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Iron Deku

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"No! Please! Don't do this, please, I'm begging you!" Midoriya screamed, the knees of his jeans dirtying as they scraped across the floor, and the hands wrapped around his wrists tightening as he was brought even closer to the metal door ahead of him. Or at least, that's what he assumed it was; between his delirium and the countless tears flooding his vision he doubted he'd be able to tell a nuclear reactor from an energy drink at this point.

"Jesus Christ! For a genius, you're such a fucking pussy! Grow a pair of balls, all we're doing is kidnapping you... for now... the torture comes later," One of the hand's owners chuckled as they finally reached the supposed metal door.

"Alright kid, in ya go..." The other hand's owner groaned, unlocking and pushing open the door, before throwing the green-haired boy through and closing the door behind him.

"No, please!" Midoriya cried once more, scrambling up onto his feet and running towards the door, before banging against the metal with as much strength as he could muster.

This was... not a successful endeavour.

It didn't take the boy long to realise that he wasn't going to be getting through the door any time soon. It didn't really take the boy long to realise anything- that was one of the reasons he was here after all. Sobbing once more, Midoriya allowed himself to fall back onto his knees; the pain in his hands from banging against the metal overruling the pain his knees felt from being dragged.

"So this is really it for me?" The boy croaked, rubbing his arm across his face to clear it of tears; something that would have definitely worked better if they weren't being silently replaced, before standing back up onto his less-than-stable legs. He had no idea how long he'd been knelt at that door, but he did know that he couldn't stay knelt there forever.

"So, erm I doubt there will be a better time to introduce myself- so Imma just do that now..."

Whipping his body around to face the direction the voice had come from was enough to almost make Midoriya fall back down onto his knees; however fall, he did not. His eyes darting around the cave-like room he had found himself in, he eventually focused on the pink-haired girl that sat on some form of metal work-bench.

"O-Oh... I thought I was alone..." A red tint made its way onto Midoriya's face as he once more wiped the tears from his eyes, and brushed himself down; attempting to compose himself.

"Yeah, well, you're not- so... Hi? The name's Hatsume Mei..." The girl coughed, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Midoriya Izuku..." The tension in the air could have been cut with a knife, and both parties knew it. What they didn't know however, was how to effectively do so. Embracing the silence between the two of them, Midoriya walked over to another of the work-benches and began to look over some of the papers that littered it. Some of them were weapons, some of them were tools, and some of them even he struggled to understand what their purpose was.

"So... how long have you been here for?" Midoriya questioned, attempting to break the silence in the air. Hatsume remained silent for a moment, before giving a small sigh.

"If I'm honest... I've been here long enough to not remember how long I've been here..."

The two fell into a silence again; Midoriya deciding to copy the girl in sitting on one of the workbenches; still holding some of the papers in his hand.

"So, what do they want from us?"

"Well, while I've been here, they've had me build and create a bunch of weird weapons for them; quirk restraints; force fields; jetpacks..." Midoriya looked up from the papers in his hand at hearing this, his interest piqued.

"So, you're also an inventor?" Mei nodded, a small smile making its way onto her face.

"Yea, I've been inventing for as long as I can remember; I was aiming to get into UA's support department, but then... well..." The girl trailed off, her faint smile fully disappearing as reality once again smacked the pair in the face.

"I was also aiming to get into UA... Except, I was planning on going into the hero course..." Midoriya admitted, a dry chuckled tearing its way from the back of his throat; this now piquing Mei's interest.

"I... um... I don't mean to be rude, but from what I've seen from you so far- I wouldn't really say that you're... hero material..." Mei chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck once more; Izuku also joining in chuckling as he wiped what remained of his tears off of his face. He had to admit, his behaviour was rather un-hero like.

"Alrighty then Mr Hero, what's your quirk?" Izuku rolled his eyes at the nickname, though he had to admit that it was leaps and bounds better than 'Deku'.

"Technically, it's super-intelligence, but these suckers are stopping me from using it..." Midoriya sighed, pulling up the sleeves of his black jacket to reveal two small, pink bracelets wrapped around his wrists.

"Oh shit, they're my babies!" Mei quickly exclaimed, leaping off of her desk at an almost frightening speed to inspect the devices- much to Izuku's shock.

"They're your what?"

Mei looked up from the devices for a moment, a blank expression on her face, before she had realised what she'd done- and quickly backed away from the boy; this time her face flushing rather red.

"Oh, sorry! I sometimes call my inventions my babies, it's a habit of mine... When I saw them in use, I got a little too excited, sorry!" Mei coughed, causing Izuku to in turn chuckle.

"Don't worry, it's fine; I may not call my inventions my 'babies', but I do get pretty excited seeing them in action..."

The two of them paused for a moment, before Mei spoke again.

"This is going to sound like a long shot, but, if I could get this off- do you think you'd be able to use your quirk to think of a way to get us out of here?"

Izuku paused for a moment, before nodding; looking around at the different machines and components they had at their disposal.

"If you got these off me, I'd definitely be able to come up with a way for us to get out of here, but I'm not a very fast builder..." Midoriya mumbled, looking back to the papers he had been holding in his hand.

"Then I guess we have a plan?" Mei questioned, looking up to Midoriya, who once again nodded before sliding off of the workbench.

"Right, what do you need to get these off?"

Turning away from the boy, Mei swiped her arms across her bench; clearing all of the trash onto the dirt floor, before taking a laptop from a lower shelf and opening it up. The screen automatically opened to some form of command window.

"First, I'll need to disable whatever alarm protocols were activated on it; then after that- as much as I don't want to, we can just break them off with a rock or something..." Mei mumbled, turning back to look over the bracelets once more; grabbing Izuku's arm in the process.

"You wearing a shirt under this jacket?"

"...Yes? Why?"

"Take your jacket off then; not only will it make working on these easier, but it gets hot in here really quickly..." Mei explained, gesturing to the cave. Midoriya stayed silent for a moment, before giving a defeated sigh.

"Alright, but just... don't freak out..." At this, Mei stopped examining the bracelets and instead looked up at Midoriya, her eyebrow raised. Slowly, Izuku begun to unzip this jacket; revealing a white vest underneath his jacket- however that wasn't what Mei's eyes were focused on. No, what here eyes were focused on, was the round, blue light shining from inside of Izuku's chest.

"...Oh... Well... I wasn't expecting that..." Mei stated, unsure about what to comment on first. Around a hundred questions had flooded her mind, and she was unsure of which to ask; which she should ask, and which she couldn't ask.

"Yea, well... you're the third person to know about this, and I have to say you've reacted the best so far..." Midoriya chuckled, bringing a smile to Mei's face as well.

"Alright, I guess I should ask what that thing is..." She mused, reaching out to it with her finger; looking up to Izuku for permission, before tapping on the light through his vest; the sound of metal clinking being the result.

"Technically, it's my heart... My real one, well... a friend of mine has a really powerful quirk, and one day when we were playing he got a little too rough and I got hurt... bad..." Midoriya coughed, his eyes glancing to the floor as Mei kept her focus on her new friend.

"I wasn't given long to live; some shrapnel from the explosion he created had embedded itself into my chest; according to the diagnosis they could have entered my heart at any moment and killed me, and the surgery to remove the shrapnel would more than likely also have killed me... so I made this..." Izuku tapped his Arc Reactor a few times, just as Mei had done a few moments earlier.

"It's main job is to keep the metal shrapnel where it is now; stop it from entering my heart and killing me, but it also acts as a power source; strongest in existence if I might add..." He added, letting out a small breath of amusement.

"Wow... that's really something..." Mei finally mumbled, approaching Izuku once more.

"Can I see it?"

Midoriya merely nodded once again as Hatsume pulled down the top of Izuku's vest, finally seeing his Arc Reactor.

"Was it already cracked?"

Midoriya blinked once. Midoriya blinked again. Midoriya blinked a third time. Quickly looking down at his Arc Reactor, Izuku saw the crack that Mei was talking about, and in that moment a sudden feeling of dread set in over him. In a blind panic, he backed up slightly, away from Hatsume, before completely pulling his vest off; leaving him shirtless, and Mei slightly red.
"That's... really not good- we need to get these bracelets off now!" Midoriya shouted, starting to panic.

"It must have cracked when I was thrown in here; if it's cracked then it isn't going to hold a strong enough magnetic field to stop the shrapnel from entering my heart, and not only that but it's losing power, and not only that but I don't now how to repair it without my quirk and-"

"Midoriya! Calm down!" Mei exclaimed, grabbing both of his wrists and forcing him to look at her.

"Deep breaths!" After a few moments, Midoriya's rapid breaths had gone, and his breathing was returning to normal. A silence spread over them once more as the two focused on each other. It took a few more moments, but Midoriya spoke up once more.

"T...Thanks Hatsume... You can call me Izuku though..."

"...and you can call me Mei..."

The two of them continued to stare at each other, neither choosing to speak as they both just smiled.

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"Hey Mei, what's your quirk?"

Pulling her goggles up and off of her eyes, Mei turned away from her laptop and looked behind her to Izuku, who had sat back up on his workbench; wires trailing from the bracelets on his wrists all across the floor, some being plugged into Mei's laptop, and others into random machines the girl had insisted were going to help them speed up the process.

"Well, it's not exactly very impressive, but it does come in handy when building; it's called 'Zoom', and basically it lets me see up to 5 kilometres away..."

Mei explained, tapping her finger to her temple a few times; bringing attention to the crosses in her irises.

"What do you mean 'not very impressive'? That sounds like such a cool quirk!" Midoriya exclaimed, sliding off of his workbench with excitement as he allowed his nerdiness to shine through his more composed demeanour; a twinkle coming to his eyes that had been missing ever since he was locked away. A twinkle that, to Mei, had a sort of entrancing quality to it.

"Mei, you there?" Izuku chuckled, waving his hand in front of her face as she shook herself back into the present. Turning slightly red, the girl quickly spun back around to face her laptop, hoping that whatever cruel god had put her in this situation would take mercy on her by smiting her dead.

"T-Thanks Izuku..." The girl coughed, pressing a few random keys on her laptop.

"So how close are you to-" With a loud crackling noise, Izuku's body momentarily began to convulse; the light in his chest flickering and his knees giving out, causing him to fall to the ground with a heavy thud; the wires yanking Mei's laptop and causing it to almost fall off of her bench.

"Jesus Christ, Izuku; what the hell was that?! Are you okay?!" Mei yelled, spinning around quickly upon hearing the boy's cries of pain, any previous embarrassment she was experiencing disappearing in an instant. Pushing himself up onto his elbow, Midoriya let out a grunt of pain as he rubbed a hand across his Arc Reactor, feeling the crack in it through his vest.

"Shit, this isn't good; it hasn't even been a day and this thing's failing..." The boy observed, closing his eyes as he attempted to ride out the pain.

"You better not die on me, you hear..?" Mei quietly mumbled, crouching down to Izuku's level and resting her own hand on his Arc Reactor, causing the boy to snap his eyes open an look up at her with an embarrassed grin; the pain of being shocked starting to subside.

"Well, it may have hurt, but I'm actually sort of glad that that just happened..." Izuku chuckled, weakly pointing to the bottom of Mei's desk where the two wired-up bracelets that were once keeping the boy from using his quirk laid; smoke rising off of one of them.

"Wait, what?! How did-"

"The shock that was released must have acted as some form of EMP; disabling the whole bracelet!" Midoriya smirked; Mei joining in not much later as the two clambered to their feet; brushing off the dirt that had stuck to their clothes.

"Well then, now that we've got those babies off your wrist, how about you fire up that quirk of yours and we start to get to work on getting outta here!" Mei cheered, walking over to her laptop and pushing it back away from the edge of her workbench.

"Alrighty then... but, I have to warn you, when my quirk is active, my personality... changes... a little bit," Midoriya admitted, rubbing the back of his neck as he to walked over to Mei's workbench, bending down and picking up the now fried quirk-restraints.

"You're just full 'a surprises, aren't you..." Mei smirked, rolling her eyes at the boy as he shifted nervously.

"Okay then, here we go..."

Closing his eyes, Midoriya took a deep breath; embracing the silence that the cave had to offer, and then after a moment, re-opened his eyes; his usual green irises now accompanied by a light green glow. It was a small change, but his quirk wasn't meant to be flashy, so he didn't mind.

"So, what is it we need to do first?" Mei questioned, her eyes watching Izuku in an almost studious manner. His eyes quickly flicking over to his friend, he remained silent as he scanned the room.

"I want a catalogue of all the materials and machines we have at our disposal in here; do you have one of those?" His voice was flat, which was the first thing Mei seemed to notice; the usual child-like whimsy that she had associated with the boy seemed to have gone.

"Mei, are you going to give me an answer, or do you plan on staring at me for a few more moments?" Midoriya spoke again; his voice once more flat. Shaking her head, and with her face going slightly red, she made a note that Midoriya was also much more forward when his quirk was active. That was probably what he was trying to warn her about.

"Y... Yea, sorry about that... I do keep an index of all the materials I have to build my babies with, lemme just pull it up!" Mei chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck as she turned away from the boy, and once again began to fiddle with her laptop.

"No, it's quite alright, when I use my quirk around people for the first time they always suffer from a similar reaction; though I sense yours was different somehow..." Izuku explained, standing still behind the girl as he waited for her to pull up her index.

"If you feel that our plans need to be altered in some way, then do let me know- however I have come up with an idea as to how we can escape once I have repaired my Arc Reactor." Izuku added, watching as Mei pulled up a basic text document on her laptop.

"Nah, that's cool, I trust that you've got this; anyway, here's a list of everythin' I've got down here right now!" Standing off to the side to allow Midoriya to see what was on her screen, she had a clear view of his eyes once more as they darted from side to side; seemingly speed-reading all of the information she had presented him with.

"This comes as a relief, but we have all of the required materials to repair my Arc Reactor- however that is it; just a repair. There aren't enough materials here to build me a new one." Izuku stated, stepping away from Mei's computer and walking over to an area of the cave the two of them hadn't been to very often, mainly because it was just a pile of scrap.

Squatting down and rummaging through the pile of scarp for a few moments, it didn't take long before he had pulled out what looked to be one of Mei's older inventions. He doubted it was functional.

"I know that you have a certain unusual relationship with your... babies... but would you mind if I were to cannibalise this one for parts?" Izuku coughed, standing up and turning back to face the inventor, holding up her invention in his hand.

"Insult aside; if it helps us escape, you can take apart as many of my babies as ya need..." Mei rolled her eyes, sighing as she heard Midoriya walk back over to his own workbench, and place her old invention down. If she was being honest, even she couldn't remember what it's original purpose was. All she remembered was that it apparently wasn't good enough... and the pain that followed its creation.

"Insult? I didn't realise I had insulted you; I apologise, I do tend to be more blunt with my quirk active..." Midoriya coughed, looking over his shoulder momentarily, before returning back to his work of dismantling his friend's old invention.

"Nah, it's okay; it's good to be blunt when it comes to inventing; it stops miscommunication"

"So you wish for me to be more blunt around you?" Midoriya questioned, taking a screwdriver from his bench and beginning to take apart some of the outer casings of the device.

Pulling up the crate Mei often used as a chair at her own desk, she sat herself on the opposite side of Izuku's desk, causing him to momentarily look up from his work- however not for long. Mei paused for a moment, unsure as to how to respond.

"How do you know when it's time to sleep down here?" Izuku questioned, placing the screwdriver back down as the inner workings of the device were finally on show.

"Well, I do have a clock on my laptop but... I... I often just... work until I drop..." Mei admitted, looking away from Izuku as he looked up at her; not daring to look back at him.

"That's... that's extremely unhealthy, and considering that you've been trapped in a cave for god-knows how long I would have assumed you would have taken full advantage of your one freedom of sleep..." Izuku commented, not looking back down at what he was working on, and instead keeping his eyes trained on Mei.

"...I... I can't sleep..."

"You can't sleep, so you burry yourself in your babies until you drop? Is that it?" Midoriya asked, earning a slight nod from the girl who still refused to look him in the eyes.

"Mei, I may not have known you for more than a day, but all we got is each other down here; you told me not to die on you, so I'm telling you the same. Tonight, we're sleeping; you don't have a say in the matter."

Her eyes widening and her face flushing redder than she could have sworn it ever had, Mei finally looked back up at Izuku, who continued to meet her stare. With a small smile, she nodded at the boy once again; Izuku returning her smile before looking back down at what he was fiddling with once again.

"And this is what I was looking for..." Midoriya mumbled, grabbing a pair of tweezers off of his desk and pulling out what looked to be a ring of metal.

"Palladium? You use Palladium in your chest-thingy?" Mei questioned, beginning to feel much more like herself.

"Yea; this is the most important thing I need to replace in my Arc Reactor, but I'm going to need your help..." Izuku commented, handing the tweezers over to Mei as he pulled off his now grey vest.

"But, I have no idea how that baby of yours works! If it's keeping you alive, I don't want to risk messing up!" The girl protested, watching as Izuku began to slide his fingers along the edge of his Reactor, before twisting it and pulling the device from his chest cavity- an action that was accompanied by a small hiss from the device.

"Since I'm not replacing the whole thing, I don't need to disconnect it- however my hands aren't steady enough to place the Palladium ring where it needs to go without disturbing any of the other smaller components..." Izuku mumbled, sliding a stack of papers over to him from the side of his workbench and placing his Reactor down on it.

"Yea but... What if..." Mei sighed, attempting to protest however knowing that she was dong so in vain.

"Mei, I trust you; you know I do, now please, let's get this over with; the quicker we finish, the more time we will have to spend on figuring out a way to break out of here." Izuku stated, unscrewing the cracked top of his Arc Reactor, and placing that down on the paper next to the main device.

"Right, we're not going to be able to remove the original damaged ring from the looks of it- that is unless you fancy taking the whole thing apart and then rebuilding it, so we're just going to have to weld the new ring to the top..."

"That makes things easier I suppose; I think I left my welding tools in my bench, let me just go grab them..."

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It wasn't very often that Midoriya Izuku woke up flushed red, the arms of a girl wrapped around his waist; come to think of it, that had never happened before- but it also wasn't very often Midoriya Izuku woke up as a captive in the cave-like basement of a group of villains, so he was willing to roll with it.

Wiping his arm under his nose helped to bring his mind further out of its still sleepy state, as the marring of his blood onto said arm affirmed that he had in-fact had his quirk activated for longer than he should have the day prior. Mentally, he chuckled at the memories that came back to him.

"I'm still not sure how you managed to set fire to water..." Izuku mumbled, looking back over his shoulder ever so slightly to peer at Mei; making sure as to not disturb her. After they'd managed to patchwork his Arc Reactor back into a stable state, the two of them had spent what was left of the 'day' getting to know each other since he hadn't wanted to overuse his quirk.

Eyes flicking to the blood now on his wrist, he realised how well that had gone. In retrospect, it wasn't the worst drawback he had seen for a quirk; not by a long shot. A nosebleed in exchange for incredible intelligence was far better than, say, the drawback Kacchan's quirk had on him. The explosive boy could scream and yell about how invincible he was as much as he liked, but sore hands and possible deafness in the boy's future say otherwise.

Izuku's eyebrows creased together for a moment as he pondered why his thoughts had shifted to his former-friend, given that there were far more pressing issues to attend to- however the tightening of the arms around his waist were enough to not only end his train of thought all together- but completely incinerate it.

Her arms weren't the only thing Izuku could feel- however he completely refused to acknowledge the other things pressing against his back. Taking a deep breath, the boy wrapped his hands around Mei's and gently pulled them apart- allowing him to slip off of and away from the box of munitions the two had decided would be their bed.

"Right, now where's my jacket..." Midoriya mumbled, his voice low as to not disturb his friend. Looking around the cave, it was clear that Mei had moved it at some point during their interactions, as he definitely didn't remember leaving it hung on the end of what he hoped was a decommissioned missile.

"Please tell me they didn't search me..." His hands digging through his jacket's pockets, with a feeling of nervousness spreading through his chest, Midoriya sighed with relief when his hand wrapped around a small leather-bound book.

Yanking it from his pocket, Midoriya hurried back over to his workbench. He was well aware of the fact that, during the time his quirk was active, he had given Mei grief for not having a proper sleep-schedule- however he had always been a fan of the motto 'do as I say, not as I do'.

Flipping through the pages of the notebook revealed hundreds upon hundreds of blueprints, sketches, diagrams, and inventions that he had been planning on building for some time- however due to either not having the space, or the resources, or because of some other reason- he hadn't yet.

"Right then, let's get started..." Finally flicking to a blank page in the book, the boy pulled a nubby-looking pencil from its spine and re-activated his Quirk; a dull headache seeming to activate with it; like flicking on a switch.

Ordinarily, he would bounce ideas around with J.A.R.V.I.S whenever he was inventing, however upon being captured, the villains had taken his phone; the only link he had to his AI parent when he wasn't at home.

For a moment, he considered waking Mei in order to brainstorm with her, however he also knew that she needed her rest- and that he wouldn't have had the heart to wake her.

"Alright Midoriya... Work with what you have..." The green-haired genius huffed; encouraging himself. After a few moments, pencil hit paper, and soon after that, the page was emblazoned with an outline of his figure, a circle in the centre to represent his Arc Reactor.

"Okay, I think I have a idea..." The boy mumbled one last time, before getting to work scribbling away in his notebook.

Midoriya wasn't sure how long he'd spent designing his latest creation, however the fact that Mei was beginning to stir awake, and the fact that his once nub-like pencil was almost now nothing but a lead tip were probably good indicators that it had been quite some time.

"I... Izu... Ku?" Mei questioned, her eyes still glued shut with sleep as she began to gently pad her arms around in front of her- her eyes only bolting open with worry when she caught onto the fact that he wasn't still with her.

"Izuku?" She called, sitting upright quickly and darting her head around the room.

"I'm over here Mei, don't worry..." The boy called back to her, his voice flat as he continued obsessing over his drawing- the sight of which bring Mei both relief and confusion.

"Don't scare me like that!" Mei shouted back, rolling herself off of the munitions crate and stretching her back, resulting in a rather satisfying crack.

Quickly flicking off his quirk, Midoriya span around on his 'chair' to face the girl; a thin line of worry spread across his face.

"Sorry about that; I didn't really intend on staying up this long but I guess I got a little carried away..." Rolling her eyes, the girl wandered over to the boy's workbench with a yawn.

"Alrighty then, what's got you so engaged that it managed to pull you away from lil'old me," Mei teased, batting her eyelids in an exadurated manner, to which Midoriya responded by rolling his own eyes.

"I think I've got our ticket out of here, come take a look!" Izuku cheered, spinning back around to face his drawings and shifting to allow Mei to sit down next to him. Curious, she did just that, looking down at Izuku's roughly drawn blueprint.

"What... what is this?" Eyes widening as she read over her friend's notes; a smirk began to appear on her face.

"This is... incredible... I'd never be able to design a baby like this- never mind build it..." Watching Mei's awe-struck face, Izuku chuckled; shaking his head.

"Hey, I'm sure you'd be able to make something like this if you tried; the only thing that might stump you would probably be a power source since..." Tapping on his Arc Reactor a few times, he wordlessly finished his sentence.

"I can't believe we might actually get outta here... It's been so long since I've seen my parents... my lab..." Mei mumbled, still ever so slightly smiling. Half-heartedly, Izuku gave a hum of acknowledgment, before returning back to his drawing; his smile faltering.

"What about you, Izu? I know you haven't been here anywhere near as long as me, but aren't you excited to see your parents again?" Izuku stayed silent, his smile completely falling as a cold began to flood over his body.

"I... I don't have any parents, Mei... they're both dead..." Midoriya mumbled, his voice sounding dry; something that could have been attributed to the fact that they hadn't been given any water since Midoriya had been captured- however it was far too clear that that was not the case.

"The only person I've had for the past few years has been J.A.R.V.I.S; my AI..." The boy added, his hands ever-so-slightly shaking as he flicked back a few pages in his notebook to a page with the words 'J.A.R.V.I.S' scribbled at the top.

"Oh... Izuku, I- I didn't know, I'm so sorry..." Mei whispered, placing a hand on her friend's back as her eyes scanned over the details of, what was apparently just a really very intelligent system. Letting out one horse scoff, a pained smile spread across the boy's face.

"It's alright Mei; it's not your fault..." Midoriya sighed, flicking back forwards in his notebook to the page he had just been drawing on.

"So, where do you live?" Mei questioned, her eyebrows knitting together ever so slightly.

"My mother was an accidental casualty in a hero rescue mission, one lead by Endeavour; in exchange for my silence on the matter, he pays for my apartment; I converted it into a lab not too long after that..." Midoriya admitted, sighing once more as he wiped away the silent tears that seemed to fall from his face as he spoke.

"You know, after this is all over... if we do make it out of this alive... come visit me, okay?" That seemed to bring a smile back onto Midoriya's face as he leaned against Mei; her hand moving from his back to around his shoulder in a side-hug.

"I'll admit, it has been nice to connect with someone who isn't made by me for once..." The boy chuckled, eliciting a laugh out of the pink-haired girl in the process.

"Let's fucking build this thing!" Midoriya laughed, pulling away from Mei in the process as he dived off of his make-shit seat, scanning the room for the list of parts he'd made note of next to his diagram; something he had started doing in order to maximise his productiveness; if he couldn't build anything without his quirk active, he could at least collect the parts he'd need for when he did activate it.

"Alright! Let's do this!"

Chapter Text

"Are ya doing okay? Can you move?" Mei questioned; the thrum of Izuku's Arc Reactor now being amplified by the metal suit they had cobbled together.

Flexing his hands a little, Izuku gave a nod, and Mei turned around; grabbing a pair of pliers off of her workbench.

"Alright, say it again..." The girl instructed, as she turned back around to face Midoriya, before squatting and tampering with the gauntlets that covered his arms.
Flicking on his quirk, Midoriya's voice suddenly fell flat as it always did.

"Fourty-One steps straight ahead, then sixteen steps, that's from the door, fork right, then thirty-three steps, turn right again- and then break through whichever wall looks weaker..." The boy chanted, deactivating his quirk.

They only had one shot at this, and Izuku didn't want to have all of their hard work to have been for nothing, because a nosebleed or a headache.

"Good, good, it looks like my babies are secure; right, what now?" Standing from her crouched position, Mei's eyes quickly darted across the suit; her nerves were finally getting to her, and she couldn't help but feel like she had missed something.

The two had spent the last few hours working together to build what was, in essence, a large roboticly-enhanced hunk of metal in the shape of armour, and it just so happened to also be armed to the teeth.

"Put my helmet on, then go turn the suit on, okay?" Nodding her head, Mei dashed from where she was stood over to Midoriya's desk, where her laptop was, and then quickly rushed back with it in her hands.

"You know, out of all the projects I've worked on over the years- I think this has been the weirdest..." Mei admitted, chuckling as she placed her laptop down on her workbench, and picked up Izuku's helmet.


Placing the helmet on Izuku's head; the faceplate still up, Mei quickly booped him on the nose.

"...Its definitely been one of my favourites..." She finally finished, turning away from the now rather flustered Izuku, and instead focusing on trying to power up the suit.

"Well, I- I'm glad I got to work on this with you; this is probably the biggest thing I've ever built..." Midoriya chuckled, a large and very contagious smile spreading across his face.

"Alright, the program has loaded, what do I press?" Mei ask, watching as a bunch of smaller command prompts began to open themselves, and then close themselves.

"Ah! Oh yea, I- um... Press 'F11', and then 'Control' and 'Enter'. The moment you press 'Enter', my Arc Reactor will begin to divert power into the suit, okay? So... We'll have thirty minutes until it starts to have any effect on me..." Midoriya explained, watching as Mei followed along with his instructions; her finger hovering over the enter key.

"Well... This is it..." The girl mumbled to herself, taking a deep breath as she quickly jabbed at the enter button; turning to face an equally nervous Izuku as the suit began to activate.

"Alright, close my faceplate..." The boy ordered, letting out his own shaky breath as he flexed his limbs one more time.

The two inventors seemed to sit in a tense silence the whole time the suit was booting up; neither saying anything for the simple fact that neither had anything to say. This could either go really well, and they would never have to go back to the cave they resided in again- or it could go really badly... And they would never have to go back to the cave they resided in again...

The flickering and then death off the cold cave lights seemed to break the two out of their trance; the Arc Reactor and Mei's laptop being their only sources of light left active.
Spinning her head back to her screen; the loading bar that once filled it had been completed, and had now disappeared.

"Alright, let's do this..."

It wasn't very often that the villains came to check on Mei and Izuku; in fact in the little amount of time the boy had been there, they hadn't even been down to bring the two of them food. That's why it was so surprising to the two inventors when a groan of pain was heard underneath the door that Izuku had punched out of the wall.

"Well... That's one down I guess, but I have a feeling that they may have heard that..." Dryly chuckling to herself, Mei watched as Izuku pulled his fist back from its outstretched position, and walked through the new hole.

"Yea, just remember to stay behind me..." Midoriya muttered, flicking on his quirk as he took point.

"Fourty-One steps forward..." The boy mumbled to himself; his eyes straining to see through the two small slits he had made for himself. As it turned out, the power outage had affected the whole of the cave, and not just the part they were in.

"What in the seven shades of shit is that?!" Well, if the villains didn't know they'd broken out before, they certainly did now. Though it was hard to see considering the corridor was being lit by nothing more than the boy's Arc Reactor, Midoriya saw what he assumed to be a man, dressed from head to toe in fully black clothing; and a pistol that was moments ago attached to his side.

"Mei, stay behind me..." The boy repeated, turning to face the girl out of worry, before turning back to the villain that had caught them.

"Yea, he has a gun, you have a suit of armour, and I'm in a dirty tank top and joggers... I'm not plannin' on running in front of ya..." Mei quipped. If the situation wasn't as tense as it was, Midoriya might have laughed.

"Get back in that cave right now or I'm gonna shoot you!" The villain yelled, cocking back his gun. It was actually rather rare to see villains using firearms; their effectiveness being reduced extremely with the rise of quirks; a villain using a gun usually meant that their quirk was either useless, or...

"Make me!" Izuku yelled back, continuing to walk towards the end of the corridor. One bullet; two bullets; three bullets; four; each bullet fired at Izuku fell to the dirt floor.

Holding out his giant metal left hand, the pistol was ripped out of the villains own hands and flung towards Izuku as he continued to press on towards his goal. Bringing his left hand back down just before the gun reached him, Midoriya deactivated the built-in electromagnet and let the gun fly right past him... and land at Mei's feet.

"Twenty-one more steps..." Midoriya muttered, watching as all confidence that the villain had been exuding shattered at the lack of gun in his hand- which meant only one thing; this villain was more than likely quirkless, or at the very least, had a useless quirk.

"Okay, you know what? I'm just gonna go now!" The villain squeaked, running back the way he came from with a speed that almost convinced the boy that the villain did have a quirk.

"Mei, do you know how to fire that?" Izuku asked, not slowing his charge as he continued down the corridor.

"I mean... it can't be too hard- why?" Coming up to a crossroads, Izuku stopped dead in his tracks before swinging his right arm around in a backfist; slamming the head of a previously unseen villain into the cave wall.

"Just in case"

Walking past the bleeding villain, Midoriya continued moving through the winding corridors; having to bash the occasional quirked villain over the head, and just straight up scaring the quirkless ones. In it's own morbid way, it was actually quite entertaining.

"Alright Mei, this is it; when I turn right we're going to be in the main building and I'm going to make a break for one of the walls; hopefully this suit will hold up, but if it doesn't... leave me and get to the door, they'll be too distracted taking me down that you'll go unnoticed" Izuku whispered, earning him a look from Mei that he couldn't quite discern. Even with the light that was coming from the main building.

Chapter Text

"So you're 100% sure that this is where those two kids are being held captive?" A large, burly finger jabbed at the map which had been rolled out on to the table; landing on what looked to be the location of an empty warehouse.

"Well, we know that the Midoriya kid is more-than-likely here; as for the other kid, her case has been cold for a few years now- but if she's anywhere, she'll probably be here..." Detective Tsukauchi sighed, pulling the beige folder from under his armpit, and handing it to All Might.

"So what do we know about these guys..."

Flicking open the folder, All Might began to look over all of the information he had been given whilst Tsukauchi walked over to his office door; closing and locking it.

"Well, they're an anomaly to say the least; they're a splinter group of what is known as the 'League of Villains'. We believe that they split due to a difference in ideals," The man began to explain; his eyes flicking away from the files he had been glancing at when he heard the sound of All Might de-transforming.

"What about the kids? Why were they targeted?" Taking a seat back at his desk, the Detective continued.

"The League of Villains are short in numbers because they don't believe quirkless people have a place amongst them; the group that took these kids believe that they do. From the few encounters that we've had with them over the years, it's clear to see that they use support gear to help them fight, and judging from the quirks that these kids have, it's safe to assume that they took them to build those pieces of support gear..."

All Might gave a noise of acknowledgement as he softly closed the file he had been handed.

"Thank you, by the way; I know that you're busy getting ready to begin teaching next year, but I'm really grateful you decided to help me on this case."

"It's no problem; kidnapping is something that no one should have to suffer through, child or adult- it really hurt me to find out that the original case was put on the back burner because the girl's quirk wasn't deemed as important as the others..." This time, it was Tsukauchi's turn to make naught but a sound of acknowledgement.

The system was flawed; both the hero and the detective knew it- but nothing could really be done to change it. To do that, you'd have to change the way that society viewed quirks as a whole- and the last time that happened was when people had decided murdering those with quirks wasn't exactly ethical.

"Since the building they're supposedly being held at has no legal owners, you can go out there and get the job done whenever you're ready- though if I were you, I'd wait until I can get some officers to come down with you..." The detective stated, before All Might walked over to his desk and placed the folder down on it.

"I'll head out there tomorrow; I've already hit my limit for today, and I don't want to risk making my time even shorter if the kids aren't there. Do you think that'll be enough time to get everyone ready?" Nodding his head, Tsukauchi stood up from his chair and shook his friend's hand, before walking with him to the door of his office.

"Alright, I'll make sure to have two units ready for dispatch by six tomorrow; talk to you soon Toshi," Smiling, All Might quickly entered his buffed up form; the form the rest of the office had seen him enter as, before slipping out of the Detective's office; heading to the nearest elevator his eyes laid sight on. Though the smoke that had started to raise from his body had gone unnoticed by the other officers hard at work in the precinct, said smoke was strikingly obvious to All Might; the smoke being a signal that he had in fact reached his limit for the day. Normally, when he said he was at his daily limit, he took into account the amount of energy needed to get away from the public eye.

"I guess I did go a little overboard today..." The mighty man mumbled, stepping inside the elevator barely big enough to contain his body, before pressing the button to go to the ground floor; de-transforming with a bloody cough the moment the doors closed. Fortunately for All Might, all camera footage from inside the police station seemingly deletes itself whenever he shows up for the day, so he doesn't have to worry about being caught. Another thing he had to thank Tsukauchi for.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by in a blur, and for the Symbol of Peace, it had almost felt like no time had passed between his initial conversation with Tsukauchi- and him now walking in the midst of two police squadrons, a cup of hot coffee steaming in his hands.

"All right, so, the building we are going to be searching is listed as abandoned, however we all know that villains aren't exactly forthcoming about the locations of their hideouts, so everybody just keep their guard-" The sound of what could only be described as an explosion, followed by an immense shockwave tremoring through the ground cut All Might off immediately from his pep-talk, gluing himself and the officers in place as they halted their march in an attempt to not fall to the ground.

In the distance, through the roof of the building that All Might had been sent to investigate, the Pro as well as many other officers looked on as what appeared to be a gargantuan metal bullet fired through the air, explosions following in tow- looking in no way dissimilar to how a rocket would look upon launch.

"So, does wall mean ceiling now?! This was not the plan!" Mei shrieked, her vice grip around Izuku's helmet almost being enough to crush the now rather malleable metal with how tight she was holding on. Though it was hard to hear her over the sound of metal scraps scraping, and breaking and grinding against each other; the boy could tell she was less than pleased with the new turn of events.

"Well, in my defence; I said I'd bust through whatever wall looked weakest; and they were all as equally strong! So... I panicked, okay?!" Midoriya yelled back, staring to feel the effects of the boosters wearing off, little by little. They had planned on using the boot boosters as a last resort once the two had left the building; if the suit was too damaged to walk away, they would just fly and crash-land.

"So you panicked and decided to set off what is essentially a small rocket, indoors?!"

"...Pretty much, yeah..." The boy sighed back, mentally counting down the amount of seconds it would take before the two of them began to fly dead-stick. He didn't bring it up, for fear of worrying her, but in the moment he had made the decision to fire off their boosters, his quirk had not been active. The inside of the helmet smelled like metal anyway, since... y'know, it was made of the stuff- but even if it wasn't, the amount of blood plastering the insides of it would make it smell like it was.

Five seconds. Izuku managed to pry Mei off of the back of the suit.

Four seconds. Izuku pulled the girl in close to the front of the chestplate, wrapping both metal arms around her to act as a shield.

Three seconds. Diverting what power was left in the main thrusters to the vents that covered each side of the hulking suit, Izuku rotated the two of them in mid-air; his back now being what would take the force of their landing.

Two seconds. Mei closed her eyes.

One second. Izuku clenched his own eyes shut as he braced himself for the blow he was about to receive.

Zero seconds. With a jolt large enough to force open the eyes of both Mei and Izuku, something just outside of either of their vision struck the side of their suit, not only stopping their immediate and hard collision with the ground, but completely circumventing it, as whatever had caught them gently placed them on the ground.

"There's no way..." Izuku could hear Mei mumble, as she forcibly removed his iron hands off of her; each one landing on the ground next to him with a resounding thud.

"Have no fear child, for I am here!" Boomed a voice from outside the suit.

Chapter Text

Stretching his limbs out, a pained and strenuous sigh left Midoriya's mouth; his eyes, though heavy, opening to revel in the bare, grey walls of whatever room he was in. Looking down to his arms, it was clear that they had been severely damaged; bandages were wrapped tightly around both of them, with a mixture of what looked to be dry and fresh blood decorating them.

"When did I do that... wait... when did I fall asleep?" Midoriya mumbled, bringing one of his hands up towards his face to rub his temple, only for his hand to be obstructed by another set of bandages.

"Jarvis, buddy, you there?" The boy called out, his voice seeming much more withdrawn than he was used to hearing- much to his own surprise. What didn't surprise him however, was the fact that he got no response from his AI companion.

He sighed again.

He had been hoping that that whole ordeal was some form of dream, but the lack of response from Jarvis dashed that hope away almost as quick as it had came. Ever since the boy had built him, Midoriya never left his lab without at least one way of speaking to him; the sliding of his hands across his trouser pockets only confirmed that he didn't have his phone on him. It was probably destroyed when him and Mei...

"MEI?!" Midoriya called out, his voice back to its usual tone- if not a little bit horse.

"Don't worry, she's safe; it's nice to see that you're finally awake; are you feeling okay?" The speed at which Midoriya span around was enough to send the chair he had initially been sat in flying into one of the walls, as he put his fists up into a rudimentary fighting stance.

After the past few days, he had been expecting to come face to face with almost anybody except a police officer- but then again, he had also expected the door that the man came through to have made a noise when he opened it, so the weirdness was, in part, excused.

"Hey, look- don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you..." With a calmness to his voice, the officer placed his hands in the air as if to show he had no weapons on him. It took a few seconds, but Midoriya eventually dropped his guard; the officer bringing his hands down as well.

"Who are you, and where am I?"

"I'll be happy to answer all of your questions, but first, please, take a seat- we've a lot to talk about..." With that, Midoriya gave one last sigh, before quickly walking over to his downed chair and standing it back upright in front of the table, where it originally was; and sitting.

"Oh, and my name is Tsukauchi; Detective Tsukauchi," The man smiled, walking around to the other side of the table, and taking his own seat.

There was no clock in the room, so Midoriya wasn't able to see how much time had passed; but he did know they were talking for quite some time as he asked and answered questions; going back and forth with detective Tsukauchi, the latter always doing his best to make Izuku comfortable.

"Well, I must say Midoriya; you are one of the most interesting people I've met in a while; I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of this- but I'm afraid I'm going to have to bring up what might be less-than-savoury memories for you, in order to continue..." The detective admitted; the air around the two noticeably shifting.

"It was your current carer, Jarvis, that contacted us originally about your disappearance, however he also disclosed that he wasn't... human... could you please tell us about him?" Midoriya's eyes widened slightly; it had been quite some time since anyone had taken an interest in Jarvis- even Kacchan had gotten over him pretty quickly when he'd initially introduced the two.

"He's an Artificial Intelligence; I built him to look after me after... after my mother died..." The detective gave a knowing nod as he watched the boy. It looked like Midoriya was trying to fight back tears, although he couldn't quite tell. Tsukauchi had been using his quirk ever since he had entered the room with the boy, and it was yet to say that the boy was lying- meaning he really had built an artificial intelligence.

"So, am I to be correct in saying you... have no father?" Midoriya's eyes darted to the floor, a chill washing over him.

"I've never known anything about my father... his name... what he looked like... what happened to him... all of that information died with my mother... all I've ever known is that he's dead..." The boy croaked out, a single tear managing to break free of the hold he had on them. Nodding his head, Tsukauchi pulled a handkerchief from the inside pocket of his coat, and handed it to the boy.

"Well, I'm not sure how to say this to you Midoriya, but... we can't allow this 'Jarvis' to continue looking after you, no matter how capable he is. Once you're released, you'll be allowed to go home to collect you belongings, but after that... To be completely honest, I'm not sure how you managed to live alone unnoticed for so long..." The detective trailed off, allowing the boy some time to recompose himself.

"L-let me guess; I'm gonna be p-put in an orphanage?" The boy stuttered, wiping away the tears that had followed the first in falling down his face. Tsukauchi leaned back in his chair, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"That was the... original plan, however we've had a rather unorthodox opportunity arise. The girl you escaped with, Hatsume Mei; she said that she would let you stay with her family, in her 'lab'. If her parents agree to it, we would be willing to let you stay with them." Slowly, Midoriya nodded his head, before handing the detective back his handkerchief.

"Well, thank you for being so cooperative with us Midoriya; since all of your injuries have been tended to, you can leave whenever you want; we'll be in touch," The detective smiled, standing from his chair, and outstretching his arm over the table. Standing himself, Midoriya reached and shook the man's hand; he was glad the whole ordeal was over.

It had to be nearly midnight by the time Midoriya arrived back at his old apartment complex, and for the first time in day, the boy felt something akin to peace. The streets were silent; not a car in sight, and the bird that seemed to never stop screaming, had stopped. The cool air blowing against his skin, and playing with his hair bought a smile to his face; lit up by the lights of those inside the building, who had chosen to stay awake at such an ungodly hour.

Walking over to the complex, Midoriya began to quickly jog up the stairs; the closer he got to his door, the faster he seemed to move. Up the first flight of stairs, and then the second, and then the third. Finally, reaching his door, it opened with no hesitation. He never had gotten the chance to lock it; he wasn't supposed to be gone for more than a few minutes anyway.

"Hey, Jarvis?" The boy called out, only to have the lights of his apartment-turned-lab instantly flicker on; a blue hue taking over the previous yellow one being cast onto his face by his neighbours windows.

"Yes Sir?" Though he had no physical body, the smile that hung to Jarvis's voice was crystal clear. Closing the door behind himself, Midoriya let out a breath of anticipation that he wasn't even aware he was holding in.

"I have a lot to catch you up on!" Izuku chuckled, walking further into his apartment and flinging his jacket over one of his many workbenches.

Chapter Text

"Should I add this new project to the main server, sir?" Jarvis inquired, watching as his creator danced around his lab to an unheard tune; going from workbench to workbench and messing with the holographic projections that emitted from them; his eyes flicking between the green glow of his active quirk, and their regular shade of green every few seconds.

"Actually, until further notice, we're better off keeping this stuff on the private server..." Midoriya called back, pulling his shirt over his head, and then off as he continued to move.

"Working on a secret project are we Sir?"

"Have you finished with the scans yet?" Izuku questioned, rubbing one of his hands over the area around his Arc Reactor. Ever since he'd patchworked it back into working order, the skin around it had felt tender to the touch. It wasn't until he'd gotten back to his lab, and gone to take a bath, that Izuku had discovered the blue veins that had emerged from his chest.

"The upload of your schematics are at 67%, Sir- as for my analysis of yourself, I have a finished diagnosis, however for a more accurate diagnosis, I would need more time," Stopping his dance around his lab for a moment Midoriya looked to the centre of the room, where the floating ball of data that was Jarvis had chosen to appear.

"Well, what's happening?"

"From what I can tell Sir, the addition of the second Palladium ring to your damaged Arc Reactor unfortunately sped up the rate at which the Palladium is poisoning you," The AI began, earning a groan from the green-haired boy.

"That's not all however... From what I can tell, the usage of your Arc Reactor to power this... suit... that you used to break free of the people who kidnapped you also accelerated the rate at which the poisoning is occurring." Izuku had always known that, at some point, he was going to have to suffer the repercussions of putting a poisonous metal into his body- but he hadn't really ever processed what that truly meant. If he was being completely honest, he hadn't expected to have to think about it for some time.

Sighing, the boy took a seat in the nearest chair he could find; a hand coming up to cover the bottom part of his face in contemplation.

"Before you added the second ring you had, at the very least, another six or so years before the poisoning would reach a lethal level. Now, you have around three-and-a-half... On top of that, if you're planning on building and using more of these suits like I think you are, then that number drops even more..."

A silence stretched throughout the lab for what must have been the first time since he had gotten back. Midoriya knew what he needed to ask next, and yet he felt like he couldn't. Jarvis was right. He had discovered his golden ticket to get him into UA; to become the Hero he had always wanted to be, and he wasn't going to let it go without a fight.

"How long would I have..?"

"With all possibilities accounted for, the most time I can see you having left would be a year-and-a-half, Sir..."

"Well then..." Midoriya began, finally standing back up.

"I guess I know my dead-line!" Giving his AI a small smirk, the boy finally walked away from the glowing data-ball; leaving the main area of his lab all together, and walking upstairs. Though he had converted the whole first floor into a lab, he had left the top floor untouched. As much as he would have loved the additional space; he couldn't bring himself to get rid of his mother's old room- or even his own for that matter.

But while Midoriya had decided to hit they hay- the same could not be said for detective Tsukauchi. Though his official shift had ended only a few minutes after Midoriya had left the station; the man was never one to just let his curiosity simmer. The boy intrigued him; he was willing to admit that much- however the boy's family was something that intrigued him more. His Mother was accounted for; all of her records the way they should be, from her birth, to her death.

His Father on the other hand...

After digging through every 'Midoriya' related file he could find, there was only one that had any connection to the man whatsoever- and even then, it was an extremely loose connection. A old student profile from a UA 2nd year, by the name of 'Stark Hisashi'.

"I have a feeling I'll need to talk to Toshi about this... " The man sighed, reclining back into his chair with an exhausted sigh; pulling his hat down to cover his face in the process. It wasn't a strong link, but according to the file, he and Midoriya Inko had been planning on forming a hero duo upon graduating.

"If Midoriya Inko went to UA, then why did she never become a hero..."

"If you plan on sleeping here, you mind locking up when everyone's gone?" Quickly bolting up from his relaxed position, the detective's hat fell to the ground. Looking over to his right, there was another officer stood in his doorway.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle ya'" Tsukauchi shook his head at his colleague; waving a hand of dismissal in his direction.

"Don't worry about it; I just didn't hear you come in- and yes, I'll lock up after you all!"

Nodding his head, the officer backed out of his office, leaving the detective alone once more. With a sigh, he reached over the arm of his chair and picked his hat back up; dusting it off with his elbow. He could already tell that this mystery was going to be a tiresome one.

Leaning back into his chair, Tsukauchi closed his eyes once more- and once more was startled out of his attempted sleep, this time by the ringing of his desk phone. Rubbing his hand across his face, the man let out a defeated sigh.

"Tonight is going to be a long night..."

Chapter Text

A knock at his door caused Midoriya to look up from his workbench; flicking his welding mask up in the process. It had been years since the boy had had a visitor; even if he knew that it was probably the police, the noise still put him on edge.

"Midoriya Izuku! Are you in there?" A voice called from the other side, causing Izuku to sigh. The voice was definitely that of a police officer; the authoritarian tone being something he had heard many times from heroes and police. Flipping the mask back down over his face; his glowing eyes seeming to eerily pear through the dark glass of the visor, he returned his attention back to the metal exo-skeleton of a boot that rested in front of him.

"Jarvis, open the door,"

"As you wish, Sir," The AI acknowledged, forcing the deadbolt on the door to click open, allowing it swing with no resistance, revealing the officer, or rather, officers on the other side in the process.

"Ah, hey kid- you got a minute..?"

"Mm-hmm, let me just finish up with this, then we can talk; make yourselves comfortable," Not taking his eyes away from the metal boot, Izuku watched the three officers trickle into his lab one by one out of the corner of his eye. It was actually rather amusing watching them marvel at the place.

"So, erm... what're ya working on?" One of the officers offered, her eyes finally settling on the boot he had been welding. Coughing, the boy simply stuck his right leg out from behind his workbench; a finished and silver-plated version of the boot already equipped.

"Another one of these..." The boy muttered, bringing his foot back to where it originally was.

"So what're you guys doing here anyway; I thought I had at least a week before I was being evicted?" Midoriya questioned, finally taking off his welding mask and placing it on his workbench, alongside the tools he had just been using.

"Well, yes; you do still have around a week before you'll have to leave- but we're here to check up on you... Did you really expect to be left alone after going through what you've been through?" Midoriya paused for a moment, his quirk deactivating as his mind seemingly stopped. In a weird way, the boy had forgotten that what he went through was supposed to be a traumatic event.

"Kid, are you okay?" The third officer spoke up, noticing the change in the boy's demeanour.

"Yea, I'm... I'm fine... It's just that... I was only there for- at the most, a few days... I don't feel like the survivor of a kidnapping should; it feels like that was just another day..." Izuku mumbled, his eyes darting to the three officers.

"Don't worry Midoriya, sometimes it takes a while for everything to set in..." A warm smile graced the officer's face.

"Anyway, we don't want to bother you for much longer; there's just two more things we have to talk about and then we'll get out of your hair!" A small smile making it's way onto Midoriya's own face, the boy turned back to the boot on his bench; starting to fiddle with the circuitry a little more.

"Alright then, if you say so... Anyway, what else do you need to talk to me about?"

"First things first, here..." The first officer mumbled, standing from the chair he had been sat on, and handing the boy a piece of paper.

"It's the contact information of the girl who escaped with you; she said you'd left before she could find you..." Izuku's hands froze for a moment, before returning to their active fiddling. They were right; he'd ran of without even saying so much as a goodbye. He hadn't even seen her since they'd crashed.

"Secondly, we wanted to know what you wanted to do with the suit? Most of it was shattered on impact, but once you're out of here, and in to... wherever you end up going, we can give you what's left..." Finishing his tampering, the boy pressed a button on the lower-half of the boot, opening it up.

"I have the blueprints; If I ever want to make it again, I can- so you can destroy it!" Midoriya explained, grunting as he slowly pulled the boot off of his workbench and onto the floor; a loud clunk reverberating around the room at the action.

"A-Are you sure?"


With a few hissing and clicking noises, the boot locked itself around the boy's other foot. Looking between each other for a moment, the officers each began to stand up; one by one.

"Well then, we'll leave you to it; we'll come round again at the end of the week, just to make sure you've cleared out everything you want to take with you!" One of the officers spoke, waving a hand towards the boy as they reached the door.

"Alright, thank you for stopping by..." Midoriya mumbled back, watching as they exited his lab.

"I take it you want to attempt another thrust test?" Jarvis chimed in, his artificial voice almost sounding exhausted at the very thought. At this, Izuku chuckled; turning around and briskly walking over to another of his workbenches, before crouching down. Opening it up revealed two silver-plated arms, similar in design to the boy's finished boot.

"You know me so well buddy!"

"Sir, if you must test this again; I implore you to let me calibrate the thrusters first; the hole in the celling is still there from when you tried to do this last time..." His friend protested, causing Midoriya to look sheepishly up towards the low roof of his lab. Though it was covered by a blanket he had nailed into the ceiling, there was a hole leading directly into the bathroom in the roof.

In his defence; ten-percent thrust capacity using just his arms sounded like a good place to start when trying to hover...

"Alright, fine; I'll let you calibrate the thrusters just this once... In the meantime, can you call up Mei..? I want to make sure she's alright..." The boy explained, rubbing the back of his neck as he walked over to where he had placed down the paper that the officer had given him. Picking it up, he placed it back down on the same scanning area he had originally placed his notebook.

"Very well Sir; calling Hatsume Mei..."

The sound of ringing filled the lab as the boy waited. It rang once. It rang twice. However it did not ring a third time, as the enthusiastic sound of Mei's voice burst through the speakers set up throughout the lab.

"Izuku! Oh my God, are you okay?!"

"Yes, Mei, don't worry- I'm fine..." Izuku replied, walking back over to the metal-plated arms and taking them out of the workbench.

"What the hell dude! I was so worried about you! Why'd ya just run off without even saying goodbye!" Mei exclaimed, her voice cracking ever-so-slightly. With a sigh, Izuku looked to the floor; a cold feeling running up his body.

"Mei, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to leave you behind, I was just... I was just stressed, okay?" Placing the metal arms down onto the workbench he had been using to construct his boots, Midoriya pulled up a chair, and laid back. Suddenly, he felt tired.

An audible sigh could be heard on Mei's end.

"I know... I'm... I'm sorry as well- it's just... you're the first person I've interacted with in so long and... I guess I got scared that..." For a moment, Izuku wondered if Jarvis had accidentally dropped the call; the only thing signifying Mei was still there being the white noise.

"Well, if you can get your parent's to agree to it... I've thought about it, and... I'd like to move into your lab..." Izuku offered, moving the conversation on.

Chapter Text

"Good morning, Sir!" Jarvis sang, forcing open the curtains of his creator's room; allowing the light of the sun to bleed into the room and onto the now-disgruntled boy's face.

"I made you too much like a parent..." Izuku grumbled, slowly turning his body until he collapsed onto his bedroom floor; his duvet wrapped around him in a way that made him look undoubtedly like a burrito.

"Today's breakfast is Toast, Sir; I know it's not what you're used to, but considering you've slept in, I doubt you'd have time for anything else!"

Izuku grumbled again, his eyebrow raised as his eyes remained glued shut.

"I slept in? That's new... How long for?"

"Three hours, Sir!" His eyes widening more than he thought was even possible, one word and one word only began to channel itself through the boy's very soul.


In a display of panic and shock, Midoriya thrashed around inside of his burrito prison, eventually managing to free himself; much to Jarvises amusement.

"What didn't you wake me you fucking inbred piece of malware!"

"Watch your language, Sir..." Rolling his eyes at his AI's sarcastic tone, the boy proceeded to agressivly pull on his school uniform.

"Shove your language up your ass; I'm gonna turn you into a fucking Furby!" Running out of his room and then down into his lab, Midoriya quickly yanked the toast out of his toaster and proceeded to run over to his backpack.

"Did you calibrate the Mark 2 pieces yet?" Izuku questioned, putting the toast into his mouth as he dragged his bag over to his workbench.


"Not fully; since this is a completely new program I'm running, the first calibration is going to be far longer than the ones after it..." Nodding his head, Izuku crouched down and opened up the workbench; pulling out the Mark 2's right arm, before placing it into his bag.

"May I ask why you're taking that highly-illegal weapon of mass destruction with you to school?" Izuku pretended to think for a moment as he stood up, taking the toast out of his mouth after another bite.

"Nope, because if I told you, you wouldn't let me take it!" The boy smiled, walking over to another of his workbenches and picking up an earpiece, before putting it into his ear.

"Just as I thought you'd say..."

"So how long do I have before I have to set off?" Midoriya questioned, pulling his backpack on taking a seat on the nearest chair.

"Around five minutes, Sir; eat up, I have a feeling that you're going to need it," With that, Izuku proceeded to finish his toast.

It had only occurred to Midoriya that his kidnapping and escape had probably been broadcast on the news, when the eyes of each and every one of his classmates turned to dig their gazes into him as he entered the classroom. Each one filled with their usual disdain for his very existence, however some also holding a small amount of what looked to be awe. That was new.

Come to think of it, he did also get the occasional stare from people on the street as he was walking to school.

"Ahh, welcome back Midoriya; please, take your seat!" Their teacher called, waving her hand over to his cracked and decrepit desk; that's Kacchan's explosions for ya. Nodding his head, he walked over to his desk and sat down; the gazes of his classmates dying off one by one.

Well, all except for one.

"I can feel him starring and I don't even have a physical body..." Jarvis mumbled, Izuku's earpiece coming to life.

"I think I understand why you brought the arm now..." The AI added, causing the boy to suppress a laugh. There was no doubt in Izuku's mind that Bakugou was going to confront him today, and so that provided the exact conditions he would need to test the Arc Repulsors on a person without getting in trouble. After all, Bakugou always strikes first; anything that happens after that is self-defence.

"Sir, I must warn you that the Arc Repulsors on the Mark 2 are only a prototype; they might not work in battle..." His eyes quickly scanning the room to make sure no one was watching, Midoriya mumbled back.

"I know, don't worry; once we move into Mei's lab our work speed will increase ten fold- and so will our tech. I promise..." After that, Jarvis remained silent for the rest of the lesson; allowing Izuku to focus on his work, as well as the stare that he could have sworn was trying to dig itself into his very soul.

The sound of the bell ringing throughout the classroom signalled that the class had ended, and so just like everyone else, Izuku packed up his things and left the room. Ever since he'd had to install the reactor in his chest, his classmates had toned down their abuse towards him quite significantly- however it was still quite surprising to him that they'd just let him walk out without any grief. Though, considering he'd just been kidnapped a few days ago, that was probably just a courtesy thing.

Watching as all the other students continued on down the corridor towards the courtyard, Midoriya quickly backed up into the bathroom- and then backed up further into a bathroom stall.

"Alright Jarvis, it's time..." Taking the arm out of his bag, Midoriya slid it on underneath his gakuran, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a single glove.

"Can't be too careful..."

"Do you want me to run background analysis, Sir?" Jarvis queried.

"Of course, my good AI!"

Chapter Text

"There you are you heartless bastard!" A small smirk formed on Midoriya's face as his plan began to fall into motion. Even with his back turned, the boy could feel the presence of his former friend coming ever closer; the warmth of the boy's explosions being almost soothing if not so terrifying.

Keeping his hands by his sides, Izuku subtlety turned his right hand to activate the Arc Repulser; it's signature blue glow penetrating through the glove he had used to cover it.

"I heard that you got to kick some Villain's ass, so I'm here to kick yours so ya don't forget your place!" Had Izuku not been on the receiving end of the boy's anger for a large portion of his life, the malice that laced Bakugou's words would have been scary.

"What? You think you're so much better than me now? That you're too good to look at me!?" Izuku's eyes widened ever so slightly. He knew he was going to make Bakugou pissed with his plan, but it was happening a lot quicker than he had anticipated.

"LOOK AT ME YOU SHITTY HEARTLESS BASTARD!" With this cry, almost every other student turned their attention from whatever they were doing to marvel at the spectical. It almost made him laugh. After all, Bakugou was the only person at their school who knew about his Arc Reactor; what must the other students have thought about the 'heartless' comment.

"DIE!" That was Midoriya's cue. Spinning to face the enraged boy, Izuku lifted his Repulsor and crouched on the ground; watching as Bakugou's face shifted from one of anger to one of shock at seeing his glowing blue palm.

Normally, Bakugou would always lead with a right hook; being on the receiving end of it again and again allowed the genius to realise that pattern. However, another pattern that Izuku noticed was that Bakugou would always lead with a jumping explosion when charging into a fight.

Before Bakugou could either land or set off an explosion, Midoriya fired a blast directly into the boy's chest; hurtling him backwards through the air. Had he not surprised the boy by fighting back, Bakugou would have been able to land back on his feet- however he had surprised the boy, and so Bakugou landed flat on his back with a grunt.

The school yard fell silent; faces of excitement dropped to faces of shock, and once again Izuku found the entire class to be staring at him.

Pushing himself up onto his elbows, even Bakugou was silent for once. The heartless bastard that was Izuku Midoriya; the boy that had followed Katsuki ever since they were little; the boy that everyone called weak, pathetic, and useless; the boy that Bakugou had nearly killed... Had finally fought back. Successfully. In front of their entire class.

"You got damn piece of shit! I'm gonna kill you!" Growling, Bakugou launched himself off of the floor with the help of his explosions, before making a b-line for the boy.

The glove already burned off from the heat, Midoriya raised his arm once more; firing a second blast towards the boy- who, with the help of his explosions, danced around the attack.

"That's not gonna work on me twice you little shit!"

Closing the distance between the two, Bakugou reached out to place a hand over Izuku's face, only to grab his metal arm instead as the boy blocked.

"DIE!" Setting off an explosion, the once shiny and pristine metal arm was now scarred black across the wrist where Bakugou had latched on.

"No, you!" Midoriya yelled back, turning his hand around in the blond's grip just enough, before setting off another repulsor blast in his face- causing him to let go and recoil momentarily.

Not wanting to miss his chance, Midoriya bolted forwards with a flying knee to Bakugou's chest, before delivering a spinning backfist to his jaw; sending the boy spinning to the floor, groaning.

"I... I'm not taking your shit anymore Bakugou; I finally figured out how to get into the heroics course- and you're not gonna stop me!" Midoriya smirked, charging up his Arc Repulsor once more.

Rubbing a hand across his face, Bakugou wiped the blood away that had trickled from his nose. Pushing himself from the floor, the two stared each other down.

"Well? Is that really all you've got?!" Izuku called, the high of finally beating the boy seemingly crippling the part of his brain that was in charge of his self preservation. Not missing a beat, Bakugou ran towards the boy one last time, his hand wrapping around Midoriya's neck.

The tension of the onlookers seemed to rise tenfold as they watched the two just stop. Slowly, Bakugou leaned in; whispering something into Izuku's ear, unheard by the rest of the school yard.

In an instant, the geniuses face shifted from one of excitement; from one of anger; from one of of fear- to one of disbelief. Powering down his Repulsor, Midoriya opened his mouth to speak- however found his lungs empty of air upon being swept to the ground.

In silence, everyone watched on as Bakugou looked down to the boy, and merely walked off; where to, none could guess. With a grunt, Midoriya got off of the floor; for once staring back at the onlookers.

"Holy shit dude..." He couldn't tell who had said it, but it was those words that broke the silence, and allowed everyone to laugh amongst themselves in disbelief.

"Sir, I believe that the test was a success!" Jarvis acknowledged, causing Midoriya to crack his own smile as he walked away from the scene of the crime. Though news of this fight was bound to reach the teachers sooner or later- that was the furthest thing from his mind; it wasn't what he needed to worry about.

Chapter Text

"So... What do you think he wants? We don't speak in, like, ten years- and the instant I kick his ass he wants to talk to me? The fuck?" Though he didn't want to admit it, Midoriya was stressed. Like, stressed stressed- and that irritated him beyond belief.

"For once, I don't have the answers you seek, Sir; from all the data I've collected on the boy in the time I've known him... This is disturbingly altered data... I'd need an incredulous amount of time to come up with a reasoning behind his actions..." Sighing, Midoriya ran a hand through his mess of hair as he left the school building. He'd been kept behind to be chewed out by the head teacher, and was told that they were going to contact his parents to tell them about his behaviour. If he'd fully gotten over his mother's death, he probably would have laughed- but unfortunately he was still getting over the whole ordeal.

Bakugou had also been told off, but what he received was more comparable to a slap on the wrist.

His eyes snapping to the school gates, Midoriya slightly cringed in on himself. Just like he'd promised he would, Bakugou was waiting for him. He could run, that was an option. Midoriya could just run back into the school, and head out of one of the many un-alarmed fire exits. Or at least, he could have, had they not locked eyes.


Settling to activate his Arc Repulsors, the boy continued to walk towards the school gates. Strange enough, Midoriya actually felt scared. Their relationship was a strange one; neither would deny that- but this was the first time they'd thrown hands at each other in a long time.

Ever since Bakugou had essentially put a hole in his chest, Midoriya had become a lot more sarcastic towards his old friend, and Bakugou's torment had become more mental than physical. In its own way, it was sort of bittersweet. He was still a dick, but at least he didn't want to kill the genius, contrary to his many comments.

"Hey Nerd..." Flicking his eyes up towards the blond, Midoriya was pulled out if his daydreaming. Without realising it, he'd finished his walk to the school gates.

"Kacchan..." The two stayed silent for a moment, before Bakugou sighed; turning away from Midoriya with a conflicted look on his face. That was new.

"Even if it was just for today... You caught up to me..."

Okay, this was really new. What the fuck.

"You may be useless, and heartless, and nothing but a stepping stone in my way..."

Okay, that was normal.

"But that... Thing... Makes you a bigger stepping stone in my way..." Bakugou sighed, reluctantly looking back towards the boy and pointing at his metal arm. His eyebrows raising slightly, Midoriya lifted his arm; the black scaring still clear against the otherwise shiny metal.

"Don't get any ideas about being anyway near better than me! But... You might be able to be someone else's obstacle..."

Midoriya felt the air leave his lungs once more, only this time his legs hadn't been taken out from underneath him. Was this all it took? Seriously? All he had to do to make the blonde fucker respect him was kick his ass?

"Thank... You?"

"Whatever..." With a click of his tongue, the blond flipped him off before leaving the school ground fully, and walking off in the direction of his house.

"Sir? Are you okay?"

"Do I look okay??" Midoriya snapped, his eyes wide as he fell backwards against the gate.

"Well, I currently do not have my optic sen-"

"No I'm not fucking okay!!" In all fairness, genius or not, nobody would probably be okay after that. Ignoring the snarky comment, Jarvis sighed.

"Sir, you should be getting back home; I've finished the flight calibrations and applied them to the suit blueprints. The rest of the Mark 2 is ready for construction." Nodding his head silently, Midoriya pushed himself back off of the gate, and walked off down the street in the direction of his lab.

Arriving home, the lab door automatically opened for the boy as he essentially fell into the room. If he hadn't been drained before the fight, he definitely was now. For once in his life, Midoriya wanted to sleep.

"You said the blueprints for the Mark 2 we're ready, right?"

"Yes, Sir." Sighing, Midoriya walked over to one of his workbenches.

"Jarvis, call Mei; I need to ask her a question," Jarvis paused for a moment, being unable to process his creator's train of thought. Maybe trying to diagnose Bakugou's behavior was using too much of his CPU.

"Alright, Sir; calling Mei Hatsume..." A ringing sound echoed around the room for a few second, before the phone picked up; a joy filled voice coming through not a second later.
"Izuku! Hey! How are you?" Chuckling to himself silently, Midoriya felt warm.

"I'm... Tired, if I'm being honest... But that's not important right now; I wanted to ask you a question!"


"Does your lab have a skylight? Or, like... A roof hatch?" Mei paused for a moment, an explosion being heard in the background.

"Yeah? Why?" Smirking, Midoriya looked over to his other workbench; the bottom already open to reveal the Mark 2 boots.

"Just wondering, so, what are you up to? I heard an explosion?" This time Mei chuckled, a second explosion coming over the phone.

"Just making more babies!" Izuku felt his breath catch in his throat, before bursting out laughing. He'd missed talking to Mei.

Chapter Text

The end of the week was here; Friday, the date that regular school-goers hailed as a holy date that marked the beginning of the weekend. Of course, Midoriya wasn't any regular school-goer; the suit of shiny armour that encased his body being proof of such. He had been cutting it close to his deadline when he had finished putting together the rest of the Mark 2 armour; his procrastinating instincts seeming to creep up on him without even realising- however, that didn't matter now. He had finished building the suit, and the police were on the way.

"Sir, I have finished integrating myself within the suit; are you sure you've boxed up everything you wish to take with you to Mei's lab?" Jarvis queried. Midoriya scanned the room quickly, the Mark 2 mask still in his hand as he made sure he had boxed up the essentials. After all, it's not like he needed to take everything with him. His tech was important to him, so don't get him wrong- it did hurt to leave it behind, however Mei's lab had far bigger and more advanced machines.

"Yes, Jarvis, I've boxed everything up; now, I want you to engage the heads-up-display, forward all preferences from the old home interface, activate the virtual environment, and test out control services- that way, when the police arrive, we can take off as soon as possible. The travel time from here to Kyoto is around 91 minutes by train, and I don't know how quick I'm willing to go in this thing yet!" Midoriya ordered, his eyes glowing green as he spoke. He probably could have remembered those commands without his Quirk if he wanted, but in his highly tired state, he couldn't care to.

"Very well Sir!" With that, the suit began to whir; flaps, folds, and panels all shifting from the ground up as Jarvis began to test its functionality. It wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing design, even Midoriya had to admit- however with the resources he had on hand- he was fucking proud of it; of every single studded rivet. One thing he did know however, was that he didn't intend on keeping the silver look. It was nice, but it just wasn't him.

A knocking at his door pulled Midoriya out of his own mind, and so he quickly and awkwardly made his way over to the said door to open it. Unlike the last time the police had shown up, Jarvis was no longer inside the lab; he was inside the suit, and so he couldn't control things like the door. He didn't like having Jarvis physically inside his suit, since it meant he could lose the AI all together if something happened to it- but it was a necessary evil.

"Hello Midori- what the hell are you wearing?" The speed at which the joy in the female officer's voice died, only to be replaced by a deadpan tone almost made the genius burst out laughing. Shaking his head, Midoriya stepped backwards, opening the door fully for her, and the other two accompanying officers to come in.

"It's my ride! Anyway, everything I want to take with me has been boxed up; I would stay and help you, but I kind of want to get going..." Awkwardly chuckling, Midoriya put his thumb up towards the door. Looking at him oddly for a second, the thought briefly crossed the officer's minds to ask how the suit was in fact 'a ride'- but that thought went as quickly as it came when they realised they probably wouldn't understand anyway.

"Alright, just be careful; it's dark out and that suit might catch unwanted attention..." One of the other officers waved, turning away from the boy as the genius left his apartment for the last time; closing the door behind him, and walking down the apartment building until he reached the ground floor.

"Alright Jarvis, I want you to start listening in on ground control, and then send an email over to Endeavour to tell him about what's happening; I have a feeling he's going to want to keep buying my silence..." Izuku sighed, finally coming to a stop when he reached the sidewalk.

The light of the moon shined off of the Mark 2's reflective surface, and the blue lights of his eye sockets and Arc Reactor lit up the surrounding area like a high-powered torch. If it wasn't for the inbuilt heaters, Izuku would definitely have been feeling the cold of the night.

"Very well Sir, you may take off when ready!" Bringing his feet together and pushing his hands out, Midoriya looked upwards towards the sky.

"Let's do this!" The sound of his Arc Repulsors coming to life filled the otherwise silent air, before the genius shot into the sky; an excited yell tearing itself out of him as a smile made its way onto the boy's face. Adrenaline flooded his body, and the beautiful lights of Musutafu flooded his senses; Midoriya was feeling euphoric as he flew across the city; his HUD giving him information on almost every landmark he even glanced at.

"Alright, Sir, I've plotted out the quickest route to get to the Hatsume residence! Would you like me to call ahead?"

Chapter Text

"y'know, it'd be nice if you'd tell me why you wanted me to open up the skylight..." Mei muttered, watching from a distance as she spoke to Izuku over her earpiece; sat backwards on one of her chairs. A chuckle came through the device.

"If I told 'ya it'd ruin the surprise! Just... keep your distance, like I said..." The girl sighed, giving up on probing her friend for information. It was no use; their conversation had shown her that Izuku could be quite stubborn when he wanted to be- but she knew he meant well; he wanted to surprise her, and she couldn't fault him for that.

Jarvis, however, could fault him for that. The AI had been told they would be flying from the geniuses lab to the Hatsume residence- and that was it. He had not been told that the two of them would be trying to land directly inside of the girl's lab via a skylight. It was times like these that the AI wanted nothing more than to eject Izuku out of the suit mid-flight; he'd have to remind his creator to make ejection a feature in their future suits, if not just for that reason.

"Sir, I must remind you once more how bad of an idea this is. As someone with a Quirk that's whole purpose is making you smarter, I feel like you are not taking advantage of it..." Izuku rolled his eyes, chuckling to himself. They had been flying for around twenty-or-so minutes, being slowed down when the boy had decided to try and fly into the upper atmosphere; something that made Jarvis so angry he almost switched himself off, and also scared the AI in a way he never had been before- especially after the ice incident.

"I said I was sorry buddy! All I can do is promise to make the Mark 3 more resistant to ice build-up, and then make the suit fly faster than this one..."

"Wait, WHAT?!" Both Izuku and Jarvis fell silent. Flicking his eyes down to the right, where the HUD displayed his call to Mei made the boy's Arc Reactor and heart feel like stopping. He had forgotten to mute himself- which could only mean one thing.

"You're flying?!"

The surprise was ruined.

"A-And what do you mean 'Mark 3'?! Ice Build-up?! I-"

"Mei, calm down; I'm fine, don't worry..." Izuku sighed, his gaze floating over the city lights as he felt a cold run through him; in-built heaters be damned.

"I'm going to be arriving in T-60 seconds; I'll explain when I get there..." Cutting the connection on his end, Midoriya sighed. Flying the rest of the trip in silence.

Finally reaching Mei's lab; his new home, Midoriya slowly hovered over to the open piece of roof that had been left for him. It wasn't hard to miss, considering the light from the inside of the lab was being funnelled out of it, and consequently filling the sky. Bringing his feet together and pushing his arms out, just like the boy had done when taking off; Midoriya slowly, little by little, decreased the amount of power he was channelling into the Repulsors, until he began to slowly hover downwards.

After a few seconds, his suit had descended fully into the lab.

"Alright Jarvis, kill the power..." The thrust immediately stopping, Izuku fell the last few centimetres; stumbling ever so slightly as he looked around. The lab was extremely spacious; he bet he could fit at least five of his old lab into this one. There were empty glass tubes lining one wall; the occasional machine scattered around the space, including a few... Scutters? He'd have to ask Mei what they were at some point.

Speaking of Mei...

"I... Izuku?" Now stood a few meters away from him, Mei was looking at the suit with a mix of what could only be described as worry, fear and awe. A small smile appearing on his face, Midoriya lifted his hand up and removed the Mark 2's faceplate; the blue glow of the eyes disappearing to reveal his own, un-glowing, green ones.

Her mouth moved for a few seconds, unable to form some sort of cohesive sentence, before she sighed; effectively collapsing onto the suit before attempting to hug the boy through the metal. Laughing at her actions, and earning himself an indignant pout from her, Midoriya returned the hug; burying his head into the top of Mei's hair.

It was only than that he realised just how much he had actually missed her.

"So, I guess you're going to want an explanation then..." Izuku smirked into her hair as she felt her grip on the suit tighten.

"That can wait... I'm not letting go just yet..." Izuku could most definitely get used to this.

Chapter Text

"Alright, I've got the design finished for the Mark 3; I'm just stuck on one thing..." Midoriya sighed, spinning around as he moved between all of the new workbenches that Mei had been kind enough to set up for him; the right arm of the Mark 2 still firmly stuck to him. As it turns out, it's a lot easier to put on one of his suits than it is to take one of them off.
He'd have to build something to help put on and take off the suits until he could figure out another way around it.

Taking another swig off his coffee, he watched as Mei descended down into the Lab from behind the glass walls; sliding through the door with her own cup of coffee steaming in her hands and a warm smile on her face.

"Hey, Mei, quick question; what colour do you think I should make the next suit?" A confused look graced her face as she pulled her phone from her pocket, walking over to Midoriya at the same time.

"You're still working? It's 11pm! You had a late night last night; struggling to get that armour off and all... You need sleep!" Izuku sighed, rubbing his metal hand across his face, before smirking and looking to his friend.

"I'm only sleeping if you do- and judging from that fact that you made yourself some coffee, I doubt you're planning on sleeping tonight,"

"Touché..." Shaking her head, she placed a hand on Midoriya's shoulder and took a drink of her coffee.

"So anyway, what colour do you think I should go for?" Thinking for a moment, Mei looked the boy up and down; smiling as she brought her hand up from his shoulder to his hair; tussling it ever so slightly and making his cheeks flare red in the process. There was something about the night-time atmosphere of the lab that made her more touchy-feely.

"Go with green; it's like your signature colour or something," Izuku raised his eyebrows in confusion as he turned his face ever-so-slightly to look at Mei.

"Think about it! Your eyes are green, and they glow green when your Quirk is active; your hair is green- and if you take away the 'ya' from Midoriya, your name means green!" She did have a point. Turning his head away from her, and instead to the workbench he had stopped at when Mei had first come in- he flicked his metal wrist; the blueprints of the Mark 3 appearing in hologram form.

"Alright, I'll use green as the main colour... as for the secondary colour..." Midoriya turned one last time towards Mei; staring into her eyes. She was the person that had kickstarted the Iron Man project along side him; a name she had quite cheekily given him in the midst of him trying to take the suit off. It only made sense to honour her in the design of the suit as well.

"Gold... just like your eyes..." After that remark, the both of them felt their faces heat up with embarrassment; neither having the guts to continue looking at each other; Izuku snapping his head back to the hologram and Mei over to the pile of metal that composed the Mark 2. The two of them had intended on putting the suit into one of the few clear tubes on the wall of the lab, but unless they could get a hold of a mannequin, that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

"I hate to interrupt your moment, Sir- however I have now been fully integrated into Mrs. Hatsume's laboratory. I now have full control over the building." It would appear that the two of them were saved from their self-induced awkwardness by the hyper-intelligent bell; the ball of glowing orange data that was Jarvis appearing in the centre of the lab.

"You can just call me Mei, Jarvis!"

"Very well Mrs. Hatsume..." Mei pouted at the AI and his clearly teasing tone.

Taking another drink of his coffee, Midoriya smiled at the data ball. For some reason, it warmed his heart to see the girl interact with Jarvis; it almost reminded him in a way of how he used to feel before his mother...

"Thank you for informing me Jarvis; the blueprints for the Mark 3 have been finalised, so I want you to start working on making something that we can keep here at the lab to help me get the suits on and off. Once that's done, you can help me put together the Mark 3."

"Yes, Sir." With that, Jarvis disappeared; the orange glow that lit up the otherwise dim room vanishing with him.

"Oh, one last thing! Did we ever get a reply to our email?" Midoriya shouted, purposely keeping Endeavour's name out of it. He essentially trusted Mei with his life, but he had a feeling that if he told her about their arrangement then she'd try and fight Endeavour- and he had no doubt that she'd probably find a way to succeed at it.

"Yes, we did; I shall fill you in on the details at a later date. We also have an email from a 'Detective Tsukauchi', and you have a draft saved for the UA Principal."

"Alright, thank you Jarvis!"

"You have a Detective and the principal of UA in your Emails? Aren't you a fancy big shot!" Mei teased, no longer feeling awkward as she lightly slapped Izuku on the back.

"Yeah, the Detective is the person who took my side of the story after we'd... escaped... Jarvis, read me his email!" After a few seconds of silence passed, Jarvis finally spoke; his tone rather apprehensive.

"Dear Midoriya Izuku, I hope you are doing well. If my timing is right, you should get this email a few hours after you arrived at your new residence. Either way, I wanted to let you know that after our conversation last week I decided to do some digging to see if I could help you find out anything about you father- and I think there's something bigger going on than anything we would have ever guessed. If you want to know more, come and visit me down at the station whenever you're next free. Regards, Detective Tsukauchi." Placing his hands down on the workbench, Midoriya felt his legs go weak as his breathing became more rugged; his eyes seeming to fall in and out of focus; his non-armoured hand starting to shake against the workbench.

"Izuku?!" Quickly wrapping herself around Midoriya's side, Mei tried her best to keep her friend up-right; a much harder task than it might seem, as the boy's stature did not equate to how heavy he was- which once again didn't make much sense, since he was also as thin as a stick. Izuku Midoriya was definitely an enigma.

"I'm... I'm alright..." The boy breathed as Mei sat him down in one of the nearby chairs.

"It was just shock..." He added.

"Well, just... try not to think of it for now? I-I'm not sure as to what to say here... Tell me about your email to the UA Principal; why are you planning on emailing him?" Leaving Izuku's side for a few seconds at the most, Mei grabbed a second chair and pulled it up to face her friend; taking a seat of her own as she waited for Midoriya's answer.

"W...Well, it's a long story, but basically, I wanted to talk to him about the Iron Man project; see if he'd actually let me into the hero course using the suits and just basic stuff like that; see if I could maybe strike up some sort of deal with him. After all, our Quirks are pretty similar. I'm just finishing up on a few more documents is all..." Midoriya sighed, finally calming down as he swept a hand through his hair.

"You sure you don't just wanna come into the Support Course with me? It's gonna be lonely without ya!" Mei chuckled.

"Nah, as much as it pains me to leave you all alone... the Hero Course is the only place for me..." Midoriya chuckled, lifting his metal arm and flexing his fingers; watching as the reflective metal shined under the artificial lighting of the lab.

"So, what're your plans for actually using your suits in UA? Since I doubt they'd let you put on your suit and then spend the day in it..."

"I've got a few models I need to go through first, but I should have that issue solved by the Mark 5. It wont be as strong as my other suits, but it'll do it's job until I can improve my tech again... I'd just build it now if I could but, like I said, it requires some tech that I have yet to perfect- which is what the Mark 3 and 4 are for!" Mei nodded her head in acknowledgement, slowly turning to pick up her neglected coffee from the workbench she had laid it down on, before taking another drink.

"So, what are your plans for the Mark 5?"

"I want a suit that can be deployed anywhere at anytime, so I'm planning on trying to have it compress down into some form of backpack or suitcase; something I can carry around with little to no suspicion; something that doesn't require an external device to put on or take off the suit," Midoriya explained, the shaking of his hands stopping as he began to feel somewhat rejuvenated.

"A suit like that would have to be pretty lightweight; I doubt you'd be able to fit any of your babies on there without making its compact form pretty bulky..." Mei pondered, becoming rather interested in the concept as well.

"Yup, but I've got to start somewhere!" An adorable smile making its way onto his face, Mei found herself unable to look away from the boy.

"You know... if you wanted to we could build you a suit and you could join me in the Hero Course; I don't doubt that you'd be good enough!" Mei snorted as she burst out into a fit of chuckles; barely managing to stop her drink from spilling, much to Izuku's amusement.

"I-Izuku, I-I appreciate the s-sentiment, b-but..." Mei couldn't finish her sentence as she dissolved into a pile of giggles. Izuku had been serious when he had suggested she follow him into the Hero Course; he really did believe that she'd make a great hero. But, he couldn't help but laugh along side her; it was such a strange feeling to hear somebody laughing with him and not at him, and that was how the rest of the night went.

The two of them stayed sat in their chairs, drinking their coffee and talking about their UA aspirations; laughing together like it was second nature to them- when in reality it was quite the opposite. Mei had been locked away in a cave for what could only be years, and Midoriya had been ostracised from almost all other children ever since he was four- but none of that mattered to either of them.

"So, how strong are those blasters of yours?" Bringing up his armoured hand, Midoriya let his Repulsor charge up; aiming the hand away from the two of them in case he accidentally fired off a blast.

"They can do some damage, but at the moment getting shot with them will probably just leave a few burns, some internal bleeding, massive bruising, and maybe some blunt-force trauma? With any luck, I'll be able to incorporate some form of plasma into the blast later down the line. When I had my fight with Kacchan, I was running the Repulsor on its weakest setting so I didn't hurt hi-"

"You fought someone?!" Mei shouted, her eyes widening in surprise. Midoriya cringed internally, remembering that he hadn't actually told Mei about his and his former-friend's scuffle a few days prior.

"Oh, yeah... kinda… It's complicated…"

"I've got time..." Mei shrugged, a smug look on her face as she took another drink of coffee.

"Alright then... so, you already know about my Arc Reactor, right?" Mei nodded her head.

"Well, the person that essentially put it there... we used to be pretty good friends. We were both so young; dreaming of the grandeur of being Heroes... but after he got his Quirk, things... changed." Taking a deep breath, Midoriya attempted to keep himself composed as the memories of the incident flooded his mind.

"When he got his Quirk, he essentially became a shoe in for a career in heroism- but when mine came in... his opinion on us becoming heroes changed. It was no longer we are going to become heroes... it was I am going to become a hero. He didn't believe that someone with a Quirk like mine could ever be a Hero... And one day... He decided to try and show me why..."


"Come on Deku! You wanna be a Hero? Stand up and FIGHT!" Bakugou growled, flexing his palm as he dived at the boy; the boy activating his Quirk in return; his eyes glowing a vivid green. If he couldn't fight the explosive blond head on, he could try and think of another way of beating him. Of course, at the time, Midoriya was still not used to his own Quirk; its drawback coming much sooner than it would in the modern day.

Sliding under Bakugou's right hook, Midoriya went in for a tackle, hooking his hands underneath Bakugou's knees and pushing forwards; trying to throw him to the ground. This was quite unsuccessful. Between the overstimulation of information entering his mind, the blood trickling down his nose, and the fact that Bakugou was just physically stronger than Midoriya- Bakugou didn't even budge. Instead, he grabbed Izuku by the back of his shirt, and flung him off to the side with an explosion to propel him; forcing him to collide with a concrete wall.

A blood-curdling crack could be heard when his back collided with the wall, before fell to the ground in a slump.

"Come on Deku! You weak piece of shit! You wanna be a Hero so bad? Get the fuck up!" Yelling once more, Bakugou sprinted over to where he had thrown Midoriya; the boy barely getting to his feet before an explosion was set off against the wall; shattering the concrete into thousands of both huge and microscopic pieces.

After that, Midoriya's memories became more of a hazy blur. From what minimal information he had gotten from Bakugou over the years, apparently he had managed to talk him through the operation he would need to keep him alive as the blond had hastily carried him back to his lab; even in his delirious state. Since he knew he wouldn't have been able to do anything more complex, he had just gotten Bakugou to hook him up to a battery. It wasn't pretty, but it had kept him alive.

That was the day that their whole dynamic as friends, as rivals, and as enemies had shifted forever.


Slowly, Mei shifted out of her seat; kneeling down next to an unusually quiet Midoriya. As gently as she could manage, she reached out her hand, and placed it over the blue glow of Midoriya's Arc Reactor; it's metal casing managing to chill her hand even through his shirt. It was thrumming with energy, just like a heart would beat.

"Izuku, you are going to be a far better Hero than he will ever be..."

Chapter Text

"No way..." Midoriya whispered, his eyes widening as he stared down at his phone screen. He couldn't help but let a smile flourish onto his face out of both pure happiness and relief. It had been a risk, one that could have gone extremely badly- but it hadn't.

"'Zuku?" Looking up from tinkering with one of her babies, Mei looked over to see Midoriya holding an active blowtorch in the air with one hand, and his phone in the other; seemingly unfazed by the fact that the very open and very dangerous flame was inches from his face and his hair.

"He said he wants to meet me... as soon as possible... he's... he's impressed by my work..." Midoriya whispered once more, placing down the blowtorch onto his workbench without even attempting to turn it off, before quickly jogging over to Mei; his phone slightly outstretched in his hand.

It had only been a few days since he had finished the documents he needed and sent them off to the principal of UA; a task that would have been made quicker had Mei not insisted on forcing him to sleep, him doing the same for her- however that didn't matter now. After several work-filled days and several tense, atmospheric nights- he now had his response. It was actually worth noting that Mei had been spending more of her nights down in the lab than she apparently had before, ever since Midoriya had moved in. He hadn't really thought about it, but it was actually a rather sweet gesture.

"What are you talking about?" Mei sighed, carefully placing down the things she had been tinkering with, and taking the phone from an ecstatic Midoriya's hand; a look of fond exasperation spread across her face at his antics. Spinning the phone around in her fingers to face her, she quickly skimmed over the text; her own eyes widening as she read along.

"This... this is amazing Izuku! I'm so proud of you!" Mei laughed, handing him the phone back and pulling him into a bone-crushing hug, something Midoriya was eager to return- though his clothes were definitely ruined now, considering the amount of dirt and grease that covered Mei's work clothes.

"I- I can't believe that he said he was impressed with my work! I mean, Principal Nezu has pretty much the same Quirk as me, if not better!" Midoriya gushed, finally reluctantly pulling himself away from his friend's embrace as he looked over the email once more. He felt like he was dreaming. Ever since he had been kidnapped, his life had only been going up hill; meeting Mei; Building the Mark 2 suit; fighting his tormentor; impressing principal Nezu.

Midoriya was scared that if he closed his eyes for too long, it all might just disappear.
"So what're you gonna do?" Still smiling, Mei returned to her tinkering, watching as Midoriya began to silently freak out around the lab; she swears she saw him start crying out of happiness at one point.

Strange as it might seem, Mei enjoyed watching the hyperactive boy dart around her lab. Before she'd met Midoriya, and before she had been taken away from her home; from her family. She was, in a way, like him. She had little to no friends, and subsequently spend most of her time alone in her lab; fiddling with her babies until she dropped from exhaustion.

The sound of the lab ventilation whirring in the night being the only sign that there was even life in said lab.

"Well, he said as soon as possible, so I was thinking that I could head there today! It's only, what, 1pm?"

"11am..." Mei countered, letting a chuckle escape her throat.

"Well, whatever time it is- this will be a perfect opportunity to test out the Mark 3's flight capabilities! I'm going to get changed, Jarvis- I want you to prep the Mark 3 for use!" Midoriya called, quickly speed walking over to the lab's glass door and placing his hand over the identification pad. The pad itself wasn't originally a part of Mei's lab, however after deciding to work on the Iron Man project, they thought they should add a little more security to the place. The next step would probably be to make it so that the walls leading up to the door weren't made of glass- but as the saying goes: 'One problem at a time'.

"Alright, just don't attract too much attention when you go out; we don't want people knowing about this until you get into UA!" Nodding his head, Midoriya left the lab and jogged up the stairs into the main part of the Hatsume's residence. He had been told when he got there that he would always be welcome in their home, however he had always felt slightly awkward and out of place there, so he tended to keep to the lab.

With a brisk pace, Midoriya made his way through the house to the bathroom; running himself a bath and cleaning himself off as fast as he was physically able to. That was another thing he had found he and Mei had in common; neither of them savoured the bathing experience. After all, what would be the point. It was nice to feel clean, sure, but in their line of work you essentially got dirty again the moment you entered the lab. Midoriya also had a second reason for not taking baths for very long, which had more to do with the fact that he had forgotten to make his first ever Arc Reactor water-proof. Never again.

Getting out of the bath, Midoriya grabbed his towel; green, just like him- and dried himself off. That, however, is where he realised he had probably made the biggest mistake he probably could have ever made. Living in Mei's lab meant he kept all of his things down there, clothes included- and in his excitement, he hadn't brought any with him.

"Ah, fuck..." Sighing, Midoriya slowly crept out of the bathroom; his towel wrapped around himself as he carefully made his way back over to the lab entrance. Judging from the lack of noise, Mei's parent's were more than likely out- which meant if things went tremendously wrong, he wouldn't have to worry about them seeing him.

Making his way down the lab steps, Midoriya attempted to calm himself down. He and Mei were close, but this was flirting with the line of how close they actually were- and Midoriya was not living for it. Finally reaching the glass door, Midoriya looked in to see Mei still tinkering with one of her devices; her clothes were now scorched black however, which forced the boy to bite back a chuckle. Placing his hand on the identification pad, the door slid open after a few seconds and he walked inside. Luckily, Mei didn't look up from her project.

Taking that as a good sign, Midoriya attempted to quickly make his way over to the dresser where he had stored his clothes. Unfortunately however, it would appear that his luck finally ran out as he unceremoniously kicked part of the Mark 2 armour with his bare foot.

"AGH!" If the sound of metal being kicked hadn't caught Mei's attention, Midoriya's yell certainly had. Dropping her tinkering tools, Mei whipped her head around to the source of the noise.

"Izuku, what-" With that, the two of them locked eyes from across the lab; neither entirely sure what to say- or rather if they should say anything. Mei was the first to take any sort of action, smirking as she broke eye contact and looked a very red and very embarrassed Midoriya up and down.

"I... I can explain..." Midoriya coughed, subconsciously pulling the towel around him much tighter.

"You don't need to~" Mei smirked, giving the boy a wink before bursting out laughing. Sighting, Midoriya turned away from his friend before finishing his walk over to his dresser; pulling out a fresh set of clothes, and pushing the draws shut.

"I don't suppose you'd mind getting dressed here as well?" Mei teased, resting her elbows on her workbench and letting her head fall into her hands. Looking over to Mei, Midoriya tried and failed to give any form of response; his eyebrows stitched together in confusion, he merely stared back at her.

"I... Wha… N..." Eventually, the boy just decided to give up on finding a response and instead sighed, shaking his still damp hair as he began to walk back towards the door; making note of that fact that Mei's eyes were still firmly fixed onto him as he left.

After slipping on his clean clothing, Midoriya descended back down into their lab once more. Had he not been going to wear his Iron Man suit to the interview, he probably would have dressed in much more formal wear- however instead he had decided to wear a pair of black jeans and a thin black t-shirt; the glow of his Arc Reactor coming through quite clearly.

"Aww, you put your clothes back on..." Mei teased, quickly dodging the towel that he threw in her direction, a smirk of his own spread across his face.

"Sir, the Mark 3 has been prepared for a while now; just step into the grid on the floor when you are ready!" Jarvis chimed in, appearing in his data form above the grid in question; catching the attention of both Midoriya and Mei.

"Great, thanks buddy!" Midoriya smiled, jogging over to the newly black square on the floor of his and Mei's lab. In the centre of the square was a zero, and the rest of the square was divided by a graph style pattern. Coming to a stop in the centre of the pattern, the floor around Midoriya began to open up and break away, being lifted out of the way as a pair of Green and Gold boots raised from underneath the floor. Stepping into them, Jarvis began the suit-up.

"I don't think I'm ever going to get used to seeing that..." Mei commented, watching as several mechanical arms extended from the floor and the ceiling, clamping the pieces of the Mark 3 around Midoriya and screwing them together.

"Honestly, me neither..." Putting his hands up in a T-Pose position, two cylindrical objects came down from the roof on either side of the boy; each one containing one of the Mark 3's arms, before sliding down onto Midoriya's arms; his hands effortlessly going into the armour.

Finally, from above him, three extra arms came down, placing the left and right pieces of the Mark 3's helmet around Midoriya's face, before finally attaching the faceplate.

"Alright!" Midoriya called.

"I'm off, I'll be back later..."

Chapter Text

After a few moments of silence passed a box finally appeared on Midoriya's heads-up-display, indicating that the call was in fact coming through. When he had emailed the principal to tell him he was on his way, he hadn't been expecting it to end up in a phone call- however in what seemed to be quite a rushed email, the principal had asked for the boy's phone number so that they could speak over the phone.

As for why, Midoriya was about to find out. Answering the call, the box that once held the caller information now displayed Nezu's face as the video chat connected. Though it was clear he was trying to keep his regular calm composure, something was definitely off; the scraping and sounds of gunfire that immediately came through Midoriya's suit's receiver being indicative of such.

"Ah, Midoriya; I apologise for my lack of professionalism in my last message, however something is currently happening here at UA, and I unfortunately didn't have the time to sit and think about email formatting..." The principal smiled, pulling a taser from somewhere off screen, before firing it towards something else that the boy couldn't see; causing the principal's camera to fill with nothing but blue for a moment.

"Don't worry sir, I completely understand if you need to reschedule, but... are you alright?" The principal chuckled, pulling an axe from underneath his desk and throwing it off screen, causing some form of explosion which filled his camera with nothing but fire for a few moments.

"Yes, I am quite alright, you need not worry about little old me; we were just testing out some different scenarios for this year's Entrance Exam, and Present Mic forgot to turn off our robot's instant kill modes!" The smile that stayed put on the principal's face sent a chill down Midoriya's spine, causing him to lose flight stability for a moment.

"Well, I'm sort of already on my way... in my suit... if you need any extra help taking down some of the robots, I'd be happy to help?" Midoriya felt himself cringe as his own words as he waited to be turned down. It was a stupid idea; something he had realised half way through letting the words fall out of his mouth- but at the end of the day, it was in hi nature to help.

"Well, it may be risky- however, since we were planning on having applicants fight them in the first place, I see no reason to worry, especially if your suit is as good as the documents you've sent me say it is! The only reason that this issue is taking so long to resolve anyway is because we have very little Pro Heroes on campus right now anyway. I'll let them know that you're on your way. Stay safe Midoriya!" With a cheerful wave of his paw, the call disconnected- however not before the principal had pulled what looked to be a loaded firearm from another part of his desk.

"Well Sir, it looks like this suit may see some millage after all..." Jarvis commented, allowing the box that had appeared on Midoriya's HUD to completely disappear as Midoriya kicked his thrusters into overdrive.

Even from a distance, Midoriya could tell that all was not well inside of the UA grounds; the smoke rising above the barrier that separated the school from the rest of the city being a dead giveaway. Coming in hot, Midoriya prayed that the school had no aerial defences as he flew directly over the barrier; immediately being targeted by some one and two point robots that had wandered too far from whatever Pros were hunting them down.

Coming to as quick of a stop as his current suit allowed him, Midoriya landed in a falling run; spinning around on his heals and charging both of his Arc Repulsors before firing one at each robot; turning them each into an inferno of scrap parts. Seemingly safe, Midoriya scanned his environment; he was just off to the right of the main building's entrance, and on the left there were around seven more robots. Lifting his right arm, the plates shifted around for a moment before opening to reveal a missile; firing it, Midoriya took flight once more, not bothering to look back when the missile exploded; destroying each and every one of the bots.

"Alright Jarvis, I want you to scan the area and start tracking all of the robots, got it buddy?"

"Yes, Sir!" Firing off a few Repulsor shots along the way, Midoriya flew over to the PE Grounds; watching as one of the staff members took out three of the bots before landing in a falling run once more. Charging up his Repulsors Midoriya got ready to blast a few more bots, only to have to quickly dodge as some form of grey scarf shot out at him.

"Hey! D-Don't attack me! I'm on your side!" Turning to face the staff member that had gone to attack him, he saw a rather tall and lanky man dressed in fully black clothing; a pair of yellow goggles hanging around his neck. Quickly, Midoriya flipped up his faceplate.

"Who the hell are you? You don't work here," The man deadpanned, visibly relaxing at the sight of a human face beneath the robotic armour. Giving an awkward chuckled, Midoriya blasted an approaching robot before rubbing the back of his mechanical neck.

"I was on my way to a meeting with the principal, and he told me about what was going on... and I offered to help..?" Midoriya squirmed under the man's gaze, before relaxing slightly as he sighed; turning towards another of the approaching bots and ensnaring them, allowing Midoriya to blow it into pieces.

"Normally, I'd tell you to wait until this whole thing is dealt with- but we can use all the help we can get, and as long as you're operating under the permission of Nezu and not as a vigilante, I suppose you're fine..." Flipping his faceplate back down, Midoriya went back to blasting a few of the bots that had gotten close to them during their conversation.

"You're planning on going into the support department, right?" The man questioned, readying his capture weapon for the next wave of robots that had decided to make a b-line for the two of them.

"Actually, I'm heading for the hero course!"

"Well, judging from the fact that you built that suit, your Quirk's non-combative, right? You're gonna have a harder time than anyone else if you get in; I'm certainly not gonna go easy on ya!" Flying into the air, Midoriya rapid-fired his Repulsors to take down another ten robots.

"I'm counting on it!" Midoriya chuckled, fully taking flight and going back to taking out bots from above. HIs flight didn't last long however, as the physical embodiment of screaming fired the words 'Yeaaaaa' directly into him; causing him to plummet to the ground; leaving an impact crater.

Slowly Midoriya pushed himself back up onto his feet, and stared down the man he knew to be Present Mic. Just because he liked listening to the man scream on his radio show, doesn't mean he likes to be screamed at by the man- especially when the result of that is his suit being ruined.

Flipping up his faceplate, Midoriya watched as the colour drained from the cockatoo's face.
"S- Sorry!" Midoriya merely sighed, charging up his Arc Repulsors and running towards the robot that had snuck up behind the man; watching as the teacher ducked out of shock before firing off a blast; destroying the robot.

"Apology accepted, don't worry..." Midoriya laughed, watching as Mic stood from his crouched position with a sheepish look on his face.

Chapter Text

As fate would have it, Midoriya was not the only person preparing to apply for UA- and while the genius might be going Plus Ultra to ensure that he got into the school, that was not to say that others weren't trying.

"Come on... please please please please please please-" With his right hand outstretched, a bolt of pure yellow electricity exploded from his body and into the air, before being followed by a cascade of lightning; violently thrashing all about the garden, scorching the grass and setting alight to the nearby shrubbery as his Quirk rampaged unabashed. 

He had the power, the looks, the confidence, and the brains... alright, maybe he didn't exactly have the last one- but the main thing that he lacked was accuracy. Letting out a frustrated yell, Kaminari attempted to stop his Quirk from destroying even more of his parent's garden than he already had, however he found his emotions were forcing his Quirk's switch to be in the 'on' position. Keeping his eyes trained on the can that rested at the other end of the garden with a glare; the very can he had been attempting to target for the past twelve-or-so hours, he finally allowed his arm to drop back to his side.

Back when he had first started training to go to UA, he had tried his hardest to fight against himself as his intelligence began to drop and his brain started to fry; trying to remain 'conscious' for as long as he could whenever he reached his output limit- however after months of training he just let himself slip. It wasn't worth the pain and possible brain damage that the fighting against his Quirk's effect could cause. Though he couldn't actually be hurt by his own Quirk, the raw power it often portrayed did scare him, especially when it burned and tore his clothes.

"I'm never going to get the hang of this..." Kaminari mumbled, his face beginning to feel like static. Though his hearing was impaired by the lightning, it didn't block out the worried gasp that came from his left. He attempted to turn his head towards whoever had seen him; to warn them to stay away with what little will-power he had left, however the only thing he saw was a blur of red exploding towards him, before it wrapped itself around him in a comfortable yet containing grip.

"Hey, Kami, calm down, okay? Don't burn yourself out, I've just got here!" The person joked, seemingly not phased by the nearly One-Million volts that should have been directly flowing into their body- or at least if they were being affected, they weren't showing it. Opening his mouth, Kaminari attempted to speak to whoever had attached themselves to him, however he found himself unable to make anything more than incoherent noise.

"Do you have any idea how dangerous it is for you to train on your own..?" Whoever was speaking had either trailed off, or Kaminari was just not able to hear them anymore as an ear-piercing sound began to ring throughout his mind, and the voice began to echo out of comprehension. It wouldn't be long before he lost his rational thought all-together. Though he doubted that whoever had grabbed them had let go, he had long since lost the feeling of their arms around him.

Sighing, Kirishima felt his friend go limp in his arms and the numb feeling that his lightning was causing finally subside. Unhardening his skin, he knelt down and allowed Kaminari to rest against his legs; a frown making a way onto his face. He knew that he had been practising his Quirk alone, even after he had advised him not to on several occasions, but he had never even begun to imagine that he was being so risky.

"Sometimes I still wonder why he thought I was worthy... How can I be so worthy if I can't even help my friend..." Kirishima sighed, feeling the still unfamiliar surge of energy rush through his arms before dissipating almost as quick as it came. Staying in silent contemplation for a few seconds, Kirishima finally stood back up, still holding on to Kaminari as he dragged the two of them back in the direction of the blond's house. He had initially come over to train, however seeing that that was no longer a viable option, he decided that he might as well just stick around and watch some TV while he waited for his friend to wake back up. After all, it wasn't like he could just leave a bumbling Kaminari alone.

Walking through his friend's house it was clear that he was home alone, which only made the blond's actions more stupid in Kirishima's eyes. Taking him to his living room he then laid Kaminari down across his couch, before taking a seat in the nearby unoccupied recliner.

"You know you don't need to push yourself..." Kirishima mumbled, quickly shooting a glance to his still bumbling friend before grabbing the TV remote and flicking it on.

"...And in other news we finally have a statement from the Symbol of Peace himself on the unusual events that happened during a recent rescue mission, in which the two teenagers that were meant to be rescued managed to break out of captivity themselves mere moments before the rescue mission began!" Kirishima's ears picked up at the mention of his new teacher's title, having not been told that such an incident had ever even occurred.

"This incident is definitely a unique one, I will say that much! Ordinarily, an action like this would be classed as Vigilantism, and consequences would have been put in place- however I think it is safe to say that in this case, reprimanding these young teenagers would be the wrong thing to do! I-" Cutting away from All Might, the news reporter came back onto the screen, seemingly wrapping up the story as Kirishima changed the channel.

Chapter Text

"And, that should be the last of them..." Midoriya sighed, watching as his most recent robotic attacker flew away from him with great force; breaking through the upper UA window and falling several feet before smashing onto the concrete below. After his run-in with Present Mic, he had decided to start clearing out more of the robots that had found their way into the main UA building; bumping into Vlad King on the way. He was grateful that the blood-hero hadn't attempted to attack him as well as he flew in to help.

Looking away from the smashed glass Midoriya returned his attention back to the door he had been told was the principals. It was laying against the corridor's wall; no longer attached to anything as the doorway itself had been completely destroyed by attacking bots; the rubble left behind being neatly swept against the walls. Though, considering what little he had seen during his call to the principal, he could safely bet that the damage wasn't all the robot's fault. Slowly, Midoriya made his way over and into the room; turning immediately to his right to face the lifeform Jarvis had pinged him about. Sat on a small futon was the principal himself; his signature teacup in his hand and his feet up on the head of a three-pointer. Smiling, the man gestured for Midoriya to take a seat opposite to him on a futon on the left of the room, and then he took another drink.

"They were a little easy to beat, don't you think?" Midoriya flipped up his faceplate to get a better look at the creature, before finally allowing himself to relax back into his comfy seat.

"If I'm being honest, they could have been made a little sturdier..." Rubbing the back of his suit's neck, Midoriya awkwardly waited for the Principal's response- however when none came, the boy finally twigged. Seemingly noticing MIdoriya's realisation, the bear smiled again.

"Their design makes them clunky and slow, and nothing like the fluid movements of the types villains they seem to be designed to mimic- however there are still villains that like to tank damage, which are also usually clunky and slow. Normally though, they have the durability to back up that fighting style, however these robots don't..."

"You are very observant Midoriya, even without your Quirk active you still have quite the mind for analysis!" Midoriya felt himself blush at the praise, before opting to fiddle with the different plates that lined his suit's arms as a method to try and calm himself. He still hadn't quite gotten used to people complimenting his work, but he had to admit that it felt nice.

"You seem nervous Midoriya, would you prefer we skip the small-talk?" Midoriya merely nodded as he let out a small breathy laugh, briefly meeting the principal's eyes as he waited for whatever was to come. Though he looked soft and innocent, it was very clear that he was anything but... well, maybe he was still soft- but he was far from innocent. His eyes were often laced with the cold, analytical glare that Midoriya was told he had when using his Quirk.

"Like I said in my email, I find your work extremely impressive- and if I'm being honest, I'm more than willing to let you apply for the heroics course with the usage of these suits; after all, not letting someone with an intelligence quirk show off would be against my own personal code!" The principal laughed, his smile seeming to become more real in that moment; not that it wasn't real before, just that it seemed more full of life. Midoriya found himself smiling at the principal's joke, feeling slightly less on edge than moments ago.

"Additionally, after analysing all of the blueprints that you have sent me; I have a few things that I would like to address. First of all, this is a classified project, correct?" Midoriya merely nodded, slightly confused.

"Alright, that is good to know; I wouldn't recommend allowing technology like this be known to anyone but those you trust. Secondly, the power source; from what I can tell it's... embedded in your chest? But from what the blueprints say, the resulting effect would be poisoning..." Both Midoriya's and the principal's smiles seemed to slowly disappear, being replaced by looks of guilt, sadness, and worry. Opening his mouth, Midoriya attempted to rebuke what the principal was implying, but found himself unable to. After all, he was right; and lying to the principal didn't sound like a good idea.

"As I thought... Midoriya, should you make it into UA I am placing a condition on you, alright?" The boy looked up once again, watching as the bear stood up from the futon and walked over to his now tattered and splintered desk; opening one of his draws and pulling out what looked to be an old DvD, before walking over and handing it to Midoriya, who looked it over with curiosity.

"Detective Tsukauchi told me to hold off on giving this to you until they could 100% connect you to its original owner, but I know that he will take far longer to make that connection than you have left... It's all we have to even prove that he even existed, but that is a video made by a man known as Hisashi Stark, and old student here. It's glitchy, fragmented, and in parts totally corrupted- but we believe it to be a message for you. I want you to figure out what this means, and then I want you to find a way to prevent your Arc Reactor from killing you. After all, a dead student isn't a productive student!" Midoriya would have chuckled at the bear's joke, however he found himself unable to do so as the weight of everything else the principal had said seemingly smacked him in the face.

"I- Wait... what? Stark, who? A-And are you sure the DvD is for me? DvD's were out of use for years before I was even born! How could it be a message for me?!" The principal merely shrugged his shoulders; picking up his tea-cup off of his desk, and sitting back onto his futon once more. The two fell into silence for a few minutes as Midoriya looked over the disk, before he sighed; clicking open a panel in his suit and sliding the disk inside it, before having it close with a 'click'.

"Well, that is all I really needed to speak with you about, however there is something else I wish to discuss with you! If you have the time that is!"

"Yes, of course!"

"Good. Now, as you pointed out earlier- our current model of testing robots are a little... outdated, so I have a little proposition for you. If you are willing to produce some blueprints for myself and UA for some new One, Two, and Three Pointer robots- I am willing to make you an unofficial member of UA staff. This means that you will have access to any resources we offer for your future projects." Okay, Midoriya certainly hadn't been expecting that. If he was being honest, he wasn't totally sure  he was expecting- but he knew that that wasn't it.

"S-Sir, I am eternally grateful for that kind of offer, but... are you sure?" Midoriya chuckled ever so slightly, unable to hide the smile attempting to make its way on to his face. The principal nodded, smiling back as he finished off his tea.

"Yes, I am quite sure Midoriya- and even on the extremely unlikely chance that you should somehow fail the exam, then my offer still stands. Speaking of which, should you choose to go through with my request, I have one last piece of information to help you!"

"Really? What?"

"I have a feeling that you're planning on bringing some form of portable suit with you for the exam. As you've probably guessed, the exam is going to be a little different than it has been the previous years. When you're asked to leave all of your things before entering the auditorium, bring your suit with you..." The principal smiled, taping his nose... snout? Tapping the side of his secondary breathing hole, and winking.

"Well, that is all I have to discuss with you Midoriya, and I look forward to seeing more of you! However, I think it is time I get to work on tidying up the rest of this mess..." Slapping his robotic knees, Midoriya pulled himself up and off of the futon, before making his way over to the opening that constituted the principal's door.

"Oh, and one more thing Midoriya; please, call me Nezu!" Midoriya smiled, before fully leaving the room; walking over to the window he had smashed the bot into originally, and ran out through the opening, before activating his Arc Repulsors and flying off.

Chapter Text

"So I was all like, whapow, and then he was all like 'you don't work here', and then I was all like, skadoosh! and then-" Midoriya's hyperactive retelling of his escapades at UA were cut short by Mei giggling once more; watching as the genius bounced around their lab with a smile big enough to take on the sun and win. Hell he hadn't even landed before he had excitedly started to explain to her everything that had happened from the moment he had left the lab- and Mei was absolutely living for it; this was probably the most excited she had seen Midoriya ever since they had met.

Though, she could have done without the heart attack she had been given when Midoriya, looking like a missile, came barrelling into their lab; breaking the calm silence she had been working in for hours before he had arrived, and consequently causing her to break the invention she had been working on.

"W-What's so funny?!" Midoriya pouted, momentarily pausing to look at Mei.

"It's nothing Izuku! I'm really proud of you!" A gentle smile graced her face as she placed down her tools. Walking over to Midoriya, she quickly wrapped her arms around the boy; squeezing tight to make sure he could still feel her through his armour. After all, he was yet to take it off despite how damaged it looked.

"I- Wha..." Midoriya's eyes widened momentarily, before his pout was quickly replaced by a warm smile of his own; wrapping his arms around Mei in return; sighing out of content as he rested his head on the top of hers.

"So, how are your UA preparations going?" Midoriya questioned, replacing his head with his hand to play with her hair as he looked behind her to her work bench; taking note of the thousands of scattered machine parts that littered them. Sheepishly, Mei looked away.

"If I'm being honest, between helping you build your suits, reconnecting with my parents, and some other weird emotional stuff I'm dealing with... I just feel creatively drained... I'm seriously starting to doubt..." Sighing, Mei trailed off; her grip around Midoriya weakening whilst his tightened.

"Hey, you've got time; don't feel the need to rush yourself... Hell, if you need it, don't be afraid to ask for my help either; I'll always be here to help you!" Mei giggled once more, shaking her head as she attempted to ignore the red flush making its way onto her face.

"You flatter me 'Zuku, but if I get help from anyone with my submission, there's a large chance I wont be accepted into the Support Course; they're really strict about this stuff." Making a noise of acknowledgement, Midoriya kept a hold of Mei for a few moments longer, before allowing her to escape from his grasp.

"Well, if I can't help you with building, I can help you relax at least; you wanna watch a movie? You can tell me all about your 'weird emotional problems' as well if you want, just let me take this suit off first..." Midoriya chuckled, spinning away from Mei and walking back over to the grid on the ground that he had first put his armour on at.

"Aww, you're too sweet!" Mei chuckled, shaking her head as she made her way back over to her workbench; watching as the robotic arms that had been built to put on the suit came down once again, this time in reverse as they undid the armour and pulled it into the floor.

"Sir, I hate to interrupt, but I wish to ask exactly how you managed to damage the suit this much? I looks as if you were shot out of the sky by a tank!" Though he couldn't be totally sure, it sounded as if the AI was totally exasperated with him- and if he was being honest, Midoriya couldn't blame him if he was.

"Well, you were partially right... I was shot out of the sky but it wasn't by a tank, it was by Present Mic..."

"Wait, you met Mic?!" Mei coughed, her eyes widening with shock.

"Yeah, he works at UA; I also met Eraserhead and Vlad King!" Midoriya chuckled, finally being free of the armour as he left the grid on the floor; turning to face Mei.

"Oh, by the way Jarvis; there's a DvD in the chest compartment; do me a favour and extract it and convert it to be played on our tech, would 'ya buddy?"

"Yes, Sir!" Raising an eyebrow, Mei was about to ask why the boy he even had a DvD in the first place, however decided against it when she caught a glimpse of the anxious look that spread across his face when he mentioned it. After all, she knew that the boy would come to her about it if it was really bothering him.

"So anyway... movie? What do you want to watch?" Midoriya awkwardly chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck as he approached; his usual bright smile back on his face.

"I'm not actually sure to be honest, I was thinking we could just stick on Netflix?" Mei offered, pointing a thumb over her shoulder towards the glass doors of the lab. Thinking for a moment, Midoriya finally shrugged; smiling as he walked passed Mei and placed his hand on the identification pad.

"Sweet, let's go then; your parent's won't mind, right?"

Making their way out of the lab, Midoriya made sure to lock the door behind them as they entered the main part of the house. 

"Nah, they wont mind... if I'm being honest they actually want to see a little more of you; you rarely ever leave the lab..." Mei commented, nudging his shoulder with her own.

"Really? I guess... I guess I just forgot that there are other people besides you that actually care about me now... I'm sorry if I've been ignoring them, even after they took me in..." Midoriya admitted, looking down to the ground as they walked.

"Hey, don't look so down about it! They don't blame you; they understand that you haven't really grown up with anyone other than Jarvis... It's like you told me back in the lab... Don't rush yourself!" Mei smiled, wrapping an arm around Midoriya's shoulders to pull him into a side-hug as they arrived in the living room.

"Alright, I'm gonna turn on Netflix, you just get comfy on the couch!" Mei added, sounding much like her usual upbeat self; removing her arm from Midoriya's shoulders and lightly pushing him over to the couch, before moving herself over to the TV; turning it on and grabbing the remote.

Chapter Text

"Young Midoriya, I have to say your work continues to astound me, though I must say I was rather surprised when you sent the first drafts through for these beautiful drones; I never knew you had a flare for such militaristic weaponry!" This was the third meeting himself and Principal Nezu had arranged- and as long as everything went well, it would be their last until the Entrance Exam.

The principal in question had been referring to the one and two point drones that stood tall on either side of the man.

"If I'm being honest the weaponry wasn't my design, they were designed by my friend; the other founder of the Iron Man project..." The mouse seemed to pause for a moment, before nodding; a suspicious look making its way into his eyes.

"I see... I'm guessing that this was for a reason?" Midoriya shifted uncomfortably where he stood; the chill of the wind finally managing to effect him. The two of them were located on the site that the Entrance Exam would ordinarily take place at, more than likely because Nezu wanted to test just how much damage the drones could actually do.

"I... I'm going to sound selfish if I say why..." Principal Nezu sighed, his smile taking on a more sympathetic look.

"That is quite alright Midoriya, we're allowed to be selfish at times; had I not been selfish in asking you to design these drones in the first place; UA would not be benefiting from them!" Honestly, Midoriya couldn't really fault that logic, and he didn't exactly feel like activating his Quirk to try; he had over exerted that the night prior, and his mind was still reeling form the information overload his drawback provided. Somehow though, in his own way, Nezu had actually made Midoriya feel a little less anxious about the situation. It was like the mouse was some form of therapy animal.

"Well, it's just... the Iron Man weaponry and the Arc Reactors and stuff, they're my signature tech, y'know? I just felt like putting it into these drones would be wrong somehow... hell, that's why I gave them their own separate designation from the rest of my suits!" Midoriya explained, looking up at the drones with his mouth drawn into a thin line; his eyes being drawn to the white lettering that ran across their chest plates that read 'HAMMER'.

They were both grey, a stark contrast from his usual green and gold colour scheme- and instead of Repulsors, they were equipped with Mei's less-volatile babies; specialised machine guns, missile launchers, over-shields, cloaking devices- and a myriad of other tech that was still far far too clunky to be used in his Iron Man suits. Though, the one big difference between the one and two pointer bots was the simple fact that the 2 pointer had two additional arms attached to its much more elongated chest, allowing for additional weapons.

The only thing that even tied the drones to him was the fact they they ran off of an Arc Reactor.

"I completely understand your reasoning! You have nothing to worry about Midoriya, but you mentioned that you didn't want to use your Arc Reactors to power these drones; yet it appears as though that is exactly what is happening. Am I to assume that these are not average Arc Reactors? Looking back down to the mouse, Midoriya nodded his head.

"Yes, they are what I call 'One-Use' Arc Reactors; when a Drone is defeated, they completely burn themselves out," He explained, pulling his phone from his pocket and holding it horizontally; a hologram being displayed only a few seconds later of that exact process occurring. 

Nezu watched with great interest as the holographic Arc Reactor burned itself out from the inside, rendering it useless.

"Well then, it would seem we have reached the apex of our conversation, should we get along with the practical trial? Should this be a success, I will have these models mass produced and they shall be used on the exam day!" Midoriya smiled in response, nodding his head as he placed his phone back into his jean pockets.

"Alright then. Jarvis, activate the drones!" Midoriya commanded, reaching his hand up to the earpiece as he did so; more so out of habit than anything else.

"Yes, Sir!" With that, the Hammer Drones activated; the blue slits on their head lighting up and their many weapons booting to life.

"You know, S- I mean... Nezu... you never actually said what they are actually going to be fighting in this test..."

"Present Mic? Are you there? It's time for you to come out now!" Looking to the mouse, Midoriya was shocked to find him with a hand up to his own earpiece; something he could have sworn was not there before.

"W... Wait... You're gonna make Present Mic fight these things?!" Nezu merely smiled again.

"Well, considering he was the one to leave our previous model of robots in their 'Instant Kill' mode when testing them, as you saw during our first meeting- and because he shot you out of the sky because he thought you were one of said robots, despite the fact that none of our robots could actually fly- it seemed like a fair punishment!"

"Well... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit excited... I had to start work on the Mark 4 version of my suit earlier than expected because of the damage he caused..." Midoriya mumbled, turning to look deeper into the fake city; watching as his two drones began to dash into said city, weapons ready to fire at a seconds notice.

He had initially considered giving them the ability to fly, but he had decided against that when the jetpack Mei had been tinkering with detonated whilst they were eating dinner with her parents; leaving their only other flight option being the same as what he would use in his own suits- and like he had stated before, he didn't want to do that.

"I forgot to ask by the way, where is the three pointer robot? Didn't you say you had a model of that built for testing as well?"

"Yes, I did..." Midoriya glanced to the mouse when he didn't elaborate more on his point, however found himself snapping his head back to the city as a loud explosion and a panicked scream ripped through the silence that had been building up; the one and two pointer robots still running in what must have been the direction of Present Mic.

"By the way Midoriya, this partner of yours; are they also planning on applying for UA?"

"Yes, she is... she wants to get into the support course..." This time there was another, much more dignified and collected scream; the words 'yeah' blasting into the sky, being followed not too long afterwards by the sounds of explosions and gunfire. The one and two point robots at this point had also finally run out of Midoriya and Nezu's line of sight.

"I see... you are aware that I would allow her into the Hero course as well if she wanted to use the suits the two of you are building?" Midoriya smiled, shaking his head before letting out a sigh.

"I've talked to her about it before, she just doesn't really want to go the Hero route; even with all of her gadgets and stuff at her disposal, she just wants to become and inventor..."

"You sound proud Midoriya, I will make sure to look out for her exam specifically, what is her name?" Ignoring the next wave of yelling from Present Mic's battle, Midoriya turned his head to watch the mouse.

"Mei... or rather, Hatsume Mei..." Midoriya felt himself briefly turn red, and so he turned back to watch the arena for the explosion clouds or flying words that would pop up into the air every so often.

Chapter Text

"Alright sweetie, do you have everything? Your tools? Your overalls? Your babies?" Mei found herself batting away her mother's finicky hands as they attempted to tidy up her clothes; a want for death washing over the inventor as she watched her mother lick her thumb, before using it to try and wipe off what she had to guess was a smudge on her cheek. No matter how often she had tried to convince her mother of the fact that those grease and oil smudges were aesthetic and intentional, she just wouldn't have it. Then again, it was her father she had gotten all of her inventing spark from, so she could never hold it against her.

"M-Mum, stop; I don't need you to-"

"Nonsense honey! It's exam day! You want to look presentable, don't you?" Mei groaned once again, turning her head to the side when the sound of sniggering made its way to her ears; glaring as she watched the green-haired genius watch her suffering unfold; a cup of coffee in his hand, already dressed in his usual black attire and leaning against their wooden table; ready to leave for his exam.

"Yea, honey, we want you to look presentable!" Midoriya smirked, pushing himself off of the table and swaggering over to the doorway where Mei stood; taking a quick gulp of coffee in the process.

"You, need to shut up!" Mei pouted, stopping Midoriya from walking by placing a finger on his Arc Reactor through his shirt; the blue glow encompassing her finger as the clinking of metal let her know she had hit her mark. Slowly, Midoriya moved his own hand to grab at hers, before peeling it off of his reactor; his smirk still spread across his face. The sound of coughing brought the two of them back into the real world; turning to face Mei's mother, who seemed to have a mischievous glint in her eye.

"If you two are just about done, I think it's time for you to set off!" His eyes widening slightly, Midoriya looked down to his wrist at the time, before moving to open the door.

"Ah, 'Zuku, wait a second! Don't you think you're forgetting something?" Pausing for a moment, he turned back to Mei and her mother; an eyebrow raised.

"The Mark 5?" Mei sighed, shaking her head as she watched the gears turn in her friend's mind.

"Wait... CRAP!" Midoriya yelled, his head frantically darting around their living room as he searched for his new prototype suit; a suit that could condense down into the shape of a briefcase; brilliant for transport and accessibility, not so great when you put it down somewhere and then forget where only a few minutes later.

Just as the boy began to sprint in the direction of their lab's entrance, he was yanked back into place by Mei, who still had a hold of his hand; a slight choking sound jumping out of his throat in the process.

"Relax, it's here!" Mei chuckled, turning and picking up the cold, green and silver briefcase from behind her; passing it over to the boy as he released a sigh of relief.

"Don't... do that to me... you're gonna give me a heart attack!" Midoriya pouted, crossing his arms with briefcase still in hand; watching as Mei finally had her turn to laugh at him.

"Call it... payback honey! " Rolling his eyes, Midoriya went to open the door once again; this time not being obstructed by Mei.

"Besides... I don't think you can have a heart attack... can you? Y'know, with the whole battery-powered heart?" Giving a wave to Mei's mother, Midoriya and Mei finally left their house; beginning their journey to the train station; to UA.

"Technically, I can have a heart attack, but not in the traditional way; you remember back... y'know... back in the cave?" Mei visibly cringed at the mention of said cave.

"Well, when my reactor was damaged and it set off that EMP, that was similar to a heart attack. Theoretically, a heart attack for me would be the same, just without the EMP blast!" Slowly, Mei nodded; processing what Midoriya had been saying as she took in the new streets and roads that the two of them needed to go down to get to the train station; enjoying the early-morning sunset and the crisp air that accompanied it.

It were times of day like this that made her want to go outside more- but every other second of the day provided an equally good argument to not go outside, so she let it go.

"Wait, I've just realised something? When did you last change out your reactor? I haven't seen you do it in a while..." Midoriya stayed silent for a few moments, before a look of dread quickly broke through his poker-face facade for a few seconds. Though, all it took for Mei to notice that look was those few seconds.

"Izuku... when did you last change out your reactor?"

"Look, it's fine okay?! One more day can't hurt..."

"Hey! Don't take that tone with me!" Mei shot back, turning to glare at Midoriya as they continued to work; her eyes being draw to the glow making its way through his shirt, no matter how hard she tried to fight it; her heart almost jumping into her throat when she thought she saw the light die for a second.

"'Zuku... please..." Hearing the break in her voice finally made Midoriya turn to look at the inventor; his entire existence being flooded with guilt upon doing so.

If he was being honest, he hadn't exactly been looking after himself very recently; he was pretty sure the last time he had changed out his reactor was when he had first come back from his meeting with Nezu- after being given the DvD, he had changed his reactor with the intention of getting down to work, but after being stumped again, and again, and again, he had given up on trying to decode it- and by extension, given up on figuring out if there was a way to prevent his poisoning.

"Mei... I... Sorry..." He had forgotten that she didn't know about this poisoning... finding out... it would probably crush her.

Slowly, Mei grabbed a hold of Midoriya's hand once again; a silent conversation happening between the two of them as he pulled her slightly closer to himself; the two of them continuing their walk to the train-station, and then to UA, in silence.


"Alright... good luck..." Midoriya smiled; the two of them looking up towards the massive arch of UA's gate; thousands of other teen passing them by; some stopping to look up at the building in awe as well.

"Yea... you too... I have a feeling you're gonna need it more than me though- after all, you're gonna be fighting stuff I guess, I'm just showing off my babies," Mei chuckled, giving the boy's hand a squeeze before finally letting go; giving Midoriya one last glance before walking onto the campus, and into the building.

"Right... I can do this; I just gotta keep this thing on me at all times!" Midoriya mumbled, looking down to the metallic green and silver case in his hand. He had only tested the suit once, building it almost at the same time as the Mark 4 suit just so it would be ready in time for the exam.

Reaching into his pocket, the boy pulled out a strange looking black disc, before reaching underneath his shirt and sliding it over his Arc Reactor's glass; stopping the blue glow from showing through his shirt.

Taking a deep breath, Midoriya finally began to move; the sight of ever other student there making the boy realise just how many people he would have to be competing against- and with weaker tech than normal no less. After all, in order to compress a suit down to the size of a suitcase with his current level of tech, he needed to sacrifice his usual heavy armour and strong Repulsors for weaker and lighter versions.

"Oi, slow down ya fucking nerd!" Suddenly the metal in Midoriya's hand wasn't the coldest place on his body anymore, as his spine ran a chill at the all too familiar voice. It was him; of course it would be him. They hadn't really spoken since their last fight; after moving in with Mei, he had continued to go to Aldera High, however the walking explosive had changed target, so to speak.

He still refused to acknowledge that Midoriya was worth anything more than scum; a stepping stone in his way, but he was at least less physical about that belief.

Stopping in his tracks, Midoriya glanced over his shoulder.

"So you actually fucking came? After that shit you pulled with that arm, you better not fail these fucking exams; you've been the only person to ever even come close to beating me, ya hear!" Bakugou paused for a moment, looking down at the briefcase in his hand; his mouth opening to say something, however upon not finding any words, just sighing and shaking his head; walking into the UA building.

"If kicking your ass the first time got you to respect me... I wonder what would happen if I did it again..?" Midoriya mumbled to himself, rolling his shoulders before continuing to walk and finally enter UA; following the directions on the signs that had been laid out for the students, until he finally came to some form of locker or storage room; random bags and coats being strewn around inside.

"Right... I'm guessing they want us to leave our stuff here... not even my first day and I'm already going to break the rules..."

Chapter Text

"Excuse me, but you are aware that you were meant to leave your belongings in the storage room?" A hand resting on Midoriya's shoulder stopped him from walking into the auditorium, and turning around to face the person who was speaking to him made the boy raise an eyebrow in confusion. He could have sworn that the teacher's of UA had to be legal adults, which left Midoriya wondering why this clear teenager was attempting to reprimand him.

"Sorry, who're you?" Levelling the teen with a light glare seemed to throw him off ever so slightly, however he was quick to recover; removing his hand from Midoriya's shoulder, before promptly bowing.

"I am Tenya Iida, of Somei Academy!" Ah, Somei; a school for the elites- that would explain the boy's attitude towards people following the rules. Midoriya wasn't exactly mad at the boy for calling him out on not following the rules, but considering that it was probably the only time Midoriya had ever needed to break the rules, he couldn't help but be a little pissed.

"Ah, yea, well- I saw the signs, and the thing is... I... um... I need this briefcase for my Quirk... to... work?" Okay, well, at least that lie couldn't have been more obvious; so at the very least Midoriya had that going for him. Coming back up from his bow, Iida stared at Midoriya for a moment; a look unreadable due to his glasses.

"Hmm, very well then; I apologise for assuming! Today is a stressful one and I am on edge!" Bowing to him again, Midoriya couldn't help but roll his eyes at the boy's antics. Quickly looking behind him into the auditorium, Midoriya watched as Present Mic began to stroll up to the stage at the bottom of the room.

"Well, I'd hate to add on to that stress, but... by stopping me you've made both of us late..." Giving an awkward chuckled, Midoriya rubbed the back to his neck, jabbing a thumb over his shoulder as Iida raised from the bow.

"Once again, you have my apology's! We should get going!" In an almost robotic looking power-walk, Iida made his way past Midoriya into the auditorium; said boy following afterwards in a far less robotic and far less powered-walked. It would seem that there were only two spots left, and with Iida taking up one of them, that meant that Midoriya would have to sit...

God damn it.

That meant that Midoriya would have to sit next to Bakugou.

"I know I'm probably asking for a miracle... but please don't be an ass to me during this exam..." Midoriya let out a sigh as he relaxed into the cushy seat; activating his Quirk in an effort to alleviate some of the discomfort he felt from existing near the explosive boy. He just hoped that the glowing of his eyes in the dark room wasn't going to disturb anyone.

Without even sparing Midoriya a glance, Bakugou sighed in frustration.

"During this exam, I only have one goal; be the best. You get in my way? I'll rip that glowing-" Seemingly choking on air, Bakugou suddenly fell silent. Had he not had his Quirk activated, Midoriya wouldn't have caught on; but he did, and he did.

"I guess there are some things that even you can't bring yourself to say..." Finally turning his head to look at Midoriya, Bakugou grit his teeth.

"Just stay out of my fucking way your heartless bastard..."

Sighing once more, Midoriya finally let go of the handle of his suit-suitcase; letting it rest as his feet.

"Kacchan... you know I don't blame you for what happened that day... don't get me wrong, it was 100% your fault, but I don't blame you... We're going to have to talk about it some-"

"Just shut the fuck up you bastard!" It would seem as if Bakugou had reached his 'tolerating other people' limit for the day, as he stubbornly turned his head back away from Midoriya; choosing to glare at Present Mic as he rambled on about some inane drivel that the blond couldn't have cared less about; Midoriya doing the same, except without the glare, and actually listening.

"SO MY LIL' LISTENERS, I THINK IT'S TIME WE GET ONTO THE BOTS THEMSELVES!" Clicking a button on a remote that the teacher had seemingly pulled from nowhere, the screen behind Mic burst to life; the white screen blinding almost ever student in the room as it tore through the darkness.

"SO, WE GOT THE 1 AND THE 2 POINT ROBOTS; THEY GO BY THE NAME 'HAMMER DRONES', AND LEMME TELL YA'... I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE, THEY REALLY DO HAMMER...Midoriya couldn't help but let a small snort break free; turning off his Quirk momentarily without his knowledge as he watched the Pro Hero awkwardly look away from everyone in the audience.

"WHILST THEY MIGHT LOOK DEADLY, I CAN ASSURE ALL OF YOU LITTLE LISTENERS OUT THERE THAT ALL THOSE GUNS AND MISSILES WILL ONLY KNOCK YOU OUT AT THE MOST!" Some images of the 1 and 2 pointer drones made their way onto the screen, and as a result, some shocked and interested murmurs erupting from the other students. Bakugou on the other hand? His eyes were immediately drawn to the glowing circle in the centre of their chests.

"Those things have Reactors in them, don't they..." Bakugou growled, his head turning very briefly in Midoriya's direction; an unreadable look present in his eyes.

"You built them... didn't you..." Midoriya only nodded his head in response, which seemed to satiate the blond, as he turned back to face Present Mic.

"LASTLY, WE HAVE THE 3 POINTER ROBOT; DESIGNATED THE 'IRON MONGER', THIS BAD-BOY FORGOES EXTENSIVE WEAPONRY FOR GOOD OLE' FASHION SMASHIN'!" Midoriya smiled at the sight of the 3 pointer; its initial design being inspired by the very first Iron Man suit he and Mei had built together, and later went on to be destroyed at his request by the police.

"OF COURSE, THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT HAS NO WEAPONS- IT'S JUST NOT ARMED TO THE TEETH, YO! NOW, MOVING ON TO-" Interrupting the Hero with a cough, Iida stood from his seat; pamphlet in hand and the same look on his face that Midoriya had seen when he had attempted to reprimand him now but a few minutes ago.

"Excuse me, Sir?"

"HEYO, CONTESTANT NUMBER #375! WHAT'S GOT YOUR RADIO FREQUENCIES ALL CROSSED?!" A spotlight coming down on the boy, Iida then proceeded to turn the pamphlet around to face Mic.

"According to this hand-out, there are four total robots! Yet, you have only explained three! Furthermore, the robot you have failed to explain has an entirely different design to the others! If this is an oversight on UA's part-" The screeching of the PA system was enough to shut Iida up, as it drew the attention of everyone in the room, students and teacher alike

"Attention examines! Please do not panic, but UA is currently in the process of being attacked by villains, and they have managed to hack into our testing robots which are holding up most of the on-site Pro's! Please remain calm! Present Mic will give you further instructions!" Well, it would seem that half of the students in the room weren't exactly suited to listening to orders, as they almost immediately began to fly into a panicked frenzy; reaching a level of noise that the voice Hero himself would be proud of.

"That's not possible; Jarvis, have any of the robot's actually been breached?" Looking to Midoriya, Bakugou waited for the nerd to say something else. Taking his hand off the earpiece, Midoriya met Bakugou's eyes for a moment; thinking something over, before gently shaking his head 'no'.



Chapter Text

Midoriya's existence was pain; a white, hot, searing pain that seemed to permeate through the very threads of reality in order to wrap itself around him; to soak into his skin; his every nerve dancing to the tune of his own suffering as his body floated through an unending void of darkness. 

This was it.

This was hell.

His mind flashed with random images as it attempted to recollect what had just happened; fire; his mother; Endeavour; a boy, whose name he couldn't recall; death; a cave; Mei; their lab; Nezu; drones.


That was it. He had been attacked by his own drones. He was in UA's Auditorium, and they had just gotten an announcement about a fake villain attack. Well, it was meant to be fake- but right now? Midoriya begged to differ.

That was where his mind stopped however; the moment he had seen a three-pointer bust through the wall behind Present Mic, it was as if his mind had completely shut off. All he got after that point were fragments; sounds; images; flashes of colour.

Suddenly, there was a rumble in the darkness; echoed; inaudible, but a rumble none-the-less. It was like an underwater explosion; creating ripples throughout the universe from one singular point of detonation- and along with the ripple, Midoriya's pain lessened.

"H...y ...r... y...u ...ka...?" Another noise, not a rumble, but echoed and inaudible just as the last noise had been. Frantically, the boy darted his head around in the void; trying to pinpoint the source of the ripple to no avail.

Midoriya opened his mouth to speak; to call out into the darkness, but all that tumbled from his mouth was a cacophony of sound; random vowels slurred together in an attempt to form words- but just as he had felt the ripples of other's noise, it would seem he had managed to make his own ripple by attempting to speak.

"Wa...... I... l...oks ...ike he's round!" Midoriya felt his body being shaken in the void; the floating sensation dying as his brain finally registered the feeling of solid ground below him; the pain he had been experiencing dying down a little.

"C...n yo... hear me? If you c...n, try and ...p...n your eyes!" Open his eyes? But, Midoriya's eyes were already open, weren't they? Once more, Midoriya looked around in the void, however when still being met with nothing but the all encompassing darkness, he sighed; glad he could at the very least still do that.

Open his eyes; it couldn't really hurt to try.

Well actually, as it would turn out, it could hurt to try; a blinding white light cracking through into a light-less abyss seared at the boy's retinas, causing him to let out a pained groan in response; the light only growing more by each second as he attempted to cover his eyes with his arms; growling extremely pissed off when he could barely move them.

"Hey! Calm down! You're safe for now!" There was that voice again; it wasn't muffled anymore, but Midoriya still had to strain himself to hear it- especially as all of the other sounds of the world decided to kick themselves back into action around him; gunfire, explosives- the whole nine yards.

Almost as if on cue, the blinding light seemed to fade, and the world around Midoriya gradually came back into focus; along with pretty much every other sense the boy had lost, causing him to let out a disgusted cough.

What was left of the room was full of blackened smoke, and fires raged on throughout the whole area; the roof, almost completely caved in, was a mess of steel beams, sparking wires, and broken concrete. Around him, there were several 1 and 2 pointer robots open firing at other students as they attempted to fight back. The stage, where Present Mic once stood, was completely missing; an enormous hole being torn in the wall leading to an equally smoke-filled and fire-damaged room.

This was nothing like what UA had ever done, and for a second; for a brief fraction of a moment, he considered the fact that Jarvis might have been wrong; that this might have all been real.

He had been moved whilst he was out, that much was obvious; the chair he had been sitting in had long since been crushed under the falling roof. No, he was now laying down by the door where the bottom left of the room had once been.

"Hey, are you okay? Your friend over there barely blew you out of the way when the roof caved in!" Pushing himself up and onto the palms of his hand, Midoriya looked behind him to the source of the voice. It was a girl, with brown hair, and what looked to be a permanent blush on her cheeks... or was that blood?

His eyes drifting past the girl to the hallway behind her, Midoriya felt like he was going to go into shock for what was probably the second time that day. He couldn't see much, but from what he could see, he knew that things weren't good. The halls were lined with bodies, some unconscious, some bleeding, some being tended to, and some going through all of the above.

And they all thought that this was real.

"Y... Yeah, I'm good... what's going on here?" The girl shifted herself to block his view of the corridor.

"After the villain attack announcement... all hell broke loose... it was really all just a blur, but... those of us with offensive Quirks went off to hold back the robots, and those of us with more defensive, and healing Quirks stayed back to look after the people that got injured..." Midoriya let out a shaky sigh, reaching up to his head and dabbing his fingers against it; frowning when he pulled them back, covered in blood.

"I can go out there and help, I just... where's my suitcase?"

"Suitcase? I don't know; you didn't have it on you when you were brought over here... weren't you meant to leave it behind in the storage room?"

Shielding his eyes from the explosions going off on the other side of the area, Midoriya attempted to peer through the thick smoke; looking for any glimpse of his green and silver suitcase.

"Yeah... keyword, 'meant' to... I needed to keep it on me to use my Quirk, and I didn't want to leave it where just anyone could get to it..." Midoriya lied, rolling onto his side before standing on shaking legs; the girl fussing over how he shouldn't be standing.

Risking a glance over to where the explosions had been coming from, Midoriya sighed; a familiar blond tuft of hair bouncing around through the darkness immediately catching his attention.

"Hey, Kacchan! Where's my-" Without even looking in Midoriya's direction, Bakugou flung one of his concealed hand's outwards towards the boy; releasing what he had been holding, and allowing it to tear through the smoke as it made its way over to Midoriya; setting off an explosion in his other hand simultaneously in order to destroy a 2 pointer robot that had attempted to get close to him.

Landing shy of a meter from Midoriya and the girl, the case skidded along the ground until it arrived directly in front of the boy, who kicked it to stop it from moving any further, causing it to activate. Startling the girl, the case unclasped itself from itself; unfolding like a beautiful metal flower.

"DON'T FUCK THIS UP NERD!" Bakugou once more yelled, presumably getting back to dodging the onslaught of bullets being shot at him.

"Woah! That's... that's not a normal briefcase..." The girl mumbled, causing Midoriya to snort in amusement. That moment of amusement however was cut short as the yells of another group of students managed to make their way over the gunfire and explosions.

Both Midoriya and the girl turned to the hole in the wall where Present Mic's stage had once been, and just as they did, a boy with red-hair seemed to throw himself through the hole into what was left of the auditorium; both of his arms a bruised purple, and a look of fear spread across his face.

"We got a 3 pointer coming in!" The boy yelled, quickly limping his way over to Midoriya and the girl, before collapsing onto his side next to the girl. Tearing his head away from the boy and back to the hole, Midoriya took a sharp breath; watching as an Iron Monger crashed its way into the room.

"I guess it's now or never..." Midoriya muttered, crouching down and thrusting his hands into the gauntlet-shaped holes that had appeared from inside of the case; twisting his hands once inside to lock them in place. Heaving the metal upwards, Midoriya then pulled it against his chest; tearing his arms outwards as the metal clicked into place; allowing the suit to link up with his surprisingly unharmed Arc Reactor, and letting each of the individual small plates slide into place.

The 3 pointer's head turned towards the three of them, and out of the corners of his eyes, Midoriya could see the girl and the boy prepare themselves to defend the injured behind them; the boy's bruised arms glowing with red veins, and the girl merely adopting a fighting stance.

The neck plating finally clicking into place, Midoriya waited as his silver faceplate finally made its way over him, it too clicking into place, before raising his right hand; his Repulsor already primed to fire; the 3 pointer copying his movements, except instead of a Repulsor, a large mounted machine gun was attached to it's right arm.

Stood in awe of the boy's green and silver suit, the girl could only say one thing in response to the transformation.

"That's... definitely not a regular briefcase..."

Chapter Text

There was no way that Kirishima could accurately describe what was going on around him; the sounds; the smell; everything was just so overpowering. It was as if he was fully conscious amidst the deepest, darkest, fever dream he had ever had the misfortune of experiencing; reality seeming to blur as his instincts took over; he body flooding with adrenaline.

It was hell.

He had seen him die; the light in the Hero's eyes being snuffed out as he fell through the floor; his body no doubt being crushed under the debris of the very stage he had been stood upon mere moments before. A 3 pointer robot had barged through the wall and screen behind him; breaking through pipes and wires, just to smash a fist the size of Kirishima himself down upon Mic; sending the two of them through the floor.

What followed that were the explosions; the fire; the smoke... and the screaming.

My God the screaming.

All Might had often told tales of what it was really like to be in a war zone when the two of them had taken a break from training, and for the most part, Kirishima often found himself completely immersed in the Hero's words- however, he had never really understood what the Hero had meant by 'Visceral'... now he new; it was a horrible feeling in his gut.

Of course, the boy had barely even a second to process what he had witnessed before he was forced to act; hardening his skin and throwing himself over his friend as the sounds of explosions sounded from above him; the roof collapsing upon him as his skin hardened, forcing a cry of pain out of him. Though, a cry of pain was nothing compared to what Kaminari would have experienced had he not acted, so he felt it worth it; looking into the blond's eyes below him clearly reflected the look of someone who had accepted their death.

As much as he wanted to though; Kirishima couldn't just sit back and just protect his friend; it wasn't in his nature. He was a shield; a shield for all, not just one. After making sure that Kaminari got out of the collapse safely, he had helped a frog-looking girl, and a girl with brown hair, move those too injured to fight off to the side. He had asked if they were going to join the fight as well, but apparently neither's Quirk would have been good for combat in their current situation; the Frog girl being hindered by the heat, and the girl with the brown hair just having a Quirk more oriented for saving people.

Their names were Tsuyu and Uraraka if he was remembering correctly; it was pretty unmanly of him to forget their names, but he just had other things on his mind at the time- the main thing? Holding back any more of those bots from reaching the Auditorium... or at least, what was left of it.

Channelling One for All into his legs, Kirishima had dived over the hole that the first 3 pointer had created, choosing not to look down for fear he would lose all drive, and throw up what little he had eaten before they had meant to take the exam. Entering the hole that the bot had come through, the boy had found himself inside of a series of tunnels; they resembled maintenance tunnels, though the broken pipes; steam; smoke; and fires that ran along them seemed to indicate that they were in need of a little maintenance of their own.

Thankfully, it seemed as though he wasn't the only person to have the same idea, as in the time he had spent collecting the injured, a few others had took to the tunnels, and begun to fight back against the incoming bots.

It was almost surreal to watch; people using their Quirks freely, consequences be damned, in order to help protect others. Sure, it was something he could see any day he wanted, if he were to just turn on the TV; but to be there, in the fray as one of the people using their Quirks, it was strange.

Letting One for All flood his arms, Kirishima dived forwards; slipping in between two Hero-Hopefuls who had been preoccupied dodging the gunfire of a 1 pointer, and slamming both fists into the bot's glowing chest; making sure to reinforce his arms a few seconds before impact.

One for All was a stockpiling power, with the added ability of being able to be passed down from person to person- however something else interesting about the Quirk was that, should the latest holder already have a Quirk, it would merge with the host's original Quirk and enhance it. Because of this, Kirishima's hardening was boosted to the point where it could stop the usually bone-shattering recoil One for All would often cause a new wielder.

Of course, he couldn't just go around firing off 100% power shots left and right; that would definitely kill him if he attempted it at his current skill level- but it did mean he could fire off 5% shots with only severe bruising as a backlash should he choose to.

Both fists striking the metal chassis; the 1 pointer robot shot backwards through the tunnel; exploding after colliding with the end of said tunnel, and leaving Kirishima with pained, yet unharmed, arms. He had only used about 2% power on that one.

"Holy shit... talk about a power house..." Turning to face the owner of the voice, Kirishima's eyes landed on a boy with tape-dispensers as elbows, and next to him, a boy with a rather large and thick tail.

"I'm glad someone like you showed up; these guy's are tough..." The tail-boy sighed, smiling at Kirishima. Shooting back a smile, albeit a grim one, of his own; Kirishima glanced back over his shoulder to make sure there were no more bots coming, before approaching the two boys.

"The name's Kirishima; what's the plan here; what're we gonna do?" Looking between each other, and then back at Kirishima, the boy with the tail decided to speak up.

"My name is Ojiro, and this is Sero; there was a girl, Jirou I think her name was, who was with us a few minutes ago; she said her Quirk allowed her to feel movement or something like that, so we're waiting for her to come back; we're trying to clear a path to the outside. We tried the doors that we came through originally but... they wouldn't budge, so, we figured we might as well take advantage of these tunnels."

"Alright... that sounds like a good plan... it's also technically our only plan, so-"

"WE GOT INCOMING!" Turning his head from Ojiro, Kirishima looked between the two boys as they also turned to face the source of the yell.

Rounding the corner at the end of the corridor; running with a fear in her eyes that seemed to tremor all the way all the way through to her soul, was a girl. And not too far behind her; breaking the walls of the already damaged corridors; sending electric sparks and fire everywhere, was a 2 pointer robot.

Charging both of his arms once more, Kirishima knew what he needed to do. Leaping between the two boys just as he had done the first time, he ran towards the incoming threat; jumping into the air moments before colliding with the girl, who had chosen to slide underneath the red-head at the same time, before falling into a spinning hammer-fist, roundhouse punch combination; caving the 2 pointer's head in and causing the bot to collapse to the ground.

Landing back on the ground, Kirishima's let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding; pushing the throbbing pain in his arms to the back of his mind.

"So..." Turning back around to face the three teens, Kirishima pointed a finger to the girl.

"...I take it you're Jirou?"


Chapter Text

"Systems online, Sir!" With the voice of Jarvis ringing around inside of his head, Midoriya smirked; raising both of his Repulsors towards the hulking clanker as it readied itself to attack.

"I was trying to draw it away from the others... I panicked and ran back here instead, sorry..." Sighing, Midoriya shook his head; finally firing off his blasters in an effort to destroy the bot's weaponry before it even had the chance to attack. After all, as fake as the exam was, the people behind the boy at that moment were actually injured- and he wasn't going to let them get hurt any further.

Sending the 3 pointer's arm, and it's weapon by proxy, flying- Midoriya proceeded to fire off one last blast into it's Arc Reactor; shutting it down almost instantly; its carcass lurching backwards and falling into the hole the first Iron Monger had created; an explosion of fire roaring up from said hole only a second later.

Thank god Present Mic wasn't actually down there.

"Holy crap... nice shot- oh, and, thanks for the save! I'm not really in a position to keep fighting right now," The red-haired boy chuckled; the glowing veins that were running down his arms seemingly fading, the feeling of power said veins were producing also dissipating along side them.

"It's no problem, but, you said there were others? How many people are in those tunnels?" Midoriya questioned, bringing up a small mini-map on his HUD. He hadn't had been able to install a fully-fledged radar to the Mark 5, but he was able to upload the schematics to UA into the suit, courtesy of Nezu of course.

"I don't know exactly how many people are in there, but I know that there's at least three right now. If you wanted a better answer we'd have to talk to one of the girls I met in there; her name's Jirou, and she has some sort of location Quirk." From the sounds of it, the boy already had the beginnings of a plan; that was good. Nodding his head, Midoriya turned to his left to face the still rather awe-struck girl.

"I take it you're going to stay here still?" Shaking her head as if to wake herself from a daze; the girl quickly nodded; looking over her shoulder as she heard someone approach from behind.

"Yeah, like I said, I'm more suited to rescue anyway... by the way, I've been meaning to ask, what's your name? I'm Uraraka!"

"Midoriya; Midoriya Izuku,"

"And I'm Kirishima!" With a relatively large explosion on the other side of the room, seemingly caused by the crushing of several one and two pointer robots by a large shadow beast, it would seem that the new duo had their cue to get moving. He didn't know if Kirishima knew or not, but the tunnels were going to be their best way of getting out of the auditorium, and hopefully to 'safety'; after all, those tunnels ran all throughout the school; connecting in some way to every department, on every floor.

"Alright, I'm gonna guess you have a plan; you can explain it whilst we rendezvous with your group," Turning back to face Kirishima, the boy nodded, and with a quick wave to Uraraka, the two of them began to sprint over to the hole in the wall. Midoriya found himself slightly relieved by the fact that his Iron Man suit allowed him to negate the vision impairment that the smoke had been causing.

Using his Repulsors to fly over the hole in the floor, Midoriya turned to look behind him as he landed in the tunnels; his eyes locking on to the explosive boy, who was still preoccupied taking down 1 and 2 pointer robots, that had been making their way into the room via the door on what was the right side of what was left of the auditorium.

The thought crossed his mind that he should call out to him; ask him if he wanted to join him and Kirishima in finding a way out- but a part of him knew that he would say no anyway, albeit in a much more abrasive way that just 'no'. The very fact that the blond had not only saved him, but saved his suit was... strange. Midoriya wanted to believe that it was Bakugou's way of showing he cared... but he knew that he more than likely didn't. It was probably just the adrenaline that the whole situation had caused.

Then again, he had indirectly told the bond that the whole situation was fake, so-

"Hey! What's the hold up? You looked like you spaced out?" Snapping his head round, and raising his Repulsor out of instinct, Midoriya breathed a sigh of relief when he realised it was just Kirishima.

"Oh, it's... it's nothing, I just got distracted, sorry... let's get moving..." Nodding his head, Kirishima began to lead the way, turning left and right in the maze of jagged metal until they reached what appeared to be a dead-end according to Midoriya's mini-map; at the end of the corridor, leaning against the wall were Ojiro, Jirou, and Sero.

"Hey guys! I'm ba-" At the sound of Kirishima's voice, all three of them seemed to turn in unison; their faces contorting into looks of fear as they laid their eyes on Midoriya. Before the red-haired boy could even get out a sentence however, Sero shot out a roll of tape; striking Midoriya in the shoulder.

"Kirishima! Look out!" Yanking Midoriya forwards caused the boy to crash into Kirishima, knocking him out of the way and onto the floor as the Mark 5 landed on the ground besides him in a heavy thunk; Midoriya not even having time to react and put his hands out to break said fall.

"I haven't seen one that looks like that yet! W-What do you think it can do?" Ojiro mumbled, watching Midoriya with an apprehensive look in his eyes; his tail already tense and ready to fight.

"This one can feel pain because it's not a robot!"

Chapter Text

"Yo, I am really starting to hate these robots..." Mic mumbled, pulling his now cracked glasses from his face and slipping them into his jacket pocket, before reaching to remove the loudspeaker around his neck; letting the door to the temporary grading room slide closed behind him.

Due to the way that the new exam had been structured, the regular grading room was essentially off-limits, as having a student wander in amidst the chaos to see the teachers sitting on their asses whilst a villain attack was supposedly going on wasn't exactly a good idea. So, as a solution, they had dragged a bunch of older monitors over to the student dormitories, and set them up in the teachers' break-room on top of some collapsible tables.

With a groan, Aizawa stretched and cracked his back, before turning in his seat to stare at the Hero.

"Hey, I offered to give the introductory speech, but you said- and I quote 'you lack the ability to get people excited you walking sleeping-bag'... So suffer," At this, Mic pouted, and almost every other teacher present seemed to chuckle- including the principal himself.

Speaking of teachers, there weren't as many present as there should have been; that much was obvious, but it couldn't really be helped as a majority of the staff at UA were, by trade, Heroes- and as such, had Hero duties they needed to perform. Today had just so happened to be the day that a large portion of said Heroes were being debriefed from their latest mission.

It was a hunt for a vigilante that had been causing a pretty big disturbance as of late; not because they were dangerous per say, but because their Quirk had the potential to be.

This resulted in the amount of Heroes being able to grade the exam dropping to five; said five being Aizawa himself, Present Mic, Midnight, All Might, and Principal Nezu. Vlad King should have also been there, however he claimed to be needed back at his agency, and so was unable to make it.

"So, does anyone have any favourites picked out yet?" Aizawa mumbled, finally shifting from his slumped state and standing up; glancing back over to Mic quickly before making his way over to the kettle to make himself a cup of coffee. Normally, his tired appearance was more of a facade to catch people off guard, but in this instance, it was definitely real.

"Hmm, I don't see anyone that particularly piques my interests- but that aside, you're not one to choose favourites Shota; what's brought this on?" Midnight questioned, turning away from her monitor to look at the man.

"I don't normally pick favourites out of the students in my classes, because that leads to unfair and bias teaching; picking favourites for who you want in your class though? That's fair game..."

"Okay then Shota- which one of 'em caught your attention?" Midnight replied, signing and rolling her eyes at the man's smug face.

"The purple haired one; monitor D; he applied for the GenEd course according to his file, but put in his extra notes that he's aiming for the Hero Course. I figure he'd some research on the original entrance exam, realised his Quirk wouldn't be effective, and decided to get in through some other means."

The other teachers in the room turned to the monitor that Aizawa had been watching, to get a look at the kid in question. From what they could see, he was stood in front of a group of other GenEd applicants who had huddled to the back of the room; away from the fake villain within. He looked pretty skinny; meek if you will- but if Aizawa saw something in the kid they weren't going to question it.

"But, he applied for GenEd; you can't just put him in a different course, can you?" Mic questioned, placing his loudspeaker on the ground as he began to brush his fingers through his hair in an attempt to make it look like normal; making sure to add on a quick request for a coffee of his own to Shota.

"Well, I mean, are any of you gonna stop me?"

"Fair point,"

Though still amused at their antics, Nezu found himself focusing back on the monitor he was perched in front of- or more specifically, the green-haired boy being displayed on said monitor. Though the principal didn't have a problem with his staff picking favourites- it was definitely a first to have a favourite of his own; he had met plenty of remarkable people in all his years of being an educator, so for Midoriya to capture his interests was strange.

There was just something unique about him.

Chapter Text

Shinsou stood firmly in place as he stared down the villain; his tired facade doing well to hide the pure feeling of terror that had bloomed in his chest when the masked man had first walked into their classroom turned testing hall. This had not been how he had expected his day to go, but if he were being honest, on some level, he wasn't all that surprised that he had been placed into this situation.

Bad luck seemed to follow the boy everywhere he went, as he had noticed over the course of his life; all stemming from when he had gotten his Quirk aged four- but even he never would have imagined that his bad luck would have allowed for literal villains to break onto UA campus; one of the strongest and most secure (not anymore at least) places in all of Japan.

Shinsou grit his jaw; hearing the quiet, muffled cries of the other GenED test-takers hiding behind him; using him as a shield. Well, that would imply that he hadn't followed along with his own apparently suicidal urges and been to one to step out in front of them to protect them. Technically, it was the logical thing to do; most people taking the GenED test were bound to have non-combative Quirks, and though his was also technically non-combative, that was only the case against robots.

"Look you small-fry, I ain't here to waste energy smashing you runts into the ground- though that is kinda tempting; I'm just here to hold you guys hostage- so do us all a favour and stop trying to play hero?" The villain was male, Shinsou noted. He was broad-shouldered, and clearly had some muscle packing- though, that was all he could really make out about the man. His face was hidden by an ornate looking mask; covering his whole face the mask was white in colour and featured dancing golden shapes spreading across it, with two slits for eye-holes, and his clothing just consisted of an all-encompassing white robe.

Normally, in this situation, it would be wise for a hostage, or even a hero, to back down and do as they were told. After all, Shinsou's opponent was bigger than he was; there was no way to tell if he was concealing any weapons- and there were no tell-tale signs of what the man's Quirk was.

Shinsou, however, was going to do no such thing.

"Oh yea, and what're you gonna do if I don't?" The purple-haired teen could practically hear the other students behind him freeze in absolute horror at his words, however paying them no mind, the boy merely focused on the villain in front of him; waiting patiently for the man to make any sort of verbal response.

"I'm gon-" Before the man could even finish his second word, his whole posture fell limp; his eyes, though not visible to anyone, falling to a milky-white; completely void of life.

"Walk away and leave us alone; if you see any other villains, attack them." With those simple words, the big bad bulking villain turned on his heal and walked out of the classroom, much to the not-so-silent relief of the other students behind him; who even though confused about how the hell he had managed to do that, found themselves not caring in the slightest because why would they? They were going to live, and that was all that mattered to them.

Taking in a deep breath, Shinsou allowed himself to come out of his power-stance and do his best to relax. The immediate danger was gone, but the school was more than likely still over-run. There had been an announcement played over the P.A system only a few seconds before the villain had burst in, seemingly meant only for the Hero Course test takers; in his panic the Principal must have just broadcast to the whole school by mistake, but the message had said that the robots used in the Entrance Exam had been hacked.

Human villains he could deal with, but robots? Not so much. If he could deal with robots he wouldn't have been applying for GenED in the first place. A part of Shinsou wanted to laugh as he considered the possibility that, if he proved himself capable during this break-in, they might let him into the Hero Course. He knew that wasn't how things worked, but hey, he could dream.

Bringing a hand up to drag down his face, the boy stopped when he noticed how badly his hands were shaking. Bringing his hand back down by his side, the boy sighed again before turning back to look at the other people he had been protecting. They were all clearly still shaken, but were quietly talking amongst themselves. Shinsou opened his mouth to speak, wanting to ask if anyone was going to join him in evacuating, but he closed it not but a second after.

They had all seen his Quirk in action now. None of them would be willing to talk to him. Silently, he turned to face the door once more before walking over to it; his gravity-defying hair bouncing along with every step. Just as he was about to reach for the door the boy felt his foot slip on something; almost causing him to loose balance; his tired-eyes widening to an impossible degree as he felt himself nearly fall on his ass.

Glaring down at the offending object revealed it to be a broken-off chair leg; more than likely ripped from its chair during the commotion only a few minutes earlier. His lips spreading thin, Shinsou considered something for a moment, before finally giving in with a sigh and picking the object up. 

At the end of the day, the boy had no muscle; he wasn't exactly fast, and he had no idea how to fight. The only thing he had going for him was his Quirk, but even if it wouldn't do anything to help him, the feeling of at least having some form of weapon helped to put the boy at ease, if only slightly.

Moving out into the UA corridors, Shinsou took in the absolutely ravaged state of the building. There were wires falling from the ceiling; black scorch marks from what could either have been fire or explosions caking the walls, and half of the lights were out, plunging several segments of the halls into complete darkness. The whole situation looked too much like a horror movie for the boy to be comfortable.

With the chair leg raised in front of him, Shinsou finally began to move; his back pressed against the wall, the boy shuffled down the corridor in the direction of what he hoped was the exit. The building itself was complicated to navigate around when not destroyed, evidenced by the fact that Shinsou had gotten lost three times before finding the classroom- but in its now wrecked state, it was as if the building was shifting its layout as he went; creating paths that once weren't there, just to mess with him.

His hands still violently shook, no matter how tight he gripped his make-shift weapon; the silence that filled each corridor kept him on edge and tense- two feelings that skyrocketed within the boy as his eyes locked onto where he swore on his life he saw a shadow move.

Though he was ashamed to admit it, after that, a few minutes of unblinking staring occurred before the boy began to move again; creeping slowly through the halls; his eyes rapidly around for anything that might jump out at him and attack him.

Turning the corner into another corridor, the boy felt his blood run cold as he laid his eyes upon what, at one point, were probably other students. Their eyes were blank, almost like what would happen whenever he put someone under his control- but their bodies were barely recognisable as human anymore. Toxic green, glowing orbs of pulsating meat marred their skin, and from these orbs small, glowing tendrils dug under their flesh.

Their mouths were all hung open, slack-jawed and drooling; their saliva also a toxic green.

The, for lack of a better word, creatures, seemed to shuffle about like one would expect of zombies; emitting a fear-enduing clicking noise as if attempting to use echo-location to see. Shinsou felt like he was going to be sick; bringing his free-hand up to cover his mouth as he tried his hardest to back away as quietly as he could manage.

Alas however, in true horror movie style, Shinsou completely failed in escaping undetected. His hands, which were already uncontrollably shaking before he had encountered these creatures; seemed to undergo their own personal seizure; the chair leg he had been gripping like a lifeline being involuntarily tossed to the ground and clattering with a noise that could almost deafen the boy were it any louder.

Shinsou's breath began to speed up; his chest constricting tighter than it had ever done before as he watched; helpless; immobile with fear as the creatures, one by one, turned their disgusting, in-human heads to stare at him. 

"P... Please... don't hurt me..." His words were barely audible; his voice so weak as his throat began to constrict. The boy just hoped; prayed to whatever deity that might be looking down on him right now, that the creatures would give some form of response to him; one that he could use to control them; to get them to just leave him alone.

There was silence.

And then, there was noise.

The creatures, almost in satisfaction, began to scream in a way that almost mimicked laughter; the vocal chords of the used-to-be people sounding like they were tearing apart as the creatures forced out frequencies and sounds that no human should ever be able to make- before proceeding to power-walk towards the boy.

Running purely off of humanity's built in survival instinct, Shinsou attempted to back away, however not even a second after turning back around the corner he had come from, he felt himself trip over his own feet and collapse to the ground in a pile.

The boy had reached for his Quirk, trying desperately to activate it, however it refused to budge; the creature's screaming not counting as enough of a response for it to work.

"...I guess this is it... I failed..." They were terrible last words, but Shinsou didn't care. It wasn't like anyone was going to care enough about his passing to find out what they were. Squeezing his eyes closed, the boy waited for death. However, surprisingly, what came next was not death. No, instead, what came next was a massive fucking explosion.

His eyes bolting open to see what had caused it his attention was immediately caught by the massive hole that now rested in the wall to his left- and more importantly, the three figures that had presumably just caused the hole.

Before the boy could even process what was happening, a black device was thrown to the ground at his feet by one of the figures, as the other two rushed over to yank him away from the creatures. The device, from what he could make out, was black; modelled in the shape of a tricorn- however that was all he could make out before the thing exploded into bright flash of white light; searing his eyes before he had a chance to close them once more.

It took a few seconds, but eventually the boy felt the light die down, and so ever so carefully, he cracked his eyes open. In front of him, just where they had been before, were the students turned creatures that he swore were about to kill him- however now, they looked to be completely normal; no toxic green flesh; no slack-jaws; looking just as confused as he was.

The corridor was different too; the wires that had been dangling from the ceiling were back where they should be; running neatly under the roof-panelling. The lights, that had been either completely dead, or flickering, were back to their usual luminescent selves. And Shinsou, felt his racing heart and anxiety die almost instantly.

"Just as I though; an illusion Quirk; even with all the funding this school gets they'd never let villains destroy the place this much; something bigger than a villain attack is at play here..." Came a voice from behind Shinsou. With a pained sigh; the feeling of falling on his butt finally catching up to him, the boy turned to face the two people who had dragged him away from the device just in time to see the third person finish talking, as they made their way from the hole in the wall, over to them.

Judging from their tool-belts, goggles and other accessories, the three of them were clearly Support Course applicants. Two male, one female. The two males had red and white hair respectively; both of them wore plain, black jogging bottoms- and on their top halves one wore a red tank-top, whilst the other wore an oversized black hoodie. The girl had pink hair and was wearing a grey, striped tank-top with an over-sized pair of brown overalls, and on her head was a large pair of goggles.

They all clearly lacked dress sense, but since they just saved his life, Shinsou wasn't inclined to say anything.

"I'm just glad that my baby actually worked; I hadn't tested that one yet since I wasn't planning on using it..." Shinsou blinked at that, as he watched the pink-haired girl walk straight passed him and over to the tricorn, where she proceeded to kneel down in front of it, and begin to tamper with it.

"Sorry," Shinsou began, earning himself the attention of the the three Support Course examinees- as well as the other, de-creature-fied students.

"But can someone tell me what the hell is going on?" The pink-haired girl blinked owlishly at him for a moment, before a look of realisation spread over her face. Standing from her crouched position, a lob-sided grin formed.

"Right, so, the basics of it is that there were at least two Quirks active when I got here; one was the illusion thingy, which made this place look all spooky- and the other was whatever the hell was wrong with you guys," The girl explained, flapping her hand between the scenery, and the extras.

"My baby here blocks Quirks from working within a set field, and when I threw it into this corridor it returned things back to normal around us. Make sense?" Shinsou felt himself nod numbly. 

"But, that doesn't make sense... if villains are attacking then why are they using a Quirk to make it look as if the place is wrecked, and not just, I don't know, actually wreck the place?" One of the other students asked, and if he was being honest, Shinsou wanted to know that as well.

The girl's smile faltered as she turned her head to look at the ceiling, her eyes trained on the area just outside of her device's range, where the shadows of decay kept trying to get in.

"That, is what I intend on finding out... You lot though are getting out of here! That hole leads right outside, but remember, were not exactly on the ground floor, so you're gonna have to jump unless you want to climb down through the building," Helping up the students, the girl proceeded to get them to walk over to the hole.

"Quintenn, Hanato, you two make sure they get out safe, okay?" The two Support Course examinees, whom Shinsou now knew to be Quintenn and Hanato, nodded in affirmation, before moving to help the students through the hole.

"Wait, what about me?" Shinsou asked, pushing himself up onto his aching feet.

"Oh," The girl began.

"I assumed you were gonna come with me to figure out what's going on?" Shinsou stared, dumbfounded, for a moment, before nodding.

"...I was, yes, but... how did you know?" The girl simply shrugged her shoulders as she bent to pick up the device she had thrown, before securing it to her hip using her tool belt.

"You just had that look about you. What's ya name by the way?"

"It's Shinsou, Shinsou Hitoshi; what's yours?"

"Hatsume Mei; shall we get going?" Shinsou nodded, and that was that; the two of them beginning their exploration further into the school.


Chapter Text

"So... it's been kinda bugging me since you showed up, but, why does your suit's chest thingy glow like the villain bots?" After their slightly awkward introductions, à la Sero forcing him to face-plant the ground, the small group had set off down the seemingly endless maintenance tunnels in order to try and find the quickest route out of the building; Midoriya using the UA schematics to guide them, whilst Jirou used her Quirk to warn them of any incoming threats; plugging and un-plugging her jacks into the wall as they walked.

Turning his head slightly to look back at the girl, he felt his eyebrows knit together in confusion before he glanced down at his chest-plate. There, in the centre of the green and gold metal was the bright, baby-blue glow of his reactor. Midoriya tensed up slightly as he continued to walk, the fact that he was encased in his suit thankfully meaning no one was able to tell. The black disc he had placed over his Arc Reactor before entering the school had fallen off at some point, more than likely when he was knocked unconscious.

"Oh, um, if I tell you then you have to promise to keep it on the down-low, okay?" Turning his head back to face the way he was walking, he felt himself sigh. It wasn't like he couldn't tell people he had been the one to design the drones- but he really hadn't wanted to, especially this early into his time at UA.

"Yea, sure, we wont say anything, right guys?" The others in the group mumbled their own agreements to his condition; refusing to let their guards down too much, even if it was just to talk. He couldn't really blame them though, considering that they thought the test was real, so he just chose to sigh again.

"It's because me and my friend were the ones to draw up the original blueprints for these things," That got everyone to let their guard down, as every member of their make-shift group turned to stare at Midoriya with wide-eyes; confusion as well as a mixture of other emotions filling their faces. Kirishima looked as if he were going to say something, his eyes sparkling with respect, however before he could even open his mouth, Jirou beat him to it.

"We've got incoming; it sounds like a two-pointer, but I think there's another set of footsteps being masked by the noise, so... there might be something else!" Everyone turned their attention back to the tunnel; Midoriya raising his repulsors; Ojiro dropping into a fighting stance with his tail tense; Sero raising his elbows in a way that, whilst defensive, was also pretty funny to look at; and Kirishima charging up his already bruised and battered arms.

The five of them waited; still as the air as they listened for the incoming drone. The fire that was still raging around them, melting the tunnels down doing nothing to alleviate their discomfort as they found themselves sweating even more than their nerves were originally making them.

It started quiet at first, barely audible over the crackling of the fire, and the cries of the other students in the classrooms above the tunnels- but with each passing second, it only grew louder; the warping and splintering of metal as the drone forced its way through the tunnel towards them becoming more and more violent as it went on- eventually becoming so loud that Jirou was forced to cover her ears out of fear that her drums might rupture.

But that was when another sound joined the fray. From the end of the tunnel came a girl's scream, indicating that Jirou had been right in assuming that there was another pair of footsteps coming their way. Bolting around the corner they had been staring at came a girl with pink skin; a white fluid pouring from her hands as she continued to throw it behind herself at her attacker.

Not even a second later the two-pointer came crashing around the corner after her; it's four arms being reduced to one, as its three others had been melted into uselessness. The girl tripped, but before she could even hit the ground, Midoriya had started firing at the drone; destroying its reactor in only two blasts before using a third to launch it away from the girl; Ojiro and Sero launched themselves quickly into action as well; Ojiro using his tail to push himself over to the girl whilst Sero used his tape to secure the drone to the wall.

Kirishima and Jirou just sighed in relief; deactivating his Quirk and her uncovering her ears as the noise finally went away.

"Hey, miss, are you okay?" Ojiro asked, tentatively placing a hand onto the girl's shoulder as she attempted to push herself back up and off of the floor. Her hair, pink just like her skin, was matted to her head with sweat; making her horns stand out even more than they normally would.

"I thought I was gonna die..." Ojiro felt his lips form a line; she probably hadn't meant for him to hear that considering how quiet and breathy of a whisper it was, but he definitely wasn't going to blame her for thinking that. Before he'd met up with the others he'd though the exact same thing when fighting against a one-pointer.

"Well, you're not, okay? You're safe now... can you stand?" The girl seemed to struggle to swallow something for a moment; vigorously shaking her head 'no' as her arms began to violently shake in her effort to push herself up.

"Okay, well, we're not just going to leave you here; grab onto my tail and I'll lift you." Pulling his hand from the girl's shoulder, Ojiro quickly swung his tail around to rest just under the girl's head; between her and the floor, and not even a second later the girl's arms gave out. She collapsed onto his appendage with a grunt.

"W... Who... are... you..." The girl asked between breaths, her arms slowly snaking around the tail, before squeezing it to let the boy know she was holding on. Slowly, Ojiro moved his tail upwards to drag the girl to her feet, and as soon as he was able to, he moved one of her arms from his tail to around his shoulders.

"My name's Ojiro, what about you?" Finding her footing, the girl let out another shaky breath.

"I... It's Mina... Mina Ashido," Kirishima's eyes bolted open as he ran over to the two of them, nearly tripping over himself in his rush. He had thought she had looked familiar, and that name only confirmed his suspicions.

"Mina?! Holy crap I thought it was you, are you okay?! Are you injured?!" The girl, Mina, turned to look at the red-head in confusion for a moment, before her own eyes widened in recognition.

"Kiri? Holy crap, you applied for UA? A... and your hair, you dy-"

"Yes, I did, I'm here, are you injured?" The boy repeated, feeling himself become tense at the mention of his hair. He had forgotten Mina hadn't seen him after he'd dyed his hair. Though they had been pretty close during middle school, after they had broken up for the holidays, the two had barely spoken to each other at all; both busy preparing for UA.

Mina shook her head as her breathing finally began to slow back down to what most would consider a normal pace.

"My... The skin on my hands has been burned off because of how much I've been using my Quirk, and my lungs feel like they're on fire, but aside from that? I'm fucking peachy." Kirishima shook his head in relief, before moving to take her other hand from Ojiro's tail, and throwing it over his own shoulder.

"Was there anyone else with you when you entered these tunnels?" Midoriya finally spoke, having essentially not moved at all from where he had blasted the drone. Mina's head darted over to him in an instant, seemingly having not noticed he was even there, before her eyes widened with fear.

"T-There's another bot; get it quick!" Though they screamed in protest, Mina's hands began to secrete more acid as she prepared to defend herself from Midoriya, however before she could move to throw the acid, Sero, who had been awkwardly standing off to the side with Jirou, moved to put himself between the two.

"Hey, Mina, calm down; he's not a robot- I already made sure of that; it's another student!" His words were barely recognisable as they slurred together in an attempt to get the message out as quickly as possible, but luckily, Mina had understood them; her acid stopping production. Her heart-rate had spiked again, but at least she wasn't in danger.

"S... sorry, I saw the glow and I just..." The girl trailed off with a sigh, shaking her head ask she looked back down at the floor.

"No, it's okay, I understand; we're all a little stressed right now- but I need to know, was there anyone else in here with you?" Midoriya asked, slowly moving over to the four; Jirou following close behind.

"No, not that I know of; I was one of the first to rush in here I think; I wanted to stop any more of those bots from getting into the auditorium whilst people looked after the people that got injured. I thought that, since my Quirk's pretty strong and I'm good in a fight, I could deal with it on my own but... No matter what I did to them, they just kept getting back up; eventually I got exhausted and tried to run... then I got lost..." Mina's eyes began to burn as she felt tears begin to form but she didn't care if these people saw her crying; they already saw how weak she was. How bad her Quirk was.

"Hey, all things considered, I think you did a good job- that two-pointer was nearly entirely disarmed; if you'd've managed to find a way to get rid of the fourth arm it should have shut itself down. Don't be so hard on yourself; I made these things hard to beat for a reason!" Midoriya smiled, though no one could see it. The girl looked up at his faceplate in surprise, a few tears rolling down her cheeks before she gave him a small smile.

"Yeah, getting back to that point actually, you built these things?!"


"NO DIFFERENCE!" Jirou shouted back; her arms flailing into the air in exasperation. Midoriya bit back an awkward chuckle as he rubbed his suit's neck.

"Wait, so, if you designed these things then don't you work for UA or something? Why were you taking the Hero Course test?" Midoriya turned his attention to Kirishima before sighing. They didn't have time to waste talking about this stuff, but the only way he could explain that to them would be to reveal that 'surprise, the school isn't being wrecked by villains- it's being wrecked by its own teachers because they apparently have the budget to rebuilt the whole god damn school'.

"Look, it's complicated, but basically my tech impressed the principal and in exchange for the ability to use them in the Hero Course, he said I could have access to any materials UA might have for future inventions. I was taking the Hero Course test because I want to use my tech to become a hero!" He wasn't exactly lying- if anything it was a lie by omission.

Kirishima slowly nodded his head in understanding, before Sero decided to pipe up with his own question.

"So, if you designed them, then you know how to beat them, right?" This time Midoriya nodded his head.

"Well yes, and no. Like I just told Mina, if you disable all of its weapons, then its power source will automatically burn out- but the thing is, when I sent in the blueprints I made sure to say that each robot should be given a unique combination of weapons. If I'm honest, we've been lucky so far encountering just machine guns and missile launchers!" The boy watched as every face in the room began to pale, and if he was being honest, a tiny, tiny, part of him wanted to chuckle.

"What... what other things can they have?" Ojiro asked, shifting Mina's arm ever so slightly to alleviate the numb feeling that had started to spread across his shoulder.

"Off the top of my head? Invisibility cloaks and overshields, but that's not important right now. We need to get moving, remember? Unless someone else still in the auditorium can find a way to open the doors we came through, we're responsible for making an escape route. Speaking of which, I may have a plan."

"Yeah, he's right, we can't waste anymore time!" Kirishima grimaced, the ache of his arms finally starting to get to him. The only reason the ache hadn't been bothering him before was pure adrenaline; his body couldn't afford to let the pain stop him- but all the standing around they were doing was making that adrenaline wear off.

"Okay, so what's the plan?"

"Whilst you were helping Mina I was looking over UA's schematics; if we keep following these tunnels it'll take us at least five hours to get where we need to go, since they wrap around the whole building. We're currently in the front-left tower, so we'd have to work our way through the other three until we could go down even just one level- however if we continue down these tunnels and break through a specific wall, we should come out in a storage room. From there? We secure the nearest stairwell, break open the front doors, and get everyone out. Sound good?"

"It's a good plan, but we can't just bring Mina with us; she's in no condition to fight; we'd have to take her back to the others, and then you'd be down two of your strongest fighters," Ojiro explained, shooting a quick glance over at Sero and Jirou.

"No offence you guys," The boy added, chuckling awkwardly at the glare the girl sent his way.

"I mean, I can still fight if needed, but my arms are practically bust," Kirishima added, gesturing down to his arms with his head. Midoriya chewed on the inside of his cheek for a moment as he realised the boy was right. Between the smoke, the fire, the drones, and their lack of capable fighters- getting to and holding down an entire segment of the school wasn't exactly feasible. Especially when you take into account the 'villains' that were walking the halls.

"Fair point... In that case we should all head back to the main area, and from there we can explain the plan to everyone else." With no complaints or arguments from anyone, the group began their trek back to the main area. It was a quiet walk, the only notable sound being the occasional drag of Mina's feet against the floor as she was half-dragged and as she half-walked in between Kirishima and Ojiro.

If he were being honest, Midoriya couldn't help but feel extremely off. After turning on his Quirk for a few minutes in order to make a few calculations, it had become glaringly obvious to the boy that they should have run into at least two or so more drones before they reached their destination, and the fact that they hadn't was setting off alarm bells in his head. With a deep breath however, he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. At the end of the day, the fact that they hadn't run into any more of the drones was a good thing.

Looking through the hole that the first Iron Monger had created the group sighed in relief that the room had clearly calmed down since they were last in there. The fires that had once dominated the room had been muted, nearly being entirely extinguished- and the smoke they had been producing had also been taken care of, courtesy of one of the examinee's Quirks. The door to the group's left, that had once been pouring robots into the room had also been taken care of, being completely barricaded by what looked to be a ton of scrap metal fused together into a janky-looking wall.

The other examinees that had been fending off the drones from entering were also finally 'relaxing', for lack of a better word; being sat in a few separate groups across the room on what few chairs had been undamaged when the roof had caved in; more than likely trying to develop their own strategies. And the hole that many had seen Present Mic fall into had been covered by the same janky-looking fusion of scrap, this time in the form of a large, flat square.

Entering the room, quite a few more eyes than Midoriya was expecting turned to face the group, however he payed them no mind as he watched Ojiro and Kirishima take Mina over to the right side of the room, where Uraraka and Tsuyu were still stationed, though they were clearly far more relaxed than they were when the two had first interacted with him.

Reaching a hand up, Midoriya felt around his neck area for a few seconds before finally finding the switch he was looking for; pressing it down and causing the Mark 5's faceplate to completely retract back into the suit. Seeing a human face apparently served to relax a few of the examinees that had been staring at him, as they went back to talking amongst themselves.

"I'm gonna go sit down for a few minutes and rest; when you're ready to go through with your plan just let me know, okay?" Sero whispered, nodding to Midoriya quickly before making his way over to one of the already established groups of people; Jirou following a few seconds later. Midoriya nodded back, before scanning the room once more; his eyes immediately landing on his target, who had also apparently been staring at him with his own narrowed, violently-red eyes.

Activating his Quirk to alleviate any remaining anxieties he had about going through with his plan, Midoriya slowly approached the boy who- much to his own surprise, didn't let off a single explosion as he approached- though the scowl that dominated his features gave him the impression that he was pretty close to doing so. The blond in question was slouched down next to the barricade that had been set up, presumably so he could stop any more drones from getting in should the defences fail.

"What the fuck do you want Deku?" Taking note of the uneven breathing that overruled the usual edge that Bakugou's voice held, Midoriya merely stared at the boy for a moment, before choosing to awkwardly sit cross-legged opposite him the best his suit would allow.

"Kacchan, I know that you're going to want to say no-"

"Then why are you asking?!" Midoriya levelled the blond with a glare, and with a grumble, Bakugou simmered down once more.

"As I was saying, I know you're going to want to say no, but I want you to realise that unless I didn't have any other option, I wouldn't come to you. I have a plan to get everyone out of here, but I need your help."

"And why in the fuck do you think I'd help you, Frankenstein's Monster looking-ass?!" Bakugou growled, shifting to look anywhere but at his former friend.

"Because," Midoriya began, holding up three fingers.

"One, even though you hate my guts and see me as nothing but an obstacle, you understand that my Quirk makes me nearly un-paralleled in terms of intelligence." One of Midoriya's fingers went down.

"Two, you are the only other person here besides me who knows that this whole situation is a test, and you know that by following my advice you are guaranteed to score far higher marks than the others." Another of Midoriya's fingers went down, this time with Bakugou muttering under his own breath about how this whole event 'feels fucking real', as he slowly clenched and un-clenched his hands.

"And three, my plan will let you show off how strong you are, and we both know just how much you love to do that..." Even with his Quirk still active, both Midoriya and Bakugou could feel the resentment hidden within those words. Looking over his shoulder, Midoriya took another look at the examinees, before deactivating his Quirk. Now that he had gotten the blond to agree, he didn't really need to keep in on.

"As long as you stay out of my way I'll follow your stupid fucking plan." Midoriya felt himself slowly bob his head in agreement as he turned back to face Bakugou.

"O-okay, here's what I'm gonna need you t-to do. Since you stayed back to help stop the drones with everyone else, you've seen what most of these people's Quirks can do, right?"

"They're all a bunch of weaklings, but yeah," Choosing to ignore the interruption, Midoriya just sighed quietly to himself before continuing.

"Well, when I was in there trying to find a safe way to get e-everyone out, I found a shortcut we could take i-if we broke through a wall- so my plan is we brake through there, and we all rush to the nearest stairwell, and then we have the people with the strongest Quirks keep the stairs secured whilst the other get to the front door and once everyone's there, we send the people with the strongest Quirks out first to keep the villains busy, whilst those with weaker Quirks or people that are injured make a break for it," Bakugou brought up a hand to rub at his face; shaking his head at Midoriya.

"That is the shittiest plan I've ever heard you come up with!" A look of disbelief instantly came over Midoriya as the boy opened his mouth to argue back, however before he could, Bakugou held up a hand to his face.

"But it's the only plan we've got. I'm gonna guess you came to me because you wanted me to organise this shit, right?" With a pout still on his face, Midoriya looked away from the blond.

"Yes, even with my Quirk active I still don't like being the centre of large amounts of attention... I wonder why that might be?" Choosing to ignore the sarcasm, Bakugou merely groaned as he finally stood from his slouch; Midoriya doing the same albeit more awkwardly due to the armour.