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"A body has been discovered! Get up and investigate, Fukawa!", Monokuma exclaimed, standing in front of Touko's face. "And you should go to sleep earlier, sleepyhead!"

The heiress yawned, opening her eyes just to see the black and white bear. She sat in the border of her bed, emitting no sound.


"You didn't rest well, isn't it...? Too bad!", it said, laughing, and it exited the room by the door. She sighed again, brushing her hair quickly just to go faster to the crime scene.

But... she didn't knew where it was. So the girl explored all the floors she knew, running to the fifth one as an explosion was heard. In one of the rooms, the garden, Polaris and the others were around a burnt body. Everyone, except Kirigiri, who was the victim of the knife...



The brunette looked around, flinching instinctively when she felt two unexpected strong arms hugging her. Polaris ran to her as soon as they saw each other, her heart beating fastly in Touko's ear.


"I thought it was you...", the blonde whispered softly, happiness tinted in her voice.

Touko hold her closer, looking at her friend's closed eyes. She was shaking a little, thing that ceased as the heiress stroked her hair.


"I don't understand... the knife was in my room!", Naegi said, alarmed. "The person from my dream... was it real?"


"We know you would never kill anyone, Makomako, but..."

Hagakure was doubting his friend, and the four present kept quiet for a while, looking for clues on who was the murderer of the unknown body. They thought it was Kirigiri, but when the detective appeared like nothing happened, confusion rised between the group. And now, Touko was in the library, searching and scanning for answers that she, probably, wouldn't find. Not even in the room that had the world's most darkest secrets she would find the missing name, that made her head hurt. Polaris accompanied her, carrying books that she deemed necessary, and letting them in their exact place as they didn't had anything useful. The blonde wanted to talk; chewing her cheek everytime their gazes met, was enough to reveal that.

But they were running out of time. The class trial was going to happen in any second, and they have found absolutely nothing.


"This is pointless. The Mastermind... they have already hidden whatever could help!", Touko protested, leaving the small room and her friend with quiet steps.

Her voice had became deep again. She hated it so much, but there wasn't time to train it to be soft again. Not now, when their lives depended of finding a killer that was probably laughing behind a screen. Or wherever the Mastermind controlled Monokuma.


"Hey, Touko..."

Polaris was sitting at her side, looking at her in the eyes. She was doing her best to keep calm, to make the brunette relax too.


"I know you want to t-talk, Polaris, but we must keep investigating". The heiress felt her hand get grabbed, and sighed softly. "... After this trial, we can talk as much as you want."

Polaris seemed unsatisfied as she nodded in silence, not letting go of her as they went to the staircase, until Monokuma announced it was time to start the class trial.


"We don't know if that will happen", the blonde whispered, walking at her friend's side. "I found my drafts notebook. And I was wondering if—"


"I can edit it? Yes", Touko interrupted her, smiling, and noticed that they were the first people in the elevator. "... While we are alone, w-we can talk a little", she observed.


"Okay, so...". Polaris inhaled, and the brunette squeezed her hand softly. She blushed, looking at the floor. "I saw the letter. I dare to say that I remembered everything, but I don't know if something is missing... so... Are we d-dating?"

Why was she dubious? She was an amazing person. Pretty, smart, and strong; the perfect woman in the whole world.


"... I do not know. Do you want to?", Touko asked instead, noticing that the rest of the squad™ entered in the elevator too, a grim silence rising in the air.

An almost invisible nod, and both girls smiled, soft pink in their faces.


There were only two suspects; Makoto and Kirigiri.

And he was the one with the murder weapon in his room, the "murderer" of Mukuro Ikusaba. No one really believed that, gasping as they found out it was the truth. In the execution (the only that Touko actually forced herself to see, unable to apart her gaze because of the shock), a computer program interrupted, the face of Chihiro Fujisaki on it. She saved him, blocking the machine, and the lucky boy ended up in the trash, destined to rot to death.


"THAT'S NOT FAIR!", Monokuma screamed, showing its fangs in anger. "I DESTROYED THAT DAMNED COMPUTER!"


"Not fair, Monokuma?". Kirigiri crossed her arms, frowning a little. "Makoto didn't kill Mukuro. And you still declared him guilty; what are you hiding?"

The bear didn't answer, disappearing as soon as some pressure was made, and the detective sighed.


"I have to save him", she whispered, closing her eyes for a moment before everyone left the trial room.


The serious girl went missing again before midnight, elusive as always. She didn't say where she was going, so no one tried to search for her, afraid of interrupting her mourning. Touko secretly hoped she could save Makoto. She once entered her room while it was closed, so maybe she had an universal key or something- no, that sounds too fictional.


"Are you alright?"

Concentrating way too much in her thoughts should've been the heiress' talent, not "heiress". Polaris was at her side, holding five Mono-cards in her hands while the deck was in the middle of the bed.


"I... yeah", the brunette replied, placing a red one over the yellow that her partner threw before. "Just thinking."


"Mm...", was the reply that the writer gave, smirking when she placed two skipping cards. "Kirigiri and Makoto will be alright. She showed us an universal key she found in the fourth floor. Sakura broke a door before her trial, and it was there."


"That sounds way too fictional to be r-real. And, you get four more", Touko answered, placing the most feared card in the game, and looked at her partner. "But, y-yeah, I was thinking of that."

Polaris placed a second plus-four in the bed, grinning victoriously. The brunette was shocked at this... just to laugh after obtaining ten cards. Her last placed card was a blue four; the writer won with a green four and a green three(Touko didn't had more 'fours' or green cards. Unlucky).


"Good game. We can p-play again tomorrow, I'm tired", the shorter girl said, saving the organised deck in Polaris' nightstand.

Polaris smiled, nodding, and they sat close to each other in silence. It wasn't awkward, for the first time in days, and Touko finally allowed herself to relax without any worry. Maybe they could be together, without the fear of being found and shouted at by her parents, by anyone.

It was... nice.

Even if her voice grew deeper and deeper with the days, nobody confronted her because of that in her time in this jail. Maybe she could even start practicing it again, and the lack of estrogen wouldn't be so painful. The heiress smiled again, stroking her girlfriend's hair, who hugged her again and relaxed under her touch. They were toghether now, and no one would annoy them for that. Touko was beaming with happiness as Polaris calmly rested at her side, eyes closed. Maybe it was a bit dumb, but her chest was warm and, to be honest, she couldn't remember the last time she felt like this.

It was awesome.