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When your seniors' prank went too far it made your boyfriend cry

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“Hey, there he goes again,” a senior grumbled and a group huddled together; eyeing Miyuki’s blooming expression enough to brighten the room. “Ugh, I’m getting goosebumps.”

“It’s a girl, right?” their right fielder insisted, gripping his bat tightly. “It’s gotta be a girlfriend!”

“Yeah,” a second year mumbled. They observe Miyuki pull his undershirt off and shuffle inside the locker. His eyes were practically twinkling, a soft smile curling at his lips.

“With that pretty face, he’s gotta be dating someone,” their captain muttered somberly. “Girls are always all over him.” His teammates huffed in affirmation.

Lately, Miyuki has been acting weird. He’s been… charming, for the past few days. It’s been a week when he suddenly marched in the campus, all relaxed and glowing. Since then, his fangirls increased dangerously high since truly took up the role of a ‘Pretty-boy Catcher’. His sarcasm and nastiness also lessened, not as much but his victims noticed that he rarely opened his mouth to rebut, insult, or tease anyone anymore. Well, that was only because he kept coming back to his phone; chuckling so disgustingly sweet and staring at the screen in adoration.

Like now

As soon as he took off his undershirt, he checked on his phone and his eyes instantly melted. They all blanched and for some reason, it irked them. Miyuki set his phone back down and went to look for something in his locker again, humming a tone. Shit! Miyuki was humming! Miyuki was fucking humming! That should be illegal and utterly impossible. They swore they saw a single flower popped off Miyuki’s head.

“Is it Miyuki-kun’s girlfriend again?” one of their female managers spat in disgust. Two more of them nodded and glared at Miyuki’s flexing back, only to coo and squeal in delight.

Their snapped their attention towards the catcher who clicked his tongue in annoyance. He turned on his back and made his way back to the showers, scratching the back of his head.  They’re eyes followed his frame intensely, only to turn at the sound of vibration. Miyuki’s old school flip phone lit up and the name ‘Ei’ with hearts and stars appeared at the blinker. With the detailed cuteness of the emojis, it was bound to be a girl!

“Grrr, I’ll take that,” the manager growled angrily.

“W-wait, senpai!” the second years cried out.

She flipped the phone open and took a deep breath. “Stop calling my boyfriend!” she screamed which caused the others to cower in fear. “Miyuki-kun, is mine!”

“W-wh--!” she didn’t let the other speak up and hastily hid the phone behind her back when Miyuki came back.

“Ah, Senpai, have you seen my shirt?” Miyuki asked, peeking over the door.

All his senpai stood there, nervously shuffling on their feet. Miyuki hummed incredulously and made his way to them. The managers flailed around, panicking for being found out but the eldest just smiled innocently and said, “Miyuki-kun, you must’ve dropped it somewhere on the floor.”

Miyuki raised an eyebrow and searched the ground, cursing lowly when he found the missing shirt crumpled below the bench he was sitting on a while ago. How come he did not notice that? He’s not usually out of his mind and yet, there he was; out of his mind.

“Thanks,” he laughed brightly, making the others cringe inside. He picked up his shirt and flapped it roughly to take the dust off. He perked up when their coach called for his attention and he hastily slipped the shirt on while responding to the call.

The seniors immediately huddled closer to inspect Miyuki’s phone, only to discover the call has ended. She smirked in triumph and returned Miyuki’s phone back and casually high-fived their captain, evil grins on their faces.

“Didn’t you go a little too far?” their vice-captain scolded, disapproval painting his features.

“It’s just a harmless prank,” their captain shrugged and slung his arm over his vice-captain’s shoulder. “That’ll teach that dirty catcher a little bit of respect towards his senpai.”

“Yeah, and I just saved a poor girl’s heart from breaking!” the manager defended. “Who knows what horror Miyuki-kun is putting her through.”

“That’s right!” the remaining members nodded their heads vigorously, spirited aura burning heatedly.

“No, no, no! I think you just destroyed it yourself!” the freshmen thought dreadfully, seeing a much more demonic side of their sinister senpai.

“Aren’t you just jealous Miyuki’s got a girlfriend and it isn’t you?” their vice-captain deadpanned to the managers before throwing a nasty, sour look towards the other seniors.

“W-what?! Of course n-not!” she denied indignantly, stomping her feet like a child throwing a tantrum.

“Uh-huh…” the vice-captain nodded sarcastically. He turned to their captain who tried to inch away from him. “And you, you shitty poor excuse of a goddamn useless team captain and 4th batter—“ what’s being a 4th batter got to do with this?!, the captain internally rebutted, “—you shouldn’t be messing Miyuki like this. What if he found out? You know he’ll retaliate, right?”

Cold dread washed over them at the thought. Surely, Miyuki would just laugh it off and tell them a job for getting him. Miyuki knew what a prank was, right? He’ll just laugh it off, right? Surely, he’ll still be lenient with his teammates, right? Before the captain could make up poor excuses, the doors slammed open and there stormed a guy they’ve never seen before but seems rather familiar.

“I told you, you aren’t allow—“

“Where is he?!” he screamed in rage, his eyes fiery gold, lips formed into a scowl, and brown hair fluttering from the force of his raging spirit.

“Hey, kid—“

“Eijun?” they turned on their backs and found Miyuki gaping there and wide-eyed. His expression turned into one of that shoujo manga male protagonist who just fell in love, and it freaked them out. Miyuki flinched in surprise when he met golden eyes smothering with anger and irritation. “W-what—“


The resounding impact of skin against skin startled them, their surprised expressions morphing into horror-filled faces. The room was heavily silenced, tensed and awkward. Miyuki’s hand absently caressed his burning cheek, slowly turning to the other man still wide-eyed and aghast. The manager from before marched to Eijun with a sneer on her face but they all came to a halt when they heard a sob.

“Why would you do this to me?! I thought I could trust you!” he wailed, tears beginning to pool at the corner of his eyes. Miyuki watched, alarmed and clearly shaken. “I know you were busy because it’s tournament season, I didn’t try to bother you and yet you were only cheating on me?!” From the looks of it, the kid was ready to cry on his way there.

“Wha—Cheat?!” Miyuki jumped at the accusation and stepped closer with his arms open, trying to envelop his crying lover but Eijun pushed him away with so much force, his back collided against the lockers with a bang. “Ei—“ the audience watched in pure horror and winced at the impact of Miyuki’s collision.

“Don’t touch me!” EIjun seethed, wiping his eyes furiously only for more tears to drop. “Don’t even come near me.” He sniffled and quaked. Miyuki tried to ignore the throbbing on his back and forced his body to stand back up. “Just when you asked me to live together with you…”

“Ei--!” Miyuki called miserably and attempted to placate his lover again.

“Kazuya, you idiot!” Eijun screamed and pitched something towards Miyuki’s direction.

He reflexively shielded his face with his arms and grunted when something small hit his palm. His eyes widen and his blood ran cold when the item clanked against the locker and clattered on the floor. He eyed the key in horror. When he looked up, Eijun was already running towards the exit where the team was shoved out of the way.

“Eijun, wait!” Miyuki cried desperately and reached for the other boy. “What the hell is going on?!” he screamed in anger, turning to them for an answer. That was the first time they saw the catcher hysterical and utterly frustrated. His usually cheeky and blunt personality was now down in the drains with something so foreign, it actually scared them.

Miyuki turned to his teammates who watched their exchange baffled and speechless. He gritted his teeth and immediately reached for his phone and bag. He dialed someone over his phone as he ran after the young stranger and left his teammates in the dust: confuse and terrified.

“Wait, wasn’t that Sawamura Eijun? You know, Seidou’s ace?” one of their first year’s whispered.

“Yeah. I’m surprise he and Miyuki are dating,” the other replied.

“Well, those two definitely gave my team a hard time,” another muttered. “We couldn’t even take a single run back.”

“I know right, they gave us quite a beating too.”

“I heard the coach is planning to scout him out for next year.”


“Ken!” the vice-captain sneered menacingly, a dark aura oozing out of his body as he glared at the trembling captain.

The captain flinched and scowled at the other. “They’ll get over it,” he brushed off with a wave of his hand. He threw a look at the manager and found her gaping and still motionless. He clicked his tongue and swiftly turned away, and that’s when the thought finally sunk in.

Miyuki doesn’t have a girlfriend. The sneaky bastard’s got a boyfriend.

What’s more, it’s Sawamura Eijun, his former battery partner. He watched their match during the Koushien Tournament to scout out new members and saying they were good would be an insult and an understatement. They were terrifying and the embodiment of a perfect battery. They were lucky they were able to get Miyuki Kazuya and as expected, their next target is his pitcher. But right now…

‘No, like any lovers quarrel; they can work it out and live happily ever after. That’s right, nothing a harmless joke can do…’ with that optimistic thought in mind, he nodded and pumped himself in determination.

“That shitty captain!!!” the vice-captain screamed. Just when he was about to take a step, his teammates grappled and held him back. “Let go! Let the fuck go! I’ll kill that idiot! I’ll bash his head so hard he’ll grow a fucking brain!!!”

Just what the hell have they done?

They thought it got better by the next day. Miyuki was playing the same way he always does; with precision and attitude. He talked to them normally, encouraged his pitchers indifferently, and still made fun of them. Nothing was out of the norm… that is until practice was over. In the lockers, they found their first year catcher sulking at the corner, a phone in hand. When he heard them coming in he subtly went back to his locker to change.

The atmosphere was high of tension and awkwardness. Players shuffled away from the catcher, a doom gloom line above their heads. For every sigh Miyuki took, they winced and shakily looked over their shoulder, grimacing at the sight of the fearsome prodigy reduced into nothing but a kicked pup. They’ve never actually thought that he’s the type to easily express his unsettlement. Although it was bothersome, most of the 4th years made a show of the catcher’s misery and even took bets on how long it’ll take before the break up. The captain himself and the other managers participated.

But at the moment, they realized a sarcastic Miyuki is better than a sulking one.

The vice-captain turned menacingly towards his captain, his burning aura scorching towards the sky. Said captain turned on his back and sneered at the silent accusation. Nope, they’ll get over it. They’ll definitely get over it. At least now they know that Miyuki won’t be turning on girls for the time being. Though, it was actually frustrating to know that he can also attract guys and not just women anymore. Damnit.

By the next day, he seemed to be doing fine. He played normally as he should and discussed the conditions of their pitchers to the coach and the main catcher while remaining focus and calmness. In fact, he was able to pull off 4 home runs in just one day. Miyuki was in top form that day.

However he was anything but.

Miyuki came back to his apartment near midnight, tired from practice and work. He dropped his bag on the foot of his bed and dropped face down on the mattress with a sigh. He reached for his phone and flipped it open, sighing in disappointment at the sight of an empty inbox. He turned on his back and scanned through his message history, staring blankly at the same contents.

Please answer my calls.

Don’t ignore me.


Talk to me

I’m going to call, please pick up

Missed call

Missed call

Missed call

Missed call

Missed call


Eijun, I’m worried

What did I do wrong?

I’m going to work now. At least let me know you’re okay

I love you

His chest hurt, painfully tightening and throbbing within the confines of his ribcage. If only he was able to run after him fast, they might’ve been able to talk it out. However, Miyuki knew chasing an upset person will only cause them to runaway even more and become blind of their surroundings. Instead, he rushed his way back to the apartment and repeatedly called the other but each time he did, he always got dropped. He estimated the time Sawamura arrives back to Seido and tried calling him again only to get the same result.

He didn’t know why Eijun assumed he was cheating. He thought it was just a ploy to scare him but Eijun wouldn’t go this far. It’s not like Kazuya is trying to brag or anything, but if their former teammates thought he was clingy, Sawamura wasn’t any better. In the first place, the only reason why he clings is because Eijun himself, demands it unknowingly and Kazuya was very much happy to indulge him. But now, he could pretty much guess he was just as needy.

Kazuya closed his eyes for some sleep but it was a futile effort. He tossed and turned relentlessly, countless thoughts swimming in his head and keeping him awake for days to come. He eyed Eijun’s copy of the key longingly, feeling his chest tighten painfully that his breath hitched and his fingers twitched. Miyuki pulled the sheets closer to his body and curled himself into a ball. It was a lonely night. He woke up late once again and rushed to the campus hungry and sluggish. He did his best to focus and catch up to his lessons; he couldn’t afford to fall behind after all.

When it was time for practice, Kazuya felt a presence behind him and found their vice-captain eyeing him with worry. “Is there something wrong, Nikita-senpai?” he mused as buttoned his practice jersey.

The vice-captain pursed his lips tightly and hesitantly took a step forward. “I know everyone is avoiding this subject—“ Kazuya could have sworn that almost everyone in the room flinched and awkwardly peered at them. “—but how are you and your boyfriend doing? Is everything alright with the two of you?” He could see the worry lines folded at his forehead and found it rather amusing.

Though, some part of him felt stab on pain in his chest that he had to grind his teeth, he forced a leisure smile on. He mentally shook his head and smirked at the elder player. “Heh, senpai, you’re actually doing your job as a vice-captain.” He didn’t miss the way it irked his senior and took great satisfaction for that.

“Yeah,” the other smiled innocently with a vein throbbing at his temple. “It’s a hard job to accomplish considering we have a useless captain,” said captain made a noise at the back of his throat loud enough for the entire room to hear.

‘What did the captain do this time to anger Nikita-senpai again?’ Kazuya thought flatly as he eyed the raging vice-captain.

Kazuya thought about his days at Seido where he and Eijun could freely interact without the others batting an eye at them. Sure, neither of them bothered with appearances even with the fact that it could affect their future careers, it never mattered to them. They could just tell the world to eat shit and die, and continue on flaunting their relationship because that is who they are. However, he doesn’t like it when outsiders meddle with their affairs unexpectedly. He appreciate the concern but at the moment, he’d prefer it if he and Eijun could work this out on their own.

The sound of a ball colliding with a metal bat echoed against the field followed by a cheer of a homerun. Kazuya closed his eyes and imagined the bright smile of his lover as he basked in the heat of the sun.

Nothing got better.

Tell me what happened please. I want to see you.

Kazuya immediately blinked away the drowsiness and scrabbled for his phone, eyeing the blinker in relief.

Eijun: Shut up. I never want to see you again. Stop calling me.

Kazuya’s world crumbled into dust.

“You look like shit,” Kuramochi said as soon as they met on the field.

Kazuya pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed in resignation. Today, they had a practice match against Kuramochi’s school and it was during the worst time for Miyuki. He knew he shouldn’t let his personal life affect his pace but he couldn’t concentrate. At yesterday’s practice match, the coach called him out for giving off reckless signs as well as for swinging for every ball thrown. Now he was sure that he just lost his regular spot for next year. It doesn’t help that his teammates were starting to whisper.

Damnit, he was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open.

“What’s been going on between you and Sawamura?” Kuramochi scowled as he crossed his arms and glared at the dugout. He clicked his tongue when Miyuki only blinked dumbly at him.

“Haha, aw look at you fret over your juniors,” Miyuki laughed. “Must be pretty lonely in Kakumei, right?”

“Cut that shit with me Miyuki, you look like you barely slept and I heard from Carlos yesterday that you played like a beginner. What the fuck?” he growled and harshly dug his finger at Miyuki’s chest. Miyuki stumbled but he remained quiet.

The entire field was watching them with stagnant breath. Miyuki’s own teammates exchanged nervous looks especially the managers. It was true; Miyuki’s gameplay had been a mess. A completely wrecked and unsalvageable mess. His records from before were a mile away from his records now and it honestly angered their coach. They had all witnessed him scream and criticize the catcher very harshly that it drove some of them to tears as if it was them on his shoes.

But what was more terrifying was that Miyuki took it all silently. Rather, it seemed like he wasn’t even listening. He was slouched on the bench in the dugout with a towel over his head, eyes staring blankly on the ground. The catcher looked like he hasn’t slept at all and he looked like he had seen better days. It worried them, but more than that, it made them remorseful.

“I think he’s breaking up with me…”

Just those words had them gasping. The captain himself gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, he glared towards the manager and found her with a hand covering her lips; eyes wide and fearful. Yes, they wanted to teach Miyuki a lesson but not to this point. Even he knew they went too far.

“Wait, wait, wait! What makes you say that? Don’t you think you’re exaggerating too much?” Kuramochi fretted incredulously.

“Fuck, he’s not answering my calls and messages—“

“Just give a bit more time,” Kuramochi reasoned.

“Damnit, he doesn’t even want to see me anymore!” Miyuki grunted in exasperation as he ruffled his hair in frustration.

Kuramochi bit his lips and glanced at the catcher. Miyuki was a mess and it was a sight to see. “What makes you say that?” he asked rather calmly. Miyuki’s emotions were all over the place and it was best that one of them had to be the word of reason most especially since they got an audience.

 Miyuki sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. “He replied to one of my messages and told me that exactly,” he explained listlessly. Kuramochi could see the fatigue in his face and posture; even he wasn’t this bad when he got injured.

“So you’re leaving him alone?” he asked skeptically. Miyuki’s head turned so fast, Kuramochi feared he might’ve snapped it off but more than that he was taken aback by the confused and offended expression on the catcher’s face.

“What did you eat and made you dumber than usual—“ Kuramochi decided to ignore that. “Of course not, I have no intention of leaving things like this,” he scoffed. “Right now I have Haruichi monitoring him for me.”

“Sawamura won’t be happy if he finds out about that,” Kuramochi pointed with a chuckle.

“Haruichi made it clear that he’ll let Eijun know that I’m keeping a close eye at him and frankly, I’m good with that. Though, Haruichi doesn’t tell me what they’re talking about but that’s also fine.” A small yet gentle smile appeared on Miyuki’s lips that it also made the shortstop smile fondly. “So long as I know he’s okay, that’s all I need.” He was once again reminded of those days where Miyuki became nothing but a pile of affectionate goo when it comes to Sawamura. A long distance relationship will not change that it seems.  

Still, there was something off about the whole fiasco. There was no way Miyuki would cheat on their idiot pitcher. The guy was an asshole and a prick but he wouldn’t even consider pranking Sawamura with that trick. Well, even if he did cheat, how would’ve Sawamura known? Miyuki would be very careful and cautious. Still, the possibility was just too absurd and the timing was off too. Kuramochi glanced towards the dugout and found the members of Miyuki’s team eyeing them warily. His gaze hardened and his scowl deepened that some of the player’s flinched. There’s no way they would…

“Players on the field!”

Kuramochi’s attention snapped to their coach and grunted. He gave Miyuki’s shoulder a squeeze before running back to his team while Miyuki walked back to their dugout and sat on the bench numbly. It seems like he won’t be playing in their game. What a shame, Kuramochi thought with a shake of his head. From the corner of his eyes, he caught the opposing vice-captain watching him ruefully. It made him raise both eyebrows in surprise.

It was late when Miyuki got back to his apartment. It was supposed to be his day off from work but he had nothing to do and it was better that he kept his thoughts busy due to a pending, possible break up. He entered his living room, coming to a halt when he heard a clatter. Kazuya looked up and blinked when he found Sawamura standing in his leaving room with a conflicted look on his face.

“So this is it? It’s over then?” Kazuya muttered miserably, breaking the heavy silence between them.

“H-huh? What?” Sawamura stammered, a hand over his chest.

Miyuki chuckled bitterly and slid his bag on the floor. “You came to tell me we’re over right?” he asked. “That you want nothing to do with me anymore… that you never want to see me again?”

He watched blankly as Eijun’s lips quivered and tears welled up in his eyes. Miyuki’s heart throbbed at the sight of those tears dropping down his beautiful face. Ah, he doesn’t want their farewell to be like this. He can’t take it.

“I’m sorry,” Eijun sobbed as he wiped the tears away but they kept on going, sliding pass his reddened cheeks, down to the carpeted floor.

“No, it’s ok—“

“No, it’s not!” Eijun exclaimed, startling Kazuya. He marched to where the catcher stood and immediately bundled his collar up, and before Kazuya could follow, he felt lips against his own. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Eijun wailed against his collar. “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have told you those things. I should’ve let you explain. I should’ve listened, Kazuya.”

Kazuya could only gape dazedly, wrapping his arms around his lover and pulling him close. He nuzzled his cheeks against those bundle of brown locks, inhaling the calming scent of lemon and lavender. He didn’t want to lose this. Kazuya didn’t want to go back to his boring life. He didn’t—couldn’t let something so precious in his life go. Eijun sobbed harder and pulled his body close.

“I don’t want to let you go,” Kazuya muttered as cupped Eijun’s cheeks, using his thumb to wipe the tears away. Eijun hiccupped and pressed his cheek firmly against Miyuki’s warm palms. “Don’t leave me, please,” he begged as he leaned down to press their lips together.

Eijun cried harder and whimpered in their kiss. As they pulled away, Kazuya felt his heart swell and beat rapidly fast. They talked just as Kuramochi suggested. Eijun told him about his talk with the entire team, Kanemaru and Haruichi being the ones who beat some sense into him. Miyuki can’t help but chuckle, though it wasn’t that hard to imagine. Eijun told him about his thoughts during their torturous fall out and as it turns out, Kazuya wasn’t the only one struggling. Eijun pitched horribly that it only took 2 innings before he was switched out by either Furuya or Toujo.

Coach brutally rejected his plea and bluntly told him to get his bearings together or he’ll lose the ace number. It seemed like they both needed a break and some room to breathe to think things through. As he talked, Kazuya held his hand and tenderly rubbed his thumb on the flat of Eijun’s rough palms. He felt comfortable that way and apparently, so did Sawamura.

“Still, what gave you the thought I was cheating on you?” Kazuya asked when Eijun finally calmed down. They were both lying on the sofa, facing each other with their hands joined between their flushed chest.

“Well, there was this woman who answered your phone and told me she was your girlfriend,” his voice cracked a little and he stared at Miyuki as if he was waiting for him to confirm those accusations.

“And just because of that, you believed her?” Miyuki lightly scolded and flicked his forehead.

The pitcher yelped and glared petulantly at him. “I can’t help it especially when I heard your voice asking her about the whereabouts on your shirt!” Miyuki froze, eyes wide and unblinking. If he remembered correctly, that was just last Monday. Miyuki cursed in his head and he glared at the wall across them. No way they would do something that troublesome, right? “Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

“Uh no, nothing. Anyway, how’d you get there so fast? You didn’t fly all the way from Seido did you?” he joked.

“No,” Eijun stammered. Kazuya eyed him incredulously when color rose to his cheeks and his brown eyes bashfully averted his. “I wanted to tell you that I was already on my way to the apartment when she answered your phone.”

Miyuki’s got a pretty good guess on what happened now and despite his situation, a pretty sinister plan formulated in his twisted mind. His attention shifted when he found Eijun staring him curiously, his eyes red and swelling from crying. Miyuki’s lips fell flat at the result of such tomfoolery. He sighed and leaned down to plant a kiss at Eijun’s chapped lips.

“It’s getting late, you should stay for the night,” he murmured against the pitcher’s lips. Color rose to his cheeks again and Kazuya found it rather cute to see him flustered and stammering. He wrapped his arms Eijun’s waist and pecked his cheek. “I won’t do anything, just please stay.”

Eijun contemplated but one look on Miyuki’s puppy look face and he was a goner. Kazuya had let him use the shower first and left some clothes for him to wear for the night. True to his words, Miyuki didn’t do anything sexual. The most intimate advances he had done was wrap his arms him, pulled him close, and held his hand as they  waited for sleep.

“You know…” Eijun whispered against his shoulder. “Some part of me knew you wouldn’t cheat on me.” Miyuki hummed in response just to let his lover know he was awake. “I believe you were the type to just flat out break up with me if you found someone else,” Kazuya squeezed their joint hands together in assurance. “But mostly, I believed that you’d also believe that there won’t be anyone else.”


Kazuya could feel heat rise to his cheeks, his heart pounding hard and fast as such declaration. He turned his head away while keeping their hands together. He sighed to himself and peered down only to see Eijun sleeping soundly by his side. His hazel eyes softened and he leaned down to press a tender kiss on his forehead.

That night, that was the most peaceful sleep Kazuya ever had.

It was Saturday morning and practice starts at 7 am. He and Eijun woke up around 5 to prepare, and by 6 am, Kazuya went to see him off to the station. “Ah, before you leave, here,” he held Eijun’s hand and placed his copy of the key on the other’s palm. Eijun’s cheeks flushed and Kazuya found it rather adorable.

He was 30 minutes early when he got to the campus and there were only a small number of players in the field. He settled in the dugout and thought about his conversation with Eijun just the other night.

“Oh, Miyuki,” he perked up at the call of his name and turned to see their coach making his way towards him. “I hope you’re doing well now. We’ve got a practice match against Karuta University and I really want to put you in the field badly.”

Miyuki smiled and nodded. Karuta was where Narumiya enrolled at and Miyuki was always looking forward for their practice matches. “Yeah, I’m good to go now, Coach. Sorry for causing you trouble for these past few days.” 

The coach only laughed and waved him off. “Well, it’s good to hear that from you. But can I as what happened? Is there something wrong that caused you to perform like that?” he fretted.

Miyuki thought back to the cause Eijun told him. His coach hummed in confusion when he saw him smirk darkly. “Actually, about that, Coach. You see…”

The players were starting to come around by quarter to seven. The managers were bringing out the carts while the captain and the remaining members of the team carried the helmets and other pitching machine. The captain found Miyuki conversing with the Coach and his guilt spiked through the roof. He exchange looks with the manager and immediately understood her thoughts.

“Uhm, e-excuse me- Hiiiieee!” the manager squealed in horror when the Coach eyed her sourly.

He turned to the captain and grumbled, “Get ready on the field in 5 minutes.”

“Y-yes, Sir!” the players responded.

“Miyuki-kun, I’m sorry,” she bowed as soon as the coach was out of sight.

“Oh, what for, senpai?” he smiled as turned to the bunch behind him. For some reason, his tone scared them.

“Actually, it was me who answered the call of your b-boyfriend. It was my fault you two fought,” she confessed while peering at him with shame in her eyes.  

“I was at fault too, I didn’t stop them,” the vice-captain added.

“So did we,” the others said. “We thought it was a good way to get you.”

“In my defense, I thought you had a girlfriend,” the captain petulantly muttered. “I thought she’d just be jealous and give you a rough time.”

“You kind of deserve it since you were getting full of yourself with us senpai.”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry anymore,” Miyuki chuckled and waved them dismissively, his cunning smile still present. “We already made up last night. We’re good now.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear,” the managers sighed. “We thought you’d be over for good.”

“Haha, I’m not letting that happen,” Miyuki laughed. His laughter felt like knife, sharp and cold as it sliced through air. It made them shiver. “Plus, it was just a harmless prank, right?” his thin eyes specifically targeted the captain.


“You lot, get in the field!” the Coach hollered.  Players scrambled to line up before the coach told them to run while counting out loud. They were confused for a moment because they usually jog and running is only for cooling down. Their confusion increased further when the coach screamed at the managers to join.

“Wait, us too?!” they gasped but the coach only glared at them and they followed after the players.

Cold dread washed over them when Miyuki and a few other first years and second years were pulled out to start their warm up after the standard 2 hour morning exercise. They paled when they caught Miyuki looking over his shoulder and snickering at them.

‘No way, that sneaky bastard!!!’

Since then, they all remembered the day where they all realized that Miyuki Kazuya was never to be taken as a fool. That and they should never jeopardize his relationship with Sawamura Eijun ever again.


The coach told them it was punishment for risking their chances with the pitcher and it will continue to go on until Sawamura himself, explicitly forgives them. And so, their only choice is to beg Miyuki to tell Sawamura to visit their school again so he could forgive them.

“Sure, I’ll relay the message to him,” he sweetly (falsely) replied and whistled away. They remembered how grateful they felt for it but then a week passed and no Sawamura Eijun in sight. “Miyuki, you said he’d come?!” they yelled.

Miyuki feigned ignorance and shrugged. “I said I’ll relay the message. I never promised he’d come right away. He’s busy too, you know,” he mused smugly with a dark look on his face.

‘D-demon. This guy is a demon.’

Truth to be told, Miyuki purposely prolonged it for a week. The exact same duration he went through during his and Eijun’s quarrel. By Monday, Eijun did come before afternoon practice.

“We’re deeply sorry for troubling you,” they all apologized in dogeza.

Sawamura laughed softly and waved them up. “I guess it’s fine. But please also consider even if it wasn’t me, someone else would’ve gotten hurt and that’s not a good thing, okay.”

‘We found an angel,’ they thought dreamily. ‘How is he dating this bastard?’ they turned to the demonic glasses raccoon standing beside their haloed friend with an arm around his waist. Miyuki was eyeing them like pathetic little dirt creatures, his mouth resting on top of Sawamura.

Actually, that wasn’t a bad sight to see.

On the other hand, Eijun felt a menacing and malicious aura lurking nearby and he found himself inching closer to Miyuki. Thought, it seems like he was oblivious of the fact the aura he felt was being emitted by the man holding him close.

Just how are they dating?! Although, they do make a good pair.