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Another Mission, Another Letter.

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Another mission, another letter. They got more heartbreaking each time he left too. Not on purpose but...what if he never saw her again? Never got to hold her and ooh and ahh over her tiny toes, the way she babbled, or clung to him just like a little monkey? What if?

Here he was getting all sappy on himself now and the mission wasn’t even for another few days. Penning the words though always took time. Time to find the right ones. To say sorry for never telling her the truth, for not really spending time with her, he hoped she understood.

This time though the letter didn’t go to Tai. It went into the trunk that Qrow had placed in his room specifically for these letters. No use in letting Tai know he was worried he always knew anyways. That man was both a wizard and worrywart rolled into one. But Qrow guessed it came with being a dad and all.

“Qrow, what are you doing? Want to come help me get Ruby settled for the night?”

Hearing his wife’s voice always made Qrow smile. How was he, a thief and an outlaw, blessed not with just a wife but with a child too. One who took far too much after her mother as he liked to tease them both. With her red hair, silver eyes, and pale complexion Ruby hadn’t gotten any of his traits that he could see...yet. Guess it was just a matter of time before something of his kicked in. Even Yang, being a few years older of course, had gotten Raven’s red eyes when she became mad. He hoped Ruby never got those, he liked her silver eyes.

“Coming Sum.” He quickly penned the rest of the letter, ending it with a flourish and a hastily scrawled, “Love Dad,” before tucking it away in the trunk. He still had two days to spend with his lovely ladies and damned if he was going to spend it moping.