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Something she always craved for, something that she finally found. It was almost unexpected, but welcomed nonetheless. Soft smiles and long hugs were what made her night good, forgetting for some hours the killing game that both Polaris and her were forced to play.

It was... awesome.

They were toghether. And it only took nine people to die, and Polaris having amnesia for some days. Which was strange; why were her memories back, was that even possible? Touko decided that it was, resting her head in her girlfriend's chest, letting herself relax with the blonde's gentle touch, which was filled with all the fondness that she wasn't hiding anymore. Polaris smiled at her, and Touko smiled back, tiredness being noticeable now. Yawning, she curled at her girlfriend's side, receiving another hug.


"Goodnight, Touko", the taller girl exclaimed, stroking her long hair softly.


"Goodnight, Polaris."

Some moments after, as if the scene was repeated, the brunette felt a kiss in her forehead. This time, her smile grew wider, even if the blush was still present.



"Fukawa, Polanski, wake up."

The brunette groaned, throwing her pillow to the source of the quiet voice, accomodating herself again between the blankets.



Polaris was staring at her, same amount of sleepiness as hers in the face, but with the hands holding the blankets. A warning.


"O-Okay...", Touko answered, yawning. She felt her glasses in her face, and smiled to the blonde as a thank you.


"I saved Makoto. We have to uncover the secrets of the school, or we die. Plus, you two had letters in front of your doors", Kirigiri explained, not reacting to the pillow attack. "You may find images of all the class, but without you. All of us got the same thing."

The mentioned letters were in the sleepy girls' laps now. They stared at them, and Polaris was the first one to open hers. In effect, it was an image. All the strangers they met in the killing game were there, no matter if they were alive or not. They were in a classroom, smiling, as if nothing ever happened. Two weird things were on them; Polaris was really missing, and Touko was sitting close to Fujisaki, way too close. As if that was edited on purpose. But why? And who was the black haired that was in front of Enoshima? If the photo was fake; why had the editor took so many time just to make a joke?


"What's on yours?", the writer asked, distracting the heiress as the questions started to flood her mind.

She quickly grabbed her image, showing it to the other two. Knowing it was fake, she didn't need to look.


"A park. The mystery girl is there, but you're not", Polaris described, frowning a little. "She kind of looks like Enoshima, isn't it?"


"No way", the brunette whispered, actually taking the time to look at the paper's impression.


"Yes way, Touko. She has her face. Also, why is it that in both photos Enoshima's face is covered by something? Weird."

Kirigiri listened in silence, her eyes closed. And Touko saw a little smile in her face, one that didn't fade as soon as it was born.


"You found a really interesting clue, Polanski. The girl was Mukuro Ikusaba. I don't think it's a coincidence that they're similar. I'll investigate more", she said, getting out of the room.

After some minutes, Polaris and Touko imitated her, changed in clean clothes and looking in every room and tile. The blocked stairs were open now, and they found Makoto investigating in the destroyed floor. He was too concentrated to notice them.


"Why were you so close to Fujisaki? You never talked to him", the blonde wondered, before sneezing.


"Bless you. And, I r-really do not know. Are you j-jealous?", Touko teased, covering her nose with one hand.

When she was little, she would switch places with Syo with a simple sneeze. That was before her medication; but, as she wasn't able to get it for some weeks, she was afraid that it may happen again. She didn't want to. Syo was going to murder Polaris as soon as she found materials for new scissors.


"I'm not. It was weird, though. I thought that you may know why", Polaris replied after analyzing her words, arms crossed. "But well."

Touko smiled softly, grabbing her girlfriend's hands. The writer relaxed, and they kept looking at the rooms, greeting Makoto as he noticed them. But as the three were leaving the hidden floor, sharing the clues they found, she sneezed; the dust was too much for her nose. Her eyes were closed, expecting... something. But she was surprised to see that she was in the same place as before, holding Polaris' hand as they both walked away to the trial room with Makoto a little behind, two soft 'bless you' that made the heiress smile.

(The announcement was heard after they quit the mysterious floor, even if they didn't had any clue. Maybe Monokuma did that on purpose.)


"I couldn't find much...", Makoto admitted as the trio reached the elevator, accompanied of the other three survivors.


"Everything is useful, Naegi."

Kirigiri was as serious as always, concentrated in who knows what. She seemed busy with her thoughts, and so the travel to the courtroom was silent.

As the elevator doors opened, the six students went to their seats, ready to defend their right to escape the hellish school. With that done, the last class trial started, and not even a fly was out of place as they argued what they found.