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Step Four

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It was cold

The taxi was cold. Penny could feel the frozen air from the window hitting her skin. Maybe, she should have asked the driver to close her window because the buttons of her door didn’t work, but she couldn’t. She was too exhausted. Slowly, she opened her eyes to face a jungle, miles and miles of pure tropical vegetation. There was a time in which Penny would have been mesmerized by this tropical wonder, but at that moment, she felt nothing.

Penny felt nothing, but she should have.

In the last five days, she witnessed a car accident, an electroshock machine being used, a white wood coffin shared in a hundred pieces, and an old man give a broken girl a slap. Penny should have been angry. She supposed to be crying of sadness and anger until her eyes burned and her whole body felt numb. Penny supposed to be at least screaming of anger and frustration until her lungs were out of oxygen and her vocal cords were broken. But she didn’t any of these things. Penny only feeling was emptiness, as if her body was in autopilot. Maybe she was still in shock, but shock means to being affected by an event. Penny wasn’t affected.

Besides her, there was a small suitcase, old, pale, and about to break down. The suitcase wasn’t her property, neither the worn down clothes inside of it. The only things that she possessed were the black dress that she was wearing, which had seen better days, the briefcase with documents that belonged to her, and the one way ticket to New York.

The teenager keep looking to the tropical jungles. Soon she would face a new jungle made of skyline buildings, rather than colossal trees, and with mechanic beasts instead of real animals. Any other teenagers would be nervous, anxious, between other emotions. However, Penny felt none of them.

Her plan was carefully planned during months with the help of Mother, but now, she had to implement it alone. Step one was to move to New York. She was working on it. Strap two: settle in her new apartment in Queens. Most of her the furniture was already on the flat, according to her new landlady. Step three, finish the paperwork to own the actions that her mother gave her. She would arrange a meeting with the CEO once she finished strap two. Step four… she had not plans after step three. Her mother and she never planned anything after secure Penny’s financial stability. School was out of the table. She already finished her superior education in December, and she didn’t need to keep studying, so step four was unknown.

She will figure it out later.

Surely, the freezing air stopped hitting her face, and only then Penny got out of her trance. The jungle was changed for an airport.

“Señorita, ya llegamos.” The driver announced they arrive.

Penny pull out some money to pay him.

“Muchas gracias, Señor.” She thanked him as she got out of the taxi.

Penny hugged her stuff close to her as she walked inside the port. In around five hours, her life would re-start, and the worst part is that she would feel nothing about it.