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The Nerd and the Shitty Barista

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For Katsuki, being an average barista was terrible . The pay was shitty, the customers were a pain in the ass, and the smell of coffee was impossible to wash off no matter how hot his shower was.


So nobody could really blame him if he was terrible back .


No, he didn't spit in their drinks — his boss had caught him and cut his paycheck the first time he tried, the fucking bastard — so what was the next best thing?


No , not poisoning either, but that would’ve been a lovely option.


The next next best thing was being obnoxious and loud to everyone who ordered. Like so:


“One tasteless americano for Shitty Hair In the Crocs!”


“Shitty frappuccino for Pink Alien Wannabe!”


“Pikachu In Sweatpants, your latte!”


“A disgusting cappuccino for Weed Face Tape Guy!”


Needless to say, he drove his boss — a dead-eyed guy named Aizawa — completely insane, but the joint became rather popular thanks to his antics. Which, honestly, had its pros and cons. Pros, because hey, Aizawa couldn't fire him if he wanted to keep his awful business running. And cons, because now there were more assholes he had to deal with.


Some days, the pros weighed a bit more than the cons. Other days, like when his shit friends from college came over to terrorize him, he wished that he could legally strangle them with his apron.


But to his pleasant surprise, today was not a strangling day.


His group of rowdy friends were there still, like they always were on a Friday, but the place wasn't too crowded. It was a Friday holiday, and most people — who didn't have shitty jobs that required them to work on weekdays despite it being a holiday (fuck you, Aizawa) — were out in the city having fun.


So all in all, the shop was relatively quiet, and he was able to sit in the booth with his friends instead of standing behind the counter. They were in the middle of a conversation when the door opened, revealing another familiar group.


Katsuki recognized them vaguely. They attended the same university, and one of them — Todoroki “Daddy Issues” Shouto — shared the same class with him during first semester. But other than that, he didn't really give a—


Hold up. Who was that ?


Between a petite brunette and a guy with choppy hands and stiff glasses was a green-haired guy he definitely didn't recognize. He was pretty short, but the way his shirt hugged his frame indicated that he was stacked with lean muscle. His eyes were huge and green, almost as green as his parents’ lawn. His skin was dusted with freckles; a weird reminisce of how Katsuki would sometimes have cocoa powder on his hands.


He was cute. Like, actually his type kind of cute. Had he always been with these nerds?


Katsuki shook that thought out of his head as he trudged his way back to the counter. “Welcome to Eraser Coffee,” he drawled. “What can I get you?”


The group rattled off their orders and names — which proved that they’d never been here before, since everyone knew that it was pointless to give your name to Katsuki.


But it just made things all the better for Katsuki. It was fun to watch the new customers gape in shock.


“Round Cheeks With Flip Flops!” Got him an indignant gasp.


“Big Bear Guy With A Dad Face!” A stern lecture about customer service etiquette that he couldn't be bothered with hearing.


“Half And Half Bastard!” Was a little less exciting. Todoroki knew him, so he just took his drink and flipped him off with a straight face.


But then . Oh, fuck, then came the green guy’s order. He remembered his name to be… Deku? Something like that. After his friends took their drinks, he looked nervous, maybe even a little curious about what his horrid name was going to be. He was real cute, Katsuki had to admit.


And maybe fun to tease.


With his order in hand, Katsuki made a show of leaning against the counter, muscles flexing and eyes never leaving Deku's, and shouted, “One hot chocolate for Deku!”


Everyone blinked.


“Oi, Deku !” Katsuki called again, impatient. “You deaf, man? Come get your order!”


“Ah, m-me? Oh!” Deku scrambled to his feet, accidentally knocking his and the brunette's bags in the process. That intensified his nervousness, and by the time he was standing before Katsuki, he was a big jumpy mess.


Up close, Katsuki could see flecks of light green, almost yellow, in his irises.


“Here you go, Deku.” Katsuki handed him the cup, inwardly preening when their fingers touched and lingered.


“Uhh… T-Thanks,” the guy stuttered, his cheeks pinking. He opened and closed his mouth for a second, like he wanted to say something, but he eventually turned around and went back to his friends. The brunette was slapping his arm repeatedly, and because Katsuki had Ashido as a friend, he knew that the girl was demanding gossip.


While Katsuki was in the middle of sorting out the register, he caught Deku staring at him. When their gazes met, the nerd looked away quickly, a blush complementing his freckles.


Katsuki couldn’t help but smirk to himself. This guy was going to be fun.



They met again on Monday morning. The door opened, letting in the cold breeze, and Deku came in.


Katsuki grinned as the brunette from before shoved him cheekily to the counter, making him the first to order out of the two. “Hey,” Katsuki greeted. “What can I get you?”


“Uhh!” Deku jumped, as if he hadn’t anticipated being addressed. “I-I’ll, umm, g-get the, umm—”


Katsuki tilted his head, feigning innocence. “Yes?”


“Uhhh, c-chocolate. Please.”


“Comin’ right up, Deku.”


“I-It’s Izuku, actually,” he corrected. Then, in a rush, he added, “B-But you can call me whatever! I don’t mind!”


At this, Katsuki raised a curious eyebrow. Completely ignoring his job, he leaned his elbows on the counter, attention solely on the flustered cutie before him. “Whatever, huh?” He asked, slow and husky, the way he knew made high school girls squeal. “Alright, then. I’ll call you Deku. It suits you.”


“I-It does?”


“Yeah.” Katsuki leaned in closer, like he was about to tell him a secret. “My name’s Katsuki.”


“Katsuki,” Deku repeated, and hearing his name be spoken like that made Katsuki shiver. He wondered what it would sound like being screamed. “O-Okay, so, umm, I-I should go. S-Sit down, I mean! I’m obviously not gonna go anywhere else, since I ordered and everything, heh. I just don’t wanna take up too much of your time. And, uhh, t-there’s a line behind me, so I really should…” He ended his word barf with a weak nod and two thumbs pointing vaguely behind him.


Katsuki snorted as he went, a weird fondness wrapping around his chest at the sight of this painfully awkward nerd.


But his daydream was cut short when fingers snapped in front of his eyes. “Hello, rude barista?” The brunette called. “You can stop ogling my best friend now.”


“Go fuck yourself, Round Face,” he replied without missing a beat, eyes still fixated on Deku’s bubble butt.


She huffed, rolling her eyes, but he could hear her sly grin as she said, “You know, your hot chocolate here isn’t really that good.”


“Hah?” He finally turned to her, brows furrowed from her completely random comment. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“It means ,” she started, slowly, like she was about to tell him where he could find the answers to his next exam. “That Izuku insists on coming here for something other than your drinks.”


Katsuki's eyebrows and interest shot up to the stratosphere, but he quickly composed himself. “Yeah, uh-huh, whatever,” he said, but his voice was a pitch higher than usual. “Just fucking order.”


Again, when he finished whipping up the drinks, he called out their names. “Blushing Hamster Face and Deku!”


“My name is Uraraka!”


“Nobody cares, now hurry up and get over here!”


The girl huffed as she and Deku came up to grab their drinks. However, even after Uraraka went back to their seat, Deku lingered.


Katsuki eyed him. “Do you need something, nerd?”


“O-Oh! Umm—” Deku fidgeted with his styrofoam cup, nervous for some reason, until he blinked up at him. “Wait, nerd ?”  


The blond shrugged. “You’re wearing an All Might hoodie,” he pointed out. “And you have a notebook opened at your table. If that doesn’t fucking scream nerd , then I dunno what does.”


Deku had the gall to snort at him. “Wow,” he mused, the previous stutter in his voice dissipating to something more normal, more casual. “You’re really observant, huh?”


Katsuki found himself liking that confident attitude of his. But like with everything else, Katsuki refused to lose. “Yeah. But I’m only extra observant to… specific people,” he said, slow and quiet, and he ended it with a quick swipe of his tongue on his top lip.


The borderline lewd gesture effectively made the nerd swallow and choke on his tongue. “I-Is that so?”


“Mm-hmm. So, Deku, do you wanna know what I’m getting from ‘observing’ you?”




“I think …” Katsuki leaned forward. Closer, closer, until his breath fanned over those adorable freckles, until Deku shivered from the proximity. Until his own heart threatened to beat right out of his shirt. “You want to come back here tomorrow.”


Deku released a breath that barely passed as a laugh. “Y-Yeah? I mean, yeah , I-I think I— I think I do.”




“Yeah.” Deku bowed his head, bit his lip, and looked up from under his dark lashes. Sinfully cute, like he was just inviting Katsuki to wipe that purity off his face. Deku’s next words were the only thing stopping him from taking that challenge. “Do you work here all the time?”


“Depends on the day,” he explained. “Sometimes I get the morning shift. Sometimes I get the evening shift.”


“What shift is when?”


Katsuki smirked. “Stalker.”


Deku pouted and punched his arm lightly. “Shut up, I’m just being thorough!”


“Yeah, yeah, nerd. I work the morning shift on Mondays and Tuesdays. Evening shift on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.”


“Okay, that’s easy enough to remember… So, umm, t-tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow morning.”


“Tomorrow morning,” Deku repeated, nodding a little too rapidly. “Yeah, okay. So, umm…”


“Gotta go?”


The greenette sighed, smiling sheepishly. “Yeah. But I’ll just be, uhh, o-over there. N-Not that I’m expecting you to check me out or any— Uhh! That is— That’s a very stupid thing to say, I’m really sorry, I just get nervous around people, especially if they’re super attractive, you know? But, uhh, n-not that I—”






Katsuki smiled, genuinely, at his demeanor. “Go sit down.”


“O-Okay.” Deku huffed a laugh, briefly holding up his hand in a wave. “Bye.”


Returning the wave with one of his own, Katsuki watched this boy wobble to his seat with Uraraka, and he wondered to himself—


Beneath all those layers of unfamiliarity and awkwardness, what was Deku like?



The answer was: He was like a legit nerd who was permanently lost in his own made-up anime convention.


After two weeks of seeing each other at the coffee shop, Katsuki had learned a lot about him, and vice versa.


He knew that Deku was in his third semester of journalism. He knew that Deku was an only child, raised solely by his mother since he was kid. And most importantly, he knew that Deku was single.


In return, Katsuki shared that he himself was in his third semester of fashion — a fact that had Deku gaping in disbelief — and that he was also blissfully single. He made damn sure that that last piece of information stuck with him as they talked more and more about mundane stuff.


It wasn’t a bluff when Katsuki said that they were flirty with each other. Katsuki was disgustingly obvious about it, what with his bedroom eyes and playful questions about dates. Deku, on the other hand, was a lot more subtle. It had been a hard journey to get there, but Katsuki knew that the way he often stuck his tongue out was not just to pull his straw into his mouth.


His suspicions about their sexual tension were confirmed when, on a casual Thursday, Deku asked him, “Do you wanna go out sometime?”


Katsuki, who had been slouching back against his seat across from him, instantly straightened. “What?”


Deku cleared his throat, a pretty shade of red steadily creeping up the column of his neck. “Umm, y-you know, go out. Like, uhh… Like…”


Katsuki placed his drink on the table, his eyes now sharp and focused on his fumbling lips, like a lion watching an unknowing deer. He knew what he meant — he had prayed, hoped, and betted half of his life for this confirmation that yes this nerd was into him, wanted him, maybe even salivating after him the way he was with him. He knew this, but the ego inside him demanded for Deku to say it outloud.


“Like…?” Katsuki prompted, barely containing his heart from lurching out of his chest.


Deku swallowed, and Katsuki found himself licking his lips from the sensual way his Adam’s apple bobbed from the action. “I-I was just, umm… I-I know we’ve, ahh, only known each other for a few weeks, but I… I wanted to... “


Katsuki leaned in closer, as if he didn’t want to miss a single syllable, a single breath. “Yes?”


Deku huffed a quick laugh — a nervous gesture, one that Katsuki had grown quickly fond of. “Umm… O-Okay, I’m just gonna say it. Don’t freak out. Umm… So…” He inhaled deeply. “K-Kacchan—”


The blond shivered from the childish, endearing nickname.


“—do you want to go out on a da—”


“Oh, ‘Zuku, there you are!” A voice interrupted.


The two boys whipped around to face the fucker— the customer that had just come in.


It was a guy that Katsuki didn’t recognize. He was tall and fit, with black messy hair and twinkling eyes that Katsuki immediately knew were deceptive.


“Oh, Yu!” Deku got up, ignoring Katsuki , and jogged over to the stranger. “I thought you were still at home!”


Wait, home ?


“Yeah, your mom told me to come pick you up.”


His mom !?


“Oh, you didn’t have to!” Deku flailed his hands, a sheepish smile plastered on his cute face. “I was still, umm, talking to my friend.”


The stranger tilted his head. “Friend?”


“Yeah. Umm.” Finally, Deku turned around and faced Katsuki again. Katsuki scowled deeply, glaring daggers at the new guy who had just messed up their progressing conversation, but Deku didn’t seem to notice. Too fucking distracted by Mr. Pretty Douche. “Yu, this is Kac— Err, Bakugou. Kacchan, this is—”


“Not interested,” Katsuki immediately snapped. He pushed back his chair as he stood up, momentarily feeling guilty over the startled face Deku was making from his outburst, and demanded, “You here to order? If not, then fucking go somewhere else.”


“K-Kacchan!” Deku exclaimed. “That’s not very nice.”


Katsuki clicked his tongue, mood rapidly souring as he watched the other guy grin like he had just found something new to play with. “Nerd, if you haven’t noticed, I’m never fucking nice. Now, you ordering or what, dipshit?”


“Who’s asking, though?” The asshole had the gall to ask. “You the owner?”


“I’m the guy in charge of poisoning your drink.”


“Ah, barista.” He nodded, his grin widening. Gross . “Well, then, Kacchan—”


Katsuki bristled, snarling. “It’s Bakugou to you, bitch.”


“Oh, right, right, my bad. I’m Shindou You, by the way—”


“Literally no one cares.”


“Kacchan.” Deku’s hand wrapped around his arm. “What’s gotten into you?”


Katsuki reflexively shook off his hold, and without saying anything else, went to the counter to fake being busy. “Oi, I meant what I said, asshole. If you ain’t here to order shit, then fucking leave.”


The fucker — Shindou, whatever — chuckled as if he wasn’t being blatantly kicked out by an employee. “Quite the charmer, aren’t you?”


Katsuki was legitimately going to blow a fuse, but thankfully Shindou walked up and placed a simple order. As he worked, he couldn’t help but get distracted, turning his head every so often to watch Deku chatter away with this guy, as if they’d known each other for a long time. Were they in the same major? Neighbors? Fuck buddies? Potential fuck buddies? Deku had never mentioned a guy named Shindou, so Katsuki couldn’t tell.


A tap on the counter fished his mind back into reality. Deku was smiling sheepishly at him as he said, “Kacchan, if you don’t mind, can I have another cup of hot chocolate?”


Katsuki huffed, shrugging. “Yeah, yeah, sure. I’ll be with you in a minute.”


When he was done with Shindou’s order, he slammed the cup down, startling Deku, and practically shrieked, “Order for Motherfucking Cockblock That Needs to Die!”


“Wahh, you were right, ‘Zuku, he does give people horrible names!” Shindou laughed, accepting the drink from Katsuki, even though he had to tug the cup a few times due to Katsuki’s tight grip.


“A-Ah, yeah, it’s what makes this place interesting,” Deku laughed.


“I see. So, what name did he give you?”


“Oh, m-me?” Deku cleared his throat, momentarily glancing over at Katsuki, before admitting, “He just calls me Deku.”




“Look, as much as I love this conversation, I still got work to do,” Katsuki snipped. “Oi, Deku, if you still want that hot chocolate, then give me the money.”


“Oh, right! Right, sorry, about that, Kacchan.”


Despite Shindou already going back to his seat, Katsuki still grumbled and cursed under his breath as he rung up Deku’s order, an attitude that the greenette immediately picked up on. “Kacchan, are you okay?”


“Fucking peachy, Deku.”


“You sure don’t sound like it.”


“Look, why don’t you just go over there and continue chatting with that fucker. It beats standing here and watching me be an asshole, right ?”




“Whatever, Deku.” Katsuki paused as he took a styrofoam cup from the stack. “Just leave me alone.”


He didn’t have to turn around to know that Deku was still there, most likely wounded from Katsuki’s cold demeanor, but his pride didn’t let him say anything more. He just continued working until Deku eventually went back to sit across from Shindou. Ah, screw it, he was too disappointed from not getting that date, so he couldn’t—


“Oh, ‘Zuku, you have a little bit of chocolate on your face there.”


Katsuki almost fucking dropped the cup he was holding.


“Eh? Oh, thanks, Yu. Let me just get a tissue—”


“No, no, I can wipe it off for you. C’mere.”


“Y-Yu, come on, that’s so embarrassing—”


Katsuki abruptly slammed his hands on the counter, jostling everyone and their grandmothers, and snarled, “One hot chocolate for Fuckable Freckles!”


Deku, who had his jaw in Shindou’s hand, blinked at first, either from not hearing what Katsuki had just said, or from not properly processing his words. Shindou, on the other hand, smirked right at him, all sly and smug, like a fucking cat who’d just stolen a fish from the dinner table.


Katsuki bared his teeth, unconsciously crushing the poor cup in his hand. “I said , one fucking hot chocolate for Fuckable Freckles !” A second of silence ticked by. “Oi, Deku , get over here, goddammit!”


Finally, Deku jumped, a rush of scarlet running up his face so beautifully that Katsuki almost forgot that he was furious. He stumbled out of his seat, tripping on air for a few seconds, until he stood right in front of Katsuki. The freckles that Katsuki had oh-so-eloquently addressed were completely blanketed by his blush.


Katsuki, in a mix of heady lust, anger, and jealousy, licked his teeth and shoved the disfigured cup into the other’s hands. “The asshole asked what your name here is, right?” Katsuki rumbled, almost like a starving wolf. “Then there ya go. You got one.”




Katsuki leaned in, closer than they had ever been, bolder than any of their teasing flirtations. “What?”


“U-Umm, I— I just— Kacchan, why?” Deku blinked up at him, his huge eyes restless, his pupils blown wide. “I— Are you— A-Are you implying what I think you’re implying?”


“And what’s that, nerd?”


“That— That you, umm—” Deku shook his head, like he was refusing to let the words out, to let Katsuki have his fucking closure, but Katsuki gripped his chin firmly, not allowing his attention to stray.


“I wanna hear you say it, y’damn nerd,” Katsuki growled, his breath ghosting over the other’s plump lips. “Say it, and I swear to God I’ll prove it to you so you won’t ever forget it.”


The shiver that wracked through Deku’s body sent a large dose of arousal into his abdomen. “You… You, uhh... “ Deku bit his lip, prodding the beast under Katsuki’s skin with a stick. “You… want me.” Not a question, but a statement .


And that was enough to snap Katsuki’s last chain of restraint.


Katsuki hopped over the counter, spun Deku around until he was pressed up against a display case, and kissed him violently on the mouth. He heard a lot of things — commotion, gasps, people talking — but what his ears were focused on was Deku’s pathetic little whimper. The sound made his cock twitch in his pants.


Come here .” He grabbed Deku’s arm, sparing half a second to flash his middle finger to an amused Shindou, and led him to the bathroom at the back.


Deku keened as he was once again shoved and manhandled, his back colliding with the wooden door so harshly that it rattled on its hinges, but he didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around Katsuki’s neck and pulling him into another heated make-out.


For weeks, Katsuki had been fantasizing this very scenario — of kissing this adorable cutie who loved the same comic book as he did, who drank hot chocolate like it was caffeine, who had trouble talking but was comfortable enough with him to rant about silly things. He’d had imagined so many possibilities, so many dates, so many ways he could get him into his bed, but fooling around in his workplace’s bathroom had surprisingly slipped his mind.


And yet, Katsuki had nothing to complain about.


Another whimper pulled him out of his hazy mind. “K-Kacchan,” Deku panted, mewling briefly when Katsuki moved his frantic mouth to his neck. “Kacchan, shit, a-are you sure you want to— Ah, h-here?”


“Deku.” Katsuki fiercely tugged on his jacket until it pooled around their shoes. “I swear, if I don’t make a mess out of you right this fucking second , I’m gonna go insane.”


“Oh my God.” Deku shuddered, a dark look passing over his face. Biting his lip, he took off his shirt, and proceeded to fumble with Katsuki’s belt buckle. “God, you mean that, Kacchan? You’re gonna mess me up?”


Katsuki’s brain short circuited for a quick second, so frazzled after hearing the outright sin from this supposedly innocent nerd.


Once the belt was dropped to the tiled floor, Deku pulled him in for a spit-filled kiss. “Kacchan, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.”


“Y-Yeah?” Katsuki sucked in a ragged breath, which ended in a groan when Deku boldly unzipped his pants and palmed his erection through his underwear. “Fucking shit , Deku, how pent up are you?”


“It’s been awhile,” he admitted, huffing a laugh. “Surprised?”


“Thought you’d be the nervous type, honestly.” Katsuki grinned, a bead of sweat already rolling down his temple. God, it was so hot in here. “But goddamn, this is getting me way harder.”


Deku hummed, an unfamiliar, naughty smirk tugging on his kiss-swollen lips. “Yeah, it beats the awkward, stuttery side of me, right?”


“Hell no, dude.” Katsuki leaned down and captured his bottom lip between his teeth. “I like both sides. They both drive me up the fucking wall, Deku, you have no idea .”


“R-Really?” Deku blinked, a new shade of red surfacing on his cheeks. “You— You really like me? Like, for real?”


“Well, duh, genius. I wouldn’t drag you into this gross bathroom if I wasn’t.”




Katsuki scoffed, amused at how quickly he was able to reduce him back into a shy nerd, and decided to take things further. He discarded his top, grabbed Deku’s hands, and guided his palms over the ridges of his abs. He grinned as he watched Deku’s Adam’s apple bob. “Like what you see, shitty nerd?”


Definitely .” Came his breathless reply, and Katsuki wondered if Deku was aware that he said that. “K-Kacchan, can we— C-Can we kiss more? I wanna— mmph .” Katsuki stole his breath away as he slotted their mouths together, tangled their tongues so lewdly that he was sure that he’d be leaving a piece of him behind when they parted. “Kacchan, I like you. God, I like you.”


“Yeah?” Katsuki grunted as his hands found purchase on his ass, squeezing it once. “Like me enough to let me fuck you on the sink?”


Deku moaned, wanton and needy, and nodded quickly. “ Please .”


Katsuki wasted no time in dragging him over to the marble sink. He bent him over, the greenette more than thrilled to go down, and tugged his pants down to his knees. “Last chance to beg for mercy, Deku.”


Deku had the gall to laugh, all breath and lust. “Oh, I’ll be begging, Kacchan. I’ll be begging for your thick cock, your hands, your awful words, but not fucking mercy.”


Katsuki delivered a harsh spank to his exposed ass, his heart beating so hard and fast that he was sure it was going to give out if this nerd kept talking like that. When Deku moaned and wiggled his hips in invitation, Katsuki huffed and said, “God, who knew you’d be such a shameless cock slut behind all those textbooks. I feel betrayed here, Deku.”


Green eyes met his red ones in the mirror, but they didn’t belong to Midoriya Izuku. They were so dark, so enticing, the complete opposite of the usual shine Katsuki had grown accustomed to over the weeks. They belonged to a stranger. A stranger that Katsuki couldn’t wait to get to know more intimately.


“Fuck yes, I’m a slut, Kacchan. Such a slut for you. Please, please, teach me a lesson, baby.” Deku pushed back his ass until it was snug over his straining cock. Katsuki couldn’t help but hiss and grip his hip tightly. “Oh, shit, it’s so hard. So perfect. I want it so, so bad, Kacchan, please .”


His cock twitched at the whorish words, so painful now that Katsuki couldn’t ignore it much longer. “S-Shit, shut up for a sec, Deku.”


“Why? Am I gonna make you come in your pants, Kacchan?” Deku giggled, his reflection doing nothing to help Katsuki’s self control. “Mmm, Kacchan, hurry, I’ve needed you since the day I stepped into this shop. Been wanting you to push me around, call me names—”


“God.” The blond fumbled to untuck his cock, his skin lighting on fire, too hot for any more teasing. “God, I’m gonna wreck you so bad, Deku. You clean?”


“Clean. Just shove it in, I wanna feel— Mnn !” His whines were cut off by three fingers in his mouth, prodding his tongue and the insides of his cheeks, getting as wet and ready as it possibly could.


“You talk too much,” Katsuki said, his breaths coming in short pants. He was rocking his hips slowly, grinding his cock over the curve of his left cheek. “Better put that mouth to better use, slut .”


The greenette keened, almost sobbing at the degrading name. His tongue worked his fingers more vigorously, and a minute later, Katsuki pulled them out. He ran one wet fingertip over the crack of his ass, before pushing his whole middle finger inside in one swift motion.


Deku cried out, the sound bouncing off the walls so loudly that there was no way nobody heard him. Katsuki licked his lips at the very thought, getting impossibly harder, and it wasn’t long before he was three fingers in. By this point, his partner was an incoherent mess, his slutty words from before loss in the throes of passion.


“Why so quiet, nerd?”


“It’s— It’s so good,” Deku sobbed. His reflection showed real tears streaming down the sides of his face. “God, you’re so good at this. You’re everything that I could ever — ahh — I-I could ever dream of.”


His heart swelled at that. “Yeah?”


“Mmm, yes. I really like you, Kacchan. I really do. I-I just— mmnn — I can’t believe this is actually happening.”


To his surprise, he laughed, his fingers still knuckle deep inside his crush’s ass. “Same here, I guess.”


Deku sighed, a wobbly smile gracing his blushing face. “Kacchan… Kacchan, that’s enough. I’m ready.”


“You sure?”


“We’ve both wanted this. Please, please, I just— I just need you.”


“Okay.” Katsuki leaned down and kissed the spot behind his ear. He retracted his fingers, shushing his partner’s whine, before lining up his cock. “Say, Deku?”




Katsuki kissed his cheek, so sweet, almost romantic, and whispered. “I’m saying yes to that date.” And in an instant, he snapped his hips forward, making the both of them moan.


Deku mewled with each sharp thrust, his fingers scrambling for purchase until they tangled in blond hair. “K-Kacchan, oh God—”


“Hold on, hold on, shit. You feel too damn good, I can’t last like this—”


“Neither can I. Too pent up. Oh, oh, K-Kacchan, just keep— Ahh, shit, j-just keep hitting that spot.”


Katsuki snarled in his ear, the fire in his gut roaring into an inferno, his beast preening from the stimulation. “Deku, Deku, Izuku you fucking slut , you should’ve told me that you wanted me, y’know. Could’ve fucked you weeks ago, before that asshole Shindou showed up.”


“H-Huh? Deku furrowed his brows. “Yu? What do you— Oh!”


“Don’t say his name like that.” Katsuki snapped, his thrusts becoming more erratic. Angrier. “You’re fucking mine now. You got that, you shitty nerd? You’re mine .”


Deku whimpered from a particularly harsh shove, his voice high-pitched, close to the edge. “W-Wait, Kacchan, I don’t think you understand. We aren’t— Ahh! Ah, ah, r-right there, oh my God, right there , I’m so close—”


“D-Deku, shit. Shit .” Katsuki groaned, long and low, as he picked up the pace of his hips, the rapid sound of their skin slapping together echoing through the small bathroom. The coil in his abdomen tightened, almost painful now, ready to spring free. “I-Izuku, I’m— I’m gonna—”


Deku scratched the thin hair at the nape of his neck lovingly. “Do it.”


His teeth clamped over a freckled shoulder, muffling his animalistic moan as his release overtook him, blinded him in a hot burst of euphoria. It felt like it was going on forever, but the wave eventually subsided, and he was left with nothing but exhaustion and satisfaction. On his hand was a big glob of cum — Deku’s cum.


“Did— Did you come?”


Deku nodded weakly, still catching his breath. “Shit.”


Katsuki couldn’t help but grin. “That good, huh?”


An elbow hit him in the gut. “Shut up, I need to breathe here.”


The blond chuckled, too damn smug about their more-than-inappropriate escapade. “Bet Shindou couldn’t top that.”


“Oh my God, Kacchan.” To Katsuki’s surprise, Deku was laughing, a wide grin making his face look so much younger. Brighter. “I’ve been trying to tell you. I’m not doing it with Yu.”


“Hah? What the fuck are you talking about?” Katsuki raised an eyebrow as he tucked his flaccid cock back inside his pants. “You guys seem pretty damn close for casual buddies.”


Kacchan .” Deku turned around to face him, giggling humorously. “He’s my cousin .”


Katsuki paused, his hands in the middle of working his belt through the loops of his jeans. He blinked. “ What !?”


Deku shrugged, and it would’ve been cute if it wasn’t for the fact that his dick was still hanging out. “Uhh, Kacchan, have you seen us? We look like we can be brothers.”


“But— Hey, fuck you, shitty nerd, how was I supposed to know!? You know I don’t pay attention to people. Oi, stop laughing, goddammit!”


“O-Okay, okay.” Deku wheezed, still fucking laughing. “Oh, God, it’s just— Is that why you were so grumpy earlier? You were just jealous?”


The tips of his ears burned from embarrassment. “Shut up.”


“Aww, that’s so cute!”


“I said shut up . Jesus.” Katsuki huffed, annoyed, and proceeded to grab his shirt from the floor. As he straightened, a heavy weight settled on his back, warm and comforting. Familiar.


Deku nuzzled the back of his neck, his arms firm and intimate around his waist. “No, I’m serious,” he said, his hot breath ghosting over his sweaty skin, making him shiver. “That is really cute. And flattering. I mean, yeah, it sucked when you blew up on me, but… I dunno, it was nice knowing that you liked me that much.”


Katsuki sighed through his nose. “Yeah, well… I have a temper. You know that, but… I guess I’ll try to tone it down next time.”


The arms around him shifted. “Next time? T-There’s a next time?”


“Well, obviously. I just told you that I wanted to go on that date with you.”




“... What, did you change your mind?”


“No, no, no! Of course I— Of course I want to date you. Absolutely.”


“Good. I’m a fucking catch, so you’d be stupid if you didn’t want to.”


Deku pinched his side, making him yelp. “You’re lucky you have a big cock, Kacchan.”


“Fuck you, you like all of me.” Katsuki turned around, surprising the smaller boy with a quick kiss. “You wouldn’t keep coming back if you didn’t. Right?”


Something in his expression changed at his words. His eyes turned softer, more vibrant, and his lips twitched in a small, genuine smile. “Yeah,” he whispered. “Yeah, I do. I do like you. A lot.”


Katsuki’s heart drummed in his chest. He cleared his throat briefly. “G-Good. Cool.”


“Kacchan.” Deku pouted. “Say it back!”


“Fuck no.”




“I can’t take you seriously when you have cum all over you, Deku!”


“Ehhh, but it’s a good look on me.”


“Screw. You.”


“... Maybe tonight?”


Katsuki paused. “ After we watch a movie together.”


Deku beamed, brighter than the fucking sun, and kissed his cheek loudly. Katsuki made a mental note to buy sunglasses before their date.