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After 8

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After lying in the large bed for about half an hour longer, just cuddling and breathing each other in, they both get up and clean up in the attached bathroom. Jamie gets the Arnicare he had in the sporran attached to his kilt and gently massages it into the marks on her round arse. Then they both redress. Since they decided to get a drink next door, that's where they go. Jamie, being the gentleman that he is, opens and holds doors for Claire as they leave and enter the nearby bar, lightly touching the small of her back as he ushers her around.

They sit at the nearly empty bar and order their drinks (Claire decides to go light and orders a nice white zinfandel and Jamie just gets a local IPA). She places her left hand on the bar and he places his on top, lightly caressing her long, slender fingers and the soft, pale skin on the back of her hand. He then notices the red marks still showing from earlier events. She blushes and he smirks, both remembering just how amazing the night has gone.

"So, you didn't really expect to meet anyone tonight?" Claire asks, then takes a sip of her wine.

"No, I hadn't been to this club in years and I usually only go to bed with women I've previously met. Most women want to ken ye a bit first...before what we did."
Claire smiles and says "Well, I'm not a usual woman. I take what I want." then moves her hand under Jamie's and intertwines her fingers with his. "And this isn't usual either. What it is between us."

Jamie responds without pause, "No, it's different. In a good way, I suppose. We didna have to do the 3 dates, 'will we or will we not?' typical sort of dating thing." He squeezes her hand and takes a long drink from his beer.

“So what made you come to After 8 tonight of all nights?”

“Och, I've been in town for a few days and I just needed a little stress relief after the last month I’ve had. I haven’t been with anyone in a club in nearly 6 months. I figured it would be a great distraction. Turns out, I was right. Thanks to ye.”

“Oh…well you’re welcome. I come here nearly every weekend. Until recently though, I was only seeing one person but that ended a few weeks ago, amicably. It was just sex for both of us. He had a job opportunity in England and didn’t have any ties here so off he went.” She fluttered here hand in the air toward wherever.

"Ye weren't a tie for him? Enough to stay here I mean?" He asked.

"Oh, no. We weren't necessarily exclusive to each other and we definitely weren't in love. We were both just an outlet for the other. Easy to find in this lifestyle. We had fun but it was just that." She stated as she fiddled with her glass with her free hand. "How long have you been going to the clubs anyway?"

"Mebbe 3 years or so. And ye?"

"8 years now. Since just after I moved here. After 8 is the most common though. I guess i'm lucky that those that frequent it are very discreet. Only a few people I know personally are privy to my recreational activities." She takes another sip of her wine, savoring the cool liquid on her swollen tongue. Swollen from Jamie's kisses in the BDSM room. Her face flushes again.

"Ye're an expert then? So that's why you let what I did near the end there?" Jamie asked, remembering his large hand around her fine, ivory neck.

"I guess. I've only done it once before with an ex but he didn't have the knack for it as you seem to. I really enjoyed it this time." she said with a smirk and a wink as her long, thick lashes distracted him.

"I'm glad. I've done it a few times before with other lasses but I wasna as successful. It seems like everythin' came easy for us tonight...with each other."

"It does seem that way, doesn't it?" Claire has finished her wine and is now holding Jamie's left hand with both of hers. Stroking his long fingers gently.

"If I'm not too forward in sayin' this, Claire, i'd love to see you again...regularly. You already asked me over for a dinner date tomorrow night so I'm sure we can get started then and see how things pan out."

"That sounds wonderful, Jamie. I don't want to waste any time getting to know you either." she says as she squeezes his hand tightly.