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"I don't believe you. You're too old to be Kazuo", Byakuya exclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest.


"You grew too, y-you know", Touko whispered after a short sigh, and sat with him. "We do not know who injured you, but the class trial will be soon."

As she haven't explained what a 'class trial' was, the blonde kept quiet. The heiress didn't talk either, and an awkward silence was made.


"... are you really Kazuo?"
He was curious. The girl and his editor did have a lot of similarities, and he didn't think that his mole could be identical to hers.


"Yes, I am. My name is Touko now, please call me that", she exclaimed, with a strange calmness.

Byakuya tought that the heir and the girl couldn't be the same person. Their personalities were different. Kazuo was always anxious and too sensitive, insulting anyone that picked on his bug, not even caring about himself. And this girl was calmer, with a good scent in her long hair, and patient.

How could they be the same person?


"If you say so, Touko."

The brunette smiled, satisfied, and Byakuya looked at his arms. He had bandages. A lot.


"You almost... d-died...", Touko explained, lowering her gaze. She chewed her nails, nervous now.


"Is that why I don't remember anything?"


"Probably... But I know t-that you will remember everything soon, so do not worry much about that", she answered.

And before they could say anything more, a monochromatic bear... spawned in front of them. The brunette was unimpressed.


"It's time for the class trial! Fukawa, you know where the court is, please guide our dear amnesiac Polanski there", it ordered, disappearing as fast as it appeared.

Byakuya looked at his companion, waiting for an explanation that never came. Touko got up, extending her hand to him, and he simply stared.


"Y-you are injured, I do not want you to fall and make it w-worse."

He grabbed her (soft) hand, not replying, and then both exited the room.



"This is what happened..."

The trial was short, considering that the culprit confessed in middle of the discussion. Asahina already knew who was guilty, but she didn't want to accept it.

She didn't want to lose her friend.


"Celestia heard Polanski talking with Syo before we went to our rooms. He told her where he was going", Makoto paused, regaining his breath before continuing,
" the library. She wanted revenge; if her original plan of killing both Fukawa and Yamada had succeeded, she would had 'won'. She would take what was precious to her. And, in a way, she did."

Fukawa sighed at this, her eyes looking at the floor in a sad way. She nodded, completely silent again.


"Celestia used the library's lamp to hit him while he was reading, in the files' room, unaware of her presence. His glasses were broken with this, and some shards scratched Celestia when she punched him; that's why there was blood in the library."

Polanski, poor boy. He couldn't remember anything, and his body was filled with bruises and injuries that didn't let him even walk alone. The worst part was that he couldn't remember why he had these, and was too sceptical to listen to his friends.


"Ogami and her crossed paths in the pool's changing room. Ogami killed her as soon as she saw the blood in her dress, too much to be hers."

Sakura didn't deny it. She accepted her fate, hugging Asahina with all the warmth and love of the world. Her friend would die with honor.


"Aoi, my girl... I hope you understand. It wasn't the most honoured thing to do, but-"


"I know", Aoi whispered, holding her closer. She felt a soft kiss in her cheek, and she started crying. "I love you..."


"I love you too."

And the strong arms were forced to abandon her. Forever. The swimmer closed her eyes during the execution, a gloved hand giving her head pats after it finished.

No one was brave enough to break the silence. Not even the amnesiac blond, who leaned in Fukawa's right shoulder just to keep his balance. Aoi wasn't in the mood for donuts, so she simply went to her room to sleep.


"Have you s-seen your keys?"




"You can't sleep if you aren't in a room, but y-you can use my bed". Touko never minded sleeping at his side, but knowing that Byakuya has lost over five years of memories would make it awkward.




"I can s-sleep in the floor. But, um, I don't think that Monokuma will give your keys back...", she added, her voice becoming softer with every word; hoping that he didn't decide not sleeping, Touko kept silent. Byakuya simply followed her, waiting patiently in the bathroom while she changed her clothes.