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Her face was warm, and her hands grabbed the notebook with a delicate hold. She smiled softly, but Touko didn't want to have too much hope all of sudden. Byakuya was a handsome guy, but the heiress tought she was misunderstanding everything. As always... The love letter was for someone else, and he just wanted to check if it was good enough for some other person; that was the only explanation she found.


'I never suspected that I would ever like someone.
You barely talk with me, with anyone, so; why?
It's so strange, I can't understand it well...'


Touko sighed softly, putting the drafts in the table. Her hopes were too high, of course it was Kirigiri and not her. The detective barely talked with Naegi, and no one else, she was the most probable candidate for receiving the writings of the author. Because, well, she didn't had any chest. Her hair was always greasy, and she wasn't a heiress at all. Of course it was the detective. Kirigiri was superior in investigation(something that Byakuya adores), and she never talked either.

Why did the author showed her the drafts? To make her feel bad? If that was the reason; it worked.
Touko went back to her room, leaving everything behind. The girl simply didn't force herself to care about anything else than the sheets of the bed, and the warmth that was her company, sleeping without any resting.


The morning came faster than expected.Soft knocks woke the heiress up, and the fog of her eyes came back. Touko quietly changed her clothes before answering the door, looking at who annoyed her.


"Fukawa, are you coming to the morning reunion?"A mop of light brown hair was the first thing she saw, and the smile of Makoto Naegi, who always tried his best to cheer everyone after the class trials... but his smile wasn't as big as before, the spark of his gray eyes was fading with each dead friend. He was losing hope, as everyone else.

'And he still tries. Why?'

Touko opened her mouth, about to say 'no', but stopped when the boy seemed surprised. He didn't deserve hearing her, not if a voice was sooo interesting.
And her voice was raspy, anyways, and she didn't want to sound like a man. She hated that.


"Polanski is there already. He said that he wanted to talk with you". That was Kyouko Kirigiri.
The detective was so silent that Touko sometimes gasped at seeing her appear, but because she was too distracted in her thoughts she never said anything. When they kept quiet, waiting for a response, was when she nodded softly. Naegi smiled again, waving, and both visitors went to the cafeteria without more words.

'Maybe they are starting to get it...' the heiress tought, walking behind them but not so close.
They were discussing something, and she didn't want to hear or annoy. Her eyes felt really heavy now. Staying too late reading was a bad idea, or maybe she cried and didn't notice. A love letter isn't something to cry. Even if it wasn't for her, she hoped that Byakuya was happy. She didn't deserve him, anyways.


No 'You're late!' was heard when the three entered the cafeteria. Kiyotaka Ishimaru was... blank. Quiet. Even more than her, as his face didn't show anything than... well... nothing. The lucky boy put a hand in the shoulders of the moral compass, before everyone started discussing what the third floor had. She didn't care. With the library, her room and the cafeteria was enough. The rest was not actually needed (there were so many bathrooms for some strange reason...).



Ah, it's him again.

Byakuya was in front of her, his long hair-- her long hair was in a little ponytail, and her blue eyes were observing Touko's hands, searching something. The heiress looked at the writer, who just stared at her. But Touko didn't feel comfy talking in front of these strangers, so nothing came from her mouth.


"Did you read what I gave you?"

The tone of her voice was... strange. Almost as if Byakuya was expecting not a correction, but an opinion. As if she actually cared about what Touko said, not how well it was written.
After receiving a simple nod, the writer continued.


"Let's discuss it in the library. It's... important." The blonde girl started to play with her glasses, without noticing her own blush.
Touko tought that she had a fever, but was too shy to put her hand in Byakuya's head just to check. When the reunion ended, both girls walked together to the decided place. The writer didn't seem bothered to find her drafts there, she simply put them in Touko's lap again.


"Is this for Kirigiri?" Was the first question that the heiress said, without thinking of the growing pain in her chest.


"The letter. This is for someone, because you have never wrote something of romance. At least not in five years". Touko wasn't angry, just curious. She started to chew her nails when she noticed how intimidating she seemed (based in the blonde's expression). If it was not Kirigiri, then, who had won the author's heart?


"I... tought... I tought you noticed" was the only response she got, made with a strange shyness and a darker blush in Byakuya's face. The author sighed. "But maybe not. It's not that important, okay? I just... wanted to hear what you think about it."

Touko remained silent at this, not sure of what she should answer. Her nerves grew as the writer's eyes were observing hers, filled with curiosity and some hope.

"I-I, um... I think it is really good. Even if it is a little short. But, um, you do not have to write a thousand of words to make something beautiful" . She gulped before continuing. "Everything you write is great, and I think it is really good that you try to do something else than detective stuff every now and then". Byakuya smiled, getting her drafts back, and sat at Touko's side. They kept quiet for some hours, reading the more confidential books of the school out of curiosity, the author telling the shorter girl the murderers of strange cases. Except one.

"Genocider Syo. No one knows who he is, or nothing, except that he kills with handmade scissors and writes messages with the victim's blood" the blonde said, showing her friend the images of the 15 bodies that the murderer left. "He stopped killing some years ago. With no traces or failures, no one can find him now."

Touko listened with attention, chewing her nails again. She was tense, and knew it, but couldn't fight that. If Byakuya knew, she was going to tell everyone. The heiress didn't want that; the strangers would attack her, or something, and she was afraid that even Monokuma would think it was fair.

Because she was Genocider Syo, and she wasn't at the same time.