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Monokuma entered in the room, not caring if Byakuya and Touko were still asleep. The heiress hissed, without opening her eyes, while the bear toy jumped in the bed.


"Polanski, you have to go to some dates before doing things with a lady! Upupupu!". The plushie simply laughed at them, disappearing as soon as it came.

The blond sighed, getting out of the bed, while Touko covered herself with all the blankets, with a victorious smile.


"We must've overslept", the writer said, shaking her softly. " C'mon, Touko, wake up."




"I will make you curry if you get up". His words were like magic; the heiress uncovered herself just when he finished saying 'curry'. He smiled at this.


"You said you just knew how to make fried egg!". Touko laughed, grabbing clean clothes and opening the door of her bathroom. "I will go later."

Byakuya nodded, leaving the room. She wasn't comfy at all with him alone there, and he understood.
He cleaned himself up too, way faster as his hair was shorter, and went to the cafeteria.


"Hi, Polanski!"

Naegi was there, sharing some pasta with Ogami and Hagakure. They greet him, offering a plate, but he denied in silence.


"Hello", Byakuya greeted, sitting with them. "I was wondering if any of you know how to make curry..."


"I can make some for you!"

The fortune teller smiled to him, and the blonde just stared. Why was he so excited for making some food? It was nothing strange.


"It's not for me...", the writer whispered, and Hagakure's smile went wider.


"For Fukawa?"

The short boy and the fighter were looking now, curious. It was an awkward moment now.



The older boy made him enter to the kitchen, and both of them started cooking. Byakuya took notes of everything; he was kinda bad at this, and not even recipe books helped. But a teacher did, or so he hoped.


"It's done! Curry flavored curry for your girl". Hagakure smiled, again, making the blonde feel warmth in his face.


"She's not 'my girl'. We know each other since we're thirteen, it's not weird if I cook for her or she cooks for me", he answered, putting the food in their typical table.

Touko was already there, talking quietly with Naegi and Ogami. They lowered their voices, and she seemed comfy with that.; They finally understood her deep hate of loud noises.


"Oh, you really did curry", the heiress whispered, smiling, and tasted it. Her eyes shined with happiness. "Delicious. Thank you, Byakuya."


"I wasn't-". Hagakure elbowed him, grinning, and he interrupted himself with a cough. "... thanks."

The other three sat in their table again, talking to each other about unimportant things. Naegi and Hagakure sent discrete gazes in their direction, and Ogami whispered something that made them stop. Byakuya noticed that Touko's hair was still wet, in its usual braids. He pointed at them, and she seemed confused.


"You have to wait until your hair dries before you do that", he said, after finishing his lunch. The heiress quickly let her hair free, using it to hide her soft blush.


"Sorry". Touko played with her fingers, not looking at him, and the blonde put a hand in her right shoulder.


"It's okay."

The brunette gave a tiny smile, relaxing, and kept quiet.

The cafeteria was open again, and Celestia entered. Alone. Her gaze rested in Touko, who hid behind Byakuya, and she went to the kitchen, sighing. Ogami sat with them, a protective aura coming from her. Touko hugged the blonde, and he stroked her hair with softness, making her hold him closer.


'That idiot... I won't let her hurt you', he tought.

The brunette was breathing in a weird way, shaking. She quickly passed out, falling in his chest. Her fear was stronger than her, and it won.

"Touko?", Byakuya whispered, without obtaining any answer.

The writer didn't stop Sakura when she made his friend sit down; he didn't knew what to do.


"She'll be alright, Polanski. She just needs some rest". Naegi sat with them too, trying to make him feel better. The blonde sighed.

They saw Celestia get out of the cafeteria silently, with a tea and some cookies. She stared at them, with a neutral expression in her face, and left. Touko moved weirdly in her seat, and her eyes opened quickly. They were red, and her tongue and teeth were larger than before.


"Genocider Syo is baaaaack!!", she shouted, smiling happily and settling in Byakuya's lap. "Oh, my handsome Prince! Were you worried about me?"

Syo laughed at her own words. Polanski couldn't decide if he should apart her or not, and the girl simply moved a little and both ended in... an awkward pose.


"I'm safe and sound, Kuya", the murderer passed her hand in his cheeks, and he was too nervous to argue.


"Guys, please go to a bedroom, we're eating here!", Hagakure said, covering his eyes with his hands. "And be careful."

Byakuya's face was hot, and the brunette laughed again, getting up. He kept quiet, and she forced him to get up after her.


"Well, I know for sure someone is really happy with that idea!", Syo exclaimed, red eyes shining brightly. The writer's face was as red as a tomato now.


"I- what?"


"But I won't force you, Bya. I'm not that mad!"

The blonde simply left the cafeteria, ignoring the girl and her efforts of making him stay.