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After 8

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Both Claire and Jamie were still lying in bed naked after their last incredible joining. He was halfway on his side, partially lying on top of her with his face resting in the crook of her neck. Breathing hot breath against her goosebumped skin. Even though their activities caused them to sweat from all the exertion, the rooms were well air conditioned and her bare, sweaty skin was cooling quickly. Hence the goosebumps (and maybe the feelings she was having in regards to Jamie caressing her arm were partly to blame as well).

Before she could doze off again, she asks him “Did any of this feel different for you? I mean. Different than any sex you’ve had with anybody else?” Then she quickly closed her mouth, chastising herself for being so forward with him so soon after they met. Then she remembered that they just had sex multiple times in a space of less than 2hrs.

Jamie surprises her, quickly lifting his head to peer into her eyes, responding in a way she didn’t expect. “Yes… though I didna think you would feel the same. There’s a connection between us, is there no'?” So, he felt the same way that she did, she wasn’t just imagining it.

Claire’s heart started to race and she felt an unfamiliar fluttering in her stomach. “Oh…yes. I think so.” She might as well be honest with him as well. She was the one to ask him first after all.
“Do you think its too soon to plan another…date?” Claire inquired while Jamie was still eyeing her intently, now twirling his right index finger in some of her curls.

“No. But this wasn’t a date. We only just met and then, by some miracle, you invited me to bed. What is yer idea of a date, mo nighean donn?”

As she started to finger the mop of wavy red on his own head, she responded with hesitation “I’m not really sure. Nearly every man I’ve ever had a relationship with has started after I met him in the club. And all of them had their own ideas of what a relationship should be. Some didn’t want to “date” at all.” She said the word date while air quoting with her fingers.

Jamie snorted and replied honestly. “I haven’t been on a real date in years. With me growin’ my business and my sister havin' bairns one after the other, I haven’t thought about trying to find anyone anyway. My nieces and nephews have taken up most of my free time.”

Claire smiles back at his admission. She's glad to hear that he is a hardworking family man and it tugs at her heartstrings. How rare his type was to find, especially the way she seems to have found him.

Claire thinks for a moment and then says “Maybe we can try something different? Are you comfortable coming to my place for dinner tomorrow night? I’m a decent cook and I promise I’m not an axe murderer.”

At her last comment, Jamie chuckles and pulls her closer to him “Whatever ye want, Sassenach. I’m at yer mercy anyway.” She grins and goes in for another kiss. He still smells and tastes of her and he moans as her tongue seeks his. They make out like a couple of teenagers, pulling hair, biting lips, sucking tongues, and squeezing all manner of body parts. They go on for what feels like forever, finally breaking apart to breathe.

Claire turns onto her side and props herself up on an elbow, resting her head in her hand. She looks at Jamie again as he does the same. “What're ye thinking now, Sassenach?”

As he swipes a rogue curl back behind her ear, she replies. “Just about this. It seems so quick but there’s just something about you. When you touch me, something happens that I can’t explain.”

Jamie contemplates for a moment. “Aye, I felt it too. I thought mebbe it was just a static shock from the carpet in the meeting room.” Then he chuckles again and she grins
“Maybe. But I liked it. And everything we did after. It was perfect.”
“Aye, you were. And Outlander? Yer safe word was a surprise.”
Claire giggles again and responds “Well, I’m an English lady living in Scotland. I figured I would take control of the nickname. You seem to like calling me 'Sassenach'.”

“I do. Because ye're exotic. Ye are nothin' like the scottish women that throw themselves at me when they learn that I have money. Its refreshing. You want me for my body instead.”

Claire softly punches him on his right shoulder and retorts “And you’re an insufferable Scottish male. How typical.” followed by a wink.

“It's still a bit early. We can relax here for a while longer if you'd like. Then maybe we can get a drink at the bar next door?" She hopes he agrees.

"Aye, we can do whatever ye like. I'm at yer mercy, milady." He tries to wink but he just looks like a large ginger owl. It only endears him more to Claire…