. "And you a pina colada."

"Thank you love." Eddie took a sip.

Butch curled up next to Eddie and sipped his drink. Sunny came out and sipped her own. Eddie reached over and gently pet her. She purred and then looked at him. She stared for a moment and then opened her mouth slightly.

"I... I love you." She said.

Eddie smiled and leaned up to kiss Sunny gently. "I love you too."

Butch held his chest. Sunny had never spoken to Eddie before. Sunny murmured softly and kissed Eddie's cheek and then quickly looked away from him back to Butch. Butch picked her up into his arms and kissed the top of her head.

Eddie's other kissed Eddie and purred. They were so happy that Sunny finally admitted her feelings. She had always loved Eddie as Butch had but never had to courage to speak to him.

They enjoyed their drinks together and after Eddie growled and grabbed Butch. He laughed as Eddie tickled his sides and gently bit his neck. He reached under Butch's sarong and Butch let out a small gasp.

"Naughty man" Butch said as Eddie stroked his leg.

Eddie chuckled and hugged him. These were not their first drinks of the day so they were both more than a little tipsy at this point. Eddie looked down at the ring on Butch's hand.

"I never thought I would get married again." Eddie kissed his head.

"I was serious during my vows Eddie. I never imagined this would be my fate. I saw myself finally bein' slayed in combat or Serum findin' a way to kill me." Butch laid down on the blanket. "Its terrifyin'. I'm still afraid this is a dream sometimes. Especially since my daughter can manipulate dreams."

"Maybe that's why she grew that ability." Eddie said gliding a finger across Butch's chest.

"You are a very handies drunk my love." Butch said.

"Ya a bit." Eddie pulled Butch to him so he could spoon him. He kissed Butch neck again.

Butch laughed and enjoyed the embrace. The symbiotes curled up on the blanket so that Sunny was sitting with Eddie's other ontop of them.

"Look, their us." Butch giggled.

Eddie laughed "Ya they are."

"You know this is just like how it was before fer me. Us all together on this island. We were just less drunk." Butch said.

Eddie smiled and stretched. "That sounds lovely. I think I like our home in Philly better though."

"Same here... hey Eddie, can I take your name?"

"Butch Brock? Sure dear." Eddie said

"I was thinkin' Butch Kasady-Brock. I like that pun a bit too much. That and even though I want to separate myself I still want to put the fear in people. I'm nice but I'm not soft."

"I married a Kasady. Thats still funny to think about."

"You better not back out now."

"Never darling. I adore you."

"Want to make it official?" Butch untied his sarong.

"I have 100 times before this one." Eddie climbed ontop of him.

"Ya but this is our first time as husbands." Butch wrapped his arms around Eddie's neck.

"Do you think being married will make the sex better?"

"Fuck no. We are both drunk. This is goin' to be the sloppiest sex we have ever had!" Butch cackled.

It was very sloppy but it was special. They held eachother close and laughed. The sun was starting to set. Butch shivered the two symbiotes covered their men like large quilts. They kissed their others and drifted to sleep.

Chapter Text

Butch walked into the bathroom at Ravencroft and brushed and braided his hair. He didn't really understand why he tried to look good for Cletus but he did. He walked down the cell block and was let into the hall with the glass case at the end.

"Damn it why do you keep coming back here!?" Cletus said upon seeing Butch.

Butch shrugged. "I'm here why not?"

"The first thing I'm going to do when I get out of here is cut you in half and steal your legs." Cletus spat.

"How are you gonna reattach 'em?" Butch said sitting in a folding chair across from him.

"Red will figure something out she is a resourceful lady." Cletus chuckled.

"Ya she is. How she doin'?" Butch smiled leaning on his hand.

"Why the hell do you care?" Cletus said.

"I like her. She is just my Sunny but in a fancy red coat and I'm awful fond of my lady." Butch said

"She's fine you freak." Cletus said pacing infront of him.

"How are you?"

"What are you my shrink?"

Butch chuckled. "No just makin' sure you're ok."

Cletus leaned against the glass. "Everytime you come in here I'm more and more sure you are just some creepy body snatcher that killed another dimensional me and is now wearing me like a suit."

Butch broke into a fit of cackles at that. Cletus just watched him unamused.

"Wouldn't that be somethin'? But no I'm you only very mixed up. Hey guess what I got married this month." Butch showed off his ring.

"Who the hell would marry you?" Cletus said.


Cletus gagged. "The fuck is wrong with you!? The fuck is wrong with him!?"

Butch laughed. "I don't know! Its amazin'! We honeymooned on an island together."

"If you tell me anymore gross details I will kill you." Cletus growled.

"You would try to kill me anyway!"

"Ok fair enough." Cletus smiled

"Honestly now that I've gotten to know you better I kinda wish I had eaten you when I had the chance. I eat everyone I love." Butch licked his lips.

Cletus cackled. "Seriously how are you walking free compared to me? You're just as sick if not worse."

"Its all a matter of behavin' yourself Cletus. I'm willin' to control myself when needed. You just want that instant gratification." Butch smirked.

"You mean you're a dog to the system. You sleep with Eddie like a bitch and you follow orders like a bitch. You're just their stupid lap dog." Cletus said with a grin.

Butch smiled and shrugged. "Perhaps." He leaned forward. "But I'm out here while you are in a bubble. It's all about plannin' Cletus."

"Plan? There is no plan! Why should I plan anything when the universe doesn't even have a plan? I just want chaos!" Cletus cackled.

"And that's why I get to be out here killin' while you have to rot in a cell." Butch smirked.

Cletus smirked back at him. "I swear its gonna be great when I get out of here and I can slash the stupid look off your face."

"Right back at ya. I've tasted many different versions of myself. I'm very curious how you taste."

They stared at eachother smirking and then the guards came in and told Butch he was causing the prisoner too much stress and had to leave. Butch got up and waved.

"See you next month Cletus! I love you!" Butch winked.

"Go die in a pit you piece of shit!" Cletus yelled after him with a smile.

Dr. Walters was waiting for him outside. "Butch are you ok?" She looked concerned.

"Ya I'm fine. Thanks Doc." He smiled.

"Sometimes I don't understand why you do this."

"No one else is goin' to love him. He might as well get love from himself." Butch said and he whistled out the door.

Chapter Text

Ma and Butch were the last ones in the restaurant that night. Butch was sweeping up when Ma came up to him and put a small chocolate cake next to him.

"Now I heard y'all got married recently." She winked.

"Aw Ma that's so sweet of you." He sat down and sliced it in half to share.

"Now when were you gonna tell me 'bout the lucky lady?" Ma said.

Butch coughed. "He's not a lady."

Ma's eyes widened and then she laughed. "Oh Red. You and I are cut from the same cloth!"

Ma pulled out her wallet and showed a picture inside of her at least 40 years younger with another woman sitting on a truck together.

" 'er name was Annabel. We ran 'way from home together cus our daddy's caught us kissin' in that truck. Mine threaten' to kill me." She said.

"That's another thing we have in common then. Father's who tried to kill us." Butch chuckled. "How long were you two together?"

"56 years. She died 'bout five years back. I miss 'er everyday." She smiled softly.

"Is she the one that started callin' you Ma?" Butch asked.

"She was 'ctually. My full name is Margie but she liked Ma cus I took care of 'er." She chuckled. " 'nough 'bout me. Tell me 'bout that new hubby Red."

"His name is Eddie. He is an absolutely wonderful man and I don't deserve him." Butch said taking a bite of cake.

"We never deserve the ones we love. Tell me more." Ma said eating some cake herself.

Butch rambled about Eddie and his wedding and how they loved eachother. Ma smiled and listened.

They finished closing shop and Butch locked the door behind them. When he turned back around a man had a gun to Ma's head.

"Give me all your money." The man said.

"Fuck off ya yellowbellied coward." Ma spat back.

He was about to pull the trigger when Sundance stabbed through his arm. Sundance slammed him into the wall and bit his throat. Ma stood and watched as Sundance let the man crumple to the floor.

"...Shit Red I was right. You are a beast." Ma said holding her chest.

Sundance turned to her and licked his lips. "I'm sorry. I understand if this is grounds for dismissal."

Ma shook her head no. "Y'all just saved my skin I ain't firin' ya now." She went up and touched his face. "Yer an ugly son of a bitch though aren't cha? The hell are you Red?"

Sundance clicked his teeth. "An alien. I eat people like him to survive."

"You should look inta somethin' better. You are what ya eat Red and that man was scum." She chuckled.

Sundance chuckled. "I have a hungry. Brains fulfill it best. So I go after those who pray on society."

"Yer like a B-movie monster." Ma laughed. "You want a doggie bag fer the asshole then?"

Sundance chuckled. "You are very understandin'."

"Red I'm 75 years old. I fought in wars and seen this planet get torn to hell by all sorts of shit and nonsense. I'm 'mazed I dodged most of it. Well that's not entirely true. Annabel ran 'way from home fer two reasons. One she was a lesbian and two she was a mutant. Could store metal objects inside 'er skin." Ma said.

Sundance cackled. "Well shit. I'm startin' to think I went through hell most of my life so I would be lucky later on."

"Yer secrets safe with me. Just guessin' but is Jr. and yer Hubby aliens too?"

Sundance nodded.

"Thought so. Jr. 'lways has that same twinkle in his eye as ya." She snickered. " 'lright Red clean this mess up outta my back alley. I'll see ya tomorrow night!"

"Goodnight Ma." Sundance said.

Ma chuckled to herself and walked away. As she did her let her ears and tail fold out from under her hat and clothes. She had to keep some secrets to herself.

Chapter Text

Evan was sitting on the couch with Fate on his stomach. They were reading 'The Great Gatsby' for homework together. They had a bowl of M&M and Evan was feeding them to Fate as they read.

"I honestly hate everyone in this book I don't understand why everyone in class loves it. I liked reading 'The Kite Runner' better." Evan said

"I don't think you are supposed to like them my love. I think they are pitiful in away." Fate said.

"Its hard to read because of that I just want to punch them." Evan groaned.

Fate giggles and put a chocolate into his mouth. There was a knock at the front door and Evan got up, Fate sliding into his body.

"Hello?" Evan said opening the door.

There was a girl on the otherside. A girl Evan knew from school named Marcy. She was quite popular and Evan had no idea why she was here.

"Hi Evan! Mind if I come in?" She said.

"Ummm ya sure." He lead her in swirling with confusion.

"So I was wondering if you were going to Homecoming with anyone." She said looking around the house.

"Um ah no I wasn't going to go." Evan started sweating.

"Well then how about you go with me?" She said.

"I have a girlfriend." Evan said quickly.

"Well see here is the thing. I don't think she is real." Marcy said.


"See no one has ever seen her, you haven't even shown a photo of her." Marcy got closer to him.

"She doesn't like photos. She isn't really able bodied." Evan said as his chest tighted. Fate was starting to worry and wished nothing more that to bite the head off of this girl.

"Could I meet her?"

"No she doesn't like seeing people."

"Mmhmm. How did you two meet?"

"Her family lives next door why do you care!?"

"Because I don't think she deserve you." Marcy pouted. "Is she the reason you quit football?"

"Maybe she was maybe she wasn't its none of your business."

"Is she the reason you work for S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

Evan stared at her.

Marcy jumped happily and pointed at him. "Aha! I knew it! She isn't real she is just your cover for S.H.I.E.L.D.! You said you are just an intern but I don't buy it for a second! What are your powers Evan? Which hero are you? Are you Agent Anti-Venom? He is the only male hero in the area."

"You know a lot about superheroes..."

Marcy smirked and nodded. "I do. I love heroes! I want to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. too. At first I thought you were just a cute guy but now I know you are a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent."

"C-cute?" Evan blushed.

"Now you are going to tell me all about it. I can't believe I had a direct ticket to S.H.I.E.L.D. sitting in class with me."

"Why the hell should I tell you anything? I could get in trouble and I haven't admitted anything." Evan scowled.

"Evan I think you forget how popular I am. Guys usually resort to fists but a girls best weapon is rumors."

"Extortion. You will fit right in at S.H.I.E.L.D." Evan sighed.

"Exactly. Now spill it or I'll ruin you."

Suddenly Fate flew out of Evan's back and got right into Marcy's face. "If you don't back off I will remove that hideous excuse for a hair cut from your head along with what passes for your brain!"

"Fate!" Evan grabbed them and pulled them back.

"Holy shit you have a symbiote!" Marcy squeaked

"You know about symbiotes?" Evan said holding an oozing growling Fate.

"I said I wanted to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and I love superheroes. Eddie Brock never really hide his identity or how he got his powers. Of course I know." Marcy said.

Evan sighed. "Then yes I have a symbiote. Their name is Fate."

"Amazing" Marcy looked at Fate while Fate screamed through Evan's bond to let them eat her.

"You might want to back up Marcy. Fate kinda hates you." Evan said.

"Aren't you scared of it? Symbiote are rather manipulative creatures." Marcy said.

"Oh like you?" Evam said unamused.

Marcy smirked. "Seriously though those things are dangerous. I'm surprised S.H.I.E.L.D. just let a kid hold onto one."

"S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't own them Marcy. They are a person. They pick who they bond with."

"Its a dangerous weapon that you can't control. It threatened to kill me and you can barely hold onto it." Marcy said smugly.

"They aren't a lapdog they aren't a gun they are my partner. They have free will."

"Evan if you know what is good for you, you would hand it over to S.H.I.E.L.D. to handle."

"Marcy, get the hell out of my house before I let Fate eat you." Evan opened the door for her.

Marcy pouted and stepped outside. "Seriously Evan you are in over your head. I've studied these things for years."

"Ya and apparently not very well." Evan slammed the door in her face.

Evan sighed and flopped onto the couch. He pulled out his cell phone called Flash.

"Hey Coach... I've been compromised."

Chapter Text

"I fuckin' hate S.H.I.E.L.D.!" Butch spat.

Eddie was holding him on the couch. "We know dear." He scratched his head.

Evan sunk into Butch chair and whined. "They hell am I supposed to do about this!?"

"I contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. They said they were going to look into Marcy." Flash said.

"So giving her what she wants." Sleeper chuckled leaning against the wall with their arms crossed.

Evan moaned. "Honestly I'm so sick of this. This secret identity stuff is annoying."

"I never had one so I can't relate." Eddie said.

"Same." Butch said.

"I can relate. It is difficult and often causes problems but it has its benefits." Flash said.

Evan sighed. "Lets just see how school goes on Monday."


It did not go well.

Suddenly everyone was staying far away from him. Kids avoided him and no one wanted the sugar cookies Fate and him had cooked last night to forget their troubles.

"Josh... what rumor did Marcy spread about me." Evan said pinching the bridge of his nose.

"She is telling people you are an unstable person who lied about having a girlfriend and is dangerous to be around." Josh said sighing.

"What a bitch!" Dove said.

Evan sighed. "I don't know what to do. I can't prove that I have a girlfriend and how do you convince someone you aren't dangerous when you have gotten into two fist fights where the other guys lost, almost got expelled and had fucking S.H.I.E.L.D. visit your school!"

Fate whimpered inside Evan. "My beloved... I cause you nothing but pain..."

"No Fate this is not your fault. Don't ever thing that way, I love you."

Fate sent Evan tiny sad love pulses.

The final straw was gym class where everyone stayed on the other side of the gym from him. Flash rolled over.

"Shit this is bad..." Flash said.

"It is. Its so bad you just swore infront of a student." Evan said.

Flash looked flustered.

Evan sighed. "I give up. If I'm going to be a pariah I'm going to be for the right reasons."

Fate pooled into his hands and smiled up at him. "Darling."

"Woah Evan put Fate away." Flash hissed.

"No. I'm done. Actually Flash if you could help me, please pet them and act like you don't know them and likd that I was just explaining to you my situation because of bullying." Evan said.

Flash smiled meekly at him and pet Fate. "Nice to meet you Fate. Sorry about all the stress the students caused you."

Fate purred and some of the kids finally knowticed. One slowly inched over with others behind.

"Woah! What is that!?" He said.

"This is Fate. They are my partner they helps me work for S.H.I.E.L.D. Marcy found out and said I was dangerous because of them but I swear we are not." Evan said holding Fate out.

Fate did her best to look as cute as possible. Just like a little snowball with pale blue swirling eyes. She spoke softly and chimed "Hello everyone. I'm sorry if I alarm anyone."

"Woah what are they?" Another kid asked.

"They are an alien called a symbiote. They have to work with a host to live and I'm their host." Evan said.

"That's crazy! So that's what you do with S.H.I.E.L.D.?" Said a kid in the back. They all slowly circled him.

"Yes, I make sure Fate is happy and healthy when on this planet. It was supposed to be a secret but it kinda got ruined." Evan said hugging Fate to his chest.

"Can we touch them?"

"Fate is it ok?" Evan smiled down at them.

Fate nodded yes and gently people came up and pet them. Fate purred softly to reassure them.

They spent the rest of gym class talking to the other kids about Fate. News spread quickly around the school. At the end of the day people were swarming them. Fate was on her best behavior.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though. One parent upon finding out demanded Evan be removed from school. A petition was sighed and eventually a representative from S.H.I.E.L.D. came and had a conference with the parents. It was a long fight but eventually they agreed that Evan could stay when it was explained that there was an undercover agent who worked for the school to watch Evan. They even got to meet Fate personally and see how sweet they were.

There were still a few kids that feared Evan but for the most part everyone loved Fate. Evan remained pretty popular and a lot of kids wanted to see Fate every day.

"I can't wait till this calms down." Evan rested his head on Fate at lunch.

"Dude do you really think having an alien is ever going to get old for people?" James said.

"You'd be surprised." Dove said smugly.

Fate hugged Evan's head and he rested on them.

"Its is pretty cool that she gets to hang out with you at school now." James said.

"Ya it is. They get to be my date to Homecoming too." Evan said into Fate so it came out slightly muffled. Fate giggle at the vibrations.

Fate sang softly to him and purred.

He smiled up at them. "Normal life was overrated anyway."

Chapter Text

A few other challenges came up from having Fate at school.

A lot of Marcy's friends still treated Evan poorly. Marcy apparently had been contacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and had tried to use the whole visit as an interview. It did not go well. Not to mention a good portion of the school was mad at her for what she did to Evan. So for a while she was royally pissed at Evan. One day he just had enough.

"Did you ever think for a moment that this is your fault? I had to blow my secret identity because of you. Did you think S.H.I.E.L.D. would be proud that you compromised an agent? And who gave you the right to judge if I was a worthy host or not!" Evan said.

Marcy was taken aback. "I mean. Its just. Evan do you have any idea how many times Venom tried to kill Spider-man? How many people Carnage has killed?"

"Yes I do. I'm friends with Eddie Brock. How the hell do you think I got Fate? He isn't like that anymore and he is kinda ashamed of how he acted. Also Carnage is a serial killer! Did you ever think it was the human's fault too, not just the symbiote's?" Evan said.

"How are you not afraid of them?" Marcy stared at Fate.

Fate glared back. They had been searching every night for her so they could torture her in her sleep but hadn't pin pointed her yet. It was a lot harder to find specific people when they didn't know their general location.

"Because even though I know they are extremely powerful I trust them. Fate would never hurt me. They love me. We take care of eachother." Evan said as Fate nuzzle his cheek.

"But how can you know?" Marcy said concerned.

Evan stared at her. Had she actually just been worried this whole time? He couldn't read her.

"How can you trust anyone? You get to know them and you have faith. I've known Fate since they were born. I trust them with my life." Evan smiled.

Fate sent a massive wave of love at Evan and swooned through their bond. Evan chuckled and pulled Fate into a hug. "I love you too Fate."

Marcy watched and lowered her shoulders.

"Oh my god, it loves you." She said

"Yes. Yes they do. Why did you think I used girlfriend as an excuse? Fate is basically my wife at this point. You are asking me to doubt and never trust my wife because of something other people did. Do you have any idea what you sound like? Labeling an entire species for what a few individuals did?"

Marcy went pale and looked at the floor.

"No I... I just thought they were dangerous."

"Do you know what else is dangerous? People. People who think they know best and assume they are right when they haven't even fucking spoken a single word to the group they are making decisions for."

Fate glared from Evan's embrace and Marcy looked at both of them ashamed of herself.

"Evan I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble. I was being full of myself and now I'm pretty sure I ruined any chance of working for S.H.I.E.L.D." she said looking at the ground.

"I'm not so sure. You accurately deduced that I wasn't just an intern and was a hero in training. Just focus on getting good grades and behaving yourself. And don't be so manipulative. Assuming you know best when you barely know whats going on is also a bad idea. Someone really important to me once told me that 'the first step to being a man is standing up for what you know is right and backing down when you are wrong'. I know your a girl but I think it applies to anyone. I think if you work on those things they might still consider you. Who knows maybe when we can trust you we will put in a good word." Evan smirked.

She smiled back. "I'll work really hard to get their and your approval then."


"Evan can you just... put it somewhere else to take the test?" Said Mr. Shoo, his math teacher.

"They kinda lives in my body sir." Evan said as Fate looked up at him

"Yes but its not fair that you have a second person helping you. Can't it like stretch away?" Mr. Shoo said.

Evan nodded and Fate slide out and sat on a shelf in the back of the room. They looked like a very perplexed noodle. They also were still attached to Evan through a long snaking tentacle.

"There! Now you can take this test fairly!" Mr. Shoo smiled and went back to his desk.

Evan did not have the heart to explain that he and Fate could still talk to eachother. But now every test he took in any class, Fate had to sit across the room. Josh, James and Dove all found it hilarious.


"So Evan I have a note basically that shows you don't have to take the presidential fitness test since you work for the government and have to show how fit are on a regular basis. You have an unfair advantage anyway." Flash said.

"That makes sense." Evan said

"Aw no fair! I want to see the superhero in action!" One kid said.

"Hey Coach can we take part anyway? I mean otherwise I'm just gonna sit for all of gym."

Flash sighed. "If any of you get distract by him and not perform at your best I'm making him stop."

A bunch of kids cheered.

Evan did 100 pushups and 200 sit ups. He could have done more but Flash had him stop otherwise they would have run out of time.

He outran the pacer test which got him some cheers.

His mile time was 7.21 minutes.

"Dude why didn't you fly for it! You can fly!" Said one kid.

Fate and Evan laughed. "Coach do we have time?"

"Its going to take you under 5 minutes why not." Flash said.

They formed Frostbite and a lot of kids got excited because they had never done it at school before. They made a cloud and when Flash said go they blasted off.

Frostbite laughed the whole way around the track.

"51 seconds. Jesus Evan." Flash laughed as they slowed down to a stop.

Frostbite giggled and kids swarmed the cloud.

"Can we ride it?" One asked

"No you all need to hit the showers, gym is over." Flash said.

Some kids booed and Frostbite hopped down.

"Don't get a swelled head you two." Flash said.

"We won't" they smiled


"Guys come on this isn't a hard equation." Mr. Shoo said

The entire class was stumped. Everything he wrote down looked like another language and didn't make sense. They had all read the chapter last night but this didn't match at all what it said.

Fate was sitting on Evan's shoulders. They floated up gently and made a little tendril to raise.

"Oh um... do... are you want to answer the question?"

"X= 42. Also sir this is from chapter 7. Everyone read chapter 6 last night." Fate said.

"What?" Mr. Shoo checked his notes. "Well I'll be I assigned the wrong chapter! I'm sorry everyone."

"Good thing you read the whole book already." Evan said.

Fate hummed and smiled.

From then on whenever no one in math class wanted to answer Fate would.

Chapter Text

Evan came downstairs in suit and pale blue tie. Fate sat on his should with a little flower crown of fake blue roses.

"Aw don't you just look charming." Karen said and start taking pictures.

"Hey Fate I packed that dress incase you wanted to dance sometime tonight." Evan help up a little brown paper bag.

Fate giggled "Thank you Evan I think I will."

Karen took about 20 more photos before Josh showed up with Dove. Josh had somehow gotten the courage to ask her and she said yes. James was in the back of the car. He was taking himself to the dance and didn't mind being a fifth wheel.

"Hey man looking good!" James was in the backseat in a suit jacket and slacks. He was wearing shutter shades.

Evan chuckled and got in next to him. "What are you wearing?"

"I'm channeling my inner Kanye West so I can party hard." James said

"Its a high school homecoming not a club James." Dove said. She was in a strapless forest green dress.

"Dove you look wonderful!" Fate said happily.

"Thanks Fate." She smiled. "Look what Josh got me." She held out her wrist. He had gotten her a orchid corsage.

"Awww thats so cute! Evan made me this crown." They smiled.

"Alright enough chitchat time to party!" Josh parked and opened the door for Dove.

The school gym was all dressed up with ribbions and streamers. They had hung a disco ball too.

Fate chimed happily and swirled around Evan. "Darling its so pretty!"

Evan laughed. "Ya its nice isn't. Want to get some punch?"

They walked over and got a drink. There was a photo shoot set up for people. Dove and Josh made silly faces and James vogued a bit for fun. Evan went up with Fate and was the only one to take serious photos. In the last one he kissed Fate's cheek.

"Hey Evan... are you... dating your alien?" Ask Melissa. She was in the photography club and was the one taking the photos.

"Well, I mean, yes I am." Evan blushed.

"Oh!" She said shocked.

"They are the person closest to me and we literally are attacted at the hip. Most people who become symbiote hosts form a strong relationship with them." Evan said.

"Evan is my beloved. I adore him!" Fate hugged Evan's head.

Melissa laughed. "Well I guess that makes sense. You did call them your girlfriend as cover before. Well um how out you two kiss for a photo then."

Evan smiled and kissed Fate softly. They purred madly and Melissa snapped the photo.

"Alright I'll send you an email later with your photos." She smiled.

"Thanks Melissa!" Evan ran back to his friends and they were dancing together on the floor to a hip hop song.

"Evan we know this song!" Fate started singing along.

Evan laughed and joined his friends dancing.

Eventually a slow dance came on and Evan got the dress out for Fate. They formed a floating torso inside of it, staying attached to Evan by holding his hand. They were like a ghost floating next to him. Evan took their other hand and gently swayed with them. Fate pressed their forehead to his.

"Darling... I want to stay like this forever." They closed their eyes.

Evan chuckled. "Stay like what? Dancing?"

"No I want to be near you. Both inside you and out. Darling I want you for all eternity." They murmured softly.

Evan kissed them softly. "You already have me Fate. I'm yours. Always have been."

"My beloved I was... so worried you wouldn't want me anymore after causing you such trouble. Your life would be so much less complicated without me. You would be just like your friends." Fate said

Evan shook his head. "I love my friends but with you I feel complete. I would fight armies for you. I don't care if life isn't normal. Its fantastic with you." Evan laughed.

"D-Darling!" Fate pulled him into a deep kiss. Evan had never felt Fate push so much love to him. It was the strongest he had ever felt from them. Evan pulled them close to him. He couldn't breath but he didn't need to.

For just a second he felt something. Something like what Butch had discribed once. Where they were no longer two but one. Fate was not a separate person but his very soul. He gasped and went wide eyed and it was gone. Fate stared back at him, having felt the same thing, shocked. Neither moved and they stared at eachother amazed.

"Yo Evan... you okay man?" James said.

"We... we became one for a moment." Evan panted.

Fate was in total total awe. "That's... that's how mother and father feel? They feel that everyday and all the time?"

"It was so intense. Holy shit." Evan smiled.

"You guys need to sit down or something?" James said.

"Y-ya lets sit." Evan stumbled to a bench.

Evan leaned back and went limp. Fate sat next to him, still attached by his hand. They stared up at the ceiling together.

"Fate... You are so beautiful." Evan said

"You are more so darling." Fate said chiming softly.

"What? Compared to you? No. I'm just a guy. You? I saw inside you. You are like an angel."

Fate laughed. "Darling I saw inside you too. You are so mesmerizing. Every cell, every vessel ever atom that builds your form. Just... so beautiful." Fate was tearing up.

"Woah!" Evan pulled them into a hug and laughed. "Do you... want to go home? I think we need some time together."

Fate nodded. They said goodbye to their friends and went outside. They formed Frostbite and flew home.

Karen was concerned at first but Evan explained what happened. They went upstairs together and laid on his bed. Fate

They talked for hours about what it was like to connect so deeply.

"Fate seriously you are like this perfect angelic being! You are so graceful and beautiful and I feel like I'm with some otherworldly creature who somehow likes cupcakes and the Little Mermaid!"

Fate laughed. "You never told me you that you felt that way about me."

"I do. You are magical. I kinda feel unworthy of you." He blushed.

"What!? No! Evan you are my beloved! We belong to eachother."

Evan laughed. "Well thank you for being mine."

"Hey darling want me to tell you how I see you?"


"When I see you its, its warm. You are both a thunderstorm and a warm blanket. I wrap myself in you and you keep my safe but their is such power in you yet such calm. I can feel your sounds, you vibrations, your feelings. In you I find peace."

Evan took a deep breath. "Wow."

Fate laughed. "You know one of my favorite parts about you?"

"Whats that?"

"Your sweat. I lick you at night a lot. You taste delicious."

"Is that why I'm always covered in glitter?"

Fate giggled. "Darling if I did not love you so I would gobble you up."

"Your mom said that to me once." Evan smiled.

"She did?!" Fate was shook. They thought they were being original.

Evan broke down laughing. "I'm starting to think eating is the purest form of symbiote affection."

"Is it not? To take something inside yourself and keep it forever? Thats what hosts do for symbiotes. To eat is to do the same in a way."

"I guess thats true." Evan stroked Fate. "Just please don't actually eat me."

"Gasp! Never darling! You are much too precious. Besides I can just eat parts of you. Your loose hairs, your sweat, your neurotransmitters, your dead skin, your seed."

"Fate that's gross."

Fate giggled. "To you maybe. To me they are wonderful snacks and delicious parts of you I can make a part of me."

"You learned this from your mom didn't you."

"Yes why?"

Evan laughed. "No reason."

Evan pulled Fate up to his chest. They pressed against his pecs. They felt so soft and warm.

"Hey Fate, I want to stay like this forever."

Fate smiled. "You already have me Evan."

Evan held his breath. So rarely did Fate call him by his name alone. He grabbed them and dug his fingers into them. Fate squeaked in pleasure and gasped. He kissed them lovingly and deeply. He sucked on their tongue and Fate quivered in his hands. They didn't merge like last time but they got close.

They spent the rest of the night loving eachother. Fate didn't even dream hop that night. They were too busy pulsing around Evan's heart as he slept. With every beat they sent a wave of love to his sleeping form.

Chapter Text

It was a dark and stormy October night. Evan was sitting on his bed reading "The Thing" to Fate.

"Evan... is the Thing real?" Fate was hiding in his chest.

"No this is just a scary story. Trust me you are the scariest thing for miles and miles."

Suddenly the window flung open and a figure was sitting outside.

Fate screamed and pushed it off the roof with a cloud.

"Fuck!" Butch shouted as he fell.

"Oh shit that was Butch!" Evan ran downstairs.

Butch groaned on the ground and Karen came out too.

"Oh goodness Butch are you ok?" She said.

"My daughter assault me." He mumbled

"Sorry we were reading a scary book and you frightened her." Evan said.

"Its 'lright. She packs quite the punch don't she?" Butch said sitting up.

Eddie ran outside with an umbrella. "See this is why people have doorbells Butch!"

Butch smiled up at Eddie. "Ya but they aren't as fun as breakin' in."

Eddie sighed and helped Butch up out of the mud.

"Butch what did you need anyway?" Evan said.

"Oh! I wanted you guys to come over and watch Halloween movies with me." Butch said

Evan laughed. "Sure just nothing too scary. Fate doesn't like it."

Fate nodded and whimpered.

"Sure no problem. Besides I find slasher films borin'. It just is like watchin' someone else do my job."

Butch took a shower and afterwards they all snuggled up on the living room couch. Butch had made fancy hot chocolates with little ghost peeps on top as well as an assortment of snacks.

"Lets start with a classic." Butch started playing 'The Nightmare before Christmas'.

Fate squealed. They loved this movie. They bounced up and down so much in Evan's lap he almost spilled his coco.

Fate knew the words to every song and would sing along. Evan sang along for some of them. Butch was laying in Eddie's lap.

"Those two are too damn cute." Butch said. Eddie pet Butch head as they fondly looked at the kids that had joined their family.

After the first movie Butch got up. He had brownies for everyone fresh out of the oven. He even cut them to look like little cat heads. He was going to use the extra brownies piece to make brownies bites later.

Evan held Fate so close. They spread over his chest and could feel them warming his insides.

"Hey Butch guess what. Fate and I became one for a few moments the other day." Evan smiled.

Butch laughed. "Thats so sweet kid. Good for you two."

"That happens with my other and me sometimes as well." Eddie said and his other smiled in his lap.

"Fate. How did it feel?" They asked

"It was very intense Grandpa. Like it was almost too much but in a good way." Fate hummed.

Eddie's other rumbled with approval. Their granddaughter was going through a huge rite of passage for a symbiote. They couldn't be prouder.

Butch flopped ontop of the Venom symbiote and hugged them. "Next movie startin'!"

The symbiote growled playfully and bit Butch on his neck gently. Eddie pet both of them with a chuckle. Evan got comfy again and 'Hocus Pocus' started.

"Evan what is a virgin?" Fate asked.

"Sleeper's a virgin. They're the only one in the room" Butch said.

"Ya and I'm staying that way." Sleeper sticking their tongue out at Butch.

Fate was so confused.

Evan coughed. "A virgin is someone who hasn't ever had sex."

"Oh... Sleeper! You are missing out!" Fate squeaked.

"Trust me I'm fine. It doesn't really have any appeal to me." Sleeper said.

They continue to watch together. Fate loved the songs.

Evan fell asleep towards the end. He was just so comfy and warm with Fate ontop him he couldn't help it.

Eddie picked him up gently and carried him up to his room.

Butch peaked into their room as Eddie quietly closed the door. Fate was purring softly on Evan's chest.

"Eddie... I want more children. I want to have a baby with you." Butch whispered softly.

"Butch we can't really just do that." Eddie chuckled. "We kinda are missing the parts. At least Sunny is still fertile. You two will most likely have many more babies in the years to come."

"I know. I just love Evan and Fate so much. I want to share my love more." Burch smiled.

Eddie kissed his forehead and picked him up. "Lets hit the sack."

Butch fiddled with his braid. He would find a way.

Chapter Text

They were back at Dr. Sanchez lab.

"Alright everyone I have a new assistant I would like you to meet. This is Dr. Tiffany Vex." Dr. Sanchez said presenting a tall lanky woman.

"Hello everyone nice to meet you." She waved.

"She is going to do some bloodwork with all of you and thats why I asked you not to eat before coming today."

"Lets hurry! Im so freakin' hungry." Butch said presenting his arm.

Dr. Vex worked on all of them, even Sleeper.

"Is it ok if I ask you a few questions?" She said.

"Sure" Eddie said taking a bite of a chocolate chip cookie. Dr. Sanchez had a big tray of meat, cheese and cookies for the guys.

"So I'm very interested in the healing factor that symbiotes provide. Can you tell me a bit about it?" She said.

"Sure. I think its like when they first bond with their host they created a memory of how the body works and they can repair a host back to their original bond point." Eddie said.

"Thats why your other couldn't rebuild Flash's limbs. No memory of his legs." Butch said.

"There are limits though. We have to have enough biomass to create new parts." Eddie's other said

"And if we are too injured or in a bad environment we can miss the opportunity to heal." Sleeper said.

"Like Cletus lossing the lower half of his body because he was in space." Butch said.

"Do you ever get sick?" Dr. Vex asked

They all shook their heads no.

"If we get sick its very rare and usually doesn't last long." Eddie said.

"Have to keep out hosts healthy. Usually pin point and destroy invasive foreign bodies before to much damage is done." His other said

"Fascinating." Dr. Vex smiled. "Eddie I was told you are a cancer survivor. Can you tell me what it was like to go through that with the symbiote?"

"At first they could only stop it from getting worse. They bonded with me when I had it so they didn't know how to put me back to normal. By the time we rebonded I had beat it with the help of the Anti-Venom. So they made a new memory of my body and now if I ever get it again they can change me back to healthy." Eddie said.

"What would happen if an infant bonded with a symbiote? If they were to need healing after having them for 5 years would healing revert them to an infant?" Dr. Vex said

"We can update our memories of our host body so most likely as the host aged they would just use a more recent memory. Fate and Evan are a good example of this. Evan has grown a little taller than when he forst bonded. If he were to lose a leg Fate would be able to regrow it at the proper length." Sleeper said.

"Oh that is great." Dr. Vex smiled.

"I'm happy about that too." Evan said

They did a few more tests and made sure everyone was still healthy. Dr. Vex also took small samples of each symbiote.

They guys finished their snacks and waved goodbye. Dr. Sanchez and Dr. Vex worked for the rest of the day. When Dr. Sanchez was getting ready to leave Dr. Vex said she would stay late and keep working.

She went to a small back closet that no one was using. She had put a pad lock on it as well. Inside she had set of large jars attached to heavy machinery that filled the whole closet. She took out her phone and hit record.

"Symbiote/human hybrid testing day one. I have collected samples of DNA from four hosts and four symbiotes. I will begin testing by splicing human and host DNA together and using it to fertilize anonymous donor eggs. Test 1: Eddie Brock Splice with Venom symbiote. Beginning test now."

Dr. Vex did not go home that night.

Chapter Text

Eddie and Butch were walking together in a forest. They had decided to take a picnic together among the fall leaves.

They were hand in hand. Butch was blushing pink the whole way. Eddie raised an eyebrow at him.

"You still get butterflies around me love?" He asked

Butch blushed even harder. "Yes! Yes I do."

Eddie smiled down at Butch. He was rather cute when flustered. Eddie leaned to his ear and whispered. "I love you Butch."

Butch make a small noise and peaked at Eddie. Eddie chuckled and gave him a kiss.

"You're as red as your hair darling. What's up? You are acting strange." Eddie said.

"It's my two year anniversary today." Butch said "I'm just being sentimental thats all. I mean y'all saved me and I'm just so grateful."

Eddie spread out a blanket among the leaves and flopped onto it. He pulled Butch onto his lap. Butch sat there ringing his hands.

"I... want to do somethin' special for you but I can't think of a thing right now. Nothin' is good enough." Butch said

Eddie laughed and held Butch close. "Darling you are a gift. That's all I need."

Eddie laid down and pulled Butch onto his chest. Their others started to form web like patterns across their bodies. The forest was so quiet with just the wind and the alien chirps as the only soundtrack.

Eddie brushed Butch's hair out of his face. "So I did some research into adoption."

Butch covered his mouth. "Eddie are you serious?"

Eddie chuckled. "I'm serious. Its a very lengthy process and we might run into some trouble with you being you and me being me, but we can at least make an attempt."

Butch smiled at Eddie as tear ran down his face. He leaned down and kissed Eddie passionately. Butch held his lips to Eddie's as long as he could. Eddie ran his fingers through Butch's hair.

"I've always wanted kids. I was really happy when I got to be Sleeper's dad. But having a human child is very exciting." Eddie said.

"We're gonna put our daddys to shame." Butch smirked.

"We already do love."

After laying with eachother for a bit the sat up and ate. It was peaceful watching the leaves fall. Butch rested his head on Eddie's shoulders.

"Can you believe I'm this excited for a kid? I was terrified when Fate was goin' to be born." Butch said

"Well ya you were kind of traumatized and still are." Eddie chuckled.

"I'm so different then when I first got here. I always remember that campin' trip. I just felt so messed up and confused."

"You really have grown Butch. Two years. Where did the time go."

They rested and watched the leaves.

"Hey Eddie. In 100 years if we still live on Earth lets come back here and watch the leaves." Butch said.

"Sometimes I forget that you and I are supposedly immortal."

"You'll start to realize it sooner than you'll think."

"What about our kid? Are we going to outlive them?"

"Do you think for half a second I'm not goin' to give them a symbiote baby? They are going to be raised ready to be a host."

Eddie chuckled. "Ya you're right. Its going to be weird watching people grow old around us."

"At least we will have our family."

"Ya. Our wonderful weird family." Eddie said petting his other.

They watched the leaves and drank a few beers together. The world slowly went by.

Chapter Text

"Test number 4. I have determined that the DNA sample from the Sleeper symbiote's host is too unstable. Any subject using its DNA has the fastest necrosis on adverage as well as the inability to formulate a stable genome."

"Test number 6. The Sleeper symbiote's DNA is also unusable. I believe its bonded with its host is to blame."

"Test number 9. I am at an impasse. The Venom symbiotes DNA is useful because it has the longest genetic memory and also is the original source of all symbiote's on the planet. But due to damage over the years it is hard to get a good sample. I am going to attempt splicing it with the Sundance symbiote's sample. This hopefully will repair the Venom symbiote DNA. I believe focusing on the DNA of these two and their hosts is the optimal idea."

"Test 23. Success! The Venom/Sundance DNA genome is stable. I will now attempt to splice it with a host."

"Test 31. After many failures I am going to attempt splicing together Eddie Brock's and Butch Kasady's DNA. I believe that because Butch and his symbiote are from another dimension it is interfering with my tests. I requested access to Cletus Kasady and the Carnage symbiote but was denied. I'm hoping Eddie's DNA will stabilize Butch's."

"Test 42. Cellular growth seems stable. Subject has lasted 3 days."

"Test subject 42 is a week old. The subject has developed rapidly. Much faster than a human embryo would. Subject has a heartbeat and has developed limbs."

"Test subject 42 can manipulate its cells much as a symbiote can! I was disheartened today when I came in and the subject seemed to have melted overnight into a black goo but it quickly reformed into a fetus."

"Test subject 42 is now 12 days old. Test subject's sex appears to be female but due to their symbiotic DNA I will hold judgment on that."

"Test subject seems to be able to change form and sex at will now. Subject spends about half its development as a symbiote body and the other half as a human fetus. Subject seems to still be healthy and stable."

"Test subject 42 is as developed as a human fetus during its 9th trimester. If all goes well we will have the first human/symbiote hybrid."

"October 31st! Test subject 42 is awake! Test subjects 42 is breathing! Test subject 42 is alive!"

"Test subject 42 ages rapidly but has started to slow down in growth considerably. They're about as developed as a 4 year old child now. Test subject also mostly stays sexually female now. I believe as a form of mimicry."

"The hosts and symbiotes are visiting today. I constantly have to sedate Test Subject 42. They have grown very strong. I hope I will be able to keep them concealed until I can properly present my findings. Test Subject 42 very well might be the furture of humanity. A human who does not fear disease nor bodily harm. A perfect life form."

Chapter Text

"Alright you guys your blood work came back good and it looks like the supliments are helping!" Dr. Sanchez said.

"That's wonderful." Eddie said.

"Now I do have a few adjustments. Evan you just keep needing more nutrients it seems. But it makes sense. The Frostbite symbiote should sexuality mature any day now and their body is most likely preparing for that." Dr. Sanchez said.

"So Fate is an adult?" Evan said.

"Pretty much. When we tested them we even were able to locate some fully developed seeds." Dr. Vex said.

"They're pregnant now!?" Evan went white.

Dr. Sanchez laughed. "No no they just have then ready to fertilize when needed. Just like a human woman, symbiotes carry their unfertilized eggs in their body. The only difference is they grow theirs over time while humans start with them."

"O-oh" Evan was blushing hard.

Fate giggled. "No babies yet Evan. I'm not ready for that."

"Neither am I." He whimpered.

Butch smiled softly at Evan. "Damn my baby is all grown up."

Eddie hugged Butch from behind. Suddenly there was a loud banging noise from the back of the lab.

"Oh no..." Dr. Vex was pale and horrified at the noise.

Suddenly the rear metal wall of the lab busted open. Venom shielded the doctors from the blast as the other three symbiote hosts suited up.

When the dust settled a child sized symbiotic person was standing in the rumble. They have a black body with white and red veins almost like an inverted Sundance. They also had hair similar to Scream or Agony.

The tiny symbiote let out a scream and rushed at Dr. Vex, claws ready. Sundance jumped infront to block and the small figure bit deep into his arm. They trashed and ripped at his forearm. He held steady and slowly the child calmed down. They stared up at him with big white eyes and then let go of his arm slowly.

The child started licking the wound and whimpered. Sundance lifted his good arm. With a quivering hand his gently pet their head as tears ran down his face.

"What the fuck is going on!?" Frostbite said.

"Sundance are you ok?" Venom said concerned.

Sundance lifted his head to look at Venom. "This... this is our baby."


They had detained Dr. Vex when Sundance explained what the child had told him. Though only a few weeks old they had the body of a four year old human. They didn't speak any sound based language but were able to communicate much like how a symbiote would with a host. When they touched Sundance they recognized them as one of their progenitors through genetic memory. They explained to Sunny that Dr. Vex had created them and they were escaping captivity.

A few death threats later they got Dr. Vex to spill the beans on her crazy experiments too. Apparently she went behind S.H.I.E.L.D.s back to try and create a symbiote/human hybrid in order to fight diseases. The symbiote child was her only success and was the genetically created through Eddie's, Butch's, Sunny's, and the Venom symbiote's DNA.

Sundance stared down at Dr. Vex and released the child. The child slashed the woman a few times before S.H.I.E.L.D. guards came in. Butch quickly scooped them back up. Dr. Vex was bleeding and shaking.

"You are so lucky we are in a S.H.I.E.L.D. base. You better beg for a life sentence or the moment you are out I will find you." Venom said.

"Same here." Sundance said.

"You're a complete monster." Sleeper said.

Dr. Vex backed away from the symbiotic group whimpering with fear. The guards surrounded and detained her easily.

"I am so sorry! I can't believe this happened." Dr. Sanchez said as Dr. Vex was taken away.

"See you in your dreams!" Fate hissed after Dr. Vex.

She was completely pale and in shock as they left the lab.

Butch had not stopped holding the child the whole time. They had turned into a human form. A little girl with long red hair like Butch's. Her eyes where pale blue, almost white. She had Eddie's pouty lips too. When she opened her mouth they could see pointy shark like teeth.

"So um what do we do with the kid?" Sleeper said.

"Raise them. This is literally everything I ever wanted." Butch said nuzzling the girl. They growled happily and bit his hair with a giggle.

"Butch are you sure? This seems like a big challenge." Eddie said

Butch nodded. "I love her. I love her so much. Eddie please look at her. Touch her. You'll feel it too."

The girl started up at Eddie with fierce eyes. He gently patted her head. She closed her eyes and he felt a torrent of emotion.

She was afraid. She was afraid of this lab, afraid of medicine and most of all afraid he would reject her. She so desperately wanted his approval. She knew everything about her was wrong. But she could feel their connection. His blood pumped through her veins. She wanted his symbiote's approval too. She knew their ways. Hating their children. But she also knew of their more recent love and compassion. How they grew to love their children. Would she be so lucky? Could she? All she had ever known was a small dark room and cold hands. Jars and sedatives. She had memories of space and far off places. She had seen her parents ordeals through their symbiotic link. She was so desperate. Desperate to earn their approval. To earn their love.

Eddie teared up and picked up the girl hugging her tightly. He knew these feelings too well, the desperate need to earn love. He would never let her feel it again. His love would be unconditional. His other wrapped around the child and purred. They purred back, clinging to Eddie as if they might change their mind any moment.

"She's my daughter. She really is." Eddie said with tears running down his face.

Butch was crying too. He joined the hug and for the first time in her short life, Test Subject 42 finally knew what love was.


There was a lot of debate over the child. S.H.I.E.L.D. thought she was dangerous but the staff was split on what to do. Some thought she should stay in the lab to be studied. Some thought she should be given to Dr. Xavier to be trained by mutants. A majority though thought living as the Brock's child was the best decision. And Nick Fury agreed. A grant was set up to help pay for the childs living expenses. A small compensation for such a grevious error.

Eddie and Butch never let go of their little girl's hands during the whole ordeal. Nick Fury walked over to them with a birth certificate and social security card. Her name was listed as " _________ Brock".

"Well. Do you proud papa's have a name or do you need time?" Fury asked.

Eddie and Butch nodded. "Her name is Flora Anne Brock."

Fury chuckled and signed off on her documents.

Flora hummed happily and swung inbetween her dad's, held up by their hands. Eddie and Butch smiled down at her. Not the most conventional way to have a child but they couldn't love her anymore than they did now.

Chapter Text

They walked through the front door of the house and Coco ran up to them excited. Flora upon seeing Coco shifted into symbiote form and tried to eat her. Eddie grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and lifted her into the air. She hissed at him angrily.

"Coco is a friend Flora not food" Eddie said with a warm smile.

Flora flailed a little and kicked the air. Butch pulled her into a hug and she calmed down.

"Hungry aren't you?" Butch said holding her close.

She nodded and they went into the kitchen. Butch set down a brownie on a plate infront of her. Eddie sat next to her in a chair.

She sniffed the brownie curiously. She gave it a small lick and then shoved the whole thing in her mouth. Her eyes got huge and she was dazed for a moment. She then squeezed her eyes shut and kicked her feet humming happily. She held up her plate to Butch with a twinkle in her eyes. Butch laughed and gave her another piece. She scarfed it down and held the plate up again.

Butch chuckled. "I know you need phenethylamine but you also need some food for your human side. Let me cook you something more nutrition."

Butch got to work cooking and Eddie got Flora a glass of milk. She liked it just as much as the brownies.

Butch made her some veggies and a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. He started her with small portions to see if she liked it first. She loved everything he put infront of her. She ate about 3 helpings. S.H.I.E.L.D. had been interrogating Dr. Vex to get info about Flora for them and one thing mention was she had never eaten food before and was just on an IV.

Flora burbed and rested her head on the table purring loudly. Eddie rubbed her back gently and she passed out. Eddie gently picked her up and carried her back into the living room where Evan and Sleeper were waiting.

"This is all happening so fast." Evan said.

"I know but we had been wanting a child and now she is here. I'm going to be the best father I can to her." Eddie said

"Same goes fer me." Butch said joining Eddie.

They sat on the couch together and Flora shifted into symbiote form in her sleep so it was easier to cling to Eddie.

"So I think it goes without saying she is getting my room. She needs it." Evan said.

"Thank you Evan" Butch smiled.

"Hey she is effectively my little sister now." He smiled.

"Its going to be interesting seeing how a human symbiote hybrid grows. We don't even know her powers and she only speaks symbiote language." Sleeper said.

Eddie and Butch cuddled up to Flora. No matter what happened they were going to love her.


Butch ended up quiting his job to stay home with Flora. Ma was very understand and demanded they bring Flora to visit often so she could spoil her. The grant money from S.H.I.E.L.D. was monthly and much larger than Butch's salary anyway.

For the first few nights Flora refused to sleep in her room and stayed with Eddie and Butch in their bed. She expressed to them she was very afraid of lossing them. Eventually though she did try staying in the room because Butch explained it was their special place to keep her safe. She also liked the room because it smelled like Evan.

Butch and Flora hit is off like no other. Both adored eachother and the fact that Butch spent so much time with her definitely helped. Butch alway started the day by brushing and braiding her hair. Eddie would make sure to spend extra time with her whenever he could. Flora loved when Eddie would come home and would ride on his shoulders.

Flora loved smells, especially of people she liked. She picked up Butch's old habit of stealing people's belongings and sleeping on them like a tiny dragon.

She hated loud noises like any symbiote. The first time the vacuum was used she attacked it and broke it. One new 'whisper vacuum' later Butch held Flora the entire time it was used.

Even though Flora knew Coco was a friend she loved tackling the poor dog. She did it lovingly and would usually pet Coco after but Coco quickly became afraid of Flora.

One night when Sleeper was up in the kitchen he saw Flora suddenly pounce from the darkness and catch a mouse in her mouth. She played with it a bit like a cat and then ate it. Sleeper thought it was adorable and kept it to himself but they did take her back to bed.

Eddie had tried getting Flora teddy bears but she would quickly destroy them. He ended up getting her dog toys and that worked much better. He favorite was a little squeaky lobster that she would sit and bite for hours.

Laps where Flora's favorite place. If you sat in the livingroom there was a 9 out of 10 chance you would end up with a Flora in your lap.

Flora also adored Evan and Sleeper. Eddie and Butch were her favorites but whenever Sleeper or Evan entered the same room as her she would stop whatever she was doing to hug them at least once before returning to her previous activity.

Flora's manners were terrible at first but they got to the point of being at least passable over time. She would wipe her mouth after eating and use utensils instead of her hands. She learned how to use the bathroom even though she hated the toilet, much too loud. She learned to be patient and not grab things without permission. She did have a habit of when she wanted something staring intensely at people.

Blanket forts and laundry nests where another thing Flora loved. Whenever Butch did laundry she would climb into the basket of warm clothes fresh out of the dryer and sigh happily. Butch would tickle her in the basket and she would giggle happily and flail. It became a very important part of doing laundry.

Fate often tried to get Flora to wear cute outfits but she would ruin them. He favorite thing to form was little black simple dresses or a black t-shirt and shorts. Black was Flora's favorite color and would sometimes color pictures in coloring books entirely black. She loved drawing and would often draw pictures of her family. The fridge was quickly covered.

Another activity Flora loved was playing with her symbiote parents. Anytime Eddie's other or Sunny was out she would squeal with delight and run to them. She would snuggled them and rough house a bit, play bites were the best form of affection.

Language was extremely difficult. Flora did not take to it at all and would get frustrated easily trying to learn it. She did get to the point where she could speak but just hated doing it. She did have two favorite words though. "Daddy" for Eddie and "Papa" for Butch.

Chapter Text

Evan woke up to a quivering Fate ontop of him. He smiled up at her.

"Happy Birthday Fate." He said.

She giggled and kissed him all over. Fate had been so excited for today. Karen had planned a large party for her.

"Evan the party might go long tonight so... I wanted to do something with you now." Fate said

"What do you want to do?" Evan said yawning.

"Shower sex." Fate purred. She rumbled against him. Adulthood had slowly deepened Fate's voice a little. They now sounded almost like a church organ when they purred. They could still chime and reach higher notes though.

Evan chuckled and gathered Fate in his arms heading to the shower.


Everyone was reunited for Fate's party. The Parker's and Miles had come into town for it but also to meet Flora. Flora was amazed by the Miller house and had to sniff every object. A house the smelled just like Evan was wonder to her. Her exploration if smells though was interupted by so many people wanting to meet her.

"Happy birthday Fate!" Dove said coming in with Josh. The two had fully started dating. They handed Evan a large box.

"Aw guys thanks." Evan chuckled.

There was a large pile of presents. Eddie had to hold Flora away from them.

"You might just want to open them now." Peter said, chuckling at the grabby hands Flora was making in Eddie's arms.

Evan laughed and Fate got started on the pile. So many cute pastel gifts. Bill and Karen had bought them their own stand mixer in pastel blue. Fate hugged it they were so happy. Josh and Dove had found a waffle maker that made cute bear face waffles. Flora was the last to come up and pulled out of her pocket a folded up crayon drawing of Fate with hearts all around it. On the bottom in wobbly letters it read "I love my big sister Fate".

"Wow Flora you made this all by yourself?" Evan and Fate pet her head and she giggled.

"I didn't even help her spell. Lil miss gets English she just hates talkin'." Butch said.

Evan picked up Flora and gave her a big hug. Fate peppered her with little kisses and Flora squealed. "Thank you for the gift Flora." Fate said.

"Well we opened the present eariler we should eat now I guess." Karen laughed.


It was much later in the evening and was starting to snow. Frostbite flew out into the backwoods and layed in a clearing.

"We first met here." They chuckled.

Frostbite touched the feet to the ground. Snow twinkled around then gently and they started to dance.

They gracefully twirled around the snow, barely leaving footprints. They glided wherever the wind took them. Their chest swelled, the woods melted away, and they became one again.

They didn't know how long they were there but they didn't care all that matter was they had eachother.

When they finally stopped they laid back in the snow and watched it fall around them. They opened they mouth a caught a bunch of flakes on their tongue. Slowly they pulled from eachother. Two minds inside one body again.

"I just realized something Fate."

"What's that love."

"As much as I like us as one, I like us as two just as much."

"Why is that?"

"Because I can admire you more that way."

Fate giggled. "I like watching you too. I good with whatever we do Evan. I love you."

Frostbite took a deep breath. "I love you too. Happy birthday my lovely Fate "

Chapter Text

Butch finished bundling up Flora in a heavy winter coat, mittens, and a hat. She could make her own clothes but he didn't trust her to not run around in the cold.

"We are going to play in the snow today lil miss. Can you say 'snow' fer papa?" Butch said.

"S...Snow!" Flora said

"Very good!" Butch pet her head and she purred.

She loved his praise even if it meant having to speak. She sent to him these feelings. She knew he wanted her to be able to speak but she just hated it so much. Forcing herself to make clunky words. It was exhausting.

Butch chuckled. "Sorry lik miss but humans comunicate through words. You gotta get used to using 'em."

Flora pouted and ran to the front door. She was sick of word play, Papa had promised snow and fun.

Butch opened the door and Flora ran out into the front yard.

"Don't go into the street without me ya hear? I know you could survive gettin' hit by a car but its not fun!" He yelled after.

Flora buried herself in snow and dug around. She started packing it together and rolling it. Daddy had shown her a movie where there was a talking snowman and she wanted to make one too.

She reach as high as she could with a giant snowball over her head, trying to put the head on. Butch lifted her and she placed it down. She giggle at the completed snowman.

"Papa!" She said kicking her feet in his arms. Oh please praise me she pushed to him.

"You are so spoiled." Butch kissed her cheek and she squealed "Its a lovely snowman." He put her down and she ran circles around the snowman.

Butch made a little ball of snow and threw it in Flora's face. Flora screamed and fell over. Butch laughed and had to lean down because he was laughing so hard. "I'm sorry dear! It was so funny!"

Flora pouted and filled her arms with snow. She ran over to Butch and threw the pile ontop of his head since he had it still lowered to laugh.

"Gah! Oh that is so cold!" He shook his head and Flora laughed.

"Oh you are getting it now." Butch smirked.

They threw snow balls at eachother and eventually Butch grabbed Flora and held her upside by the ankles. He dunked her into a snowbank face first and she scream under the blanket. He pulled her out and she was laughing so hard with her face all red.

Butch smiled and flipped her right side up. He hugged her close and sent to her a wave of love. She sent one back and snuggled into him shivering.

"Lets get you back inside and warmed up. A bath and then a hot coco." Butch said.

Butch sat outside the tub and scrubbed her. Flora surprisingly loved bathing and pulled herself under the water. She could breath underwater just like a normal symbiote and host could. Sometimes she would spend the whole bath submerged. Butch couldn't wait to take her swimming in the summer instead of just the tub.

"Did you have fun lil miss?" Butch asked scrubbing her hair.

She nodded. She splashed some water at him and he chuckled.

"Now now water has to stay in the tub." He filled a cup and dumped it on her head.

She laughed and splashed. She grabbed his hand a sent him a question. When was Daddy coming home?

"Hmmm I don't know but I might if you asked me with words." He raised an eyebrow and smiled at her.

She puffed up her cheeks and sighed.

"Wheeeennnn... Daddy?" She said.

"About 20 minutes. Lets get you out and dry. I promised you a hot coco and I'm sure Daddy and big brother Sleeper would want some."

She let out a happy thrill and he pulled her from the tub. Once she was dry and dressed they went downstairs. Flora jumped to every step. Butch ruffled her hair and they went into the kitchen.

Eddie came through the door just as they finished.

"Daddy!" Flora ran to him and spread her arms out wanting him to pick her up. Coco beat her tail on the floor happily when she saw Eddie. She would have ran to lick him but Flora was too risky to approach.

Eddie chuckled and scooped Flora into his arms. "Hi baby girl. You behave for Papa today?"

She hugged him and nodded. Butch came in with the hot cocos.

"Hey stud." Butch gave him a kiss as well as his other who had materialized on his shoulder to snuggle Flora. "Good day?"

He nodded. "Ya it was." He took a coco and sipped.

Flora took a coco and quickly downed the whole beverage.

"Papa?" She wiggled the mug at him.

"Magic word?" Butch smirked.


"Nope try again."

She puffed her cheeks. "P-please?"

"Sure baby" Butch kissed her forehead and went to the kitchen.

Eddie collapsed into his chair and Flora took her rightful place in his lap. He gently pet her head as his other stole sips of coco.

Butch came in with the second hot coco and kissed Eddie's cheek. "Dinner will be ready soon. I'm gonna give Sleeper his coco and tell him."

Eddie smiled. "Thanks love... we've become rather domestic haven't we?"

"Yes. As domestic as we can get." Burch chuckled.

Flora waved her mug at Butch. "Please?"

"We are going to eat soon. How can you drink somethin' so hot without burnin' yer mouth?" Burch chuckled and took the mug.

Flora rested her head against Eddie. Daddy's muscles were firm but warm. His other wrapped around her like a big blanket. She snuggled into them and yawned. She was asleep before dinner was on the table and so was Eddie.

Sleeper laughed when he saw they passed out with eachother.

"What are you going to do about the sleeping beauties?" Sleeper said.

"Let them rest for now. Look at 'em Sleeps. Prettiest crratures this earth has ever seen."

Chapter Text

Its seemed like having a Christmas tree was a bad idea this year. Eddie came downstairs that morning to find Flora ontop of it, triumphantly waiting for her parents to praise her climbing skills.

"Flora Anne get dowm from there right now!" Eddie ran over.

Eddie regretted his word choice immediately as Flora leapt from the tree, knocking the poor thing over.

Flora stared up innocently at Eddie with shattered ornaments all around her. Butch and Sleeper ran downstairs. Eddie grumbled and picked Flora up.

"Christmas trees are not for climbing love." He said.

"I'll get the vacuum." Sleeper said.

They had a long talk about Christmas tree handling.

"Looks like most of the ornaments bit the big one." Butch said.

"How about we go shopping for more then? Flora can even pick some out." Sleeper said.

"Sounds good." Eddie said.


The mall was rather busy. Flora was enamored with all the decorations. The second they past Santa Claus she freaked out and wanted to sit on his lap.

"Flora you will have to speak to him if you want to sit on his lap." Butch said.

Flora looked shocked. She hadn't thought about that part. She thought hard for a moment and then nodded at Butch. It was extremely important she speak to Santa Claus.

They waited in line and when it was their turn Eddie knelt next to Flora just in case she needed help. Butch took pictures.

"And what is your name little one?" Santa said with a jolly ring.

"F-Flora!" She smiled.

"And what would you like for Christmas Flora?" He asked.

"Meat!" Flora said.

Santa laughed. "What kind of meat dear Flora?"

"A... A Deer!" She chirped.

"Well I'll see about getting that to you." Santa said patting her head.

Sleeper was dying of laughter. Butch was covering his mouth smiling. Flora looked so happy with herself.

They went to a shop that had a large selection of ornaments next. Flora held both her dad's hands and giggled. She would only let go when she wanted something.

It was going to be the most gothic Christmas tree ever. Flora picked out black, and red ornaments exclusively. Not to mention she loves star shapes the best. She found some clarence Halloween decorations and demanded that they be added.

Butch was tearing up. "She really is my baby. Look at her."

Flora was hugging a fake gory zombie head that was 75% off. She told her dads it was super cute and she wanted it.

Eddie laughed. "Ok sure Flora."

She hopped up and down excitedly.

"I have an idea." Eddie said.

They went to the first floor of the mall to a goth/punk store. Flora practically screamed. She ran around to everything. They even had Christmas section. She selected a ton of Nightmare before Christmas stuff and a metal stud garland. Every spooky, scary, metal and gothic ornament was added to their basket.

She squealed when she found a Venom ornament and held it up. Eddie chuckled and admired the little figure. She found a Carnage ornament too and was confused. They got Papa's colors wrong. She showed it to Butch and frowned. Butch laughed.

"I'll explain Carnage to you sometime deary. How about we buy him and I'll paint him the correct colors?" Butch said

Flora smiled and added him to the growing basket of Christmas items.

In the end they bought almost half their Christmas section. They even got Flora a black Santa hat with metal spike studs. She danced around in her hat and the staff all thought she was the cutest little goth princess. Eddie signed up for the stores membership. He had a feeling they would be back often.

The tree stood in the corner of the living room in all its elderitch glory. It was basically a Halloween tree. Eddie did have a traditional nativity and a few angels but the rest of the tree was a death metal nightmare. Flora loved it and sat next to it to admire it for the rest of the night. Once the new 'Sundance' ornament was done Butch handed it and the Venom ornament to Flora.

"So lil miss where do you want hang them?" Burch said

Flora searched and searched for the right spot and finally she found it. She had picked out one heart ornament because it was red and she put the two symbiote ornaments under it. Eddie and Butch picked up Flora and kissed her on either side of her face. She giggled and squealed. They all loved the new tree.

Chapter Text

The Brock clan was curled up in the livingroom watch the news. Flora was laying on the floor coloring when suddenly the story switched to an interview with Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans.

Flora watched with wide eyes as the interview went on. Black Bolt didn't speak a word but instead used his hands to talk! And people understood him! He made no noise at all. Flora jumped up and pointed at his hands as he made a few gestures.

"Oh right, sign language. Its a language people made so that if they couldn't speak or hear they could still talk." Eddie said.

Flora jumped up and down excitedly. She ran up to her parents and begged them to teach her.

"Flora dear we don't know sign language." Butch said.

"I do." Said Eddie.

"Wait seriously?" Butch said.

"Ya it was helpful for reporting. I did a lot of interviews with representatives of NAD." Eddie said.

Flora lit up and jumped up to hug her dad.


Eddie spent a lot of time teaching Flora sign language. Evan, Karen and Flash also came over to learn once they heard about it. They discovered Flora was an extremely fast learner and soon was able to sign full conversations. Butch and Sleeper made sure to learn as well. Butch would even have Flora teach him during the day when Eddie was at work.

It wasn't long before the whole Brock clan knew sign language. Flora was so happy. It was so much easier to talk to them than having to touch them and sent her feelings. No clunky vibrations, no annoying sounds. Sign language was amazing.

Flora started watching for news stories about Black Bolt and Hawkeye. Both heros used sign language often. She collected newspapers clips about them and Eddie even got her a Hawkeye t-shirt.

One day they took Flora in for a checkup. She hated the lab but they wanted to make sure she was healthy.

"Say 'Ah' Flora." Dr. Sanchez said.

Flora opened her mouth but refused to vocalize. Dr. Sanchez checked her throat and took some blood.

"No crazy assistant taking that behind your back this time?" Sleeper teased.

"Please don't remind me of that. I feel so horrible about the whole thing." Dr. Sanchez said.

"Didn't mean to hurt you doc." Sleeper said with a chuckle.

"Hey Doc! Tony sent me to pick up those classified documents?" Hawkeye walked into the lab.

Flora screamed and ran over to him.

"Hello! My name is Flora! I'm a huge fan of yours!" She signed to him.

Hawkeye laughed signed back. "Nice to meet you kid."

Dr. Sanchez chuckled handing him an envelop. "Clint meet Flora. She is the human/symbiote hybrid that those documents are about."

"Woah seriously?" Hawkeye looked down at her.

Flora switched to her symbiote form and Hawkeye jumped. "Holy shit!"

Eddie laughed and picked up his daughter.

"I can't believe she is a fan of me when her dad's are vigilantes." Hawkeye said.

"You sign just like she does. She admires you because you show that people like her can be taken seriously." Eddie said.

"Are you also deaf?" Hawkeye signed to her.

"No. I hate speaking. It doesn't hurt me but it doesn't feel right. My vocal cords are more symbiotic than human and they were never meant for human speech." She signed back.

"Ah I see" he said with a smile. He pulled out of his pocket a piece of paper and signed it. "Well I have to head out. I don't know if you like autographs but here is mine."

Flora took the paper and hugged it tightly. Hawkeye smiled and gave her a tiny highfive before heading out.

They bought a frame at the dollar store on the way home and Flora had Hawkeye's autograph next to her bed.

Chapter Text

Karen rushed over as soon as she got the phone call. The Brock clan was rushing to New York with Flash. Apparently the Avengers were dealing with a 'the world might end' sized problem and needed all the help they could get. She was asked to watch Flora for a day or two.

"Shit it really must be bad if they are calling on Eddie and Butch..." Evan side turning on the news.

"Do you need to, you know, join them?" Bill said. He was inflating an air mattress for Flora.

"No I'm not experienced enough for this. Besides if something happens in Philly while they are gone its my job to protect the city." Evan said. He had packed a bag just in case he was needed in the fight though.

Flora sat on the couch and hugged Fate. Fate was singing to her softly to calm her. She knew her dads, Sleeper, and Flash were fighting something really bad. She was so worried. Karen frowned as she watched Flora whimper and hold onto Fate.

"We should think of something to do together to distract her." She whispered to Bill.

"I agree. Poor little girl." Bill whispered back.

Fate over heard and then looked at Evan. "Can we watch Coraline? I think she would like that one."

Evan nodded and put it on. Karen gave Evan a thumbs up. Flora did calm down a bit but refused to let go of Fate. Karen and Bill sat in their kitchen coming up with ideas while the movie played.

After the movie ended Karen went up to Flora. "Hey Flora have you ever had fondue?"

"No what is that?" She signed.

"Its a type of food. You dunk food into hot cheese or chocolate and then eat it" Karen said smiling.

Flora lit up and sign over and over "I want to have that".

Karen laughed and got Flora's coat. "Lets do thay for dinner then."

When they got out of the car Flora ran up to Bill and offered her hand.

"What do you need Flora?" Bill knelt next to her.

"Daddy and Papa always hold my hand when we are away from the house." She signed.

Bill smiled and took her hand. He couldn't help but think about when Evan was her age. Even if she was not entirely human she just was like a little kid. Bill pet her head and chuckled at his nostalgia.

Flora sat next to Evan and bounced up and down. When the server brought her crayons she clapped and drew on her paper place mat.

"God this takes you back doesn't it?" Karen said smiling at Flora.

"I was thinking the same thing earlier dear." Bill said.

They both looked at Evan and smiled.

"What?" Evan said.

"Nothing dear just memories." Karen giggled.

"Well stop its weird." Evan laughed.

They got their food and Flora absolutely loved it. She had to try everything.

"Wow Flora you are not picky at all that's so good. When Evan was your age he wouldn't try anything." Karen said.

"Mom!" Evan whined

Fate giggled inside Evan and used a small tendril to grab a fondue fork.

Next up was dessert. Flora could barely contain herself. There were so many things to try. She asked if it was ok if they got dark chocolate.

"Wow a little kid who like dark chocolate?" Bill said.

"Well she is part symbiote dad. They like pure cocoa." Evan smiled.

They ate together and Flora flopped back in her seat full. She ended falling asleep and Bill carried her to the car.

They tucked her in on the air mattress and she slept peacefully the whole night.


When the symbiote squad arrived in New York the sky was dark and a massive portal was hanging over the city. Strange car sized creatures fell through it onto the city. They looked like a mix between a bat and an octopus.

"Holy shit what are those?" Sleeper said.

"Dimension eaters." Butch said.

"I already hate the name, what are they?" Flash said.

"They're some kind of other worldly horror. They travel dimension to dimension eatin' them slowly till the whole place is destroyed. I've ran into 'em a few times." Butch said.

"How do we beat them?" Eddie said.

"Just fuck 'em up." Butch said forming Sundance. He jumped into the fray and started ripping the creatures apart.

The others joined in ripping and shredding the monsters. Suddenly above them in the portal they saw a massive eye staring down at them. Slowly tentacles the size of buildings entering into their world and a massive dimension eater start to come through.

"What the hell are we doing to do about that!?" Flash said.

Sundance clicked his teeth and looked at the ground. He turned to look at Venom and then gave them a deep kiss.

"Sundance don't you dare." Venom said. They knew he was up to something.

"Darlin'... I have to do this. I promise I will return to normal but its goin' to take me a bit. I love you both." Sundance said. He quickly turned and ran towards the portal.

"No!" Venom ran after but suddenly Sundance roared and his body seemed to almost explode.

Symbiotic flesh poured out of him and made hundreds of limbs, eyes and teeth. They rose upwards growing larger and larger. Soon Sundance was as tall as the skyscrapers. He looked just as horrifying as the creature invading.

"B-Butch..." Venom said softly.

The giant Sundance abomination roared and grabbed a tentacle, ripping it from its body.

The creature shrieked and clawed at Sundance. The two giant monsters gored eachother, biting huge pieces out of eachother. They swirled around together till they looked like one body fighting itself.

On the ground the rest of the group killed off more of the smaller hoards but Venom couldn't stop watching the fight. They needed to know Butch and Sunny were ok.

After hours of fighting suddenly the extra dimensional creature let out a horrific wail. Its stabbed Sundance repeatedly, desperately trying to remove it from its body. Sundance raised one massive bladed tentacle and stabbed it deep into the creature. It let out one last, long horrifying scream before falling silent and going limp.

The portal above the city closed. They had won.

Sundance let out a roar and fell over. Venom swung faster than they ever had to get over to him. The massive symbiote body collapsed inward on itself. About a half hour later all that was left was an unconscious naked Butch. Venom gently picked him up. He was ok just exhausted.


They kept Butch at Dr. Sanchez's lab. They made up a special room for him so that Dr. Sanchez could watch him. He was still unconscious.

Eddie called off work explaining that his spouse was in the hospital and he didn't know when he would wake up. Sunny was still inside Butch they found but was unconscious too.

Eddie and Flora visited Butch in the lab every day. Flora would write him letters and draw him pictures. Eddie would just sit next to him and silently hold his hand.

It was three days after the fight in New York that Butch finally woke up. It was in the middle of Eddie's and Flora's visit. He suddenly squeezed Eddie's hand and moaned.

"Darling!" Eddie said.

Flora went wide eyed and watched. Butch shifted a little and slowly opened his eyes.

"Hey... I'm back." He whispered.

Eddie teared up and hugged him. Butch pat his back gently.

"Sorry I worried you big guy... so... still find me pretty after seein' my ugly side?" Butch smirked weakly.

Eddie laughed with tears running down his face and he kissed Butch.

"You don't have an ugly side." Eddie said.

Butch chuckled and Flora crawled into his armed. They all sat there a while just hugging.

Chapter Text

Eddie yawned, got up and saw Butch wasn't next to him which was odd since he always got up before Butch. He checked on Flora who was still asleep, blankets thrown everywhere and clinging to her rubber zombie head. He went downstairs and saw Butch was outside on the back porch watching the sun rise over the snow.

He made two cups of coffee and went outside. Butch didn't react. Eddie saw blood dripping from his hand and that his eyes where half closed and glazed over.

"Butch?" Eddie said softly.

Butch suddenly snapped to and looked at Eddie. He smiled and teared up. Eddie put the coffees down and pulled Butch into a tight embrace.

"I had a panic attack." Butch said into the crook of Eddie's neck.

"Its ok. I'm here for you." Eddie patted his back.

"Yer real right? Please tell me this is real."

"Its real Butch. We are married and have a daughter together."

"I think... I think unleashin' myself in New York fucked me up. I've been puttin' it off but I finally just let it hit me because I let my guard down."

Eddie ran his fingers through Butch's hair. "Ya that most likely was traumatic for you wasn't it? You want to talk about it?"

"Eddie... do you still love me?"

Eddie smiled "Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?"

"In New York, that wasn't even all of it. What you saw? Not even close."

"Its amazing Sunny can collapse so much inward on herself." Eddie said.

"Its disgustin' isn't it? You think I'm disgustin'." Butch clung to Eddie.

Eddie paused before saying "Butch can I be very honest with you?"

Butch had a bitter taste on his tongue. He knew what was coming but he needed to hear it. He nodded.

"I... masturbated twice to the thought of you in your unleashed form while you were in the hospital and you have never looked so desirable to me as you do now."

Butch stared at him dumbfounded. That was not what he thought was coming at all. Eddie was red all over turned away.

"I shouldn't have told you that. I've been hiding that and I just wanted you to know because it hurts. I think you are the hottest man alive and you think you are disgusting. Babe when I saw you I was afraid for your safety but I just couldn't get over how beautiful you looked."

Butch stared a little longer, blinked a few times and then started laughing with tears running down his face. Eddie wiped them away with a thumb and smiled, still blushing all over.

"Eddie yer perfect."

"That's a big fat lie and you know it. I can't even name one thing right about me."

"No Eddie you are. Yer perfect. Yer beautiful and perfect and I don't think I could love you anymore if I tried." Butch kissed him.

Eddie laughed and held him close. Butch leaned up and whispered. "Ya know, I can control how much I let out. How 'bout we go upstairs and I fill our bedroom. I want to thank you for bein' the best husband in the multiverse."

Eddie bit his lip. "You don't think I'm insane for liking this right?"

"No. I actually very proud of my body but I was afraid you would hate it. Besides out of the two of us yer definitely the more sane. Yer an angel Eddie. Now come on."

Eddie laughed and carried Butch upstairs.


It was the last day of school before break. Evan and Fate brought in sugar cookies.

"Aw I'm going to miss this." Josh said eating a cookie

"Dude we can hang out over break." Evan said.

"Really? Cus you ghosted me last year." Josh said glaring at him

Fate giggled. "My darling spent all last winter break with me. It was out first month together and he took care of me."

"Oh right, I forgot." Josh said with a laugh.

"We should plan something though. Like a fun event after Christmas." Dove said.

"We could go camping." Evan said.

"You are the only one who likes camping in zero degrees weather." Dove said.

"Sleep over?" Josh said

"My parents would never allow that, sleeping over with three and a half boys." Dove said

"Half?" James said.

"Well Fate is agendered so my parents count them as a boy." Dove said blushing.

"This has come up before?" Evan said.

"Ya they got really mad when they found out I was hanging out with you in my room alone." Dove said. "They were all like 'This boy and his alien boyfriend are unacceptable!' They would say anything to twist it to make it worse than it was."

"Dove your parents suck I'm sorry." Josh said.

"They love you by the way." Dove said.

"Wait, really?" Josh said unable to hide his excitement at their approval.

"Ya. Traditional Catholic Italian boy who can actually speak Italian? Right up their alley." Dove said.

"I'm not traditional!" Josh said flustered.

"Guys, focus!" Evan said.

"Ice skating!" Dove said.

"Dude I'll look like an idiot out there." James said.

"How about a movie?" Josh said.

"Movie and pizza!" Fate added.

"Sounds good." Dove said.

"I'm in." Said James.

"Now we just have to pick a film." Evan said.

They didn't pick anything till the next day because they just kept arguing.


Flash got off work and started his drive home. He was starting to get a little jealous of Eddie. Butch had brought Flora and Sleeper to pick him up from work. He had such a large loving family.

Flash shook his head. He knew he did this to himself. Distanced himself from other people. His hero work really got in the way of any sort of stable relationship. He couldn't help feeling like he had been left behind. Even Pete was married now. Maybe he should call Betty and ask her how she was doing. No was a terrible idea. Maybe his sister. No an even worse idea.

He sighed as he rolled up to his apartment. He was being greedy. But was it so wrong? He just was a little lonely. Maybe he was just sick of coming home to an empty apartment.

Flash unlocked the door and knowticed his lights were already on. He opened the door and there was Andi. She had decorated the entire apartment in Christmas lights. She had on a Santa hat and had a little cake on his coffee table.

"Merry Christmas Coach." She said smiling.

"You're the best do you know that?" Flash said rolling up to get a hug.

"Then I hope you won't get mad when I ask this." She said.

"What is it?" Flash said

"Can I move in with you?"


She laughed. "Not even going to ask why?"

"Nope. I need a roommate, badly. Master bedroom is yours, I don't use it anyway." Flash squeezed her.

Andi laughed and they sat and ate cake together. Flash was just happy to have family living with him again.


Butch was cleared by security at Ravencroft and walked down the long hall to Cletus cell.

"Merry Christmas!" He said sitting in his chair. He had brought a boombox with him.

"Fuck! Its already Christmas! I'm starting to lose track of time in this stupid box." Cletus sat up in his cell.

"Well technically its like a week from now. Did you seriously think I would come here on Christmas?" Butch said.

Cletus shrugs. "I don't know you're a creepy weirdo who keeps haunting me like a damn ghost."

"I have a family you idiot. Oh right!" Butch pulled out his phone and showed off a picture of Flora. "Yer a step-dad, uncle, person, thing!"

"...How the fuck did you have a kid with Brock?" Cletus's eye twitched.

"Evil mad scientist spliced my DNA with Eddie's, his symbiote and Sunny. Apparently she tried to put some of you in to her too but Ravencroft wouldn't let her." Butch said.

"Good! I'm already too much a part of this fucked up family." Cletus said.

"Aw how can you say that? She has your hair." Butch wiggled the phone at him.

"I'm killing her if I get out." Cletus smirked.

"I know you will try but if I don't kill you she will." Butch smiled and then suddenly stopped. "She could eat you... my lil baby could eat you."

Butch started cackled and couldn't stop. Cletus watched him through the glass.

"What is up with you and eating people?" Cletus said.

"I can't help it. You get forced to eat a few billion people and you start to like it. Especially when they are your loved ones. Again and again. Eating yer best friends, yer children, everyone you ever loved. But the thought of my daughter eatin' me. I just." Butch bit his hand and muffled his laughter.

Cletus laughed. "Holy shit you really are just a different fucked up shade of me."

Butch took a deep breath and calmed down. "Ya... took you long enough dumbass. But ya. That's my baby. I'm sure you would love her. She ripped my arm to shit when we met."

"If she has my blood in her she better! You better raise her right! Don't let Brock ruin her!" Cletus said.

Butch smiled at him. "I knew you would love her. The second you saw her you loved her. You can see it in her eyes. She is like us. She's just too small to do anythin' about it yet."

"I hope she stabs you in your sleep." Cletus said.

Butch laughed. "Hey guess what, I got you a Christmas present." Butch said

"You got me a present?" Cletus laughed. "The fuck is wrong with you?"

"Did I not just have a fit infront of you?" Butch turned the boombox on and heavy metal started to play.

"This is..." Cletus looked shocked.

"Their new album. It dropped today. Merry Christmas ya piece of shit."

They sat together and listened quietly to every song in the album.


Karen had invited Flora over. Evan picked her up and the three were currently in the Miller's kitchen together. Butch had dressed Flora up in a cute little Christmas dress. Karen took a bunch of pictures when she saw here.

"Flora, do you know what a gingerbread house is?" Karen asked.

"I do! Daddy showed me a picture of one! I want to eat one!" Flora signed.

"Good! Because we are making some houses and gingerbread men today!" Karen said.

Flora's smile was almost too big for her face and she jumped up and down.

Evan laughed. "We are gonna save the houses as a decoration but you can eat the men."

"Its fun to bite their heads off!" Fate chimed.

"I want to bite their heads off now!" Flora signed.

"We have to make them first." Evan laughed.

Evan had already baked the gingerbread and cut it into little men and house pieces, enough for two so Flora could take one home. He and Fate had picked out all sorts of candies for decorations as well as made different colored bags of frosting.

Karen helped Flora decorate the men while Evan and Fate assembled the houses.

Flora gave every single of her gingerbread men fangs with white frosting. She covered them with tons of frosting and pieces of candy. Each one looked like an abomination. Karen was very good at decorating and they came out looking simple and cute. Evan joined them later once the houses were ready for decorations. His and Fate's were very elaborate.

Karen told Flora she could eat one gingerbread man right then Flora was so excited. She bit the head off and squealed.

"Aunty Karen! These cookies are spicy!" She signed.

Karen laughed. "That's because they are made with ginger."

"I like it!" Flora signed.

Next up was the houses. Flora drowned her house in black frosting before adding a layer of red. She gave the house candy teeth and eyes. After that it was just a matter of making sure at least one of every candy type was on the house. Evan and Fate's house was a pastel palace. Shades of pink and blue dotted it and they made it look like it was covered in soft snow.

"Can we eat more?" Flora signed.

Karen laughed. "Sure but not too much."

Butch picked up Flora later and she thanked everyone for the house and men. Butch set up the monstrous house right next to the tree.


Eddie threw Butch onto the bed and Butch laughed. They made sure the door was locked and Sleeper was playing with Flora downstairs. It was nice to have some alone time together.

Their others dissolved their clothes and Eddie climbed ontop of Butch. He start with just kissing his chest. Butch closed his eyes and threw his head back over the side of the bed, sighing happily.


Butch opened his eyes and there was Flora smiling at him.

"Flora... why are you in here?" Butch said.

The symbiotes quickly pulled a blanket over both of their hosts.

"I got bored." She signed

"I thought Sleeper was playing with you?" Eddie said.

Flora frowned. "He started reading a book and told me the play with Coco" she signed.

"I'm gonna kick his ass." Butch growled.

"Honey how did you even get in here?" Eddie said.

Flora turned symbiotic and melted to the floor. She slide around a bit completely flat and then reformed.

"Smart girl." Butch said.

"Why are you naked?" Flora signed.

"Daddy and Papa were goin' to have sex." Butch said.

Eddie punched his chest and Butch groaned in pain. "Butch! You can't say that to a 4 year old!"

"Why the fuck not!? What am I supposed to say? Yer dads are just naked for no reason?!"

Eddie groaned.

"What's sex?" She signed, having to spell out the word.

"Now you've done it." Eddie hissed.

Butch looked up at Eddie and shushed him. Butch pat Flora on the head gently. "I'll explain this better when you are older. Sex is a sacred thing that adults do together. It is very important that it is done right and safely so they don't tell kids 'bout it. Its like... a ritual that you perform fer eachother."

"Is it dangerous?" Flora signed.

"It can be very dangerous. So I promise when you are old enough Daddy and I will explain it to you much better. For now though when we lock our door you have to stay out of the room." Butch said.

Flora nodded and slipped back out of the room.

"I... can not believe how well you handled that." Eddie said in disbelief.

Buckle chuckled. "My mood is officially ruined though. What to just snuggle a bit?"

Eddie laughed. "Sure."


There was a winter bake off. Butch and Evan had agreed to compete against eachother this time.

"Let's see if you can take on yer master little man!" Butch said as they arrived.

Evan laughed and elbowed him. "Now don't cry when we kick your butt infront of your daughter."

"Yer my daughter!" Butch laughed.

"Your younger daughter then!" Evan said.

Flora had draw little flags for both of them and Eddie had attached them to sticks so she could wave them around and cheer for her family members.

It was a one dish event and all baked dishes were aloud. Butch had made a chocolate lava cakes. It was a simple recipe but always a crowd pleaser. Evan and Fate had stayed up for about two days straight and made 12 flavors of macarons. They both had worked so hard together. It was the best work they had ever done.

The judges were circling each table. They judged Butch first. You could see how good it was on their faces as they ate.

"Definitely a strong contender." The head judge said.

Butch smiled and thanked them. Evan and Fate we so nervous now.

The judge came over to Evan next. They each picked up a macaron and bit in. They chewed and pondered and then the head judge placed his on a napkin. He looked directly into Evan's eyes.

"Young man. That is the best macaron I have ever had." He said.

Evan almost cried. "Thank you sir!"

He chuckled. "Well start deliberating now." The judge took an extra macaron.

Karen hugged Evan and they waited. Butch walked over to him and shook his hand. "Congratulations son."

"They haven't announced the winners yet." Evan said.

"They don't need to. I already know who did the better work today." Butch smiled. "I proud of you."

Evan smiled and hugged him. Butch chuckled and hugged back.

"Second place: Butch Kasady-Brock!" They announced and Butch went up and shook the judges' hands before accepting his second place medal.

"First place: Evan Miller!"

Evan shouted and the entire group cheered. Evan ran up to the stage and they handed him a large gold trophy as well as a check for 1000 dollars.

"Thank you so much!" Evan said shaking the judges hands.

They all went to the Miller house to celebrate. Evan had made extra macarons and everyone was enjoying them.

"Dude just open a bakery already!" Josh said nibbling a macaron.

"Well I have decided I want to do that. I'm going to work a bakery first and see how well I do there. Then I might get a culinary and business degree and see about opening our own bakery." Evan said.

Bill was so proud of Evan. He tried to hide that he was tearing up by eating more macarons.


Eddie carried Flora on his shoulders and they walked around a Christmas village. They had found the place online so the Brocks, Millers, Flash and Andi all went together.

Flora was enamored with Andi was watching her a lot.

"I like your hair it is so pretty." She signed.

"Coach what is she saying?" Andi said to Flash

He chuckled. "She things your hair is pretty."

"Aw thanks." Andi smiled at her.

Flora blushed and hide behind Eddie's head.

"Aw thats so cute." Evan said.

"Reminds me of you a while back." Flash said.

"What?" Evan said confused

"You admired Andi too." Flash said.

"Aw did you have a crush on me?" Andi said

"Gah! Coach!" Evan was red in the face. He suddenly felt Fate tighten around his organs.

"My beloved is that true?" They hummed.

"Don't make me say it." Evan said through their bond.

Fate squeezed tighter and he coughed. "Darling!" They whined.

"Don't tell me you are jealous?" Evan said.

Fate gasped and vibrated violently. "Well I! I mean! I just want to know if you still have feelings for her!" They said flustered.

"...Fate get out here a second." Evan hide behind Eddie.

Fate produced a sad looking head from his chest. Evan grabbed them and kissed them deeply. Fate whimpered into the kiss. Evan smiled at them.

"I did have a crush. I don't anymore. I'm completely in love with you Fate." Evan said.

Fate smiled and kissed him again. Eddie sniffled. They were so cute he couldn't handle it. Butch chuckled and squeezed Eddie's hand.

They went and looked at all the light displays. They have a big bonfire going where you could roast marshmallows and drink hot cidar so they gathered around.

Flora whimpered when she saw the fire and begged her dad to get away from it.

"Its ok Flora. The fire is contained so it won't hurt you." Eddie said.

"Oh poor dear she is afraid of fire isn't she?" Karen said. "I'll roast a marshmallow for her then."

"Ya, doc says she still is weak to fire but isn't hurt by sonics, she just hates noise." Butch said.

Karen made a s'more for Flora and she gobbled it up. Flora purred on Eddie's head and he laughed.

There were fireworks at the end of the night. Flora screamed and clung to Eddie. Butch pulled her down and held her close.

"Shh its ok. They aren't gonna hurt you. Look. Aren't they pretty?" Butch said holding her close.

Flora watched the fireworks, clinging to Butch like a koala. Eventually though she calmed down. Maybe not all fire was bad.


Flora tossed and turned in bed. It was no use. She was so excited for Christmas she couldn't sleep. She got up and went downstairs. Sleeper was sitting in his chair, sipping coco. Flora climbed into his lap.

"Hey tiny lady. What's up?"

"Can't sleep." She signed.

Sleeper smiled and picked her up like a sack of potatoes. He heated up some milk and put it in a mug with a little honey. He gave it to her and she sipped it as they went back to the living room.

Sleeper pulled Flora back into his lap and she drank her milk. He pulled out a book and started reading it to her.

"Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." He said.

Flora squeaked at him like a mouse. He laughed at that.

He continued reading to her until she fell asleep on his chest. He held her close and rubbed her back while she slept.

"You're so lucky do you know that?" Sleeper whispered to her. She smiled in her sleep. Sleeper chuckled and carried her to bed.

Eddie sat with Butch on the couch early in the morning with the presents out. They both sipped their coffee and waited. Sleeper joined them with coco.

"Last night Flora couldn't sleep so I read to her. I love that tiny girl." Sleeper chuckled.

"Thanks for doing that Sleeps. You're an amazing older brother" Eddie said.

Sleeper shrugged. "I try."

They heard thumping upstairs.

"Someone's 'wake." Butch said sipping his coffee.

Flora came barreling out of her room and ran down the stairs on all fours. She lept over the couch and stood infront of the tree. She gasped. Santa had left a massive pile of presents. She squealed and pointed.

"Merry Christmas Flora. Looks like Santa thought you where a good girl." Eddie said.

"For the 2 months she has been alive." Sleeper said.

Butch kicked him.

Flora didn't care she was already ripping into presents. She quickly was surrounded by toys and was in utter bliss. She signed 'thank you Santa' multiple times.

Eddie laughed and Butch handed him a present.

"Merry Christmas darlin'." Butch smiled.

The adults had all gotten eachother presents and opened them while Flora played with her new toys.

Butch had made a castle of chocolate for their others. Sunny and Eddie's other purred ontop of eachother, content and full.

Butch made pancakes and Eddie got Flora dressed in her present from Karen. A purple glittery tutu skirt and a hand knit black and lavender sweater. Its matched Eddie's from last year. Eddie did her hair up in pigtails and gave her her Santa hat.

"Oh my stars she is so cute." Butch said servings them their plates.

Flora beamed with his praise and then looked at Eddie wanting more. Eddie laughed.

"Yes you are very cute Flora."

Flora kicked her feet happily.

After breakfast they went to the Millers. Karen was having a Christmas party for everyone. Flora held their hands and swung inbetween them.

"God we don't deserve to be this happy." Eddie laughed.

"Shush. Maybe he isn't real and won't knowticed." Butch said

"Butch! Its Christmas!" Eddie said.

Butch stole a kiss. "It is. And a very Merry Christmas to you my love."

Eddie laughed and they all enjoyed the day together.

Chapter Text

Eddie and Butch tucked Flora into bed. She wiggled a bit and got comfy, hugging her favorite lobster toy. They pat her head and each gave her a kiss on the forehead. Their others snuggled her and purred, she giggled petting and kissing their heads. Eddie gave her one more pet and then they left, turning off the lights.

Flora was excited but knew she had to calm down and sleep. Otherwish Fate wouldn't be able to visit her. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

She dreamed of being stuck on a jar. She often had this dream. She hated it. She kicked at the walls and screamed. Then Fate suddenly appeared and broke the glass.

"Fate!" Flora giggled and hugged her big sister. Fate hugged back and laughed.

"Both you and father always have the worse nightmares!" They said.

"Papa has nightmares?" Flora said.

"Ya really bad ones. I help him every night like how I help you." Fate said.

Flora jumped up and hug Fate.

"Thank you for being so nice to Papa."

"Of course. I love him just like how I love you." Fate squeezed their little sister.

Flora buried her face into Fate. They always smelled like frosting, flour and Evan. Even in her dreams.

"So what do you want to do tonight Flora?" Fate said.

"I want to be a witch!" Flora said.

Fate giggled and made Flora a little witch hat and a black dress, next to her appeared a broom. Flora climbed on it and was floating.

"Fly with me!" Flora giggled.


They flew into the air. They flew over cities and towns. Flora was loving every second of it. They laughed and did tricks together.

"I wish I had magic powers." Flora said.

"You do you can turn into a symbiote" Fate chuckled

"I mean you can make dreams happen and fly! Sleeper can make special chemicals. I just want to do something like that."

"Oh you mean you want your own unique power. Well it make take a while. My clouds did not appear to me until I bonded with Evan so maybe you just need to grow a little bigger."

"I kinda wish I had a host." Flora said.

"Why's that?"

"I feel..." Flora shifted uncomfortably on her broom. "Like I don't belong anywhere. I'm not fully a symbiote and I have to pretend to be human."

Fate hugged Flora from behind. "You belong here, with all of us. I know those feelings may never go away but never forget we love you Flora."

Flora teared up a little and turned to hug Fate. The witch dream melted away and they were left in a white void together. Flora snuggled Fate more. They felt so nice and warm.

"Hey Fate can I see your favorite dream?"

Fate giggled. "Well my favorite dream is a secret. How about my second favorite?"


Fate lifted a hand and suddenly they were in a candy world. Hard candy cobblestone roads, taffy grass, icrcream mountains and little marshmallow and gummy animals running around. Flora gasped.

"Fate this is amazing!" Flora ran over to everything.

"If you want you can eat it." Fate said pulling a licorice vine from a weeping willow made of them.

Flora lit up and ran around the candy kingdom trying everything. She hunted down candy animals and ripped them appart, she picked candy fruit, and she drank from a root beer fountain.

Flora had a little feast of candy when she was done running around and nibbled on a little of everything. Fate sat next to her and smiled.

"You're the best." Flora said biting the head off a gummy frog.

Fate laughed. "Well thank you."

"When summer comes I wanna go hunting with Papa and you and Evan!"

"Do you think you can handle it? You are very small."

"But I'm strong! I want to hunt and fish and spent time with you!"

Fate pet her head. "I'll talk to father about it."

Flora hugged Fate and let her continue to pet her.

"Everyone's hands are so warm..."

Fate cocked their head confused.

"Dr. Vex always treated me like an object. Her hands were so cold. But when Daddy and Papa held me the first time, I was so warm. You're warm like they are. It makes me happy." Flora laid her head on Fates thigh.

"You are so small and already been through so much" Fate pet her gently.

They sat there in the candyland and Fate continued to pet Flora. Flora sat calmly and purred into her sister's thigh.

"Its almost morning." Fage said.

"What!? But we only just started playing!" Flora was so upset.

"Well how about you ask father and Eddie if you can come over today? Just because you wake up doesn't mean the fun has to stop "

Flora smiled and hugged Fate. "I love you."

Fate smiled softly and hugged back. "I love you too."

Flora opened her eyes and she was in her bed. She sat up and yawned. It had been a nice dream. She got out of bed and went downstairs. She found Butch sitting on his chair reading with Sunny on his shoulders. She climbed into his lap.

"Mornin' lil miss." Butch pat her head and Sunny purred giving Flora kiss on the cheek.

"Can I play with Fate and Evan today?" She signed.

"We will have to call and ask them." Butch said.

"No need we're here." Evan said coming though the front door.

Flora jumped up and hugged Evan's leg. Evan picked her off his leg and pulled her into a hug.

"Fate plan this?" Butch said.

Evan nodded. Flora was all delighted and snuggling into him. It was so nice having such caring siblings.

Chapter Text

"Winter camp?" Eddie asked

They were all at the kitchen table eating breakfast Butch nodded and held up the flier.

"Flora has never once interacted with someone her own age. I think its a good idea. Its only a day camp and they have a free trial." Butch said.

"Are you sure she is ready?" Eddie's other asked.

"No but I think this is important and if it doesn't go well its just one day." Butch said

Eddie looked are Flora. She was growling at her chocolate chip pancakes happily while she pretended to attack and eat them. Eddie smiled.

"Hey Flora would you like to try a day camp?"

She nodded with her cheek full of pancakes.

It was a small cute building. They had an outdoor play area that was currently closed for winter. Inside there was about 20 kids. This camp was for ages 3-6 so Flora fit into the age group well enough. There were all sorts of toys and things to play on including a swing and a slide. Flora was a ball of excitement.

"Mr. And Mr. Brock so nice to meet you! I'm Ms. Carol we spoke on the phone!" Say a woman with frizzy blonde hair.

"Nice to meet you." Eddie shook her hand and so did Butch.

"Now you mentioned that Flora is mute and speaks via sign language but she can hear perfectly fine. Does she have any other special needs?"

"No but she has a bit of an interestin' personality. Do you mind if we stick around and watch for a bit?" Butch said.

"Not at all! Go ahead and take a seat and Flora can start playing with the other kids. There is actually someone I think she might want to meet."

Ms. Carol took Flora's hand and lead her over to a young boy. Flora waved hi and sighed "Hello I'm Flora."

The boys jumped back shocked and then he signed "Hello my name is Lance!" He was so excited. "Do you want to play?"

Flora nodded and they shared blocks together. Ms. Carol went back over to Eddie and Butch. "I really hope they get along. Lance deaf and has had a lot of trouble making friends. When you told me your daughter used sign language I was thrilled."

Butch chuckled. "Here's hopin' it goes well." Butch rung his hands.

Ms. Carol frowned. "You seem tense is everything ok?"

"Flora is a... victim of abuse. Before she came to us she was neglected badly so she is still recovering." Eddie said.

"Oh the poor dear." Ms. Carol said

"She is very sweet but has never known 'nyone her own age. This is a big step for her." Butch said.

Flora and Lance were having a ball. Lance loved building forts so they spent a good amount of time building a massive one. Lance asked Flora all sorts of questions and she learned a lot about him.

"She seems to be doing great." Ms. Carol said.

Eddie, Butch and Ms. Carol talked a bit and while they were distracted another kid ran up and kicked over Flora and Lance's fort.

Flora stood up. "Hey!" She said

"This fort is dumb." The kid said.

Flora growled and looked at Lance. Lance just hugged his legs and looked small. Flora knew this must have happened to him a lot. Flora looked back at the kid who kicked down another wall. Flora suddenly roar and tackled the kid. The kid screamed and the adults were now alerted to what was going on. By the time they ran over Flora had the kid pinned to the ground.

"Apologize to Lance!" She shouted.

"Get off me you freak!" The kid struggled but couldn't move Flora with her inhuman strength.

"I hate talking so you better listen! If you ever bully him again I'll eat your stupid face!" Flora screamed.

Lance watched in amazement as Butch pulled Flora off of the kid.

"Flora what the heck!?" Butch said

"This kid has been bullying Lance!" Flora signed.

"Ya but you can't attack a 4 year old dear." Butch said.

"I'm so sorry." Eddie said apologize for Flora. Flora pouted and glared at the bully.

Flora and the bully were both given a talking too. The bully confessed to being mean to Lance and Lance being to meek to stand up for himself. The bully got time out and Flora was aloud to keep playing. Flora went right back to helping Lance like nothing happened.

"Thank you for standing up for me." Lance signed.

Flora smiled and gave Lance a hug. Lance blushed.

They huddled in their new fort together and read books. Lance couldn't read yet but Flora could so she would sign the story to him.

"She is very advanced for her age. That book is for our older kids." Ms. Carol said.

Eddie and Butch smiled.

The kids read books together a little longer before switching games. They both liked dinosaurs so they pretended to be some.

"Flora you have teeth like a T-rex!" Lance signed

"Thank you" Flora signed back. She was very proud of her teeth.

At nap time Flora snuggled up to Lance and purred the whole time. Lance was starting to think Flora was part cat because when he pet her she purred louder. He liked the vibrations though.

At the end of the day Flora would not let go of Lance.

He smiled weakly and signed. "Flora I have to go home."

"No no no no please!" Flora signed to her dads.

They laughed and Lance's mom came up to them. She looked shocked. She signed to her son. "Lance did you make a friend?"

He nodded happily and signed "Her name is Flora! She is super nice!"

"Thank you Flora." His mom signed back.

Lance's mom gave Eddie and Butch her phone number so that Flora and Lance could hang out more.

They didn't bring Flora back to camp but they did set up many play dates with Lance.

Chapter Text

"Please?" Flora signed

"No" Butch said

"Please?" She signed agin

"No! And if you ask again I'm givin' you a time out."

Flora hissed at him and pouted. She had asked over and over again to go hunting with him. Butch had started to bring back brains to Flora when he hunted. Eddie was against it ar first but Dr. Sanchez had explained that artificial phenethylamine wasn't giving her enough nutrients. So Butch brought home kills and so did Sleeper sometimes. Brains quickly became Flora's favorite food and she got so excited when Papa would leave to go hunting. She really wanted to come with and hunt herself.

"Why not?" Flora signed.

Butch sighed. "Lil miss huntin' is dangerous. When you go for a kill you risk your life every time. And right now even though you are very strong you still have the body of a 4 year old girl."

"I am able to sneak up and pounce on Coco everytime!" She signed

"Coco is a dumb domesticated dog. A roomba with a knife taped to it could take her down."

Flora pouted harder and wouldn't talk to Butch for the rest of the night.

Butch flopped into bed and sighed. "Sayin' no to her is so hard! She is so eager and I just want to take her so badly. My lil girl has killer instinct Eddie. She can feel it."

Eddie started massaging his back. Butch moaned into his pillow.

"I know dear but she is way to young. She has the heart of a symbiote but not the body."

Sunny and Eddie's other joined in rubbing Butch. Butch whined a little because it was starting to become too much. Eddie smirked and leaned down, biting Butch's ear. Butch whimpered and looked back at Eddie blushing.

"Daddy." Butch begged.

Eddie growled, Butch yelped and that was when Flora stopped listening to the door.

She pondered for a moment in the hallway before heading back to her room. Papa wanted to take her hunting but no one thought she was strong enough. Maybe if she proved herself Papa would take her hunting. She peaked out of her room and Sleeper was leaving for the night. Perfect! All the adults in the house were either distracted or out. She ran downstairs and looked though the kitchen for equipment. She got a tupperware, a knife and a first aid kit. She put them all into a paper bag and headed out through the back door.

Flora looked out for Sleeper as she left the backyard. She hoped they had gone the opposite direction of her and she could make a clean getaway. Lucky for her they were nowhere to be seen. She skipped down the street.

Now if Papa was going to be impressed she had to take down something big, bigger than Coco. Like a bear or a lion! Maybe even a person if she ran into a bad guy. Daddy had taught her all about stranger danger and she had some genetic memories of her parents hero work. She knew what a criminal would look like. She thought the best thing to do first was go to the backwoods. Animals lived in the woods and it was smarter than tracking down a criminal. She kept walking and hummed a little tune to herself.

Suddenly a van pulled up to her and the driver rolled down his window.

"Hey little girl what are you doing out so late at night?" The driver said.

"I'm hunting." Flora signed.

"What? Too shy to talk?"

Crap, he didn't know sign language. Whatever, he didn't matter. Flora turned and kept walking.

"Hey where you going!" The man got out of the car and grabbed her. Flora flailed as he pulled her into the back of the van.

"How about we play a game together little girl?" The man said.

Flora bit deep into his arm and he yelled dropping her.

Flora growled and turned symbiotic. She knew this man was a criminal now. The man screamed.

"What the hell are you!?" He crawled away from her.

Flora licked her teeth and dove at the man, stabbing into his chest with her claws. He screamed and Flora stabbed him again.


She didn't know what Daddy and Papa were so worried about. This was easy. Flora sat in the van over her kill, eating the man's brain. She was trying to pick what body part to bring back in her tupperware. Maybe a hand. The back door of the van suddenly was ripped open and there was Sundance.

"Papa!" Flora chirped, smiling at him.

Sundance covered his mouth. "Oh... oh Flora."

The van was a hellscape. Flora had completely eviscerated the man. She had eaten his brain, eyes and had caved out his entire chest cavity. She was currently sitting in his broken ribcage, covered in blood.

Sundance crawled into the van and sat next to her. "So... what happened?"

Flora touched him and through their bond showed him her memories. Sundance teared up and hugged Flora so tightly. He shivered once and then composed himself.

"You are so grounded. You had us worried sick! But I'm so proud of you. You did so good. I can't stay mad at you." Sundance purred and cuddled his child.

Flora purred back and sat in Butch's lap as he called Eddie and Sleeper in a group phone call.

"I found her. She is ok but you are not gonna believe this." Sundance said.

"What!? What happened!?" Venom said.

"A predator tried to grab her and she killed him." Sundance aaid

"WHAT!?" Venom said.

"Ya I found her in his van sittin' in his ribcage eatin' his guts."

"And you are sure she is ok?"

"Ya happy as a clam, sittin' in my lap purring."

"Daddy!" Flora chirped.

Venom groaned.

"What street are you on?" Sleeper said.

"Maple near James Avenue." Sundance said.

It didn't take long for them to get there. They found Sundance eating the body with Flora.

"Sundance! Why are you still letting her eat it!?" Venom said.

"Darlin' look at her." Sundance said.

Flora was purring louder than she ever had before. She let out a little burp and dug her teeth back into the man. She shook her head side to side to rip off a chunk of flesh.

"She was made to do this." Sundance said.

Venom glared at him. "We will talk about this when we get home. For now lets get rid of this van. And you!" Venom pointed at Flora. "You are in so much trouble!"

Flora whimpered. Venom sigh and pulled her out of the van.

"We're so glad you are safe." Venom said hugging the tiny symbiote.

Flora purred into her dad and they held her tightly.

Venom got in the driver's seat and started to drive the van off, he was going to dump it into a lake. Sundance held Flora for the drive. They talked through the bond.

"He is right you are in a lot of trouble but you got your wish. I can't ignore what you did tonight. I'm going to start training you."

Flora lit up and kissed her dad's cheek. Sundance chuckled and licked some blood off her face.

They dumped the van and started to head home.

Chapter Text

"Butch she is a little girl!" Eddie yelled

"Yes but she is also a symbiote! If she was a full body symbiote she would be more than ready." Butch said

"Yes but she is not! She is like four!"

"She is developin' so fast Eddie! She is smart and strong!"

"She isn't a killer Butch she is an innocent!"

"She is the offsprin' of the four of us! Thats four killers shoved into one body! She is a quadruple threat!"

Eddie growled and pinned Butch to the bed. Butch stared up at him unamused.

"Babe you can deny it all you want but this is what she needs. She is goin' to keep tryin' to do this if we don't. At least if we train her she will know how to do it right. She needs guidance." Butch said softly.

Eddie flopped ontop of Butch. "She just... she is so young."

"She isn't human Eddie. We don't know what is young for her. For all we know she will be an adult a year from now."

Eddie stared at him horrified.

"I don't think she will but she could love." Butch chuckled. He ran a hand over Eddie's shoulder. "We have to let her grow at her pace because she is the only one who can set it."

Eddie sighed and hugged Butch. "Fine... we will train her."

Butch cheered. Eddie pressed him into the bed and pulled his dress up.

"I need some stress relief. Mind helping?"

"Not at all dear. Want me to go all out?" Butch said and Sunny oozed put of him, already covering the whole bed and turning him into Sundance.

"Ya I need it." Eddie nuzzle a tendril that caressed his face. He relaxed as the symbiotic flesh filled the bedroom, surrounding him and lifting him into a reclined position. Sundance stood over Eddie and licked his teeth, running a clawed almost hand over his chest. Eddie gasped a little when his other also joined in covering him in tendrils.

"You better not eat me." Eddie smirked

"Not all of you." Sundance mused biting his shoulder.

Eddie winced in pain while Sundance tended to his needs.


Flora screamed when her dads told her.

"You're still grounded for 2 more weeks for sneaking out at night!" Eddie said.

Flora stopped cheering and moaned.

"I just can't believe she took down a pedophile all by herself." Evan said. He and Flash had come over after hearing the news.

"Ya we have a tough daughter." Butch said smiling fondly at Flora.

Flora smiled back and signed. "Of course I'm tough, you and daddy and mommy and mama made me."

"You sure you're ok though?" Evan said

Flora nodded and signed. "Im fine"

Evan pet her head and Fate snuggled into her.

"I called Dr. Sanchez she wants to give Flora a physical. She thinks its about time we messured her if she is able to kill no problem." Flash said.

"We can go today." Eddie said.

At the lab Flora was found to be able to lift 20 tons. Dr. Sanchez checked her blood and did other measurements. Flora had great stamina and her metabolism was amazing.

"She has an IQ of 145." Dr. Sanchez said.

"Is... that good?" Butch said.

"Its amazing for an adult and she is a 4 year old which by the way I think we can now say 5 year old. She is still slowly down from her initial growth spurt but still aging fast. It looks like though she is starting to reach a human growth rate though. Her mental capacity is amazing. We should put her in kindergarten this fall." Dr. Sanchez said. "That is if you want to. Honestly I think she either needs to be homeschooled or sent to a mutant school."

"Flora what do you want to do?" Eddie asked.

"I want to go to school with Lance." Flora signed.

Eddie smiled. "Alright then."

"Lance is goin' to a school for the deaf. It would be much easier for her to comunicate." Butch said.

"We should contact them." Eddie said. "God this is happening so fast."

"Eddie we have till the fall its ok." Butch laughed.

Flora chirped happily at her parents. Eddie pet her head. "You know... no matter how fast you grow up you will always be my little girl."

"I love you." She said out loud.

Eddie picked her up and hugged her.

After they went to bed Butch went into Flora's room and snuggled her for a bit.

"I never got to really talk to you about what happened alone." Butch said holding her tight.

"I'm ok Papa." Flora said though the bond.

"I... I'm so damn proud of you. I had been dreamin' one day you would take down a man but I thought you would do it when you were much much older." Butch squeezed her and hide his face.

Flora wiggled around so she could see his eyes. "Papa. Are you afraid?"

"A lil. It is scary. We are creature of amazing power Flora. We are dangerous. People will be afraid of you. And they have every right to be." Butch took a deep breath. "But you should never be ashamed of that. You are amazing lil miss. We are goin' to be here for you the whole way. I love you Flora."

Flora kissed his cheek. "I love you too Papa."

Butch held her a bit longer and then tucked her in. Flora smiled at him and closed her eyes. Butch brushed her hair face.

"Goodnight sweetheart." Butch left her to sleep.

Chapter Text

"This seems like a terrible idea." Evan said getting out of the rental truck.

"Yer too pessimistic." Butch said getting Flora out of the backseat.

They had driven to a farm together in a big renral truck witb a cage on the back. Butch knocked on the front door and a man answered.

"You're the one who called me about the chickens right?" He said.

"Yes sir." Butch shook his hand and he lead them too a coop.

"You breeding or just wanting eggs?" The farmer asked.

"Actually I just want to buy about 20 chickens any gender. Roosters would be better but I need 'em to be mean sons of bitchs."

The farmer raised an eyebrow.

"Don't worry 'bout it." Butch said.

They got the birds in a large cage, the farmer gave them a discount because they were 'bad birds' anyway. They drove back to the backwoods and pulled the cage deep into the woods.

"Alright lil miss, suit up." Butch said.

Flora shifted to her symbiote form and Butch grabbed a very angry chicken out of the cage. "I'm gonna let him go and give him a headstart then you hunt him down and kill him."

"You do know you are basically having your daughter cock fight a rooster right?" Evan said.

Butch glared at Evan with the chicken still angrily flailing in his hands. Fate chuckled around Evans neck. Butch threw the bird like a shot put and it ran away. Flora crouched down on all fours and Butch knelt next to her.

"Not yet.... not yet..." Butch murmured to her. The bird went further and further til it was out of sight.

"And now!" Butch said and Flora was off.

She barreled through the snow on all fours, sniffing the bird down. A few times she lost the scent but would pick it back up. Finally the bird came into view. It flapped, preparing to strike her but she was too quick. She snatched the head of the bird clean off.

Evan and Butch followed Flora's tracks and when they found her she was swallowing the last of the chicken.

"Nice job Flora!" Butch pet his daughters head and she purred.

"Can she get salmonella?" Evan said.

"Nope. Doc says she is immune to all diseases. So she can eat as much raw chicken and cookie dough as I allow."

Flora burped up a feather and smiled.

"Next test!" Butch said picking Flora up.

Butch pulled out 5 birds and let them go. He gave them a good head start and he let Flora go.

"Its gonna take her a bit longer this time " Butch said pulling out two more birds. "Sunny, Fate you two want a snack?"

Fate grabbed a bird and snapped its neck quickly with her teeth. Sunny nuzzled Butch with a long purr before shredding her poor bird.

"Thanks Butch." Evan said as Fate ate her meal.

"Gotta feed my girls." Butch smiled.

"I'm surprised how quickly she is taking to this. It took me a while to get used to eating raw meat and it really upset me when I first killed a person. She seems perfect fine." Evan said

"She ain't like you son." Butch pulled a beer from the truck and bit off the cap. "Vex didn't know what she was doin' when she spliced together the four of us. She wasn't makin' the 'evolution of humanity' or whatever bullshit she thought she was doin'. Flora is a killin' machine. The older she gets the more y'all are gonna see what a monster she can be when she wants to."

"You make she sound evil..."

"She ain't she is just different. People in the old days called wolves evil cus they would eat their life stock. They ain't though, just different. Remember back when I said you were still a part of human society? Flora is never gonna be. She is a wolf hidin' among the lambs. Ya can't hold her to human standards."

"You sound like you done this before." Evan said with a chuckle.

"Kid I raised a gaggle of symbiotes on that island with Eddie. I know what they are capable of. Also that girl is my daughter. She has to have at least some of my conditions. She is four and already has a taste for brains. She showed me her memories of that night. Zero hesitation. That's why I want to train her now so she becomes like her daddy and not like Cletus."

"You're afraid she will?"

"A lil, if we don't raise her right." Butch took a sip and licked his lips. "The line between me and him is a line between care and neglect. If we don't raise her right and don't love her enough, it could be bad."

"But you do love her. You and Eddie adore her."

"Ya but its good to not take that fer granted. I want to always make she realizes how much we love her. I never want her to feel alone."

"You're a good dad Butch." Evan smiled and grabbed a beer from the truck, popped the top off with a knife and took a sip. Butch raised an eyebrow.

"Son you are 18, the hell you doin'?"

"You didn't bring anything else to drink." Evan took another sip.

"...Ok ya that is my fault." Butch chuckled and hugged Evan. "Never forget I love you too ok?"

Evan laughed and patted his back.

Flora sniffed and stood still listening. She suddenly bolted to the left and lunged at a bird. She pinned it to the ground as it clawed her face. She quickly bit through its chest and ate it.

Flora kept hunting down birds. By the end of it she was asleep in the snow, exhausted and too full. Her parent and sister ate her last few kills. Butch gently picked her up and she groaned. He kissed her cheek and put her in the rental truck, wrapping a blanket around her.

"I have three babies now... three healthy babies." Butch teared up petting Flora gently. Evan smiled at him and laughed.

"You going to be okay Father?" Fate said.

"Ya I'll be fine." Butch kissed Fate's forehead. "Lets head back."

Flora snored loudly the whole way home.

Chapter Text

"Dude what am I going to do about Valentine's day!" Josh said shaking Evan

"Why are you asking me!?" Evan was flustered.

Josh pointed at Fate curled around his neck. "You romanced and alien into marrying you before she was even born!"

"I'm pretty sure it was Fate who romanced me." Evan blushed.

Fate shook their head. "My beloved and I were fated to be together. Our romance started at the dawn of time."

"Fate that was beautiful." Evan said.

"Not as beautiful as you my precious husband." Fate purred.

Evan pulled her into a kiss.

"See this is why I need your help! You guys would be banging already if I wasn't here!" Josh said pointing accusingly at them.

Evan bit his lip and looked away. Fate purred and rubbed his cheek.

"Besides you have known Dove longer than me... She told me how you helped her." Josh said looking at his feet.

Evan smiled. "Ya but you know her more intimately."

"Dude I haven't even seen her naked." Josh groaned.

"That is because you are a gentleman." Fate said.

"Ya... is it dumb I'm waiting for marriage?" Josh said

"No. As someone with an active sex life I find it admirable." Evan said.

"Am I missing out?" Josh said.

"Ummmm well I find it amazing but that is because the person doing me is literally connected to my nervous system and knows me more than myself. That and we have an emotional feedback loop. Its crazy, I don't think human on human sex can compare." Evan said, refusing to look at Josh. Fate purred our a giggle.

"Kinky bastards." Josh glared at him.

"I thought I was supposed to be helping you with your Valentine's day not talking about my sex life!" Evan threw a pillow at Joshes head.

"Right!" Josh held his face and sat in Evan's desk chair with a defeated flop. "Seriously help me! I suck at being romantic!"

"I don't know, you two were cute at New Years." Fate said.

"I kissed her nose by mistake at midnight because I was so nervous I missed!"

"It was very cute." Fate chuckled at his misfortune.

"Josh think. What does Dove like?" Evan said massaging Fate.

"Haunted Houses!" Josh said.

"Something you can do in February." Evan smirked.

"Ummm... nrrggg."

"What's her favorite store Josh?" Evan said.

"Oh! That new age shop owned by the lady with like 50 cats!" Josh yelled.

Evan stood up and Fate wrapped around him to form a fur lined white leather jacket. "Get your coat."


"Welcome young travelers." Said the lady who owned the store.

They were greeted by 3 of said 50 cats. Evan picked one up and pet it as they traveled around the inside of the store.

"I remember she likes this soap. If I get this do you think she will think I'm telling her she needs to take a bath!?" Josh was so pale.

"No girls love fancy soaps. You could even put together a little basket of bath bombs and bath salts." Evan said.

"I'm not risking it!" Josh put it down.

Evan tolled his eyes and they continued one.

"Candles! Dove loves candles!" Stared at the large collection of candles on display.

"He favorite scent is chamomile. So get one with that." Evan said playing with his kitty companion's paws.

Josh picked out a large green candle. "Ok. I have a candle!"

"Dove loves reading you should get her a book." Evan said.

"Wait just a moment young ones. Do you know Dove?" The store ower said.

"Yes! Ma'am I'm dating her and I want to get her something really nice for her. Could you help me?" Josh said going over to her.

She smiled. "Call me Jaden. Follow me." She took them too the back and there was a small fortune telling table. She sat them down and shuffled some cards.

"Focus on thoughts of Dove. Think about how much you care about her. How much you love her." Jaden said

Josh took a deep breath and focused.

"Fate do you believe in psychics?" Evan said through their bond.

"Darling, we literally are talking psychically right now and I can control sleeping people with my mind." Fate said

"Oh right." Evan blushed.

Jaden spread some cards on the table and flipped them over. "Hmmm I see..."

"What? What do they say Ms. Jaden?" Josh said

Jaden picked up her largest, fatest cat and put it on Josh's lap. "Take Buba with you around the store he will point out the best gifts. Also," she took the candle. "This is a bad idea, this candle is not romantic. It is for curses."

Josh and Evan walked around the store with the large cat. Every so often he would loudly meow and they would stop. He then would stare at an object on the shelf and they would pick it up.

They ended their shopping day with a giant things of leaves tied together with black string, a book on dream walking, a box of vegan mint basil chocolates and a giant hunk of pink stone shaped like a heart in a funny smelling box with strange writing on it. Fate loved the box and was a little upset that it have to be given away.

Evan and Josh stared at eachother a little confused.

"Good good. She will love these. Give them to her the day BEFORE Valentine's day. The day of take her to this address and have lunch there. Don't worry they are cheap and she loves the sandwiches." Jaden scribbled down the address as Josh paid.

"Why before?" Josh said.

"Because she needs that box and that book the night before. Also because the dream fae is going to have her own romantic evening with her partner so it is impolite to ask her to focus on your affairs the day of." Jaden said.

"Dream fae?" Evan said.

Jaden smirked. "You should know you are courting her. I can see her aura surrounding you now. About a year ago this city was blessed by her presence each night. Many offerings have been made by us in the magic community but none have reached her. I was so pleased you came in with her I didn't want to be rude though. Make sure you don't neglect her this Valentine's Day either. I recommend you take her to the woods. There you should find something to fill her belly. A large stag waits."

"O-Oh thank you!" Evan said flustered.

Fate peaked out of Evan's shirt. "You are very kind. I was unaware people knowticed me."

Jaden smiled. "Dove is one of my best customers. Helping her loved ones is a pleasure. Especially one so exalted as you." She bowed to Fate.

Evan looked around blushing, unsure of what to do.

"Thanks again Ms. Jaden!" Josh said pulling Evan out.

"Come back soon." She waved.


Evan came with for the present giving just because he had to know if this worked.

"Oh look at all of this!" Dove was thrilled. "You got me my favorite chocolates! How did you know I always hide them in my room!"

"Jaden helped us..." Josh said blushing.

"Oh my goodness you got me so much sage! This is wonderful. Oh and I've wanted this book for ages!"

Dove pulled the box out of the bag. "Oh I... I don't actually know what this box is but it's very pretty."

"It's been driving Fate crazy, she was sad Jaden didn't have two." Evan said

"It just smells so wonderful~! I want to wrap myself around it." Fate said.

Dove gave Josh a kiss. He blushed profusely. Evan smiled and let them be.

That night Dove read her box and learned what the box was for. She set it up properly and went to bed.

Later when Fate flew to her house she was overwhelmed with power. The box was real magic, specifically dream magic. She felt more power than she ever had before. She reached out to Dove in her dream.

"Good evening Fate. How do you like the box now?" Dove

Fates voice echoed around Dove like a concert hall and she laughed. Pipes, horns, chimes, and organ music. It was angelic. Dove was overwhelmed.

"Oh Dove this is amazing! Come with me!" Fate sang

Fate was strong enough to bring Dove's consciousness with her and they went to Josh. Fate made them romantic dream after romantic dream.

Everyone in the entire city of Philadelphia woke up the next morning feeling better than they ever had before.

Chapter Text

Frostbite was deep in the woods. Evan had packed a picnic lunch that was floating behind them on a cloud. He sniffed the air. It was a very rainy morning but it was going to be sunny before noon.

The ground was soft under their feet. The air thick. They took a slow deep breath. They waited and then there it was. The stag Jaden mentioned. They lunged and snapped their jaws around its neck. It was a quick easy kill. They purred and began to eat. They had a cooler with them so they packed up half the brain for Flora. It was a little foggy now. Frostbite striped their kill and then walked over to a nearby river.

To anyone else it would have been freezing but to them it felt refreshing. They sank into the water and sighed happily. They saw a few tiny fish under the water and they swam around them like a great white shark. They floated for a while and once they were clean they got out. Frostbite folded back so that Evan was just there. Fate formed him white jeans, a warm sweater that was pastel pink and blue and a white matching jacket. She also formed baby blue suede cowboy boots.

"Dressing me up in your favorite outfit huh?" Evan smiled.

"Special day and what not." Fate purred.

They rolled out the blanket and pulled out bottle of tea as well as tiny sandwiches and tarts they had made the night before. It was their own little tea party. They ended it with two chocolate tarts shaped like hearts.

"Happy Valentine's day lovely." Evan said.

Fate kissed him and pinned him to the ground. "Not yet." They purred.

"Really? In the woods?" Evan said blushing.

Fate didn't answer. They were busy.


"Behave for Sleeper ok?" Butch hugged and kissed Flora on the cheeks.

Eddie picked up both of them and kissed Flora on the other cheek. Flora giggled and hugged her parents.

"We will be back tomorrow morning so don't go too crazy." Sleeper said.

"We won't" Eddie said.

Flora picked up her little bat winged backpack and waved bye to her parents. Sleeper was taking her too an amusement park out of town so that their parents could have Valentine's day to themselves. Sleeper's ship cloaked and took off.

"Well dear. What would you like to do first?" Eddie said walking back to their car.

Butch smirked at him.

It was late into the evening and they were both drunk in bed. They had bought a case of wine and indulgent eachother in their wildest fantasies one after the other. Butch moaned and Eddie spooned him. Their others were also in a drunken haze, flopped over eachother.

"I'm 'fraid to move. I've never felt so full." Butch said.

Eddie laughed and held him close. "I'll carry ya to the tub later."

"Like hell ya will yer so drunk you'll drop me." Butch laughed.

"...Ya I totally will." Eddie chuckled.

"Hey Ed do you ever regret me not bein' a woman?"

"What!? Why would I regret that? I'm bi ya dip."

"Sunny often wishes I was a lady so I could get pregnant. I was wonderin' if ya felt that same cus you love kids so much. I mean... we have a daughter together now but before that were you ever like 'I love this guy so much that I can get past him never givin' me a child.'"

"No never once. I love you exactly the way you are Butchy."

"Butchy!" Butch laughed.

"Its cute like you. I get to be Eddie you can be Butchy."

"Hey Eddie we should name yer other."

"Don't need a name." His other said.

"Do you have any idea how annoyin' it is to call you 'Eddie's other' all the time." Butch crawled over to the drunk symbiote and hugged it, biting their head. They flailed against him and hissed.

"Don't need a name!" They bit back.

"Maybe I should start callin' you Venom too." Butch kissed their tongue and moaned when their teeth scraped his skin.

"No. Only when I'm with another. But if you must." They hissed.

"I'mma call you Puddin'." Butch gave the symbiote a playful squeeze.

They growled and bite Butch on the stomach and he yelped.

"Daddy you are gonna make me hard again and my body can't handle 'nother round." Butch blushed at the symbiote.

They smirked and glided a tendril between his legs. Butch gasped and his body tried to respond to the symbiote's efforts. Eddie pulled Butch into his lap and was gentle with him. He winced.

"This is what I get for pissin' off the other." Butch said into Eddie's neck.

"Ya your kinda a dumbass." Eddie said rubbing his chest.

The symbiotes pooled over their men and purred.

"So um... I have a chocolate cake in the kitchen but well I can't walk." Butch said.

Eddie shrugged. "Later. For now let me pamper you. In the hierarchy out our polygamous coupling you are the most bottom bottom. You took it pretty hard today."

"So worth it. So very worth it." Butch giggled. "Oh hey speakin of bottoms who do you think bottoms, Fate or Evan?"

"Dude they are your kids why are you thinking about that?"

"I don't know its one of those thoughts that blindside you when yer takin' a leak at 2am."

"You're such a hick."

Butch cackled. "Hey babe. One day when Flora is older, lets do a roadtrip."

Eddie chuckled. "Sure thing."

Butch continued rambling drunkenly to Eddie for the rest of the night as their others warmed them.


Flora pressed her face to the glass of the space craft as they flew. They arrived in a field a ways away from the amusement park. She gave Sleeper a big hug and was so excited.

"Now I have some ground rules. One: We have to get a corndog for lunch. I crave processed meats wrapped in cornbread. Two: You will stay with me the whole time. If you have to go to the bathroom I'm taking you into the men's with me because I don't need you getting kidnapped and killing another man. Three: Amusement park games are a scam so if you can cheat, you should. Just make sure you hide that you are using your powers. Lets go have fun!" Sleeper said.

Sleeper paid for their tickets and Flora held his hand, skipping along. The first ride the went too Flora was too short. She puffed her chests out and forces herself to shift slightly taller. She got on the ride no problem. Flora loved the rush of the coaster and begged to go on it again.

"The line is getting long for that one lets try some other things." Sleeper said with Flora on his shoulders.

They did many other thrill rides. A lot of adults commented on how brave Flora was. She filled with pride and even when a ride was too scary for her she refused to admit it. Sleeper did knowticed she was a little shaken though and they took a break to get corndogs.

"You know Flora it's ok to admit something is too much for you." Sleeper smiled.

"I can handle it though." Flora signed

Sleeper shoke his head. "You don't have to hide it I can tell. I can taste your fear. I don't want to make you do anything you're not ready for."

Flora looked down at her feet and then signed. "I don't want to let you down."

"You really inherited our parent's self doubt didn't you?" Sleeper said.

Flora looked shocked and Sleeper picked her up into a hug. "You haven't let me down at all Flora. You just keep being you. Your parents are going love you no matter what."

Flora hugged Sleeper and was thoughtful. Sleeper carrier her in his arm a bit and got them cotton candy. The strange fluffy treat was more than enough to distract her from her worries.

They went to the games next. Flora wanted to try them all and Sleeper cheated. He ended up winning her a giant stuffed Spider-man that was as tall as she was. Sleeper took a picture and sent it to Eddie. Eddie had planned to give Flora the roadtrip plush but after she proved that plushies were not strong enough for her play he had kept it on its shelf.

"Are you going to reenact old Venom vs. Spidey fights for Daddy when we get home?" Sleeper asked.

Flora smiled and nodded, hugged the Spider-man as tight as she could.

They went on a few more rides and then left the park. Sleeper took Flora to dinner and then they tucked Flora into a sleeping bag in the ship.

"Thank you Sleeper! I had so much fun." Flora signed with a little yawn.

"Night Flora." Sleeper pet her head.

He watched her sleep. The little ball of energy was all tuckered out.

"I wonder what symbiotes dream about... I'll have to asked Fate sometime. I hope your dreams are good ones."


When they got home Eddie, Butch and the others where nowhere to be seen. Sleeper peaked into their room and laughed. They where all curled up and exhausted. Sleeper slowly closed the door and picked up Flora.

"Lets go make chocolate chip pancakes. That might wake our parents up."

Flora chirped and they started to cook together.

Chapter Text

Evan was over at the Brock house playing with Flora when he got Dove's call.

"Dove why are you calling me?" Evan said.


Evan stood up. "Where are you?! We're coming!"

"Oh shit, I forgot, hero in training. Don't freak out. I need your help and its with something awkward, can you come over?"

"Oh ya sure." Evan chuckled nervously.

"I want to come with." Flora signed.

"Butch I'm heading to Dove's to help her with a problem, can I bring Flora?" Evan said.

"Nope! Flora has trainin' today." Butch came in and picked up his daughter.

Flora pouted and waved bye to Evan. Evan pet her head and headed out.

When Evan got there Dove was waiting on her front porch. She often met him outside since her parents didn't like him very much.

"Okay so you know how Jaden was able to tell you have Fate and she called them a 'Dream Fae'?" Dove said walking with him down the street.

"I remember." Evan said following her.

"Word got out and now everyone is trying to get me to bring you back to the shop so they can meet them." Dove said

"They wouldn't try to hurt them right?" Evan said

"They think Fate is a fae. A powerful, wrathful creature. Only an idiot would try to hurt them."

"Ok good." Evan said

Dove lead Evan back to the tiny store. Cats greeting them when they entered.

"Hey Bean!" Dove said picking up her favorite cat.

"Dove! You have returned how lovely." Jaden said. "Oh and you brought the dream fae and her consort. Welcome back." Jaden bowed.

Evan waved hi and then two people in the shop ran to the front of the store. They were a woman with oily long black hair and a thin man with huge ear gauges and a beard.

"You're the dream fae's consort!?" They said in unison.

"Ummm ya. Ya I am." Evan said nervously.

"Wow that is amazing. What ritual did you complete to meet her?" The woman said.

"Or did she come to you because she chose you?" The man said.

"Umm I have known her father for a long time and he entrusted them to me?" Evan said hoping it was convincing.

"You're friends with more fae!? Are you a fairy doctor?" The woman said.

"I um no." He looked at Dove for help.

Dove giggled. "Morgan, Luke this is Evan. Fate is his partner. Fate do you want to come out?"

Fate poured out of Evan's back as a torsp and hovered above him. "Hello mortals. I am Fate the Dream Walker." They said with a low rumbling tone.

"Oh my god why!?" Evan said through their bond.

Fate giggled through the bond. "I am just having fun."

Luke and Morgan where star struck and Dove was giggling.

"Now now. Don't tease them too much." Jaden said petting a cat.

"Ok." Fate hugged Evan from behind and purred.

"So... she is a real fairy?" Luke said.

"More like elderitch creature from the stars." Dove said.

Morgan screamed. "Are you serious Dove!? You are friends with a lovecraftian creature and you didn't tell me all this time!?"

Fate hummed. "I take it you are a fan?"

"I love all things other and unknown! I'm so honored to meet you." Morgan was fanning herself.

"So if I may ask... why are you surfing through people's dreams every night?" Luke said.

"Do you feed off the thoughts of others!?" Morgan was practically drooling.

"No I just enjoy surfing through people's dreams. I can't sleep myself so it occupies my time while my host rests." Fate purred. Their voice rumbled so low, Evan knew they were enjoying this greatly.

"Its very kind of you to use your time to make others happy." Jaden said smiling.

"My pleasure." Fate said.

Jaden made them all tea and they sat in the corner of the shop that had a little sitting area for reading. Luke and Morgan bought some of the vegan chocolates Jaden had for Fate to eat.

"Oh right Jaden I was wondering if there was any possible way to get another one of those boxes made. The dream stone box?"

"It will take a month for me to make another one. Is that ok?" Jaden said

Evan nodded. "She really liked the first one."

"I never knew magic could taste so amazing." Fate said.

Jaden smiled.

"Wait so... Jaden you can actually cast magic spells?" Luke said

"Of course she can! She is a sorceress!" Morgan said.

"I always just shopped here because I like her organic and new age products. I never knew her magic stuff was real!" Luke said.

"I sell relatively harmless objects and only sell real magic to experienced customers. Fate is an expert at walking through dreams so I knew she could handle that box." Jaden said.

"Do you have any experienced customers?" Dove asked.

"Morgan dabbles a little and I every so often have someone visit. And now I might add you to that list if you keep your studies up." Jaden smirked.

"This is nuts" Luke held his head and laughed.

"What? Weren't expecting to find out elderitch horrors, witches and magic were real today huh?" Morgan said with a grin.

"No I did not." Luke sipped his tea.

Before they left Jaden pulled Evan aside. "I have a special offer for you today."

"What is it?"

Jaden held up a pouch. Fate sniffed and and vibrated violently.

"DARLING BUY IT NOW!" Fate chimed.

"Oh geez. What is that?" Evan grabbed Fate and held them.

Jaden chuckled. "Its a special powder I made for dream magic. Helps in spell casting. I thought she might like it."

"How much?" Evan said.

"For you ten dollars."

Evan fished out ten bucks and gave it to her. "Thanks again Jaden."

"Anytime" she smirked.

Chapter Text

Eddie was reading the newspaper when Flora tackled him in her symbiote form. He almost fell out of his chair.

"Jesus! Flora what's up?"

"Spar with me." Flora said through the bond.

"No way I will crush you." Eddie said.

"Spar!" Flora bit Eddie's shoulder.

"Ow! No biting." Eddie picked her off of him.

"Make me" Flora signed with a smirk.

Eddie glared at her and then turned into Venom. "To the woods."

They got the the backwoods and no sooner than Venom and set their daughter down then she turned and tackled them. She couldn't knock then over so she just clung to their chest biting them. Venom pulled her off and slammed her to the ground. She coughed.

"Villains won't go easy on you, neither with we." Venom hissed.

Flora struggled under him and bit his hand. They picked her up and threw her deep into the woods. She landed on all fours and saw her parents leap towards her. She dodged them and made a few bladed tendrils. She jumped to slash them but was slammed again.

"Attacking us head on is foolish. You have to strategize. We are ten times your size little one." Venom said.

They picked up Flora again and threw her. She didn't land on her feet this time. She got up just barely in time before Venom brought a fist down into the dirt. Flora ran and turned invisible.

"You cannot run and hide forever! You must fight!" Venom hissed.

Flora circled them and webbed their feet. Venom pulled only one foot loose before Flora headbutted them in their face, knocking them over.

"Good job little on-" Venom paused and saw Flora breathing heavily on his chest. She had knocked herself out. They sighed and cradled their child, taking her home.

Flora woke up in Eddie's arms, her symbiote parent wrapped around her. Eddie's was stroking her cheek.

"You could have really hurt yourself Flora." Eddie said rocking her gently.

"I wanted to impress you." Flora said through their bond. She tugged his other tighter around herself and they licked her cheek gently.

"Honey you already do... listen when I was a kid I did everything to make my father love me. I got perfect grades, behaved myself, and did everything I could to get his attention. But he never loved me. You though, you don't have to worry about that because we love you with everything we have. You are loved unconditionally Flora. You will never have to earn it." Eddie said with a soft smile.

Flora whimpered and whispered through their bond. "Daddy... I have memories of you... you stabbed my siblings. You tried to kill them. Why?"

Eddie sighed heavily. His chest ached at her question. "A long time ago Daddy was a very bad man. I still am. I blamed other people for my problems and as my life fell apart more and more I just kept blaming anyone who wasn't me. So I hurt them. I hurt everyone."

Flora looked up at him with quivering eyes and hugged him.

"Daddy has done a lot to try and make up for what he did. A lot of people forgave me even though I didn't deserve it. I'm still working hard everyday to make up for my mistakes. But Flora, you never need to worry about me blaming you. You are a wonderful child and I will always love you no matter what." Eddie squeezed her.

She giggled softly and kissed his cheek. "Daddy. I don't think you are a bad man. I think you were just scared like me." She said through the bond.

"Maybe but that's no excuse for what I did. Remember that. You have to be responsible for your own actions. You can't blame other people for what you have done to yourself. Its not easy but its what you have to do."

Flora nodded and smiled at him.

"I love you honey. How's your head feel?" He said.

"Much better." Flora signed.

"How about some lunch then?" Eddie picked her up and they headed to the kitchen together.

Chapter Text

Flora held Butch's hand as they checked into Ravencroft for his appointment.

"So I'm goin' to see Dr. Walters, my therapist. I usually go see someone... special after but I'm not sure if we should together. Do you remember what I say about Cletus?" Butch said.

"He is you but evil." Flora signed

"Basically." He chuckled and pet her head. "He is very mean and most likely would want to kill you."

"I'll kill him first!" Flora signed.

Butch laughed. "Maybe someday but he is as strong as Papa so that would be hard. Now I'm gonna head in. Wait here in the lobby and behave yerself."

Butch went into Dr. Walters office and Flora sat on a platic chair. She looked up and there was a man who looked just like Papa in a straight jacket being wheeled down the hall towards her. She jumped up and watched. He was brought into the lobby and his transport starting to talk to the receptionist. Cletus look down and saw Flora.

"Holy shit your the other me's brat!" Cletus said.

Flora nodded and stared at him.

"What cat got your tongue? Or are you just shocked to see me." Cletus grinned.

"Papa said you would try to kill me if we met." Flora said. She had a feeling Cletus didn't know sign language.

"And I would if I wasn't tied up and drugged to hell currently." He said.

Flora giggled and stood next to him. "Why are you evil?"

"Why not? Kid when you grow up you are going realize that you can do and be anything you want. Your stupid dad told me your part symbiote so that means your a monster just like me. If you want to kill people kill people! You just have to not be afraid to do what other people can't."

"I'm not afraid of anything." Flora said proudly.

Cletus grinned. "Your a disgusting little thing but I can't help but like you. When you talk your voice echoes like Red's."

Flora giggle. He was so much like Papa but different. His voice was the same but his tone was different. There was no southern accent like Papa. His eyes were different too. Papa's eyes were warm while his where cold. She was fascinated with the similarities and differences.

"Can I see Red?" She said

"No Red is high as a kite right now and can't do much of anything." Cletus frowned. "You better watch out. These assholes might drug you one day too."


"They hate you. They hate your kind. Because they are afraid of you." Cletus smirked. "Its only a matter of time before they become too scared of you and they will turn on you. You better be ready to kill them before they kill you."

Flora cocked her head. "Are you trying to scare me?"

Cletus cackled. "I'm just trying to tell you how it is kid. Its a dog eat dog world. And you got the biggest teeth so you better use them."

Flora smiled and then reached out gently touching Cletus's hand. He grabbed her hand tightly trying to hurt her but she made spikes all over and stabbed through his fingers. Cletus let out a cackle as the guards knowticed and separated them.

Red pooled out of Cletus's hand and healed him but was too drugged to do much else.

"Wow you are a tough little girl!" Cletus grinned at her. "I changed my mind. When I get out of here I'm taking you and keeping you for myself! What better way to get revenge on Pops and my freaky other self then raising their daughter to be my little killer sidekick."

Flora pouted at him and stuck her tongue out . Cletus cackled as his transport van arrived.

"See you later Jr." Cletus said as they pulled him inside the van.

Flora growled at him. Butch came back into the lobby.

"Hey Flora thanks for waitin'. You ok?" Butch said.

"I met Cletus." Flora signed.

"What!? How when?" Butch said.

She pointed to the van.

"Oh right. Walters said they were goin' to take him to another facility today for a physical. You ok? It must have been weird seein' me act so differently." Butch said.

Flora looked into her Papa's eyes. Sometimes they just looked so sad. She hugged him tightly.

"He was dumb. You're not dumb." She said through the bond. "I love you Papa."

Flora purred loudly into her father's arms. Butch smiled and picked her up. "Yer such a fantastic kid. How about we stop fer icecream on the way home?"

"Icecream!" Flora say through the bond and smiled at Butch.

Butch let out a cackle and started heading to the car. Flora knowticed their laughs where the same. She thought Cletus had just been messing with her about wanting to keep her but now she thought maybe he really did enjoy having her around. Maybe deep down he was like Papa and loved her.

Butch put her in the car and buckled her in. She signed to him. "I think Cletus liked me."

"He most likely did. He doesn't know how to like people properly though. Don't think that he wouldn't hurt you just because he likes you. Its fer the best if I keep you far away from him I think."

"Do you think he could ever become like you?" Flora signed.

Butch paused and looked down at her with his mouth opened slightly. He bit his lips and then gave a mournful smile. "No... No I don't think so baby. He is broken beyond repair."

He kissed her cheek. "You are sweet to think about him though. Its something you and I have in common. Now, to the icecream!"

They didn't talk about Cletus after that but Flora thought about him.

Chapter Text

Eddie and Butch where walking downtown with Flora. She was happily swinging between her two dads and giggling. They were taking Flora to a museum.

"So after the museum how about we get pizza?" Eddie said.

Flora nodded.

"Pizza sounds good." Butch said

There was a loud crash infront of them as a semi truck ran into two other cars and hit a wall. The two cars where completely pined under it

"Shit! Butch call the cops we're going in." Eddie ran towards the trucks as his other started to cover him.

Butch pulled out his cellphone and dials 911. Flora watched as her father lifted the truck and pulled the two cars out from under it. Venom put the truck back down and ripped the cars open. Inside the people we hurt and in particular, a small kid was very badly hurt with a huge gash on his chest.

"Shit." Venom knew the kid wasn't going to make it before the paramedics got there

Suddenly Flora ran towards the boy. Butch ran after her screaming for her to stop. She dodged his grasp and turned symbiotic. She touched the boys shoulder and her claws dug into him.

"Flora!" Venom said watching.

Flora was completely concentrated on the boy. Suddenly his chest started to close up. Venom gasped. Eddie knew this power.

It was Anti-Venom's.

"H-how?" Venom said as the boys chest fully healed. Flora retracted her claws from his skin. He was a little pale from blood lose but ok. Flora stepped back and looked at her dad.

Venom knelt next to her. "Do you think you could do it again?"

Flora nodded and touched the next most injured person. She quickly healed them. One by one Flora healed each person in the crash by the time the paramedics came. She was dizzy after it and Venom picked her up.

"Good job Flora. You saved them." Venom said.

"Hun-gry" Flora weakly said through their bond.

"Shh shh we will get you home and get you some food." Venom said with a smile.

They all got back to the car together and Venom handed Flora off to Butch. Eddie drove them home. Flora passed out in Butch's arms. When they got home Butch cradled Flora on the couch while Eddie got out a brain from the fridge.

"Flora honey wake up. We got you some brains." Butch nudged her gently.

Flora opened her eyes halfway and weakly ate the brain out of the tupperware container. She licked it clean and then passed out again against Butch. He held her tightly and Sunny wrapped the child to keep her warm.

"She is a healer... she has Anti-venom's powers." Eddie said.

"But she doesn't have Flash's DNA." Butch said

"Flash doesn't use the real Anti-Venom he uses a chemical Alchemax synthesized from me. I was only real Anti-Venom but I used it all up to save New York." Eddie said.

"Maybe you had a lil left in you." Butch said.

"Maybe. Also she doesn't seem to hurt symbiotes like Anti-Venom did." Eddie said

"Well that makes sense otherwise she would kill herself." Butch said

They both felt sour after that was said.

"L-lets call Dr. Sanchez. Maybe we can squeeze the answer out of Vex." Eddie said.

"Good idea." Butch rocked Flora gently.


Vex was on video chat from her prison cell while Eddie, Butch, Flora and Dr. Sanchez called from the lab.

"Yes I really was hoping Eddie's DNA would contain some of the Anti-Venom symbiote still and luckily I was correct. I reversed engineered it so it maintained the healing properties but got rid of the potential to destroy symbiotes. I'm so pleased it worked." Vex said smiling. "How is 42? Growing well?"

"Her name is Flora you piece of shit." Eddie said

Flora was hugging her knees. Butch sat next to her and hugged her.

"Papa... do my powers upset you and Daddy?" Said said through the bond.

"What? No. Sweetheart we are just worried. Daddies powers were very dangerous to symbiotes so we want to make sure you are safe." Butch kissed her forehead. "We are all proud of you. You saved lives today."

Flora smiled meekly at him. Eddie came over and pet her head. "Very proud of you. Once we make sure you are ok we will make you anything you want for dinner."

Flora signed "Liver"

"Liver? Seriously?" Butch snickered.

"Craving it." Flora signed.

"Most likely iron deficiency. I found Anti-Venom often consumed iron to use its abilitys. Its a shame 42 is female she will burn through it more quickly. But its a mixed blessing. If I'm lucky she will be able to self fertilize and reproduce asexually like her symbiote parents only she would produce human/symbiote hybrids. That is unless she is sterile. You put me away before I could find out."

"You are a sick fuck." Eddie growled.

Flora was so confused by everything that was just said. Butch held her tightly and sneered at Vex.

"Well how else is she supposed to reproduce? She can turn male as well incase she wishes to impregnate a human female. Though when she started shifting to female to mimic me I condition her with mild shocks to stay female. I have no idea if a human female could safely carry her offspring to term yet so it seems safer to convince her to stay female."

"You're a monster!" Eddie roared.

Flora was still confused as to what was happening and was crying. Butch held her close.

"Just end the call with this bitch. I've heard enough." Butch hissed.

Dr. Sanchez ended the call.

"I'm sorry I made everyone sad..." Flora whimpered through her bond to Butch.

"Oh darlin' I'm sorry. Please its not yer fault. You give us nothin' but joy dear. Vex is just a horrible person. We are mad at her not you." Butch squeezed Flora to him and tried to stop crying himself.

Eddie sat next to them and pulled them into a hug. They sat there for a while hugging Flora as tight as they could, all four parents reminding her that they loved her.

They had liver for diner and they had also gotten cake and icecream. Flora felt a little better. Even Coco got the courage to come over and lick Flora to cheer her up. What really did it was when Evan and Fate came over and gushed over how cool her healing powers where.

After they put her to bed Eddie and Butch sat on the couch with two beers and their others hovered around them.

"I didn't even think about her being possibly sterile." Eddie said taking a swing.

"Thats cus she is a baby. You don't think about yer babies having babies till their older." Butch said.

"Or that she might be able to reproduce asexually." Eddie's other said.

"God that's weird the think about." Eddie said leaning his head back.

"I want to snap Vex's pencil neck." Butch hissed finishing his beer.

"No matter what happens to Flora we will be there." Eddie handed Butch another beer.

"To our daughter." Butch raised the beer and Eddie clinked it against his.

Flora was watching from the stairs and smiled. She still didn't understand what was wrong with her or why her dads were upset but it felt like everything was going to be okay.

Chapter Text

Evan sat in his bed with Fate on his lap, purring as he scratched their head. They were reading a book together like they did everything night.

"My beloved, can we use some of the powder tonight?" Fate sang, their voice hitched a little when he scratched a good spot.

Evan chuckled "Sure." He opened up his night stand and pulled out the bag they bought from Jaden.

"Say 'Ah'."

Fate opened their mouth and Evan grabbed their tongue, massaging it gently. Fate make a bunch of strange mewls and purrs as he did. He took a little powder and rubbed it all over their tongue. Fate pulled their tongue back into their mouth and hummed happily.

"Darling!" They warbled. They had discovered the powder worked similar to the box, in that Fate cound take Evan's consciousness with them while dream hopping but they didn't gain any additional power like the box gave. It also had the side effect of making Fate act a little funny before it fully kicked in.

Fate formed a female torso and nuzzled into Evan clinging to him. "Darling!" She said into his shoulder, blushing bright blue. Evan chuckled held them.

"Yes Fate?" Evan said rubbing them gently.

Fate fidgeted against him, embarrassed to speak. "I um ngh um."

Fate buried their face into Evan's shoulder. Their whole body was starting to blush blue. Evan pulled them off his shoulder and pressed them into his bed. He pinned them and laced his fingers with theirs. Fate gasped and stared up at him, flustered and longing.

"Is this what you want?" Evan said.

"E-Evan!" Fate couldn't look at him. They squirmed under him . He laughed and pulled them up into a hug.

"You are so cute when you get like this." He giggled.

Fate babbled incoherently and clung to Evan. He started massaging them and then moaned loudly into his shoulder. They kept massaging and rubbing Fate. They were overly sensitive right now so they gasped and moaned as Evan played with their form. Fate drooled onto Evan, unable to control themself. Evan giggled as Fate started to go from overly flustered to ecstacy. Evan kept rubbing Fate until they were a quivering puddle on his bed.

"You ok?" Evan laughed.

Fate didn't answer they just giggled drunkenly. Evan smiled and gathered up Fate into his arms. The bed was soaked in glittering drool and so was Evan.

"Go back inside me, the bed is too wet now to sleep. Im gonna take a shower and change the sheets." Evan said.

Fate nodded and slowly oozed inside his body. They were too drunk to form cloths so Evan just grabbed his towel to cover himself as well as a spare pair of boxers for later.

Evan leaned again the shower wall and let the warm water hit him. Fate was trying to sing inside him but when just babbling. Evan laughed.

"I can't believe how high this stuff makes you." Evan said scrubbing himself.

"Dawling~" Date babbled.

Evan laughed and dried off. He was still covered in glitter. He shrugged and pulled on his boxers.

"God normal clothing feels weird now. Like everything is too itchy and just wrong." Evan said.

"Itchy" Fate murmured.

Evan smiled and gathered his sheets. As he loaded them Bill came downstairs.

"So, Fate drooled all over your bed again?" Bill said.

"Yup. That powder is crazy." Evan started the load.

"Just be careful okay?" Bill smiled.

"We will. I plan on just using that box once its made." Evan smiled.

Bill ruffled Evan's hair and started heading back upstairs. "Crazy kids."

Evan got new sheets on his bed and striped out of the uncomfortable boxers as soon as he could. He laid down and closed his eyes. Fate started to feel the final effects of the powder. They were warm inside him.

"My beloved, I'm ready if you would like to sleep now." Fate murmured.

"Sure, welcome back to the land of the sober." Evan said

Fate squeezed him and he drifted to sleep. Fate was already waiting for him and smiled.

"Lets go on an adventure darling."

Chapter Text

Evan was finishing getting ready for school when he here his bedroom window open.

"Butch isn't it early to break into my room?" Evan said turning to look.

But it wasn't Butch it was Flora.

"Gah! Child on the roof!" Evan ran over and scooped her up. Flora giggled. "Flora why are you breaking into my room?"

"I want to play with you outside." She signed in his arms.

Evan sighed. "Flora its a school day. I have to go to school."

Flora growled. "No, play with me." She signed.

Butch climbed through Evan's window. "There you are!" Butch walk up to Flora who was panicing in Evan's arms.

"She has become a lil monster lately instead of a lil miss. Real good with her camouflage and keeps sneakin' out." Butch said taking Flora.

Flora pouted at her father thwarting her plan. Evan and Fate chuckled and pet her head.

"Sorry Flora. We can play after school." Fate said.

Butch carried Flora back through the window and Evan headed towards his bus stop.

He sat in the bus next to James, Josh drove himself and Dove to school.

"Good morning James." Fate said.

"Sup?" James said.

"Not much. My sister-in-law broke into my room this morning." Evan chuckled.

"You mean the one sitting next to you?" James said.

Evan wiped around and Flora was sitting next to him on the bus.

"Hi James" Flora signed.

"Dude what she say?" James said.

Evan signed. "She said hi. Flora! What are you doing here?"

"Wanted to come with you to school." Flora signed with a big smile.

Evan sighed and pulled out his cellphone. "Butch? Ya I have her... ok I'll find Eddie when I get to school and we will see you soon... Love you too." Evan laughed and hung up.

Fate cuddled Flora and the bus went on. Some girl knowticed Flora and crowded them.

"Aw she is so cute!" One said.

"Is she your cousin Evan?"

"My baby sister." Fate said snuggling Flora.

"You mean Evan's sister right?" The first said.

"No. She is part symbiote." Evan said.

"Does that mean you and Evan can have babies!?"

"Not normally. Fate's species reproduces asexually. Flora was made when a mad scientist stole DNA from our family members." Evan said.

"Evan your life is so crazy."

"Yup. Love my alien family though" Evan said hugging Flora and Fate who both purred.

Evan lead Flora out of the bus with James behind her. As soon as they got off the bus though she vanished.

"Flora!" Evan said.

"Dang! She can just turn invisible!?" James said.

"All symbiotes can. Flora! This isn't funny!" Evan ran around looking for her.

"My beloved, lets find Eddie and inform him." Fate said.

"Good idea." Evan said.

"I'll tell everyone to be on the look out for a little red headed girl" James said.

"Me too." Marcy stepped up to the group.

"Really?" James said.

"They're a child right? I overheard what you said on the bus. Please let me help." Marcy said.

"I'll take all the help I can get." Evan said. "Move out!"

They all ran through the halls informing teachers and students alike. They found Eddie and he growled as Evan explained.

"I blame Butch's DNA for this..." Eddie got into the hallway and cupped his mouth. "Flora Anne Brock get out here right now!"

Evan and Fate flinched at his voice. They both often forgot how threating Eddie could be when he wanted.

They waited a moment and nothing.

"She isn't here." Eddie grumbled and moved on.

Evan and Fate both where quiet as they went. Eddie called for Flora as they went through the school.

Butch showed up with Sleeper a few minutes later.

"Any luck?" Butch said looking flustered.

"Not yet. I'm grounding her for the rest of her life." Eddie said.

Sleeper shifted to symbiote form now that they were inside the school. He slowly looked around.

"...Got her." Sleeper said and started moving.

They went into the school greenhouse and they grabbed at the air with a snatching claw. Flora suddenly appeared in their grip struggling.

"No fair!" She signed

"You are in so much trouble." Eddie said with a low rumble.

Flora stared up at him with big puppy dogs eyes and started to cry.

"Nope! Not buying it. You know what you did." Eddie said.

Flora pouted and Butch grabbed her.

"Thanks everyone for helpin' us find her." Butch said.

"No problem." Evan said.

"Bye bye jail bird." James pet Flora's head.

Flora was grounded again and this time had to write an apology and thank you card to Evan, James, Marcy and the staff at the school. She decided sneaking out was a bad idea.

Chapter Text

It was the first nice day of spring and Butch took Flora outside. She screamed and ran around happily.

"You really love the outdoors huh?" Butch smiled.

Flora nodded, covered in mud. "I hate being inside so much. It reminds me of being trapped my jar." She signed

Butch's throat closed up for a moment. "Hey Flora. Is that why you kept sneakin' out so much?"

Flora nodded.

"Oh sweety you have to tell Papa these things." He picked her up and held her. "Now that I know this I'll take you outside more. Also how would you like some plants fer yer room?"

"I like plants. I want plants." Flora signed

Butch chuckled. "Ok and now that yer done bein' grounded I'm gonna ask Daddy and Evan if they would like to go campin' this weekend with you and me."

Flora lit up and squealed. Butch smiled and kissed her forehead.

"You really are my baby. I love the outdoors too." Butch chuckled.


Eddie and Evan liked the idea of camping with Flora. They searched for a campsite to rent this time since they thought it would be better to have a restroom, shower, and water for Flora. First thing though was buying Flora camping supplies. That and the plants Butch promised.

Evan have Flora on his shoulders as they went to thr hardware store for plants. She was clinging to him and purring.

"Alright lets see 'bout some easy to care fer plants." Butch smiled.

"I asked Dove for suggestions since it it more her department." Evan said pulling out his phone. "She said succulents, cacti, and spider plants."

"Spiders!" Flora chirped excitedly.

Butch laughed. "They aren't real spiders love."

"She is talking a lot more huh?" Evan said.

"Doc said her vocal cords are growin' stronger. She still most likely will like sign language best though fer the rest of her life. That and talkin' through bonds." Butch said.

"Its much easier to talk now but I like silence best." Flora said through her bond to Evan.

They looked at spider plants first. Flora picked out a giant one with a lot of little babies hanging off of it.

"Its a Papa spider plant!" She signed. Butch smiled and ruffled her hair.

When they got to the cacti and succulents Flora let out a loud happy squeak.

"Papa! Look at how sharp they are!" Flora signed.

Butch chuckled. "Ya if we get you some you have to be careful with 'em."

Flora started petting one, her hand turning symbiotic so it could slide around its needles.

"My other parent ate one of these once." Flora signed.

"No eatin' the cactus." Butch said.

"I won't" Flora signed and smiled.

She picked out three different cacti and then picked out a large basket filled with different succulents. They took them home and decorated her room. Flora sat on her bed and kicked her feet, looking around.

"Papa this feels much better. Everything is so green now!" She signed.

Butch knelt next to Flora and smiled. "From now one when somethin' makes you feel uncomfortable or upset tell me and I'll do my best to help you. You don't have to hide that stuff."

"Ok Papa." She signed and hugged his head.

Evan put a little piece of tape on each plant. He handed Flora a sharpie "Hey Flora how about you name them?"

"Yes!" Flora jumped up.

The spider plant became 'Papa Peter'. A haworthia zebra cactus they got was now 'Princess Death'. A fat pincushion cactus got the name 'Laszlo the Stabby'. The beaver tail cactus was dubbed 'Bubblegum Rage' because of its one pink flower. The basket of succulents got five names for each succulent in it. They were 'Rabies', 'Ash', 'Jaws', 'Evan's favorite' (because Evan had said it was) and 'Howard'.

"You certainly are creative with names." Evan chuckled.

Flora beamed with pride over her plants. Butch filled a little spray bottle with water.

"Now they don't need much because they're desert plants so just mist 'em a tiny bit with they need it." Butch said.

Next he filled up a little blown glass watering globe and stuck it in Papa Peter's pot. "This one needs more water so this will make sure its watered correctly. When that ball empties though you have to replace its water."

Flora nodded and gently sprayed her plants. She gave Papa Peter an extra spray.

"Good job Flora." Butch pet her head. "Now lets go get you some campin' gear."

Flora ran up and down the aisle of the camping supply sort giggling.

"Butch you didn't tell me you were a dad." The man behind the counter said. Butch was a regular.

"I wasn't till recently." Butch chuckled. "I've had her fer a lil under half a year now."

"God has it really been that long?" Evan said.

Butch nodded. "Ya we got her early November. Time flies right? I can't believe you are gonna graduate in like a month."

"I'll be done with school for a bit. I'm taking a year off to try and find a bakery job and see how I like it. I'm also going part time as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent instead of just an intern."

Butch suddenly grabbed Evan. "My babies. Yer all grown up!"

"Gah! Do you know my mom did the exact same thing when I told her my plans?" Evan said.

Butch chuckled and let go. Flora came running up to the group with a child size sleeping bag that had Venom on it. Butch laughed.

"You want that one?" Butch said

Flora nodded and put it down so she could sign. "I like it! Mama Venom is on it and its my favorite color"

Butch picked up the sleeping bag. "Well good. I'm sure Daddy and Mama will be flattered that their daughter loves them so much."

Butch also bought some stuff for himself. The store owner gave Flora a whistle for free.

"Incase you get separated from your dad." He said.

"Thank you!" Flora signed.

Flora hugged her new bag the whole way home.

Chapter Text

Flora dashed to the camp site and ran around in circles.

"Where does she get all that energy?" Eddie said carrying in some supplies.

"She is a kid. They all have nuclear reactors inside them I swear." Butch said.

They set everything down and Flora signed "I want to go exploring!" A few times.

"Evan, would you be a dear while we set up?" Butch said

"Got it. Come on Flora." Evan said and they started walking.

They went deep into the woods and Flora shifted to her symbiote form. She climbed trees and swung around. Fate sat on Evan's head to giggle and watch.

"Having fun Flora?" Evan said

"Play with me!" Flora tackled him.

Evan fell to the ground as he turned to Frostbite. Flora play bit their arm and they grabbed her and bit back. They rough housed in the dirt and laughed, pawing and biting eachother. Flora jumped off at one point and threw some mud at Frostbite.

"Oh you are getting it!" They said and they threw a mud ball back. She yelped as it hit her.

They got eachother complete covered in mud. By the end Flora was curled up on Frostbite's chest purring. They chuckled and pet her.

"Frostbite is nice and cool." Flora murmured through the bond.

They smiled down at her and picked her up gently. "Lets go swim this dirt off." They formed a cloud and sat on it. Flying through the forest.

They took a dip in the river and Flora sat on Frostbite's back as they swam. Flora didn't know how to swim yet but was really excited to learn.

"Want me to hold your hands so you can try to swim?" Frostbite said.

Flora nodded and Frostbite took her hands. She kicked her feet and swam along, they lead her through the water.

"Very good! Look at you go!" Frostbite smiled.

Flora laughed and smiled. Frostbite taught her a few different swimming techniques and before long Flora was swimming all by herself.

After the swim they headed back to the campsite. Eddie and Butch had finished a while back and had a fire set up. Flora scooted careful around the fire to her dads.

"I learned how to swim." She signed.

"Aw thanks guys that was so sweet of you." Eddie said.

"Our pleasure." Evan said putting up a lawn chair next to the fire. Fate was doing their best to be brave inside Evan.

Sunny being the only symbiote brave enough or apathetic enough, pull hotdogs from a bag and stuck them on sticks next to the fire.

"Sunny is a brave one huh." Eddie said.

"She lives on the edge." Butch chuckled and took her into his arms, scratching under her chin. She growled happily.

Flora went over to Sunny and put a hand on her head, staring at her symbiote parent. Sunny watched the child intensely and then gently licked her cheek. Flora giggled.

"You tryin' to siphon off some of yer mom's bravery Flora?" Butch said raising an eyebrow.

Flora nodded happily as Sunny gave her a few more sloppy kisses on the cheek.

They all ate hotdogs together and relaxed. Eddie had a radio out and it was playing a local 80s rock station. Flora bobbed to the music.

Flora had inherited her parent's love of rock and metal. Eddie was going to show her the classics but was shocked when she already knew most of them. Her genetic memory was very strong on certain things but weak on others. They found it was easier for her to remember happy memories than sad ones. They think that was why she didn't remember Carnage. She remembered Eddie during his attack on the symbiotes though because he was happy at the moment. Butch was extremely thankful she had no memory of his time with Serum.

Flora was humming along to ACDC when Eddie got out the marshmallows and chocolate. Sunny, Fate and Eddie's other crowded him and he broke off a piece of chocolate for each. Flora rushed over and he gave her the last of the bar. They nibbled their chocolate while the marshmallows toasted.

"I never thought in my live I would spend this much time camping." Eddie chuckled.

"You never thought you would marry an alternate dimension Cletus Kasady either but here you are." Bitch said.

Eddie laughed. "Very true. Of anyone told me that four years ago I would have them committed."

"Or you would have punched them out." Evan said.

"Ok, most likely that one." Eddie said eating a marshmallow.

They ate s'more and Flora let out a big yawn.

"Time to brush your teeth and go to bed." Butch picked up Flora.

"Noooooooooo" Flora moaned.

"You need sleep lil miss." Butch said.

Butch held Flora infront of Eddie. "Give Daddy a kiss."

Flora kissed Eddie's cheek. Butch lifted her to his other and she kissed them too.

"I want a kiss." Fate said.

Butch smirked and carried Flora over. Fate gave Flora a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight kiddo." Evan said smiling.

Butch got her all set for bed and tucked her in.

"Papa I want to stay here. I like the woods." Flora said through their bond.

"We will come more often but I'm not giving up the house." Butch said.

"Ok. Goodnight Papa I love you. You too Mama."

Sunny purred and nuzzled Flora. Butch kissed her cheek.

Flora fell asleep quickly and the guys spent the rest of the night talking to eachother under the moon. When it was late though Eddie got into the tent and slept next to Flora. Evan and Butch suited up.

"Late night hunt?" Frostbite said.

Sundance chuckled. "You read my mind son."

They spent the rest of the evening together, saving a brain or two for Flora.

Chapter Text

Evan was sitting in class with his yearbook. So many people wanted Fate to sign theirs. Fate also wrote Evan a personal love letter in his book next to his picture. Dove was currently signing his and he hers.

"God next year is going to suck." Dove said.

"Aw come on you'll be a Senior! Queen of the school!" Evan said.

"Ya but you and my boyfriend won't be here." Dove said.

"You still got me!" James slide in on a computer chair, pointing at himself with a stupid grin. Dove laughed.

"Ya but since you are going to be a Sophomore we most likely won't have classes together." Dove said.

"Shit." James said

"We can still hang out on weekends. Josh has Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes too so he has no excuse to not visit you on Tuesdays and Thursdays." Evan said

"Dude! Don't make promises I can't keep!" Josh said coming into the room.

"Oh ya. Why can't you keep them?" Dove said with a smirk.

"Uh cus I'll be busy with homework." Josh said

"More like he wants to sit at home in his underwear and play videogames." James said

Josh elbowed him.

"Will you at least visit me a little?" Dove said with a pout.

"Of course!" Josh gave her a kiss.

"No PDA in school you two." Said Mr. Shoo said.

"Mr. Shoo! Please sign our book!" Fate said.

"Me?" Mr. Shoo was confused

"Math was their favorite subject. They liked your class." Evan said smiling.

Mr. Shoo blushed and signed. "You'll always be one of my most memorable students thats for sure."

Fate chimed happily. Suddenly another teacher named Mrs. Davids came into the room.

"Evan can I have a word with you?" She said.

"Um sure." He got up and went over.

"So you are coming to your graduation correct?" She said

"Yup got my hat and gown ready. I made a little one for Fate is that is ok?" Evan said

"Actually we have a hat for her. We want you two to speak at your graduation." She said

"What seriously why? I know I'm graduating with high honors but I'm like number 7 in the top ten students." Evan said.

"Evan you and Fate are the perfect example if culture acceptance, tolerance, and comunication. You are a great example for the youth of tomorrow. Please consider it?" She said.

"I mean. Sure I'd love to." Evan said.

"Good. Your speech should be 5 minutes long. You have a week to prepare it. Submit a copy to me for approval any time before then." She said.

Evan nodded and she left.

"Man I can't believe it. Mom is going to flip." Evan said.


"My baby is giving a speech at his graduation!" Karen screamed while hugging Evan.

Bill laughed and clapped Evan on the shoulder. "I was 2nd in my class and I didn't even get to do that. I'm really proud of you Evan."

"I mean, its just because Fate and I are dating." Evan said looking down at the floor.

"Evan don't sell yourself short! From everything I've seen you do, all the people you have already helped saved, the time and effort you put into learning with the Brocks, Flash, and S.H.I.E.L.D. One day you are going to be someone people look up to. You already are for many." Karen said touching his cheek.

"Evan, what you do is amazing. I've seen and heard what it is like to live with a symbiote. This isn't just some easy thing you do for fun. You do it because you care about eachother. Not many people could do what you do. There have been a lot who have tried and it has been a disaster. Actually... there is something I've wanted to tell all of you but never really knew how or had the guts to talk about it." Bill said.

"What is it Dad?" Evan said.

"I was almost killed in New York by Carnage."

"What!?" Evan said.

"Bill really?" Karen looked shocked.

"It happened right after Evan was born. I was in New York for that big conference, you remember Karen? Anyway he attacked the building I was in and he killed two of the men around me and was about to stab me when Venom punched him away from me. Eddie saved my life that day and I've never really gotten the courage up to thank him. To be honest I was shocked when these creatures became part of our lives. But I'm glad they have." Bill said.

"Bill why did you never tell me? You told me that you weren't even in the building when that happened." Karen said still in shock.

"You were still exhausted and stressed from having a baby I didn't want to put that on you. Also it was a shock for my too. My kid almost had to grow up without a father. But he didn't because of a hero. And now my son is working to become a hero just like him. Evan I'm so incredibly proud of you and Fate. Don't think you two don't deserve this" Bill smiled.

"Dad thats so crazy." Evan hugged his dad.

"Well I need a lemonade after that news!" Karen when into the kitchen and Bill chuckled.

"Hey dad could you help me with my speech? I've never spoken in front of this many people before." Evan said.

"Sure kiddo I'd love too." Bill said.

Bill, Fate and Evan spent a long time that night writing.

Chapter Text

They stood outside the gym of the school and Karen was sobbing.

"Look at him! Look at my baby he is all grown up!" She said before blowing her nose into a handkerchief.

Evan stood in his navy blue cap and gown. Fate had made a head next to him and had her own little cap too. Evan's tassle was gold as well instead of white, it was way his class signified that he had graduated with high honors.

"Mom are you going to be ok?" Evan said.

"I'm fine! This is a mom moment!" She wiped her eyes.

Butch patted Evan on the back. "Hey kid I'm proud of you too. Yer gettin' to do what I never got to."

"Butch you never graduated?" Bill said.

"Nope! I became homeless when I was sixteen and had to spend my whole day tryin' to survive. I got my GED when I was in my 30s." Butch said.

"Oh thats awful I'm so sorry Butch." Bill said.

"It's fine." Butch smiled

Flora handed Evan a card that she drew that said "Congratulations on Graduations! You are Smart" with little hearts all over it.

"Wow thanks Flora. Butch did you have to help her with this one?" Evan said petting Flora.

"Nope I nearly shit myself. She is 5 but apparently is like intellectually 10 doc says or something."

"Thats impressive Flora!" Evan said to her.

She beamed at his praise.

Flash wheeled over. "Hey Evan congratulations."

"Thanks! Oh ya Coach can I get you to sign my year book?"

"Sure, why do you want me to sign it?" Flash said taking his book.

"Well um you're my favorite teacher here." Evan said.

Flash tried to hide the fact that he was blushing as he wrote. "There you go Evan and thanks. I'm going to miss having you as a student but at least now we work together."

Evan took his book and smiled. "Thanks for being a great teacher."

Josh came over in his own cap and gown. "Evan they want you backstage!"

"See you all after the ceremony!" Evan said.

Evan got himself ready and got his notecards out. Fate started quivering.

"Nervous?" Evan said.

Fate nodded. Evan pulled them in for a kiss.

"I'm here for you the whole way darling." Evan smiled.

Fate curled around his neck and they waited. The dean first introduced the valedictorian who gave their own speech. The dean called them up next. Evan and Fate came up to the microphone.

"Goodevening everyone. I'm Evan Miller and this is Fate, my partner."

His class cheered and he heard a few people shout their names. Fate giggled.

"So a few weeks back Fate and I were asked to give a speech for today. Well, I don't know anything about public speaking and Fate has been attached to me for their whole life. So I looked a speech my dad recommended to me by  Mary Schmich that she wrote for a graduation. Its a really great speech in which she basically gives advice for the future based off her own experiences. Now I'm not going to plagiarize a whole speech for my speech but we liked the idea. So today, Fate and I are going to give you advice based on what we have learned from being together."

"If you get glitter on yourself thats it. That glitter is now a part of you and will be forever. Accept it." Evan said and the crowd laughed.

"Family is one of the strongest bonds you will ever form. It is good to recognize when someone is toxic though or when someone needs help. Being a family doesn't always mean by blood. Sometimes a family is just the people who mean most to you or the people you can count on when you need them. Sometimes, family is your neighbor." Fate said.

"Gender roles are annoying and pointless in this day and age. If you are a guy that likes to be girly, be girly. If you are a girl who likes manly be manly. If neither of those thinks apply to you or if you are somewhere inbetween, more power to you." Evan said.

"Make sure you eat right and sleep right. It can make all the difference." Fate said

"Love is the act of admiring someone's good traits and helping them with their flaws. Love is supporting eachother. Love is accepting someone for who they are." Evan said

"Love means you may never fully understand someone but you respect them. Love is kindness. Love is caring. Love is getting your girlfriend chocolate cake at 3 am because they are really hungry." Fate said.

"No matter what you do someone is going to hate you. Disregard those people they are not worth your time. You will never make everyone happy. Just make sure you are happy and do your best to make those around you happy if it is within your means." Evan said.

"Loneliness is one of the cruelest emotions. Not all people alone are lonely and you can be lonely in a room full of people. Finding those who will end the loneliness is hard. They are worth the fight though." Fate said

"Don't trust the government. But understand they are a part of society you have to pay attention to and respect. And by respect I don't mean blindly follow I mean actually pay attention to and acknowledge as a part of your life that will one day affect you. Vote." Evan said.

"Just because someone isn't you doesn't mean you should ignore their plight. Help those who need help even if it doesn't directly help you, because one day you might wish someone would step up and help you when they have nothing to gain from it." Fate said.

"Appearances are incredibly deceiving. Don't judge someone based on how they look." Evan said.

"Hobbies are extremely important and valuable. Never let anyone mock yours. It is important to you and it helps you. That makes it more valuable than gold." Fate said.

"Normal life is over rated. Never think that you need to lessen yourself to fit into the societal mold. Do what makes you happy. As long as you don't hurt others or yourself do whatever you want. You get one life make it amazing for you." Evan said.

"Depression is a real illness. Mental health is real health. Don't ignore the needs of your mind. Therapy should cost less! You all have wonderful beautiful neurotransmitters and nerve endings you will never see. Your bodies are beautiful and a miracle to behold. Treat them as such." Fate said

"Learn basic survival skills. You never know when you might get lost in the woods or stranded somewhere. Go. Outside. Seriously nature is amazing. Go outside." Evan said.

"Listen to your parents. They have way more experience than you and even if you don't agree with them you can learn something from them. Listen to people younger than you, they most likely aren't jaded by the world yet." Fate said

"And with great power, comes great responsibility!" They said together.

"Thank you everyone have a wonderful night!" Evan waved as the crowd cheered for them.

They sat down in their chair and the rest of the ceremony went on.

Afterwards they met back up with their group and Karen hugged Evan so tightly he had trouble breathing. She was so proud she was just babbling in run on sentences.

"Mom. Mom. Mom!" Evan said.

Karen took a deep breath and fanned herself. "I'm sorry honey I'm just overwhelmed."

Eddie and Butch grabbed Evan and lifted him up on their shoulders. Evan laughed and grabbed on for dear life. Fate was giggling with glee.

"Hows the weather up their son?" Bill said.

"Pretty great!" Evan said laughing.

"You did great on your speech." Bill said.

"Thanks dad!"

Eddie and Butch sang as they paraded Evan and Fate around. They took him off their shoulders and threw him into the air a few times before gently placing him back down. Flora demanded they do the same to her so they did.

"Holy crap I'm dizzy" Evan laughed.

"Well lets get you home, we have cake and icecream." Karen said.

They stayed up late into the night celebrating.

Chapter Text

"You two sure about this?" Eddie said.

"Its good practice!" Peter said.

"If we want to have kids of our own we need to get used to them." MJ said.

"Alrighty then." Butch leaned down to Flora and kissed her forehead. "Behave yerself. They want to have kids someday that doesn't mean terrorise them out of the idea."

Eddie leaned down and kissed her forehead too. "Peter and MJ don't know sign language so you will have to touch them or use your words ok?"

Flora nodded and gave a thumbs up.

"We will be back at around 5. Love you." Butch said.

Eddie and Butch left to enjoy a date in New York. Flora turned to look at Peter and MJ.

"Well Flora what would you like to do first?" MJ said

"Play with Spider-man!" Flora giggled.

"Wait! Eddie and Butch told you my secret identity?" Peter was upset.

"Nope I already knew. I have my parents memories." Flora said.

Peter bit his lips and was now horrified. "So do you... hate me then?"

"Nope! I just want to play." Flora said.

Flora turned symbiotic and tackled Peter who yelped. She play bit and grabbed and hit him. To him it honestly felt like fighting a tiny Venom or Carnage. Flora was extremely strong and appearent didn't know how to pull her punches very well.

"Are you sure you don't hate me!?" Pete said pulling her off as she giggled madly. He was bruised and bleeding.

"Oh no! You are hurt. How did that happen?" Flora said through the bond as she healed him.

"You caused it you little b- woah hey! Wait you have healing powers? You have Anti-venom's healing powers!?" Peter was now panicking. Anti-venom's powers had the ability to take away his and Eddie had just left this kid with him.

"I kinda do. Don't worry I can't take your powers." Flora said through the bond.

"Oh... oh good." Peter flopped backwards onto the ground. The girl had been here less than a half hour and he was exhausted.

Flora giggled and looked up at MJ. "Snack please?"

MJ took Flora by the hand and lead her into the kitchen. Peter moaned on the floor.

"Now Butch and Eddie said they made chocolate zucchini bread for you and also gave my this... tub that they said I shouldn't watch you eat. Which do you want?" MJ said.

"Tub!" Flora's eyes went wide and she bounced up and down.

MJ gave her the tub and couldn't help but he curious as to what was in it. She felt all the blood leave her face when Flora pulled a raw brain out and started to eat it. MJ ran to the bathroom and almost threw up.

Flora peaked into the bathroom when she was done and washed her hands and face. MJ looked up from the toilet at Flora.

"Flora do you know what you just ate?" MJ said horrified.

"Cow brain." Flora said cheerfully.

"Well at least it was a cow." MJ said turning her face to the toilet bowl again.

"I'm starting to think we didn't think this all the way through. Like we though this would help us with a normal kid not a killer symbiote kid." Peter said.

Flora giggled and hugged Peter's leg. Peter looked down at her and sighed. "God you're a cute monster."

Flora went over to MJ and rubbed her back. "Papa told me to be careful about letting you see my food. You looked curious though so I was wondering if you wanted to share." Flora looked at her apologetically.

MJ smiled back. "You really are just a little girl huh?"

Flora nodded. "Can we watch tv?"

"Sure! Tv is great!" Peter lead her over to the Tv and turned it on. It was the news and Scorpion was attacking a bank downtown.

"Crap. MJ do you mind if I-"

"Go." MJ smirked

"Thanks dear." He kissed her cheek and ran out.

"Alright Flora lets get you some cartoons." MJ turned and Flora was gone. "Flora? Flora!"

Peter swung through the city to where Scorpion was. He webbed his feet to the ground.

"Spider-man!" He growled.

"Hey Mac. Didn't you learn your lesson from last time?" Spidey said crouching on a streetlight.

Scorpion ripped a hydrant from the ground with his tail and flung it at Spidey.

"Woah!" Peter dodged it and swung under the light. He used the momentum to fly at Scorpion and kick him in the jaw.

Scorpion had apparently improved his armor since last time they fought because the kick barely did anything. Mac grabbed Spider-man and flung him to the ground stabbing him through the stomch with his tail.

"You picked a bad day to mess with me web head." Mac chuckled.

Peter spat up some blood. His vision was blurry. Mac raised his tail back up.

"You know, Kingpin, Tombstone, Negative. They all have a good price on your head. Wonder which one will be willing to pay me the most for a Spidey-skin rug." Mac smirked.

Just as he was about to strike Spider-man he gagged. Symbiotic flesh swirled around him in black ribbons.

"No no! Not you! Spider-man what the hell I thought you hated this thing!" Mac activated the sonics on his suit.

But Flora was immune to sonics. She twisted Mac's limbs till he couldn't move. She made a symbiote face infront of him and growled.

"Hurt my parents! Hurt Spider-man! Now I'm going to hurt you!" Flora screamed.

Suddenly she stabbed blades inward on Scorpion. Mac spat up blood and fell over. Flora had avoided his vitals but the pain was enough to knock him out.

Flora released Scorpion and slide over to Spider-man and healed him. Spidey sat up and checked his stomach. All good.

Flora yawned. "Tried now..." she murmured and then bonded to Pete.

"Woah! Hey! You can bond with people!?" Spidey pat himself down as Flora slide fully inside him.

"Sleeping now. Night night." She said through their bond.

"Flora? Flora!" Peter sighed when he got no response. He called MJ who was panicking and told her what happened. He started swinging home.

"Your dads are going to kill me..."


Butch had his ear pressed to Peter's chest.

"Ya she is fine she is just sleepin'." Butch said.

"I wish she had told someone she can bond with people." Eddie said

"Maybe she didn't know. Like her healin' powers." Butch said

Peter groaned. "How long before you think she wakes up?

"Maybe 'nother half hour. Eat some zucchini bread it will help." Butch said.

Peter got up and ate a slice. "This is really good by the way."

"Evan made it." Eddie said.

Peter flopped onto his couch. "She saved my butt. Also she really hates Mac apparently?"

"Most likely from my memories." Eddie's other said from Eddie's shoulder.

"She doesn't hate me apparently." Peter said.

"She has memories of you and I making up. So she forgave you." The other said.

"Good. Otherwise I would be pissing myself." Peter said.

They sat and watched tv. Peter ate more zucchini bread and prayed Flora would wake up soon.

Eventually Flora pooled into Peter's lap like an oversized water ballon and blinked at her parents. Eddie scooped her up.

"We were worried about you!" Eddie amd his other snuggled the little goo ball.

Flora squeaked and nuzzled her dad. "Healed Peter twice today. I'm tired."

Eddie laughed and gave her a kiss between the eyes.

Butch took Flora from Eddie and snuggled her. "Sunshine and I were so worried too. You are a crazy lil thing Flora."

Sunny wrapped protectively around Flora and rumbled. Flora sank into her mom and signed. Butch chuckled.

"Thanks for watching her. Did you learn anything about parenting?" Eddie asked assumed.

"Ya. Watch a normal kid first before trying a symbiote kid." Peter said.

MJ laughed. "Ya I think I might ask one if my girlfriends who have normal kids next time."

"Ya know despite the Scorpion fight you did pretty good." Butch laughed.

"I had fun." Flora said with a giggle.

"Ya you stabbed a man you tiny psycho." Eddie said giving her a poke. Flora giggled.

"Goodnight guys thanks again." Butch said.

The Brocks left. Peter and MJ pasted out on the couch together. They decided to wait a little longer for kids.

Chapter Text

Evan was relaxing in the back of a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter. He was browsing cake recipes with Fate.

"This one looks good don't you think?" He said to them

"You're mom loves red velvet we should totally try it." Fate purred.

The pilot leaned over to Agent Anti-Venom in the passenger seat.

"You sure we ahould be sending this kid in there alone?" He said.

"Frostbite is the only Avenger who can get into that storm and keep the scientists inside safe. Storm and Iceman of the X-Men are also currently busy." Flash said.

He stood up and went over to Evan. "Time to suit up. I'm going to brief you."

Frostbite covered him and he sat up.

"Hydra as infiltrated this Arctic lab base. The base was making a machine to control the weather and fix the hole in the ozone layer. Instead it is now making a storm no one can get into. There was other encrypt data held at that base and its only a matter of time before they break the encryption. With that data they could use the machine to do catastrophic levels of destruction to the entire weather system of the planet. Your mission is to get in there, turn off the machine, save the scientists and stop hydra by any means necessary. Once the machine is down myself and a team of other Avengers will join you. You ready?"

Frostbite nodded "You can count on us Flash."

"Good luck guys. I believe in you. We are letting you off here. The chopper can't get any closer to the storm." Flash said.

Frostbite opened the side door and jumped out, cloaking themself. They landed on a cloud just above the snow. Slowly, they entered the storm.

The storm whipped around them wildly. They had formed clouds around themselves so that they would be spared from the storm but its rattled them around violent. It took a great deal of concentration just to keep from getting blown away. The blue smoke from their hands burned a little. They knew they needed to get to saftey fast.

The base came into view and they pressed against the wall. Visibility was so bad and the storm had destroyed the security cameras anyway. They felt along the wall and found a door. They picked the lock by pressing symbiote fresh inside and mimicking the shape the key would need to be. The door opened and they quickly went inside.

It was a side door and there was no one guarding it. Frostbite hide in a supply closet they found and turned back into Evan for a moment. His scars were bleeding so Fate produced some bandages from inside their body.

"Thanks love." Evan wrapped his hand.

"If we eat a Hydra agent I could heal this no problem." Fate said.

"I'm not as into cannibalism as your dad and Flora are. I'm with Eddie on this." Evan said flexing his fingers to test his first aid work.

Fate pouted. "How about a dog?"

"No we will manage with this." Evan said as they suited back up and cloaked.

"Hey love is there anyone sleeping nearby?" Evan said through the bond.

"There is my beloved. What shall you have me do with them?"

"Search his mind for info on the layout of this base, his rank within Hyrda, and the location of the S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists." Evan saidm

"Ok give me a bit my beloved."

Evan waited.

"I'm back. They are low ranking but have a basic understanding of the base. The scientists are on the lower level." Fate said.

"Good good. Well beautiful do you want to drive us there then?"

Fate thrilled. "Of course my beloved."

"Take us to the machine." Evan said

They slowly got through the base little by little. They waited until the patrol opened doors for them or crawled through vents. They eventually got into the lab. It was crawling with Hydra soldiers.

"Darling once we turn the machine off they will be alerted to us." Fate said through the bond.

"I know. We have a fight ahead of us." Evan said.

They crawled over to the machine and got behind it. Frostbite flexed a claw and ripped through the machines power cords. The machine powered down and the general incharge of the group demanded they find out what happened. Troops surrounded the machine and hydra scientists tried to fix it. Frostbite webbed two soldiers together and slammed them into two others.

The other soldiers in the room fired on them and they jumped away, blocking with a cloud. They couldn't concentrate on cloaking anymore so they started to slash their way through the room.

They were flanked on all sides but kept fighting. Wave after wave of soldiers they went through. Suddenly they were hit in the back by a sonic blast. Frostbite screamed and Fate broke up around Evan.

Evan fell to the ground and the muzzle of a gun was put to his head. Before the trigger could be pulled the hydra soldiers were hit by the repulser blasts of Ironman. The Avengers had arrived.

As the rest of the Avengers stormed the base Frostbite reformed and Agent Anti-Venom landed inside the building next to them.

"Need a hand?" Flash said offering his

"Thanks" Frostbite took it and stood up.

With the rest of the Avengers here they quickly took care of the base. Frostbite informed them of the scientists location.

By the time it was over Evan and Fate were passed out on the helicarrier loading deck floor. Flash chuckled. Hawkeye came over.

"Man I can't wait to get out of here its its freezing!" Hawkeye said.

"Same here. My thighs are hurting like crazy." Flash signed to him

Hawkeye looked at him and laughed. "You learned sign language?" He signed.

"Ya for Flora." Flash signed

Hawkeye laughed again. He remembered his 'biggest fan'. He looked at Evan and signed to Flash. "They did really well for their first solo mission."

"I'm proud of them." Flash signed back.

"Lets get them home."Hawkeye said

Flash picked Evan up and carried him to one of the sleeping areas on the ship.

They slept the whole way home.

Chapter Text

To celebrate Evan graduating and for his first successful mission with S.H.I.E.L.D. his parents had rented a large cabin on the beach for their family and the Brocks.

When they arrived Flora ran inside and did a lap around the whole house. She came back to her parents panting.

"How's the house look lil miss?" Butch asked.

Flora gave a thumbs up and smiled. Evan flopped onto the couch face down and moaned.

"Boy's tired." Eddie chuckled.

"It's been a busy time for him." Karen said with a smile.

Fate pooled out of Evan and rubbed his back. "My hero." They whispered into him. Evan's ears blushed.

They group let Evan rest as they unpacked. After that they all changed to go swimming.

Eddie had Flora on his shoulders. "Butch whats the hold up?"

Butch peaked out at him. "I need your help. Alone."

Eddie set Flora down and went upstairs. "Butch what is it?"

Flora was standing in their room in a see through chiffon orange sundress with nothing underneath. He fanned his hair out and smiled at Eddie. Eddie looked him up and down a little surprised.

"Could you help me break in this bed?" Butch teased. He pulled on the dress's tie around his neck and it gracefully fell to the floor.

Eddie picked up Butch and practically threw him onto the bed. He texted Evan to take Flora with him to the beach they would meet everyone up later.

"Those four never stop do they." Evan scowled at his phone.

"You are just upset that we didn't think to do the same." Fate purred into his ear.

Evan shivered. "No! I'm not doing this now! I'm exhausted and watch to relax on the beach!"

Fate giggled and grabbed Flora's hand with a tendril.

Flora was so thrilled to see the ocean. She ran up and down the shoreline. They group had an umbrella and blanket spread out that Bill and Karen were relaxing on. Sleeper was playing with Coco in the sand. Evan saw a chair left out of him and he flopped into it, pulling his shades down.

"Where are Butch and Eddie?" Karen said.

"They are enjoying eachother's company while everyone is out of the house." Evan said.

Karden blushed. "Oh! Well then."

Bill whispered to Karen. "Where do they get their stamina? I'm like the same age as them."

Karen patted Bill's thigh. "They are much more fit than you dear."

Bill blushed and looked away. "I have gotten a bit of a gut haven't I?"

"It's your middle aged dad bod." Evan said putting a bottle of soda from the cooler and then sitting back down to enjoy the sun.

"Hey you'll be a middle aged dad too one day." Bill said.

"Ya but I'm an Avenger. We work out... a lot." Evan said.

Fate giggled and spread out over Evan in ribbons.

"You are going to give me weird tan lines." Evan said.

"I'm marking you as mine." Fate purred.

Evan smiled and pet Fate's head. She purred softly against his stomach.

"Love you too Fate." Evan murmured drifting to sleep.

Flora had discovered the joy of collecting shells. She walked up and down the beach with a little bucket to carry them. When the bucket was full she walked back over to the group and put it down. She curled up on the blanket a got a sandwhich out of the cooler.

"Having fun Flora?" Karen said laying on her stomach. Bill was rubbing her feet while she relaxed.

Flora nodded and signed "I'm going swimming next."

"One of us will go in the water with you." Bill said.

"You don't have to worry about her drowning she can breath underwater." Sleeper said.

"Still children should be supervised." Karen said.

"I'll swim with her then." Butch said. He and Eddie were walking towards them from the house.

"You two have fun?" Sleeper teased.

Butch hummed happily. "I just wanted to make sure I got some alone time with my husbands and wife now so I wouldn't be botherin' anyone if I was loud."

Eddie sat next to Karden and Bill blushing a bit. Butch picked up Flora and kissed her cherk.

"To the water!" Butch carried her into the sea.

Flora giggled as she swam under the water. She loved the feeling of floating. At one point she just turned symbiotic and floated almost like a net, dangling in the water. Butch ran his fingers through her and swirled her around. She giggled.

"Glad they are having fun." Eddie said laying down. He was tired now too so he was copying Evan's nap idea. His other appeared under his neck and head as a pillow. Eddie turned to give them a kiss.

Flora discovered she could hold other shapes and made one almost like a simplistic jellyfish. She pushed herself through the water and Butch floated next to her. Sunny pooled out and floated around him in ribbons. Flora swam up to her mom and bonked their heads together. Sunny clicked her teeth and grabbed the tiny symbiote. She wrapped around her and squeezed her. It looked like two boa constrictors hugging. Sunny held her daughter and purred.

"Darling daughter you are already so big." Sunny purred through their bond.

"I'm not that big. Dr. Sanchez says I still have 15 years before I'm an adult." Flora said back.

"So slow. It must be painful for you child." Sunny licked Flora.

"Not really. I like being a kid. Its fun. Daddy and Papa say I'll start school soon. I hope that will be fun too."

"I do too. I want the best for my dream child." Sunny purred.

"Dream child?"

"Yes. I had dreamed often of a child like you. A beautiful child of both Eddie and my Butch. It should have been impossible but here you are. I love you so much."

Flora giggled and hugged her mom tightly. "Maybe one day they can create more kids like me. I can have baby brothers and sisters and you can have more babies."

Sunny thrilled and laughed. "Maybe someday. For now your fathers have their hands full with you. My husband and my dream is finally becoming a reality. We have children. Beautiful healthy children. And we will have more as time goes on. I'm so happy we came to this universe."

"I'm happy you did too."

Sunny and Flora purred around eachother under the water. Butch reached down from the surface and pet them. He smiled to himself having overheard the whole conversation.

Evan started to feel better and eventually swam out to play with Flora. They spent most of the day either swimming or building sand castles.

Eddie and Butch started grilling together. Tonight they had ribs Butch had prepared.

Flora fell asleep with rib sauce all over her face and a bone in her mouth. She was curled up in her favorite sandcastle. Evan sat next to her and pet her head while she slept.

Chapter Text

In the morning they decided to go grocery shopping. Evan wanted to stay home and just relax with Fate for a while so he stayed behind to watch the house. The Brocks, Karen and Bill all piled into a car and went to a local family owned grocery store.

Anytime they were somewhere new Flora wanted to run around the entire place but this time Eddie kept her on his shoulders. She made grabby hands at every object they passed.

"Flora you can have one treat so pick wisely." Eddie said.

Flora held onto Eddie's head and hummed. Watching each aisle carefully.

Butch gently laced his fingers through Eddie's free hand and blushed.

"Butch you can hold my hand. We are married." Eddie chuckled.

Butch turned beet red and looked away. "I know I just, sometimes I just, I mean." Butch was sputtering.

Eddie let go of his hand and pulled him close. He kissed his cheek and laughed. Flora giggled. Butch smiled in embarrassment.

"Its weird that I still get butterflies around you?" Butch said

Eddie kissed his nose. "No its cute."

When they went to check out Karen and Bill already had their groceries. They unloaded there cart but the cashier refused to check them out.

"Is there a problem sir?" Eddie asked.

"Ya the problem is you freaks are in my store getting my merchandise dirty. I don't sell to faggots." He snarled.

Eddie glared at him. Butch clenched his teeth. Flora was confused and hide behind her dad's head. She felt something awaken in her. A memory from her parents. They knew this hatred but she had never felt it before.

"Hey! Their money is as good as anyone's!" Karen stormed over using her best 'I want to speak to your manager' voice.

"I have a right to refuse service to anyone and I'm not serving these degenerate freaks." The cashier said.

"Now listen here your closed minded asshole I-" Eddie cut Karen off with an arm.

"Lets just get out of here. We will find another store." He said. She knowticed his fingers where black and clawed.

Karen nodded and they left.

Butch turned to look at the cashier one last time before leaving and licked his lips. The cashier flipped him off.

"Sunny he is goin' to taste great later tonight." He chuckled.

"Butch he is rotten. You'll get a stomachache." Eddie said with a slight growl.

"God I can't believe this happened!" Karen said.

"The world is still a very closed minded place Karen. Evan told me he got attacked by some racist kids at the mall a while back." Bill said.

They tried a different grocery store and this time successfully checked out. Karen spent the entire time on social media talking to people about what happened.

"There! I might not be able to do much but I can at least give him a bad review on every platform I have an account for and tell my friends." Karen said.

Eddie chuckled while loading the car. "That's very sweet of you Karen."

Flora signed "Why? Why does that man hate us?"

Butch knelt next to her. "He saw your daddy's were in love and didn't agree with that."

"Why? Love is great why would he be mad about that?" Flora signed.

"Some people think the only people who are aloud to fall in love are men and women. If a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman they think it is wrong." Butch said.

"That's dumb. I hate him! Papa lets eat him." Flora signed with a frown.

"No eating innocent people even if they are assholes! He technically didn't do anything wrong he has a right to refuse service." Eddie said.

"Tsk." Butch said.

"I kinda wish you would eat him." Karen said.

Bill looked at her shocked.

"I'm so sick of jerks Bill! Do you remember when we were dating? I had so many people give us nasty looks or treat you like trash. I'm just so sick of it all. Love should be free." Karen said crossing her arms.

Bill smiled and hugged her. "That's why I married you. You have that fighting spirit for what is right."

They got home and Evan was on the couch with Fate. They told hin about everything that happened.

"Damn that's awful guys I'm sorry." Evan said.

Flora curled up next to Evan and he held her.

"I'm goin' to go lay down." Butch said

"Mind if I join you?" Eddie said.

Butch smiled softly. "I'd prefer it actually."

They left and Evan rubbed Flora's back.

"You ok?" Evan said

"Hate is an emotion I'm very familiar with. I have a few memories of it. I mostly cling to my parents few happy memories but buried in me and the older I get the more I see them. Hate, discrimination, angry, cruelty, torture. My parent's pasts are bathed in these emotions. Seeing that old man awoke some of them inside me." Flora said through the bond.

Flora started to cry into her knees. It was just a few tears at first but it broke out into sobs. Evan held her tightly. "Flora do you want me to get your dads?"

Flora shook her head no violently as she cried. "No! They are all hurting so much! I just want happiness! I want to kill that old man for letting me see this! For reminding them of pain they are trying to leave behind!" Flora cried into Evan and tried to calm down.

Karen and Bill both came over too and hugged Flora. Suddenly Flora felt a familiar hand on her head. It was Butch.

"You were cryin' so loud you caused a psychic scream. We all heard." Butch said.

Eddie knelt next to her and wiped her tears away. "You are very brave Flora. I'm sorry you are exposed to the hardships of the world. But I guess its part of growing up."

"I just want us all to be happy." Flora said out loud.

Butch and Eddie picked up Flora and held her close.

"We are sweetheart. No one can take that away from us now." Butch said.

Flora sat with her dads for a while. They talked to her and made sure she was ok. When she calmed down they went back to the beach together. She couldn't forget what happened but she could choose to focus on happier things.

Chapter Text

The rest of the trip was much less eventful. They spent many days on the beach, playing in the sun. Flora was in love with the ocean.

Today Karen had taken Flora with her shopping. She knew two things one, Flora was entering kindergarten and two, being a little girl demanded that she have new clothes for school. Eddie had insisted giving Karen money to shop with but Karen was also planning on spoiling little Flora. She was also fully aware that Flora could just change her appearance however she liked but it was the principal of the thing. Children needed clothing especially for a new school year. Also as much as she hated to admit it Evan graduating had affected her deeply. She needed a baby to pamper.

"Come on Flora lets find you some delightful outfits." Karen smiled.

Flora walked next to her happily. There was a mall in their beach town and it had Flora's favorite shop in it. Eddie had given Karen the membership card too.

They walked inside and Karen immediately felt out of her element. She was always glad Evan had skipped the goth/emo phaze kids went through but it seemed Flora was born and raised in it.

Flora waved hello to the cashier who smiled at her. She walked over to the kids section and started to browse. She picked out shirts and dresses. Karen even found some very cute lolita dresses in blue, whites and pinks for Flora to try.

Flora went into the dressing room with Karen and started to change. She found clothing didn't bug her as much as it did other hosts, probably because she was also the symbiote. It honestly felt like wearing small blankets.

She first tried on an all black dress, covered in lace. Karen tried a bow on her head.

"You look so cute!" Karen said snapping a photo.

Flora smiled and spun around. She giggled as the dress twirled. The next outfit was a sundress that was black with skulls all over it. Flora wanted to try it in because it reminded her of the dresses Papa wore sometimes. Karen got her a tiny faux leather jacket to go with it since the sundress might be a bit cool in the fall.

There were a couple pairs of jeans gotten, and many t-shirts. Flora was so excited over a Venom shirt and she hugged it for a bit. Flora also ended up liking a few of the more colorful clothing options Karen grabbed.

"I've never met a little girl that loved the color black so much." Karen laughed.

Flora was hugging one of the bags of clothing but took one hand and touched Karen. "Black reminds me of my parent's. It reminds me of my own claws. It makes me feel safe." Flora said through the bond. Karen could see images of Flora snuggling up to Eddie in his classic black T-shirt with his other wrapped around her, warm and cozy.

Karen smiled at her softly and pet her head. "You are always safe with us."

Flora closed her eyes and squeezed the bag. "I want to wear some of Papa's clothes too. They smell like him."

Karen laughed at that. "We will have to ask him then. Now lets go shoe shopping!"

Flora giggle and trailed behind Karen. She was starting to realize he family was odd. She basically have four parents when most people had two. Bill and Karen acted like her aunt and uncle even though they weren't related. Sleeper, Evan and Fate her siblings even though they were all so different. And then there was also Cletus who she considered family she just didn't know what to call him. Not to mention siblings she hadn't even met yet. Lance just had a mom and a dad. His family was so small compared to hers. She wouldn't trade it for the world though.

Flora ran up to Karen and hugged her leg.

Karen looked down and ruffled Flora's hair. "What's up buttercup?"

"I love you." Flora said through the bond.

Karen almost teared up. She picked up Flora and hugged her. "I love you too. You are just too adorable Flora."

Flora giggled as Karen carried her into the shoe store.

They ended the day with a whole new wardrobe for Flora. Eddie wanted to pay Karen for the rest of it but she wouldn't have it. She was spoiling family after all.

Chapter Text

Butch had Flora on his shoulders in Ravencroft.

"Darlin' are you sure you want to see him again? You don't have too. To be honest I don't really know why I do it." Butch said

Flora nodded. Something intrigued her when it came to Cletus. Maybe it was because he was Papa but not. Maybe she just wanted to understand more about herself. Whatever it was she wasn't satisfied with their last visit.

They walked down to Cletus's cell and Flora waved hello.

"I'm honestly shocked you brought the brat back after I tried to crush her hand." Cletus said with a laugh.

"She wanted to see ya for some reason. I guess she takes after her ol' man." Butch said.

"You or me?" Cletus smirked.

"Both!" Flora said.

Cletus cackled. Butch sat down and put Flora on his lap. "How goes it?"

"You let her kill anyone yet?" Cletus said

"Straight to the point I see." Butch laughed

"I killed a pedophile!" Flora said with a smile. Butch sighed at how blunt she was.

Cletus stared for a moment. "She serious?"

"Yup, she ran out one night, the guy found her and she stabbed him to death." Butch said.

Cletus was shocked and then for the first time in years he gave a genuine smile.

"Holy shit she is our kid..." Cletus said pressing up to the glass to look at Flora.

Flora smiled back. He looked like Papa for just a moment and then it was gone. Back to the twisted smile.

"So are you training her to kill or did she just do it on her own?" Cletus said.

"I'm trainin' her but she did that all by herself." Butch said.

Cletus cackled and sat down in his cell. "Seriously? And they don't lock you up?"

"I have now saved this planet I think three times. They are pretty convinced I'm here to help. 'sides I only kill scum. Much easier to turn a blind eye to." Butch said.

Flora was drawing pictures with her finger on the glass of Cletus's cell. Butch was just shocked how much Cletus was willing to actually talk with her around.

"So when are you going to take her to kill again?" Cletus said.

"People? I don't know she is like fuckin' five! So far the biggest thing she has killed since the pedo was a deer." Butch said

"I want to eat bad guys." Flora purred.

Cletus leaned down to look at Flora. He stared at her intensely. Flora stared back unyielding.

"Would you eat me I got out of here?" He grinned.

"Yes! In one bite!" Flora clicked her teeth.

Butch covered his mouth to laugh. Cletus laughed.

"You would kill your old man? You really are my kid!" Cletus laughed

"Not yours. I'm Papa's" Flora said.

"Your Papa's the same man as me." Cletus said.

"Kinda. You are meaner than him." Flora said.

"Damn right I am. Your daddy is just watered down me." Cletus said.

Flora giggled. "You're silly."

"Silly? I ain't silly you little shit." Cletus said.

"Ya you are!" Flora chirped

Cletus growled at her. "I take it back I still want to kill you."

"You can never make up your mind." Flora said teasingly.

"Seriously why are you so sassy? Do you have any idea who I am!?" Cletus growled.

"You're Carnage!" Flora giggled.

"Damn right I am." Red started to cover him slowly.

Butch stood up and switched to Sundance. Cletus was supposed to be drugged so he couldn't suit up. He was moving sluggishly so Butch imagine he was still drugged and it was either wearing off or he was pushing through it.

Carnage let out a scream and slammed a claw through the glass. Flora switched to symbiote form too. He slashed at the girl and she dodged him.

Guards started to file into the room. Carbage ripped through them and ran out into the hall. Red peeled away and it was just Cletus making a mad dash out of the building. Sundance and Flora ran after him but where slowed down by the bottleneck of dead and unconscious guards.

Ravencroft started to go into lock down. Iron gates slammed down to close off hallways. Cletus dunked and dodged under each of them. Sundance was stopped but Flora managed to squeeze under the gate and run after Cletus.

"Flora! Flora no!" Sundance ripped and clawed at the gate. They were extremely thick and he was lock in. He pulled out his cellphone and called Eddie.

Flora meanwhile chased Cletus into the forest.

Chapter Text

Cletus was out of breath and exhausted. He had never ran so hard in his life. Red was screaming inside him, she had pushed herself to the limit to let him escape.

He ran until his body gave out. He fell to his knees and hit the forest floor. He groaned but hey at least he was free.

Then he felt red hot pain sink into his shoulder and Flora bit him from behind.

"Damn it all! You fucking followed me you brat!" Cletus yelled trying to pull Flora from his shoulder.

Flora held on as hard as she could, also exhausted from the run. Cletus was still much stronger and ripped Flora off, throwing her to the ground. He stomped her chest, knocking her out.

Cletus panted and Red healed his shoulder, meds starting to wear off. He had to keep moving. He picked up Flora but the scruff of the neck and dragged her along.

Flora woke up on Cletus's chest in some foreign apartment. They were sleeping on a blood covered bed. She let out a yawn and Cletus grunted a little. He was too exhausted to move.

Flora got up and explored. Two dead bodies in the kitchen. She imagined they used to be the owners of this place. Flora sat down and started to eat. She was sore and tried. She knew they were probably innocent but they were dead and she was hungry.

She make sure to eat their brains, then she went back over to Cletus and curled back up next to him. She thought it was best to just keep an eye on him and wait for help to come. Cletus opened one eye and saw Flora was covered in fresh blood. He snickered and gently pet her head.

"Good girl." He murmured drifting back to sleep.


Frostbite, Anti-Venom, Sundance, Spider-man, and Venom were storming through the city together. The rest of the Avengers had split into teams and were searching all over the state of New York to find Carnage and Flora.

Sundance was almost in a blind panic. His little girl. He had let his little girl get roped into all of this. He was such an idiot. A terrible father. Why hadn't he moved faster when he had the chance? He had stupidly thought Flora would by safer by his side than waiting for him outside. He didn't deserve her. He didn't deserve anything. He was such a worthless creature.

Suddenly Venom grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into a hug. Sundance locked up.

"Blaming yourself isn't going to solve anything. Its not your fault Butch." Venom said softly.

"But I-"

"Its not. We will find them. Flora is strong and resourceful. She will get through this we are sure of it." Venom said stroking his head.

Sundance swallowed hard and clung to Venom. He let go after just a moment and kept moving. They had to find their daughter and soon.


Cletus work up to a half eaten leg next to his face and Flora watching tv. He sat up and looked at her. She looked back and cocked her head.

"You seriously aren't afraid of me?" Cletus said.

"What good would fear do? I'm never afraid. Can we take a bath? I'm sticky from blood." Flora said.

Cletus laughed and picked her up around the waist, dragging her to the bathroom. He got the water running and stood under it himself with Flora next to him. It felt nice to take a shower that had actual hot water. Flora scrubbed herself clean and then got out reforming her clothes after shaking off the water.

Cletus copied her and went into the kitchen. He kicked the two bodies out of the way of the fridge and stuffled through it. He pulled out bacon and eggs and started to cook.

"Ya hungry Jr?" Cletus tossed the egg shells to Red, who had formed a head next to him.

Flora nodded and climbed onto the counter watched. He was not as good a cook as her Papa was, the eggs were burnt a little but otherwise it was good. Flora ate till her plate was clean. Cletus ate directly from the frying pan, Red diving in to snatch bites from him. He chuckled and added a few more slices of bacon to cook.

Flora let out a little burp and then ate some of the raw eggs out of the carton. Cletus watched and ate some that he cooked. He looked down at the corpses on the floor, now both missing their scalps.

"Damn you really did eat them." Cletus scratch Flora under her chin. "A little killer."

Flora stared at him with sharp eyes. He grabbed a lock of her hair and looked it over.

"Your big boned like Pops. I can already tell you're gonna be a shit brick house when you grow up. At least you got my looks." He chuckled.

Red covered his fingers and he cut off the lock, pocketing it for himself. Flora didn't even flinch. Cletus cackled.

"You know what I like about you? You are quiet like your mother." Cletus looked into the fridge and pulled out a beer. He bit off the cap the same way Butch did and drank.

He offered Flora the bottle. "Want a sip?"

Flora grabbed it and tried. She stuck out her tongue and scowled. Cletus laughed and banged his fist on the table.

"What too bitter?" He smiled and chugged the rest.

Flora coughed and spat. It tasted awful. Cletus threw the bottle to the ground, stretching and popping his shoulder. Red covered him and he flexed his claws.

"Alright darling daughter of mine. Let's cause some carnage!"

They swung out into the city, Flora trailing behind Cletus. He dove at a person and Flora grabbed his arm with a webline at the last second to save them.

Carnage grabbed her and choked her. "What's the big idea!? I thought you wanted to kill?"

Flora struggled in his grip, claws digging into her neck.

"Don't you dare get in my way you tiny piece of shit." Carnage raised a hand to strike her when Sundance slammed into him biting deep into his throat.

Carnage stabbed Sundance while Venom ran over to Flora who was now coughing on the ground.

"Flora are you ok?" Eddie said.

Flora nodded and hugged them. She let out a small purr, her throat still hurt.

Sundance was violently biting and ripping into Carnage. He was lost in his savagery. Carnage stabbed back but couldn't keep up, Sundance had just lost it. Evently Venom pulled Sundance off of him and Carnage flopped against the concert, spitting up blood.

"Hot damn. Where do you keep that normally." Cletus choked out.

Sundance snarled but then Flora hugged his leg. He dropped his anger and scooped her up, squeezing her with all his might.

"Flora, yer ok." He sobbed.

Flora touched Sundance's face. "Papa."

Sundance kissed her all over and nuzzled her, she giggled.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again!" Sundance said.

Anti-Venom and Spider-man detained Cletus while the rest of the Avengers showed up.

"I think I'm goin' to stop visitin' Cletus." Butch said.

Flora shook her head no. "Papa he is you. He is broken and weird but you. We spent time together. Don't stop because of this." She said through the bond.

"Don't tell me you have a soft spot fer him now." Butch glared.

Flora giggled and kissed Butch's nose. "I have one for you."

Butch smiled and ruffled her hair. "Never run ahead without me ever again you loon!"

"I make no promises! I was a hero! I saved a man." Flora boasted.

Eddie hugged both of them "Sorry I think she got that from me."

"Daddy!" Flora nuzzled him.

Butch sighed and kissed Flora's cheek. "I love you so much. You have no idea how relieved I am that you are safe."

"Same here." Eddie kissed her other cheek.

Flora smiled and then flopped against Butch. Keeping up with Carnage was exhausting. They carried her home and had her sleep in their bed that night.

Chapter Text

Flora was playing in the back yard with some toys. Butch was laying in a lawnchair asleep. Sunny sat on his stomach to watch her.

Flora hummed happily when suddenly a black object slammed to the ground infront of her. She flinched and looked. It was a badly injured crow. A hawk dived out of the sky to kill it and Flora turned symbiotic, biting the hawk out of the air. She sat next to the crow and put a hand on it, healing it.

The crow popped up and examined itself. Perfect health. All thanks to the strange demon that was now eating his attacker. Flora ripped the hawks breast and offered some to the crow.

The crow happy nipped at some. Flora pet it gently while it ate. She chirped happily and shared her meal.

Butch felt a tug on his sleeve. He opened his eyes and groaned. He rubbed his neck and looked down. Flora was holding her new crow friend up to show her Papa.

"Flora... where'd ja get the bird?" He said with a yawn.

She put the bird down and signed. "He fell from the sky."

"Ah I see. He is pretty tame." Butch said.

The crow cawed at him and flew up to sit on Flora's head. Flora smiled marched around the yard happily with her new friend.

"Papa can we keep him?" She signed.

"Darlin' that is a wild animal. So no. But I've heard of people becomin' friends with crows so lets look up what he might like to eat." Butch said pulling out his phone.

They did some research and Butch found that popcorn and hard boiled eggs were a good idea. So he cooked them up and gave a little dish of each.

Flora grabbed an egg too and chopped through it shell and all. Thr crow pecked away at the eggs and popcorn. Flora hummed happily.

Soon more crows showed up to retrieve their fallen friend and also enjoy the food. Flora giggled at the bunch, cawing and flying around.

"I hope daddy doesn't mind yer new friends." Butch chuckled.

He didn't luckily. The birds eventually all flew off and Flora waved goodbye.

The next day though they were back. Flora ran outside with some popcorn and shared it with the crows. They continued this for weeks. Every day Flora would go outside and feed the crows. They became extremely friendly with her. Soon shiny objects were left for her and she made a little box out of popsicle sticks to store them in.

One time an engagement ring was brought to them and Eddie set up a page online to get it back to its rightful owner. Luckily they found the woman it belonged to. She was so relieved and happy that she bought Flora a box of gourmet chocolates. Flora wanted to share them with the crows but Butch said they couldn't eat them.

"Of course the 'Princess of the Symbiotes' made friends with crows." Evan said one day. He was having lunch with the group on the back porch while Flora fed her friends.

"I actually went and bought a 50 lb bag of popcorn just so she could keep at it." Butch chuckled. The birds had grown fond of him too. Especially since he sometimes left his own gifts of 'leftovers' at night.

"Seriously. What else is she going to do to add to this 'lady of darkness' thing she has going on? Befriending a vampire?" Evan said.

"You say that like her father isn't friends with Morbius the livin' vampire." Butch said raising an eyebrow.

"Wait seriously?" Evan said.

"They write letters to eachother. They both have a passion for flowery language... 'ctually I'm a bit jealous I want Eddie to write me a love letter." Butch said playing with a bottle of lemonade.

Eddie suddenly hugged him from behind and Butch let out a squeak. "All you had to do was ask love."

Evan laughed as Eddie brushed his lips against Butch's neck causing him to swoon.

Flora ran up to Eddie with three crows on her. He laughed.

"How goes the bird feeding dear?" He asked her.

"Good" Flora signed

"Seriously Flora how many more edgy things are you planning on doing?" Evan said.

"All of them!" Flora signed back.

Evan laughed at at.

Chapter Text

It was foggy, Butch could barely see. He didn't even remember how he got here. He wandered through the fog, the strangest thing was he couldn't even feel Sunny. He was completely alone.

He was afraid to speak, to call out anything. Like some great beast would snap his throat if he spoke.


Deeper into the fog.

He could make out something ahead of him. Bodies on the ground. He came up to the first one and turned it over. His heart broke instantly. Eddie was pale and dead on the ground.

"No." He murmured in horror.

With shaking hands he touched his lover's cold face. His eyes were still open. Butch let out a choking sob. His lungs burned and he could barely breath. His pulled Eddie to his chest and screamed. He wailed clinging to him.

He suddenly opened his eyes and he was in bed. He shot up and was shaking, dripping in sweat. He turned and Eddie was awake and watching him concerned.

"E-Eddie." Butch choked. His throat was so dry as tears started to run down his face.

Eddie took him into his arms gently. Butch sobbed into his chest. He clung to Eddie for dear life. Eddie pet him gently.

"Evan and Fate are out of town tonight. You had a night terror didn't you?" Eddie said softly.

Butch just clung to Eddie and cried. Their others wrapped around him tightly like weighted blankets. They all sat there for a while, the only noise was Butch's pained sobs.

He finally calmed down. Eddie's other floated a glass of water over to Butch. He took a sip and gasped for air after drinking.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Eddie said playing gently with Butch's hair.

"You were dead. I don't even know how you just were dead. That was the whole dream" Butch said with red eyes.

"Ah that is a bad one." Eddie said picking up a hair brush.

He started to brush Butch's hair. He kept the brush near the bed always. Whenever Butch felt bad or just needed some comfort he would brush his hair. Butch let Eddie groom him.

Butch took a few deep breaths and Eddie finished brushing him. Eddie laid back down and patted his chest, offering it to Butch as a pillow. Butch laid his head down and Eddie pulled him in tight. Sunny and Venom blanketed the two men.

"How you feeling?" Eddie said.

"Better. I'm sorry I cause you so much trouble. You should sleep." Butch said, turning his eyes down.

"Oh hush you are you trouble love." Eddie rubbed his shoulder and patted him.

"Yes I am don't lie. You should be asleep right now." Butch snapped.

Eddie chuckled and reached down to squeeze Butch's butt. Butch turned red and held in a squeak but maintained his composure.

"Butch I love you. I know you have problems but I want to help you through them. You are no trouble." Eddie said.

Butch sighed and hugged Eddie. "I don't deserve you."

Eddie laughed. "We are going to keep saying this about eachother till the end of time."

"Ya we are." Butch smiled and leaned up. He kissed Eddie, deeply and passionately. Eddie held Butch at his hips and chuckled into the kiss. Butch smiled and kissed him again. Eddie broke the kiss to pepper Butch's neck with kisses. Butch leaned his head back to expose more of his neck and laugh. Sunny pushed Butch out of the way and kissed Eddie. Eddie pulled the symbiote close and kissed her all over. Butch laughed and grabbed Eddie's other to kiss them. They pushed a bit of their tongue into his mouth and he gently sucked.

Soon they were just a pile of laughing, kissing and snuggled. They got tangled in the ribbons of black and white. Eddie pinned Butch to the bed and tickled him. Butch flailed and almost screamed before he covered his mouth.

"Eddie! The lil miss is sleepin'." Butch hissed.

"Then keep your mouth covered." Eddie smirked, tickling him more.

Butch curled his toes and kicked his legs. He grabbed a pillow and covered his face to scream. With his face covered Eddie leaned down and licked his stomach. Butch gasped and clung to the pillow.

Eddie chuckled and kissed Butch in his most sensitive areas on his stomach and inner thighs. Butch put the pillow down and looked at Eddie. Eddie was giving him an evil grin.

"Don't you dare. I don't want to wake Flora." Burch said, terrified of what Eddie might do next.

Eddie let out a deep chuckled. Sunny and Eddie's other put their heads on either side of Butch's hips.

"No. No whatever you are plannin' stop." Butch was burning red and his body was betraying him.

"You sure? We all just want to pamper you." Eddie said putting a finger on Butch's tip and swirled its gently around.

Butch grabbed the pillow again and moaned into it, peaking over the top of the cushion down at his lovers.

Eddie was gently touching him. Butch smiled at him. "Ok... a lil but be gentle."

Eddie and the others all licked him. He had to keep his face in the pillow the whole time.

When they finally finished Butch was worn out and panting on the bed. They had done much more than just lick him, they had worshipped him and he felt like it. Eddie and the symbiotes smiled down at him. Butch smiled back. He felt very loved.

"Want me to run a bath?" Eddie said.

"Only if you join me." Butch said.

Eddie smiled and went into their bathroom. He ran a bath and added a bathbomb with chamomile in it.

He went back to the bedroom and got Butch. They sank into the tub together. Butch let out a happy sigh. Sunny sat on the lip of the tub while Eddie's other swam through the colorful water. Butch pulled them into a hug and they purred against him.

"You know I always wondered what it would be like if we switched partners." Butch said giving the Venom symbiote a little kiss.

"Do you want to?" Eddie said.

"I would but as I've told you, Sunny is the only thing keeping me alive so I'm afraid to." He kissed the Venom symbiote again.

The symbiote pushed its tongue down his throat and he moaned around it. Eddie bit a lip and watched. The symbiotes started to rub snd squeeze Butch. He gasped as they restrained him.

"Eddie... um you made me cum but you haven't yet. Would you like to?" Butch said blushing as Sunny and Venom purred around him, forcing him to spread himself in the tub. Eddie laughed and grabbed Butch.

By the time they were done the water was freezing but they were burning up. Eddie stayed inside Butch and just rested there. Butch was light headed and clinging to Eddie. Eddie emptied the tub and started the shower to rinsed them off.

After cleaning themselves up they both crawled back into bed. Butch felt so warm and comfortable now. The symbiotes wrapped the men together.

"Think you will sleep better now?" Eddie said rubbing Butch's cheek with a thumb.

Butch nodded and put his head back on Eddie's chest. Sleep took him quickly.

Chapter Text

Butch and Eddie were exhausted. They had helped the Avengers again with another possible 'End of the World' threat. Both of them had taken a beating. They didn't have enough energy to get out of bed, their muscles sore and aching. Their others were also exhausted. They didn't have the strength to pool out of their bodies so both Sunny and Eddie's other sank in their stomaches to rest.

Sleeper was off world doing paper work with the Nova core. So Flora was alone with Coco and her exhausted parents.

Flora picked up Coco's food bowl and filled it up with dog food. She only spilled a little and Coco quickly cleaned it up. Flora pet Coco's head and put the bowl back down. She ran back upstairs and peaked in on her dads. Both still passed out.

She went over and crawled onto the bed. She pet both Eddie and Butch. Butch grunted but didn't wake up and Flora smiled. She was going to take care of her dads today.

She hoped back down and ran into the kitchen. She wasn't aloud to use the stove and she hated it anyway but there were other ways to cook.

She got out the stool she used to help Papa cook and pushed it to the sink. She washed her hands and then grabbed the whole fruit basket on the counter.

Mango, banana, orange, avocado, apple, and some grapes. She remembered Daddy liked avocado on toast and she was aloud to use the toaster. She grabbed thr loaf if bread and ripped it open. Twist ties where annoying so this was easier. She popped in four slices of bread and set the toaster for four minutes. She formed a claw and sliced open the avocado. She put the slices in a plate and scooted it to the side.

Next she went to the fridge. She pulled out berries, a bottle of chocolate syrup, whipped cream and creamer for coffee. She chopped up the banana, mango and the orange. They she added the grapes and berries. She poured chocolate syrup over the whole things and topped it with whipped cream. Her parents would surely like this.

Now she had seen both Papa and Daddy make coffee but she wasn't entirely sure. She would have to wing it and hope for the best. She poured the coffee grounds into the machine and turned it on. Luckily she seemed to have done it right because coffee came out into the pot. She poured two cups. Daddy liked his black but Papa liked creamer so she dump some into his cup.

She made sure to put the whipped cream and cramer back into the fridge. She formed some tentacles and lifted the two plates of food and coffee.

She carried everything upstairs carefully and went back into her parents room. They were still asleep. Flora nudged them gently. Eddie opened an eye and sat up.

"Sorry we have been so out of it Flora dear." Eddie pet her head.

Flora smiled and offered him breakfast.

"Flora did you make this all by yourself?" Eddie chuckled and woke Butch up. "Honey look at our talented daughter."

Butch yawned and smiled. "Thanks lil miss." Butch pet Floras head.

Flora beamed and sat to watch them eat. The avocado toast was good, the 'fruit salad' was super sweet but the others liked it. The coffee was extremely crunchy since she didn't use a filter. They both drank it all anyway because they didn't want to let Flora down. Flora yawned and curled up inbetween her dads. They hugged her and they all slept for another four hours.

Chapter Text

It was decided that Butch's basement collection needed a good cleaning so Evan, Sleeper, Eddie, Butch and Flora were going to spend the day cleaning it out as much as they could.

"I can't wait to see what kind of stuff you have down here." Evan said stepping down into the basement.

"Ya well I'm honestly tryin' to remember if there is anythin' down here children shouldn't see." Butch said.

"Hey I'm an adult." Evan said.

"I meant Flora." Butch said pointing to Flora jumping down the steps.

"Dude she eats people. I'm sure if we find remains it will be ok." Evan smiled.

"No I meam I might have things of a more naughty nature." Butch blushed.

"Like this?" Sleeper held up a red and black corset lingerie with matching lace garter belt stockings.

"Why have you never worn that for me?" Eddie said.

"Because the crotch is very unforgivin' and I've never gotten up the nerve." Butch said.

Eddie went over to Butch and whispered "Wear it for me tonight if we have the energy."

Butch bit his lip and hugged Eddie.

"Do you two need to use the corset now or can we get back to work?" Sleeper said swinging the outfit at them.

Butch snatched it and headed back upstairs with it. "Please Sleeps don't tempt me. I'm goin' to put this in our room."

"Kay!" Evan called looking through a box.

Flora ran around the basement and Evan pulled a photo album out of box. He flipped through it and it had a ton of photos of Butch's years here.

"Aw this is so sweet." Fate said.

"Look Fate! Baby you!" It was a picture from the day Fate was born. Butch was holding her in his arms smiling with tears running down his face.

The others all gathered around. Butch apparently took more photos than any of them realized. All the way from when he got his first cell phone in their universe. Page after page of memories. When they got the house, bake offs, camping trips, hanging out with Evan, Sleeper with Coco, dates with Eddie, parties with the Millers, the Parker's wedding, his own wedding, Fate's birth, Evan's graduation, and so many pictures of Flora. Butch had printed them all out and organized them with little captions about each event.

When they got to the last page there was one slightly burnt photo that none of them recognized. It was of Butch, Eddie, and Sleeper. They were in an unfamiliar dirty room. Sleeper also was white and blue instead of black and green. Eddie had his arms around both of them and was laughing. Butch was smiling up at Eddie, blushing slightly. Written in sharpie was just 'never again'.

"Oh Butch." Eddie said taking a heavy breath.

"Can you tell I had a crush on you even back then?" Butch said coming back downstairs.

Eddie smiled at him. "Ya you can't take your eyes off me."

"Do you have any other pictures left Butch?" Sleeper said.

Butch shook his head "This is all I have left from my dimension. There might be some left back there but I have no way back home."

"You know, maybe we should talk to Dr. Richards? I'm sure he could figure something out." Evan said.

"What? No, no don't bother the Fantastic Four over me. I'm, I'm not worth botherin' about. Dimensional travel is difficult and time consumin'. It would be selfish to ask him to spend time on somethin' so, unimportant." Butch crossed his arms.

"It's important to you. Its your past Butch." Sleeper said.

"Please. Its important to me but, lets be honest, I'm a man the Avengers barely are able to put up with and I'm only tolerated because I am a threat to this dimension. Reed Richards isn't going to waste his time so that I can collect my belongin's and show my mom her granddaughters. Besides I have so many new happy memories here." Butch said hugging Eddie's arm. "I-I don't need to go back."

Eddie brushed Butch's cheek gently. "It wouldn't hurt to ask."

"It would hurt me to bother him. Please lets just drop it ok?" Butch said getting back to the boxes.

Everyone silently agreed to let it be. They got back to searching. They only got a tiny bit done though.

Later that night while Butch was cooking dinner Eddie went to the back porch and called Peter.

"Hey Peter. I have a huge favor to ask. If we can pull this off I'll owe you big time." Eddie said.

"You already owe me big time. You tried to kill me, remember?" Peter said.

"I know listen this isn't for me. Its for Butch." Eddie said.

Chapter Text

"I wonder what Peter needs us for." Butch said.

"Don't know but he said it was important." Eddie said nervously. He had been sweating the whole ride up.

Butch stared at him. "Eddie. Has anyone ever told you that yer terrible at keepin' secrets?"

"Yes they have." His other said.

"Shush!" Eddie said.

"Eddie what are you ropin' me into!?" Butch said kicking open the car door.

"Butch we are on the highway!" Eddie pulled over.

Evan clung to Flora in the backseat to protect her. Sleeper was laughing.

"Then tell me why we're goin' to see Parker!" Butch said.

"Can't you just let me surprise you!? I set this up for you." Eddie growled

"Oh." Butch pulled his car door shut. "Sorry just, yer really nervous. It made me worried."

"Don't cause traffic safety hazards just because you are worried." Evan said still holding Flora, who was giggling madly to herself.

Eddie sighed and ruffled Butch's hair. His symbiote chuckled on his shoulder.

"Butch trust us. You will enjoy the surprise." They purred.

They arrived at large tower and Peter was waiting outside.

"Hey Pete." They got out.

Flora made grabby hands at Peter and he picked her up for a hug. "Hey tiny monster." He said.

"So can you tell me what is goin' on?" Butch said.

"Actually I would like to do that." Said Reed Richards exiting the building.

"Dr. Richards?" Butch said.

Reed offered a hand and Butch cocked his head.

"Are you serious? You are the first hero to ever offer me a hand shake when they first met me!" Butch laughed. Butch shook his hand with a smile.

The Thing opened the door next. "Aw damn it Reed you were supposed to tell me when he was coming."

"Ah! There it is! The usual reaction I get." Butch smirked. "Nice to meet you Ben. No need to shake my hand I know what the other me did to you. I wouldn't want to touch me either."

The Thing huff. "To be honest I'm none too fond of any of you. Reed, Susan wanted me to tell you the machine is warmed up."

Evan pointed to himself. "What did I do?"

"Nothing I just have a lot of bad experiences with symbiotes kid. Lets just say you might like kissing them but I sure as hell don't!" Ben said.

Evan blushed, extremely confused.

"Thanks Ben. Gentlemen and young lady please follow me." Dr. Richards said.

He lead them into the lab. A huge building full of equipment. He brought them to the back where a large circular gate was.

"Oh you built a dimension gate." Butch said.

"Yes and you are going to go through it today." Mr. Fantastic said.

Butch looked at him shocked. "W-What?"

"I'm giving you a vacation home Mr. Brock." Reed said.

Butch was speechless. He just kept looking at everyone and Reed and the gate.

"You, you must be mistaken. There are much better things you could be doinc with yer time. Shit I'm not worth this." Butch was trying to hide the fact that he was tearing up.

"Butch it really is no trouble. To be honest I already visited your dimension ahead of time and well." Dr. Richards looked down and then at Butch sadly. "To have to go from a dimension where you were a somewhat beloved hero to this, a dimension where everyone hates you... I can't imagine what it must feel like."

Butch chuckled. "It was shockin' the first time it happened. But the more dimensions I visited the more I learned I was a minority. Most Cletus Kasady's are like yers. I'm very used to people hatin' me now."

Reed frowned. "Well the gate is yours for the day. I already have it set to your home dimension." He handed him, Eddie, Flora, Evan and Sleeper watches. "Wear these and when you are ready you can come home by hitting the button or exiting through the gate."

Everyone put on their watch and stood infront of the gate. Butch grabbed Eddie's hand and swallowed hard. Eddie gave him a squeeze and smiled. The gate lit up and they stepped through.

They exited into the same lab and Dr. Richards standing there as well as the rest of the Avengers.

"Welcome home Sundance." Spider-man said.

Butch cupped his face and teared up. "You all came."

"The other me told us all about what happened and you've been missing for years." Dr. Richards said.

"This is so peculiar." Eddie said.

"You're telling me! In this dimension you're dead." Flash said wheeling over.

Butch was covering his mouth and crying. Flora hugged his leg.

"This must be the daughter the other Reed Richards was talking about." Spidey said kneeling down.

Flora giggled.

They mingled and chatted with the Advengers a while. They brought out a large box. Most of Butch's belongings where in it. He was in tears looking at it. They sent the box back through the gate so he could go through it later and headed downtown. Peter had rented a car for the day and drove them. New York looked very much the same. A few buildings were different but otherwise it was New York.

"Do you think we could drive to Philadelphia and see me?" Evan said.

"We shouldn't risk it. Remember in this dimension you are a completely normal kid. No Fate, no Avengers. Just exactly the same as you were before you met us. Its would be rather shocking to you." Sleeper said.

"No Fate." Evan held his chest.

Fate purred softly and nuzzled him.

Butch clung to Eddie.

"Nervous to see her?" Eddie said.

"Yes. Also everythin' feels so, different now. Like I'm comin' back to a childhood home but it just doesn't feel like home anymore. Everythin' is as I remember it but it doesn't hold the same weight." Butch said.

"Well you have spent the past two and a half years seducing me, marrying me and having two kids. You've done a lot in our world. And you have been gone for so long. Might be why this place feels so distant." Eddie said

"Ya. I guess it might." Butch chuckled.

Butch entered the nursing home and signed in. He was brought upstairs with his family but he went in alone first. His mother Louise was there waiting, sitting in a chair witb some tea.

"They told me you were dead Cletus." She said.

"I kinda did. Its a long story." He chuckled.

"I'm suprised you came to see me after what happened last time." She looked away.

"You mean throwin' a vase at my head and tellin' me you hated me?"

She didn't look at him. "Cletus. I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that."

"No I did I just didn't know it yet." Butch chuckled.

"No you didn't. Cletus I've never been there for you your whole life. You were finally trying to come back into my life and I threw that chance away and then I thought you died." She was tearing up.

Butch reached out to her but quickly retracted his arm. He stood up and offered her a tissue. She took it and wiped her eyes. Butch sat back down.

"Mom... after today yer never goin' to see me again."

"W-what? But I thought-"

"No its not like that. I live in another dimension now. As I said before its a long story. But I won't haunt you anymore. I imagine me comin' back hurt. I imagine me 'dyin' also hurt or at least I hope it did. But its over now mom. You can finally let yer past die. Its over." He chuckled.

"Cletus..." She looked down at her feet. She still had such trouble looking at him.

"Mom. I love you."

She looked up at him shocked. He chuckled.

"I want you to meet some people. The reason I'm not stayin' here. My family."

Eddie, Evan, Sleeper and Flora came into the room. Butch's mother stared at thrm wide eyed.

"Mom this is Eddie my husband, his other, his son Sleeper, my son-in-law Evan and my daughters Fate and Flora." Butch said.

His mother laughed. "Flora, you named her after my sister."

"Ya I did. She was the best think to ever happen to me here." He said.

Louise looked them all over and smiled. "Thank you for keeping my son."

Eddie bowed and kissed her hand. "Of course."

They chatted for a bit longer but soon they all grew tried. Butch stood up and reach for her hand. He hesitated and she reached back, taking his hand gently. Butch smiled at her softly.

"Goodbye mom."

"Goodbye Cletus. I hope you will be happy."

"Don't worry. I am."

They pressed the watchs and were warped back home.

Chapter Text

They spent the night in New York. By the time they got back to their home dimension Butch was emotionally exhausted. Eddie practically carried him into their room. In the morning they thanked the Fantastic Four again and packed up the box in the car.

"I kinda wish you would open it up here but I'm guessing the contents might be sensitive." Peter said.

Butch nodded from the passenger seat. He had been quiet and thoughtful ever since he woke up.

Peter leaned to Eddie and whispered. "He ok? You don't think he is regretting coming back here right? What if he wants to go back home?"

Eddie nodded. "Actually he is happy to be home he is nervous about the box of his belongings actually. He doesn't know if he is ready to look at them again."

"Oh I see. Good luck Eddie. Make sure you are there for him." Peter said.

"I'll always be there for him, I married him." Eddie said getting into the car.

Butch had his hand on Eddie's thigh the whole drive home.

When they got back, Flash and the Millers came over for the box.

"I feel like this is some big reveal. I hope you won't find this disappointin'." Butch said staring at the box.

"Butch we are here to support you not judge you." Karen said with Flora on her lap.

"Besides I'm really curious about this. For instance if Eddie never separated from his other how did I become Agent Venom?" Flash said.

"Well see in my home dimension you never were 'Agent Venom'. Yer Agent Toxin, you use my son as a partner." Butch said.

"Wait seriously?" Flash said.

"Ya I was really pissed at you for a few years 'ctually because of that. The government bought him from the Life Foundation and gave him to you in a damaged state, then you drugged the heck out of the poor little guy. By the time you came to yer senses he was in bad shape. He never really was the same but you at least started to treat him better." Butch explained.

"Geez I feel terrible. I'm surprised you even talk to me." Flash said.

"Flash I gave up all my grudges long ago except for one. The only one that mattered. And Sleeper took care of that." Butch chuckled.

Flash gave a meek smile to him.

"Can we open the box now?" Sleeper said.

Butch nodded and opened it. He slowly pulled out a white jacket with Venom's emblem on it in black. Butch gasped slightly and pulled it into a hug tearing up.

"Eddie... you gave this to me fer Christmas one year." Butch pulled it on and nuzzled into it. "You got it made because I said I wanted you 'round me at all times."

Eddie smiled softly.

Butch pulled out a teddy bear and laughed.

"I recognize that. It's from your childhood." Eddie said

Flora made grabby hands at the bear.

"Darling this isn't for play." He put the bear down. Flora pouted and he kissed her forehead.

Butch pulled out a large photo album. Everyone gathered close. The first page had a large photo. A group shot of Butch and Eddie and all their symbiote children.

"Oh my god." Butch gently touched the page. He chuckled and pointed at the tiny symbiote blob in Eddie's hands. "Thats you Sleeper."

Sleeper chuckled. "I was cute"

He pointed to two symbiotic hawks on his shoulders, one white on top with red under it, the other white with purple swirly throughout it. "Toxin and Scorn, my darlin' babies." He wiped his eyes.

"These coyotes are Lasher and Riot, the bob cat is Scream, this parrot is Phage and the boa constrictor is Agony." Butch said pointing out each one. Each child was white with their normal colors as accents except for Phage who also had blues and greens mixed in to theirs.

Eddie chuckled and held Butch close as he turned through the memories. Butch turned thr page and there was a picture of a young Butch with a tall dark haired man with a handle bar mustache and a small woman with red hair like his.

"This is my Uncle Abraham and my Aunt Flora." Butch said.

Flora perked up.

"Thats right dear yer named after her." Butch said ruffling her hair.

The next few pages where of Butch with his aunt and uncle. Hunting trips, Thanksgivings, and Christmases. The last photo of his aunt and uncle was of Butch sitting next to his aunt as she laid in a bed looking very pale. He was holding her hand.

Butch took a deep breath and shuttered. Eddie squeezed him.

"Thanks dear." Butch murmured turning the page. After seeing the next image Butch slammed the book shut before anyone else could see.

Everyone jumped a little from the slam. Butch looked at the group wide eyed.

"Um. The next few photos are of corpses and gore. Lets me switch to really far ahead." Butch said peaking into the book and flipping.

"You took pictures of your murders? That seems like a bad idea." Evan said.

"It was its how I got caught. But I was green, not used to murder yet. It was fun and excitin' and thrillin'. I used to stare at each image for hours." Butch said.

"Sometimes I forget you are a psychopath." Sleeper said.

"Ya I've gotten pretty good at hidin' it over the years. Well sorta I did kick the door open while we were drivin' to the dimension gate." Butch said.

He guarded the pages as he flipped through the book. "Ah here we go!"

The next picture was of him and Eddie on the island together.

"Now we get to the happiest time of your life." Eddie said

"No it wasn't." Butch said.

Eddie raised an eyebrow questioning him.

"My happiest time is right now. I have you, I have children, I have a family. Everyone in this room is someone who cares about me enough to come and share my memories." Butch said.

Eddie pulled him in for a kiss and laughed. They flipped through the pictures of the island. You could tell as time went on Eddie and Butch went from just being friends to something more. The last picture was of Butch sleeping during a sunset.

"That was just a little before it all ended." He murmured.

He turned the page and time jumped. They were back in that dirty room. Both Eddie and Butch looked worn out and tried. Sleeper was with them but all the other children where gone. As Butch turned the pages and as time went on Eddie and Butch healed slowly. You could tell they showered Sleeper in affection. You could also tell the mens relationship was very strong. They got to the end of the book, Eddie, Sleeper and Butch were getting thanked for their bravery by the major of New York. Butch slowly closed the book and hugged it.

"Thank you all for sharin' this with me." Butch said softly.

"No Butch thank you." Karen said gently patting his back.

Butch smiled up at her and Eddie pulled him in for a tight hug. Butch let out a yawn and clung to Eddie.

"You seem exhausted how about you go rest?" Eddie said.

"You sure? Everyone is still here I want to be a good host." Butch said.

"Go you are tried." Evan said.

They all pushed Butch upstairs and he laid on the bed, tugging his jacket from Eddie tighter around his body. Eddie smiled down at him and turned off the light.

"Eddie. Would you join me?" Butch said.

"Sure love." Eddie curled up next to him and their others pooled out around eachother.

"As happy as I am to get back my past. I look so forward to the future with you." Butch said.

Eddie smiled and pulled Butch to his chest. They slept for a few hours in eachother's arms.

Chapter Text

Evan and Fate cared Flora on their shoulders through Avengers tower. Evan and Fate where singing 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' by the Darkness as they danced down the hallway. Flora was giggling nonstop.

"Touching yoooooou!" Evan sang as he slide and then tripped.

Fate caught him and pushed them back up singing "Touching meeeeeeee!"

"Having fun I see." Tony Stark was leaning against the doorframe.

"Good Morning Mr. Stark." Evan said straightening up. "Look Flora it's Ironman."

Flora chirped softly into Evan hair and waved.

"Good you brought the baby monster alien." Tony said. "Alright well they are all waiting down here."

Tony lead them into a lab where Dr. Sanchez was waiting with Bruce Banner.

"Hi everyone. So why did you guys need Flora today anyway?" Evan said.

"Because that little girl is literally the cure for any disease and we where hoping to get some samples from her." Banner said.

"You aren't going to hurt her right?" Fate said.

"No no she will be fine. We just need her to get into this stasis container for hmmm about 15 minutes to a half hour." Dr. Sanchez said touching a large machine covered jar.

Flora's eyes went wide and she slowly backed away.

"Flora?" Evan said.

Flora went invisible and disappeared.

"Oh shit! Flora wait! I promise you will be ok!" Evan started to search for her.

"Great, the Blob is loose in my tower." Stark said.

"She isn't a monster she is just scared. She hates confined spaces especially jars." Fate said.

"I'm sorry I had no idea this would cause her so much stress." Dr. Banner said.

"Its fine you didn't know." Evan said looking under and around objects.

"Friday can you alert me if you find a little girl in the tower?" Tony said

"Sir I've already located her." Friday said.

"Where is she?" Evan said.

"She is in the display aquarium on the floor below us." Friday said.

"Shit there is a shark in that tank!" Tony started to run

Evan and the doctors followed after. When they got to the tank it was cloudy with blood.

"Oh my god we've killed a little girl." Bruce was pale.

"No no look closer. Mr. Stark I'm sorry about your shark." Evan said.

Flora was curled up in the blood cloud eating what was left of the shark.

"I guess I should have seen that coming from Hannibal Jr. huh?" Tony said.

Evan turned into Frostbite and got into the tank. Flora swam up to him and clung to him.

"Too scary." She said through the bond.

"I know. You hate jars." Evan said petting her gently.

"Want to help people though." She said

Evan pondered for a moment. "Hey Flora bond with me."

"What?" Flora was confused.

"Ya I'll go in the jar with you as your host." Evan said.

Flora smiled and kissed Evan's cheek. She bonded to him and giggled. He got out of the fish tank and shook off the water and blood.

"Well that makes this easier." Dr. Sanchez said.

Evan smiled and Flora formed a punk leather studded jacket for him. Evan laughed.

They had a much larger container ready for Evan and he floated gently inside it. Flora was still nervous but he soothed her. It was pretty relaxing and Evan would have napped if he wasn't focusing on making Flora comfortable. After about a half hour they were let out. Flora separated from Evan and sat in his arms as a little goo pile.

"See? Not so bad." Evan smile. Flora purred in his arms.

"Thanks for your help guys. We ran out of viable Anti-Venom serum months ago and we don't want to take too much from Flash." Dr. Sanchez said.

"Hey Evan do you think her dads would be ok with us taking her out for icecream?" Dr. Banner asked.

"I think they would expect you to compensate her so yes." Evan said.

"Alright Flumber lets go get you some icecream." Tony said

Flora let out a cheerful alien sound and reformed into a human girl. Evan ran after them.

Tony bought icecreams for both of them. Flora got a waffle cone with three different kinds of chocolate icecream.

"Is she seriously going to be able to put that whole thing away? Its as big as her torso." Tony said eating a small cone.

"She is a symbiote. They have pocket dimensions inside their bodies amd can eat pretty much anything, though it can tire them out to do so. I once saw her eat a whole deer by herself." Evan said. Fate licked Evan's cone and purred.

"So I have to know. Can you feel that thing moving around inside of you?" Tony said pointing at Fate.

"Yup and they aren't a thing. You don't see me going up to your wife and calling her a thing." Evan said.

"Right sorry, insensitive of me." Tony said.

"Tony is trying his best isn't he?" Flora signed.

"What did she just say?" Tony said

"She admires that you are trying so hard to get along with us despite clearly being some what uncomfortable." Evan said.

"...You know she is really smart for a 5 year old." Tony said.

"Apparently she is mentally 10 in some areas of development, which makes sense. If she was a full blood symbiote she would be a teenager." Fate said taking another bite of Evan's cone.

"Don't underestimate me just because I'm small." Flora signed smugly.

"Kid translation?" Tony said

"She doesn't want you to underestimate her just because she is small." Fate said.

"Trust me I don't. You are honest to god terrifying." Tony said through a mouth full of icecream.

Flora giggled and finished her cone. She decided she really liked Tony even if he helped put her in a jar today.

Chapter Text

It was the middle of the night. Sleeper was out for a night walk, Flora was tucked in bed and Eddie was hugging Butch in his sleep. Coco was downstairs on the couch. She had wanted to go with Sleeper in a walk but had gotten up too late so she was hoping he would be back soon.

As she was resting she heard people at the front door. She cocked her head and ran to the door scratching at it. The door started to smoke and she barked. She heard someone at the back door too and smelled more smoke. She ran unstairs and slammed into Eddie's and Butch's bedroom door.

They locked it at night so she pawed at it a bit and then ran into Flora's room. She jumped onto Flora's bed and licked Flora awake.

Flora grabbed Coco's face. "What?" She snapped through the bond.

"Fire! Fire! Fire! Help me get Master!" Coco said through the bond.

Flora got up and Coco lead her to Eddie and Butch's room. They open the door and Butch looked downstairs. The front door was entirely on fire and was spreading. Flora clung to Eddie scared and Butch ran downstairs.

"The back door is on fire too!" Butch said grabbing the fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Eddie called 911 to report what was happening. Eddie picked up Flora and got the extra fire extinguisher in the garage.

He helped Butch put out the fire as the fire trucks arrived. They got outside and Evan ran outside with Karen and Bill from their house.

"What happened you guys ok?" Evan said.

"Someone tried to burn our house down with us in it." Eddie growled.

"Coco saved us." Flora signed.

"I'm gettin' you a steak later. Good girl. Good good girl." Butch knelt down and scratched Coco's ears. Coco licked his face happily.

"Any idea who did this?" Evan said.

"No but we will find out." Eddie said.

Sleeper was now walking up the road. "What the fuck!?"


The house was easily repaired. The doors where covered by insurance. The police did conclude it was arson and were investigating.

"Any idea who could have done it?" Evan asked. They were at Ma's having lunch. Flora was delighted because they made her special chocolate strawberry pancakes as per Ma's request.

"Not yet. The fire blocked out the perpetrators scent pretty bad and none of use are as good at tracking as Toxin." Sleeper said taking a bite of egg.

"He better hope we don't fine him." Butch said stabbed into his meal. "But I goin' to and when I do there's gonna be carnage."

"Ugh Butch never say that again you just gave me a chill." Eddie said taking a drink of water.

Butch cackled and gave Eddie a kiss on the shoulder. "Sorry stud I just got angry."

"I hope you do find him." Evan said as Fate nibbled his toast.

Flora offered Fate a piece of chocolate strawberry pancake and they took a bite happily. Eddie's other bumped Flora's arm and she fed them too. They purred and kissed their daughter's cheek. She giggled and gave them a sticky hug. Eddie smiled and watched as Flora shared more bites with her parent. He could feel them murmuring to eachother through the bond.

"I'm just glad we are all safe." Eddie said.

It was later that night. Butch was having trouble sleeping. He decided a night walk would help. As he exited the front door saw a man on his pourch pouring gasoline. They locked eyes and the man dropped the can running. Sundance was much faster and slammed into his back.

"Get off of me you freak!" The man screamed.

Sundance chuckled and crouched down to whisper into the mans ear. "Now why would I do that when you are goin' to be in my stomach soon. But first."

Sundance sat on the man and pulled out his wallet and phone. He learned very quickly why the man was trying to burn their house down.

"Liam Vex? Younger brother of Tiffany Vex, I'm guessin'?" Sundance said.

"My sister was going to change the world and you ruined that!" He said.

Sundance chuckled and licked his teeth. "Oh honey yer just as fucked up as she is."

Sundance grabbed his neck and stood up lifting him into the air. He struggled and gasped.

"Yer witch of a sister stole my DNA as well as my lover's. Then she tortured my offspring. I would have gladly helped in a project that would have given me Flora if asked but no. You and she are the same. Entitled lil shits that think they can do whatever they want fer the 'greater good'. You treat people like objects." Sundance had been walking towards the backwoods as he talked.

"Oh like you're any better. A serial killer that acts as judge and jury." Liam spat in his face.

Sundance smiled and pinned Liam into the dirt. "Now listen. I will never say I'm an angel. I know what I am Liam. I'm a monster, a fiend. I am chaos. I kill and take and destory. I would never claim to be a good man. You though, you do. You think yer innocent. But yer not. You tried to kill two men and their daughter after they took way the favorite 'toy' of yer abusive psychopath of a sister. Yer no angel Liam. And now I'm goin' to spend you to where you belong."

Sundance let out a cackle and dug his teeth deep into his throat. Liam choked on a scream as Sundance dung his claws into his chest. He held his heart in his chest as he died, feeling his pulse slowly stop. Sundance shuttered and thrilled. He continued to eat the rest of Liam's corpse in ecstacy.

He got home and took a shower. He and Sunny made love under the stream of water. It was the best kill they had had in a long time. Sunny gagged him so he wouldn't wake Eddie. By the time they finished and turned off the water Butch was sitting in the shower basin, too tired to move. Eddie came in to take a leak and looked in the shower ar his husband crumpled on the floor.

"You ok dear?" Eddie said raising an eyebrow.

"I found our arsonists and killed him." Butch said. "He was Vex's brother wantin' revenge."

"Well damn." Eddie washed his hands and picked up Butch. Butch groaned.

"It was such a good kill. Such a good meal." Butch said leaning on Eddie's chest.

"Lets get you to bed dear." Eddie put him down gently.

"Eddie do you want to have a turn with me?" Butch said

"No you crazy man." Eddie chuckled and ruffled Butch's hair. "You're a wreak right now anyway."

Butch nodded and curled into Eddie on the bed. Eddie held him close and rubbed his back as they both drifted to sleep.

Chapter Text

Butch tossed and turned in bed. Eddie was out of town for a story and his bed just felt much too big. He groaned and grabbed Eddie's pillow squeezing it to his face. It smelled like Eddie and that did make him feel a little better but it wasn't enough. He sat up in bed and Sunny pooled out to glare at him.

"Look I'm sorry. I want to sleep I really do! But even with my meds I got nothin'! I can't just magically pass out!" Butch said.

Sunny hissed and wrapped around him to form jeans and a t-shirt. He pulled his white jacket on and went downstairs. Flora was sitting on the couch watching tv.

"Lil miss what are you doin' up?" He said.

"Can't sleep." She signed.

"Fuck you too? I was hopin' you hadn't inherited that from me. Actually there is a lot I was hopin' you hadn't gotten from me." Butch said sitting next to her.

She climbed into his lap and stared up at him. He chuckled. "What cha lookin' at with them big ol' eyes?"

She purred and snuggled him. Butch rubbed her back. "Hey. Want to go on a night adventure?"

"Night adventure?" She signed.

"Ya it'll be fun." He stood up. "Form yerself a coat. We are goin' out."

Flora made a little coat for herself and followed Butch outside. Butch took a deep breath of the night air. They had planted a lot of flowers this year and the still night made it easy to smell them.

"Beautiful night lil miss. Perfect fer an adventure." Butch stared to walk down the street and Flora walked behind him. She reminded him of a baby duck.

He walked them to a convenience store first. He put her on his shoulders so she wouldn't wander. "Alright how 'bout you pick out a snack?"

Flora purred and hugged her dad's head. She picked a chocolate fudge bar. Butch got himself a small bag of chips and bought them both waters.

Flora stayed on his shoulders while she ate. When she finished Butch picked her off his shoulders and cleaned her face.

"Lil chocolate monster." Butch chuckled.

"Thanks for the icecream Papa." She signed.

"Of course lil miss. Want to go to the park?" Butch said.

Flora nodded yes and they walked together. Flora hummed as they walked and Butch started to hum along. Flora giggled.

At the park Butch pushed Flora on the swings and she giddly kicked her feet. Suddenly police lights went off and an office approached him.

"Sir do you have any idea what time it is?" The officer said.

"I'm reckonin' somewhere around 3 in the mornin'." Butch said.

Flora hide behind Butch's leg.

"And what is your relationship your the child?" The officer said

"What? She's my daughter, she looks just like me." Butch said.

The officer knelt down to Flora. "Is that true?"

She nodded yes, hugging Butch's leg.

"Alright, I'm still going to ask you to leave the park." The officer said.

Butch sighed and picked up Flora. "Lets go home lil miss. Maybe we can both sleep now."

The office followed them the whole way home.

"You know if he was gonna be an ass 'bout this he could've at least given us a ride home." Butch snarled.

"I don't like cops." Flora said through the bond.

"Me neither love though fer me its mostly cus Papa has a very long criminal record." He chuckled.

"Papa are you a bad guy?" Flora said

Butch nodded. "Ya Papa is a bad guy. He just tries to do good things." He kissed her cheek.

"I don't think you are bad." Flora said through the bond hugging him.

Butch chuckled. "Eleven life sentences says otherwise. Though they kinda dropped those fer me in my home dimension. Savin' the world changes peoples minds."

"Papa am I a bad guy?" Flora said.

"What? No no no sweetheart you are too young to be bad. You haven't had a chance to fuck yer life up yet." He said.

"Being human is hard isn't it?"

Butch stared at her thoughtfully as they walked. "Ya... ya it is. Sometimes you come into this world a lil broken. Sometimes people try to break you. Papa came in very broken and his daddy did everythin' he could to break him. No one helped me fer a long time, luckily I had an aunt and uncle who loved me even though I was broken. Cletus didn't get that so he just broke more and more. Yer a lucky girl Flora. You have so many people that love you. Never forget that ok?"

Flora nodded and hugged Butch. "Papa are you still broken?"

Butch took a deep breath. "Ya I am. I always will be. But it got easier. Somethings got better with time. Others I have to work on everyday to keep under control. Having Daddy and all our friends help."

"Can I help fix you Papa?"

Butch smiled. "Oh sug you already do."

Flora giggled and kissed his forehead.

"Hey Flora? Remember even if you are broken your aren't worthless ok? This is somethin' Papa struggled with fer years."

Flora purred into Butch's hair. "Papa you aren't worthless, not even close!"

Butch chuckled and unlocked their front door. "Thanks baby. That means a lot to me."

He took her upstairs and tucked her into bed. She let out a little yawn and soon was asleep. Butch brushed her hair to the side.

"If I can Flora I'll make sure you have a much better life than me. I never want you to feel my pain." Butch kissed her forehead and left her to sleep.

Chapter Text

Frostbite held up the falling building with a layer of clouds as Anti-Venom and Venom pulled people out if the building. Sundance was fighting the terrorist group that had caused the explosion in the first place. Soon they were able to safely set the building down. The crowd cheered as every single person was able to make it out safely.

After getting interviewed by the news a bit and some clean up Frostbite flew everyone home and opened their front door.

"Mom, Dad I'm home!" Evan said as Fate pulled away.

Karen and Bill were sitting on the couch with his grandmother sitting across from them.

"Hello Evan, we need to talk." His grandma said.

Evan sat down. "So um what's up grandma?"

"So I want to know when are you planning on getting your life in order?" She said

"Mom!" Karen hissed.

"Excuse me?" Evan was confused.

"Your life son. Your mother told me over the phone that you have no plans on going to college yet."

"Ya I'm trying to get a job at a bakery and see if I like it first. Besides I currently work for the government."

"Yes I've seen this... hero thing you do. Evan do you really think this is going to last? It looks like an extremely demanding job. You are going to get old and the work will only get harder."

Evan glared. "Actually no grandma I won't get old. I'm immortal now."

She laughed. "Immortal? Honey that is ridiculous."

"Fate makes me immortal. She slowly my aging down to basically a crawl."

"And do you really want that? To keep fighting for all eternity."

"I can take breaks. S.H.I.E.L.D. pays pretty good to secret agents." Evan said.

"And what about if you find a girlfriend? You'll outlive her."

Evan growled a little under his breath. "Grandma. I'm in a relationship. With. Fate."

"Evan it isn't human."

Karen stood up. "Mom I've heard enough. You always do this. You wanted me to fit into your perfect mold of a house wife and luckily thats what I wanted too. You wanted me to marry someone with a good stable job and luckily I fell in love with Bill. But Evan doesn't fit into your idea of a 'perfect modern man' so you criticize him. He makes a good salary with S.H.I.E.L.D. right now and thats as a part time employee. He would pull in six figures if he went full time. Its a good job and yet he still wants to better himself! And don't you dare criticize his romantic partner. People marry asgardians all the time now since they came to the planet! Fate looks different but they love Evan with everything they have and he loves them."

Evan's grandmother stared at Karen. "And you are just ok with never getting grandkids because Evan's life partner is a worm?"

Karen's face turned red. "They aren't a worm mother. Fate reproduces asexually. If they want a human kid they can always adopt just as if Evan had a male partner."

Evan's grandmother scoffed. "Evan would never have a male partner he isn't the type."

"Grandma I'm bisexual. I could if I wanted to."

"Oh please that's just a phase you kids go through now days."

Evan stood up. "I'm done talking about this." He went up to his room.

"You can't run from your problems Evan!" His grandmother shouted up.

Evan could his mom and grandma shouting at eachother as he went into his room. He covered his face with a pillow and flopped on his bed. Fate pooled out next to him.

"My beloved... do I cause you problems?" They murmured.

"No never. Grandma is never going to be happy with me." He kissed them.

Fate smiled meekly at him. He pet their head.

"We make more than enough money. And you know what I want? I want to live with you and have 100 symbiote babies we adore and cherish. And I want to be a super hero like I am now. Oh and maybe own a bakery."

"Evan I can't give you 100 babies that is way too many." Fate looked nervous.

Evan laughed. "Sorry I exaggerated."

Fate purred. "I can give you quite a few at least."

Evan massaged and rubbed them. "A few is more than enough. Fate never think that you aren't worth the trouble ok? You're wonderful and I adore you. You're my wife."

Fate wrapped Evan up in a hug. "I'll do my best. I never want to cause you unhappiness. When things like this happen I feel terrible. Like I'm a burden."

Evan loved how warm Fate felt on his skin amd let out a sigh. "Fate when stuff like this happens I turn to you because I know you are worth it. I adore you. I want to spend everyday with you till the world ends."

Fate sent his wave after wave of love. "Evan I love you."

"Love you too. Want to get out of here and go on a date? I think we should by my mom flowers while we are out."

"Yes both ideas sound lovely." Fate said their voice quivering slightly.

They climbed out their bedroom window and flew off.

Chapter Text

It was August, just a little past Evan's 19th birthday. He and his friends had joined Karen and Butch to take Flora school shopping.

"Hey mom... what if I moved out?" Evan said.

Karen twisted so hard her high heel almost snapped. She grabbed Evan and hugged him tightly. "Nope! I'm not ready for you to go!"

"But I mean Grandma keeps bugging you about me right? So if I go she will just try to come to my appartment and then I'll just kick her out."

"Evan my sweet baby boy I will throw down fisticuffs with my mom to keep you in my house longer. I'm not ready for you to move out." Karen said squeezing him.

"What if Fate and I have a baby?"

"Fate was adorable as a baby and we can keep them till they get a host." Karen said.

Evan laughed. "Mom I love you."

"Dude I wish you would get an appartment we could be roommates!" Josh said.

"You couldn't stay for free Josh." Evan said.

"Dude you make bank! I work for minimum wage." Josh said.

"You still would have to pay. I fight supervillains for that money man I ain't using it to float you." Evan smirked.

Josh groaned and Dove giggled. "Actually Evan... if I paid you could I stay with you?"

"In my theoretical appartment sure. I mean I know thats usually seen as taboo for a guy and a girl both in relationships with other people but I don't think anyone would object."

"Dude I know its so you can get away from your parents they don't treat you right. So I would have no problems." Josh said.

Karen smiled at Evan. "Normally I would say no to this but I know Dove's relationship with her parents isn't the best."

Butch coughed and clutched his chest.

"You ok Butch?" Evan said.

Butch nodded. "Sorry I um I remembered somethin' I didn't like."

"Are you thinking about your parents?" Dove said.

Butch covered his mouth and closed his eyes to nod. Flora pat his leg.

"I'm kinda glad my parents are just toxic and manipulative... I can't imagine going through what you did." Dove said.

"Don't ever be glad of that. Don't lessen the value of yer pain because of me. Yer hurting, yer unhappy. Don't let anyone ever tell you 'well someone else has it worse so you aren't aloud to suffer'." Butch said before gagging again.

Dove smiled at him. She always tried to stay away from Butch and generally found him somewhat uncomfortable to be around but she was starting to understand why Evan held him in such high regard.

Flora pat Butch's leg and he smiled down at her. "Sorry missy. Lets get back to what is important. Gettin' you ready fer school."

Flora smiled back up at him and took his hand gently. They got her a new backpack because the poor little bat one was getting worn out. The new bag was black and glittery. Flora asked for frabric paint so that Papa could add symbiote eyes and teeth like her own. Butch laughed and said yes picking her up some paint. She thrilled.

Next up was supplies. They had a whole list from the school. They went through the aisles of other parents and kids gathering up supplies. She got a pencil case covered in skulls and folders that matched. Glitter pencils and erasers. Markers, color pencils and more.

Karen shuttered when they pasted a sign up sheet for recorders. "Butch you are so lucky she is going to a school for the deaf."

Butch cackled hard at that.

Soon they had everything even a lunch box. Flora was so excited.

"School now?" She signed

Butch laughed. "Not yet dear but soon."

Karen watched Flora dance about and be happy. Evan suddenly hugged her.

"Love you mom." He said

She smiled and hugged him tightly. "Ok... give me till spring and then you can move out if you want. Dove will have graduated and you two can get an appartment. I want someone responsible with you to make sure you take care of yourself. No funny business though."

Evan smiled and laughed. "I can promise you nothing will happen between Dove and me. We are just friends."

"Besides he is already spoken for." Dove said.

"I wouldn't mind you getting a human partner though." Fate said through the bond so only Evan could hear.

"You wouldn't?" He tried to monitor his expression so no one would knowticed their conversation.

"No I think it would be fun having another person. Especially someone nice. Male or female." Fate said

Evan looked at Flora. "What about kids?"

"My beloved having babies..." Fate murmured.

Suddenly Evan was flooded with emotion. He had to brace himself against a shelf. Fate was practically screaming.

"Darling my sweet darling I want you to have babies! I want to snuggle your offspring and kiss their cute little faces and raise them with you!" Fate sang.

"Evan you ok?" Karen turned back to him.

"Fate just realized that I can have kids and now is overly excited at the throught of me being a dad and helping raise them with me." Evan said shaking.

"Fate I'm ok with you having babies but I'm not ready for Evan to yet." Karen said.

"Ok I can wait. We need a partner anyway." Fate peaked out of Evan's shirt.

Karen let out a big sigh. "Stop growing up so fast you still are young."

"Sure thing mom." Evan laughed.

Chapter Text

(This story takes place years ago in Butch's home dimension.)

They let him into his cell. Mask finally removed, straight jacket unbuckled and taken off. The cell door slammed.

"Goodnight Red, see you tomorrow." The guard chuckled.

Cletus cracked his neck and back. Being tied up all day had made him stiff. He looked around his cell. It was going to be his home for the next lifetime. It was small and made of brick. There was two bunks.

"Do they seriously think lockin' me up with 'nother person is a good idea? I eat criminals." Cletus chuckled.

He climbed up onto the top bunk and sighed. He decided to get comfy. Maybe start thinking about escaping. Or maybe not. He was tried.

He closed his eyes and thought. He just realized this was the first time he had slept with a roof over his head in a long time. It was nice and warm inside. He was going to miss the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, camping. All were things he had to surrender.

He tried to sleep that night but couldn't.


Cletus made it very well known he was not to be messed with. A man had wanted to make him his bitch because his hair looked nice and he bit a whole finger off. He was in the infirmary. The bite had cost him a black eye and so the nurse was patching him up.

"So hows the big lummox doin'?" He asked with a chuckle.

"They doctors were contemplating performing surgery on you to remove and try to reattach that finger." The nurse said plainly.

"Fun fun fun." Cletus said as she covered his black eye.

"I'll go ask if they have made a decision." She got up and walked out.

Cletus thought she was cute and really deserved a better job than this hell hole. He was glad she was here, made him feel better to be touched by someone so cute.

"Bet she is washin' her hands of me right now. Thinks I'm horrifyin'." Cletus said to himself with a chuckle.

They did end up operating on him and the finger was reattached. Cletus got to spend some time in the hospital which was nice. They gave him a room with a lovely view of the ventilation system. He sighed. He was never going to see trees again.


"You have a new roommate Red!" The guard opened the door and pushed in a tall muscular blonde man. "Meet Eddie Brock."

They uncuffed Eddie and he stood there as they locked the door. Cletus watch as Eddie fell to his knees. Cletus thought maybe he was despairing. Then he got down and started doing push ups. Cletus was amused and chuckled. He pulled his headphones back on and listened to his music. Eddie was going to be a very strange roommate.


All Eddie ever did was exercise. Day in day out push ups, pull ups, planks, curls, V-sits, more and more. He never stopped. Cletus was getting dizzy just watching him.

"Seriously Eddie why do you work out so much?"

"My body is a cage and exercise frees my spirit." He said pulling up on the cell bars. "Also once I get out of here I am going to avenge my other!"

"Yer what now?"

"My other! I was bonded with an alien and together we formed Venom. Our desire was to end that accursed Spider-man but alas my other perished in our last clash with the fiend. Now I don't just fight for myself I fight for them." Eddie said switching to push ups.

"So yer tellin' me you were partners with an alien and now yer gonna kill a superhero that you couldn't even kill with the thing?"

"I will find a way. Spider-man must pay for what he did to me, to us!"

"What Spider-man do to you in the first place?"

"He ruined my life! I was an investigarive reporter who specialized in reporting on serial killers. I was following one named the Sin-eater and had thought I found the real one. But Spider-man caught the real Sin-eater and destroyed my life!"

"That sounds more like yer fault not his."

Eddie swung and punched Cletus in the face. Cletus felt his nose crunch under Eddie's fist.

"You don't understand anything! Spider-man ruined me and Spider-man shall pay!"

Eddie went straight back to exercising. Cletus licked the blood off his face from his bloody nose. He was starting to understand why they thought Eddie would be safe in his cell.


"I read up on you." Eddie said.

"Hmm?" Cletus took off his headphones.

"You are very much like me aren't you?" Eddie said.

"I don't follow Brock." Cletus said.

"You protected innocents and killed only criminals. My ideals are the same." Eddie said.

Cletus chuckled. "I thought killin' Spider-man was yer deal."

"It is my main goal yes but I have other values." Eddie said.

"Like what?"

"I want to protect the innocent. I want to make sure they never end up like me. Their purity taken from them." Eddie said.

Cletus sighed and flopped on his bunk. "The reason I kill only criminals is because my uncle always said I should only kill what I need. I need to kill but I try to avoid hurtin' anyone the world would miss. I try not to be wasteful. That's why I eat my kills. 'Try to leave this world only by improvin' it' he would say. So I do it the only way I know how, by gettin' rid of what might destory the best parts."

Eddie listen and nodded as he talked. He chuckled softly. "See? Not so different."


"Tell me more 'bout yer other." Cletus said peaking over his bunk

"They were... extraordinary." Eddie said lacing his fingers on his chest. "They were not quite a liquid and not quite a solid. Their form was colored snow, white and pure. They had milky white eyes that were outlined by black. They swirled in subtle patterns. They had astonishing razor teeth and a long muscular tongue that had to be at least 3 feet long."

"They sound like a horror monster." Cletus said.

"They were, they were beautiful." Eddie was tearing up.

"...You loved them didn't you?" Cletus said.

Eddie nodded and covered his face with a hand.

"I'll give you some privacy." Cletus tuckled back into his bunk. He could here Eddie stifling sobs.


Eddie and Cletus spent more time together. Cletus got sick of watching Eddie exercise but he at least understood why he did it. Eddie loved his other so much and it hurt so bad to lose them.

He also got used to Eddie's weird speech pattern. He always joked that Eddie swallowed a thesaurus.

Eddie often offered for Cletus to join him in his work outs and Cletus humored him a few times but usually regretted it. He was always sore after.

They became quite comfortable with eachother. They sort of had to. But even out of their cell they would often eat together. Cletus found that Eddie felt human's didn't understand him. But he at least felt like a kindred spirit with Cletus. They killed to save innocence. Cletus grew to really enjoy having Eddie around.

One night when Cletus finally fell asleep he dreamed. For once it wasn't a nightmare. It was of Eddie. Eddie holding him, Eddie touching him, Eddie making love to him. Cletus gasped and shot up. He was sweating and was uncomfortably hard.

"Fuck I love him." Cletus hissed under his breath.

He peaked down at Eddie who was still fast asleep. He blushed and pulled himself back into his bunk.

"Fuck I really love him." Cletus said. He took himself in hand and released some frustration. He thought about Eddie the whole time.


It was an average night. Eddie was working out, Cletus listened to his music. Suddenly something white started fo ooze through the window. Cletus yelped.

"They hell is that!?" He screamed.

"Alive? Alive! My other is alive!" Eddie laughed as the slime swirled around him.

"Finally we are reunited! Finally we can destory Spider-man!" Venom said smashing through the wall of their cell.

And just like that Eddie was gone.

Cletus stood alone staring out as his best friend escaped into the darkness, forgetting all about Cletus.

"Eddie..." Cletus said softly.


He started to hear a voice in his head. He was convinced seeing Eddie leave him with a giant slimy alien had pushed him over the deep end.

"You had a good run Cletus but we all knew eventually you would slip completely into insanity." Cletus said sharpening a shive.

He admired it. Crude, poorly formed but deadly. A weapon that matched its owner, he couldn't ask for a better suicide.

Cletus put the blade to his throat. He didn't really have anything left to live for and he wanted to go out with some autonomy.

"Eddie wherever you are I hope you and that alien are happy."

He went to slice his throat and his hand suddenly flung the blade away.

"...The hell! Am I chickenin' out!?" Cletus said.

"No." The voice said inside him. "I just don't want you to die."

"Please. I don't want to lose myself. I don't want to just be some dribblin' idiot lost in a fantasy world. I want to die a man!"

"And when you do die you shall. But that day is not today." The voice said.

Cletus sighed. "What are you proposin' then?"

The voice laughed, sharp like a knife. "My Cletus, how about we get out of here together."

Cletus raised an eyebrow as white goo with red veins covered his hand. It surrounded him fully and glittered in the morning sun.

"You're... you're like Eddie's alien." Cletus said looking at his clawed hand.

"I am their offspring. And you are mine."

"Its like you are made of sunshine." Cletus said admiring the alien. He chuckled. "Do you have a name sunshine?"

"No but you can call me that if you like."

"Sunshine, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship." Cletus cackled.

They broke through the wall of and fled into the forest. Cletus couldn't tell if this was real or fake. He didn't care anymore. He was free.


"Butch? Butch you ok?"

Butch yawned awake. He looked at Eddie sitting over him.

"Hmm? Ya I'm fine. I had a dream about us along time ago." Butch said with a smile.

"Well how about I make you breakfast then? You look tried." Eddie said.

Butch leaned up and kissed Eddie. "I ever tell you I'm so happy we met?"

"A few hundred time yes." Eddie kissed back.

"Then I haven't told you enough." Butch said.

Sunny swam inside them. She couldn't interact with his dreams like Fate did but she could watch them. That one was one of her favorites.

Chapter Text

Butch was up early making an extra special lunch for Flora.

"You know she is coming home for lunch? Its kindergarten its only half days " Eddie said.

"I need to make my baby feel special love." Butch said

Flora ran downstairs with her favorite outfit on and her backpack ready. She bounced up and down next to Eddie and Butch. Eddie laughed and picked her up.

"Someone is excited." Eddie said. "Lets get some breakfast in you."

Butch put her favorite breakfast of chocolate pancakes and strawberries infront of her as well as a glass of milk. She pretty much inhaled the food.

"Darlin' chew yer food." Butch laughed

Flora dramatically chewed her food after that. Butch sat down next to her and Eddie and they all ate together.

"Well I have to head to work." Eddie said as he finished. He got up and gave Butch a kiss. Butch smiled and leaned up to quickly steal a second one. Eddie's other peaked out of his arm and pouted until Butch kissed them too.

"Have a good day." He said

Eddie nodded and then picked up Flora to give her a kiss on the cheek. "Have a good first day of school kiddo."

Flora giggled and hugged her dad. "Love you." She said through the bond.

"We love you too." Eddie other said nuzzling her.

Eddie left and Butch finished getting Flora ready. They drove down to her school. Flora had her face pressed against the car window. They got out and Butch lead her to her first class. He knelt down to her.

"Now yer gonna behave yerself right? Listen to yer teacher. No attackin' anyone." Butch said

Flora nodded and signed. "I love you Papa."

"I love you too." He signed back.

Flora went in and Butch watched her take her seat at her little desk. Sunny rumbled inside if him. They both were anxious.

They slowly left. It was going to be odd going back to the house empty since Sleeper was out of town again.

"Its only half a day. Its only half a day." Butch repeated to himself and Sunny.

He was starting to understand Karen's feelings more by the day.


"Hello everyone. My name is Mrs. Astrid" the teacher signed.

Flora stood up and signed. "Mrs. Astrid are you asgardian?"

She was shocked and laughed. "Yes I am actually." She signed.

The kids smiled and signed to one another that she was cool.

"Do you shoot lighting like Thor?" Lance signed.

She laughed. "No I'm not worthy of such a thing. But I can do some magic." She signed before making a small rainbow.

They kids loved it. Flora was already starting to like this place.

Kindergarten she found was mostly about learning to listen and get along with other kids. There was a lot of play time and learning manners. She mostly stuck to Lance though. She had grown very fond of him.

There were a few lessons. Mrs. Astrid was surprised by her reading and writing skills. Flora was surprised how much more she knew than others because of Butch teaching her.

Flora was purring and cuddling Lance at the end of the day. He sat with her and pet her head.

"Flora you really like hugs." He signed.

"You are special to me. I want to stay close to you." She signed back and smiled.

Butch and Lance's mom came up to them.

"Ready to go little miss?" Butch said.

Flora nodded and gave Lance a squeeze before running over to her dad.

Butch picked her up and they waved bye to Lance. Flora fell asleep on the car ride home.

Eddie was waiting for them when they got there. "How'd it go?" He said.

"Great 'pparently but she tuckered herself out." Butch said.

They put her on the couch with a blanket and she napped. Butch hugged Eddie tightly.

"Lil girl is goin' to school." Butch murmured into his shoulder.

Eddie chuckled and patted Butch's back. Sunny wrapped around the arms of both men and rumbled. Eddie knew he was going to have to be extra loving towards Butch today.

Flora woke up later and ate her special lunch. She sat on Eddie's lap and told him all about school and how fun it was. Eddie smiled and listened to her the whole time. Butch sat next to him and hugged his arm. They were both proud of Flora.

"Papa when do I go to school next?" Flora signed.

"Tomorrow lil miss." Butch said.

"Wow that's so soon!" Flora signed back.

"You are going every day except Saturday and Sunday until winter break." Eddie said.

Flora looked shocked. "School is a lot of work isn't it?"

Eddie and Butch laughed.

"Ya it is. You have to keep doing it until you're 18 Flora." Eddie said.

Flora counted on her fingers. "Daddy that's 13 years from now!" She signed.

"Trust me it will go by faster than you think." Eddie chuckled and pet her head.

Flora purred. She liked Daddy's hands. They were big and warm.

"I think I like school though." She signed with a smile.

Chapter Text

"Ok for real this time we are cleaning out your damn basement." Sleeper said going into the clutter.

"Well last time we all got distracted and then took a trip to my universe so." Butch said

Eddie, Evan, Flora and Flash joined them.

"So, this is what the den of a serial killer looks like." Flash said. "Antiques and knickknacks."

"I'm a very special serial killer Flash." Butch smirked.

Flash lifted up a shirt that said 'Rubbin' Butts BBQ' with an image of two pigs touching their butts together. "Ya, ya you really are."

"Lil place in Indiana if I remember correctly. Food was pretty good." Butch said.

"When did you go to Indiana?" Eddie said.

"In my home dimension. I bought that online after my original one got lit on fire." He said.

Eddie just stared at him for a while, judging him.

"Stare all you want darlin' the clothes don't come off til later." Butch said.

Eddie blushed hard and punched Butch in his arm. Butch let out a squeak and cackled.

Flora pushed over a box of records from different metal bands.

"Oh! My albums!" Butch picked one up and walked over to a player and put it on.

"You still have a record player?" Sleeper said.

"Ya actually its makin' a comeback. Bands make more money often from record purchases then digital media. I started buyin' records before I had the player because I wanted to support them." Butch smiled.

"You do surprisingly thoughtful things Butch." Flash said searching through his albums.

"I try. Gotta have some good parts to me right?"

"Papa has many good parts!" Flora signed "Why does everyone say Papa is bad? I don't like it! He takes care of me and loves me and gets me things. And he also loves Daddy and Sleeper and Coco and Evan and Fate and Uncle Flash and Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen and lots of other people too!"

Butch watched Flora and let out a sigh with a smile. "Flora I love you." He pet her head. "But a few good things don't make up for what I've done."

"But you only have killed bad guys." Flora said

Butch's heart dropped. He sat on the floor next ro Flora and she got into his lap. "Flora, Papa..." Butch stopped and pulled her into a hug. "That's right. Papa only kills bad people."

Flora knew there was something he didn't want to talk about but understood it was hurting him. "Papa. No matter what happened before I know you are good now." She said through the bond.

Butch clung to Flora and kissed her head. "Yer too sweet lil miss. Just too sweet."

"Look what I found!" Sleeper held up a skeleton.

"Butch seriously the hell." Flash said.

"I thought I said no more human remains unless its a brain for Flora." Eddie said looking at Butch.

"That's fake! I swear it is fake you can see the tag on it!" Burch pointed at the tag on its arm.

Sleeper looked at the tag. "Cause of Death: Drowning."

"Sleeper!" Butch yelled.

"I kid I kid its a Halloween decoration." Sleeper said and flipped a switch on the neck causing the eyed to light up.

"You guys are going to give me a heartattack." Flash said.

"Ya Sleeper kinda got me with that one I thought it was real." Eddie said.

"I want tasty bones." Flora signed.

"Bones later. Cleanin' now." Butch stood back up and kept cleaning.

"Hey Butch can Fate and I have these?" He was holding a collection of dusty cook books.

"Sure. I mostly got them because they looked fun." Butch said.

Eddie pulled out a wedding dress. "This isn't the one you wore to our wedding."

"No that um that one I got before we got married." Butch said quickly darting his eyes away.

"Butch did you dress up and pretend you were getting married?" Sleeper teased.

"Yes I did. Yer daddy is a hot man and I had an impossible dream!" Butch said.

Eddie laughed. "Well not so impossible."

Butch looked had the ring on his hand. "Do you have any idea how impossible I thought this was? I was never gonna tell you how I felt. I didn't want the heartbreak."

Eddie gave him a gentle look. "I'm so glad then that I asked you how you felt."

"You two are so lovey dovey I don't know which is worse, you or Fate and Evan." Sleeper said.

Fate nipped Sleeper cheek.

"Just because you bite me doesn't mean I don't speak the truth!" They said

"Can't say I'm not jealous of you guys. I'm a little tried of being alone." Flash said.

"Hey Flash would you ever want a symbiote again?" Evan asked.

"Well, ya I think I would. I liked having Venom as a partner. I can't really do that now though since I'm Anti-Venom." Flash said.

"What if you got rid of the Anti-Venom. Purged your whole system?" Fate said

"Well then ya I would love a symbiote." Flash said.

Evan and Fate looked at eachother and smiled. "Flash um if we have a kid would you ever consider being their host?"

Flash looked at them a little surprised. "Well of course! Are you sure though?"

"I mean you've had a symbiote before and even though it started badly you got better at it." Evan said.

Flash shook his head and laughed. "Ya I totally will host your kid if you like. Honestly though I think Sleeper will pop a kid out first."

"Probably not. I've discovered that having a braindead host gives me juuuuust enough stress that my body never fertilizes my seeds. Which is great because I don't really want to bother with children." Sleeper said inspecting a stuffed beaver.

Eddie's other laughed. "That's probably for the best then. Honestly Sleeper you take so little influence from your hosts you never developed a need to nurture your young."

Sleeper grinned at their parent. "Thank you for understanding."

Flora ran up to Butch and tugged his hand, pointing to a large chest.

"Figures you would like that thing lil miss. Thats an 'pothecary chest. Has first aid items and herbs." Butch opened it.

Flora's eyes grew wide and her read every bottle and touched everything inside.

"I'll keep this but you aren't 'loud to play with it till yer a lil older." Butch said.

Flora nodded and went back to digging.

They found all sorts of strange things that day. At least 4 more outfits Eddie wanted Butch to wear, 1 Butch wanted Eddie to wear (leather pants and suspenders), a pottery wheel, a suit of armor, 6 swords, at least 20 graphic t-shirts, a Victorian ball grown (something Eddie also wanted to see Butch in), a set of copper pots, a lava lamp, and so much more.

They ended up not finishing the basement and all went to lunch. It was fun but exhausting work.

Chapter Text

It was a late night and so Butch was doing some vigilante work by himself. He and Eddie loved each other deeply but they found that they often works better catching criminals when separate. Their styles of fighting were just a little bit too different. It also helped them cover more ground.

He sat as Sundance on a roof stared out over the city. It was a rather quiet night in the air was still. He softly hum to Sunny, she hummed back.

"Rather lovely the night wouldn't you agree? He said

She rumbled inside him and longed for the taste of flesh saying it tonight was much too quiet. He chuckled.

"Aw Sunshine you can be so impatient sometimes. I'm certain somethin' should happen so-" before he could finish this thought he heard a scream.

Sundance looked down at a balcony two blocks away. A young boy was screaming as he tried to climb onto a fire escape. A man came up behind him and grabbed him with a belt in hand. Suddenly Butch couldn't breathe. In his mind he was 8 years old again trying to do the exact same thing as his father came after him.

His mother was unconscious in the living room. He yelled and begged as he ran down the metal steps, pleading for anyone to come and save him. His father grabbed him by his t-shirt and yanked him back up the stairs. His father screamed and beat him with no mercy. He was in so much pain. He started to lose consciousness but differently than usual. His father had beat him unconscious before but this felt almost peaceful. He realized he was dying. He was going to die alone and unloved. Ended by one of the people that had brought him into the world. He remembered all he could think to himself back then was at least it's finally over. At least when he died he wouldn't hurt anymore. Death was safety. Death was kind. He wished everyone died as wonderfully as he did.

When he opened his eyes he wasn't dead though he was in a hospital bed. Everything ached and hurt. He was on an IV and a breathing tube. His aunt was sitting next to him, holding his hand gently. She smiled softly at him with tears running down her face.

"Its ok Cletus. He can't hurt you anymore." She said.

This time when Butch opened his eyes he was not in a hospital bed, he was not on the roof he had started the night on and he most definitely was not dead. He was in an apartment covered in blood. A man was dead underneath him and the kid he had seen from the roof was cowering in the corner of the room.

Butch stood up slowly and looked at the kid.

"It's okay, he can't hurt you anymore."


He learned that the boy's name was Connor. Butch put a sheet over his dead father's body and talked with Conner for a while.

"So that's why I ran out onto the fire escape and he grabbed me. I thought I was going to die and then suddenly you just showed up and tackled him to the ground. And then..." Conner said.

"You don't have to tell me what happened next I have a pretty good idea." Butch said wiping blood off of his mouth.

"Y-ya." Connor says looking at the ground.

Butch sat across from him making sure not to get too close or to appear too threatening. "You okay? You need anythin'?"

" I think I'm just... shocked. It's finally over he can't hurt me anymore he's gone." Conner covered his mouth and started to cry.

It hurts so much so much to see this poor kid. He was only 12.

"Would you like a hug or some physical contact? I won't touch you unless you say yes." Butch said

Connor nodded through his tears and Butch pulled him into a hug. The child sobbed against him and Butch comforted him. They sat there for a long time until Conner was finally able to calm down. Connor sniffled a few times and wiped his face.

"You should probably go before my mom gets here." Conner said.

"Does she beat you too?"

"No no she was like me. She didn't really know how to stand up to him." Conner said

"Will you be okay?"

"Ya I think I will."

"Good." Butch stood up and went over the corpse of his father. He wrapped him up entirely in the blanket and slung him over his back. He started to climb out back onto the fire escape when Conner ran up to him.

"W-wait what's your name?"

"Call me Sundance."

"Will I ever see you again?"

"Do you want to?"

Connor thought about it for a moment and looked at Butch. "Y-yes."

Butch nodded. "Then you will see me again."

Butch jumped out into the night and disappeared. Conner watched from his window.


For the first time in all his years of doing this Butch could not bring himself to eat the man's body. It wasn't for lack of trying either he sat there for a good half-hour trying to force himself to take a bite. But he just couldn't, it made his stomach turn.

"Why the hell am I so disgusted by eatin' this guy?" He said under his breath.

Sunny answered him. She wanted nothing to do with this man. He did not deserve to be a part of them. He did not deserve to be eaten. He did not deserve to be remembered. She wanted him to rot. She didn't even want animals to feast upon him. He didn't deserve anything.

Butch nodded. He found some cinderblocks and tied them to the man with chains. He carried his corpse of to a lake and threw him in the center. He sank quickly out of site.

Butch stood there for a moment and wash the blood off of them. He went back into the city, found bar and had a stiff drink.

When he got home he took a real shower and then flopped exhausted next to Eddie.

"Bad night?" Eddie had asked casually enough but his eyes went wide when he saw that Butch was sobbing. Eddie held him as he explained everything that happened. Eddie ran his fingers through his hair and listened.

"Butch I think you did the right thing." Eddie said.

"I know I did but I feel so sick. I just want to kidnap that kid and hold him forever and raise him."

"He still has a mom Butch. Besides you said you would visit. Just be there for him when you can."

"He has gone through so much. I know what happened to him. I have to save him."

"You already have dear. He is going to be ok."

"No Eddie what if he becomes like me? What if he becomes like Cletus?"

"He won't."

"How do you know!?"

"Because you are there." Eddie said. "Even if just for a little you showed him mercy. And we will make sure he is ok."

Butch teared up again and kissed Eddie. He pressed himself against his husband and tilted his head into the kiss. Their others pulled them together. Eddie broke the kiss to let Sunny and Eddie's other kiss Butch as well. Butch surrendered a smile and peppered the symbiotes and Eddie with more kisses.

They ended up in a knot of cuddles. Butch passed out on Eddie's chest. Eddie held him tightly. The others blanketed their hosts and purred.

Chapter Text

Evan's Grandma was back at the house again. Evan sat across from her as she stared him down.

"Grandma do I need to like show you my salary for you to understand I'm ok?" Evan said.

"Evan this job will not last. You will get tried." She said.

"I'm literally neighbors with two guys who have been heroes for over 20 years."

"But they aren't you, they are freaks. Don't you want a normal life?" She said.

"You know what Grandma. I don't want a normal life. I am a freak. I'm bisexual, I'm mixed race, and you know what I'm in love with an alien that lives in my stomach. I am a freak, I love it and you are way in over your head in trying to tell me how to live."

His grandmother was taken aback. "Evan can't you see that your life is chaotic enough? Why add all these crazy things to it like liking men and dating an alien."

"Grandma I didn't ask or choose to like men. It just happe