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After 8

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As Jamie continues to lick his fingers clean, Claire blushes a deep shade of fuchsia. Nobody has ever told her that she tastes better than anyone else they have ever had. She knows she just came seconds ago, but she wants more of this mysterious Jamie. It’s like she just can’t get enough. This copper haired Scot will be the death of her and she gladly welcomes it.

When Jamie sees Claire turn pink he very nearly cannot control himself. Without delay he says “Just a moment, I’ll be right back.” as he swiftly moves off of the bed and disappears into the next room. Returning only seconds later with another little gold packet, “I’ve only had to pleasure of being inside ye once so far tonight but I intend to fuck ye hard and make you cum around my cock screaming my name at least once more before we part.” He sees her smirk and shift in the bed. He’s sure his words have made her ready for him again. “On yer back, a nighean. And don’t forget your safe word. If you canna talk, tap my arm 3 times.” She nods, looking up at him through her long dark lashes.

At the mention if her safe word, Claire's excitement is renewed again. She does as she’s told and waits for more directions. She’s too exhausted to do otherwise and if she’s honest with herself, she’d do anything he asked of her at this point. Jamie has already put the new condom on and has climbed over Claire, his body is fully covering hers, touching from feet to forehead but oddly enough, not smothering her in the least. Claire welcomes the comfortable weight of him on top of her. He grabs each of her wrists and moves them above her head, snugly wrapping his large right hand around both and securing them there. “Spread yer legs for me. I canna be gentle Claire. If ye don’t like anything I’m doing, use yer safe word." Nearly overcome with desire she manages to respond with only a whispered “Ok.”

Jamie takes hold of himself, hard as steel again already, positions it at her entrance and slams hard into Claire's warm and ready slit. Causing her to scream out his name and arch herself into him, begging for more. "Holy God, you're always so ready for me, sassenach!"

Jamie continues holding Claire's wrists tight in his own, pounding into her at a fast and steady, deep pace. She can feel him deep inside, against her cervix at the end of each and every thrust. She thinks about how much she'll be feeling the after effects of him being inside her all day tomorrow. Maybe even on Monday too, while she's working. The thought makes her greedy and she arches up nd meets him with every thrust, urging him deeper and telling him "More, harder! Fuck, Jamie! Please!"
"Please what, sassenach? This?" He moves his mouth to her nipple and caresses it with his tongue just before he bites it hard enough to bruise. She cries out and tears prickle the corners of her eyes but she has a delirious smile on her face. Jamie moves his left hand to her neck and positions his middle finger and thumb each on a carotid artery, gently to confirm he is in the right spot on each side. Not faltering in his assault on her cervix, he looks into her eyes questioning if it's ok. Claire opens her own and looks back, her smile never faltering. She knows exactly what she's in for and he is about to show her.

Jamie gently presses on her carotid artery with his thumb, watching her face as he does so as not to hurt her. When he sees that she seems to enjoy it, he presses with his middle finger on the other side avoiding her trachea in the middle. For about 5 seconds at a time he presses both arteries. taking a 5 second break in between. Then he hears Claire whimper and ask for more, for longer. He starts to feel the heat in his balls from low in his spine. He holds his fingers steady but firmly against both of Claire's carotids for 10 seconds and he starts to feel her clench around his cock. He knows he's done for now and as he slams into her as hard as he can and as he releases her neck and covers ehr mouth instead, she cums hard arounds him, wrapping her legs as tight as she can around his hips while he slams into her, their sweat mingling between their bodies. Claire's mouth open wide in large O underneath his hand and then he releases her wrists and uncovers her mouth. She screams in ecstasy and as she finishes, Jamie does as well and collapses on top of her as the aftershocks cause her walls to tighten around his softening cock, bringing small waves of pleasure after their tandem orgasms. Jamie is offically spent and from what he can see of Claire, she is as well.

Claire just had the best orgasm of her life and it involved choking, otherwise known as Edgeplay. She only ever tried it once before in a long term situation but that man couldn't time it correctly with her Orgasms so it didn't really do much for either of them and so they never tried it again. For some reason, she trusted Jamie to try it with her and she was pleasantly surprised if not absolutely delighted. She got lightheaded but it was as if everything she was feeling and hearing was magnified times 10. She heard every slap of his balls against her ass as if they were right in her ear, every violent thrust of his cock into her pussy felt like they were one, joined together permanently and moving as one. The pain was so pleasurable that she wasn't convinced that there was any pain at all. Then she saw stars, her vision went almost black and she convulsed around him. She heard someone scream in intense pleasure. Was that her? Or him? Then he collapsed on top of her and she ran her small, delicate fingers along his beautifully muscled yet scarred back. She decides then that this will not be a one time thing....