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Change of Plans

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The alpha did get back very late that night, Izuku heard him walking through the apartment while already in bed. His door was locked as it has been every night since he had arrived in the alpha’s home but, just like every other night too, Bakugou made no attempt of entering Izuku’s room. The alpha didn’t even say anything through the door as he does sometimes.

That should have given Izuku some relief, but it didn’t. There is no way the alpha is going to be happy allowing an omega to mooch off him without taking anything in return; and Izuku knows what alphas want. Bakugou may have everyone else fooled with his Hero persona, but Izuku won’t be swayed by it.

Being a Hero doesn’t give people automatic good morals, there are several alphas running around calling themselves Heroes who do very unheroic things when they know they can get away with it. Izuku will never forget the sad state in which he met Todoroki Rei in the Institution, it was a rude wake-up call to the young boy’s admiration of Heroes.

Sure, there are alpha Heroes worthy of the title. All Might was and will always be the best hero of all to the public, and Yagi Toshinori is Izuku’s personal hero; Iida also seems to be nice and Mirio is a dear friend. Ground Zero, however… the jury is still out on that one.

Bakugou is harsh, loud, rude, a complete barbarian. The media doesn’t seem to get Ground Zero either, they praise his efficiency at the same time that they condemn his attitudes. Some say he is a prime example of an alpha because that is how a true alpha should act like, nothing like those pansy flimsy modern alphas who care more about their reflection in the mirror than stacking their territory. But Izuku hates it, he hates feeling like he is shacking up with a wild wolf who may devour him at any brusque movement.

At least, Izuku's rational mind hates it; his omegan side, however, is much more inclined to see the qualities in the alpha. The pheromones imprinted on the flat, the ashy burning scent of Bakugou, sometimes make Izuku’s head hazy. Hearing the alpha snarl at him fills the omega with a crazy need to submit and show his neck for mercy. The omega inside Izuku coos at him whispering that this is a good alpha who can provide for him and give him strong pups, but Izuku refuses to listen.

He will not be a slave to his hormones for he has a duty to think about; he is the wielder of One for All and he can’t be a breeder for another hero, he will be a hero on his own right. Besides, that is just a chemical attraction, he would feel it for any alpha in the same circumstance.

He knows some omegas even enter in heat after marrying because they get too overwhelmed with the alpha’s pheromones. Izuku will not go through that, he refuses; he is taking extra care in not getting too exposed to the alpha’s scent by avoiding spending time in anywhere but his room. The little omega is taking matters into his own hands to not be vulnerable to anything.

That morning, when Izuku wakes up he is filled with renewed resolve to fix his situation as best as he can. The meeting with Iida yesterday turned out great and now he has a Pro Hero friend who is willing to help him learn how to fight better. However, that is not the only thing he needs to settle into his new life. He needs a phone, some notebooks, some gear… actually, he needs his stuff back but he doesn’t know if he will ever be allowed to go and take it from the Institution.

Is it even in the Institution? Maybe they gave it to his mom or Toshi, then Izuku has a chance of getting it back. However, he still doesn’t have permission from the alpha to talk to his family; his mom probably won’t tell on him but Izuku knows Toshinori will never believe Bakugou hasn’t allowed Izuku to talk to him. Toshi has Bakugou in crazy high regard and really wants this marriage to work out, so if Izuku goes to him behind the alpha’s back Toshinori won’t be pleased.

What Izuku really needs is to talk to Tamaki. His brother will know what to do and will help him; but again he is stuck with not having a phone nor permission to leave the apartment and talk to his friends. Izuku may be willing to ignore the rules, but he can’t put Tamaki and Mirio in that situation since they are Heroes and it could blow back at them.

Maybe the first order of business is to get a phone. He knows Tamaki’s number by heart, so all he needs to do is find a way to call him. Can he buy a cellphone? He doesn’t have money but the alpha said he has left some for food in the kitchen. Would that be enough?

Wait, if the alpha left money for food, doesn’t he expect Izuku to leave the apartment to buy food? That may be a loophole in the whole ‘can’t leave the flat’ issue. Bakugou may notice if the money goes missing and food doesn’t show up, but maybe Izuku can tell him it was for hygiene products? Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

In the kitchen, Izuku finds the money. Definitely not enough to buy a phone, but he can start a piggy bank? He is going to have to think about that. Back in his room, Izuku puts on a hoodie and climbs out of the window. There is no point in staying cooped inside, he needs more intel from around the neighborhood if he wants to solve his problems and he has a meeting with Iida in a few hours.

He knows he probably shouldn’t have scheduled to meet Iida again. Since the other alpha is a friend of Bakugou's, his little escapade can easily end up on his husband’s ears. But how could he say no to an alpha Pro Hero offering to help him train? That is an once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity! Izuku has been hoping for something like this since he was sent away to the Institution and found out Toshinori wouldn’t be allowed to train him anymore. And Iida is married to Uravity! Izuku has been a fan of the beta pro hero since she debuted, he can’t pass on the chance to meet her!

If worse comes to worst, he can plead the whole loophole of ‘getting out of the flat to buy food’ thing and say that, since Iida is a friend of Bakugou’s, Izuku didn’t think it would be a problem. Oh, and Iida said something about knowing self-defense being important for a Pro Hero's mate; yeah, he can use that excuse too.


Izuku ends up using a little bit of the money to buy lunch. He didn’t want to, but he doesn’t want to appear weak in front of Iida for not having eaten anything, so he gets some instant ramen in a convenience store just to fill his belly (and gets a little lecture from the beta cashier that all that sodium is bad for his health and he should take better care of himself if he wants to have strong pups. What the fuck? Why do people feel entitled to butt in omegas’ lives like that?).

After lunch, he just hangs out in the park for a while waiting for Iida. Izuku jogs a little, plays around in the outdoor gym, watches some kids in the playground. He really loves this park, it’s probably one of the best parts of this whole new living arrangement he found himself in. In the Institution he tried spending as much time as he could in the gardens, but their academic curriculum is heavy and Izuku is an unapologetic nerd; so he stayed in studying more hours than not.

Now he didn’t have anything to study, no tests scheduled. Izuku knows he is being a little lazy but, honestly, he thinks he deserves this break to settle into his new life. Eventually, he can go back to working on his German (that is severely lacking), practicing his French, keeping his notes sharp on the piano, and even learning some new skills (the Institution's health curriculum focuses solely on child care and omegan biology, he could look into first aid and things like that).

Lost inside his head while sitting on a bench, Izuku doesn’t see Iida approaching before the alpha is already greeting him. They talk briefly before Iida invites Izuku to follow him to his agency. Ingenium’s agency is in Hosu, about five subway stops away from the park.

“Why do you come all this way to run every day?” Izuku asks curious when they enter the train.

“There isn’t a park as nice and big as this one next to my agency. Besides, running to the park is also part of my exercise routine. My quirk demands that I focus my training on my legs, so it’s important for me to run every day.” Iida explains and that begins a whole conversation about different exercising needs depending on the quirk and secondary gender of the person.

Iida really is a very nice person, he seemed honestly interested in Izuku’s methods for managing his omegan difficulty to put on muscle mass and didn’t make Izuku feel uncomfortable about his secondary gender not even once. The conversation flows between them in a very polite and friendly manner, making Izuku feel like talking to a peer and not to an alpha Pro Hero.

The alpha also talks so lovingly and proudly about Uravity that it warms Izuku’s heart. Iida clearly loves and respects his mate beyond any shadow of a doubt. Izuku also gets the chance to ask questions about Uravity, he is very excited to meet the beta Hero. Her rescue numbers are really impressive and a part of him is fanboying really hard about meeting the woman.

Ingenium’s Agency is quite small compared to the other big name agencies in the Tokyo area. The agency is formed by only the two Pro Heroes Ingenium and Uravity, two sidekicks and one intern. Their one-story building fits snugly between a few other shops in the neighborhood, giving it the feeling of ‘friendly neighborhood Heroes’ instead of ‘big alpha hotshots who will destroy half the city trying to stop one villain’. Izuku immediately likes it.

“Good afternoon, everyone!” Iida greets as they enter the building. The lobby area is small, just a little receptionist desk where a beta secretary greets them back with a smile. Izuku introduces himself to her right before they go deeper into the building.

As they pass a small door they arrive at a big gym-like room. There are a few workout machines and weights, and a large area for training. Uravity is sparring with what must be an intern (he doesn’t look older than seventeen) but stops as they enter the room.

“Hi!” The woman says as she approaches them smiling. “You must be Izuku, Tenya told me everything about you!”

“Hi! Ye-yes, I’m Izuku. It’s my-my pleasure to meet you.” The omega can’t help but stutter a little. He is meeting Uravity! And she seems so nice! He can’t believe this is actually happening! “I’m a big fan of your work!”

It is hard to say who is blushing harder, Izuku or Uravity, but both of them hit it off instantly. She insists that he calls her Ochako since she will call him Izuku, and they are both friends by the time Iida and her finish giving Izuku the tour on the small building (maybe the woman telling a couple of anecdotes that make Ground Zero look like a stupid teenager helped Izuku warm up to her. Apparently, the two of them had a fierce rivalry during their high school years). Their agency is small but very welcoming and it has everything they need - two private offices for the heroes; one small kitchen/break room; and a really big area for training and sparring.

“Alright! So let’s see what you got there, Izuku! Tenya told me you actually knocked him out, that is great!” Ochako says smiling brightly as she brings them to the center of the training area. Iida stays behind just watching from afar, as do the sidekicks and the intern.

Izuku scratches the back of his head embarrassed. “Yeah, sorry about that. I thought he was hunting me and freaked out a little.”

“Oh, don’t you worry about that! He shouldn’t be sticking his nose in other people’s business anyway. But I’m glad this whole misunderstanding got us to meet! If we left it to Explodey boy, I’d be lucky to be introduced to you in this decade!” Ochako says laughing. “But enough of that, show me what you got. Attack me!”

The woman positions herself to receive an attack and motions with her hand for Izuku to come at her. Wow. This is real, this is happening. He is going to spar with Uravity, 27th in the Hero ranking, fastest beta woman to ever climb the ranks, rescue Hero prodigy. Ok, play it cool Izuku. You can do it, just do it like you usually do with thugs and hit her.

Izuku does some little jumps in place to get hyped and to relax his muscles, and when he thinks he is ready he charges against the woman to try and tackle her to the ground. However, it backfires terribly and Ochako manages to throw him on the ground with one swift move barely breaking her form (and not even taking the smile off her face).

The omega gets up and looks analytically at the Pro Hero. Alright, she really isn’t anything like the no-name thugs he beat down before. He needs to go at her faster and stronger, so Izuku takes a deep breath and tries again… only to be thrown around like a ragdoll one more time.

Then a third.

A fourth.

On the fifth time, he says fuck it and turns on his quirk - that makes him be thrown even farther away and be knocked against the wall.

“Wow! Is that your quirk? Cool! How does it work?” Ochako asks excitedly as Izuku gets up shaking his head to check for a concussion.

“Apparently it makes me get flung away even harder.” He answers grumpily and the girl laughs.

“Of course, silly! I use a fighting technique that uses the strength and speed of my opponent against him. If you come at me harder that means I’m just going to reverse that power back at you.” She explains as she offers a hand to help Izuku up.

“How do you do that?” Izuku asks accepting her hand.

“Tell you what, you can explain how your quirk works and I can teach you a few good moves so you can kick some ass when you need to.” Ochako says smiling at him and Izuku can’t help but smile back.

Maybe this new living situation really isn’t that bad. He wouldn’t get the chance to meet nice people like Iida and Ochako locked away in the Institution.


Izuku and Ochako spend a couple of hours sparring, they got really into playing with each other that they barely saw the time passing by. They could have spent the whole afternoon throwing one another to the floor if Iida hadn’t interrupted them reminding Ochako that she had a patrol scheduled.

Before Izuku left, Ochako nagged him for his phone number and Izuku had to pretend his phone broke and he still hadn’t had time to buy a new one. The woman didn’t seem very convinced but she didn’t press the subject, just demanded Izuku to show up there as soon as he could so they can train again.

After leaving Ingenium’s agency, Izuku decided to walk all the way back to the alpha’s apartment. He didn’t want to spend any more money on train fare, he really ought to save every penny he can for a new phone. It is a nice walk back, but it is still early so Izuku isn’t worried about getting back to the flat before the alpha does.

He strolls lazily since his body is aching a little from being beaten up by Ochako. But it is a good kind of aching, Izuku is buzzing under his skin in excitement. Never before he was taken so seriously in a fight. Ochako didn’t hold anything back, she treated him fairly and taught him important lessons about self-defense.

Not only Uravity is a great hero, but she is also a great person. Izuku is so happy that meeting someone he looked up to in magazines and videos turned out to be even better than he could ever imagine. He can’t wait until he gets his phone so he can call Tamaki and tell him all about it.

Actually, Tamaki told him where his agency is and it’s not that far away from what he saw on the city map he studied in the subway station. Maybe Izuku could drop there quickly, it’s been so long since he talked to his brother. He is sure Tamaki is probably losing sleep worrying about Izuku. The last time they talked was a quick phone call when Izuku was crying about the fact Toshi accepted to marry him off to Bakugou. Izuku looks around trying to find somewhere to check the time, it can’t be later than four thirty so he still has at least four hours befo-

Izuku doesn’t manage to finish that line of thought because someone much larger than him grabs him by the mouth and neck muffling his screams and drags him to a dark alley. The smell hits him as aggressively as he is banged against the wall - alpha in a rut. Izuku holds the alpha’s arm to prevent the man from crushing his neck and tries kicking him on the groin but that only serves to make him feel the alpha’s hard cock beneath his pants.

“You better be fucking quiet before I stab one of these pretty little green eyes.” The alpha whispers in his ear showing a bizarrely elongated nail. The nail is very long and sharp, it must be his quirk. “Yes, good boy. Now relax for me or else this is gonna hurt.”

Izuku finally looks at his assailant, the man looks about forty years old, icy blue eyes and straight black greasy hair covered by a black hoodie. The omega feels one of the alpha’s hands run over the top of his hoodie and goes under it to feel the skin of his waist.

A shiver of disgust goes through Izuku’s body. That is fucking enough. Urging his quirk forward, green lightning shines granting Izuku the strength to crush down the man’s arm that is holding his neck and face. The alpha cries out and stabs Izuku’s midsection with his claws.

The pain is strong and it makes Izuku dizzy for a second, but soon enough the omega goes back into fight mode. He changes position with the alpha forcing him against the wall and punches his stomach with enough strength to make the bricks on the wall crack against the man’s back.

“NEVER TOUCH AN OMEGA AGAIN, SCUM!” Izuku screams at him before letting the man fall on the floor crying and whimpering.

Fuck, someone might have heard that, he needs to get out of here now! Izuku begins running away but the pain on his midsection almost makes him tumble over. He touches the spot and feels wetness, he must be bleeding. Shit.

What should he do? What should he do? He can’t go back to the alpha’s apartment bleeding, Bakugou will smell the blood and the distress pheromones no matter how much blocker he sprays around. He needs somewhere to go, he needs a friend. He needs Tamaki. Yeah, Tamaki will know what to do.

But first, he needs to get off the streets. Bakugou isn’t the only one who could smell his blood and his distress by the looks he is getting. Izuku ducks into another alley and climbs the fire escape stairs on the side of a building with his quirk shining through his body. He needs to get to Tamaki as soon as possible, Tamaki will know what to do. Tamaki will help him.

On top of the building, Izuku takes a second to understand where he needs to go. He knows Tamaki works in this really big building in the middle of Ginza, his brother sent him hundreds of photos of the building and surrounding areas with cute little descriptions (‘I’m gonna take you to eat takoyaki at this street vendor!’, ‘don’t the sakura trees look beautiful in this park? Soon enough we can enjoy spring together here!’, ‘this is the view from my office, wish you were here’).

After localizing his target, Izuku sprints through the rooftops trying to be careful (but probably failing miserably). He knows he is being reckless, it is the middle of the afternoon and he could be seen by anyone. But he can’t stop or else the smell of blood will give him away too. He is stuck with an impossible situation and his mind is screaming at him to find Tamaki because his brother is the only one who can help him.

The power of One for All takes Izuku halfway across the city in less than twenty minutes. When he sees Tamaki’s building, Sir Nighteye’s Agency, he finally breathes relieved. However, that only serves to make him feel a sharp pain in his midsection and remind him he still is bleeding all over the place.

The building is not very big and he knows Tamaki’s office overlooks the setting sun. Really, climbing the walls of a Pro Heroes’ agency building is not Izuku’s most brilliant idea. But he really is out of good ideas (brilliants will have to wait for another day). So he makes the jump to the roof of the building anyway and hopes that he gets it right because there are three windows on the pavement on the side Tamaki’s office should be (only two of them are open, so it is really a 50/50 chance).

One last leap and Izuku stumbles inside the building rolling on the carpet.

“What in the world-... Izuku! Oh my god! What are you doing here?!” Tamaki’s worried voice brings a small pained smile to Izuku’s face. He got the right window.

Tamaki is over him in seconds helping him to get up, when the older omega sees Izuku’s wincing his hands go straight to pull up the hoodie and check out the wound. “What happened? Did Bakugou…?”

“No… No, it wasn’t Bakugou.” Izuku says out of breath as his friend helps him sit down on a chair. “A random alpha in rut attacked me. I… may have hurt him so I couldn’t stick around and I couldn’t go back home because I’m bleeding.”

Tamaki shakes his head in disbelief, “let’s get you cleaned and then you can tell me this whole story.” He looks at Izuku with a small sweet smile. “All these years and you are still running after me all banged up.”

Izuku smiles back, “what can I say? You are good at patching me.”


"You are giving me white hairs," Tamaki says shaking his head as he finishes bandaging Izuku. "You are not even a week out of the Institution and was already attacked two times."

"Hey! Iida didn't attack me! I just thought he would." Izuku grumbles. "Not my fault alphas are wild creatures."

Tamaki chuckles, "not all of them. As you said, Iida is nice and there are others like him."

Tamaki had pulled a chair by Izuku's side. His office was very standard, lots of paper lying around, some books, and two big framed pictures - one showing Tamaki and Mirio on the day they got married, and the other showing a teenaged Tamaki and Izuku smiling in the Institution's garden.

"I know… it's just hard to remember that living with… Bakugou."

"Has it been so bad?" Tamaki asks quietly petting Izuku's hair.

"Yes… I don't think we exchanged more than twenty words with each other, and most of them were screams." Izuku looks at the floor and Tamaki pulls him in for a hug.

"I know this is now what we hoped for-"

"Understatement of the century" Izuku grumbles against Tamaki's chest.

" But it may not be that bad, Izuku." Tamaki tries coaxing Izuku. "Ground Zero is a good hero, I never heard anything about him being abusive, even though everyone knows he has a temper. He gave you a room of your own and haven't tried touching you."

Izuku gets off Tamaki's hold and looks at him. "But he bought me against my will! He doesn't listen to me, he forbid me of taking my things with me, he doesn’t let me leave the apartment, he hasn't allowed me to talk to my friends and family! He wants me to rot away inside a room without getting in his way!"

“I know, I’m not saying he is perfect. I’m saying the situation could be worse.” Tamaki gives him a sad smile, “and what Bakugou wants it’s not an issue here, you are more than used to ignoring unfair rules. He may not have allowed you to meet me, but that isn’t going to stop us, right?”

Izuku hugs Tamaki again, hiding his face into the man’s neck. “No, it isn’t.”

“It’s so good to have you here, there are so many things I want to show you. So many things for us to do together now that you are out of the Institution.” Tamaki pets Izuku’s hair. “I’m going to check out if your things are still there or if they were taken to your mother, alright? And I’m buying you a phone.”


“No, I don’t want to hear it.” Tamaki interrupts him. “I’m not going to be without a mean of communication with my little brother while you are locked away with that brute alpha.”

“Thank you, Tama-nii” Izuku whispers. He knew that once he talked to Tamaki his problems would begin shrinking.

“Besides, I know you. If you begin doing your nightly patrols again, I’m gonna need to tell me, Izuku.” Tamaki says seriously to him.

“I-... I’m not planning to. At least not right now. Bakugou is only home during the nights, so I gotta stay put.”

Tamaki was always the only one to support every single one of Izuku's crazy dreams, and always the one Izuku would run to when he needed to get his bruises cared for. The older omega was already in the Institution when Izuku arrived there, and they had been inseparable during the years until Tamaki married Mirio. The best thing about being out of the Institution is being able to spend more time with Tamaki again.

“Let’s go. It’s getting late and I’m walking you back to your building. Can’t let Bakugou find out you are a rule breaker.” Tamaki says with a kind smile and Izuku smiles back at him brightly. Home is where the heart is; one way or another Izuku will make this new situation that he is living home.