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Cinnamon, Dynamite, and a dash of Fuck You!

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It had been a long day for the Yagi family. Yagi Inko was the darling wife of the number one hero, All Might. She disguised herself when she was out as All Might’s wife, so they could keep their family life secret, and that involved their 4-year-old son, Izuku. A natural fan of heroes, cheering them on, making sure his dad was okay when he got in from work and checking over his grandpa, the hero Gran Torino, and his uncle, the pro hero Nighteye. Nighteye and Torino were happy to start teaching Izuku about working in heroics earlier. Of course, Yagi Toshinori, Aka All Might, would allow it, but kept an eye on what they were teaching Izuku, he was just worried about his son. Eventually, the start of his training slow down, even at only 4-years-old, Izuku noticed something was up, but his father, his gramps and his uncle said nothing to up, just told him not to worry. Izuku went and spoke to his mother, Inko kissed his cheeks and smiled.


“It’s okay Sweetie, your father is just worried, he will continue your training once your quirk comes through.” Inko smiled, Izuku watched her walk away. So that was what it was all about? Izuku knew his quirk was a little late, his class wouldn’t shut up about it. Nor would his teacher, he heard her mention to another teacher the potential he didn’t have a quirk what so ever, that he was quirkless. Izuku wasn’t sure why they seemed to act like it was a bad thing. Izuku sat in front of the Tv, as his family sat in the kitchen talking. He watched the cartoons his mother put on, but he couldn’t ignore the fact they were all whispering, a shiver told him they were talking about him. Izuku remained silent, but his heart was sinking.




Izuku was taken to the doctors a few days later, Izuku was silent throughout it all, Inko looked worried.  The doctor knew of Izuku, whilst the media didn’t. All Might kept Izuku’s existence a secret. The doctor looked over the X-rays he had taken of Izuku’s feet.


“I am sorry to inform you that your son is quirkless.” He said, finally, as if he was giving the news that someone had just died. Izuku, still not understanding why being quirkless was such an issue, watched as tears sprung to his mother’s eyes.


“How is that possible?” Inko asked. “His father and I both have quirks.”


“By the age of four, a child should manifest either one of his parents’ quirks or a composite of the two.”


“However, early quirk research discovered one important finding. It has to do with the presence or absence of the extra joint in the pinky toe.” The doctor pointed to Izuku’s x-ray. “Human’s have no need for parts they don’t use, see. And those with out the joint represent the next stage of evolution. Izuku here has two joints. It’s becoming quite rare nowadays, but, he possess no quirk at all.” Izuku looked up at his mother, who was crying as if he had died, he frowned. Was being quirkless bad?




Appreantly to his family yes, Izuku stood outside the living room, listening to his parents, uncle and Gramps talking about him, as if he was asleep. Granted, he should have been.


“So, what do we do?” Gran Torino asked, his voice filled with concern.


“Would you consider him a candidate for One for All?” Nighteye asked, Izuku frowned. One for All? What was that? He wondered.


“No… I… I would rather keep him safe. We’ll, dissuade him on being a hero. I am sure we can do it.” Toshinori said


“He’ll listen, he is a good boy.” Inko nodded.


“I hope so. Without a quirk, being a hero wouldn’t be safe for him.” Torino said. Izuku quickly returned to his room, crying silently into his pillow, in the end, he cried himself to sleep.




Izuku woke up that morning and yawn, he thought back to what his parents and family said. Being Quirkless… meant he couldn’t be a hero. But… why not? He didn’t have a quirk, that just meant he had to work a little harder then everyone else. Izuku nodded to himself, that was what he was going to do. He was going to be a hero, no matter what his family said.


But it seemed his parents were already working on getting him to think against it. Izuku just listened to his parents take, trying to turn him off heroics. Izuku took a bite of his rice before speaking up to them.


“I can still be a hero. I’ll be careful.” Izuku said, his parents looked at him sadly.




Izuku hated this! His class laughed and bullied him, Punching him. Kicking, using their quirks on him. His teacher stood back, watching and laughing, or not paying attention what so ever. Izuku sat under a tree, cowering as two kids stood over him, quirks ready to punish him for dreaming. And that was when his life was changed. The new boy who had just joined their class ran at them, his own quirk active, creating small explosions. He sent the two boys running. Izuku looked up at his hero with wide eyes. His name, Bakugo Katsuki. His soft, but spikey hair a soft blonde, and ruby eyes glaring after the bullies. He then turned and looked at Izuku and held out his hand.


“Are you okay?” He asked.


“Yes, this isn’t new.” Izuku replied, accepting the hand and Bakugo pulled him up.


“You’re Yagi Deku, right?” Bakugo asked, Izuku shook his head.


“Yagi Izuku.” He said


“Oh… I read it wrong…” Katsuki frowned, blushing a little, he shook his head and looked at Izuku with a slightly harder look. “I’ll called you Izu-chan!” He said, Izuku blushed and smiled.


“Can I call you Ka-chan then?” Izuku asked, Katsuki nodded. “And… you don’t mind me being quirkless?” Katsuki looked at him.


“No… should I be?” Katsuki asked


“I don’t know, everyone acts like it’s a bad thing, everyone is mean and my parents say I can’t be a hero without a quirk.” Izuku said


“But… you could you support items.” Katsuki pointed out.


“They don’t get that. They just like to tell me no. I don’t mind being quirkless, everyone has a quirk, so not having on makes me feel special.” Izuku smiled, Katsuki smiled too.


“So, want to be heroes together?” Katsuki asked, Izuku nodded.


“Yep! We can be a team!” Izuku said excitedly, their teacher called them inside, Izuku and Katsuki walked together.


“Great! Oh, do you like pokemon? My Mom got me the new game!” Katsuki said proudly.


“I watch it, I haven’t really played the game before.” Izuku admitted. Katsuki looked at him as if he had just kicked a puppy.


“Come on then! I have to show you!” Katsuki took his hand and pulled him inside. The teacher was surprised at how happy the boys looked together.

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Izuku and Katsuki sat on the bench in the playground, Katsuki leaning on Izuku’s shoulder, watching Izuku play his pokemon game.


“Oh, catch that one, that one it cool!” Katsuki said


“Right!” Izuku nodded and proceed to battle and captured it.


“Cyndaquil is my favourite pokemon. Do you have one?”  Katsuki asked. Izuku hummed.


“The first grass start pokemon.” Izuku replied.


“Ah, Bulbasaur. He’s cool, not fair how no one picks him.” Katsuki said


“He’s cute.” Izuku smiled.


“I have a spare game where you can get Bulbasaur…. You can play it as your own game if you want.” Katsuki offered, Izuku looked at him with wide eyes.


“Is that really okay?” Izuku asked


“Yeah, I have two of them, they are different version. I mostly play the Pikachu one, so you can have Eevee.” Katsuki smiled happily. Izuku blushed and looked back at the game. They didn’t even notice their parents approaching.



Yagi Inko had been thrilled when she found out her friend Masaru, along with his wife and son, had moved in a few blocks away from them. Even more so when she found out they had sent their son to Izuku’s day care. They had bumped into each other on the way to pick them up, Mitsuki and Inko quickly building a friendship. They found their sons sitting together when they got to the day-care, Katsuki was teaching Izuku how to battle.


“So… each type has a weakness, and if a pokemon uses a move that matches it’s typing, it does more…” Izuku mumbled.


“Yes, unless it is a move type that has no effect against the opponent, Like Normal moves don’t affect Ghosts or dragon moves on fairy types.” Katsuki explain.


“Oho… so… Tortonator… I could use… “ Izuku mumbled, pressing a few buttons. Katsuki nodding as his choices. Izuku beamed “I did it!”


“You were great!” Katsuki praised. Izuku blushed happily.


“Izuku!” Inko called, he looked over.


“Katsuki!” Mitsuki yelled, Katsuki huffed. Izuku closed the DS, and Katsuki took his hand as they ran over, Katsuki glared up at his mother.


“This is Izu-chan and he is my best-best friend!” He announced. Izuku looked at him with wide eyes.


“Really?” Izuku asked


“Of course!” Katsuki nodded “Can he come and play tonight?”


“I am afraid not tonight, I am sure we can arrange a day for you two to play after school.” Inko said calmly.


“Tomorrow?” Izuku asked “You and Papa said I can’t train anymore, and I trained on tomorrow’s so… can we play tomorrow?” Katsuki gave Izuku a concerned look, and Mitsuki glanced at Inko curiously. Inko just sighed.


“We’ll ask you father when he gets home.” Inko said, Izuku beamed


“Yay.” Izuku said happily, they got to walk the Bakugo’s to their home, Izuku and Katsuki happily discussing pokemon, or at least, their mother’s thought they were.


“They stopped you training… to stop you being a hero?” Katsuki said quietly. Izuku nodded.


“But, you are training too right? We could say we are playing…” Izuku began, Katsuki smirked


“You are a genius, yeah, we can do that!” Katsuki nodded. Izuku smiled, the boys laughed happily.



Mitsuki wouldn’t lie, she was concerned, Inko had mentioned Izuku’s quirklessness, his wise to be a hero, and the fact they didn’t like the idea of him being one. Mitsuki wasn’t blind, she could tell her new friends was looking down at her son for being quirkless. Strictly speaking, the only thing keeping him from being a hero was his parents. Mitsuki watched as Izuku and Katsuki spoke ahead, she could see the mischievous smile her son had, and she began to wonder… if the young Yagi boy had seen this and had a plan of his own. Either way, Mitsuki knew she had to step in.


“You know… if you would like, I could just pick Izuku up with Katsuki after school.” Mitsuki offered with a smile. “It would be great if the boys could hang out and play, and it would probably take his mind of being a hero if we try and distance him from the idea. I can tell Katsuki not to mention heroes and all that.” Inko looked at her thoughtfully.


“Do you think it could work?” She asked after a moment.


“Most definitely.” Mitsuki nodded.


“Then, I guess that would be the best option… thank you for understanding.” Inko smiled.


“We’re mother’s, we have to protect our babies.” Mitsuki beamed.



The Yagi’s continued their way home, as the Bakugo’s entered their home, Masaru was working in the kitchen. Mitsuki sighed as she sat down, Katsuki actually stopped in his tracks, watching her.


“Katsuki, please come here.” She said, worriedly, Katsuki approached her. “I need you to promise me something.”


“What is it?” He asked


“We are going to help Izuku-kun be a hero, but we can not let his parents know.” Mitsuki said. “We can’t let someone dictate someone’s dreams because they are quirkless.”


“Wait… so, did you hear us?” Katsuki frowned.


“No, but I saw that look in your eye that you were planning something. What was Izuku’s plan?” Mitsuki smiled.


“That we could play together every day, but instead train together, but tell everyone we are just playing.” Katsuki said


“That is the idea we will role with, we need to speak to Izuku-kun tomorrow. We need to make sure his parents suspect nothing. So, we need him on board with this.” Mitsuki said


“Right! So, Izu-kun and I can be the best hero team! Oh, yeah, Mom can I give Izu-kun my Let’s go Eevee? He doesn’t have a pokemon game and because I have Let’s go Pikachu, I thought he’d like the Eevee one.” Katsuki asked


“Our Katsuki willing to give away a game.” Masaru smiled playfully. “This Izuku must be really special.”


“He’s quirkless and doesn’t care about my quirk, and wants to be a hero despite people being mean… He’s so cool!” Katsuki beamed, a small blush on his cheeks. Mitsuki smiled softly, looking at Masaru.


“I think Izuku would like to have that game, if you are sure about it.” Masaru nodded, Katsuki cheered and ran upstairs, likely to try and find it. “So… Inko’s son is quirkless?” He asked his wife




“They say he can’t be a hero?”




“And we’re going to help him?”




“… Should I prepare to help design their Hero costumes?” Masaru smiled, Mitsuki looked at him happily.


“Probably… we can’t let Inko or her husband destroy his dream Masaru… they started his training  and stopped it as soon as they found out…” Mitsuki frowned.


“Don’t worry. We won’t.” Masaru promised.

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Izuku dug his switch out of it’s box, his father had brought it for him, but had forgot to get games, so Izuku had had no use in it. But with Katsuki giving him a game, he finally could. He put it in his bag and zipped it up. He got to go to Katsuki’s house today too, so he was super excited. Izuku put his bag on and headed down stairs, he heard his parents stop whispering when he entered and sat at the table to eat his breakfast, despite the happy greeting he gave them, Inko and Toshi just gave their son a sad smile, Izuku remained silent after, and he didn’t even say good bye to Toshi as he left with his mom. Izuku didn’t think he would want a goodbye, or his usual hug.


“Izuku, are you okay?” Inko asked, as they headed towards the Bakugo’s.


“Yep!” He nodded.


“You didn’t say goodbye to your father, and you usually give him a big hug too.” Inko said


“You and Papa didn’t seem happy when I said morning, so I assumed you didn’t want a good bye either.” Izuku replied, the answer was simple. Inko was a little shocked at his answer, but said nothing. Mitsuki was waiting outside with Katsuki as they approached. “Ka-chan! Good Morning!” Izuku greeted.


“Morning Izu-chan!” Katsuki beamed, running over and hugging him.


“I have my switch with me!” Izuku told him, Katsuki beamed and pulled the Let’s Go Eevee out of his bag.


“And you can have this, I don’t play it!” Katsuki smiled, Izuku accepted “And now I can teach you how to play and we can trade and battle with each other!”


“We will be able to battle each other?” Izuku gasped.


“Yep, but you need to train to be the best!” Katsuki nodded.


“Ka-chan! You’ll be able to help me train all my pokemon. Let’s go!” Izuku took his hand and the two boys walked ahead, Inko was shocked.


“Katsuki was sure he wanted to give Izuku the game, like he said, he never played it.” Mitsuki smiled.


“Are you sure…” Inko began


“It’s your first game?” Katsuki gasped loudly from up ahead.


“Yep, my dad forgot to get me a game with it.” Izuku replied, Inko smiled sheepishly at Mitsuki as the blond woman gave her a confused look.


“He is very busy with work and brought it on the way home, forgetting to buy a game to go with it.” Inko explained. Izuku frowned as he heard his mother’s reply.


“How long have you had the switch?” Katsuki asked quietly


“Almost a year.” Izuku replied quietly. Katsuki frowned.



Class was more fun for Izuku that day, comparing to any day before or after learning he was quirkless. Katsuki was at his side the whole day, the two of them doing everything together. And It was great. And when the day was over, Izuku was allowed to go to Katsuki’s, he was so excited. Izuku and Katsuki held hands as they walked home in front of Mitsuki as they were happily talking about their pokemon. Mitsuki watched them with a soft smile.



“This is one is so cute!” Izuku cooed, looking at the Bulbasaur on his screen. Katsuki had taught him chain captures, increasing the chance of running into Rare pokemon.


“Go on, catch it!” Katsuki told him, peeking over from his own game. Izuku poked his tongue out as he threw a poke ball.


“I got it!” Izuku gasped happily. “I’mma call him… Forest.” Izuku smiled.


“You still going to train to be a hero, Izuku-kun?” Mitsuki smiled at the boy, Izuku froze and looked a little scared.


“Yeah… though Mama, says I can’t be…” he looked down, Mitsuki sighed, knowing he was expecting her to agree with them.


“Well, How about you and Katsuki train here, together? But, you can’t tell your mother, if she found out she wouldn’t let you come around again.” Mitsuki said “But… it also means, when I am around her I will just agree with what she says, If I show her I agree with her choices, she will trust me more…”


“And she will know that I can keep coming over to play and train instead…” Izuku smiled. “You will really help me?”


“Of course, I think you will be a good hero, and I think Katsuki could do with a friend to be a hero at his side.” Mitsuki smiled and ruffled his hair, Izuku giggled happily. “So, Masaru has a surprise for you two, he’s in his work office, why don’t you go and see what it is?” She smiled, Katsuki saved his game and put it on the side, Izuku quickly copied. He took Katsuki’s hand, who lead him to Masaru’s office, she smiled, she knew they were going to love his plan.


“Dad! Mom said you have something for us!” Katsuki said loudly, Masaru glanced up from his work, he smiled and beckoned them closer.


“I know you both want to be Heroes, and there is something you can consider now.” He told them.


“What’s that?” Izuku asked curiously.


“Costumes.” Masaru smiled. “I have a few sheets of paper that I use for when I am designing clothes.” He handed the two boys one page each. Katsuki beamed excitedly at the blank sheet, Izuku frowned at him.


“I don’t know what kind of costume I want…” Izuku muttered quietly.


“What about our favourite Pokemon?” Katsuki asked “Like, we can do a design based on them! Make special attacks made after moves!” Izuku giggled happily. “You can be Bulbasaur, and I’ll be Cyndaquil, and as we get bigger we can change it to the evolution forms!”


“I like that Idea! Let’s do that Kacchan!” Izuku said, Katsuki nodded.


“Dad, we’re going to do it in my room!” Katsuki took Izuku’s hand again.


“Come and show me when you’re done boys.” Masaru said, getting an okay from them as they left. He smiled, they were quite the pair.

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Author's note: I had a few of these chapters done so I am posting two of them, mainly as I keep forgetting these chapters are done.

This is a side fic, it has no real set schedule, so don't go demanding updates.

“We can ultimate moves named after pokemon moves!” Katsuki told Izuku excitedly as they drew. Izuku looked up from his work.


“Really…um… what moves can Bulbasaur learn?” Izuku asked


“Um… I know Vine whip… solar beam… sleep powder… Maybe we can ask my parents to find a list.” Katsuki offered and giggled. “And then we can plan how to make moves from them.” Izuku beamed.


“I’d really like that!” Izuku nodded. They continued working hard on their art pieces, Mitsuki brought them some orange slices and milk, and commented on their designs. She joined Masaru as he was working.


“The boys are doing such a good job.” She smiled, wrapping her arms around her husband.


“I had a feeling they would.” He nodded. “Did Inko give a time for picking Izuku up?”


“She said about 5… but I have a bad feeling so lets assume much later.” Mitsuki sighed worriedly. Masaru rubbed her arm lightly.




5 O’clock came and went with no sign of Inko, the boys were still busy, Masaru now watching over them as they played outside. Mitsuki paced the living room, waiting for a text from Inko. She had sent one at 20 to 5, the 10 too, and finally 5 on the dot. And nothing, not even read. She was concerned and she was worried for Izuku. No parent would ever act like this… well, aside from a bad one. She sighed at his phone.


“Come on Inko… prove me wrong here…” Mitsuki begged to no one…


5:30…. Still no message from Inko


6:00… Mitsuki was internally panicking, Masaru was making something small for the boys, Miso soup. Izuku was meant to be having dinner at home…








Mitsuki had enough, the boys looked up from playing to see her storm into the kitchen. Masaru frowned.


“Mitsuki…” He began


“She hasn’t even read her messages Masaru, give me one reason why I should go over and punch her for this!” Mitsuki growled “It’s 7 at night!”


“I know… but we need to keep in her good graces to help Izuku train.” Masaru said


“Did Mama forget me again?” Izuku asked, Mitsuki looked at him.


Again?” She asked


“Yeah… Mama left me at home once, she was meeting Papa for lunch, it was going to be half an hour. It wasn’t.” Izuku said looking back at his game.


“Oh Zu…” Mitsuki frowned. She sighed “Okay, never mind, what do you boys want for dinner? Seeing how your mother wants to be irresponsible, I will be the good guy and make dinner for you. Anything you boys want?”


“Can we have curry? I promised Izuku to try your curry!” Katsuki said excitedly.


“I want to try the curry!” Izuku grinned.


“The famous Bakugo Curry it is!” Mitsuki beamed.



Izuku loved it, and cleared his plate, even asking for seconds. Mitsuki watched the boys happily talking as they ate. This was nice, she couldn’t help as guilt ate at her… she looked at her phone… Inko still hadn’t read her messages…


8:00 pm…


8:30… Mitsuki answered her phone as a call came in.


“Hello, this is Bakugo Mitsuki, whose calling?” She asked in a small daze.


“Mitsuki!” Inko gasped out.


“Inko… you do know the time right?” Mitsuki asked


“I know, I am so sorry, I turned off my phone and lost track of time!” Inko said, Mitsuki closed her eyes to process that excuse.


“Right, well, Izuku has eaten, the boys were getting hungry, when will you be here?” Mitsuki asked.


“In half an hour, I am sorry.” Inko said.


“Not going to lie Inko… but I don’t think its me you need to apologise too…” Mitsuki said softly, the call ended. “Izuku, your mom’s gonna be about half an hour, okay?”


“Okay!” Izuku called from the living room. Mitsuki sighed. It seemed like she was going to have to keep a closer eye on Izuku after all…



Izuku and Katsuki were on the sofa playing Pokemon again when Inko came by to pick Izuku up. Mitsuki let her in, talking quietly, as so Inko could hear the boys giggling. Inko watched as Izuku and Katsuki would glance at each other screens and giggle a little.


“Hey Zu.” Inko said, Izuku didn’t look up from the game.


“Hi Mama! Kacchan and I are just catching this pokemon!” Izuku said.


“Okay sweetie, but we really need to go now.” Inko said, Izuku sighed and paused his game, he packed up and hugged Katsuki, before hugging Masaru and Mitsuki too.


“Thank you!” Izuku said


“It’s no problem little man.” Mitsuki smiled.


“Thank you.” Inko smiled, and she and Izuku left.


“He’s not safe… is he?” Katsuki asked


“I don’t know… I honestly don’t know.” Mitsuki frowned




Izuku wasn’t sure why he was having dinner again at home, he knew that Mitsuki had told his mom he had dinner. He poked at his Katsudon sadly. He loved Katsudon, he just wasn’t hungry…


“I hear you have a new friend.” Toshi said, watching Izuku over dinner, Izuku looked a little upset.


“I told you yesterday…” Izuku replied sadly. Toshi bit his lip and looked away. Izuku had told him that yesterday… how could have he forgotten? Toshi berated himself silently. Izuku ate a few bites, but quickly pushed his plate away. “Can I got to my room please?” He asked quietly.


“Don’t you want to do our usual routine?” Inko asked, Izuku shook his head. “Are you feeling okay?” She pressed a hand to his forehead. Izuku frowned, like he wanted to say something.


“Speak your mind my boy.” Toshi told him, Izuku got up and looked at his parents.


“You have been treating me differently since they said I was quirkless… Kacchan is the only one who treats me like I’m normal.” Izuku said, before running to his room, leaving his parents speechless.


“Have… have we been treating him differently?” Inko asked. Toshi sighed


“I guess… but he is different… being quirkless makes him so… he’s not as strong as people with quirks are, that is just genetics…” Toshi sighed, shaking his head. “Its not that much of change though… we’ve only stopped the training.”


“And that is generally because it is too dangerous for him… maybe it seems more extreme for him… he is still young.” Inko frowned, Toshi nodded.


“Um… we should show him, just how dangerous it is to live without a quirk, he would understand then that we are just protecting him.” Toshi suggested.


“That could work.” Inko smiled and kissed Toshi’s cheek. “We should check on Izuku later though.” She said, Toshinori nodded in agreement.



Izuku curled up on his bed pouting, hugging a teddy his uncle Nao brought him. He looked down at the teddy.


“There’s nothing wrong with being quirkless is there, Mr. Paws?” Izuku asked, the teddy didn’t react and Izuku sighed pulling him close. “What if Mama and Papa don’t love me anymore cause I don’t have a quirk…” He whimpered lightly,  he lay down, clutching his teddy close as he cried himself to sleep. His parents forgot to check on him later that night.

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This is a side fic, it has no real set schedule, so don't go demanding updates.

“Hey Katsuki, I need you to find out if Izuku knows anyone in the police, just cause we need someone in on what is going on.” Mitsuki said, Katsuki looked up at her.


“Is this because his mom was super late last night?” Katsuki asked, Mitsuki nodded.


“We have to help him however we can.” Mitsuki told him, Katsuki nodded.


“I’ll ask him at break!” Katsuki promised. Mitsuki gave him a very cheap phone for him to contact her .


Mitsuki had to act as if there was nothing wrong as they walked the boys to school. Izuku and Katsuki walking ahead, holding hands and talking loudly. Mitsuki smiled, they would help them…




“Hey Zuchan, do you have any family who is a police officer?” Katsuki asked as they shared an orange, Izuku pouted as he thought


“Um, not a police officer… but there is my uncle Tsukauchi, he’s a detective that has a truth quirk.” Izuku told his friend


“A truth quirk?” Katsuki repeated.


“Lie detector, he knows when someone is lying.” Izuku happily explained. Katsuki listened carefully, and when he got to go to the toilet, he rang his mom and told her. Mitsuki thank him and headed to the station. Katsuki looked at the phone as the call ended… He was helping Zu-chan like a hero!  He flushed happily as he ran out to re-join his friend, and fight some bullies




“Hi, I was wondering if I could speak to detective Tsukauchi privately, if possible?” Mitsuki asked the woman at the desk, she was about to reply when a man walked in through the front doors.


“Oh, fantastic timing detective, this lady would like to speak to you privately if she can? Are you free?” She asked, Tsukauchi Naomasa looked at the woman and smiled.


“Of course, my offices is right down this way.” He nodded. He showed her to his office and closed the door. Mitsuki was silent until they had both taken their seats. “What is this about?”


“Izuku… Yagi Izuku. I am… concerned for him at home. I believe you are close to the family?” She said, Tsukauchi frowned.


“How do you know?” He asked


“My son, Katsuki is Izuku’s friend at day care… and… well… last night caused me some worry…” Mitsuki bowed her head.


“What happened?”


Mitsuki took a breath and began to explain the previous nights events, and how Inko had shut of her phone despite knowing it was the only way Mitsuki could contact her. Tsukauchi looked at the woman before him after she finished speaking… there wasn’t a single lie… He sighed heavily; this wasn’t going to be an easy one…


“Okay, from the top… she actually forgot Izuku yesterday… for how many hours?” Tsukauchi got out his note book.


“4 hours.” Mitsuki pulled out her phone and brought up Inko’s messages. “On there is the proof we agreed for Inko to pick Izuku up at 5 so she could get him home for dinner. She didn’t arrive until around 9, despite my constant attempts to reach her.” Tsukauchi looked through her messages, frowning.


“Can I quickly go and get someone to print these? I can set up a case file. The issue is…” Tsukauchi frowned. “Izuku’s father is extremely influential.”


“How influential?” Mitsuki asked concerned.


“Think Number one hero.” Tsukauchi told her, Mitsuki stared at him in shock. “Exactly… So… for this to work, we need a pretty big and solid case.”


“I see… well, I will send you anything I can get. My kid is Izuku’s friend, and we are planning on helping him be a hero, despite not having a quirk.” Mitsuki grinned, Tsukauchi nodded.


“Is it okay if I place a tap on your phone that records the moment either Inko calls? It will mean we can get recordings too?” Tsukauchi asked


“Anything that can help.” She nodded,


“I’ll be right back.” Tsukauchi said. Mitsuki sighed, this was it… The first major step in helping Izuku!




Izuku was silent as he walked beside his mom on the way home, Katsuki and Mitsuki had given him a hug before they split, but now he was silent as his mom talked on the phone, probably to some wife of another hero she had met. Izuku looked at his feet, he felt like he was fading at home. His parents were no longer interested in hearing about his day…Was Mama on the phone yesterday? Was that why Auntie Mitsuki couldn’t get in touch? Or did she really forget him this time? Out somewhere… doing fun things? Izuku looked up at his mom and opened his mouth to speak, but Inko shushed him with a finger to her lips. Izuku sighed. Of course she wouldn’t want the people on the phone to know he was there… Izuku looked back at his shoes.. At least he could play with his pokemon when he got home…



Inko ended the call when she got home, before she could address Izuku he had opened the door and was already inside, shoes off and heading up stairs. She watched him go in surprise, before stepping in herself.


“We’re home.” She called.


“Welcome back!” Toshi came out to greet her, he looked around. “Where’s Izuku?” She motioned upstairs.


“I wonder what’s gotten into him…” Inko muttered sadly.



Over dinner, Izuku listened to his parents talking about their days, he would occasionally open his mouth to tell them about his day, to tell them Katsuki stopped some people who were being mean to him… how Katsuki was such a hero to him… But he could never get his voice him, he ate in silence, only hearing how his parents spent their days. He finished his dinner and glanced at his parents as he pushed his plate forward… no reaction. He picked it up and took it to the kitchen. He got back to find them still talking, this time about what they could try and get him interested in…  Police work could tie in with hero work, so that’s a no. No to be a doctor, a fireman… Izuku watched them sadly. He quietly went to his room, and sat on his bed going  between reading and playing pokemon, they had forgotten he was there again…

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Izuku was quiet that morning, deep in thought about everything. Inko was watching him concerned, and Toshi looked worried. Izuku was putting his shoes on when they spoke up.


“Izuku… are you feeling okay sweetie?” Inko asked, Izuku nodded.


“Just wondering if Kacchan will battle me today, my pokemon are strong.” Izuku said. “And… and I will make sure not to try and interrupt dinner again with my day…” He mumbled, Inko and Toshi looked at him in surprise.


“What do you mean by that, my boy?” Toshi asked, Izuku looked at his parents.


“You forgot I was there again… And… um… what I be in the future, is my choice…I can be police if I want too… Uncle Tsuka has a none physical quirk and he is a detective. And he is fine…” Izuku mumbled, Toshi paled a little at his words.


“I guess you’re right… but he still has a quirk…” Inko began. Izuku frowned, before asking a very simple question that shut his parents up.


“Does quirk discrimination count on Quirkless people?” He asked, his parents paled, Izuku frowned at their lack of answer, and continued to put his shoes on.



“Kacchan!” Izuku yelled out cheering happily.


“Izu!” Katsuki cheered back happily, they hugged before they began walking off without their mothers. Mitsuki noticed the look on Inko’s face and frowned.


“What’s wrong?” She asked


“Izuku… he isn’t happy at home right now. I am not sure how to make it right…” Inko admitted.


“Want to tell me what happened?” Mitsuki offered, Inko sighed.


“His father and I don’t want him training, naturally. A quirkless person can’t be a hero… no matter how much training… and this morning he asked if quirk discrimination counts for quirkless people… we… we don’t know what to do…” Inko sighed.


“Have you considered… that maybe being quirkless doesn’t mean they are made of glass. We are all human, and he is your son… do you care any less about him because he is quirkless?” Mitsuki asked, Mitsuki almost went into shock when Inko fucking hesitated to answer.


“I-No, no of course not, I still love him.” Inko stammered out quickly. Mitsuki nodded.


“If you love him, just treat him normally, let him know you are still there for him.” Mitsuki said, but she was already planning on ringing Tsukauchi the moment she and Inko parted ways, and that she was completely planning on seeing if she could get Izuku’s at theirs that night…That boy needed a lot of loving.


“Right, yes, of course.” Inko nodded. “Would you mind taking care of Izuku tonight, I think Toshi and I need to do some talking.”


“Of course, do you mean in as a sleep over?” Mitsuki said, she was praying to everything that Inko would agree.


“Yeah, if it’s okay of course.” Inko looked at the younger woman, Mitsuki beamed


“No issues what so ever. Goodness knows the boys will just be playing pokemon together anyway.” Mitsuki smiled happily. Inko gave a small smile and nodded. They began to discuss plans to bring some things for Izuku to spend the night.


Ahead of them, Katsuki was holding Izuku’s hand tightly, as he was sobbing silently.


“She paused Kacchan…” He whispered. “My Mom paused in saying she still loved me…” Katsuki wanted to turn around and fight his mom, but he knew he had to comfort Izuku, the look on the other boys face was devastating. The boys got to day care, Katsuki gave him mom a quick wave, but Izuku kept his back to them as he and Katsuki rushed into day-care. Inko watched after them with a look of confusion.


“Izuku always says goodbye before going in…” Inko muttered, Mitsuki bit back the urge to strangle the woman next to her, how was she failing to see she was destroying her own son?




Izuku was silent through the day, staying close to Katsuki, and Katsuki making sure everyone left him alone. The teacher tried to get Katsuki to go and play with the other kids, trying to tempt him with the idea playing with other kids with quirks would be a lot more fun. Katsuki stared the teacher in the face and told her he was going to tell his mom and a detective friend that she was being mean to Izuku because he was quirkless. The teacher backed off then and had warned the other teachers. Katsuki had been so serious when saying it, they no doubt believed him.



“Huh, your mom’s not here…” Katsuki mumbled at the end of the day.


“She probably forgot… again…” Izuku said softly, his tone broken. Katsuki gripped his hand.


“Hello boys!” Mitsuki jogged over beaming. “You two ready for the best sleep over ever?” Mitsuki knelt beside them, the boys stared at her in shock.


“Sleep over?” Izuku asked. Mitsuki nodded with a big smile.


“Yep, tonight you and Katsuki get to have your first sleep over, and…” She lowered her voice. “We can try and start hero training…” She beamed; the boys cheered happily. Mitsuki grinned and took their hands. “Then lets get home, Masaru is making the Bakugo spicy curry again.” The boys cheered once more, and Mitsuki left with them feeling she had accomplished something great from the big smile of Izuku’s face, and the look of gratitude her own son was giving her.



“We’re home!” Mitsuki called as they got in. Izuku and Katsuki took off their shoes and ran giggling into the living room. Masaru look over at them from the kitchen and smiled softly.


“Have a good day boys?” He asked


“Our teacher was telling me to play with kids with quirks cause it would be more fun. I said I was going to you and the detective that they were being mean to Izuku.” Katsuki burst out. “And his mom is so mean! I hate her!” Katsuki huffed, even Masaru was taken about. Mitsuki sighed and looked at the boys.


“You heard her this morning…” She whispered softly, Izuku bowed his head, tears already slipping down his cheeks. Mitsuki fell to her knees. “Izuku, I love you as a son even when your not. I want you to be happy.” She said, Izuku looked up at her, he let out a cry and ran at her. Mitsuki help him close, tightly embracing him. Masaru saw her shoulders shaking. It took a lot to make Mitsuki cry.. He looked at Katsuki, how had bowed his head lightly, tears falling down his cheeks too, his eyes burning furiously.


“We Bakugo’s…” Masaru began, causing his son to look at him “We Bakugo’s protect our own. Protect Izuku, Katsuki.” He said, Katsuki stood tall and nodded. They would fight with Izuku, ever step of the way.