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"I'm bAAACK, BABY! Many years without seeing you, gal. Look how big you have got!"

Touko was talking to her reflection; it had a long tongue and teeth, and her pupils were red now. The fear was still in her chest, but it was fading away, so she didn't care. She checked under her skirt, and growled when it had nothing hidden. The room just had books and more books, nothing that could help to make more scissors.


"Where are my scissors, girl? Did ya throw 'em away while I was gone?"

The - heiress?- opened one of the doors of the room, and a gothic girl was in the ground while a strong woman was holding her.


"What's this mess? Who're ya by the way... did you took my fucking scissors, gothic bitch!?"

Touko simply observed while all the strangers' eyes were wide, as if something weird was happening.


"W... what? Touko, are you alright?" a blond boy with long hair was the first one to talk. She felt her face get warm when he got closer to her, and didn't knew why, but he was really nice.


"Of course I am! But Touko is the other me, I'm Syo. Also... you're hot, man, rawr~!"
Syo hugged the handsome boy, ignoring the looks of the rest. He tensed under her arms, but didn't let go.


"Do you, um... remember what happened? You were running from Celestia, and called us"
Another boy (not handsome) asked, like something bad had happened. He had normal brown hair and a normal jacket.


"I don't remember any shit. Just some fear, that's why I'm back! She hates me and started to take some weird stuff, and it has been YEARS since last time I came here". The heiress' smile was creepy. "My scissors are gone, too. How will I kill this beauty without them? Or, well, he's too pretty to be killed..."

A fat person came in middle of her talk, with blood in his hands. Syo felt the fear coming back, and the hold of her arms was stronger, without her even noticing. The blonde boy hugged back when this happened, clearly worried.


"Yamada, where is Ishimaru?"
The guy with brown hair was serious now, his smile, gone.


"He, u-uh..."

Yamada was about to lie. The strong girl crossed her arms at this, and he gulped.


"He's in the recreation room, dead. Hifumi made me help him with his murder, and I ran to Touko because she was the original victim. I just wanted to live..."

The gothic girl was lying too, Syo could tell by just looking her shaking eyebrow. She was about to protest, but the strangers went to the place that 'Ishimaru' was.


"Byakuya, maybe you should go with them too. I'll stay with Celestia and Yamada."

The strong girl let go Celestia, who cleaned her dark dress, and crossed her arms. Byakuya shifted in the heiress' hold, and she let go too.


"I don't believe a word from her, Ogami" the blond whispered to the other person, and Syo just listened.


'Maybe he noticed too!' She tought, following him to the upper floors. 'He's smart, and sexy.'

They walked in silence. Byakuya was studying her, but his steps didn't wait. He was confused.


"Are you a murderer? Or you simply liked the name?" He asked, slowing a little his pace. Syo was at his side now, trying to hold his hand.


"I am! It's a really fun thing to do, you know. More if gloomy dislikes them! They called her horrible things, so I solved the problem as nobody ever did anything to help". The heiress smiled again, softly, and her eyes were shining with happiness. "Nice face, and dark mouths."


"You don't regret anything, then". Byakuya grabbed her hand, unsure, and Syo laughed softly at this gesture.


"Nope! I only made justice. Why would I regret anything?" she asked, opening the already filled room with her free hand. A corpse was there, with blood in every corner. The eyes of the dead boy were open, furious, as if he had fought back for his life. And, next to him, a huge hammer laid, clearly the weapon of the murder.


"He... he defended you, Touko".

Byakuya was the first one to speak. His voice was filled with surprise and... regret? Why would he feel bad?


"My prince, what's wrong?"

The blond didn't answer. A white and black bear spawned out of nowhere, right in front of all the present people.


"It seems that you know who the blackened is already! That's not fun..." the toy sighed, disappointed. "We'll start the class trial now..."

It disappeared as fast as it came.

An energetic girl grabbed Syo's free hand, smiling softly, while 'common boy' followed 'lavender quiet' to somewhere. Syo should learn their names... but nah, they weren't important.


"Eww, your hand is sweaty!" the heiress hissed, and the sporty girl sighed and simply left the room.

Her prince looked at her, silent, and guided her back downstairs. He seemed puzzled by something. But she wouldn't annoy him more than necessary, so Syo imitated his silence. They stopped in front of a big door; it was an elevator.

She hated these.

"Do we really have to go in there? What if it falls?" Syo asked in Byakuya's ear, and he simply nodded.


'My time here is over' the heiress tought, hugging the blonde as soon as both were in there. She started to feel dizzy and, knowing she was going to leave him, left a soft kiss in his cheek.


"We switch with fear" Syo explained, smiling, and passed out as soon as the elevator started moving. She felt warmth where she fell, but couldn't notice the deep blush in her prince's pale face.