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Boys with luv

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Midoriya knew what he had done was wrong and he might have to pay the price. He was only permitted to be away from the center for 5 hours and then come right back. But no, he had to go to a bar and almost get himself into a fight and then get saved by a Todoroki. And just any Todoroki but the youngest and hottest one. Shouto Todoroki.

And he had sex with him. It wasn't really his fault it was just that one thing led to another and it happened. In his opinion, any would fuck with him if they got the chance to. Hopefully, none of the guards find about that out. Midorya mumbled to himself as he got closer and closer to the Center. He slowly approached the main gate of the Center. One of the guards noticed him and ran right to him.

"Midoriya where have been! You could have got hurt. You're in serious trouble with Tomura!" His arms came down with a chopping motion.

"Calm down Iida I'm perfectly fine I swear," Midoirya said the beta.

"Are you sure you are?" Iida asked.

"I assure you that I am."

Iida looked at him for a bit before speaking. "Well, I better get you to Tomura's office and hope that he shows mercy to you."

"Yeah let's hope that he does." Midoirya let out a nervous laugh as he and Iida walked to the Center.

When they got in the building Midoryia was tackled by Kaminari and Kirishima. "Dude, where were you yesterday! I thought you got kidnapped or something!"

"And I thought that you were abducted by aliens!" Kaminari yelled, and he was right next to his ear.

"Kami don't tell so close to my ear and please get off me guys! It's hard to breathe." The last part of the sentence came out as a wheeze.

"Yes like Midoirya said you should get off of him, he has to see Tomura," Iida told to two other omegas.

They got off of Midoirya and he looked at Kaminari. "Do always have to blame aliens every little thing that happens?" He dusted off his pants.

Kaminari gasped and placed his hand on his heart. "Give spirits a little credit too! And we can't forget about vampires and werewolves."

"Kami sometimes your if you can get out of hand."

Kaminari gasped louder this time. "How dare you!"

Kirishima backed away from Kaminari a bit. "I'm just telling you the truth dude."

Iida cleared his throat to get their attention and all three of them turned their attention to him. "I'm sorry to cut your conversation short but I need to take midoriya to Tomura's office as he asked."

"Do I have to go?" Midoirya asked.

"Yes, you do so let's get going!" Iida started to walk in the direction of Tomura's office and Midoryia follows.



Iida stopped in front of Tomura's office and turned to Midoirya. "I hope he goes easy on you because this was your first time."

"I hope he does." Midoirya let out a worried scent.

"Don't be scared Midoriya I'm sure that you'll be fine," Iida said as he walked away.

Midoriya gulped as he reached for the door handle and opened the door. "You wanted to see me?" He asked as he approached the chair by Tomura's desk.

The chair on the other side of it turned to face him. "Yes, I did and do you know why?" Tomura asked looking him dead in the eyes.

"Because I went over my time limit." He said slowly.

"That's right."

"I am going to get punished?" The omega asked.

"You're a good person, and because this was your first time doing something like this I'll let you off with a warning."

Midorya smiled as big as he could at the moment. "Really! Thank you Tomura!"

"Yep, you can go but do let I happen again because you won't get out of punishment easily."


Midoriya nodded and left his office and went to find Kaminari and Kirishima. Plus he would hate not being able to participate in visitor day if he had got in trouble. Which might have been his punishment. But he didn't want to think about that too much.

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Around a month had passed since Midoriya's rendezvous with Shouto Todoroki. He sat up in his bed and put his hand and his stomach. He was starting to feel a weak pulse around is stomach area. Midoriya let out a loud groan. He should have used a condom or not have asked for his knot. Because he was sure he was pregnant.

Midoriya hoped that Tomura or any of the guards dont find out. If that happened he would be dead. By dead, he means being kicked out of the Center and he would have nowhere to live. So he had to also hope that he saw Shouto on visitor day. Which was today, so it was now a game of survival. He got up from his bed and went to take a shower.


He went downstairs and noticed that no one was there. So Midoryia walked around in hopes of finding someone awake. He might have woke up too early. There wasn't a lot of clocks in the Center and they are hard to find so he just went back to his room and went to sleep.


He didn't get to sleep long before Kaminari was in his room and shaking him up. "Come on Izu! Get up!"

Swatting Kaminari away Midoriya sits up in his bed. "I up! I up!" He rubbed away the last of his tiredness.

"It's Visitor day! And Kirishima is already out there! We got to go!" Kaminari yells shaking Midoriya again.

"Stop shaking me!" Midoriya yelled, startling the poor boy. Then Midoriya took a deep breath. "Just go on without me and I'll be there soon."

"Umm, ok I'll see you there!" Kaminari leaves his bedside and heads out the door saying something that Midoryia couldn't hear.

Getting out of his bed he was hit with the sudden realization that he forgot to tell Shouto where to find him. He kinds just got up a left. He was completed screwed times 2. Midoriya left his room filled with fear. There was a chance he might see Shouto here but would be like finding a needle in a haystack.


Downstairs was filled with Alphas and Betas most of them were probably there to find a mate and others were there just to talk to them. And Midoriya had a lot of people trying to get him to mate with him. Usually, he would flirt with them but he just felt very pissed and annoyed by them.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and his head wiped around to see who it was.
"Hey Izu calm down, I just wanted to to see if you wanted to sit with me?"

Midoriya looked at kirishima and nodded. "Yeah, that would be nice." Both omegas found a table to sit at and away from everyone else. They started to have a small conversation about things that came to mind.

"Hey, kirishima?"

"Yeah, dude?"

"I never seen you participate in Visitor day. Is there a reason why?" Midoirya asked.

Kirishima was quiet while he thought about what to say. "I don't participate in Visitor day because I don't really want to find a mate. I just want to be my own person and treated like an equal, not as an object."

"That's a great reason." Midoriya started to tear up. "I feel moved." He fanned eyes.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome kirishima."

"So you aren't you participating today? You usually always do."

Midoriya shrugged. "Oh i don't know i just don't feel like it this time around."

"You do, do you I guess."

The two went back to saying things that came to mind for the rest of the day. Both forgetting about Kaminari and his whereabouts.


After all the visitors had left and all the omegas were brought to their rooms Tomura knock on Midoriya's room door. When he opened he saw two omegas he had never seen before, they must have been from a different part of the center.

"Midoriya I need you to come with me."

He stepped out of his room and left the door open. "Why?"

"I have to get you a checkup for your health."

"Do I have to?"

"Do you want to stay here?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Then come." Tomura walks away and the other two omegas followed him. He let them go a little bit further before he followed behind them, scared. If his theory of being pregnant was true he wasn't going to have a place to live after this.

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Tomura leads them to a place that they have never been to before. They reached a door and he opened it. Then he turned to address the omegas. "You two need to go in here." He pointed at the two that Midoriya didn't know.

Both went in hesitantly. As Tomura watched them walk around the room he closed the door behind them. When the alpha started to walk away Midoriya was not far behind. They walked down a hallway that twisted and turned in different directions. Tomura stopped at a metal door and by it, there was a keypad.

"Why is there a keypad?" Midoriya asked.

"None of your business," Tomura said as he put in the code.

The door opened up to reveal a hospital room. Tomura went behind the omega and shoved him in and slammed the door shut. Leaving Midoriya in the room by himself.

Midoirya went into a panic. He banged on the door, yell for someone to let him out. After a while, he gave up and sat on the bed in the there. A few minutes later, a man came into the room.

"Hi, I'm Dr.Daruma and I'll be doing your checkup." He told him as he put on some glove.

Midoirya's distressed scent filled the room. "Ok, but why am i trapped in this room with you!?!"

Dr.Daruma just laughed.

"Why are you laughing." Midoriya started to shake.

"Just sit down and relax I wouldn't hurt you." Dr.Daruma walked up to where Midoriya was sitting. The omega moved away from him.

"No need to worry you're in good hands."

"How do I know that."

"Because I'm certified to do this and if you make this harder than it needs let's just say that you're that one getting hurt," Dr.Daruma answered.

After that statement, Midoriya was too scared to say anything else. So Dr.Daruma began to the tests and Midoriya didn't say or doing anything to stop him.


After the majority of the tests were over with Dr.Daruma pull out a machine that Midoriya didn't know what it did.

"What is it that?" He asked.

"Just lay down and you'll see." Midoriya laid down as Dr.Daruma plugged it in and the monitor turned on.

"Lift up your shirt," Dr.Daruma instructed.

Midoriya lifted up his shirt as instructed. "Ok if you say so."

Dr.Daruma put a cold gel on his stomach and a microphone like item on it. "Look at the monitor. I should see nothing in your womb but there is." Looks at Midoriya. "You know what that means?"

"That i'm pregnant?" Midoriya said in the form of a question as Dr.Daruma wipe the gel off of him.

"Yep, that means that I to go to the other room." Dr.Daruma got up and went to another room but before he closed the door he told Midoriya something. "Make sure that you don't hold your breath for so long you might hurt the baby growing in you."

Confused Midoriya sat and then quickly realized what Dr.Daruma meant by that. Gas filled the room and before he knew it he was knocked out.


Dr.Daruma grabbed his phone and called Tomura. He picked up after a few rings. "Is this about Midoriya?"

"Yes, it is."

"Then out with it."

"He might be with child. And i was wondering what to do about it?"

"Just put him in a hotel since he was a good omega put enough money for him to stay there for around a month."

"I'll do it."

"And make sure he doesn't remember anything that happened to him just the fact that he's pregnant." Tomura hung up after he said that and Dr.Daruma got to work.

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Midoriya woke up with a headache. He sat up and found himself on the floor, close to a bed. He had no memory on he had got the got there. When he tried to think about it, it just made his headache worse. So he got up and looked around the room. There was a T.V which was on top of a drawer and a large window covered by the curtain.

He walked around the bed and found an opened door that lead to the bathroom. Midoriya went in and turned on the lights. What is the room was lit up he found a sticky note on the mirror. It read: Use the phone and call     498-xxxx-xxx.

He looked down at the sink, there was a phone on top of an envelope. He picks up the phone and turned it on. It wasn't locked and as he looked at the things on it Midoriya found anything on it. So he opened the phone app, went to the dial pad and type in the phone number. It rang for a while before someone picks up. At that moment he put the phone to his ear.

"Midoriya it's me Tomura."

"Tomura how did I get here?" Midoirya asked.

"That's not important at the moment, but what is important is why you're in the hotel room."

"Ok, then why am I in a hotel room."

"Well, I can't have a pregnant omega here in the center. It might start a baby fever here so I had to separate you from them." Tomura tells him.

"What about my friends? Won't they worry about me?" Midoirya questioned.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about that." Tomura started. "When that baby is born you'll have to put up for adoption or something like that if you want to come back to the center."

Midoriya was silent so Tomura continued. "Do you have any problems with this."

"Is there anything I could to keep the baby?" Midoriya asked him. He could almost feel the tear in his eyes.

"If you find yourself a place to live, but I highly doubt you could find a place before you have that baby."

Midoriya made a sound of acknowledgment. He started planning out where he could possibly live. He would also have to find a job.

"Well anyway, in that envelope should be enough money to last you a couple of months and what all of it runs out just call me and I'll give you some more bye-bye." Tomura hung on Midoriya.

And Midoirya just stood there for a while thinking to himself. He did want to get rid of the baby. In all honesty, he wanted to keep it. He would have to get a job. And being an omega would make it harder to do that. He wandered over to the bed and sat it. He had tried not to think about but it was hard for not. It made him sad thinking about it and started to cry. His crying got louder and louder. Then he heard a knock on his room door. He got up and answered the door.

"Hey I know you're sad and all but could cry quieter I'm trying to take a nap and these walls aren't very thick."

Midoriya rubbed one of his eyes before answering. "I'm sorry for bothering you I just needed to get that out of my system." When he finished his apology he closed the door and headed towards the bed and just took a nap. Midoriya was out cold for the rest of the day.

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Three months passed and during that time period, Midoirya's emotions are on a roller coaster ride. One moment he's happy and next he's angry. He might have scared of be retail workers because of that. Midoriya made sure to tell that he was sorry about his mood swings. And they weren't just because of the hormones it was mostly the situation he got himself in.

But today was the day he was going to go out, clear his head and try to enjoy the day without worrying. So he got up and got ready. But before he left the hotel room he sprayed himself down with a cheap scent blocker. Midoriya did want anyone to really bother him too much. Mostly because the scent of pregnancy clung to him.


The street was filled with people Alphas, Betas, and Omegas alike. Midoriya was able to hide within the crowd with being bothered. He felt comfort while in the crowd of people. He like being around all these people even if he didn't know any of them. While he was walking around he bumped into a man. His sent was familiar and made him feel safe.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you." Midoriya apologized and bowed slightly. When he looked up he saw a pair of different colored eyes looking into his green ones. A scar cover part of the right said of his face. There was no doubt in Midoriya's that this was Shouto. Plus the dual color hair gave it off as well.

The Shouto tilted his head to the side analyzing him. "Izuku is that you?"

Izuku laughed. "I'm surprised that you still remember me."

"I was surprised that you left that morning and I thought I did something wrong that night."

"I promise you that you did nothing wrong I was just scared of getting in trouble," Midoirya told him.

"In trouble with who?" Shouto asked.

"Let's just pretend that I didn't say that last part." He lets out an awkward laugh. He was glad that he was using a scent blocker because if he didn't this conversation would have been much more awkward.

"Well then, Izuku do you want to get something to eat?" Shouto offered.

"Yeah, that would be nice."

"Then let's go." Shouto turned around and started to walk away. Midoriya walks right next to him even if it was hard to while the area was so crowded. They kept up a conversation while they walked.


Shouto takes him to a Ramen place. It was pretty much empty, but the smell in there was amazing. A waiter walked over to them.

"Oh, Mr. Todoroki you brought someone with you this time around. Is he your mate?" The waiter said pointing at Midoryia.

Shouto smiled "Yes, he is."

Now Midoirya's mind was doing backflips. Shouto called him his mate! This was his saving grace. He was free from Tomura and he gets to keep the baby.

His thoughts were interrupted by the waiter speaking. "Well, your usual spot is ready and you can go then wait for another waiter to serve you."

Shouto nodded and started walking away. And of course, Midoriya followed him. Shouto leads him to a Corner booth.  They sat down and Midoryia looked at the menu while Shouto watched him.

"So this might be weird for me to ask especially after not seeing you for a while but would you marry me?" Shouto asked.

Midoriya made a noise that could only be described as a keyboard slam.

"Are you ok?" Shouto asked very concernedly.

Midoriya took a few deep breaths to calm himself enough to speak again.
"Of course I'll marry you. You just said it like it's not a big deal and caught me off guard."

"That's good."

Midoriya took a deep breath. The question he was about to ask had many outcomes and he just hoped for one of the good ones. "Shouto if you don't mind me asking but why would you ask me to marry you."

"Partly so my dad stops setting me up with people I don't want to be with and the other part is that I can see myself living out my life with you," Shouto answered.

Before Midoirya or Shouto could say anything else a waiter approached them.

"Hi, what would you like to eat? Or do you need more time?"

"I'm ready to order." Shouto looked at Midoirya. "Are you ready?"

Midoriya nodded. "Yes, I am."

"Then you go first."

"Umm, ok can I have a large beef ramen, please."

"And I'll have the cold soba as usual."

The waiter wrote down their orders and left.


When they got their food both of them started to eat. Shouto ate his food normally whereas Midoriya devoured his like a wild animal. Shouto didn't seem to mind it at all.

But then Midoriya stopped eating his food. And braced himself to tell Shouto the most important thing that has a happen to him.

"Izuku you stopped eating is the food not good?"

"It's good i just have something to tell you," Midoirya told him.

"Alright then tell me what it is?"

"I'm pregnant."

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"Is it mine?" Shouto asked him.

"Yes, it is. I probably should have said that when I told you."

"How many months along are you?"

"Four," Izuku said quietly as he started to eat his ramen again.

"Could you say that again I didn't hear you," Shouto tells him.

"I'm four months."

"Four months. Around this time people would be able to tell your pregnant by scent. Are you using a scent blocker?"

Izuku took some bites of his ramen. "Yeah, I didn't want to bother about being pregnant without a mate."

"Well, no one will bother you now that you have me and if anyone tries anything their going to have a bad time," Shouto assures him.

"Thank you Shouto." Izuku let out a yawn.

"Are you tired? I can pay for the food and take you back to where ever you're staying at." Shouto suggests.

"I didn't plan to stay out for this long, so that would be nice." Izuku yawned again.

Shouto made a sound of acknowledgment and call for a waiter. Once the waiter came he asked for the check. The waiter left for a moment then came back with the check. Shouto paid for their meal and both of them got up and left.

Izuku looked up at the sky. It was clearer than earlier. But it wasn't a big difference. The sky did look brighter though.

"Lead the way Izuku and I'll follow," Shouto says interrupting his train of thought.

"Right." Izuku started walking in the direction of the hotel.


Izuku used the key card to open his hotel room. When the door unlocked Izuku opened it with a laugh. "Sorry, it's a mess." He walked over to the bed and sat down. Shouto also got on the and sat with his legs crossed. Izuku decided to sit on his lap. It wouldn't be wrong for him to do this especially because he just asked him to marry him a while ago.

"Is it ok if I can mate now?" Shouto asked Izuku.

"If you're ready to."

Shouto placed his nose against where Izuku's scent gland was. He inhaled the scent. Izuku had a floral scent and he loved it. He removed his nose from his scent and bit it claiming Izuku. The scent of Omega filled the room.

Izuku was thrilled to have a mate now. He gets to keep the baby and he won't have to deal with Tomura.

"Izuku are you ok?"

Izuku turned to face Shouto. "I'm more than ok Shouto." Then he got up and got the T.V. remote. "Do you want to watch some T.V.?"

"I thought you tired."

"I can be up a while more."


After half an hour Izuku fell asleep. So Shouto placed him under the bed covers and kissed his forehead. Then his phone rang. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked at it.

It was dad trying to video chat with him. He knew how loud his father could be so he moved away from the bed. He found a chair and sat on it then he sighed and answer his father. "Hello, father."

"SHOUTO WHERE ARE YOU!" His father yelled.

Shouto turned down the volume. "Do you have to yell Father. You might wake up Izuku."

Enji let out a loud thunderous laugh. "So my son has a mate now! Can I see Izuku?"

"I don't want to do that right now and again can you quiet down."

"Why should I be quiet. Your Mate is awake." His gave him a smile. Shouto turned around and saw Izuku sitting up on the bed.

"Shouto who are you talking to?" Izuku said while stretching.

Before Shouto was able to open his mouth to speak Enji answered the question for him. "He's talking to his dad and I'm your in-law Enji."

Izuku got out of the bed and went over to Shouto. "Hi, Enji."

"Izuku you can sit on my lap you don't have to stand," Shouto told him. Izuku places himself on Shouto's lap and made himself comfortable.

"So are you two planning on having kids?" Enji asked.

"We are," Shouto said.

"In fact, we're already having one," Izuku added.

"You are! Congratulations! How far are you?" Enji asked Izuku.

"I'm four months."

"That's good. But if you don't mind me changing the subject. Would you like to come to meeting Shouto and I to go to?"

Shouto leaned closer to Izuku and whispered to him. "It's up to you. If you don't want to you don't have to."

In all honesty, Izuku didn't want to be alone. "I'll go." He told Enji.

"Good I'll see you two in two days." Enji hung up.

"Are you sure you want to go? You don't have to."

"But it would be nice to know you more and meet your father."

"Ok, but you'll have to wear a dress the whole time."

"Then I need to get a dress. We can buy one tomorrow." Izuku yawned. It was sunset.

Shouto picked him up Bridal Style and carry him to the bed. "Let's go to bed."

"Sounds like a plan."

The two got into the bed and cuddled.


In the night Shouto woke up something was wrong. He felt like he woke for a reason. So he left the bed carefully and got some water. When he was done with that shout got back into the bed. The door open and a alpha with light blue hair walked in and turned n the light.

"Who the hell are you." The alpha asked.

"I won't tell you until you tell how the fuck you are," Shouto replied.

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So I don't like the way this story is going so I will be getting rid of it by tomorrow. I'm am very sorry. I just don't want to finish it.

Update I have decided to orphan the work.