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'Am I a coward?'
Byakuya questioned himself, while Syo called for him. He felt bad about leaving her, but she was too obsessed with him. Too much.

... Was that how Touko really felt about him? He doubts it, but the killer and the heiress shared emotions.


'Maybe they... express differently', the writer tought, going to the newest floor. He hasn't explored it yet, and found himself really surprised with the music room.

It had a piano; His hands posed in the keyboard as soon as he sat, and played it, with a little smile in his face. The melody was soft, a dubious warming of his. He haven't made music in a long time. Memories of years ago flooded his mind, of when he participated in the Togami competition. His mother made him learn a lot of economy and maths, and he taught himself how to make almost all forms of art just to relax.

It was useless, anyways. Someone stole his identity and won; his male progenitor didn't even heard reasons; he never got justice.


'You had a single chance, Polanski. And you lost it', the man said, with an emotionless expression. 'You are just a kid, anyways. I knew you would lost.'

Those words still hurt Byakuya's heart. The man's smile, almost imperceptible, made it clear that he was supposed to lost no matter what. He learnt it with eleven years old, and it still stings. Pale hands with agility and no scars were the ones that slowed the melody, making it sound almost... sad. Melancholic.


Byakuya started to publish his stories after he lost the competition. His mother was the one that gave him the idea, after reading his hidden drafts;  That's how he met Fukawa, in the small editorial of her family. She hated him at first; his ego was injured, not gone, and it was clear.

The writer stopped the music, sighing. He stared at the piano for some seconds, unable to keep playing, and then looked at the room. He had two listeners.


"That was great, Polanski! I didn't knew you knew how to play!", Asahina exclaimed, smiling. Kirigiri nodded, with her typical unchangeable expression.


"Have you went to classes?", the detective asked, her gaze resting in Byakuya's hands.


"YouTube videos count as 'classes'?". The blonde got up from the chair, walking to the room's exit.


"Kind of", Kirigiri said, following him with Asahina.


"Then yes. I went to a lot of classes and teachers."

Byakuya smiled for some moments after commenting of his 'piano classes', and left the room with the girls.


"Hey guys, want to go swimming? The pool is really good!", Asahina offered, excited. Her companions simply looked at her, not replying. "I was going to invite everyone else too. We can do a race!"


"A race, yes... to the gym!", Monokuma exclaimed, appearing out of nowhere. "I'll reveal the traitor's identity, so make sure you are there!"

The toy disappeared, leaving the three really confused. They decided to go, not wanting to break Monokuma's patience (they all saw what happened with Enoshima, after all).




"Sakura Ogami is the traitor! She's working for the mastermind", the bear explained, not letting anyone discuss anything. "Do what you want now!"

Ludenberg was the first one to hiss at Sakura, pointing at her angrily.


"You! You told the mastermind of Alter Ego, and it's gone now!", she shouted, acting as if her metal claw was still in her finger. "Traitor!"


"Sakura didn't tell anyone of it. Makoto and I tried to enter in the school's red, and that's why Alter Ego is gone now."

Kirigiri was the first defending the fighter, followed of Asahina and Naegi. Ludenberg sighed again, calming herself.


"I wanted to tell you, Asahina, but... I couldn't find how". Ogami lowered her gaze, and the swimmer whispered something that Byakuya didn't heard. They hugged for some moments, until the gothic girl laughed sarcastically.


"Everyone says that! How can you forgive her so easily?", she exclaimed, getting closer to the duo.


"Stop, Ludenberg". Byakuya grabbed her arm, not allowing her to move. "Even if she actually told someone, Monokuma always vigiles us. It would attack who knew about, or give other motive. Because this is a motive, if you haven't noticed."


"Who cares if it's a motive? She's a traitor, and she will pay!"

Hagakure's expression was of fear; he was starting to believe that Sakura would do something to them. Before she could answer, the night announcement was heard, and Syo grabbed Byakuya by his arms with excitement.


"Oh, my Prince, would you like to... spend the night with me?", the brunette asked, her red eyes shining with delight. "It's a cold night... perfect for that!"


"I'll be in the library, if you need me for something important", he answered, separating himself from her. "Good night, Syo."

She smiled, with a softness that was strange in her, and left him alone. For now.


The heiress was in her room, covered with blankets to keep some warmth. Sleeping was hard. At least for Syo, who simply stared at the ceiling for a long, long time.


'Is Kuya still awake?' she wondered, getting out of the bed. She got a jacket on, and left the room without bothering to close the door.

A school without students is a scary school, or so the girl tought. The path to the library was clear; everyone was sleeping. Syo entered to it calmly, and... it was empty too. A broken lamp was the only light that it had, not enough for a good reading.


"My Prince, are you here?", she called, noticing that the dark was winning against the light. A door in the back of the library was open, and just then Syo noticed it.

The floor was smeared with blood.
And as she entered the secret room, she knew it. She almost screamed, terrified, knowing what was there. Byakuya was there, his head smashed with the broken lamp, and his glasses shattered in his lap. The pink coming from his mouth, the bruises in his skin, were what made Syo start her grief.