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"Kazuo, what's wrong?"

The heir was crying again, with his hair covering the waterfall of tears that fell from his eyes. It was the third time that Kazuo simply... dehydrated himself, in one month. Byakuya wasn't sure what happened, but he let a hand rest in his friend's back anyways. He knew that his parents were harsh with him, based on the other kid's nervous mutterings, and nothing else.


"N-no...", the shorter boy replied, his voice broken. "D-don't c-call me... t-that..."


"That's your name. Or you prefer Fukawa?", Byakuya asked, sighing as Kazuo hugged him.

He was love starved. And, at the same time, he always flinched when the blonde moved his hands too quickly. He didn't believe in his compliments (when he deserved them, that's it).


"I-I... j-just..."


"If you don't like your name, tell me."

Kazuo looked at him, his eyes almost closed and fighting back more tears.


"C-can you call m-me... Touko?"


The writer found himself in a strange bed, covered in the softest blankets that he ever touched.
He was... dreaming? No; he was remembering. Remembering how Touko confessed to him that she was a girl, and made his mind start accepting that being a girl sometimes was okay. How she always cried in his arms; the bruises that she always had, that took her almost four years to reveal because she 'knew' that Byakuya would betray her sooner or later (and, as that never happened, Touko started trusting him for real).

Nothing else was restored. The rest of his memory was blank, deleted, as if someone pushed a button to undo all their years toghether.


A soft whisper made him come back to reality. The writer looked around, finding a shivering Touko in the floor, covered only with her night clothes. She was still asleep, calling his name with her somewhat deep voice. The floor wasn't comfy, based in the groans she made everytime she moved a little.

At first, Byakuya didn't wake her up. His bandages limited his movements, but he still covered his friend with some blankets, sitting at her side. She smiled softly, and the blond stared in silence.


"Touko, wake up. It's late."

The brunette yawned, getting comfy in the blankets and ignoring the voice. Until the blankets were gone, and she felt cold.


"Byakuya, nooo!", she protested, unable to reach the warmth.


"Byakuya, yes", the writer replied, his voice in a serious tone that was never used.

Touko giggled with that, smiling, and noticed his little smirk. She got up, getting clean clothes, and opened the door so he could leave. If he wanted.


"I don't remember anything from here. I'll get lost". Byakuya sat in her bed, accommodating it, and he just observed. Touko noded, closing the bathroom door behind her.

The warm water always let her think clearly, relaxing under the artificial rain was something she learnt to like after some time. She used to be afraid of it, always stinking. Her bug pet kinda helped with that, but she loved Kameko and she wasn't going to abandon her friendsect. It stayed in a fish tank instead, or it was like that before she entered in the school...

In the middle of the shower rain, she started to grow worried about the bug. Kameko was missing, if the first motive's video was true. Touko wondered if she was safe. She hoped so.


The cafeteria was empty when Touko and Byakuya entered that day. The blond sat in one of the tables, observing everything with curiosity. Of course; whoever decorated the school, had a strange aesthetic in mind. That room was probably one of the most non-eye-attacker of the floor. 


"Do you want anything?", she asked, breaking the silence that always came back between them.



Touko knew that he was going to answer that, he always did, but she wasn't expecting the one-worded reply.


'Maybe he will remember soon', the heiress tought, touching her chest softly. 'He will get back to normal in no time.'

She wasn't the best in culinary stuff(the only thing that she could do was 'water in a glass', to be honest), but she always did her best. Her tea seemed decent enough, and Byakuya's coffee had to be perfect or he wouldn't drink it. At all. Byakuya didn't comment anything while taking the liquid; he preferred to analyze all of her movements. Neither of them was in the mood for talking, walking to the library in complete silence.


"I don't know this place. I have to follow you", the writer said, his gaze in the floor, when Touko looked at him. "Should my bandages be replaced or something?"


"I think so, but... Sakura is dead. And I do not know who else could help...", she whispered, touching her hair without noticing it.


"Well, we'll know if we ask", Byakuya replied with a short nod, walking to the staircase of the upper floors.


"Where are you going, P-Polanski? They should have finished exploring the new floor already."


"Well, maybe they didn't. I'm going to see if they are done or not". Touko grabbed his hand, dubious, and he sighed.

He was still injured, after all. And she was going to be with him until he recovered, no matter what.


"I think you s-should go back to my room. What if you start bleeding again?"

Touko was holding the blonde's pale hand, in a delicate and careful way to not harm him more. She wouldn't forgive herself if that happened, she never would. Byakuya instantly hided his hands in the pockets of his green jacket, sighing after that.


"I can go alone, I won't get hurt", he protested. And he instantly regretted it.


"The last time you said that, you almost get killed. I am not going to fucking leave you alone again. That is why I will help you."

He never saw her so serious. So... guilty. The silence became awkward, and the writer wasn't sure if he should grab her hands again or just stay there. He considered ignoring Touko and leaving her alone, until her soft sobs were heard in the hallway.

She was crying, with her long hair covering the waterfall of tears that fell from her eyes.


"I didn't p-protect you. I... Syo found you, a-and you were dying, you almost fucking die, Byakuya. I know t-that you need your space and that, but y-you're injured, and what if you get attacked again? You won't just... f-forget if that happens! You can die!". Touko was shouting at this point, unaware that her voice became deep and raspy. Broken.

"You c-can die. And... I d-don't know. I still don't know if I l-like you, but you're the o-only person I t-trust right now. I k-know that you can't remember me at all, but... b-but..."

Before she could continue, more tears interrupted her, an uncontrolled rain that could drown her, with her sobs making it hard to breathe. That was when Byakuya finally hugged her, arms holding the shorter girl firmly. She hid in his chest, returning the gesture quickly, her sobs muffled thanks to the elegant white shirt. The blonde sighed, closing his eyes to think. He was clueless, injured, and with a crying girl in his arms; what would happen now?




Multiple footsteps were echoing from the upper floor, and Byakuya got Touko closer to him. The squad™ was running to them, alarmed. They all seemed to relax as soon as they saw the heiress and the writer hugging closely, mostly unharmed.


"Are you alright? We heard shouts from the fifth floor!", Naegi asked, still uneasy about the situation.


"Yeah, uh, honestly we tought you were killing her". Hagakure smiled, apologetic, and Byakuya simply sighed.

Touko cleaned her tears with her arm, separating herself from him, and decided to stare to the floor, keeping quiet for the moment.


"We're alright. I have bandages that we think need to be replaced or that, but after all, I'm fine", the blonde replied, crossing his arms over his chest. "Do any of you know how to do that?"


"I can!", Hagakure talked again, with a normal smile now. "My mom was a nurse, you know. She taught me some medicine stuff because I could need it some day."


"Alright. I lost the keys of my room, so I guess I'll be your guest."

The four newcomers stared, their eyes widening a little (Kirigiri did her best to hide it, extra points for her). Byakuya felt a little uncomfortable with the excitement, and surprise, that irradiated from them.


"So you two slept toghether. I knew it", Kirigiri said, her tone revealing that she was proud of herself for some reason.


"Yeah, you're right. It was kind of obvious anyways". Asahina wasn't as excited as usual, though. Her smile was fake, and her typical happiness was gone. It was understandable.


"W-what are you talking about?', Touko finally talked, looking at the two girls with a hint of annoyance. "Stop assuming things. We did not do... t-that."

Oh. So that's why they seemed excited.


"I'm injured, the injuries would open again doing those dirty things. Did you forgot about that?", the blond replied. He felt his face getting warm, thinking that he may have enjoyed that. If the strangers were assuming things, it's because Touko and him did that stuff in the past, right? That's awkward.


"You could've been careful", Hagakure teased, laughing a bit. "But anyways. I have to see your wounds, let's go."

Touko was the embarrased one now, having to stay behind with three curious shippers. Kirigiri was questioning in silence, with Aoi and Makoto starting to interrogate her in a friendly manner.


"Do you like him?", the lucky boy was the first one to ask. The heiress looked to the floor again, hiding her face with her long hair.


"That is n-none of your business", she protested quietly, closing her eyes.


"He likes you. The other day, he asked Hagakure for help with the curry. He was sooo nervous when we asked if it was for you!", the swimmer exclaimed, more interested in the conversation now.


"That was before. He forgot everything", she whispered under her breath, frowning. Everyone kept quiet after that, and Touko entered the library, ignoring them. Maybe she started to trust in them too soon, letting herself be sensible was a mistake.