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With You I Could Spend My Life

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As JR twirled Ellie around she took a moment to take in her surroundings. She was with the woman she loved and, much to her surprise, the kids she had come to think of as her own. For the first time in her life, JR felt complete. She didn’t know how it could be more perfect. As she looked over at Petra, her blue eyes squinted from smiling, beaming at her daughters, she felt so much love. Ellie and Anna were both giggling as JR tickled them.
“Stop mama!” Ellie said in between laughs. When she realized what she said the little girl stopped laughing and looked up at JR.
JR could feel everyone looking at her. She didn’t know what to do or say. Her heart felt like it might explode, she never thought she would be so happy to hear that word.
“I’m sorry JR, I-” Ellie started to apologize but was interrupted by JR bending down and hugging her.
“Don’t apologize, I love you so much. I would be happy for you to call me mama.” JR didn’t realize she was crying until Ellie reached up and wiped her tears away.
“So, we can call you mama?” Anna asked looking over Ellie’s shoulder.
JR looked over at Petra,
“I am fine with long as your mom doesn’t care.”
Petra just stared at JR and the twins. She didn’t want to interrupt a moment so beautiful.
“Petra?” JR asked as she stood up. She walked over and placed her hands on the blonde’s shoulders.
“Is everything okay?”
“It’s...perfect. I was just not sure what to say. Of course, the girl’s can call you mama.” Petra said smiling, her eyes glistening with tears.
“Are you sure? You took a while to answer. I completely understand if you don’t want them to.” JR said quickly.
“Of course I am sure. I just...wasnot sure what to say. I never thought that I would be so…lucky. I never had a family before. I mean, I had my mom know how that went. When I had the twins I got everything I ever dreamed of...I had a family. I never expected it to get even better. Now I have you too, JR. I finally feel complete.”
“Petra, I want to marry you,” JR said, catching everyone off guard.
“Really?” Petra asked
JR smiled and moved closer to the woman.
“Yes, really? But only if the twins are okay with it. You are their mother and their opinion is important to me. So,” JR turns to the twins and bends down so that she is the same height as them. “Do I have your permission to marry your mom?
Ellie and Anna looked at each other before turning to JR,
“We were waiting on you to propose. We can’t wait to have two mommies!!” Ellie shouted and Anna shook her head in agreement.
JR teared up and hugged the twins.
“Thank you. I love you both so much.”
“We love you too, JR...mama.”
JR stood back up and walked back over to Petra, getting down on one knee in front of the blonde.
“I wasn’t really planning on doing it like this, I don’t have a ring...yet. But, I couldn’t wait any longer. Being here, with you and the girls… I felt like I had a family again. Ever since my mom’s diagnosis I have been so lonely, she doesn’t remember me most of the time anymore. Petra, I love you, so much and I love your daughters. I want to be with you now and forever. I want to watch them grow up. Will you marry me?”
Petra was crying, really crying.
“Mommy! Say yes!” Anna shouted.
Both women laughed,
“Yes. Of course, I will marry you.”
JR stood up and cupped Petra’s face in her hands, bringing her in for a kiss. The twins ran over and hugged the women’s legs.
“So, this is what family is like?” Petra whispered, not thinking anyone could hear her.
JR kissed her on the forehead.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”
Petra smiled at her, then looked back at her daughters,
“Yeah, it is.”