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Byakuya was dreaming again. Or, better said; remembering.


She was sitting in a bed, with Touko asleep in her chest. The brunette had fresh tears in her cheeks, her soft skin was filled with bruises and cuts. The heiress had been suffering in silence for many years, having unloving and transphobic parents was the main reason of it all. Her father was the worst. And he always made Touko felt horrible, to the point that she learnt his work shifts to memory just to know when to be out of that hell.

Her hair had been cut by him. And who knew what else he did, to leave his daughter in such a broken state. Who knew if her mothers actually helped, somehow. Byakuya made a secret promise that day, to not let them touch her friend ever again.

"Heey, Polanski, wake up!"

The blonde opened her eyes, finding herself in an unknown room.


"You passed out, dude! Your wounds were worse than what I tought, and I had to get more stuff from the infirmary", the clairvoyant explained, scratching his chin. "You have to stay awake, or you'll die. Fukawa will kill me if that happens!"


"Who knows", was the only reply from the writer.

She was uncomfortable with being almost naked in front of a stranger, but her injuries needed to be treated. It was surprising how careful he actually was. He seemed so reckless, with how much she remembers, of course. Hagakure helped with cooking, and was the oldest of the group(and yet the most childish, if you ask her). Byakuya didn't understood why she remembered stuff instead of dreaming, but she wasn't going to complain. Things would get clearer with her memories back, or so she hoped. Maybe she should ask Monokuma for her keys (she knew it had them), or not... She was starting to like the idea of cuddling with Touko again, like some days ago.

Wait- they cuddled toghether?


"It's done! You shouldn't bathe today, though, your skin is way too sensible and the wounds can open again. But tomorrow will be alright", Hagakure interrupted her toughts again, making her sigh.

Byakuya quickly put her clothes on- clean ones, courtesy of the laundry-, and got up.


"Thank you", she said, nodding.


"You're welcome!", Hagakure replied, smiling. "Now, I have a future to read, so..."

Byakuya left the room without more explanations, closing the door behind her. She was still confused of which room was which room, but reading the names was enough to find her own. Even if she just stared at the plaque, she would memorize the path to the dorms.


"Why aren't you entering your room, Polanski? Did you lose the keys?"

The black and white bear was there, looking puzzled. Byakuya sighed, nodding, and it got angry for that.


"How dare you! After all I did for you all... I even gave you blankets!", Monokuma protested, disappointed. But, in a fast paw movement, the blonde had a new key chain in her hands. "Don't lose them again, there isn't another copy!"

And off it went, fading out of existence. Byakuya entered her room then, deciding that the toy wasn't important enough to think much of it.



Time always flies when Touko reads, and sometimes she even forgets to eat. At least, she forgets about hours and minutes when the words hypnotize her, charming lines that won her heart over and over again. This time, though, she couldn't concentrate. Her eyes felt too heavy, tears still wet in her cheeks.

But Touko knew she wasn't going to sleep well, like the past night. The floor was more uncomfortable than what she expected, and it was an ultimate 'no' asking Byakuya to move a little; he could get hurt with how dumb she was, and she didn't want that. The heiress left the started book in the table, uninterested now, and went downstairs, praying to be the first one in her door- as selfish as it can sound, she was tired and wanted her blankets back. Her friend was there, arms crossed, waiting for her. She sighed softly, standing at his side.


"I got my keys back. And some memories", the blonde announced. "You should know, as you are who let me slept in your room. I won't annoy you anymore."


"You aren't a-annoying, Byakuya", Touko exclaimed, interrupting herself with a yawn. It wasn't a lie; the thing is, she didn't want to injure him more by accident. And, the floor wasn't comfy...



The heiress looked at the writer, waiting for a longer explanation of the sudden word. Byakuya sighed, his gaze in the floor.


"... Polaris", he- no, she added, whispering with unusual shyness. Doubt, maybe.

Expecting an opinion, like with her love letter. She was afraid of rejection. 


"Okay, girl. I'm happy that you f-finally found a name that suits you... and, um, you can always k-knock if you need something", Touko said, nodding.

A small smile was in Polaris' mouth as she closed her bedroom, one that made the brunette blush.

If her friend had recovered her memories, liking her wouldn't be awkward. Cuddling toghether, the hugs... And maybe, she could confess. Or not.


'Just if she looks interested', Touko promised silently, covering herself with blankets and her bunny in her arms.