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The Wrong Side of Reality

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After being sentenced to the emergency heat room ( a potting shed) for a week to ride out his heat, he found himself never wanting to leave the cramped thing. Not for comfort, however, the safety, hidden from society. He can't believe that happened. He refuses to believe that happened. In front of everybody. His friends! It wouldn't have been as bad, if he was an alpha, as he might have still be abled to have clung to the fraying string of respect that was dangled in front of him, he would have looked powerful - he would still be powerful. He would have defended himself, people would have got a teacher, they would be too scared to go near him. They wouldn't have had to have defended him. Bakugou wouldn't have felt the need to protect him. But there was one person that must never know aslong as he is alive. Only then would his life be truly over. Though he didn't need to be protected. He was Todoroki Shoto. He was the Todoroki shoto. He was still the embodiment of power, wasn't he? Although looking at his reflection in the window, he could already see the basic changes. His eyes were larger, more doll like, his cheeks were filling out, giving him a baby-faced innocent look. He hated it. He struggled pulling his trousers on over his slightly larger hips, forced to wiggle into them as they tightly squeezed around his legs.

In short, he would not be bending over to pick anything up today. No.

Sitting in the corner of the room, he hid from recovery girl, who was supposed to being coming in like she had done every day so far (always catching him at his worst moment), this time to give him the all clear to go back to class. He didn't want to go, to face reality. He heard the damn door creak open, closing with a soft squeak of wood. Folding in on himself further, as he heard the soft shuffle of the woman's feet as she approached.

"Hello dearie, it's time for you to go now. I apologise about the roughness of the emergency heat room, it's just been a while since we've had an omega here a UA. Otherwise, you can probably guess, it would be a bit more comfortable,"  her gaze softened as it laid upon the huddled up figure.

"C'mon darling,  I know you're scared but being an omega isn't that bad! And you never know, you might be the first successful omega hero! Think of all the dreams you'll open up for youngsters!" Placeing a gentle hand on his back and rubbing gently, she barely heard the quiet,

"Please don't tell my father," she looked down on him surprised by his request, especially with it being the first thing he's said to her all week. She was about to object, about to state that it was highly illegal to keep crucial information from the legal guardian or carer, when she saw him shaking. The boy who is by far the strongest in his class, shaking, turning him around she saw his eyes sparkling in tears, his cheeks shining.

"Please," he murmered, "please, I still want to be a hero, don't take that away from me, by telling him," 

That was when he made eye contact, it was only then that she could see the fear and horror haunting his bi coloured orbs, crystal droplets reflecting agonising moments, that have never seen light, that never should. That never will again.

She felt her heart drop at the sight. For the first time in a while, she truly felt petrified by a students behaviour. She had felt concerned with many difficult patients. She had witnessed the rise and fall of the greatest. Those were all things that made her gut twist in awful ways, but seeing someone, who she believed was invincible, at least mentally, reduced to a whimpering mess was truly horrifying.

"Alright," she felt bad, she knew she was playing with fire. But she couldn't leave Todoroki, not when he is at his most vulnerable. He's been through too much. She wouldn't want to risk an drop ontop of that. No sooner had the words left her lips, had the young boy dragged his sleeve across his face, the rough material leaving red irritated skin from where he viciously scraped the droplets from his face.

By the time he was done, he had a tight grip back on his emotions, having buried them with the sharp shovel of control. Face stoic, he looked at her nodding his thanks. The reigns held tight, he wasn't able to fully express his gratitude, but from the gentle smile he received in return, he could tell the point made it across.

"We best get you off to class,"

Oh. He forgot about that. Feeling his anxiety kick start, he was about to ask for a sick note, but it was obvious there was only so far he could push the boundaries. Bum it all.

He prolonged his walk of shame down the corridor, finding the longest route possible, shuffling his way through, trying to avoid his destination. He felt his breathing get shallower, as the dreaded door of damnation came into view. He stared at it up ahead, the window of the door facing directly down the hall, if he could turn back now, then maybe he wouldn't have to face them, non of them had seen him yet. Just as he was about to turn on his heels and belt it back down to the office, he felt the heavy weight of a stare on him. Eyes darting up to find the owner, he was met with the excited and hopeful forest green gaze. He felt himself flush in embarrassment and mild annoyance at being foiled in his last ditch attempt of escape. Because now there was no turning back. A hesitant smile graced his lips as he saw his friends beam. He couldm't run away.

His hand steadily reached for the handle, and once it made contact, he threw the door open, ducking his head as he jogged to the back of the classroom, sitting down keeping his face hidden from curious glances.

Although Aizawa didn't look too impressed at his interruption, he ignored it, sympathetic to the young omega as he watched the other fidget. He could tell the younger was not enjoying the attention and called for it to be at the front of the class, continuing his lecture.

Though most could follow this, there were two sets of eyes that remained defiant to his request.