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The last class trial.

The one that would decide if they were free or not, a destiny that would be set with the resolution of the mysteries of the school.


"This was done by someone we thought was dead, one of our classmates", Kirigiri explained, her purple gaze reqsting in the monochromatic bear. 
"Junko Enoshima. You sacrificed your own sister just to bring despair to the world."

Laughing was coming from the toy, while from its body emanated white smoke. The laugh slowly became less and less robotic and, when the room was clear, a girl was standing on its place; arms in her sides, and a crown in her head.


"It was time for thou to solve it", she exclaimed, smiling widely. But... Something was horribly wrong with that smile. It was as if she wasn't a human, as if she was an unknown creature made with artificial hands.


"You haven't really won yet, tho!", Enoshima exclaimed, touching her checks with her fingers repeatedly. "You have to vote!"


"What-". Naegi paused himself, frowning. "Why have you done this?! We were your classmates! Your friends!"


"Why, you ask?", the girl had glasses now, and a little notebook. "Is there a requirement to bring despair? Just think about it... The students of the School of Hope, falling slowly into despair... that's awesome, unpredictable! Unlike hope and peace... that's boring!"

She wasn't smilinh anymore, looking at the ground with... melancholy? Polaris couldn't tell what was behind that unstable mask.


"Plus, you don't know if we were friends, I erased your memories..."


"We... suspected that", Asahina whispered, sighing softly. "But still! You didn't had to make us kill each other! And... and..."


"Geez, are you dumb?", Enoshima said, being the one frowning now. "The only thing I crave is despair, and you helped make the world feel it!"

She made a little pout, arms crossed over her chest. Her sudden changes were unpredictable, kind of scary too.


"It wach really hard to make chu tell me chur secrets!", the girl exclaimed, followed with a sigh. "Two chears, and the most I got from che lovebirds wach that both of chem are transgender chomehow! Can chu believe it? It's nothing bad... that wach disappointing."

And with those words, with the forced confession, Touko went silent again. Eyes wide, body stiff, no reply coming from her as the rest of the survivors stared at Polaris and her for some seconds. The blonde closed her eyes, ready for the stream of insults and jokes. It was information that she didn't want to share, something private, that the fashionista revealed as if it was nothing. The expected harassment never came. Instead, the writer felt a hand in her shoulder, just to find Naegi smiling calmly when she dared to open her eyes again. She sighed, relaxing as no one had anger in their faces.


"It's alright", he affirmed. He let go of her shoulder, facing the mastermind with anger in his gaze. "Stop playing around, and let us go!"


"We have the voting... if you choose despair, you all stay here with me but Naegi dies. The world has been destroyed with chemical wars, and contamination flies in the air... isn't that the best option? Stay...?"

The sad mask was on again, and she examined all the survivors closely. All of them were determined to escape the hellish school, and the venomous words of the fashionista couldn't change their opinion.


"You'll die if you get out. No one will have mercy on you; they will kill all of you, and eat your corpses!". Enoshima was shouting at this point, eyes filled with white and black spirals. Her wicked smile reached her eyes, face humid with tears.


"We can defend ourselves", Naegi said, looking at all of his companions. "If we give up, of course they'll hurt us! But we've came so far; are we going to stay trapped just because we're afraid?"

Polaris noticed the soft whispering of her peers, their voices filled with hope. She looked at Touko, who gave her a little smile, and voted for hope as soon as the options showed in her tablet.


"You all... want to die outside?", Enoshima whispered, frowning. Her wicked smiles were gone, her eyes wide, as if that possibility never crossed through her head. "You just ended in a new hell. At least you had safe food and water here!", she shouted then, pouting while grabbing her hair roughly.

A small box with a big, gray button ended in the center of the room, intact, as its owner slowly walked to the executions place. Polaris saved it in one of her pockets, and everyone followed the girl (They had to; what if she suddenly changed her opinion, and killed them for not watch her death? She was unstable).


"The last episode is aaaalways the best one!", the fashionista exclaimed, grinning as thousands of baseballs clashed in her body.

As the 'bullets' were running low, the scenario changed to a big wheel, Enoshima riding a bike inside it. Her expression was filled with pleasure and despair, laughing as the executions were repeating themselves one by one... Two giant cartoon princesses attacked her with colorful beams, being stabbed by uncountable blades as soon as she got up. Someone vomited at this. And as if that wasn't enough, the dying fashionista ended her life with the 'mortar' that Naegi survived. This time, Alter Ego didn't interrupt the machine.

The... grotesque, last execution ended faster than anyone was expecting. It was a good thing, actually-



-exceptuating that, well, Touko had hemophobia. Added the stress of the trial, and the shock of having to forcefully come out, she passed out in the ground. Polaris examined her, cleaning her girlfriend's face with a small handkerchief she found in one of her pockets. Touko didn't even flinch as the blonde carefully placed her between her arms, obtaining worried looks from the rest of the survivors.


"She's afraid of blood."

That was enough explanation. They had to escape the school, and now that they could, small details were unnecessary. At least for now. The hallways were filled with the sound of quick steps and zipping, as everyone prepared for the freedom.


'Freedom', better written. If what Enoshima said was true, the school was a heaven compared to the outside. But they were decided to take a risk, see their homes and families again. They had burning hope in their chests.



Polaris almost forgot about an important detail; Touko and Syo switched with fear, and her girlfriend passed out because of that. The brunette hugged her carefully, as if she didn't want to harm her. Then the writer remembered; the last time they switched, she was dying in her arms.


"Syo, we have to hurry. We're free, but there may be a disaster out there-", she started, only to be interrupted by the smaller girl, who was sobbing quietly in her arm.


"YOU'RE ALIVE!", Syo exclaimed, her red gaze softened, a relaxed smile in her face. "I don't care if the world fucking ended, Rapunzel, I care that you resurrected!"


"Look, I know, but if we don't hurry the air will stop being breathable, so...", Polaris tried to explain, receiving a kiss(lick?) in her cheek as an answer. Her face was hot, becoming worse as Syo entwined their arms.


"Are we really going out, my Prince? I'm so glad, I'll make more scissors soon~", the heiress said, grabbing Polaris' bag quickly. "You're still injured, don't do that!"


"I'm healthy now. A lot of things happened since you were here."


"Ah, yes? Like...?", Syo wondered, leaving an open question. Polaris filled the bag with more water bottles and food cans, guiding her to the entrance.


"Sakura died, she killed who injured me. You... saved me", the blonde explained, holding the hand of... should she call Syo her partner, if they didn't discuss about it?


"I want to kill you myself, my Prince! That's why I saved you."

Their arms were entwined again, with the shorter girl playing with Polaris' hair, as she grabbed the key to their escape from her pocket.

Naegi and Kirigiri were the only ones there, standing close to each other, talking in soft whispers. Hagakure was the next one to arrive, two giant and messy bags in his back. Asahina was the last. And she wasn't carrying anything. Her usual happiness was gone, replaced with a frown and a gaze to the floor.


"Asahina, what's wrong?". The short brunet was at the swimmer's side now, with a hand in her shoulder.


"If... if what Enoshima said is true... staying would be the best, isn't it?", she whispered, closing her eyes. "We... our families are dead. There's not a way for them to have survived."


"You're just being a chicken!", Syo exclaimed, letting go of the writer, approaching to Asahina. "Water-chicken!"

The swimmer didn't react to the comment, probably deciding to ignore the ex-killer. Her eyes were fogged, fulfilled with tears that she was holding back.


"Aoii, it'll be alright!", Hagakure said, using a soft tone, placing a hand in her other shoulder. "We've came so far toghether, doesn't that make us family?"


"I... don't know... it's not the same."

Asahina relaxed a little, cleaning her face with her arm. Kirigiri was the next one to come closer to her, followed by Polaris.


"Hagakure is right", the detective affirmed her, nodding. "Even if it's not the same, we're together, and that's what matters."


"We'll be alright out there", Polaris reassured, smiling softly. She was going to say something more, but her own coughs interrupted her.

The writer grabbed the door's button from her pocket, glancing at the rest of survivors in her sides. The hope and determination in their faces was enough confirmation, and she unlocked the gates to the unknown.