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The darkness broke with beams of light, coming from the glittering surface, that moved and chased away the silent shadows of the powerful ocean.
Colors otherwise unseen, sprouted from the void-filled scales, as the silvery moon glanced at the magnificent creatures, amazed by the power of their tails and the symphony of their voices, as they called out to each other, in an effort to stay together in the migrating herd.

The creatures of the ocean seemed restless, as the herd moved quickly through the spirited waters, with the help of one of the big ocean currents, that would take them to warmer waters.

It was important that they stuck closely together. An unlucky soul could fall from the current and be lost in the vast world of the sea.

It was his first time traveling toward the tropics. The mating sites. He had gone on the long journey once before, twenty years ago, when he left the tropics where he was born, only a few months old, and under the protection of his dam and sire.

He had once been one of the younglings that had been birthed there, and now he would return to his birthplace to find his own life-mate and make younglings of his own.

Eijirou almost squealed in excitement, swimming a little bit faster to keep up with the powerful tail strokes of his kin Tetsutetsu, who swam by his left side, to keep him from the edge of the current.

His kin was one of the bigger alphas. With seventeen feet from tail tip to fair face, he was a bit longer than the average alpha, that could be found in the arctic oceans. His scales were dark. Where they usually had at least a sheen of grey, that matched his gray hair, they were a deep midnight black and white spots were starting to appear.

The fins found on his underarms and tail, were likewise a handsome black, and his muscles and teeth were sharp and strong, ready to both protect and kill. He looked to be as ready as Eijirou felt, though the omega was a little nervous, underneath all that restless energy which flowed through his body.

He knew what was to come. He knew the importance of this travel and had dreamed of the journey his entire life. A life-mate was someone special, someone who was meant only for him and who only he was meant for.

They would become his partner through thick and thin, and the mer that he would spend the rest of his time in the ocean with.

He hoped he would be good enough for them.

He wanted to be kind enough, smart enough, strong enough, bare the best younglings. No, he wanted to be more than just enough. He wanted to be their first choice in everything, and the best choice they would make in their life and give them the reasons to believe that.

Eijirou tucked nervously at a strand of bright red hair, that flowed with the speed of which they swam through the waters.

He knew he stood out.

Sure he had the dark scales, with its blood-like sheen, and his fins were an equally dark color. But his hair. It was too bright. Not like the others, with their dark colors. Even Tetsu with his gray, thick strands, were on the darker side of the scale. The alpha looked exotic, without getting other mers to back off uncomfortably like he did. His hair color stood out too much. Easier for predators to spot in the dark of the water, and the light of the ice.

A small chuff brought him back from his worries, to find Tetsu looking back at him. His protective inner eyelid slid back to be able to see him better.

“What?” he asked, swimming up to his face.

His own ten feet of length, were not much compared to the alpha.


Eijirou rolled his eyes, making Tetsu smile.

“Do you feel ready?” Tetsu asked, guiding the both of them closer to the middle of the herd, as the whole group turned with the stream.

Eijirou shrugged, gliding to swim with his belly bared to the shiny surface. He glanced down at his stomach, where his scales had begun turning a crimson color.

The color change showcased his fertility, and that he was ready for the mating season.

Tetsu chuffed again as he made a barrel turn around Eijirou, making the both of them chuckle hoarsely, and some of the nearby mers to move out of the way of the alpha.

“I’m a bit nervous” Tetsu admitted, not looking down at the omega. “I feel all jittery, like I want to do my best but I’m afraid I can’t really-.. What if there aren’t any prey that’s big enough? Like the biggest, juiciest salmon that I can impress my chosen one with? What am I gonna do? catch a crab?”

“Bro, you need to chill” Eijirou laughed, knocking his forehead on his kin’s giant chest, in a gesture of comfort. Releasing calming pheromones, with his sweet scent. The alpha rumbled from deep inside, and pushed him away gently, letting his hand caress the red locks for a second.

“Well you don’t need to hunt to impress. You’re probably gonna get fat before the mating can begin”.

“Shut up!” he laughed, swimming up in front, to smack the other in the face with his tailfin.
He yelped when he felt Tetsu’s hand grab and tuck at his tail, bringing him back to his side.

Eijirou grinned at the other, glad they were going on this journey together. He turned around to look ahead, following the rhythm of the herd.

He could see Sero further up. His tail fully black but with no spots or colors. They had talked about their insecurities about the journey, the night before they took off with the herd. The two of them had been friends since they were younglings. Born the same year and having the same carrier after they turned three, and their sires and dams left on a new mating journey.

Where Eijirou was afraid that his colors were too bright for an alpha to want him, since he looked to be hard to protect, Sero was nervous about his status as beta, and how difficult it would be to find a mate, when he was up against all the alphas and omegas.

He wished he could comfort the other better than he had, and assure him that he would find his mate, if not this year then at least the next. But both of them had dwelled in their insecurities for too many years to forget about them. The best they could do was to bury them a bit deeper during the next month.

Many betas did not find mates, but found their lives revolving around taking care of other pairs’ younglings. Mostly they would end up having to find life-mates with each other, but it would for the most part be more of a convenient way of not being alone among all the pairs, and not necessarily about the love.

Eijirou hoped it would not happen to Sero. He deserved to find the perfect life-mate, just like everybody else.

He twirled his hair around a finger, tucking at the ugly color.

He hoped he deserved it too.

A hand tucked at his hair, pulling the strands he held hard onto out from between his fingers.

“Don’t do that, it looks fine” Tetsu told him.

“Yea” he mumbled back softly, squawking when Tetsu bumped his head into his own, with a rumble sounding from his chest, almost throwing him off course and into the mer next to him.

“Alphas protects their mates instinctively. It doesn’t matter how you’re hair looks, your alpha will always be there to stand between you and danger” Tetsu explained. “Besides, you’re strong in your own right, I bet you could fight an orca in order to escape! Alphas love strong mates!”

A small laugh bobbled its way up his throat, with giddiness filling his bones. Hell yea he was strong! He could protect his alpha and their youngling, as much as the alpha would protect them.

Eijirou spun around Tetsu, smiling brightly.

This would be the most important journey of his life, how amazing was that? He would find his life-mate and everything would turn out great!

A low, thrumming hum went through the herd and they all started going faster. They were getting close.
They could feel it in the warmth of the water and the sweet flavors that mixed with the salt. Tastes of plants that they would never find underneath the ice.

Shouting began in the front, and cheers ran through them all, until they all laughed and trilled and screamed and chirped.

“Break the current!”

A sudden movement took them all upwards. Moving like a great shoal of fish, powering through the current to the still waters of the tropical ocean.

Eijirou felt his speed fall when the current was below them, and the shining sun came crashing from above, with rays warmer than he could remember ever feeling them. He glanced around, taking in the enticing smells, that reminded him of the anemones in the ice gardens back home.

The waters surrounding them seemed murkier, yet brighter at the same time. Maybe it was the white sand below, or the giant cliffs coming up from every which side, with creatures of all colors having made their home upon them.

Shoals of fish broke the light shining down on them, as a small pack of dolphins disrupted their otherwise calm and mindless movements, changing it to panicked and adrenaline filled motions.

“It’s so hot here” Sero said, coming up by their side while still glancing all around.

Eijirou could only nod. It was a weird feeling. The warmth of the water tickled his nose, and made his gills breathe heavily, like they could not get enough oxygen by each intake.

He felt movement in the water next to him, and soon got a soft head bump and a purr by his ear. The scent of Tetsu flowed to him. Stronger than he had ever smelled it before. He quickly nuzzled back with a happy chirp, his nostrils flaring as he took in the other’s scent.

With the current behind them, the scents of every mer was so much more significant and clear, as they were washed through the waters in a call for their mates and chosen ones to join them.

It was enticing in a way he had never thought of. Every scent was different, but they had all this type of rough sweetness to them, like the taste of summer rain you would lick up, as it slid from the uncovered stones and into the deep blue of his home.

Eijirou licked at his lips, almost tasting the smells on his tongue. He took a last deep breath, tail quivering, and turned to look at the others again. Trying hard to fire up under his conscious brain again, pulling back on instincts he had not greeted before.

Tetsu’s white spots, had brightened significantly, showcasing his readiness handsomely. He looked down to quickly study himself too, finding the red scales looking like thick droplets of blood, in their fertility design. A few small red spots had appeared on his sides too, connecting the red and the black, like the horisont connecting the sea and sky.

Eijirou let his fingers glide reverently over them, feeling the color, sensing the meaning behind.

Loud trilling started up, and the three of them moved with the rest of the herd, on pure instinct alone.

The herd had gotten louder, singing boisterously to impress each other with their talented voices, and to call out to the other herds, that they too had arrived. The sea level sunk and the ocean floor came closer, as they swam closer to the beaches.

Eijirou twirled through the throngs of other mers, smiling at Sero in a daze when they avoided each other gracefully in a game of chicken, right before they would have connected. He took another deep breath.

The smells! it was like everything seized to exist, and his nose and tail were the only things working. He was surrounded in sweet waters of sugar crystals. It was so perfect and tasteful, he could barely stop himself when he opened his mouth to trill and taste and take.

Eijirou caught the eye of an alpha with blue half lidded eyes, watching him from in between other bodies of mers. He had gorgeous spots, very tantalizing. Flirtatious.

The omega gave out a soft song and felt his scent glands by the neck excrete his sweetness. The alpha’s nostrils flared out in a flash, eyes rolling backwards as he took in the scent of him.

But when the alpha looked at him again, irises blown completely wide, he took one glance at the red hair that had been uncovered from behind the tail of a beta. No move was made, and the alpha swam further along the herd.

It made Eijirou stop for a second, letting some mers connect tails with him as they passed. Nerves began steadily crawling back up, but he quickly squashed them, with a reprimanding shake of the head and started going again.

It was fine. They were not meant as chosen ones. That was all there was to it.

The waters became lighter. Instead of the deep blue color of the gigantic oceans, the water turned a turquoise color with the white og the sand and heating sun in the middle of the sky. Stripes of lights snaked their way across the bottom floor, and small creatures for minding their own business, crawling and floating and swimming around.

Clusters of corals came into view, as the herds joined together and swam in one long line into the reefs.

Fish in all colors surrounded the place. Anemones, sat prettily among the corals and squids glided lazily around the cliffs. But it was not only these creatures that was found in the tropical sea. Eijirou was almost sure that he saw shapes of mers without dark scales, but the heat he was feeling in his body and the haze over his mind, could be clouding his intake of the world.

He whined to himself, drawing hands across his red scales and hard stomach. It was so hot. The touches he made felt like boiling rocks hissing he touched it, but in a way he wanted to feel over and over again.

Someone’s tail came into contact with his own, making his scales burn and redden at the minor impact and his gills take a sudden intake.
The giant herd of mer from all around the arctics of the North and South, began dispersing from each other. Every omega had to find the perfect spot to scent and sing at, and the alphas and betas were to find the best prey to hunt, and great muscles to strengthen in preparation.

Eijirou stopped, looking around for Sero and Tetsu. Mers passed him in a wide berth, making two smaller lines instead of one bigger, as they swam further forward. Some began pushing at each other and flash rows of sharp teeth in hideous snarls.

Competition was in the air.

He could smell their aggressive scents, with a quick inhale. The musky smell of raging alphas almost made him flush more. He took another breath of lingering scents of mating preparations.


Eijirou turned his head slowly, flickering his tail slightly.

Sero came over and took his hand that had kept caressing at the red on his hip.

The beta’s scales were pitch black. Eyes too. He was breathing heavily through his mouth and Eijirou could feel how his tail was quivering in the water. Constraining himself.

“I think we’re meant to find our own spots now” the beta said hoarsely. He nodded, feeling a sense of urgency for the both of them, to be quick and find the best spot. The best, gotta be the best. But the side of him that was not part of his hindbrain, did not want to leave. That part of him, the one that did not run on instincts alone, felt the creeping of sadness entering his system.

Sero took a big gulp of air, waiting a short minute before he floated forward, touching foreheads with the omega gently, letting skin against skin rest for a while with closed eyes.

“I hope you find your chosen one” Eijirou told him, voice wavering and eyes shut tight, resisting the urge to scent him all over. To touch his black scales and bare his neck for him, in primal need. They already knew they were not chosen ones. Had talked about it years ago.

“You too” Sero answered, nuzzling their noses gently, before pulling away.

He could feel how his chest began to hurt, pulling at his throat and pinching at his gills. The gesture of the nuzzling painful and not lost on him. His hindbrain lowered its volume, letting him feel the seconds with his friend slipping too fast.

He hoped Sero would find his chosen one, he really did. But was it selfish that he hoped his chosen one would be from their herd? He did not want to lose him to a great distance. He could end up by the North instead of the South, making the possibility of them ever meeting again very slim.

Feelings were flooding his eyes. So much so that even with the two layers of eyelids closed shut, tears came spilling out anyway.

A bubbling sob escaped him as he yelled for his friend, swimming forward with two powerful strokes, and flung himself at the other’s arms, nuzzling at his chest for comfort, before floating upwards to join their foreheads again.

“Please be safe and avoid orcas if you find some in your way” he sobbed at him, heaving for air. “Take care of your mate- give them salmon, my dam always wanted salmon. Please come visit as often as you can, or-or I’ll come visit. If my alpha won’t let me, I’ll just force him! No matter which direction you’ll go, I’ll visit!”

Sero began laughing brokenly, with Eijirou joining him, until they cried into each other’s faces.

Soon, time was behind them, and Sero was no more than a speck of black disappearing in the sunlit sea.

He watched him go. Long after the beta had disappeared in the blue, and most of the giant shoal of arctic mers had left the starting point.

Glimpses of colorful scales from omegas swimming above him, near the surface, cascaded shining spots on his skin, and the dark shapes of alphas were quickly beginning to surround groups of fish further away. Like sharks playing with their food.

He recognized the bright spots and gray hair among them.

A lonely coo escaped him, as he watched his kin disappear too. The pheromones in the sea had probably gotten to him, otherwise he was sure they would have been able to say goodbye as well. He hoped anyway.

There came no returning call, or change of scent, indicating that Tetsu had heard him or recognized that he had been near.

Everything had become so potent.

The scents, the feel of warmth when skin rubbed against scales, and the circular thoughts of “Find best spot, only best” “mate fast, mate right” “get claimed, get claimed, get claimed” and “have younglings, have legacy” that were running faster and wilder with each minute.

And Eijirou was left alone in the tropical paradise.

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“Kachan! Kachan we need to go back, it’s dangerous!”

“Then turn back dammit! I’m gonna kill this thing!”

The eel was slithering along the sandy bottom in a great panic, as the little mer continued his pursuit. They moved in between clusters of corals, and through holes in the cliffs, swimming upwards and down. Side to side. The eel tried everything to lose him, even went as far as spraying sand upwards in an effort to disappear. But the fucker never stood a fucking chance.

He snarled loudly at it, remembering to show off his newly grown fangs to threaten the beast further. It was a big fucker. Moray or some shit, and had probably tried to get to one of them, in the youngling group. It would have been an easy feat, and a great meal, if it had not chosen to take on Katsuki’s group.

The eel swam into a tunnel, and probably thought it would lose him. He knew his territory though, making him thrust his bright tail sharply and take the way over the cliff, to catch it on the other side.

A shoal of Angelfish scattered to all the seas, as Katsuki powered through. A menacing grin on his predatory face.


Katsuki rolled his eyes. Fucking Deku.

“Go the fuck back if it’s so dangerous, or come help me catch this fucker!”

He could hear Deku hiss from behind, but he paid him no more mind. A quick maneuver of twirling white and orange tail, got him through a tight spot between a few larger outcropping rocks, and some wooden planks that had been wedged in between.

The end of the cliff was in sight where the tunnel system would stop, and the eel would arrive in seconds. Katsuki swam faster, Deku right on his tail, as they hunted the predator that had become the prey.

Suddenly the eel came through. Speed slowed and clearly not aware that he would come from above.

“I’m gonna eat you, fucker!” he snarled with a victorious grin, stretching out his clawed hands to catch it. The eel looked up, maw open wide with its sharp teeth on display. No going back, he cackled in his mind.

A large shadow fell upon the two fighting sea creatures. Two small hands landed on his tail fins and pulled sharply backwards, to hide them underneath outstretching corals, with the eel quickly scurrying away in the other direction.

Katsuki turned on the other youngling, teeth gnashing right into his face in threat.

“What the fu-!”

Deku snarled fanglessly right back, planting a hand over Katsuki’s mouth, and pointed with the other index finger toward the surface. It was when the green and black gubby closed his mouth, that he saw the awe that shone plainly on his face, and he stopped fighting against the him to glare upwards.

The hand fell slowly from his face, as the pinched brow and ugly snarl left, and the two younglings stared toward the surface in amazement together.

Giant black silhouettes swam above, moving in the direction of the deeper sea. They had the shapes of mers, forms just like the two younglings watching them, though their scales and hair were a pitch black, only with a small shine of color to the darkness.

They were huge. Much larger than any mer, Katsuki had ever seen. Even the biggest alphas he had seen from afar, could never dream of having the tail length of the muscular black tailed.

A melodic sound came from the giant pod, as they sang softly together. It was a beautiful sound. Vibrating the sea and making his skin tingle and breath hitch, with the harmonies of lighter and heavier assembling voices.

“Who are they?” he asked with a whisper.

He was not sure who he was asking. Maybe Deku, maybe no one. Maybe himself. Either way he did not wait for an answer. He slowly swam out from their hiding spot among the corals, to better watch the pod, as they followed each other like a shoal through his territory.

“I think they’re migrating” Deku told him, coming up by his side. Eyes still wide with wonder.

“Really?” Katsuki snarked. “I thought hundreds of mystery mers, had suddenly decided to stroll through my territory, just for fun.”

“Our territory” Deku objected.

“I’m the leader, so no! it’s not ours, it’s mine and you’re just part of my pod!”

“When did we get a leader?!”

“When I grew out fangs and no one else have!”

Katsuki flashed his fangs dangerously, warning the other to step down or he would be pummeled.

“Mine’s on their way too! look!” the white and green gubby opened his mouth to show the little nubs of white, just about peeking through his gums. Katsuki scoffed at that. They were barely proper teeth yet. He would not need to fight him for another few more months, at the least.

A trill of a soft melody interrupted their petty fight, and the two younglings turned toward the sound coming from behind. One with a curious expression, the other with a snarl working its way up, at the stranger who had arrived.

It was a redhead.

And his eyes were the color of blood. Violent like Katsuki’s own, but these were bigger, shinier.

He was clearly younger than them, smaller but still seemingly having a fatter layer to his body. It made his cheeks round, arms chubby, and his stomach sticking out somewhat.

To Katsuki’s astonishment, the younger mer’s scales were black. He almost wanted to touch them, curious about the coldness of its hue, and if the cold would carry over to the body temperature.

He was about to reach out, when the other flashed his open mouth at him. Sharp teeth already shining threateningly.

Katsuki’s backfin flew up in surprise, and he quickly collected himself from the threat, and flashed his own smaller fangs at the rival. A low growl vibrating his whole chest. He heard Deku growl behind him faintly too.

What the fuck was this outsider thinking?! If he wanted a fight, Katsuki would sure as hell give it to him. Fucking moron.

Katsuki let his blood flow outward and into his back fin, making it look completely red, with dangerous spiky bones sticking out, as he stretched it to its full size.

You think you’re something, hah?!” he yelled, making the redhead flinch backwards. Eyes skitting in between them, but with teeth still on display. That fucker.

“You think you can just come here, and take over my place?!” Katsuki swam forward, claws extending and back fin rustling with his fury. “This is my territory! Mine! You can’t come here and take it! I’ll fight you! Smack your scaly tail back to the fucking hole you crawled up from! I’ll kill you!”

He flew forward with a sharp thrust of his tail, hands out and ready.

The redhead tried to back away, but he caught the fucker in the face and ripped through skin, as fast as he could.

The other let out a high pitched scream, and quickly grasped at his face, the second he managed to get a few feet away from Katsuki’s scratching claws. He landed on an outstretching stone beneath them, where he kept holding onto his right eye. The sharp teeth had finally disappeared.

But it was not enough. He was still in his place.

Deku was with him, as the two looked down at the enemy, back fins on display and sharp growls rumbling in the waters.

But the redhead did not flee. Katsuki frowned at that.

He could smell the blood, hidden by the other’s hand, so he knew he got him. But why did he not leave after the warning? Would they have to kill him?

The redheaded youngling kept crying out in high pitches, his body shaking with each loud sound. He made no other movements.

Katsuki looked at Deku, who was sneaking a wondering expression at him too. He had no idea of what was going on either. Maybe his claws were too powerful, and he scratched the brain? He probably had to put him out of his misery, and Deku sure as hell would not do it.

He took a deep breath and swam downwards, mind made up.

He saw as the other flinched, when his good eye caught sight of him. Tears blurring the red color, and mouth turning into a thin line.

Katsuki knew it was cowardly, but he really wished the younger mer would close his eyes, in his final moments of life. He did not want to see the fear and pain as he killed him.

His hand lifted, with claws extending further, to be able to deliver the killing blows. The redhead kept staring, making him grit his teeth and pinch his brow.

He raised his hand further.

“Quit staring asshole! I’ll kill you!”

A furiously loud scream reverberated through the water, and a huge, black shape was suddenly in front of him. Clutching the redhead quickly to her milk-filled chest, and snuggled her nose into his hair to scent him carefully.

Another, even bigger mer, swam quickly in front of the two, like a shark attacking a walker cage.

Katsuki swam backwards with a high pitched yell, almost falling over glittering stones in his hurry to get away from the gnashing teeth, of the dark alpha.

He felt caught, the moment his back hit the cliffside behind him. His tiny body trembled with fright, yet he kept snarling at the adult. Flashing his threatening fangs, letting the other know that he would fight him to the death.

But the alpha only moved to shield his pod from Katsuki’s view. Sharp shark-like teeth on display, and red eyes drilling into the younglings own.

The redhead was almost obscured behind all the black scales and hair. The omega’s hair was long and covering most of herself and the youngling, behind it like a dark veil. She was holding him close, keeping him locked in between her arms, while her hands were caressing the red locks, and her tongue was gently licking the blood away from his wound.

Katsuki felt his stomach drop at the realization.

They could only be his dam and sire.

His little heart beat furiously in his chest. He did not dare to look away from the family, especially the alpha, in case his body would be ripped apart in that split second.

But after a while, the alpha snarled one last time and turned to his family. He dragged a couple of fingers over the back of the redhead, and nuzzled his little nose carefully, cooing in an attempt to calm down the youngling’s cries.

The omega made a low trill. The alpha nodded, slipping a hand onto her back, guiding them upwards, and leading them out from the cliffs to join the giant pod above.

Katsuki could still smell the trail of blood, the redhead left in his wake.

He heard the disturbance in the water, and felt bubbles tickle his skin, as Deku joined his side again. They watched the herd until the melodies of their songs had become faint notes, moving through the deep blue ocean.

“Are you okay?” Deku asked. Voice timid, as if he was afraid that he would blow up. Normally he would be right in thinking that, but Katsuki did not feel the familiar heat of his temper brewing, but instead felt the curl of some unknown emotion in his gut, as he kept looking in the direction the mers had gone.

“He didn’t look like he was under one” Katsuki answered distractedly.

Younglings would never meet their sire. Would not leave their dam the first year.

He was just a baby.

“Come on.” Tiny hands pulled at his arm, and moved the both of them upwards and back toward their cave, where their fellow nest mates were waiting for their return.

“He’ll be okay Kachan.”

The black mers had long since disappeared in the dark waters, and with them the wonder and mystery of the other species. If he looked hard enough, Katsuki could maybe still see the faint color of the red hair. Alone amongst all the dark.

“Aw come on Katsuki, just one stone at least!” Mina cried. “You owe me that much!”

Katsuki turned on her so swiftly, the fuchsia alpha flinched, backfin spreading out for a second. If his arms had not been filled to the brim, with the stones the too bubbly mer had tried to steal, he would have clawed her for her insolence.

He dialed up his monstrous glare, and snarled at her instead. Making sure to put her in her place, before he chased her out of his territory.

“I don’t owe you shit!” he hissed, swimming up into her face. “You come here, to my place, stealing my stones, and tell me that I owe you?! You thief!”

His eyes dropped to her hand, where a small, smooth stone with the most perfect paleness to its sunshine color, laid glittering in between her forefinger and thumb.

“Drop it!”

Mina whined, clutching the tiny stone to her chest.

Katsuki would be damned if she came here, to steal stones for her nest. He knew she had her own goddamned territory to scout stones from. It was not his fault, that she had done a poor-ass job in acquiring a place with quality stones.

“Please Tsuki!” she begged, floating a bit further away from him. “You have so many glitters, and I swear I’ve been scouting my own for days, but they’re nothing like yours! I can’t let my harem settle for what I have, they’d leave me the second they arrive.”

Katsuki moved the stones in his grip around, to be able to pinch the skin between his eyes, feeling his spines moving with the aggression he was feeling.

“And you seriously think that, that little stone is going to make them stay?” he asked, not stopping the incredulous tone in his voice.

Mina pouted. He hated when she did that, always had. He remembered the first time she had used it against him, thinking it would sway him to her favor. He just thought it made her ugly. The too round cheeks and big plumb of her lips going outwards, and her eyes shining with upset feelings. Pathetic.

“I did try to get more than one stone though.”

She winced when he turned his glare back on her face. She knew she was out shitting in the sea, alright. He swam leisurely a bit away, to a small cluttering of colorful corals, dropping the stones and letting them glitter hautidly at the other alpha.

He never let his gaze waver, and felt the satisfaction when he saw her spray bubbles from her lips in annoyance.

“You can keep that one” he said nonchalantly.

“Geez, thanks” she responded. Snark clear as day.

He whipped his tail, to swim further upwards and tower above her.

“If I ever see you in here instead of by the border, I’ll kill you” he warned her, to which she waved her hand and rolled her golden eyes.

“Yea, yea, you’ve told me the same threat ever since we were younglings.”

“Maybe it will become a reality soon then!” he yelled after her, watching as she swam toward the closest border of his place. At least she did not make a detour to the other end, just to spite him. It had happened too often as of now.

Katsuki exhaled, rattling the gills at his upper ribs. Then he moved down to the sandy bottom, and inspected the group of stones, to find a couple he deemed worthy for his own nest.

Of course he had good stones. His territory was perfectly placed far enough away from any beach, to be able to hunt without fear of the leglemmed creatures swimming in his waters. But also a bit away from the deeper ocean, so he would never get caught in any stupid currents.

He had not even had to kill for this spot, since it had one minor aspect to it that most mers would find annoying.

Katsuki grinned as he found a pearly stone with a gloss surface, the size of his fist. This one would be good.

After going through the rest of the stones, he swam away with only four of them. Mina must have been really desperate to have chosen the others.

His territory was beautiful.

Finger corals in faded pinks and wild oranges, were building themselves toward the surface, with orange cup- and smooth flower corals living happily among them.

This place was a wildlife paradise, and he shared it with all kinds of colorful fish. Shoals of angelfish and butterflyfish. Bottom dwellers of all kinds and delicious eels too. Sharks came and went as well. As long as they did not fuck up his day, he did not see any reason to chase them out.

It was not like the sharks were competition.

Katsuki swam underneath a natural bridge of cliffs and kelp, twisting up and around the plants to break through the little path, he had created through the last three years he had lived there.

The sand was pale as moonshine, thickly layered to make a comfortable bottom for his nest. Kelp was growing nicely all around, making it easy to get a quick snack when he was here, and a wall of stone was placed as a barrier between the kelp and the sand, he had collected in the middle.

Katsuki followed the wall around in the circle, looking for the perfect place for the new pieces. They had to work with the shining nuances that shifted from moonshine white, to a honeylike color. They also had to be placed where their sizes would fit the best. He could not just put them somewhere carelessly.

His nest had to be perfect.

He quickly found places for three of the stones. Some he was lucky to put on top, though the third had to be dugged a bit into the sandy bottom, but still leaning against the wall.

With a small grunt, he lifted one of the bigger stones to place the last piece underneath. It fit perfectly.

He swung around and dusted the piece of wall with his tailfin. A satisfied smirk spread across his face.


He dragged a webbed hand through the sand, leaning down to nuzzle his cheek into the softness. No one could ever have a better nest than this. The omegas had definitely not complained.

He laid down. Letting his scales feel the texture of the miniature stones, and dragging the warm sand over his tail and back, until his bottom part was mostly hidden from view. Only his shoulders, arms and head could be seen, as he let his chin rest upon his relaxing arms.

He had almost closed his eyes, enjoying the stillness of the waters and rhythmic swaying of the kelp surrounding him, when he heard it.

The singing.


Katsuki flew from the bottom, quicker than a swordfish. Scattering the sand into a mess of cloudy dirt.

He had to get to his vantage point.

This was the exact reason why he did not have to fight all the much, for his wonderful territory. They would always arrive at the same time each year. Singing. Swirling in a shoal as the giant pod would swim through the border nearest the deep, and crossing the middle of his territory, in the direction of the nearby islands.

Some years Deku would join him.

It was kind of a secret thing they had, and the only time he would let the other alpha into his place.

Deku knew, and usually he would already be there. But this year, when they had met briefly at their connected border, he had told him about a pod of alphas swimming by his own borders constantly, as if looking for a weak spot.

he would not be joining him this year.

Which was fine. Maybe he could get some peace and quiet, when the younger one would not be there to try and translate the songs. It sounded awful when the stupid gubby tried to recreate it.

Katsuki followed the cliff to the top, where the best vantage point of his whole territory was. He sat down, folding his tail underneath him and looked upwards. waiting.

He could hear them. Feeling the strides of their collective tails moving through the water. Or so he believed himself. He knew they were not far though.

He and Deku had found out that the bigger mers, travelled through their parts twice a year, which made Deku hypothesize that their race had a mating place close by. Some other mers had spoken about them too, but that had mostly been in annoyance, because of how the preys were getting hunted twice as much as normally.

And they had enough competition with the walking mers.

Katsuki usually explained his interest by saying that Deku’s own was too intense, to not feel himself. But he had always been fascinated in his own way. A faint memory touching his mind when he heard their song and saw their bigger sizes.

It gave a crushing feeling. Something akin to awe or fear. He was not sure, but he knew the songs were calming in a way that usually managed to lull his temper.

He looked up once the collective song thundered through the ocean, and the giant pod fell over him like a deep sea shadow. He kept completely silent as he watched them dance in between each other, almost flying like the clouds, crossing his tropical world.

Katsuki had a hard time not letting a small smile appear.

Chapter Text

There was blood in the water.

Deep red clouds floated like stardust, flashing with the streams of sunlight beaming through. It had been days since they arrived, and fertile scents were mixing with the aggressive pheromones of alphas fighting each other over their possible mates.

Sometimes, when an omega would have more than one suitor at a time, and they showed interest for all of them, the alphas would push each other into fights of dominance, in an effort to become the only suitor to dance and show off their rippling muscles.

There had been a fight nearby, not that long ago. He had heard the snarling and growling, heard how they screamed and howled. Heard when the skin and scales were ripped apart with hardened claws.

Eijirou could still smell it.

The blood. The scents.

But none had stayed for him, once he had managed luring them, with his soft trills in a heartfelt song, and his own sweet and fresh scent.

It was not the spot he had chosen. It was easily accessible, and brightly lit with the golden sun and the pale moon. He did not have much competition nearby, though he knew there were omegas all around. Some still searching for a place to be.

He had been lucky in finding this place. It had kelp covering him in its green colors, giving cover from local predators and a sense of security that helped protecting him, in the moments when he could not focus on anything else other than courting and mating.

In the middle of the kelp forest, he had found a giant rock. It was covered mostly in algae, that made it hard to cling to it as he sat upon it, but it gave the perfect perch. He could easily look above the forest of kelp from here, and around at the surrounding blue world, where other mers were to be found somewhere.

But it was not his scent that chased them away. He knew he smelled good. Both Tetsu and Sero had complimented him loads of times throughout the years. His scent was sweet, as an omega’s should be, and was sometimes powerful enough to taste, if he let it excrete from his scent glands, giving it a fresh and icy smell to it.

It was neither his song. A melody composed by himself, told through a softly vibrating tenor voice. Trilling and cooing. The mating song was individual from mer to mer, singing notes from their family pod, and mixing it with notes of the mers they had connected with through the years. It was a melody that would change with age, snippets being left out for other and newer parts to be adjusted into the song. Some songs could be sung for hours without break. Most would become an echo, as it kept starting over and over until someone would answer, and they would mix their songs together.

He tugged self consciously at his hair. Almost losing his balance, as he shifted upon the slippery algae covered rock.

The alphas had quickly left once they saw him.

Eijirou squeezed his eyes tight and shook his head violently, slapping his cheeks to get back his bearings. A glare was sent to the blue world around him.

He was not going to stop trying. His alpha would come, and he would be glorious and brave and strong, and not one of those losers who would be scared of a little bit of color!

A proper alpha would not stop at such a trivial thing as a difference in hair color! Someone would come around, and maybe he would accept them as his mate. They had to be worthy of him! None of the alphas that had showed up had been that.

He nodded to himself, settling down into a more relaxing position on the rock. It scratched against his scales in some places, but it could hardly be felt when he spiked up in that area, making his scales as hard as the stone he was sitting on.

Someone would come. Hear his song, find his scent irresistible and his hair of no issue.

No problem.

Vibrations of sound left his throat, in tones swinging from softly lower blues, to higher echoing trills. long drawn out notes soared to the surface, and he felt his heart lift as well as the corners of his lips.

He felt like the sea itself was listening. Quieting the rest of life down, to be able to send his message to his chosen one, living and breathing in the same waters as he.

Eijirou sang louder, needing to be heard. A feeling of longing and a sort of desperation clinging to every note.

His chosen one would come.
He had to come, he had waited so long for this.

He heard shifting in the water, a powerful swipe of a tailfin from behind. Eijirou quickly turned his head, looking above the kelp to see better, song cutting off and hair billowing around his head in a fiery display.

There was a shape coming toward him. A mer.

He almost squeaked out loud.

His heart pounded loudly, almost beating right out of his chest. He swiftly turned and shifted his tail beneath him, carefully, so as not to slip around. Fingers started grooming his blood colored strands, to get more presentable before the other would get too close.

He stretched out his back, and let out a bit more of his scent in a flirtatious welcome, a small smile quirking upward as he focused fully upon the figure again.

The shape was getting bigger. It was a bigger mer than him, but they seemed rather… small? Eijirou’s brow furrowed and he sniffed for their scent.

There were no alpha pheromones that near, and nothing about the mer screamed beta, what with the scent being too sweet. His eyes widened, and teeth were instinctually flashed at the newcomer, as they broke through the shadows above the kelp forest. Their own teeth showing in a dangerous snarl, and scales hardening across their tail and stomach.

A threat.

Eijirou hardened his own scales, glinting colors of red being shadowed by the stonelike features.

He growled lowly, brows drawn closely downwards.

She snarled violently in response, swimming through the green plants and began circling him slowly. He hunched over his perch, gripping at the algae surface with claws, that he tried to dig into the rock to better hold his position without moving.


The scales on her underbelly were a fine seafoam color, showing brightly against the black of her long hair and dark tail. The fins by her hips were filled with seafoam fertility spots, instead of the spots merging the green with the black on her tail, like his own. He had also been right that she was bigger than him. Thick muscles on display and long tail twisting her around.

She was gorgeous, he could see that.

But she wanted his spot.

He swung at her with hardened claws, as she feigned an attack, making her quickly swim back to circle around him. She watched him intensely, as he strained his arms further to stay upon the rock.

“What’s wrong with you, blood-hair?” she taunted, her voice rough. “No one will mate you with that.”

“Piss off” he hissed back, following her around with his eyes, not wanting to leave the rock at any cost.

“Bad genes. You’ll die. If you breed, your youngling will die too.”

She did a quick swipe at his face, claws catching the tips of his hair as he flew back, balance slipping for a moment. Her tail powered through the water, bubbles surrounding them quickly with the shift of pressure.

Eijirou tried holding unto his rock as she attacked again, coming from behind and scratching his unhardened back.

He yelped at the pain, tail burrowing itself into the stone, making it crack and splinter from his hard scales digging into it. She kept circling him, swimming in to try and scratch his back and upper arms and face, for then to swim back to wait for an opening.

He did not know what to do. It hurt so much when she managed to dug her claws into his skin, pulling out flesh and blood, like they were small curved blades. But he could not fight back without jumping off the rock to pursue her, and if he left it alone even for a second, she would claim it as hers and he would lose his courting place.

“You’re weak blood-hair” she growled. “I’ll kill you easily if you don’t leave now. I’m not gonna warn you again.”

“Can’t you just find your own place?” he asked, voice too breathless for his own liking.

She growled again, making him snarl back and they started posturing against each other.

It was not out of the ordinary for omegas to fight. All mers had the drive of protectiveness, and territorial instincts, which could bring aggression out in every mer, whether they be alpha, beta or omega.

It was not completely common though. Eijirou had only ever had to play fight. This was the first time that had ever drawn blood.

And he could not fight back! She was already out of his reach every time she had managed to get a hit in on him, and he tried swiping back at her.

He knew she was trying to tire him out. Could feel it in how his muscles were aching from the strain he created by clutching at the sleek rock, and how his wounds were throbbing in time with his fast paced heartbeat.

He had hardened his back, after she got the first hit on him. But then she went for his face, and he had tried to protect his eyes instinctively, by covering behind an unhardened arm.

They were planted in the middle of a cloud of blood. As she kept swimming, the red was stirred with the turbulens, making smaller currents twirl around them.

He began feeling lightheaded, breath becoming shallow the longer they kept going. She was tiring too though, he could see it in her slowing movements and the way her nostrils kept flaring.

She was persistent.

Eijirou flashed his teeth again, tail tip swiping agitatedly as it clung to the rock. He let a smell of aggression flow through his scent glands, showing her that he would not back down.

Then she disappeared.

It was like she had never been there in the first place. There were no silhouette through the clouded waters, or a scent of sour sweetness, when he tasted the salty sea.

Had she given up?

He looked around, not daring to let go of his rock.

But there was nothing. No sounds, no sights, no smells.

It was like the ocean had been devoid of life, and it did not feel right.

Eijirou clicked nervously deep in his throat, as he kept trying to watch all sides. His arms were trembling with his effort, and his scales were softening up from the tiredness that crept up along his whole body.

He knew that there was no help to be found. No possible mate would come along to save him, since this was something that was to be settled in between the omegas themselves.

It did not help his anxiety that he knew he was alone in this. Even worse was that he knew she was out there somewhere, and that he still very much was her target. Or his courting place was.

He could feel dread clocking up his throat, and his eyes beginning to hurt as he tried evening out his breath.

“Where are you?!” he called out, desperation sliding through his words with a crack.

The waters moved swiftly, and before he could turn to look forward again, claws had dug into his softening arms and clamped down, with such a power he let out a scream in pain, and he was suddenly pushed off his perch upon the rock.

The claws retracted as soon as he had left the rock and its cursed algae. The other omega turned quickly to slip around the rock and settle herself down. Skin and scales still hard, though shaking, and face snarling loudly at him in threat.

Wide eyed, Eijirou could not help but take in his sudden defeater, as her dark hair floated around her like a menacing cloud of thunder, and her green color mixed beautifully with the kelp and algae around them.

He lost.

“Disappear, Blood-Hair!”

He tried collecting himself to fight back again, but as he swam toward her with flashing teeth and claws on full display, she swiped at him the second he clawed off strings of hardened skin from her forearm, and four stripes of red appeared upon his cheek, with such strength in her move that the hit flipped him away from her and back into the sandy bottom.

She was clutching her arm to her chest.

Blood gathered around her, mingling in the red cloud that did not only hold his anymore. Her tail slung around the rock in a tight grip, and her eyes flashed murderously at him.


Eijirou shifted around, getting his tail underneath him and pushed off, spraying sand everywhere. He took off into the kelp forest, swimming away before the fight could escalate again.

After swimming for a while in full speed, with kelp and sand flying up and into his face and hitting his body, he finally broke through the forest, into the open world of the sea, where shoals of colorful fish escaped him barely, with the speed he was coming toward them in.

Even though the world looked much more sprawled, lively and colorful, with its creatures, rock formations and corals growing from the white sand, he felt terrified of having lost his protection and the fact that he knew he was moving further away from the mating beaches.

His gills were gasping for air, as his tumultuous feelings were gathering closer and closer to his heart and lungs, straining to reach his throat and face.

How could he let this happen? He should have fought harder. Why did he swim away? he was so weak.

Everything hurt. His wounds still bled, with the droplets trickling into the sea, leaving a trail of dangerous smells behind him. He could feel how his face constricted, and his lower lip wobbled with suppressed emotions.

What was he going to do? Should he fight for someone else’s courting spot? could he do that with how everything ached?

He stopped short and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and tried to relax for a moment, before figuring out what he was going to do. A natural bridge made of a rocky surface with kelp growing all around, created a beautiful archway above his head. Eijirou swam to one of its sides and leaned his weight against it, careful not to let it graze his hurting skin on his back and forearm.

Slow breath in. Slow breath out.

This was just a minor setback. He could find some other place, no problem.

Noooo problem.

It was a big problem. Very big. How was he supposed to get any kind of alpha near now?!

Fingers began pulling at cursed strands of red, hurting his scalp as they came loose and clutched annoyingly at the digits.

It was not enough that his hair had such an ugly color, now he found that he was not strong enough to fend off competition when it showed up! He was the worst omega ever.

During his panic induced pity party, Eijirou did not think of the creatures his blood could be attracting.

The groups of fish that had been swimming around the undersea grove, were suddenly scattering away from the open waters, instead hiding in between the cities of corals, as giant shadows loomed closer with every side sweeping tail stroke.

Eijirou squished his blotchy cheeks in between his hands, squinting hard and blowing a stream of bubbles from his nose. They floated quickly to the surface to be released into the darkening sky, and left the mer to feel bad for himself underneath.

He looked to the surface where the sun was disappearing from view, and the sky lit up with hues of purple and blue.

Letting himself slide down the rocky cliffside, he enjoyed the feel of how the cool sand grated against his too hot tail. The grit were soft as he dragged his hand through, creating doodles in the wake of his fingers travelling deeper than his palm.

He felt the haze coming back over his mind, now that the adrenaline of fighting for, and losing his old spot, was slowly vanishing. The heat he had been feeling for days on end, returned with his focus falling deeper underneath his conscious mind. Scales fluttered tiredly with hardening and warmth.

Eijirou whined, uncomfortable in his own skin, running a sand clad hand over his hot chest.

A scent was suddenly caught by his nose.


Eijirou flung himself upwards, just in time to see a band of five sharks coming towards him at full speed, with glistening rows of teeth ready to snap his body apart.

He had not managed a squeak such as the one that left him, since he was nothing more than a youngling, swimming from an elephant seal by the ice.

The nearest shark came too close for comfort, with jaws snapping towards the bottom length of his dark tail. If he had not swept his tail fin away a moment before, the teeth would have sunk into his flesh.

The sharks had wedge shaped heads and small pits on the snouts, while being the color of a faded sky and with a belly the hue of the sandy bottom underneath them.

Another came from his left, and on pure reflex he lunged out, punching it straight on the snout.

The shark turned its second eyelid down and over its eyes for protection, as it quickly turned around to nurse its hurting nose. Snouts were the weak points of any shark, Eijirou had heard, it was a failsafe to turn around and go for it, instead of trying to outswim them.

Though in this particular case, he could unfortunately see that this probably would not help him much.

He gave a threatening snarl from deep in his throat.

Eijirou turned tail, almost slamming into one of the walls of the cliff bridge, and tried to disappear in the large cluttering of kelp.

He could hear how the plants were scattering across larger bodies, almost the same size as himself, as they followed him into the green.

It was then Eijirou realized how stupid he was, mentally slapping himself hard over the head. Sharks were pretty much blind, so they followed their sense of smell for the most part.

And they were smelling his blood, tasting it as the fluids trailed after him, easily mapping out the route he was taking.

He started swimming faster, getting smacked periodically in the face and on his body, by the kelp that was supposed to help him.

He could do it, come on, come on, Eijirou thought, gritting his sharp teeth so hard he almost believed they would crack under the pressure. He let his arms stay tightly by his sides, trying to get more speed that way and pushed the muscles in his tail even further. His body was too hot, the haze not having left enough and his brain felt pretty much like mush.

Why could he not catch a damn break?!

Glancing back shortly, he found the sharks were further away, though not having given up completely.

He was too fast for them!

He was about to laugh at their failing attempt to eat a freaking mer, when his head collided with something hard, and he was thrown over a rock or something. Pebbles and larger stones scattered with him, as he landed and got dragged with the force he had flown, through a large body of sand.

Eijirou hissed in pain, clutching at his hurting cheek.


This was it. He was too tired to keep going.

Damn everything, he was done for anyway.

He let his hand fall into the soft sand, waiting for the inevitable shark teeth that would gnaw upon his bones.

And this was supposed to be a special paradise for all mer.


But the sharks never came.

after a minute or so, Eijirou lifted his head looking for his hunters.

There were no one to be seen. Nothing but kelp that covered the small grove of sand and pearly stones, that was laying everywhere. Once he rose up to lean upon his elbows, he deducted that it was probably the giant hole in between the stones, he had come barreling through.

He could hear snarling and deep growling, from the direction he came.

Moving to sit up, Eijirou took to his head, trying to put pressure upon the throbbing headache, that was beginning to build up.

He was unsure if he should move away as fast as he could, to avoid whatever it was that had decided to fight a group of sharks, or if he should take cover and hide as best as he could.

Suddenly the waters stilled.

As did Eijirou’s breathing, as he tried to quiet down and not get discovered. His heart was beating too fast, making him fear that the creature would hear him anyway.

Guttural sounds, combined with a weird mix of hissing and growling, came nearer Eijirou with an exceptional speed.

The mer dragged himself further toward the other end, where he could hide behind the wall of stones, the kelp surrounding the circle hopefully covering him enough. He hoped the creature did not have the best of smells, and therefore not be able to follow his blood like the sharks had.

The question of whether the nasal sense had been bad or not, did not matter. The creature aggressively tore through the kelp behind the mer, just as he had made it to the front of the wall, instead of just behind it to hide.

Eijirou cursed his freaking luck. Listening as the beast took in the sight of him. Back turned toward it, strained and stiff in fear.

A loud slap of a tail, and stones scattered towards him. One hit him straight on the lower back, making him yelp in surprise. He quickly hardened his back in a weak defense.

The string of roaring guttural words and loud snarls, was the part that made him turn his head to take in the looming beast with trepidation

His eyes widened in shock.

It was another mer.

A mer with scales of a burning sunset over newly fallen snow, and hair the color of sunshine sandcorns. He was floating at the other end of the circle, with stones collected in tight fists.

His red eyes were watching him. The color of blood, much like his own.




Chapter Text

Those stupid fucking alphas.

And stupid fucking Deku too.

Katsuki yanked a piece of meat from the eel’s body, and chewed it violently as he followed a well-known path by the southern border.

If fucking Deku had not fucking screwed his own protection over, Katsuki would not have to freaking deal with these low life trash eaters.

Chasing them away from their combined border, only a couple of weeks before the mating season would begin.


He did not have freaking time for this. He needed to prepare, make sure the shoals of fish felt secure closer to his nest, so that they would be easier to catch and he did not have to swim far to gather food for the harem.

Thank fuck his nest was well polished and ready. Alphas from near and far would definitely be jealous of his work. Jealous of the complete perfection of each little stone that had been meticulously placed with strategic thought.

Katsuki took another bite, feeling calmer the further along the border he went, checking on every little suspicious thing and making sure that there was not a trace of other alphas’ scents.

The only thing he could smell that did not belong to him or his territory, was the far off mixing scents of mating, fertility and sex. This, he did not react on. He knew it came from the outlanders, far enough away from him that he did not feel like it mattered.

It only made him look forward to his own mating.

The blonde twirled around in loops restlessly.

Thank fuck he was almost done with border control, he needed a goddamn nice nap. Then he would look for some more stones. Maybe a bottom dweller to eat.

Katsuki threw away the remaining pieces of the eel. The carcass falling to the bottom for trash eaters to find.

A sudden smell pulled at his nostrils, and he turned inwards toward the middle of his territory, brow wrinkled with confusion.

There was blood in the waters, which would not be that weird if it was not accompanied with a scent he should not be smelling now. He took another deep breath, sniffing the different smells surrounding the area, to pinpoint if the sweet smell was far off, or if it was in fact coming from the middle of his territory.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes, as he began swimming toward his nest.

That could not be right.

As he approached the beginning of the bloody trail, the shoals had completely disappeared, instead choosing to hide away wherever they could. It made the situation seem much more eerie than it really should be, making Katsuki tread the situation carefully.

He could hear bigger creatures swimming, the vibrations being pushed toward him through smaller currents.

A snarl appeared on his lips as he swam faster, needing to find the fucking culprit who had dragged the shitty tiger sharks out of their freaking trash piles.

They were too damn near his fucking nest. If they entered they were fucking dead.

Katsuki crashed through the kelp, letting out a long drawn out growl, coming straight from the bottom of his stomach, and vibrating throughout his body.

Last fucking warning, if they did not leave now he would gladly fucking fight them.

The blood kept fucking going too! Sweetened in a way it should not be. A way that made him thrust his tail in agitation and his heart pumping faster. He could not help but taste the trail, humming in an instinctual approval, that he shut down as quick as he drew his mind out of the freaking gutter.

Anger was the next best thing anyway. Who wants to be horny when you can be concerned about losing your nest instead.

And all he had wanted to do was to take a fucking nap.

What the fuck even was today?

The moment he saw the tailfin of the first shark he rushed forward, backfin outstretched threateningly and pumped with its blood red color, as he crashed into the blue tinted back of the shark. He gripped tightly with sharp claws digging into the flesh, and pushed it to the ground.
Still attached to the muscular being, the shark bucked and barrel rolled to get him off, but Katsuki snarled harshly and bit its backfin, before he grappled a final time. He shoved it backwards toward the bridge and the ending field of the kelp.

The shark tried coming towards him again, with its teeth retracted in an effort to fight back. The alpha pulled his right arm back with a furious snarl, and just as the shark was near enough, his fist flew forward punching the sucker across the snout. Hard.

The shark shook hard throughout its whole body, before turning tail and disappearing.

“Yeah, that’s right shitty shark! Fuck off you piece of shit!”

Katsuki hurried in the other direction, backfin up and flaring aggressively, showing of his dangerous attitude in all its glory. He growled loudly as he came upon the rest of the sharks, barreling straight through their formation, with claws outstretched to catch unto their flesh as he swam by.

Blood build up around them like the dirt and sand from a hurricane, and the sharks went to fight back.

They twisted and turned. Bit and slapped with their tails. He had to be quick minded about where he placed himself, or he would end up in between their fatal jaws.

Katsuki slapped his tail against a strong body, pushing himself off and away from the beast, just as it turned its head in an effort to try and catch him. With a small loop, he quickly gained the upper hand by coming down from above, biting into its flesh and tasting the sweet blood that came from the wounded animal.

The shark began ascending toward the surface, trying to dislodge him by moving from side to side with great swings of the whole body.

Katsuki snarled through his teeth, mouth still clutched tightly around it’s flesh, moving his hands to snatch at both its eyes with his claws. His heart was pumping quicker and quicker the farther they came to the surface, both too stubborn to stop the fight.

As the sun became brighter from the world above closing in, Katsuki felt his heartbeat’s frantic rhythm work itself into a higher state of anxiety, and his limbs began to tremble.

In a last ditch effort before he would have to give in to the fear that rippled through his body, Katsuki dug a finger straight into the sharks left eye, popping it with a disgusting squelch. He could feel the painful tension gather in the body, before he found them moving downwards and away from the blasted surface.

He pulled out his finger, part of the conjunctiva settling around its tip, and let go of the retreating beast.

As he swam further down and into the kelp again, he saw a silhouette of one of the other sharks, following the blood trail of its brethren up above.

Katsuki shook his head. Trash eaters.

It was not long before he came upon the last two. They were uncomfortably close to his nesting grounds. A few turns more in the kelp, and they would be able to stick their fucking snouts into his fucking business.

He flashed his fangs in a dangerous mask of superiority.

A shark avoided his fist, just as he was going for its snout, swimming downwards and clenched its massive teeths around one of his tail fins, ripping the tip apart with the speed it went with.


The pain surged through his tail, hurting like a bitch. Katsuki took a deep breath, gathering himself just in time to avoid a second shark attack. Fuck. There was fucking hell to pay!

He shook off the pain for the moment, knowing that he would have time to nurse himself back to health, after he had finished playing around with these fuckers.

The mer slashed his right hand directly in the path of the second sharks eyesight, clawing eye and flesh from its head.
Bits and pieces clung to his claws, with blood floating like a vengeful flame being ignited from his fingers.

He cackled loudly, proud of himself for being able to see the last of the sharks finally give up, and turn their tails and flee into the dark.

The adrenaline was still pumping through his veins. Though the feelings of familiar pride and victory, did not completely melt away the throbbing in his tail fin and stinging of the wound.

With a last sweep of his surrounding to make sure that no more threats were in the vicinity, Katsuki moved toward his nest, wanting to rest after the chaotic fight. He tried moving in such a way that the kelp would not accidently touch his wound, and make the stinging flare up further.

It annoyed him that he could smell his own blood in the water. It made him seem weak. Did not matter how many sharks he had fought off, next time they would not get even a nick on his skin.

Suddenly the blood turned sweeter, his own smell mingling with the one that trailed in the direction of his nest. His backfin flared in surprise for a moment, before he cursed to himself loudly.

How the fuck could he forget about the fucker who had stirred up all this crazy shit?

Katsuki snarled and spit out curse after curse, as he quickly came flying through the last part of the kelp forest, and into his nest.

His eyes widened in shock, at the awful sight before him.

His stones…

Katsuki swallowed an angry clump in his throat, eyes pinching uncomfortably as he felt his body heating up with concentrated anger.

He picked up a couple of stones, finding their surfaces scratched and ruined. It was only his pure stubbornness that kept in the choked sounds, that wanted to break free from his heaving lungs.

His stones were scattered all around the freaking sand pit. The wall was broken down in one giant spot, which would take fucking days to fix up to its former prime.

A hole was dug into the sand. Traces of dragging coming from the broken wall, all the way up to the fucker on the other side of his nest. It was a mer. dark tail, red spots, red hair, muscular shapes, big in size.

A fucking alpha if he ever saw one.

Katsuki saw red.

In one swift tail swipe, more stones flew through the water and clattered together with the others, that were laying in the mess of the nest. One even flew as far as being able to hit the redhead in the back, making the other mer flinch and yelp.

Satisfaction was very, very fleeting.

Katsuki swam forward, claws at the ready, muscles flexing and flashing teeth showing in a snarl.

“You fucking shithead better have a fucking big explanation, and you’ve got two seconds before I’m gonna fuck you up so bad, I won’t be able to see even a speck of your skin in the fucking sand, when I’m done with your ugly ass tail!”

The other mer turned his head to look back at him, eyes big and round and body clearly flinching with the movement.

But he did not utter a word.

Katsuki growled lowly, flexing his fingers, which seemed to garner the attention of the other.

“I’m gonna fucking eat you, shitty alpha!” he roared.

The redhead pressed himself against the wall at his chest, flashing his own teeth. Katsuki quickly flared his back fin in retaliation, snarling right back into the fucker’s face and readying himself to kill the shithead.

But then the other closed his eyes, flinching away.
And Katsuki paused his hand, just as it was about to scratch down at the other’s face.

There was a sweetened smell in the water. A scent that soured with distress and pain, with every second Katsuki was looming from above.

Why was this scent here? It did not make sense.

Katsuki furrowed his brow.

“What the fuck?” he mumbled to himself, yet the redhead opened an eye slightly, like he thought he was being addressed.

Katsuki striked out and yanked a handful of red strands backwards. A squeaking sort of trill escaped the other’s throat, as his face pinched with pain. Teeth still on fucking display. Did he want to die?!

“Are you fucking deaf?! Do you want to die?!” he yelled, getting right into his face, snarling and backfin up yet again. If he did not fucking listen now, he would kill him this time. No fucking take backs.

A soft groan left the other, eyes blinking open slightly showcasing his dangerously colored eyes. A sudden rush of sugary smell gathered around them, taking Katsuki completely by surprise, as he finally found proof that he was not going fucking crazy.

He unconsciously slackened his grip and the alpha, no, the fucking omega, yanked his head back and away from him.

The redhead hissed in pain as he groped at his head.

What the actual fuck?

How the- what the fuck?! What was a fucking omega doing here? In his nest?! Now?!!

Katsuki looked him over, jaw slack and eyes wide. It was like he had completely lost it and all controls were out and away.

How the fuck was this an omega?

He was almost the same size as him, maybe half a meter shorter, but damn. He was the size of a regular alpha, how the fuck did that happen? And what was with the color scheme? His red was too vivid and why the fuck did he have spots?

Katsuki reached out and dragged a hand curiously down the dark scales, feeling the too warm heat coming off the mer. There was no third color either.

A shudder ran down the dark tail, and suddenly a rockhard hand was grabbing his wrist, pulling his hand away with claws pinching his skin. The blond yanked his hand away and snarled bloody murder at the omega, who looked pale and shaken though with a small glint of defiance in his gem-like eyes.

“What the f-” he yelled, but was silenced when a massive smack sounded as he was thumped upside the head harshly, with a powerful lunge of the other’s talefin.

That bitch!

“Doooonnn tzzzzz!”

Katsuki stopped swiping angrily at the redhead, moving his ears slightly at the weird sounds.

“What the fuck was that?” he asked.

The redhead tried keeping eye contact, but his gaze kept falling to the ground in a show of submission. Katsuki postured a bit, showing off his strong figure in the same instinctual need to dominate, even though confusion was flowing through him again and again, like ripples from constant rain over a temperamental sea.

The redhead glanced shortly at him again, wide eyes slowly moving up Katsuki’s body, before he quickly looked down at scattered stones, fidgeting with the wall he was leaning against.

“Tzzz” he spoke clearer, sounding more like he was choking on the water he was supposed to filtrate for air. “No.”

“No?” Katsuki spat. “So you can speak you piece of shit?!”

Blood eyes levelled him with an unimpressed stare. Katsuki turned on the spot and slapped his tail down on the piece of wall right next to the other, with such force stones were sent flying into the kelp, and his tail fin was sent into a burning pain, that made him regret every decision he had made in his entire life. He did not show it though, figuring that his sudden tense body would be believable as coming from aggression instead.

The omega had hidden his head in a burrow made of his arms, with his back turned toward Katsuki. The alpha was about to fucking reprimand the guy, of how you never fucking leave your back open to a threat. But then a scent of distressed omega floated toward him, surrounding him from all sides, forcing his instincts into high gear, to try and comfort instead.

Without thinking, Katsuki let out his own scent in smaller waves, changing it to a soft touch of comfort, that would help settle the omega’s clear anxiety and making his fast paced heart calm down.

It was not until big eyes were looking back at him, mouth forming a small ‘o’, far closer than they had been before, that Katsuki found himself chuffing lowly and massaging the omega’s shoulder, fingers slowly moving to card through the sea of red.

Shit! What the fuck was he doing?

He quickly let go. Swimming further into the middle of the nest, to pace in a smaller circle while reprimanding himself and his stupid instincts.

Clouds of sand was billowing around him, from the continued movements of his tail swiping agitatedly.

Okay. So there was a bloody omega in his nest. No big deal, there were omegas in his nest every year. Though not at this point of time. To be honest he was left alone most days of the year, but that was beside the point.

This omega. He was an enemy. An infiltrator who had ruined his nest and blown apart his beautiful stones. He should chase him out, more than likely he should just kill him, since he had been given not only one but two warnings.

It did not seem like he understood him though, and he was kind of pretty.

Katsuki shook his head, growling angrily.

Just because he was pretty, and had this sweet scent that reminded him of the pale morning lights, glinting gold through the surface and how they reflected upon his whole territory with a rich and warm tone, did not mean that he should let him stay, dammit!

Maybe he should lead him out of the territory. He was clearly not a Tropical, since they were not able to clearly understand each other, and there was no use in saying that he met the qualification of an omega from Katsuki’s own species. He obviously did not.

More than anything he reminded him of a Tropical alpha, yet he was slimmer in his figure than what would have been acceptable.

Katsuki eyed the omega discreetly, who was still laying against the wall. His face was turned toward him. Tail tip was moving in relaxing circles though.

The alpha huffed, turning slowly around to face him. Eyes narrowed into slits.

“So, shithead” he started, startling the omega into attention. “You’re an omega, right? I’m guessing you’re from the migrating herd. So why aren’t you there? Are you some kind of loser?”

With all the wounds on his body and face he probably were.

The omega tilted his head, face pinched into what could only be frustration.

Katsuki swam forward again, movements deliberately slow. He stopped once there was half a tail length between them, before gesturing to the redhead.

“Omega, right?”

The redhead furrowed his brow, forming another ‘o’ with his mouth.

Katsuki had to fight the shiver that ran down his back at the sound. It was such an insignificant word, yet the sound had been so soft and melodious, it made the tip of his ears redden.

“O. Meh. Gah” Katsuki pronounced. Every sound coming out in hard bits through his clenched teeth.


Fucking hell, he was a piece of work.

Katsuki gestured angrily at himself.

“Alpha, I’m a fucking alpha. Al. Pha. Alpha! Okay?!” he yelled, bristling at the slow intake the other was going through. His hand whipped toward the other, finger pointing accusingly.
“And you’re an omega, right?!”

The redhead seemed lost in his thoughts, brows never lifting but eyes watching him thoughtfully.

Something must have turned on in his tiny brain, because his eyes suddenly lit up and a somewhat timid smile appeared.

“Alfe?” he tried to annunciate, tongue seemingly moving around the word with difficulty.

Katsuki was about ready to smack himself, with the ire he was feeling. At least the fucker was close.

He nodded slowly instead.

“Yeah, I’m an alpha, and this” he gestured with a hiss to the chaotic scene around them. “-Is my nest. If you’re an omega you can stay until I’ve fixed it, and I’ll lead you out of my territory toward wherever the fuck you came from. But if I’m wrong and you’re an alpha, I’m gonna fucking fight you.”

The redhead squinted like he was trying to understand, but the shyness did not seem to disappear completely. He kept fidgeting with a stone he had fucking pulled out of the wall, fucking shit! and his mouth kept forming a tiny smile.

The redhead looked down after a bit, shying away from his eyes.
“M’ Ejjjrrr.”

What the fuck.

Is he dying?

The redhead apparently smelled the confusion in his scent, and began gesturing back and forth between them.

“Alfe” pointing at Katsuki. “Ejjjrrr” back at himself. And then he started over again.

Katsuki guessed that he meant omega.

He let himself float to sit upon the sandy bottom with a huff, moving his tail in front of him, to make it easier to inspect the shark bite he had gotten.

He could feel eyes upon him, though he chose to ignore the need to look up and take in the beauty of the migrant.

Katsuki fidgeted a bit more with his tail tip, holding back a hiss as he spread the pieces from each other, to make sure there was nothing left in the wounds from the shark.

Broad hands came into view, clawed fingers moving gently to touch his tail. Katsuki smacked it away with a snarl, and turned on the spot rigidly. He made sure to still be able to keep an eye out for the stranger, not wanting to let the other orchestrate some kind of sneak attack.


Katsuki shivered at the word. He did not know what the fuck the migrants’ customs were, but Tropicals did not normally call someone by their second gender, unless they were part of the same harem.


Katsuki let it roll off of him, not wanting to show more emotions than abso- fucking- lutely necessary.

“I’ll help you back” he gruffly told the omega. “You can stay until I’ve fixed the shitty mess you’ve made.”

Chapter Text

Eijirou could not help but sneak glances again and again at the growling alpha. He felt so warm all over, his cheeks surely overheated and red.

Even though Alfe kept snarling at him, and would not let him help with his wounded tail, there was no mistaken what had occurred the moment they had laid eyes upon each other. He had seemed brusque, dangerous, yet he had comforted him in his, embarrassingly, anxiety ridden state.

He had been so close. Smelled so good. Like a thunderous surface, with water pouring from a stormy and powerful sky.

He was aggressive and confident and did hot things to Eijirou’s lower stomach. He had to stubbornly keep himself from whining needily, as he kept watching the blonde hiss and sputter loudly at the bleeding tail he was inspecting.

Alfe had danced for him.

His muscles had rippled and moved in dominance, right in front of Eijirou’s face. There really had been nowhere else he could have looked. Really. It had transfixed him, made a blush bloom on his chest and neck.

Eijirou stroked his scent glands against the stones, smearing his scent all over them as a mark while lost in thought.

He still thought it impossible, after all the setbacks he had been enduring, and suddenly he met an alpha by chance. Someone who was interested enough to start the courting process. Eijirou almost did not know what to do with himself. He did not quite understand why Alfe had chosen to try and lure him, with his very enticing muscles and alpha nature.

He felt a bit like a failure as he rested against the stone wall, feeling the wounds stretch with his skin every time he tried to move. He must have looked like such a mess. Was Alfe just settling for him?

The next sneaky glance was sent with narrowed eyes.

Alfe seemed to have the same problem as him. Though he had some very pretty spots, he was very much of the wrong color. Or colors. He almost looked like a fiery sunset clashing with the melting summer ice.

But he was also too small, not much bigger than Eijirou himself, and what was the thing on his back. A dorsal fin? He could have sworn he had seen it flapping around a few minutes ago.

His ears were weird too. Eijirou checked his own in a quick move, still watching the other sputter in guttural angry noises, as he felt the hard roundness of the shape.


The fins were not meant to be there.

Such an unusual mer. Maybe he was not an arctic at all? The only thing they really had in common, was their two arms and tail. He had heard about there being other kinds of mer out there, and maybe, Eijirou thought, he had seen one like the blonde, just not close enough to really see.

But… Why would he settle for Eijirou then?

He looked down at the stone he had in his hands. The surface had gotten scratched pretty good, with how he had used it to calm his nervousness. He turned it every which way. It was kind of pretty.

It glittered like the ice back home.

Would Alfe even be able to go with him? He could not stay here forever himself, it was too warm and he would get-

Eijirou shook his head.

He was getting ahead of himself. They were barely even courting at this point, Alfe needed to do much more than just flex his manly muscles once.

The stone landed in the sand, and another was pulled out from behind him, surface prettily white and scratchless.

For one thing, Eijirou was getting hungry and Alfe should know by instinct that he needed to provide, otherwise Eijirou would have to chase him away from his new courting place and hunt his own food.

‘Plenty of fish in the sea’, he thought, though a tiny pout was slowly appearing, as he kept turning the pebble between his fingers. Waiting for something to happen and trying to not let it show that he was just a teensy bit interested.

When he heard the sound of stones cluttering together, he moved his head enough to look through his peripheral.

Alfe was angrily pulling stones out from the wall, near the hole Eijirou had created, and placing others in their places. At one point a tiny section of the wall fell into a pile, making Alfe pull up his dorsal fin aggressively, screaming at the stone he had just pulled out and its fallen comrades.

Maybe the wall was to protect him when he slept? With how focused Alfe was about quickly rebuilding it, it was probably important. Eijirou scratched his chin and chuffed a bit.

He felt bad for ruining it.

The stone in his hand suddenly felt heavier than before, like the realization of its individual importance made the weight doubling. He glanced around himself, Alfe still screaming himself hoarse in the background.

There were stones everywhere. Some bigger than others, and quite a lot were as small as tiny pebbles. The wall behind him had not taken that much damage, but he laid the stone in his hand back to the place he was kind of sure he had pulled it from.

He smiled to himself.

That felt nice and easy. They would be quicker if they worked together, and then they could get back to the interesting parts.

Eijirou took the stone he had been scratching before, and put it on top of the other upon the wall.

He could see there was some kind of colorsystem, but other than that he guessed that they should just lay on top of each other, until there were no more stones roaming the sandy bottom.

So he got to work.

Slowly, they moved around the length of the wall, circling the nest in each their own direction.

The movements pulled a bit at his wounds, and he could not help but wince from time to time, but it was fine. At least Alfe had calmed down again, though his tail was still swiping around the sand in agitation, or maybe in concentration. Eijirou was not completely sure.

He pulled a bigger stone toward him and dragged his body through the sand, like some kind of bottom dweller. The stone had sharper edges, looking like it would topple from the top if he placed it there.

Eijirou frowned for a bit, before turning to the alpha.

“Hey Alfe? I’m not sure where to put this. Where do you want it?” he asked, hoping that Alfe at least could understand his questioning voice, and the fact that he held out the stone in between them.

The alpha seemed to twitch and tense up at the sound of his voice.

Eijirou furrowed his brow, not really knowing if he should feel insulted or not. Had he really been forgotten in the silence they had shared?

The blonde turned around with narrowed eyes, that turned wider, and his face paled the further he got to look around the half of the wall Eijirou had been rebuilding.

Eijirou slowly hid the stone behind his tail, flopping his tailfin upon it for good measure. It was like watching a tsunami travelling toward you with furious intend, crashing into your body with a killing force once the carmine eyes caught his gaze.

Then the tsunami sent him crashing, and the blond exploded with pure rage.

It was so confusing.

He knew he had done something wrong of course, it did not take a genius to understand that kind of body language. Alfe flew into him, claws scratching his shoulders as they held him against the wall, gutural yelling and weird spitting words being roared into his face.

“-Gah! fck omm upisee fuuk kill u! Roon ka-”

Everything was muddled together and Eijirou could only let his heart fall to the pit of his stomach. It was surely ending between them now, he had gone and ruined everything. Stupid! Of course Alfe would have liked to have done it himself, he was probably too used to having to defend his alpha nature, what with his slight body.

And he had undermined him by helping out.

Alfe suddenly shook him, spitting the weird words louder as if that would help the language barrier.

“I don’t understand you!” he cried out, pointing to his ear desperately to try and show his intention with his words.

The claws clenched, but the shaking at least stopped as Alfe clamped shut and gave him the biggest death glare he had ever gotten.

The alpha growled lowly, before releasing him violently and swam into the kelp forest, disappearing from sight quickly.

Eijirou stared after him wide eyed. A whispered coo escaping as he subconsciously called for his courting alpha. But the other did not return.

He was bored.

And hungry.

And too warm.

His skin heating up, together with the boiling feeling in his gut.

Eijirou rubbed his cheek upon the wall he had sprawled over. He thought it did not matter anymore, obviously he had scared Alfe away with how incompetent he had been. He did not even have time to try and defend himself. The alpha had just disappeared.

At first he had hoped that the blond would come back, after having blown off some steam, or fought another shark or something. But it had been hours!

Okay, maybe only half an hour.

The sea was dark and Eijirou was moody, so everything seemed slowed down.

His tail scratched against the sand and stones, as he laid on his back and stared op toward the glittering surface. He heard a couple of pebbles come loose, but he did no longer care.

A good night’s sleep would be amazing right about now.

Eijirou huffed, moving his arm toward his face to lick carefully at his wound. He had to take the time to clean it some more, make sure that no sandcorns were left in there as it closed up.

Licking once more, he wrinkled his nose. There were so many wounds to asses and he would have to lick the back of his hand and push it against the wounds on his cheek, for it to be efficient enough.

He sighed.

It would be easier if he could get some help thanks.

Shadows were moving from above. He looked up to watch the weird creatures floating by. Some kind of things he had never seen before. They were not round, but neither pointy or edgy.

He licked another stripe of blood away.

They had four fins moving with lazy movements, two larger than the ones behind, and small heads and tails coming out of what looked to be shells.

They seemed peaceful.

How he wished that he could be as calm, and not worrying about anything. Everything was just so much easier back home. He could for the life of him not understand, how the hell he could have been curious and excited about this stupid mating migration.

Eijirou huffed annoyed.

Stupid optimism.

“Alphaaaaaa” he yelled out in a loud whine.

The creatures above scattered quickly, except for one.

Eijirou huffed again, licking his hand and smudging it against his cheek angrily. Maybe he should just give up and be a caretaker with the betas, when they all returned to the ice. It was not like he absolutely needed a mate or youngs. Right?




He flopped even further against the stones, not caring about how lazy he must have looked. He blew a set of bubbles, brows furrowed all the way down to his eyes in a pout, as he watched the lone creature seemingly float further down towards him.

With narrowed eyes, he flicked his head in a curious manner, watching the shelly come closer in irregular patterns. It was moving oddly. The fins seemed tired and not really caring where they went or if they should try and work together.

As it drew closer, Eijirou saw its earthly colors and beady black eyes watching him in return, with a life tiring feel to them.

He stretched out a hand, far enough to be able to touch the side of the shell with his fingertips at first, then with the whole palm upon its back as the shelly drew even closer. It felt tough like stone.

He scratched a claw against the hard surface.

His stomach growled.

Chapter Text

That fucking shithead!

Katsuki shook his head angrily, and clenched his eyes tightly shut. His fucking nest was ruined, and before the stupid moron had taken it in his own hands to “help out” it would maybe have taken a couple of days to fix, but now…

He swallowed a lump in his throat.

It would be a goddamned miracle if it would stand ready for the mating season, in a couple of weeks. If his nest would not be ready, there would be no omegas, which meant he would not be making any youngs this season.

He would not even be able to gather up some new omegas from some old-ass alphas, because he would not be able to provide a finished nest for them in time!

The stone he still clutched in a tight grip, took flight through the blue world.

“Fucking hell!” He roared, voice cracking.

He sunk down to sit upon the outcropping cliff, where he had admired the stupid migrants just a couple of days ago. Now he had a very unwelcome, perfectly smelling, big ass omega traveller in his freaking nest.

Katsuki scrubbed his face aggressively, trying to work out the twitching tension in his face.

“Fucking hell.”

The fucker had even had the galls to look at him with those huge freaking eyes, with some kind of guilty feeling to them. Katsuki could have sworn that it had looked like the redhead had been close to tears, when he had confronted him about what he had done.

He had yelled at him too. Melodic words he could never hope to comprehend, but the meaning behind them being clear frustration with the situation.

In a way he felt bad about his reaction. As annoying as that concept was to him, he knew he had probably overreacted a little.

He was clever enough to see the gesture as it was. That the omega had tried helping him out with what he had destroyed. But dammit! Why did it have to be his fucking nest?!
Crossing his arms, he laid down to comfortably lean upon his arms and stare out into the void.


Katsuki growled at the offending voice. What the fuck was fucking Deku even doing there? Was nothing holy anymore? This whole fucking day better end soon, he was about to lose the last tiny speck of patience he had, with all the uninvited guests he apparently got.

“Kachan!” Deku called again. “I need to ta- wait, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Go away stupid Deku” Katsuki hissed through clenched teeth.

The green and black alpha came swimming in front of his eyes, staring at him with big stupid eyes, as if something was bothering him about what he was seeing.


“Are you hurt?” Deku asked.

“Would you shut the fuck up?!” Katsuki roared, squaring up with dominance in annoyance. “Can’t I just be sitting and enjoying this shitty view in my own fucking territory?!”

Deku moved to a safer distance, as he swung at him with outstretched claws in warning.

“It’s dark!” Deku said, voice lilting with his own annoyance breaking through. The green alpha came forward again and moved to sit by his side upon the rock. It was almost like the days when they would watch the migrants. The reminder made Katsuki cringe, the thought of the wounded omega he had left alone back at the nest unfortunately did not sit well with him.

He felt the other alpha move in closer, head too close and nose clearly taking a fucking sniff off of him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he growled, making Deku shift away with a furrowed brow.

“Why do you smell like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like an omega in heat. It’s all over you.”



It made sense why the water had been so sweet, and the scent had been so easy to get lost in. What kind of alpha was he if he could not even dissect the simmering flirtatious smell of an omega on the regular, from the overblown fantastic scent of an omega in heat?

It was really an off fucking day.

“I have a fucking omega in my nest” he groaned.

“You-” Deku started, eyes blown in shocked amazement, his face too close all of the sudden. Could he move the fuck away? “Now?”

Katsuki groaned again, leaving a withering glare to the other alpha, as he pushed him roughly out of his face.

“Yes, now” he answered. “He ruined my fucking foundation by crashing his dumbass tail into it, and then he fucking broke it further apart by moving the shitty stones arou-!”

“Wait wait wait!”

Deku swam around him, gaze intense once again, which only meant he was on the breakthrough to a mumbling session.

“He just showed up? But the season doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. “His voice tethered off into into a whisper, as he moved to steady his knuckles against his mouth, making it harder for Katsuki to hear him.

“And Kachan only have female omegas in his harem, not that I think he has exclusively gone for the female gender, but it is quite unusually that he should mention a male omega. Has he already gone to find another? No. He said the omega found him, maybe he’s new to the mating season and have gone to search for an alpha, before any potential competition rises up? Or maybe he lost his alpha last season and haven’t gotten around to join a new harem? Or-”

“Would you stop your goddamned mumbling? It pisses me off!” Katsuki interrupted, getting up to push away the other, but Deku was quicker and swam away from the cliff to float in the waters before the angry alpha.

“Sorry” he said, smiling sheepishly.
Katsuki’s gaze lingered for a bit, before he sighed as he gave up on keeping up his angry front. Shitty Deku knew him too well anyway, and this whole thing with the omega was such a hassle and he was not really sure what to do.

“He’s a migrant” he told him, sitting down on the cliff again and swung his tail fin around to inspect the bite wound once more.

“A migrant? From the pod?”

Deku sat down by his side, this time looking at Katsuki’s fingers, as they worked around the ripped pieces of his tail.

“What other kind of migrant do you think I’d mean?” he snarked.

The green alpha raised his hands in surrender. A silence settled between them as they thought to themselves.

Katsuki wondered about what he was supposed to do, while still trying to repress the overwhelming guilt he was feeling all of the sudden. He had all good reasons to be mad at the omega. It was not like he had angrily lashed out without reason, and he had not done anything to hurt the other. But the way he had looked up at him, as he had felt the skin slightly give way for his claws, had not been that of pain inflicted from the physical, but a mental pain. Like he was taking everything that had happened unto his shoulders.

Which he also damn well should!

So why did he have to be feeling guilty?!


“Sooo” Deku started, lips pursed. “Are you gonna take him into the harem?”


The other alpha shrugged, surreptitiously taking another sniff.

“I mean, he’s already in your nest and clearly already in heat, so I was thinking that you maybe wanted to give him a courting stone and extend your harem. More omegas, more youngs, right?” Deku explained.

damn it. It was such a logical thing, and coming from Deku of all people. He should really not be surprised but he could not help but get annoyed by it.
“I told him that I would guide him toward the pod when I’ve rebuild my nest” he said through clenched teeth. “Which will take a goddamned while, since he fucking tried to help out.”

“But-” Deku looked at him with a pinched face, clearly trying to form a reason for his decision. “Why would you do that? If he’s in heat he should be reacting to your alpha pheromones.”

“It was a pure accident he ended up in my nest! Besides why should I choose him? I mean, he’s as big as a freaking alpha and has basically the same possible color scheme. Even if he’s kinda pretty, the only thing that made me realise that he even is a omega is the fact that he smells like one” he ranted, “we don’t even understand each other! His words are all singingly and weird, and he keeps fucking flashing his damn shark teeth at me!”

“He sings?” Deku exclaimed loudly, curiosity and a thirst for knowledge shining in his eyes. Katsuki flicked an ear in annoyance and swallowed a building growl.

Sometimes the nerdy side of his long-time friend was useful, but for the most part it was the most annoying part of the alpha that showed itself constantly. Especially when there was some insignificant thing it could latch itself unto, though they were talking of something completely different.

He sighed deeply, letting go of the anger that was bobbling right under his skin.

“Why are you even here Izuku? Did you want something or are you just your usual dumbass self?” he growled.

Deku immediately stiffened.

Katsuki squinted at him.


The other alpha worked his mouth like some fishy gubby for a bit, trying to figure out how to explain his reason for being there. His expression had gone completely serious. The light of the nerdy side and its attributes gone in a moment, making Katsuki’s backfin flicker slightly with the suspicion it gave him.

The nerd’s brow was furrowed so far down, his big eyes almost disappeared.

“Ochako came to our shared border, the one closer to the beach and told me that she had spotted another walker nest. A medium one” he told him. “It’s been moving further outwards. She believes it was out to find the best hunting place for our mating season, and I have to agree. I think they’ve gotten greedy and hopes to be able to catch more of us if they move further out to sea, than staying near the beach this time.”

His heart skipped a couple of beats, and he felt how his throat tightened and pulse slowly rose in tempo at the thought of the walkers coming closer to his home. If they already were moving over Ochako’s smaller omega territory, it would not take long for them to move through Deku’s or Mina’s and soon would be all the way out at his part of the ocean, where they would be filtrating everything to search for mer life or evidence of this.

“I suggest we lay low” Deku whispered. “Maybe it’s a good thing your nest is broken at the moment. It can look like it’s abandoned.”

Katsuki nodded slowly.

They sat together in completely stillness, the sea moving around them with its low rumbling sounds and occasional shift of bubbles. Life seemed drained or hidden away in the light of the news.

Katsuki had always feared the walkers. Ever since before he met Deku and their youngling group, still needing the comfort and protection of his dam. They made his skin crawl and breath slip out of rhythm and into a quicker and more uncomfortable kind.

The time before the surface had been overtaken, and the mers had found themselves hiding at the bottom constantly… what he saw…

Goddamnit, he hated the surface.

Deku clasped his shoulder comfortingly, wishing him good luck and telling him to be safe before retreating to his own territory. Leaving Katsuki alone.

He decided to go back. Even if it was a clear no go to try and start on rebuilding his nest, he still had a wounded omega, that also happened to be in freaking heat, to move to a safer place, while they waited out the walkers. He scrubbed at his face, groaning at everything.

What even was his life anymore.

He caught an angel shark on his way back, ripping its body in two so they would be able to share his catch. The omega might be hungry by now and from his own experience a hungry omega was a really unhappy and very feral omega.

He moved slowly through his territory. Hearing every tiny sound. Seeing every glimpse of movement. He was about to knock into cliffs and tall corals a couple of times, because of how often he kept searching the surface for the floating nests.

When the familiar kelp forest finally came into view, he quickly disappeared into it. He was not hiding, just catching his breath and calming his stuttering heart before moving into his nest. Where he for the first time saw how much he was out in the open by being there.

There was a couple of hollow clunking sounds to his left, making Katsuki drop the shark pieces to be able to fight the enemy. His eyes widened at the sight. His backfin quickly folded in on itself and his clawed hands fell to rest by his sides.

The omega was staring back at him like he had been caught stealing.

His eyes were wide and big, hands having a tight grip on the sea turtle and mouth wide open around the tough shell of the moving creature. The sounds had come from his sharp teeth trying to puncture the shell, but in vain.

“What are yo- stop that!” he yelled, swimming forward. “You can’t eat turtles! Are you trying to fucking die?!”

He tried to take it from the omega, having to wrestle it out of his hands. The omega whined and pulled harder on the turtle, almost tumbling over the wall he was sitting atop, but Katsuki managed to pull him into balance again.

“Give. Up!” he grunted, swiping his tail in the other’s face to distract and finally got to rip it out of his hands.

“Noooo!” the omega protested loudly, trying to get it back by jumping into Katsuki and letting them fall to the floor of the nest. They flailed about. Sand flying in the water around them, and tails slapping upon every surface they could find. At one point a sharp elbow made its way to Katsuki’s jaw, hitting him so hard his head flew back into the sand.

The omega tried crawling up his body, eager to get back to the turtle that was slowly floating away after Katsuki lost his grip with the hit.

He growled loudly and grabbed the omega around the waist, turning them around to smack him into the sand. He quickly took a hold on his wrists and made himself as heavy as he could upon the shifting mer.


“Shut up and stop moving dammit!” he snarled, as the omega flashed his teeth a-fucking-gain and growled right back. “I’ve got food! Just calm the fuck down!”

They fought some more, or more like flailed about trying to gain the upper hand. After a while the omega stopped moving, making Katsuki relax slightly and rest his head upon the rapidly moving chest underneath him.

Damn. He smelled so good. Even though he could still smell a whiff of anger, the sourness was quickly disappearing in the shadow of clear excitement. It made Katsuki smirk against the warm, soft skin.

“Alfeeee” the omega complained with a whine, slapping his tail against the sand with a thump.

Katsuki blushed.

He had to figure out a way to make him understand that you did not just call someone by their second gender.

“Yea, yea” he moved to take the weight off the mer beneath, catching a small glimpse of the soft smile and low lidded eyes, before he managed to move away and over to the carcass he had thrown.

He shook the pieces out, picking out a few sandcorns before letting himself drift slowly to the omega, who had shifted his head to be able to watch him with his intense gaze.

Katsuki swallowed.

“Ehm” he cleared his throat, trying to pass the bigger part to him. “Here… It’s shark so… I think it’s good and- yea.”

He was almost blinded by the smile that lit up the redheads entire face. Suddenly it seemed like all exhaustion was gone and a new kind of humming energy went through his body, as he sat up again and began pulling fingers through his beautiful red locks. Eyes shifting between the meat and Katsuki himself, the smile still beaming.

Katsuki adjusted himself with the constant glances. Maybe he was flexing a bit. Whatever.

The omega took the piece gently from his grasp, sniffing slightly at it before taking what looked to be a grateful bite.

“Well” he said, making the other smile at him with rounded cheeks. “I guess it’s good you like it, shithead.”

The omega chewed, rolling his eyes.

“Eiiiijjj” he said.

Was that not the word for omega? Did he want him to call him that? Katsuki blushed. It seemed kind of wrong to do that, but he was already calling him that in his mind, since he did not know what his name was.

“Guess it’s better than shithead” he mumbled to himself, but the other perked up too.

Katsuki rolled his eyes, flickering his overheating ears and took a bite from his own piece of shark.

What a moron.

He glanced over at the sea turtle that had taken to rest almost directly beside him, which was very odd, since they instinctively knew mer were predators, and avoided them even though their soft flesh was poisonous.

It seemed tired. Like all life was slowly being drained from it. There were also white scratches down its shell, looking like the beginnings of puncture wounds. Probably coming from the efforts of the omega himself.

It rattled a high tone, looking up at him soulfully.

He furrowed his brow, letting go of the shark as he caught sight of something sticking slightly out of one of its nostrils.

“What in the…”

The turtle did not make any movements as he took a hold and pulled it closer to get a better look. It was something white and it sounded like it had trouble breathing.


He took a tight hold at the piece with his claws, scrunched up his nose in concentration and started pulling. The turtle grunted and started whining painfully. It just freaking kept going. After having pulled for a moment, he had gathered a long string of some kind of hard material that was wearing red and white stripes.
The turtle yanked back and away as the piece finally came loose and it swam away, quickly searching for the moonlight of the surface.

The omega… Ei, came over with slow deliberate movements, watching him for a moment before looking curiously at the straw-like material. It had a bit of blood on it.

“Wahh isss?” Ei questioned.

Katsuki twirled it slightly between his fingers, suddenly feeling restless with the walker trash that had found its way into his nest. Through another fucking animal.

He shook his head, meeting the confused eyes of Ei as he clearly tried to understand what was going on. Had he never seen walker trash before? This was obviously not natural, he had to at least know that.

They had to leave soon. It felt like the surface was closing in.

“It’s nothing” he answered, gesturing at the small piece of shark that was still clutched in the redhead’s hands.

“Eat, we need to leave.”

Chapter Text

He had no idea what was going on.

He had been overjoyed, if not a bit shocked, when Alfe had returned to his place. Then Alfe had taken his food and they had fought over it, which made him quite mad, but it was understandable when the alpha had brought food back.

He had not given up! He had been out hunting!

Stupid anxious feelings. It all made sense.

It tasted great too, it was definitely a big plus for the bright alpha, and it made Eijirou kind of relieved. he would have had to chase him away if he had brought back some insignificant and boring tasting piece of meat. That is just how it is, if Alfe had not been able to hunt for good food, it was common sense that he would not be a good provider.

Eijirou was relieved. Tired but happy as he had munched on the last bite of meat, while glancing a couple of times at the stoic mer.

Then he became annoyed.

Probably as annoyed as he had ever been, it felt like he was close to getting angry, but that was only because he had no idea what was going on anymore, and Alfe did not seem all that happy about it either. Which was the only reason why Eijirou had not bitten his fingers off, when the alpha had used his bigger size to force him out and away from the spot he had just found.

What in the world?

Eijirou had fought him, but without trying to use teeth or claws since he did not want to hurt the other. He had whined and snarled and even spit him in the face when he had come close enough to do it. The alpha’s scent had spiked with anger, before he had reeled it all back in until there only was a feint undercurrent of rage.

It was then Eijirou knew he had crossed a line, and immediately after he was being pushed into the kelp forest, and suddenly grabbed by his wrist and pulled along through a territory he did not know.

“Where are we going Alfe?” he had asked. “This is all wrong! I hope you know that! We need to eat, sing and dance not move somewhere else!”
Alfe grunted at him, but did not deign him with much more of an answer.

Eijirou growled at that. None of this made sense. Even the fact that he let the alpha drag him across the sandy bottoms of the tropics, seemed like the stupidest thing he had ever done. He should scratch him and swim back to his new spot.

But the grip around his wrist seemed so tense and kind of desperate.

What was going on?

He was still wondering about whether he should be gravely mad about being manhandled, or if he should run with his curiosity and attraction to the other mer, when Alfe suddenly stopped, almost making Eijirou hit his nose upon his back.

“Wow!” he yelped in surprise, watching the stiff lines of Alfe’s body, as the alpha flicked his ears in every direction and eyes staring into the surrounding waters with such intensity, Eijirou would not be surprised if the sea caught fire.

He had not loosened his grip though, tightening further when Eijirou tried to gently shift away from the clenching fingers.

Sighing, he found that there was nothing left to do but wait out the strangeness that was happening. He did not like the thought of having to hurt the other, and to be honest he was too tired and worn down to really want to fight this out.

Yes, he was well fed at the moment, his wounds had been cleaned, by himself, and he felt secure and protected by the sheer manliness Alfe exceeded, but he was getting tired and kind of cranky and he just wanted to rest.

His body was and feverish, making his skin ache and his senses overload slowly. Even the scent of Alfe was too much. But not quite enough either.

Eijirou groaned.

“Seriously Alfe this isn’t fun. I want to sleep!”

Crimson eyes glanced back at him, before looking down at a cluster of giant rocks that seemed to form an alcove, perfectly made as a half formed cave.

“Here” the alpha said, pointing down to the alcove.

Eijirou almost smiled. Not because of the fact that Alfe had found a private place for them to continue their mating rituals, but because of how it seemed that they could learn to understand each other if they listened carefully enough.

“Okay” he chirped, swimming downwards and into the alcove, making sure to brush close by the alpha and letting loose a tiny whiff of pheromones in his wake. He felt Alfe tense up in the small second their skin touched, and he could clearly hear him take a deep intake of air.

Eijirou almost grinned at his reaction, knowing that the little tease would be a quick method of showing him that he wanted the alpha to pick up the pace.

As he entered the alcove, Eijirou made a show of checking all the details of the place out, with a somewhat critical eye. He needed to make sure that Alfe understood that he would not settle for something that would not help in form of protection and comfort.

Though Alfe could show him a rock to sleep on and he would gladly take it.

Not that he was getting desperate or anything.

The alcove was kind of small. A bit on the darker side and the rocky walls seemed a bit to sharp, but there were colorful corals clutching to the sides, and shiny stones wedged in between the crevices in the walls.

The bottom was made of smooth, white sand and light was able to enter through the small hole he had entered through.

Alfe entered after him, smoothing his fins against his body in an effort to be able to squish through the opening.

Eijirou slipped down to lay against the sand, smoothing his hands and arms through the sand in slow movements, until he leaned down to lay upon his back, watching with hooded eyes as Alfe made sure that everything was as he wanted it to be in the alcove.

The alpha was scratching at the walls, pulling at the corals, checking on the shiny stones. He brushed his tail through the sand, digging deeper holes and then doing the same on the other side of Eijirou.

It was like he was completely ignoring him now.

Eijirou whined in an effort to be seen by the other, wanting him to pay attention to his smell and how fertile he was.

“Alfeee” he called, reaching out to touch the colorful scales of the tail swishing side to side next to his head.


The tail slapped him right in the face, making Eijirou quickly retract his searching fingers with an undignified yelp.

Alfe had immediately gone back to working on digging his holes, now using his claws with an aggression that surely would get him to the core of the world in no time at all.

Eijirou caressed his red nose, irritated with the other but not yet wanting to let his temper get away with him.

For one, he was still wounded and it was annoying to hurt every time he moved around. And secondly, the alpha seemed to have a reason behind his behavior, even though he could not comprehend what was going through the other’s head.

Alfe nodded to himself, harrumphing. Apparently done with digging.

Eijirou huffed, his arms crossed as he gazed upon the roof of the alcove, or cave, whatever, instead of watching Alfe’s every annoying move.

“Are you done?”

As always, there was no outward reaction, or answer for that matter, though he did not blame him for that one. He felt the shifting in the water and curiosity was his worst enemy, so he stretched his neck to see Alfe looking out of the entrance, completely still and attentive.

Eijirou frowned.

What was going on?

“Alfe?” he called.

A red eyed glance was all he got, but then whatever had the alpha transfixed passed, and he came back to Eijirou, taking a firm, yet gentle hold on his forearm, wanting him to follow him into one of the slight holes he had made in the sand.

He moved with him, heat yearning for the touch, but head confused as to why he was suddenly sat in a hole, big enough to be comfortable, and why Alfe let go in order to drag sand all over him instead.
He shifted quickly, making the sand drizzle down his scales to land on the bottom again. Why did he feel the need to burrow him in the hole? What, was this some kind of tropical thing?

Eijirou looked up, hoping that the question would be seen through his eyes. Alfe though, had started growling and sputtering the moment he had ruined the first batch of sandy mer, and had begun jerkingly move more sand unto him. Holding his tail in place with firm hands for good measure.

Eijirou did not say anything to it this time. Only letting the other do whatever he felt was needed, until he had covered all of his tail and some of his stomach and lastly clapped a bit at the top to further firm the foundation.

That was what he thought anyway.

He had liked the feeling of Alfe forming his stomach with sand. His strokes had been so soft, yet firm enough to make the sand stay put if Eijirou did not move too much.

He had tried to get eye contact with him, to show him a little smile, but Alfe was to concentrated on what he was doing, that he only had eyes for the sand.

It made Eijirou pout.

Maybe it was painstakingly pitiful, but he let out a tiny bit of unhappy omega smell, to let Alfe know that he was tired of being ignored all the time.

A flutter of satisfaction coiled in his stomach, and a small smirk made its way unto his lips as he watched the other’s shoulders tense up around his ears, and how his nose twitched as took in the smell.

He was so sure that the alpha would finally get a hint, but to his great chagrin, the alpha turned tail and settled down into his own hole. Burrowing himself in soft sand that almost covered his own amazing musk in the compact bedding he had made for himself.

All the way over there.

Eijirou’s pout grew.

He wanted to turn around, so the only thing Alfe would be able to see, would be his cold shoulder. But he could not move, because if he did he would ruin the sand, and even though he was mad and thought the sand building had been rather weird and kind of stupid, he did not want to let down the Alpha.

He turned his face away instead.

That had to be enough, for now.

“Ei, isss oki?”

Well, he would be if Alfe would just get a grip and give him the attention he deserved, instead of being confusingly hot and could.

Eijirou huffed, knowing that he still made a pissed off kind of smell.

Alfe did not try to speak with him again, and Eijirou decided that maybe tomorrow would be better.

He closed his eyes, feeling the fatigue that had built up during the whole day, finally settling in, making his eyes too heavy.

At least he felt comfortable in their little cave. And Alfe was a protective force to be reckoned with for sure.

As he drifted off, Eijirou could not help the small smile climbing its way unto his face. Maybe the tropical paradise was not as bad as he had thought.

Chapter Text

His head felt fuzzy and heavy, as he slowly woke up from his bothered sleep. He blinked, eyes moving too slow to be ordinary.

Something was not right. Something was getting into his head, making his skin tinkle and mouth gasping for the smell that had him surrounded in euphoria. He felt how his voice was growling in his chest at competition that were not near, before he even could comprehend that he was doing it.

Katsuki shook off the sand that clung to him, and quickly sat up, heaving for the breath he could not seem to find. It was a hot feeling, something that made him feel ecstatic and strong. Needed. But also something that made him feel a sense of urgency, making his anxious mind spike, because he was too slow to figure out what he needed to do.

A whimper sounded from his right.

Katsuki turned slowly, a snarl present upon his face and saliva flooding from his mouth and into the water.

The redhead… The omega… the wonderful smell…


He was writhing in the sand, having pushed almost all of it off him again, as he seemed to try to scratch his reddened skin. His face was pinched. In pain? Pleasure? it was hard to distinguish.

And the smell.

Katsuki took a deep breath, drying away his spit with the back of a hand, and turned to pull himself through the sandy bottom toward the other.

He smelled so good. Even better than earlier, and if Katsuki had been able to think, he would have quickly found that Ei was in the middle of a spike of heat, and that he should not be near him before he had given him a mating stone.

But he could not think. The pheromones having taking over his most basic instincts, even in his sleep.

He let loose a low growl, as he slithered through the sand like a snake, muscles bunching even though it took no effort for him to move close to the fertile omega.
His heart jumped when Ei’s face turned slowly toward him, eyes hazy with need, cheeks, neck and chest red with the furnash his body was at the moment.

Katsuki could almost hear the exhausted sounds of his gills opening and closing with effort, by his ribs.

He chuffed slightly, nosing his face into the soft locks, and making Ei whine for him. Calling for him in a trilling whisper.

It was like he could not stop himself, his body moving by instinct alone. His face was suddenly hidden in the warm skin of Ei’s neck, nose burrowing itself into the scent glands that were located at the point between neck and shoulder.

His mouth was watering as he felt the pulse beating so quickly. So full of life.

“Ei” he growled, body almost looming above the other.

“Alfe” he called back hoarsely, a hand coming up to rest in blond locks, fingers flickering between the strands in a gentle caress.

Katsuki swiped his tongue across the scent gland, feeling the hard knub resting underneath the pale skin. He could not help but rumble in approval, when Ei’s breath hitched at the touch.

“Alfe. Alfe.” He kept calling, another hand finding its way to the back of his head, tucking him further into his neck impatiently.

He licked again. Then sucked. Then nibbled slightly with his teeth, feeling euphoria spread throughout his limbs, each time he successfully elicited a sound of pleasure from the omega beneath him.

Their tails tangled together, even when Katsuki got uncomfortable with the meaning of that and tried pulling away, Ei held on tightly, growling lowly at the disagreement before shifting to a low moan when Katsuki bit him harder at the gland, for his disobedience.

He smelled so good. Katsuki had never smelled something this good. Never tasted something this tasteful. Felt skin and hair and scales this soft and hard and warm.

He twisted his tail fins to encompass Ei as much as he could, smelling the sweet happiness surrounding them. It made him nervous to do so, though the smile he watched light up the redhead’s face, as he pulled back, made the nervousness of the meaning of love and devotion tail twisting meant, dim a little.
He felt compelled to make Ei happy though.

Even through his hazy mind, he knew he needed to make this mer feel happiness beyond the greatest happiness.

It was a weird feeling.

It made his gut squirm with bubbles, and his voice rumble with satisfied alpha noises. The red of Ei’s eyes gleamed in the dim lit cave, lids heavy as he watched Katsuki above him.

Katsuki was about to dig back into his neck, wanting, no, needing to take another long whiff of his omega.

Maybe Deku was right. He should find him a stone. The best stone he would ever find, even if he would have to go further than his own borders to get it. this omega, Ei, would only get the best, and Katsuki would be damned if he did not make him part of his harem.

A tug at his hair made him hiss, the grip pulling him back from the sweet smelling neck. So tasteful.

Then singing started.

It made his skin tingle, and stop fighting the grip in his hair. The haze over his mind seemed to evaporate slowly, with the soft trills and echoing tenor voice that vibrated from the depths of the chest he was laying upon.

Katsuki watched as Ei’s mouth moved with the sounds, and how his eyes seemed to enchant him. He could not stop staring. Just kept watching the other as he gazed back, listening to his beautiful voice as he kept on going with this private performance.

It took a while, but he soon understood that the song was going in a loop, and at some point Ei had begun sighing before restarting, his expression turning more and more pinched as he went on.

Katsuki did not understand why though. Why would he keep going if he was getting tired of singing? It was not like he had asked him to keep going.

He huffed, looking away and tried to decide whether he should move away or try to stay and make him stop.

The song turned higher pitched though, and his arms were soon clasped in a desperate grip, making him look back with a furrowed brow.
Ei was staring wide eyed back at him, singing louder and louder as if he was meant to understand whatever siren thing was going on.

“Stop” he said, covering the other’s mouth with his hand.

“Just stop” he mumbled with a slight growl to his voice. “If it hurts, then I don’t want you to sing, that’s just fucking stupid.”

Ei snatched his hand away with a flurry, and pushed him off and away. Then the fucker was flashing his teeth at him again. Could he just make up his fucking mind?!

Katsuki flashed his own, figuring with all the teeth showings, that Ei probably did not mean to say that he wanted to kill him.

But what the hell? It was not him who were covering the whole freaking cave in sex pheromones! He was not the one who made the other wake up, wanting to do dirty things like he was some kind of beached whale desperate for fucking water.

And now he had turned his back toward him again?!

Katsuki scratched at his hair, pulling hard at his fingers when they stuck in the thick locks. Why did he have to be so confusing? What was it with that song? Was it some kind of language they used?

Tropicals did not fucking sing. HE did not fucking sing, what the fuck even. What kind of shit language…

Katsuki swam over and back into his whole, smoothing out the sand aggressively, snarling as it kept firing up a small sand storm in his face.

As the sand finally settled down, after he had taken a couple of calming breaths and counted to far more than ten, he laid down, resting his head against his arm. Scowling at the cave wall with an ugly grimasse.

He could still smell Ei, which made his scowl deeper, since he fully knew that Ei did nothing to conceal how unhappy he was with the alpha.

Stupid omega.

Even though his head was whirling with thoughts of desire, and how unfair he had been treated, when he only tried to make Ei stop singing so he could be happy again, his gut was a telling him something entirely different.
In the midst of everything, he had truly wanted to find a mating stone for him.

But was that just because of the scent he had given off? No, fuck that, he knew himself enough to know that he had been interested throughout the whole fucking day, and the scent had just increased his instincts to the point that he did not really have any control over his body.

But what if Ei was just going by instinct too? Was he even interested? Katsuki was not scared, but he did not really want to turn around to look at the angry back, he knew he would see.

Instead he shook his head, and huffed out his anger at himself. Why was he freaking out like this anyway? He had never questioned himself or how every omega would want the best alpha. Which was him.

It had not been a problem with Camie, Setsuna or Sora. Granted, he had killed their alpha, old bastard, and they had gladly flung themselves at him and his superior strength and bombastic colors.

He had of course given them a mating stone each, but it was quite a given that they would be his harem from then on.

Katsuki turned to lie on his back, resting his head upon his arms and looking up into the cave ceiling.

He had been thinking of finding another omega for his harem, but that was before his goddamn nest had been blown to smithereens and the walkers were moving through the different territories.

It was kind of luck in bad luck, that Ei had come crashing into his life.

He glanced at the other, still smelling a simmering heat of negativity coming from him, but his broad back was relaxing against the sand, making Katsuki’s gut tug at him in that tickling kind of way. He was glad that the other could feel relaxed, protected, in his company.

Well, that’s it I guess, he thought to himself, getting up from his hole and swam to the opening. He checked for danger, and rubbed his scent gland at the stone wall the cave was made of, before he quickly moved into the dark.

He would get a goddamn stone. The best mating stone Ei could ever wish for, and then they would become mates and Ei would stop getting grumpy with him and they could just be happy for the season.

Chapter Text

His throat felt too tight, with the sob that wanted to break out. Eijirou sniffled to himself. He had heard Alfe leave, and it was not until then that his feelings had started flooding to his eyes, throat and nose.

He was so angry. So incredibly angry and disappointed, it felt like he was burning from the inside and was going to explode, if he let the sobs be released.

And the grief.

The sob finally broke, making it hard to breathe as he cried out for what he had lost.

It was not meant to be, he had uselessly used a day of courting, and the alpha he thought had been interested had left him for a final time. It hurt so bad.

It hurts!

Eijirou sobbed harder, clutching at his overheated skin and pressing his arms into his stomach, as he cradled himself into the sand.

He was so stupid! It was just the heat, no alpha would ever love him or want to mate with him with this awful color!

With a jaded scream, he flung himself upwards, pulling tufts of hair from his head. Bright red strands floated through the water, surrounding him like a nightmarish web of blood.

He flung his hands out, desperately trying to scratch the strands to pieces, eyes glazed with furious tears that had not been taken by the sea yet.




He closed his eyes, remembering the embarrassing moment when he had, had to endure starting his song over and over again, before Alfe had…

He had told him to stop.

All fight left his body, and he sagged to the sandy bottom.

He had literally told him to stop.

He did not like his song, maybe he even thought his voice had sounded disgusting. Maybe he hated the way he looked too, thought his scent smelled like rotten water, and maybe even thought he tried too hard and was too easy and desperate for mating. No one would want a mate like that!

He was such a disgrace to mer-kind.

Eijirou dragged his face against his shoulder, sniffing as he tried to get control over himself. He looked to the opening, watching how the water had slowly been lighting up with the morning rays.

He just wanted to go home.

The thought hit him hard, almost making him sob again with the weight of homesickness. He wanted to feel the sun warming his skin, and the cold of the ice below him as he would sunbathe with Tetsu and Sero.

He wanted to play around with the sea lion cubs, watch them as they frolicked around the streams of penguins, hunting them just for fun and games.

He wanted to tend to his ice garden, feel the shapes of the anemones upon his fingertips, and breathe in the clear water, tasting its freshness.

Eijirou swam up to the opening, glancing out to see if he could find Alfe somewhere. Maybe he would come back for him, maybe it was all in his own head and he was throwing everything out of proportions.

The image of Alfe hovering over him with a pinched look to his face, as his large hand had silenced him, shook the small ember of hope he had gained for a moment.

Shaking his head and gulping down the hurt in his throat, Eijirou left the little cave Alfe had brought him to.


Time had ran out of darkness, the light having found the ocean bottom yet again. The colors that once were so beautiful and fascinating to the mer who had only known the crystal of the water and the paleness of the icebergs, now aggravated him to the extent that he wanted to wreck it all.

His heat had brought a false alarm with the closeness he had found with Alfe, and his body had reacted by instinct making him feel the repercussions of his need for mating.

His body that had known heat before, now felt flaming and irritated with every touch he felt. Even the sway of smaller currents following his form, felt like caresses he longed for but knew he would not find here.

Eijirou tried to sniff his way back to the mating grounds, but it was tough. He could smell Alfe’s distinct scent all over the place, knowing that he had still not left the alpha’s territory.

It made him long for the other on a level he did not understand. Why was it so tough to make a decision to leave him behind? They had only known each for a day or so, and it was not like Alfe had been pleasant all of the time to hang out with.


There had been a lot of moments. Some that he was almost fond thinking back to, but there had been so much confusion as well, and he was not sure if that feeling had been the one to destroy it all.

The uncertainty and his own insecurities. They had been eating at him long before he had entered the tropical waters, but adding the confusion to the equation and the fact that he did not know what Alfe was saying or feeling… It messed everything up.

Maybe it was just him?

He stopped swimming and turned to look back toward the direction he had come from. He had swam aimlessly, following his nose more than anything and did not know if he had been circling the territory, if he was closer to the middle or was nearing the edge.

Everything looked the same to him, every color as loud and vibrant as everything else, and he was not sure, if he wanted to go back, which direction he was supposed to go.

He could try and follow his own scent, but the fact that he was closest to, well, himself, it could mess up the tracking.

He narrowed his eyes and straightened his back.

Well, he was nothing if not stubborn.
The mer started swimming back, following the scent he had left behind as close as he could manage. It was really difficult. He got turned around by his own body so much, that he frustrated and had to take a break.

This was why he now found himself sitting upon an outcropping, overlooking the colorful clusters of corals in front of him.

The light kept hitting his eyes, making him blink and squint.

Maybe he should try and follow Alfe’s scent instead?

It was his best bet at the moment, though the thought of Alfe finding out about his little adventure and then not having the guts to go through with leaving him anyway, instead coming scurrying back, was not one of the things he really longed for.

He sighed deeply.

It had to be done though. Even though his body was turning against him, and he really, really wanted to get closer to the alpha, he knew that they had to figure out a way to communicate better. He had to know if Alfe wanted him or not. Because… because he kind of really wanted him to be his alpha.

Not just because of his strong build and alpha esque personality, but mostly because of how he tended to try to hide how flustered he became sometimes, and how he had brought some really nice food and given him the best piece.

He was really pretty too. His eyes, though aggressive, had kindness to them, he knew he could see it. It made his stomach flutter.

Eijirou was just about to see if he could sniff up a newer scent of Alfe, when a big shadow came through the flashing waves above him.

He had no idea what it was that came from above when he looked up. It was gigantic, bigger than any whale he had seen. It also made vibrations in the water, cleaving its way straight through the waves with its sharpened front, before it stopped a bit away.

Something fell from the creature that clutched itself to the rocks, holding the creature in place. It was not a leg though, it reminded him of seaweed but tougher, longer and harder. Some kind of metal? The creature smelled kind of putrid.

It made him wrinkle his nose.

It was really loud too, it made a low rumbling sound while still doing this high pitched screaming thing. He had never heard anything like that before.

The sounds of the fish disappeared as the creature stopped screaming, and everything became eerily quiet.

Eijirou swished his tail, not sure what to make of it all or how to proceed. The creature was not far away, and it was way bigger than himself. Maybe… maybe he should let it be? But what if it would cause destruction in Alfe’s territory?

He growled at the thought, swimming a bit closer.

He could not let that happen. He had to check it out, make sure that it was friendly enough and just passing through.

With his mind made up Eijirou swam closer, though still keeping a certain amount a distance for now. Better safe than sorry as Sero would have said.

Keeping to the bottom, he moved through the coral clusters and risen sand until he was right underneath the creature. It was still at the surface, bobbing around in the waves like the fishing birds back home.

He snorted at the mental picture of a seagull the same size.

That would be a big bird.

Suddenly something came down into the water, three splashes sounding like dolphins frolicking in the waves, but the shadowy figures kept descending.

They swam weirdly. Not like a sea lion or a penguin or a fish. It was like they had two tails instead of one, and their backs seemed really massive and constraining of their movements.

These creatures were smaller than the big one though. Smaller than himself and even though they were three, he was sure he could take them on if they did not heed his warning of leaving the territory.

Even though it was Alfe’s, he felt like it was his right to make them leave. They had entered from above and was not meant to be here.

The mer began swimming upward, a low growl rumbling in his chest and teeth on a clear display.

The creatures were almost at the bottom when he reached them, stopping ones they found him coming towards them.

They had big, weird eyes that seemed to be popping out of their heads and bubbles were coming out of their closed mouth regularly.

Eijirou slowed down, circling them and finding that they seemed interested in him as they circled with him around.

He was definitely bigger than them. They were almost half his size, maybe a bit longer. One of them had something square in their hands, moving it up in front of their face, the two others made gestures at each other, pointing toward the surface and shaking their hands.

They were curious creatures. Non threatening. It tickled him, how much he wanted to communicate with them too, but they were not mer.

The one who had pointed to the surface reached out and touched his tail as he came by a little too close.

The mer quickly turned around, flashing his teeth widely in a quick warning. The hand had been cold to the touch and very small. It had barely been a graze, but his skin was set on fire and he wanted his alpha.

More bubbles came from the creatures, and he watched them warily as the one who had touched him swam a little closer, twirling like some kind of playful seal, ending just by his side and circling him. Red eyes followed its every move, not wanting to be taken off guard, but the creature merely seemed playful.

He reached out and grazed one of the tail fins with a finger, the texture feeling too hard and cold, not like his own strong fin.

He felt its fingers follow the line of his tail up his back and into his hair, were it slowly scratched scalp.

A purr slipped past him, before he could stop himself.

It felt nice.

The other two seemed to feel brave, coming over to touch his tail and arms as well. It became a bit weird with all the attention and touching, made him shiver and kind of wanting to swim a bit out of reach, but they were on all sides now.

None of them were twirling or circling, only getting closer and closer, touching him all over. Petting his arms, squishing his cheeks, pulling at his eyelids and hair strands, some of them losing their grip on his head as they were tugged of his scalp.

He yelped, and tried to push them away, managing in swiping one on the back with a thump of his tail.

Bubbles were surrounding him on all sides, and their hands kept touching him without him knowing where they would end up next. His whole body was turning and turning, but he could not seem to find an out from the group.

Suddenly arms came around his shoulders and a pair helt his hips in palace, until a twinge of pain was felt as the third stuck something in his tail.

He yelped and quickly shook them off, scratching one of them at the chest with sharp claws and a snarl on his face.

It hurt!

The mer made sure to have them in his sight as he moved backwards, not knowing what to do with them now. That had definitely not been friendly, yet he was not sure how to react to what had happened.

He found a small lump as he touched down on his scaly hip where the stinging was coming from, and the little stream of blood had travelled out of.

Should he leave?

He glanced away from the creatures without turning his head. He was not sure if they would let him, and it was not like he was good at swimming backwards, but he could not really turn his back to them.

He tensed when one of them moved, making him snarl and quickly give them the whole his attention. But they look to be skittish? The three of them moved quickly backwards, their two tails moving much easier than his own could do, and a shockingly big storm of bubbles fled them all.

Eijirou was almost about to apologize for scaring them, when sunset colors and winter white entered his vision coming from above, and straight for the creatures, the sound of a loud roar accompanying.

His heart skipped a beat as he saw Alfe attack, his all of his fins flaring violently and claws seeking the creatures among the bubbles.

It did not take long before Alfe turned and hurried back to him, eyes wide with what Eijirou could only describe as worry.

The water had turned to blood.