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Waiting for the Train

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9:34 A.M.

"Why did you leave, [F/N]?"

You already expected him to ask the question ever since he took the seat beside you in the station. It was just a matter of time before he he would start asking for answers, after all.

You took a deep breath to calm your racing heart before beginning.

"You remember about my father who left us? He asked mom and I to come here - he practically begged us to, especially me. He had an emergency, you see," you looked down at your lap, fiddling with your fingers, "my half brother needed a bone marrow donor and I was the only possible match in the family. I, I didn't want someone related to me just die because of my selfishness, so I decided to leave. Not telling you was part of it - it was too painful for me."

You think it wasn't for me? You could already imagine him saying, but he didn't utter a single word.

"Is he okay now?" He suddenly asked after a few moments of silence, taking you by surprise.


"Your half brother," he clarified, not meeting your gaze while you looked at him with an ounce of desperation.

You smiled a little, "Yeah. He's better now. It's still going to take a few more years for both him and me, but he's getting better, thankfully."

"That's good."

You pursed your lips together, feeling guilt at the heavily growing silence between the two of you.

"Say, why don't I treat you to some hot cocoa and Ben's Cookies nearby?" you said, "I especially like the dark chocolate and nuts. Maybe you'll find a favorite there too."

He turned to look at your direction, an expression you couldn't read on his face. You worried for a split second before he gave a small upward quirk of his lips.


You grinned, "My treat. Then we can catch up once we get there."