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The grass feels nice against his hands. Soft, Mob thinks. It leaves some marks on his palms, though. Pinkish and greenish. He's been sitting here for... a few hours, he thinks? Not that he mind anyway. He likes it here, near the river. The wind feels nice against his cheeks and his hair, too. Breezing and fleeting. And the sun is warm. Tingling.

There're some noises, too. He can hear birds, leaves, some kids laughing. They sound fun. It's not a bad kind of noise. It's white noise, he thinks. Ritsu said so, he thinks.

It's calm, here.

Mob lies his back on the grass, hands on his stomach. He watches the sky for a few - oh, he's stopped counting and oh, that cloud looks so fluffy and so white. It moves slowly.

The sky... It's so blue.

He then closes his eyes, feeling the soft light behind his eyelids.

How much time has passed, he doesn't know. It's not dark yet, he knows.

Oh, the soft light is gone.

Mob's already known who it is. He can feel their aura. He open his eyes.

Hovering over him, spiky red hair, electric blue eyes.

"Hello, Suzuki-kun." Mob hears himself speaking. The redhead grins.

"Ritsu's brother."

"...Please don't call me that..." He deadpans.


"It kinda reminds me of the first time and the second time we met." At this, Shou looks a little guilty. Is that guilty? Mob is still learning to read the atmosphere.

"Yeah, about that, sorry..." He smiles apologetically.

"It's okay."

"So" Shou sounds excited once again, the playful grin returns to his face. "What should I call you then?"

"Mob is fine. Or Shigeo. Or anything else you want." The raven suggests. He doesn't mind, really. Shou has already lay down next to him.

"Shigeo then!" The boy seems to have a liking for first name basis. He doesn't mind that, too.

"If you want to see Ritsu, you'll have to wait a little longer. Student council."

"...Actually, no, I'm not here to see him..." Shou mumbles. Mob just stares at him.

And stares.

And stares.


He continues to watch the sky. Ah, the clouds've been moving just a little bit faster.

"You love the sky." Shou states after a moment.


"Why?" He can hear - what do people call it? - curiosity (right?) in his voice. Mob ponders, trying to find the right words. There's a long stretch of silence.

"Blue." He says, finally.


"The blue of the sky."

"What about it?" Now Shou is very confused. Shigeo is hard to read, he reminds himself.

"Well, it's soft, it's nice to look at. I mean, it doesn't hurt my eyes when I look at it too long, you know? The clouds are white. Like milk. I like milk. And it's not...dangerous..." He whispers the last part.


Mob nods. "Because it's different from the blue of my aura. It's different from my power." Another whisper.

This time, the silence isn't as pleasant as it was few minutes ago. It's tense. It's wrong. Shou wants to say something, anything. He can't come up with anything comforting. Maybe-

"The ocean." He blurts out.

"Excuse me?"

"The ocean." Shou repeats. Now Mob's the puzzled one.

"What's with it?"

"Have you ever come to beach?"

Mob's deep in thought. "Once, I think. With my mom and dad and Ritsu."

"So, you know, when sunset and the sky and the light is all pink and red and purple and those lights mix with the dark blue of the sea. That scene is truly breathtaking, you know. It's beautiful and calm..." Shou looks at one floating cloud, smiling softly. His voice is almost a whisper now, too.

Mob hasn't said anything, so he continues.

"It's exactly like your aura, you know..." Shou now is looking at Shigeo. Shigeo is looking back, too.

"The ocean is dangerous sometimes." Mob says. "What about tsunami, earthquake, eruptions?"

"So is the sky." Shou argues. "Storms, waterspout, tornadoes!"


"Everything has two sides, you know."

"...I know. It's like a knife. But..." Mob stops, like he's afraid to say the next thing. "...neither the sky nor the ocean is dangerous enough to destroy the world..." His voice becomes smaller and smaller.

Shou gazes at Shigeo.

Shigeo is now gazing at the sky again.

"Sometimes, I envy of the sky's blueness." He whispers.

His dark red eyes are empty now. No, almost empty to be exact. There's something behind Mob's gaze, something far away. It's like he has lost into his own world. Shou can feel it, Mob's aura. It's in the air, distressed, refrained, wild...


"Hey, you know what Shigeo..." He says.

"Hm?" Mob hums softly.

"...I think you're normal just like everyone else."

It's not true. There's so much thing Shou wants to say, so much thing Shou needs to tell Mob. Mob's is anything but normal. Besides being the most powerful esper he knows, Mob's kinder - ridiculously kind, might he add - than anyone Shou's ever met. How he could forgive Shou and his father and literally everyone, it's beyond Shou's knowledge. No normal person can have a heart as big as his.

The thought of someone like Shigeo - kind, pure, sweet, gentle, forgiving, selfless Shigeo - cannot accept and forgive himself, it makes Shou nauseate.

That's not what Shigeo wants to hear, that's not what Shigeo needs to hear.

Silence. Mob doesn't answer. Shou still can feel his aura. But it's different now. It's calm, it's free, it's gentle.

Shou looks over.

Mob is still facing the sky, but he has his eyes closed, a small smile on his lips.

And he's glowing softly, his aura shimmering: all dark blue and pink and purple, rolling in waves. And Shou thinks, when he looks close enough, there're some sky-blue tints in it.

He too, smiles and watches the sky. Guess Shigeo is right. It's really nice to look at. And there's a cloud that looks like a hamster. He tells Mob this.

It's sunset.

Shou stands up suddenly, startling Mob a bit. He grins again and offers his hand.

"Let's go to the beach someday. Summer is coming. We can drag Ritsu and blondie - Teru, right? - along."

Mob stares at his hand. He takes it.